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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 26, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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back. cheryl: it figures. guess who is back? we missed her. dagen mcdowell. >> good morning, ladies. i watch you on tv when i'm not here with no makeup on. lauren: even better. dagen: i am dagen mcdowell. i am in for maria bartiromo this morning trade monday, june 26. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the clock is ticking on the obamacare overhaul. president trump remaining hopeful a deal with it done despite opposition from at least five republican senators. >> health care is very timid very tough thing to get. but i think we are going to get it. we don't have too much of a choice because the alternative is the dead carcass of obamacare. that's what it is. dagen: allies on the senate as majority mitch mcconnell holds firm that a vote will take place
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this week. a scary situation on an air asia flight. plane started shaking violently, even concerning the pilot who asked the passengers to pray. we'll have more on that. the kind of filing for bankruptcy protection. in her back recall. the details on the next step ahead. google says the new questions over pay. "the wall street journal" reported that giant underpants women and resisting efforts to disprove the allegations. you can take a look at how features are faring this morning. kids across the board on the dow futures. look at tech stocks go. the nasdaq composite for eight straight monthly gains. they'll be the longest winning streak in 22 years of the nasdaq composite. take a look how stocks are faring in europe since the week begins. kids across the board. only 1% gain in france in asia
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overnight you can see how the markets now closed again across the screen. japan, hong kong, shanghai and south korea. plus, transformers at the box office as a franchise low. the full box office recap including wonder woman. joining me right now, president lee carter. kevin kelly and see a fiery investment strategist, welcome this morning. >> happy monday. >> you are back and i'm so excited. there's so much happen in washington. we've got to get the mcdowell takes. dagen: i will try not to curse. i like my job. 6:02 on monday morning. let's not get fired. first in the senate bill we are
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talking about first ring. congressional budget office expected to release analysis of the senate health care bill early this week. some reports suggesting it could come as early as today. this has some republican senators asked a status that a vote on the bill this week at its july 4th recess. >> we don't have enough information. the constituencies to review the senate bill. we should not be voting over this next week. >> or that word is to consider this. i think a few more days to consider would be helpful. >> it's hard for me to see the bill, but that's up to the majority leader. dagen: kentucky senator rand paul taking up positions lighting out what it would take for them to get ts. >> i think there is a bill of 52
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republicans keep narrowing the focus. the promise too much. they say they are going to fix health care. premiums will go down. no way to bring down premiums and false overpromising to say insurance premiums go down but we are keeping 10 of the 12 men did that cause prices to go up. >> other republicans on how they ensure one in five americans. republicans can lose more than two votes in the lead five senators come at a base and cancer publicly stated their opposition to the bill. senate minority leader chuck schumer says the bill comes up for a vote this week has been at best 50/50 chance. what he think the odds are this week? i think 50/50 coming from chuck schumer. >> i don't see how it could pass right now.
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we've got those comments coming out on the sunday shows. you could see clearly republicans are an alliance behind within this bill. they don't have a clear cohesive talking point. it's really easy for democrats to pull us apart. they have their talking points and so you've got a lot of the public scene this is not a real plan that's going to help anybody. i think unfortunately they have another good job selling it internally or externally and i can imagine getting up before fourth of july. i just can't. >> one of the things in washington is mitch mcconnell made the senators were going to be supposed to senator cruz, senator rand paul. i think you need that. he's trying to get something done before the august recess. he saw that coming out of the weekend that everybody said this isn't going to get done by the july 4th deadline. i'll were content to rest until i get it done for the august recess. what's important to note is
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basically what senator paul was saying yesterday is listen, we're not fixing the problem happening right now. healthy people aren't incentivized. they can wait until they get sick and that's why you have the costs spiraling out of control. that's a premiums go up 100% in some areas. i don't need health insurance until he actually needed. they are just taking from it. dagen: there is a kaiser family poll that came out on friday that jumped out at me that for the first time the affordable care act that obamacare has a favorability of north of 50%. the favorability now is that 51% for obamacare. the first month that is tipped over 50% since kaiser started tracking it back in 2010. it goes to the messaging of what people understand about what
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republicans are trying to do or what they don't understand. >> yeah, that is exactly appeared the general public doesn't understand what the health care bill is all about. all they see is the numbers from the cbo and it's just not a really good thing. it will be definitely something to watch going forward. maybe we just leave it in place because the alternative is creating so much turmoil and more gridlock in washington. dagen: does the cbo score matter? we are waiting for the score to come out in the one saint at the score in the hospital as the 23 million people who will be uninsured, which virtually outside of fox news and fox business when people throw that number out, nobody pushes back on it to say people will be uninsured by choice because the mandate. the government mandated penalties go away. to be someone choosing to not buy health insurance. that is their choice.
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not people getting kicked off of health insurance. >> that's right. i'm concerned because it seems to me democrats are doing a much better job than republicans are an messaging as soon as it comes out. they will say look, the republican bill is not going to act favorably of this is what obamacare is going to do. it's a little bit of a scare tactic quite frankly. democrats have done an amazing job to say we are the party that will take care of the people. it's going to be worse than medicaid. a lot of this stuff isn't necessarily true. people are going to have coverage for preexisting conditions. we are going to allow the children until the age of 26. that's simply untrue and that's part of their messaging. you hear people parroting back to all the time and it's not necessarily what's in the bill. >> lee is bringing up a great point. democrats saying republicans of
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24 million people will lose health care. what are the important things for chuck schumer this weekend is is actually set a month from now they will lay out a plan that is their platform for 2018 starting to coalesce together. after georgia they had no message and a carpetbagger run there. they spend their money and everyone thinks democrats are in disarray produced come out and said we are going to roll out a plan better for the american people. if mitch mcconnell doesn't get something done by the august recess, another situation where they've shot themselves in the foot. 66% of the u.s. population is covered by their employment plans. it is the vast majority. dagen: that's one of the reasons they are kicking the cadillac health care tax break down the road. still in there and obamacare, which attacks on the most generous employer-sponsored plans that they take that down
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the road. >> the best thing in this plan is the premiers the tax on investments. dagen: thank you. three premier%. >> that is the issue we've had with the health care plan ruled out by the democrats and obamacare. that is the best thing and they need to keep it. >> it leaves all of the health providers, whether it's health insurance, medical device makers until republicans do something with this. you do have big question marks over giant industries. >> you do. if you look at the health care are, but the second-best second-best performing at a year-to-date year-to-date basis under technology double digit gains this year. it is quite interesting investors are still willing to bet on the sector despite the disarray that seems to be going on with regard to obamacare.
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dagen: really quickly, kellyanne conway counselor to the president denies they would cut medicaid funding arguing it would slow the rate of growth of the program. >> this bill has even more medicaid cuts in the hospital. why is the president going back on his promise? >> are great for the future and allows more flexibility with medicaid dollars because they are closest to the people in need. >> these are medicaid cuts. as the president prepared to put more money back into medicaid? >> if you are currently in medicaid, became a medicaid recipient through the expansion, your grandfather didn't. >> called on the second. there's no. there's nobody. there's no way you can see a 15-year-old on medicare today is not going to the effect that. dagen: you keep calling them cuts. selling the rate of future. dagen: kevin, this is one of the big box for the republicans
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here. can we just point out that medicare has grown into something largely because of obamacare. it is for women and children and now you've got it covering a large percentage of americans in this country and they are trying to have an open-ended entitlement as it stands right now and how is that an abomination? >> the issue here is it's really cutting the growth. it's not really attached to it. if we don't get this under control, that's all we are going to have. the problem happening as we are seeing all of the estimates and it's going to burden the states and federal government and we also have a population, we need to address this. >> the way that the medicated
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expansion is set up his discrimination between new enrollees than medicaid and the old enrollees. the women and children. the 100% of the bill of the older enrollees were still responsible for compensated for the traditional enrollees. it's actually the senate bill that tries to right that wrong and instead republicans are getting slammed with a 15-year-old that would be getting medicaid would still be getting medicaid. what the expansion they are trying to control and not make it an open-ended enrollment. >> the house bill in the senate bill were wrecked the fight between both chambers. dagen: so much to talk about this morning. coming up. we will be right back,
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so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. dagen: a pilot panic. passengers told to say a prayer on an air asia flight picture of his son has crazy details. reporter: not which you want to hear from your pilot. the airport in australia yesterday on its way to malaysia how to return when the pilot discovered a single engine failure. the passenger two years into the flight. causing the air asia flight to shake like a washing machine
6:17 am
reportedly before they told all the passengers on board to pray for survival. here's what one passenger said about the flight. >> it was like an explosion almost from the left wing. he could tell by the reaction i was really bad. dagen: many on them getting stranded due to missing their connections. they're investigating the incident. takata found for bankruptcy protection in japan and the u.s. also reporting the company plans to sell most of its operations. this follows nine years of recalling rupture prone of more than 180 injuries which causes the air about to explode with too much rough mill into the
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vehicle. nearly $80 million loss marking the third year in a row. transformers, last night the number one spot at the box office, but not a hit. the film opened at a franchise low. only brought in 45.3 million. compare that to the 2011th installment of the series bringing in $97 million when it opened. not all franchises because it is wonder woman again. the record-breaking movie makes it the highest release in the d.c. universe as the film shy of bringing in $230 million domestically. wonder woman keeps fighting. >> even my brother saw it. he went by himself. he's a comic book freak. thank you, cheryl. lawmakers direct to vote on replacing obamacare.
