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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 26, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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effects and a lot of it across the globe. this movie the latest example of that. do not forget dr. ben carson on special coast to coast tomorrow on fox business network. trish regan right now. hey, trish. trish: laughing at the transformers images. you didn't see that, did you? neil: no. trish: big win for president trump as supreme court hands the president a victory by reinstating key parts of the president's executive order restricting travel into the united states from six middle-eastern nations. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." supreme court ruling upholds key parts of the travel ban for reasons of national security. making important exception for anyone with a quote, bonafide relationship with a person or entity the united states. we'll talk about what that means. meantime president trump issuing a statement to applaud the decision. i quote, my number one responsibility as commander in chief is to keep american people safe.
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today's ruling allows me to use an important tool for protecting our nation's homeland. plus, senate republicans issuing revisions to health care bill. gop tries to push it to a vote before the july 4th recess but left is losing their minds right now. all of them over this bill. they're very up sit. hillary clinton going so far as to imply republicans are murderers in a tweet. i quote, forget death panels. if republicans pass this bill, they're the death party. wow! quite a statement especially in light of representative scalise just getting out of the hospital there. anyway, has the left completely forgotten the fact that they happen to have gotten us into thises mess in the first place? joining me right now fox news contributor, former george w. bush deputy chief of staff, karl rove. good to have you back on the show. >> thanks for having me.
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>> you're thoughts whether or not this will get done? is it realistic to talk about july 4th as a deadline? >> very much up in the air. i think they can get it done. they will have to do some convincing because there are five people publicly who say they are concerned about it. at least one of them, i think senator paul of kentucky is never going to vote for a bill under any circumstances. they can only out of those four announced senators with concerns, they can't afford to lose anymore than one of them. and there may be some other senators who have got concerns. this is period where leadership has to be working adroitly to corral people. get their concerns. to explain parts of the bill about which they may have issues. see if they can't arrive at 50 plus the vice president or 51 and let vice president cheer from the sidelines. trish: what will mitch mcconnell do in this particular case? i almost equate it to pull a
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rabbit out of a hat here. he has his work cut out for him. may not be just five. you could have the senator from maine or alaska join in opposition to this. >> you're right. senator collins from maine might be an issue. senator murkowski of alaska exercised concerns. senator portman from ohio expressed concerns that would bring it to eight. what he has to hope for, these people are trying to work their way to yes, sir. there are things that to be done to change the structure of the bill. not basically what obama did, i offer you bribes, give you special treatment for nebraska, senator nelson to if you vote for obamacare. maybe policy changes to make it more attractive to gain votes. i say this about senator mcconnell, never count him out. never underestimate him. he is playing three steps ahead of us. he playing not just chess but chess in three dimensions. he is working it through and working it hard.
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we'll see how well the efforts pay off shortly. my sense, no vote this week. might be a vote next week. if they get a vote this week, they take it because they have got 50 or 51 and want to get it done. they know they can't get there and get it out of the way. trish: they can't get there. >> he is focused on victory. if they don't get it, it is disaster for the republicans. it says to the american people you trusted us, gave us the house, senate, white house and can't get one of the big things we promised, to repeal and replace obamacare. trish: that would be a real mess. think about ramifications of that. other important policies need our economy humming including tax reform and repeal. not just repeal and he replace. tax reform, infrastructure bill. there is a lot out there, they want to get to. if they can't get the one thing down, how does that affect the rest of the agenda? >> well, it creates a lack of
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confidence in the republican party. tax policy has generally thought easier to be done than health care reform. even then. the fact the house had a problem earlier this year on health care. when i talk to members of the house and senate, you get a sense after the defeat house repeal measure, this caused people thinking smaller about tax reform and initiatives. the american people want bold activity. it is hard to do with 52 in senate, and divided house of 20 or 25 say it entirely has to be my way or i'm voting no. i don't want to underestimate the difficulties getting it done. republicans must show the country they're capable of governing and worth being reelected. >> i don't see a future of them in terms of how everyday americans feel if they're out there running for midterms and
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they look as though they weren't able to accomplish anything. any way, another topic. president trump blasting president obama for russian meddling in the election. this is what he tweeted out today. i will share this. president obama did nothing after being informed in august about russia meddling. with four months of looking a at russia under a magnifying glass they have no tapes of people colluding there. is no collusion or obstruction. i should be given an apology. he suppose on, the reason president obama did nothing about russia after being notified by the cia because of meddling, he expected clinton would win and didn't want to rock the boat. he didn't choke. he colluded or obstructed and it did the dems and "crooked hillary" no good. the president is not alone on this one. democratic ranking member of the house intelligence committee
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also weighing in everyone. >> i think obama administration should have done a lot more when it became clear not only was russia intervening but being directed at highest levels of the kremlin. trish: wow. so they're singing a different tune these days. >> yeah. trish: karl, i want to get to that, why they're doing that but let me start with the main issue here. if president obama and other folks on the left were so worried about russia, potential collusion with the trump campaign why didn't they try to do anything to stop it back then? >> look, "the washington post" has unbelievable article which high-ranking members in the obama administration admit they failed on this issue. several of them said it was the worst moment of their experience in government. they miss it all together. why should we think differently than if president obama -- this is the guy who is leading from behind this is the guy who said if syrians used gas, that will cross a red line with me. when they did