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major impact on republican's other goal, tax reform. joining a come analyst at the cato institute. good morning, dan mitchell. are you doing? i'm just fine. dagen: one thing highly critical of the president and his orientation for economic cooperation and development of the oecd. the leaders of the organization publicly criticizing the president. the group also recently cut its forecast for the u.s. for both this year and next year. what impact do you think that group has on the tax reform? >> the organization for economic cooperation or development that subsidizes is based at the very left wing pro-government attitude in their studies and research document for sympathetic to the keynesian spending on things like that.
6:24 am
with trump in the white house, the oecd is in trouble because its leaders have basically accused trump of being a racist. the oecd want to keep their subsidies going, so they better tone down their criticism of free markets and small government policy because otherwise it's going to bounce back against them. they deserve to have their subsidies cut. >> the predecessor organization to this was actually just a bunch of european countries doling out plan. my father mrs. who cares. how would they impact or influence what we do? i don't understand if we come out and want to cut our corporate tax rate to 15%. it hurts them because they lower corporate tax rates than us. what do we care? do they have any influence for us or administration? >> the oecd shouldn't matter at all. it's not like american
6:25 am
policymakers are saying what does the oecd say about the issue? let's not forget the entire tax competition report is predicated on the notion that those bureaucrats should have the ability to harmonize taxes and there's actually the oecd multilateral convention but if the united states center ratifies because obama signed it, if the u.s. senate ratified it, we would be obliged to automatically shared personal financial information at the most corrupted governments all over the world. in some sense the oecd is a typical wasteful bureaucracy with a left-wing attitude, but they are getting involved in the world of policy and always getting involved on the side of bigger government and higher taxes. i want to underscore the fact that the oecd secretary-general and deputy have both made really
6:26 am
nasty attacks on trump, which is in theory not the rule of an international bureaucracy. >> dan, lindsay bell here. i have a question on the forecast for future growth for the global economy. they downgraded the u.s. growth because we haven't seen the infrastructures in the north of tax cuts. it is kind of like they are seeing two different sides here. don't they need our growth? i know the tax cut impact the world overall as you mentioned. don't they need a little bit to help their growth prospects? >> would be good for the world economy if america grew faster. of all the things that were critical of the oecd about, the fact the economist always get forecast wrong, what they're looking at federal reserve economist, imf economists, oecd, it baffles me and he bureaucracy would waste money have been people like me and stuff.
6:27 am
what they should be focusing on if the organization should exist, it should focus on more growth. it has morphed into a typical left-wing bureaucracy. dominated by state in based in paris for when the oecd does policy recommendations, so many cases can't help itself and promote keynesian spending, bigger government, higher taxes, tax harmonization. here's the thing for viewers to wonders and. american taxpayers are financing the lion share of the bureaucracy. there's a lot more spending at the u.n. a lot more political controversies. it is probably the most egregious spending in the entire federal budget. dagen: where we had tax cuts and tax reform?
6:28 am
>> we have to get up on the carrot of the way. you no controversies about that. a procedural and political issue. you can't boot to the 2018 budget until you deal with part of the 2017 budget. but then there's a then there's the political side to it. republicans block obamacare and frankly this is more of a medicaid reform package. unless they get out of the way, how do you move on taxes? when they move on to taxes, we're never going to make process unless we get it off the table because that is poisoning the well right now. dagen: thank you so much. bernie sanders during the vermont senator said his wife hiring defense attorneys after they launch a probe for potential fraud. plus pay gap disputes google for the silicon valley company facing headwinds amid accusations the company under pays women.
6:29 am
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surround yourself with the team of breast cancer experts at cancer treatment centers of america. visit appointments available now. dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. monday june 26th, top stories 6:30 a.m. eastern time. the white house kicking off energy week. president trump set to host the prim minister of india in
6:32 am
washington this afternoon and then the week later on we will highlight our country's energy dominance including a multibillion dollar natural gas deal with india. what you can expect coming up? senator bernie sanders under fire, the former democratic presidential candidate and his wife hiring a lawyer amid an fbi probe involving jane sanders the latest on the investigation ahead. tsa could soon throw the book at travelers, how possible new security tactic could change the way you pack. chaos in california. la freeway reopening this morning after a car crash sparked a brush fire, details after residents and nearly 100 homes were forced to evacuate. google facing questions over the gender pay gap, why trust us approach is failing to satisfy critics.
6:33 am
63-point gain on the dow futures. it's been a great -- a great month for technology stocks despite that selloff earlier this month. in europe stocks are also moving higher. the biggest gainer percentage wise is cac quarante in france and in asia overnight. same story, green across the screen. biggest winner being shanghai. top story this half hour. fbi launches an investigation into senator bernie sanders and his wife for possible fraud. the couple has reportedly hired defense attorneys amid the probe into a ten million dollar loan that jane sanders procured for burlington college while she was psychological president back in 2010. the liberal arts college closed the same year. senator sanders spoke out about the allegations over the weekend telling the washington post, quote, this was a story that was just amazingly enough came out in the middle of my presidential campaign initiated by donald
6:34 am
trump's campaign manager in vermont. that's about it. i don't think it will be a distraction. joining us this morning former u.s. attorney bud, bud, what is your take on this investigation because again it does seem serious? >> well, any time that the fbi is looking in matters that involve you, it's serious. i think we need to be fair here just like we wish that the media would be fair with the president and other matters, the fbi is investigating a transaction, if that leads to jan sanders sobeit, but they will follow the facts and so apparently there's some questions about the documentation on this loan application and they're going to take a look at that. >> one of the things i've been hearing people are questioning whether or not it's going to impact, is this really about bernie sanders, or is it about his wife? there's people saying it's unfair that this is about bernie as much as it is her. how would you respond to that?
6:35 am
>> well, i don't think any of us know if bernie was involved in loan application. again, if they follow the facts and they look at the transaction and see who signed the application and who made representations that may not have been truthful, that's going to lead them to the people that are involved, if bernie sanders was involved in that process, then he was. if he wasn't, he wasn't. if jane sanders was involved, she was. investigations -- we have been playing the word games on tv here for weeks about who is under investigation and who is not. you investigate transactions, you investigate events, the facts lead you to people that are responsible if there's crimes that have occurred. you don't start by investigating a person and, of course, that's the big concern we all have an about independent counsel. once they get in place, they seem to be looking into every rock at a person and they need to follow facts and transactions and that's -- this is kind of meat and potatoes and they ought
6:36 am
to to go through like they normally do. kevin: do you think it's another thing that's leading to a bunch of the distraction that is are happening in the democratic party and what can the democrats do to start to reflect because we have seen tons of disarray in the party in the past few months and 0-5 in special election which were mostly republican regardless. do you think this is another distraction for them and how can they handle them and manage message. >> senator sanders have -- has tried to turn as political issue. but people do do care when $10 million it's loaned out and not paid back. as far as democrats, they are definitely in disarray. this is one piece of it. they've got a lot of problems. they tried to make hay out of attacking the president, what they seem to be missing the people out in the country don't
6:37 am
care about those things. what they care about are jobs, fair taxes, affordable health care and they really frankly i don't think care what the fbi is doing today. they'll care if somebody is indicted or convicted but they don't pay a lot of attention to this stuff and democrats need to get a different message. dagen: the investigations are a two-way streak, they just don't go in one direction. turn to go another nación we talk about daily, the alleged russia election meddling, white house press secretary sean spicer praised trump for his investigations that there were tapes of conversations with former fbi director james comey and said that his name all along was to clear his name. >> he knew that the truth would come out and he's glad that the truth is coming out, that he had said very clearly that on three occasions he was told that he wasn't under investigation, there was no obstruction, he was right.
6:38 am
i think that having director comey come out and admit under oath in testimony prove that had the president was right. dagen: well except for that original tweet about alleged tapes that don't exist but that actually -- ultimately led to a special counsel being appointed but i want to get your thoughts. >> it's incredible to me that people in this town and on the networks can spend so much time playing word games, anybody could read the president's tweets with common sense, he said, i better hope i don't have tapes and maybe it did keep comey's testimony within certain boundaries, but he never said he had tapes, but, gosh, how many hours of television and analysis have gone into questioning the president claimed he had tapes. he didn't claim he had tapes, he
6:39 am
said, there better not be tapes. what investigation means and who is under investigation and, you know, what the president said in a tweet are pretty amazing to me and i think, again, they're missing the big issues and focusing on the little word games. dagen: lee. lee: i have to say -- dagen: lee's game is words. lee: i love words. >> words matter. lee: they matter a lot. we have been tracking how people are react toing to trump speaking and one of the things that i've been hearing from his supporters and many people who are just out there trying to hear is that they like to hear directly from donald trump. they like his tweets. in fact, many people have defended this particular one saying, steve was -- he was smart. the truth is going to come out and so he taunts people a little
6:40 am
bit and a lot of people really like that. i found it fascinating, how do you respond to all of the tweets? >> if i was his lawyer i'm sure i would be losing sleep over the tweets. in the net, i think they are very effective. sometimes frankly, he tweets something and makes me kind of scratch my head and why did he say that but as things have played out, you can understand where he's coming from and he's having to go around the media because the message hasn't gotten out. you look become at what was going on for several months where everybody in congress had been told he was not under investigation but he kept turning on the tv every day and heard people repeat it, repeat that he was under investigation. you can imagine his frustration, this duh give a direct link to the people to try to get the proof out. i think he's revolutionized the use of social media. dagen: but you work with jim comey in the justice department, do you think that president trump, that was one of his
6:41 am
issues with comey as fbi, he wanted him to be publicly vindicated or at least comey was telling him in private, you personally was not under investigation, was that a legitimate concern for president trump? >> it certainly was. i've conducted investigation around public figures before and it's a constant problem because people are paying attention and they hear that agents are out asking questions and they want to draw all kinds of conclusions and you see it in the media and the public officials can take a real beating without really even being part of the investigation. it's a delicate thing for a prosecutor because if i tell you today this governor is not under investigation or that president, then we might interview somebody tomorrow that will implicate that person and then that puts you in a box. it's not something we deal with in typical investigations because people aren't paying any attention until you conclude the investigation and make a prosecution decision.
6:42 am
comey was in a tough spot and i understand his dilemma. i don't know if he understood the politics around it. he would go tell chuck schumer behind the scenes and beat the president up and it was just not true what he was saying and so did comey have an obligation to help try to fix that, maybe he should have told schumer, look, i'm not going to speak about it publicly until you lie about it publicly, then i will. apparently he did that. dagen: you have a very healthy head of hair, i don't know if you've had that if you were in a situation like that illegally. >> representing the president. i would be losing hair a little bit faster. that'll be true. he's busy every day, that's for sure. dagen: bud, good to see you. coming up raging wild fires in the west, thousands of people are evacuated in the region as firefighters battle the blaze. and a new tune for pandora, the
6:43 am
music-streaming site ceo reportedly plans to step down (upbeat electronic music) ♪ i'm living that yacht life ♪ life, life ♪ top speed, fifty knots life ♪ on the caribbean seas ♪ it's a champagne and models potpourri ♪ on my yacht made of cuban mahoghany ♪ gany, gany, gany, gany ♪ watch this
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dagen: welcome back, futures pointing to a higher open this morning. 63 point gain on the dow futures. we are looking at a few stocks on the move. pandora one name to watch. reporting ceo tim is planning to step down from his position. will likely remain involved until a replacement is found. pandora shares have fallen about 40% this year, but are up in the premarket on that news. we are also watching fiat chrysler, the wall street journal reporting that production of the auto the automaker hybrid has been suspended.
6:47 am
the move reportedly due to technical glitches. fiat chrysler shares have gained more than 70% in the last year. authorities in california reopening a section of a freeway after a fast-moving wild fire, cheryl casone has the details on that story. cheryl. cheryl: yeah, the fire shutting down part of 14 freeway in santa clarita. this blaze sparked after a car hit a tree and became engulfed in flames and the fire spread pretty fast and burned more than 870 acres in area, about 70% contained as we wait for the sun to rise out west and hope to go get update on the fire for you. also in utah continue to battle fires there. evacuation of 1500 people so far and has burned around 43,000 acres. well, back on the east coast major scare for 14-year-old at
6:48 am
six flags on saturday. she slipped out of her car, she fell 25 feet before being caught by a group of on-lookers below. pretty dramatic. she sustained minor injuries and expected to be okay, one of the men that caught her injured his back. well, google facing government accusations that underways woman. the labor department sued google. they did an initial review and they found pay disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce of google. google, of course, is disputing that claim from the labor department. meanwhile, the journal is reporting this morning that the european union is expected to hand down a fine as early as
6:49 am
tomorrow against google. okay, dan lube -- lobe, excuse me, the activist investor hedge fund bought $3.5 billion nestle hope to reinvigorate the brand. back to you. dagen: kevin, what do you think of dan lobe taking nestle? kevin: he's got a great track record and works with management and that's why you are seeing nestle pop up this morning. one of the more interesting things coming across is the pandora news. that's been a big activist name.
6:50 am
siriusxm and this is part of the course. pandora is ripping on the news. a lot of hedge funds. a name to watch over the next year because it's really undervalued and activists the turn it around. >> they've been doing a lot of restructuring over the years, it'll be interesting to see what direction he goes in. dagen: coming up new airport security checks are a real page-turner. what you need to know before you fly next at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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dagen: tsa testing new safety procedures that would require airline passengers to remove carry-on books from bags. tracee: because of growing fees for check bags, passengers are overstuffing carry-ons making it harder for them to screen. tsa is saying that you will have to remove books and paper goods from carry-ons when you go through security and put them in a separate ben but aclu says this is raising privacy concerns because agents could look through books that you have. in a post of aclu website they say, quote, long history of special legal protection for the privacy of one's reading habits in the united states not only through numerous supreme court decisions but also through state law that is criminalize violation of reading privacy or require a warrant to obtain book sales or rental or lending record. dhs secretary john kelly
6:55 am
weighing in on fox news sunday about rolling out new security measures. >> we are doing now working on tactics and procedures, if you will, on a few airports to find out the least amount of inconvenience to the traveler. tracee: propose the agents allow passengers to wrap books in papers in another material like a sleeve to protect their contents. according to the magazine, the week, the tsa began testing the new security requirement for books and other paper products at airports in missouri and california earlier this month could roll out some time nationwide very soon. dagen: great story, tracee, thank you so much for that. kevin, i just want to get your take on this because, again, it is -- i think it's a legitimate
6:56 am
issue that the aclu raises, however, i know, i doubt that tsa agents are really looking at the contents of these. they target elderly people frankly for additional screening, people in wheelchairs when they are going through security. i don't think that that's the focus of what these agents are looking for. kevin: yeah, that's hard to get to the conclusion when you are focused on the contents, this plays into amazon's hand and kindles, why deal with this, that's where we are going anyway. it's pretty fascinating because i look at the price of a ticket and the amount of taxes that are embedded in there and going into the tsa, it's unfathomable, that's one of the things that i have because it's so costly to travel and all the taxes, and i wonder hopefully this doesn't lead to more taxes, every time we get new lawsuits and they are having to come up with new
6:57 am
programs. dagen: i think that in president trump's budget that he wants to raise the tax for security. i will double check that. kevin: yeah. dagen: a minuscule amount but? a. no, -- but nevertheless tax increase. i am all about precheck. lee: i have to say everybody is about precheck. dagen: i always have to take my shoes off anyway. when you wear shoes, you set off the metal detector. that's in the next hour on mornings with maria.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in nor maria bartiromo. monday june 26th, top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. isis targeting our government. ohio governor john kasich's website hacked threatening the president and his wasn't the only site affected. former attorney general loretta lynch, jason chaffetz weighing in on the probe saying both sides of the aisle should get on board. >> also going after this, it really is a pivotal moment.
7:01 am
if the democrats are going to be fair and balanced they should be concerned what loretta lynch did or didn't do as her role as attorney general. dagen: a scary scene at a california motel, a car crashing through a brick wall and into a pool filled with children and at least eight people injured. martin shkreli heads to court. jury selection underway today but he's already ignoring his lawyer's advice. we have the details ahead. plus jeff bezos has his eyes on the sky and amazon has a new patent for delivery drones. latest on growing empire coming up. futures pointing to gains at the open. you can take a look. gain as cross the board, 64-point gain on dow futures right here right now. the nasdaq composite on track for eighth gained --
7:02 am
eighth-month in a row. in asia overnight, same story, green across that screen. and celebrating20 years of harry potter. facebook is getting in on the festivities. lee carter, kevin kelly and cfra lindsey bell. lindsey, what do you make of these markets? impressive. >> very impressive. a little bit worrisome given the run that we have. 9% up year to date. that's usually what you get one year on a good year. i'm a little bit worried about what's going on in washington and how that could impact the markets because usually in the second half of the year, starting august you start -- there's a seasonal tradedown. dagen: nasdaq on track for eighth-straight monthly streak. kevin: love it, baby. [laughter]
7:03 am
kevin: that's an interesting point. dagen: you missed that. kevin: best part is that technology has performed double than what the overall market has and so that's the interesting aspect because it's leading it. so where technology goes, the market is going to go. so it's the largest sector of s&p 500 but -- the interesting aspect, though, that we are not talking about is the ten-year treasury is about 2.15%. and so that's a crazy signal. so that's something to watch. i would have never predicted when we started the year specially with the fed raising interest rates. dagen: market felloff and big-tech names that facebook is now the first of those tech titans to recover from the selloff, the other one is amazon, netflix and microsoft
7:04 am
are still down from the selloff. we have so much more to discuss this morning, coming up, one of our favorite people on the planet, fox news judge andrew napolitano, the 2008 clinton campaign chief strategists mark penn and mason ceo investors is also here. the host of varney & company stuart varney joins as well. you don't want to miss any of those fine gentlemen. turning to the story, ohio governor john kasich website, one of several governments lacked with proisis messages. the message reads, quote, you will be held accountable, trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flow from muslims countries. a hacker group is taking responsibility for the messages. joining me now conservative columnist dr. ginna on what you make of this hack. good morning, gina. >> good morning, dagen, good to be with you. i think, you know -- go ahead.
7:05 am
dagen: no, no, you weigh in on what you make of this hack. >> i was -- you know, my son reacted to this. he's only 10 year's old. he said, wow, momma, how in the world is president trump going to clean up all the messes that president obama left behind, this is something that should have been addressed going back the last eight years, but since obama sat on his hand and did essentially nothing instead of focusing on the things that the president is so good at focusing on like tax cuts and reductions in government and all the great things that americans need him doing, he's having to backtrack to take care of things. isis should not be hacking us, we should be hacking isis. that's where we should be with cybersecurity. i'm really glad that the president did do the executive order, i think it was just last week and is adderring this and sharing this information between the states and the government agency, should be great first step to fixing some of this?
7:06 am
>> i think it's a particular interest to me that they've chosen john kasich site as one that they are going to be focused on specially kasich being a vocal critic of donald trump and such a vocal critic of the health care bill of everything that's happening right now and they are putting that on his site among others, why do you they that they are choosing him? >> that's an interesting question. it honestly it could be that they just really aren't aware of our inner workings of politics that you and i are aware of because we pay attention to it and i also think that it could have been an attempt for more division among the leading party in the united states. i think that the more they can sell that sort of division among leadership that's in power right now, they might see that as some sort of advantage. dagen: john yes depo the latest person to threaten the president, suggested assassinating president trump, this comes after robert deniro
7:07 am
said that he would like to punch president trump in the face, madonna thought about blowing up white house, kathy griffin, beheading that she somehow made herself the victim in all of that, the president's son -- the president's son eric trump responding to the threats from tinseltown. >> johnny depp has his own problems. how about you go back to making movies and doing your own thing? this is a man who gave up his life to try and help this country and he's doing a great, great job and i honestly i couldn't be more proud of im. dagen: do you believe that the celebrities are actually inciting violence, they clearly are doing it -- these are celebrities whose stars are fading or no longer exist and they are purely doing it for attention, but do you think that they are actually inciting violence as well? >> absolutely.
7:08 am
dagen, you make such an incredibly important point. the minute that somebody in hollywood needs more attention or more money, they decide to say something like this and there really is no reprisal for this. whatever happened to madonna in absolutely nothing. could you feel more compassion for this son of the president? i was surprise he held himself together making that statement, eric trump. i tell you, the more i see of this first family, the more i feel just honored that they are sitting in the white house, they are willing to expose their family to this. they didn't need this just like eric trump pointed out and yet they have really given up their time and their security, their own personal security and that's their own children and grandchildren just to receiver our country and that's one of the reasons that america wanted to this this president in place and i thought that eric trump's words couldn't have been nor
7:09 am
poynant. dagen: look at jon ossoff, that the got him not elected. they got him nowhere. what was 9 to 1 california donations to in-state georgia donations that lost to karen handel. do i want to move onto health care. speaking of word, former presidential candidate hillary clinton tweeted this on the gop's bill. this was late friday, quote, forget death panels, if republicans pass this bill, they're the death party. what do you make of that? >> you just really want to put hillary down for a long winter's nap or something. she really need to is to bees injecting herself. she looks like she's making a desperate gasp every time she opens her mouth and it's been that way since the whole campaign and that's how she lost and that's why she was a
7:10 am
horrible candidate and that's why at democrats at all-time lows in fundraising and that's why republicans are all-time highs in fundraising and that's why the democrats continue to lose, they are 0-4 in the special elections, 0-5, however you like to look at it, as long as hillary continues to be so dramatic, sky is falling all of the time, right, the more the democrats are going to continue to lose because they have no leadership, they have no vision and they have no ideals other than to try to bring our president down, the american people don't want this. lee: this isn't ridiculous language, it's dangerous language. to reshape the republican party as the death party in the wake of the shooting where we have scalise still in the hospital. we are talking about saying, this isn't -- this is so far beyond just trying to reframe a party or trying to use language in a clever way to try, you know, shift perceptions, this is actually going to the heart of the issue that we have right now which is that people -- you're
7:11 am
not just against them. if you're on the other side, you're evil, you are going kill people. this is unbelievably irresponsible from leadership. she's taking the antimessage that she had in the campaign to a whole new level here and i think that at certain point the american people have to say, enough is enough, we can disagree respectfully but to go this far, i think, it's too far and she's got to take accountability for this. what do you think is going to be the way that we can go forward without this kind of inflammatory language where we are on such diammetrically opposed sides. >> this is precisely what led to the shoot target congressional baseball game and they need to be held accountable for it. i believe the american people are watching this very closely and i believe that until they sort of take responsibility for this death violence environment that they've created, the
7:12 am
american people will continue to hold them accountable. dagen: former politician who is gasping for relevance but inciting violence in the same stroke but gina, you hear it from all of the democratic leadership about how republicans don't care about people's health, that they want to hurt people, they want people to -- you hear even language about people dying from cancer. it's going to be more of the same if this health care bill comes -- if the republicans in this senate can pass it, that they've got -- they've got to counter this message because it's not going to end. >> that's right because what's a republican -- the message that the republicans need to seek with the american people is that real compassion comes in giving people bootstraps and telling people you can pull yourself out of where you are and that you can save your money in health savings accounts and be responsible for your own health care.
7:13 am
the government doesn't need to be your daddy because that's what we spent the last eight years learning to reject and that is what the american people went to the ballot box to reject over and over again and i believe that ultimately the american people do -- we love personal responsibility, right, we love, you know, owning our own lives and that is what american and i think ultimately that's what we will come out with health care, we will never settle for socialized medicine that the left has tried to impose on us and i think that's why they are continuing losing. dagen: we are in a situation now, gina, where you are giving the government and bureaucrats and lawmakers more power over your health care and until people wake up and realize that, that -- again, it could come too late. dr. gina loudon, good to see you. >> good to see you, dagen.
7:14 am
dagen: martin shkreli heads to court. today marks 20 years since harry potter first cast spell on children around the world and adults. how fans can join the anniversary celebration for the first book in the hit series?
7:15 am
today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that.
7:16 am
dagen: two u.s. marines
7:17 am
seriously burned an explosion in san diego. cheryl casone has the details, good morning, cheryl. cheryl: yeah, good morning, dagen. yeah, that's right, the marines were injured while doing maintenance at marine corps station, this happened just last night. the base said they were rush today uc san diego burn center, a spokesperson said that belonged to reserve out of fort worth, texas actually. an suv crashing into a motel pool. that pool was filled with kids. eight people were injured when a driver of a vehicle lost control and crashed through brick wall and landed right into the pool. this happened last night. sources are saying that the children in the pool were not seriously hurt but were taken to nearby hospital to be evaluated to be safe. the driver appeared to be in his 20's and investigating whether he was under influence of drugs
7:18 am
or alcohol. martin shkreli goes to courtroom for allegedly defrauding investors. but the former pharmaceutical ceo doesn't seem to be worried about it. he says he's excited and can't wait. shkreli lost millions of dollars and alluded a second pharmaceutical company for 11 million to pay investors back. he never intend today scam anybody and that everybody was paid back. prosecutors differ on that one. well, it has been 20 years since harry potter was around the world. to mark the 20th anniversary, kevin kelly, facebook has a new feature for you. i know you love this. it appears in house's color and
7:19 am
cast big spell. i just kind of think you might be into it, kevin. you like a potter -- >> i used to go to drive-in theater in arizona. they were great films. dagen: really? kevin: yeah. drive-in movie theater right there on the reservation. it was perfect. it was packed. i can't tell you -- it was always, always packed for harry potter films. you had family, people bring out couches to watch it. great time. everyone was sharing popcorn. dagen: is it wrong that i rooted for baltimore? kevin: no. dagen: loretta lynch in the hot seat facing new questions in her ole of hillary clinton e-mail server scandal. what to expect from the investigation?
7:20 am
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dagen: amazon moving forward with this drone delivery plans, new images from a patent application show how the company would tailor fulfillment centers. this would help make dlif --
7:24 am
deliveries in urban areas. this may not be what the final version looks like but does give you insight into jeff bez es' -- bezos' brain. >> it's interesting, if you compare this idea with the very first unveiling of prime air which is what they're apparently going to call the drone service, this was like a drone at the end of a conveyor belt. let's think drone first. the drone is the driving force within the warehouse, what would that look like, they came up with this. looks like something from out of
7:25 am
the matrix but i can see the line of thinking there. kevin: the drone market is heavily regulated and is this even feasible or conceptual to put in reality? >> i think it's feasible and you're 100% that the regulatory and safety issues have yet to be fully resolved. amazon is thinking about that as others like google. what ultimately needs to happen on drones is redundant systems so that if one fails, another one that's completely independent can take over. really that's the only way you could safely have these aircraft in the air all over the place with a human below even if it's a sparsely populated region. this is definitely longer term. maybe decades in the future.
7:26 am
dagen: bezos empire is growing rapidly in the wake of whole foods acquisition. this is the kind of move that i was standing in a starbucks and when it was first announced, i was flying back -- i think it was in milwaukee airport and the people at starbucks are like, hey, oh, my gosh, check your phone, bezos is buying whole foods. it was that kind of -- >> get your latte quick because it could be starbucks next. i think i read somewhere there was something like 50 million or -- sorry, 6 billion, 60 billion market cap difference when you take into account how much his competitors fell and how much whole foods went up. kevin: amazon is focused on groceries? >> this duck tailed nicely with the systems they were unveiling a few months ago, amazon go, which is the grocery store of
7:27 am
the future where there are no lines and there's intelligent systems throughout the store to know what you're taking off the shelf and know what's in your bag. you basically just walk out because it tallies up what you've taken and bills your amazon prime account. >> what's next, the bezos empire, like you said it's a huge one, they have their hand in everything, what does he have his eye on? >> it's hard to predict. [laughter] >> he's learned lessons about not getting into places he should not -- whenever people talk about jeff bezos and how he's brilliant and how can move whole industries, remember the fire phone where he came out and decided, okay, i'm going to do this phone because i need to compete with amazon and google, he felt pressured and if you read the report on how that was conceived, he very much was very hands on and micro manage the design of that. it was a complete flop. it did not work.
7:28 am
he can do things wrong. so i think he learned from that. you can see his acquisition and actions seemed like it make a ton of sense for empire, but, you know, you have to caution that. kevin: the fire phone flopped and he has echo and everybody is following in that regard. >> he does have an ecosystem. i love how he's leveraging amazon to sell the echo. there's all the other companies like apple siri and google home, they are coming out with speakers. we are all trained to go to to buy pretty much everything we want and he has the portal to put the echo and those products in front of everyone, hey, you want this, you want this. dagen: and i'm old enough to remember when he was working at a hedge fund here in new york city before founded amazon.
7:29 am
>> i met him at a dinner 15 years ago and he's kind of -- he's changed a lot, i would say, he was much more outgoing and gregarious and he's obviously a changed man and -- dagen: not giving you any ideas. [laughter] >> very guarded now. he's also -- i still see that sort of genius and excitement and sort of his ventures. he looked at blue origin which could in long-term be the most lucrative venture in shipping things to space. dagen: good to see you, thank you so much. we covered a lot of ground. coming up the investigation into loretta lynch, senators launch a probe in clinton e-mail scandal. judge andrew napolitano will take a look at the legal implications. facebook making friends in hollywood. look out jeff bezos, social media giant is taking amazon
7:30 am
prime, the huge cost the company is reportedly willing to pay for new shows.
7:31 am
7:32 am
(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) . >> welcome back i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. with monday, june 26. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time, it is energy week at the white house, president trump set to host the prime minister of india in washington this afternoon.
7:33 am
and the week will health our country's energy o dominance including multibillion-dollar natural gas deal with india former attorney general loretta lynch under fire senate judiciary committee looking into her involvement not probe surrounding hillary clinton's e-mail while she served as secretary of state. former attorney general gonzalez weighing in on probe with maria bartiromo, on "sunday morning futures." >> i think that there are legitimate questions, raised by some of these allegations i think paralyze appropriate for congress judiciary committee to exam exactly what happened here. >> details on that investigation, ahead. spacex pushing final frontier to company launching and landing not one but two rockets, over the weekend. with the move means for the space race coming up. facebook taking only tinseltown details of about
7:34 am
social network hits walk of fame. >> going to cost futures showing the markets gains across the board you are in europe as well, stocks are heading higher, as we wrap up the month of june. ch in asia overnight, markets finishing the day with green across the screen, chipping in for the web highlights as spieth wins travelers championship out of the bunker into the hole there you go moving to business stories we want to get judge napolitano right now. the senate judiciary committee looking for answers from loretta lynch, on whether or not she intervened in the clinton e-mail server investigation one question in the letter to loretta lynch reading during your time in the justice department did you ever have communications with former dnc chairwoman representative debbie wasserman schultz her staff her associates any other current or former dnc officials about the clinton
7:35 am
e-mail investigation bring in fox news sr., judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano judge can they force loretta lynch to testify. >>, of course, they can force loretta lynch to testify i agree essentially with what former attorney general alberta o gonzalez told marr the clip you he ran i extended it one step farther there is enough evidence here just on base of snippets given, to the senate intelligence committee by former fbi director jim comey that mrs. lynch was either c eithering conflicted or working atodes with justice department in behalf of miss clinic's campaign and dnc whether she told him use different terminology for the investigation the terminology don't you matter fbi was investigating mrs. clinton any but terminology let's call it a matter, not an investigation, this resulted in some fbi agents teasing the
7:36 am
director saying you are now director of federal bureau of matters rather than principal bureau of investigations may be indicative of a mind-set on part of attorney general lynch that she was going to do whatever she could, to prevent mrs. clinton from getting indicted and the senate judiciary cois entitled to entire into that, so is the justice department this is not under bob mueller not involved with russians, doj itself jeff sessions can assign a team of investigators fbi agents prosecutors to investigate his press accessor as to o who are not she obstructed justice behaved in a way constitutes misconduct in office preventing doing everything she could to slow down or indeed impede the days ago. >> isn't there about assertions she told operatives she would prevent this matter
7:37 am
from going too far. >> the reason for question senator grassley's people wrote to attorney general lynch about her communications with debbie wasserman schultz, a congressman from florida at the time, chair of democratic national committee it is alleged that dominate not seen -- if it exists but there is one or several e-mails between debbie wasserman schultz and loretta lynch, concerning the behavior that loretta lynch will take to further the dnc interests while mrs. lynch was the attorney general that is if it happened would be semiconductor misconduct in office could be five or 10 years, serious it is equivalent of obstruction of justice same allegations making about president. >> move on to supreme court justice anthony kennedy there are reports out that he is
7:38 am
considering retirement the kennedy has given no indication if true or not, the 80-year-old court veteran has been viewed as critical swing vote among peers often casting breaking vote on cases, kellyanne conway refusing to divulge if kennedy reached out to president trump employ future. >> i will never reveal a conversation between sitting justice and president or white house we are paying very close attention last about it of decisions i can tell you one thing just as president did, with justice neil gorsuch whenever vacancies happens he will look for somebody with fidelity to the constitution doesn't make up the law as they go along, somebody has judicial temperature monetary a record beyond reproach as justice gorsuch. >> justice kennedy did tell friends years ago when during the first or second obama administration i don't remember which but as soon as a republican in the white house, he would seriously
7:39 am
think about leaving it has been on court 33, 34 years, and 80 years old. justice kennedy, this is intrigueing scheduled a weekend sort of get together with all of his former clerks one justice gorsuch for the fall of 2018. moved to this past weekend hint. maybe he won't be on bench fall of 2018 on the other hand has four incoming clerks he hired coming no in fall of 2017 so we are getting mixed signals he will either make an announcement, from the bench, this morning, at 10:00, a.m., eastern time, when the court convenes, or he will decide you know what >> neil gorsuch is former clerk a brilliant wonderful justice i want to enjoy a year or two working with him on the court before i go. one or the other. >> could we also get some sign from the court this morning of what they might do some kind
7:40 am
of guidance on the president executive order. >> i think getting more than a sign we are going to get an announcement, either -- they are scheduled to release announcements on applications for there isn't a case before them not over an application for emergency relief they are he scheduled to issue orders at 9:30 this morning about how they are disposing of them if they simple say denies stays stopping president travel ban stay in place until cases are tried if they do anything other than denied, they will have to have specificity in there the question is should the travel ban stay in place. of the while it is tried in a federal court no hawaii a federal court in annapolis or should it not stay in place, while it is being tried, the answer has ent been -- >> answer is yes. >> is there any way to know what -- >> no there is no way to know it is coming out no two hours. >> very exciting.
7:41 am
>> yes. it is this is in courtroom we will know immediately wave red flags white flags they take black buries iforeigners in there. >> was not flags it was scarves. >> i am kidding about scarves i don't know means of communication fox people will know first in. >> an opinion whether or not when state gis money to schools to repave playgrounds can give to catholic schools as well the missouri case i think yes, the missouri case, yes. yes. >> look at showoff over here. >> why -- all right may be -- my goal was to make you laugh i think i did that. [laughter] incredible insight from judge napolitano as always a pleasure judge thank you. >> you are welcome. >> a new milestone in the
7:42 am
final frontier spacex blasting off twice in one weekend, what the incredible feat means for the future of private space travel in private space company, facebook hopeing users like what they see how much the company is reportedly planning to spend to bring their own tv shows to the social media network. >> just get ready -- to work work work work, to me work, work, work, work , - -- ditch ♪ casper makes one perfect mattress.
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supportive and comfortable. premium foam layers. breathable for airflow. perfect rebound, plus perfect lift. pick your size, you get 100 nights to test it out. test the layers, be a layer, casper. . dagen: skwirs searching for survivors from a toughest both in a capsized on reservoir no colombia cheryl casone has details. cheryl: dagen at least nine people have died in this accident, 28 still missing, recreational boats jet skis richards to scene pulling people from the boat as it went down they avoided a dead
7:46 am
will heer tragedy this went down yesterday it is unclear what caused the boat to sink survivors said appeared overloaded nobody onboard was wearing a life jacket. >> well, spacex is going back to back, pulling up two commercial satellite launches from opposite coasts within 48 hours went off without a hitch strongest sign spacex is on track to ramp up a lunch tempo. >> tv shows may come to facebook "the wall street journal" reports social network looking to hollywood for platform could start as early as this summer, the push for tv shows is the company's efforts target tens of billions ad dollars spent on tv telling hollywood producers they will share viewership data with them only difference, of course, some we have advertisements including netflix you don't have that but on facebook issue you would.
7:47 am
dagen: thank you so much, coming up -- [laughter] quick -- you were reading -- research -- cheryl: sorry. dagen: okay, would you quickly would you watch original content on facebook? >> depends on what it is. probably not, just given their bent that they have to do this a lot of videos are repurposed advertisers mad not original repurposed, taken from other sights this is response to that content is key going to be expensive for them. >> i think going to be it could be a game changer. >> i really think. >> but also drives up the cost of content for potentially netflix amazon, hulu hbo more players you have with big -- with big wallets, the more that content is going to cost. >> need content to be good the issue, so if -- if facebook is willing to pay for it really good content then yes but if
7:48 am
it is not, you know, we will have o to see. >> i watch the do-doyou know what i am talking about dodo, animal videos, that is all it is short animal videos, it is awesome. >> i am all about animal. >> what platform. >> you know pick ingraham but largely facebook delivered the dodos, my suggest this morning bunker to birdie spieth epic shot at travelers championship earned the young golf star a place in the history books. ♪ i really want to this night away ♪ your insurance company
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. biggest celebration if golf used to be the tiger woods fist pump now jordan spieth chest pump jared with that story good morning. >> dagen this is not our grandfather's pga tour yesterday in connecticut 23-year-old jordan spieth gave us a highlight and celebration, sure to see years to come final round of the travelers championship, jordan spieth goes to playoff against berger from the bunker 60 feet away the sand goes flying the all about goes flying right into the hole beautiful shot watch this listen how it sounded. >> [cheers and applause] >> right at it right at it ogot it -- just as he did it -- >> just like john deer wire-to-wire win travelers 10th career win over 3 million
7:53 am
career earnings yesterday 1.22-million-dollar purse. >> check out what cardinals fan found this her bag at cards pirates game bottom of 7th, molina foul ball into stands, where did ball go you heard of basket catch this was a purse snatching grab, by a fan. honey i have a little food stuck in my mouth any chance you have a toothpick or -- no but i have baseball cards won 8-4, congratulations also to former heisman trophy win tim tebow promoted by new york mets from low single a ball to high single a all about in florida. >> president aed .222, 69 strikeouts over 212 at-bats gm says the bottom line is average isn't there, but he is improving. >> sunday marked old tileers day at yankees stadium in
7:54 am
bronx the three-on-three basketball league under way nearly 16,000 showed up barkley center this created by rapper after icet. >> allen iverson played nine minutes the games funky first team to 60 points you have to win by two no the first two games went beyond the went the distance then kind of into overtime, they have a four point shot i think this is great you get almost 16,000 people to watch baseball this is coming to olympians, too wouldn't you like to see old timeers. >> when 20 -- 2020 i think, when it is going to be there. >> did you watch nascar one of the they only race, two road courses every year the first
7:55 am
one of the season sonoma. won first time. >> first win this season races for stuart -- his first win in ford, made major move from chevrolet to ford, one, two, three, ford. >> this is a -- a very big deal for both ford motor racing and kevin harvick, again a win guarantees a place in playoffs starts later this year, then there was, of course, dana. >> p17. >> all right in trouble. >> -- very serious problem. >> sounds like code.
7:56 am
>> improperly attached lugnuts. >> bad race several weeks ago acted like -- basically his child he act like a baby. in the kind of after race press conference, so thumbs-down for poor behavior. >> we are going to see spieth highlight years to come we know tiger woods with fist we are going to see that chest pump for sometime. >> i love the excitement. >> it is golf, golf -- you have to kind of keep quiet. >> jack nicholson gary player colliding -- >> you said jack nicholson? you said nicholson. >> off the set and said the chest pump -- >> here is dagen. >> may be i just heard nicholson, we should do hey let's go to the videotape. >> go to videotape, thank you jared max, sports reports fox news headlines 24-7 , still
7:57 am
ahead, don't used soa to pick a skin pop doctors warn against new trend, using coca-cola, to tan faster. >> yep you can't miss that that is next hour on "mornings with maria." ♪ ♪
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for
8:00 am
maria bartiromo. it is monday, june 26 your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, the clock ticking on if obama overhaul on predictings to mcconnell's health care bill from within his party. >> it is hard for me to see the bill passing this week, but that is up to the majority leader. >> we don't have enough information, i don't have the feedback from constituencies who will not have enough time to review the senate bill. >> they promised too much, they say they are going to fix health care, premiums going down there is no way the republican bill brings down premiums. >> what it means mcconnell gears up for a vote this week we have the latest, on the negotiations. former president bill clinton taking a dig at president trump, what he said at an event honoring alec baldwin made a return to the spotlight
8:01 am
i am percent inmateing the president "saturday night live" a plane shaking violently asked passengers to pray. >> takata filing for bankruptcy protection details on the next steps. plus a warning about coca-cola. some sun worshippers replacing tanning oil with coke, experts say a dangerous move, coming out we tell you why, also, mosquitoes -- futures pointing to gains at the open with gains, 68-point gain dow futures good week for stocks last week nasdaq composite on track for longest winning streak in more than two decades in europe buying across the board the cac quarante in france, asia overnight as well, it was same
8:02 am
story, about investor optimism with shanghai composite biggest western up almost 1%. all that so much more this conforming, lee carter market strategist kevin kelly cfra investment strategist lindsey bell fabulous morning. >> unbelievable morning we talked about how energy -- coming up, interesting thing is that -- on "the wall street journal", today, below the fold shell boom impact in one word plastic right here interesting talking about now because of all the fracking happening in the united states not only is gas oil and gas cheaper, but plastic pellets, exporting those interesting dynamic happening in energy space especially this week. dagen: an important reminder of how the energy boom here is creating jobs not just in oil and gas field but also in the -- manufacturing, great about observation. >> joining the conversation this morning 2008 clinton
8:03 am
campaign chief restaurant -- a strategist here move to top story, senate majority leader mcconnell pushing placement for obamacare five at least five republican colleagues by some counts more will will not pledge their support. blake burman is live at the white house, with the very allocates, good morning blaifk. reporter: hi dagen good morning to you stall right there is widespread disagreement still among senate rps about planb them, the obamacare repeal and replace plan, at least, five republican senators come out on the record saying they are against this thing and over weekend, there were several more that expressed that they have concerns with the plan as it stance before them however, mitch mcconnell wants vote by the end of the week and president trump and interview on "fox & friends" said that he remains hopeful saying i quote here i think we are going to get there can't promise, i think we are going to get there.
8:04 am
when you talk to senate republicans hear from them they each have their own set of issues for example, senator rand paul says this is not an obamacare repeal bill. ron johnson takes issues with timing i believe played a couple sound bites off the top, susan collins, says that she is one of the many that takes issue with how this would treat medicaid. >> i am all -- all very concerned about medicaid what it means to vulnerable citizens i am very concerned about the cost of insurance premiums, and deductibles. reporter: when you look at timing with this going forward, later today potentially a crucial moment in all of this is congressional budget office, crumpled to release its score at some point today, admitch mcconnell wants a vote later this week over weekend senator john cornyn number two in senate said real deadline here
8:05 am
is august 1. talking about some five weeks out or so i'll tell you this when speaking with white house official here, last week they said so long as this gets done by august. that would be good with them. the timing all very much up in the air. dagen: i to want to point one thing out president trump actually pushing lawmakers, to vote on this bill, is going to be a critical importance something to watch, because he certainly worked a lot of magic with house representatives when they passed it, and i believe he did reach out to both senators ted cruz and rand paul called them both i think last week see how much pressure he ramps up on those republican senators. >> white house talking about how this is kind of a unique set of issues, this time, with the house last time you remember last time the president was dealing with dozen to may be 20 or so folks, now handful, so they were talking about how it is really a target situation at
8:06 am
this point, as you mentioned -- a couple folks here and there. >> good to speak with you blake burman nice to see you he as always american constituents are also speaking sought on health care, according to the harvard-harris poll nearly half voters say health care one of the most important issues facing the nation, today. other top concerns include fighting terrorism, and the xi. joining us former chief strategist for hillary clinton 2008 presidential campaign for president bill clinton 1996 reelection mark penn mark you were the chairman of the harris poll were you surprised by any of these results. >> well i think there are a lot of surprising resiliency i think health care has catapulted up as issue i think the economy number one for quite sometime, but the economy terrorism an health care are the ones, one, two, three issues, and i think most important is that both democrats and republicans parties are facing 60% or so negative ratings, right now
8:07 am
until somebody gets something done, nobody is really winning here, the president slightly negative the two parties even more negative. >> i think its fascinating that all are falling right now you are right pointing you the democrats not having support we've seen and so my question to you is who do you think is going to win the war of messaging forward? because we both do this for a living watching who has the story seems like the in thats have really owned the health care debate but forward antimessage isn't necessarily a message getting support i am curious what you think is going to happen moving forward there. >> well, right now it is a lotted easier to billed a coalition for no than to build a coalition for yes there is a problem in breaking gridlock because too easy to get a no. on the other hand i think if a bill does come through, and they deal with medicaid and deal with preexisting conditions, those are really
8:08 am
the key issues that have to be dealt with, i think really people are looking for a tax cut and infrastructure, i mean if they can start to get things done winners are whoever steps forward says i am going to help break this logjam those people keep putting logs in front of things i think are ultimately not going to be winners. >> we haven't seen democrats willing to move things toward -- >> they thought that was a winning stance you would see some people stepping up from the opposition party but that is not happening. >> well, look, there is a, there is i think, probably more party discipline right now in democratic side after all -- why see democrats stick sought whole party could make a better deal than one or two alone i think you see they are looking at republican party saying hey, they don't have discipline in party let them find it out why should we get in the middle in that sense
8:09 am
hands off. >> should not guilty get done before july 4 deadline will democrats come around start to work with republicans before august recess try to start working with them to do something in put their influence behind it or completely out of it? >> look, i think that is that is unclear, the -- the democrats have said on health care, we don't want to repeal obamacare, we are going to be -- less likely to make any deals on health care, come around to tax cuts infrastructure, we've got stuff there that we want. but frankly we want you to not repeal obamacare, so i really wouldn't expect democrats to come around on this issue, republicans are going to need to get their act together or wind up looking for -- >> mandate as pointed out by senator paul this really isn't a repeal and replace it is a modification especially when it comes to medicaid. >> if you've got five republican senators finding the rest why democrat get in the middle no reason republicans have to learn to
8:10 am
have discipline if they want bargaining power otherwise they got nothing. >> what do you make though of the messaging from some of the democratic leadership? we have heard this from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, referring to -- republicans are hurting the health of the american people, by trying to reform obamacare then hillary clinton took it a step further at end of last week where she said going -- forget i think that exact compete forget death panels forget death panels if republicans pass this bill they are the death party. how does that help anything? how does that help the message of the democrats actually still in office? >> look, i have i think certain ears economiet the president is getting a lot of credit in fact has -- a majority of approval rating on economy on terrorism, but health care here democrats are winning the message war there maybe over the top comments, that are inappropriate, but basically people are concerned about are preexisting conditions going to be covered?
8:11 am
what is going to happen to those can't afford health care? what is going to happen if cbo comes out with numbers. >> republicans have not had effective message campaign on this. >> what you think for dagen was just saying that she called this a death party, that -- is really incendiary language given. >> given the stack fact steve scalise in hospital after getting shot. >> i am nef for language over the top there are concerns pointing to language over the top isn't going to change them here, republicans have yet to lay out an effective case on what they are doing here, in the repeal and replace bill, who is helping and why. and until they lay out a case like that, don't expect them to win the message away even if some democrats go over the top. >> you mentioned the economy 44% voters believe the economy is on the right on track. that is 12% percentage points more compared to those who think the kin is going in the
8:12 am
wrong direction, why is this the case because begin we talk about all the agenda from republicans that is moving slowly at best. >> there has been a remarkable change here, really, people see the economy as growing. i think over 60% see it growing, i think for the first time since the election, people see economy going right track, on the economy here, since president trump has tan office has been getting a lot of credit people see growth stock market is up, that is where i think the president and republicans so far have scored gains, but if they don't come through with with tax cuts infrastructure where does it all go. >> good talking to you, this morning thank you for joining us coming up, a nightmare in the air for passengers aboard a flight from australia to malaysia, the issue to cause the plane to shake so balanced the captain actual told the flyers to pray.
8:13 am
and don't open a can to tan doctors warn against a trend to use coca-cola as a bronzer at the beach. what is it 1957 all over again? [laughter] pilot telecommunicat
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
passengers say prayer. >> the plaep from australia to malaysia forced to turn back an general failed nearly two hours into trip causing the flight to shake like ab washing machine according to one passenger before pilot told 359 onboard to pray for survival here is what one said about that flight. >> more -- explosion from lot of winning plane started shuddering, you can tell by reaction it was really bad. >> the flight was organized to take passengers on to quite a whilea lumpur many quala lumpur many stranded air asia
8:17 am
is investigating that incident. >> all right, that massive recall, related to faulty air bags proven too much for takata the japanese company filed for bankruptcy protection in u.s. and japan. being bought we should say by u.s. based key safety systems 1.6 billion dollars that bankruptcy protection order filed, finally, it is a sticky tanning trend that has gone viral. sun lovers using coca-cola, as a tanning oil some people believe the soda can enhance your tan, but the reality is it is really staining yourskin, and turns out it could be dangerous for you experts say coke high acidity makes skin to sun damage. >> one sand believe stupidest.
8:18 am
>> baby oil a comeback, i am kidding. >> joking. >> -- [laughter] >> and again sticky that is one might have worst nightmares getting caught on a beach your part of like the b roll sunbathing looks like a flounder out there. >> -- like a giant aspirin laying there in sand. coming up a new tune for pandora music streaming service cofounder reportedly planning to step down, not every store is feeling retail blues a ceo tell you how british luxury retail that dates back to 1700 passengers.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
. dagen: retail broadly speaking on the ropes but luxury he retailer has been able to buck that trend, in a major way, 2016 brought a year of record sales and profits of -- profit growth more than 25% for the british retailer, that is third year in a row that mason has seen profits rise
8:23 am
over a quarter joining me now is company ceo, tell us about your company expansion have you been able to avoid -- avoid kind of retail woes you see in the united states because this is a brand that has been around since early 1700s. >> good morning, we have been in business 1707 -- we keep making more and more specials becomes increasing more destination store for local market international visits -- last year we delivered to offer 120 countries in the world united states new york city is in fact the most important city outside of the wholly of europe for online shopping for customers. >> how have you done that because you do not have -- any retail branch in the united states, so this is a brand incoherence know relate to in terms of luxury, we have some kind of your this is your hamper.
8:24 am
>> pinning nick basket call them here. >> picnic. >> and your iconic teas. >> such authentic brands all history, and we have affinity with america over many, many decades, in fact launched more than grocery department in 1930s after first world war we know that jackie kennedy was a customer of ours, we know that president obama was a customer so we know that we have lots of great fans. and internet social media. >> you were incredibly connected with fortnum customers. >> more than day, you know i talked to customers all the time on the floor, and in shopping -- we've got outlets. >> talking to -- >> [laughter] >> they feel very special discover mi helping them select. >> the modern day world
8:25 am
talking to customers. >> old school books this is the cookbook that how long you watch this. >> launched -- in -- in england over a year ago america last few weeks account of fabulous history of fitch ortnum. >> -- pardon me. >> o royal highness, a great writer captured the spirit atmosphere of some best issues last 300 years very proud of this already sales super encouraging. >> goes back to tradition of when americans appreciate enenglish tea, tea sandwiches some traditional recipes. >> completely -- i think the world's lusting for authentic
8:26 am
stories people want to know the real deal learn about right type of teas right time of day what goes with it. >> teas -- vary in the united states you also felt champagne pops, innovative for summer you didn't bring any -- tell us about them. >> -- don't think would survivor they are -- made with whole glass of the champagne, and been retailing in our store uk, lots of festivals events, and people just love them. dagen: i wanted to -- big changes in britain past year particularly in terms of of the vote to exit european union, any impact at all on consumer attitudes confidence in business. >> i think for specifically fortnum no, we are going to survive this one as well. i think that what we do such a deep sense of pleasure in everything that we do, but the
8:27 am
world needs a pleasure friendship kindness, and i think having a great cup of tea english cup of tea with biscuit ginger biscuit a great pleasure in life in chaotic world well placed. >> what are chance you open a shob here. >> never say never it is a great place this is one of the great gourmet, food capitals of the world we are operating through shops in new york, and other parts u.s., i think eventually we would love to have presence here. >> great to see you, picadilly. >> i know mine great to see you come back soon getting a pulse on gop health care legislation what to expect from this week cbo score for the senate plan to repeal and replace obamacare. plus a bigger bite of -- activist investor making biggest bet on the swiss food
8:28 am
drink giant the massive stake he will take in the company. [click]
8:29 am
8:30 am
man: ♪ you're beautiful [click] ♪ i'm coming back to you [click] . . dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo monday, june 26. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern time, touting energy dominance president trump to host prime minister of india in washington this afternoon white house kicks off a energy
8:31 am
week will highlight energy dominance including multibillion-dollar natural gather deal with india. >> bill clinton taking the stage a dig at president trump. the former achieve bashing the president while at an event honoring trump i'm percentnator calledbin. >> a massive week in the fight to overhaul obamacare senate republicans hope to get a bill passed despite at least five party members by counts eight holding out. >> secretary of health and human seniors tom price weighing in on where things stand. >> undermine of the entire plan, the bill isn't the entire plan, the kinds of things we are doing at department of health and human services to make certain that individuals across this land have the opportunity again to purchase the kind of coverage that they want for themselves, not that the government forces them to buy. >> cbi o score on that senate gop health care bill is expected early this week, maybe even today. >> pandora changing tune
8:32 am
shares higher this morning following reports that ceo stepping down. activist investor dan lowe biting off a big niece of nestlé a massive bet on the giant. >> futures show gains across the board 67-point gain on dow futures markets up last week nasdaq poised to gain for 8thmen in a row. durable goods order hitting tape decline 1.1% coming in that worse than expected. durable goods down 1.1% we point out orders for long-lasting goods tend to be very volatile month after month, in europe stocks heading higher 1% gain on cac quarante in franceing biggest winner overseas at least across atlantic in asia overnight, the markets finishing the day in the green across the board from japan all the way down to south korea, breaking news president trump tweeting, this.
8:33 am
the democrats have become nothing but obstructionists all caps, they have no policies or ideas, all they do is delay and complain. they own obamacare. exclamation point. >> the senate bill to replace obamacare cbo to release analysis of the senate health care bill early this week some suggesting could come as early as day cbo analysis of the house measure predicted that additional 23 million people over next decade would have no health care coverage, the health and human services secretary tom price says cbo calculations are incorrect. >> the congressional budget office does pretty good job usually of saying what something is going to cost, they've been woefully inadequate able to predict what kind of coverage what we are trying to do here,ed a admitedly thread a needle make
8:34 am
it so that as the president says, every single american needs to be able to have access to coverage that they want. >> five republican senators eight by some count xroef doubts about a vote on bill this weekend ahead of july 4 recess, joining is now, former acting cbo director and economist don marrone with democrats unified in opposition republicans can lose mo more than two votes will this week cbo score sway republican votes one way or the other? >> the score is probably going to show that the revised bill we see in senate is still going to cost substantial number of people to lose health insurance over next decade you know we don't know how much, 15 million, 18 million numbers we have seen out there. and likely more in decade avenue that i think figuring like that going to give people pause. >> i want to point out i have said this before, that millions of the people in that number even in the cbo score
8:35 am
of the house health care replacement bill they lose insurance by choice, because they are no longer -- they will choose not to buy it because no longer mandates by government penalized for not having health insurance not that 23 mill people are kicked off rolls. >> a couple pieces some of it people choosing not to buy insurance, and then a lot of it will be people who lose access to medicaid. the original under president obama expanded medicaid significantly provided funding for that senate bill is going to walk that back, walk it back significantly more as we get into beyond 10 years, and so you see, you know, probably 10 million or more fewer are people on medicaid. >> how important is it that that this administration as well as the congress wants to remove the taxes that are in
8:36 am
obamacare on investment to 3.8% tax i was reading your web site you are more a consumption tax kind of guy who pivotal for health care bill going forward? >> yeah, you know if you let me do they think tank thing go on white board design a point of view system would probably and an health insurance coverage, we don't live in perfect world the compromise able to be enacted under president obama was basically to finance expansion primarily with taxes on investment income. repealing those is something that obviously seems very high priority for republicans trying to design a bill so that the savings they get from walking back health insurance coverage are enough to pay for that. >> now the bill is going to potentially about be revised before it gets to a vote will cbo do another score does it even matter what the score is? and how dramatically different would the score be, from the prior score? >> yes what we saw in the
8:37 am
health side you remember we actually saw two cbo scores of house health bill the first one in advance of the debate, and eventually voting, the second time around, the house did not leave enough time for the cbo to finish its score so voted and score came later. it seems like we're getting a cbo score senate bill possibly today, there are proposals out there to make some tweaks for example to do stuff to nufrj more people to get individual insurance but it is not clear given the senate timeline when they give cbo enough time to score that fully before we see a vote. >> so i am curious, as you are looking at this, what are the pros what is right, even republican senators are talking about what is wrong with it rather than messaging what is going right with it. >> well sure obviously what is right going to depend on your perspective. folks worry about taxes investment returns, worrying that is going to discourage
8:38 am
economic growth would be happy to see see some tax increases on entrenchment go away some many people are happy about some of the things you don't see in these bills. so you know you don't see a walkback on the ability of children to stay on parents' plans up to 26 you don't see repeal of preexisting conditions, so various things like that seem to be have bipartisan support going to continue to exist. and you have a real fundamental issue how you want to think about medicaid going forward. and there is a group of folks out there who want medicaid to be in essence unexpected entitlement has it has been traditional who are understands standbly very concerned about the design in these bills, there are other prominently republican side more if i could baggage for medicaid under which states have more flexibility to make decisions how they allocate the money some are quite enthusiastic about this. >> -- moves back toward what medicaid was -- initially intended to be, and that was
8:39 am
health insurance for -- essentially the very poor, and signing moms and kids, we have gone so far away from that it was moving away from that don, even before the expansion of medicaid to include as part of obamacare. and people are legitimately world about mush rooming cost bureaucrat control soefr hirnz and health care. >> cost of medicaid is a significant challenge if you look into later years health care costs typical grow faster than inflation often than gdp, and we haven't figured out how to pay for that over the long run so the senate bill is trying top tamp that down even more than the house bill did but challenge with that if you don't figure out some way to keep health care costs down implication of that is going to be people get either less quality coverage or fewer people get coverage down the road. >> i just want to point out to explain something that you
8:40 am
were saying not to get in the weeds but worth pointing out that the senate bill does with medicaid grants, it pegs grants to inflation no justor, house bill 1 percentage point ajustor in terms of the grants plus inflation, so the senate bill, actually does a little bit better job of controlling those costs. better or more severe right to try, really important feature of the senate bill is that it switches to just increasing the amount per capita per person, at rate of inflation, in 2025. so that is something that doesn't really show up in the traditional 10 year budget scores we're going to see but would have major effect in the second decade. >> don isn't one -- as economist as thes isn't a biggest cost wages not going
8:41 am
up stagnant cost of health care second largest cost employers have seeing wages not go up as health care keeps rising it is hitting people, in their earning potential. >> absolutely right when we leave medicaid folks go over to you know working folks who have employer provided health insurance or people who are going to buy, on the exchanges, a significant challenges, as just as you said health care costs rising much more rapidly than wages compensation keeping wages down several decades we still have a major challenge, figuring out how to little bit growth of health care costs. in a way while still ensuring people get good health insurance. >> good to see you talk to you as always so that breaking news president trump tweeting again. here is another one the reason that president obama did nothing about russia after being notified by the cia of meddling he expected clinton would win. russia tweet.
8:42 am
coming up. falling oil passes stuart varney tells how low he expects gasoline prices to fall out of the july 4th holiday weekend, how low gas prices -- well help -- all bottom lines, pandora ceo ready to face music why company cofounder is getting ready to step down. ♪ i know you ever never going to break it, i know -- ♪ ooh ♪ just telling you ♪ thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, i have something for you! ♪ ♪ making every stay a special stay. holiday inn, smiles ahead. whether for big meetings or little getaways, member always save more at
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dagen: music streaming service pandora might be losing one of the men who started it all cofounder ceo tim westergren nicole petallides has details from the new york stock exchange good morning. >> stocks higher this morning i will say that tim westergren don't forget founded this company, 17 years ago, he was onboard as ceo from 20020 to
8:46 am
2004 stepped down came back onboard last year, but since then pandora made deals, took on, also works with sirius xm large investment 480 million dollars into the company they get 19%, and stock is getting upgrade over specific -- because they believe in mergers and acquisition action for this company. >> pandora had a tough time year-to-date chart down 36%, trying to compete against spotify and apple music just to name a few, so he is going to be stepping down no word object his replacement yet they are looking for replacement google, privated me records are safe google says, this is because now they will no longer search gmail for anything specific to use
8:47 am
for advertising, as far as your personal medical words standoff type they tried to keep quiet was your financial records, now your medical records are safe, as i toss back to you a headlined for google is that the eu may find google over one billion dollars largest fine over antitrust concerns. >> nicole petallides new york stock exchange, summer vacation is getting cheaper with four states averaging less than $2 a gallon for gasoline according to aaa, joining me host "varney & company" stuart varney planning a road trip? >> no, i made forecast last week i said by this friday that june 30th end of the month i said that there would be six states under $ a gallon for regular gasoline i think i am going to be right. and you know this is a most unusual situation.
8:48 am
because july 4th big holiday next week, and as we go into next week, we got price of gasoline actually falling, now at 2.26 national average, it is going to come down a lot more, and by next week, we are in most unusual situation of gas prices falling just as the peak driving season gets under way we haven't seen this before makes me think that we can go all the way down to a national average of $2 and below a wonderful deal good for economy, but a lot of money into people's pockets, and you know what dagen? on friday afternoon, last week, i paid $1.99 for a gallon in new jersey. of all places. how about that. dagen: so you were sitting in o your car while someone was -- the rules in new jersey. >> as you know there is only one i think only one state in the nation where you may not pump your own gas that is new jersey.
8:49 am
and even though you got to employ gas i guy at station i got it for a buck 99 i like that i know you watch carefully i want to see you on a road trip. >> when do i have time to go on a road trip. >> very good point my dear. >> i don't. >> you love america so much, you know it is time to drive through -- >> i not about driving down to south carolina because it is a buck 92 down there, felt strongly only a couple hundred miles down i-95 i could do that. >> i will give you a list of places you can stop along the way, for boiled peanuts the like. great to see you -- >> south of the board i will be back. >> you know who is -- ben bernanke when in -- >> way back when you are right. still get all big ads bumper stickers down 95 those are the
8:50 am
days i am telling you -- >> still open. we will see i in on almost exactly 10 minutes each and every day monday through friday "varney & company" starts every day, 9:00 a.m. eastern time, love mr. stuart varney. >> activity gefr betting big on nestlé the stake in swiss food giant. ♪
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8:54 am
obstructed the dems and "crooked hillary" no good. >> i always get frustrated when he starts talking about russia especially when conversation seems going down, that said, this for him seems to work with base seeing approval numbers on rise again, people like to hear directly from him. and it seems that it is very, very clear strategy art of the detail -- wrote more important for you to he get your message out than rely on traditional sources of media. >> not talking about health care the biggest thing going on. >> editorial in "the wall street journal" today that said that how can you just ris a question of how can you communicate ideas or even maybe misinformation or conjecture and communicate strategy and fact via the same social media, what he does so comey tapes question smashing, fact about strategy mudels the
8:55 am
message that is the editorial, dozens of people missing in china, following a deadly landslide, in the southwestern part of the country, cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: yeah so following this about the morning dagen 10 bodies now recovered as rescuers search for 93 others that massive landslide buried entire vl over the weekend as of yesterday afternoon a couple and one-month-old the only ones rescued there have been about concerns about stability since earthquake 25 miles away, killed nearly 90,000 people, back in 2008. . looks like dan loeb has a sweet footing biggest bet on clooekt company hedge fund got a third point, 3.5 billion dollars stake in nestlé -- reinvigorate the brand amid food tastes as well as what he says the underperforming stock
8:56 am
key line there, this alec baldwin president trump's impersonator honored in tribute by spike tv, robert deniro julianne moore former president bill clinton. . he is going to george washington university two years, came back home to new york, then classic path, from politics into soap operas, and, now that we know the other way around -- >> yeah okay a rare look from that event, robert de niro julián we should say sought spoken critics of the president i am sure clinton jumped in on all the fun. dagen: oh, boy. good time had by none. cheryl, coming up, again i don't go to gallonos i do my mom and daddy every day final thoughts from all-star panel coming up.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
... >> republicans need to figure out that once they buy into it. >> i sound like a broken record, but the health care message, tell us what's in it,
9:00 am
don't tell us what's wrong with obamacare and republicans get it together. >> how about helping jobs getting rid of the medical devices tax and destroyed the jobs in three years. it's not just about cutting taxes for the wealthy. thank you, everybody. stuart varney is right now. stuart: i will take it, dagen, thank you very much indeed. we've got more violent images to the left. the granny over the cliff in time for the senate health care debate. good morning, it's monday morning and it's back.


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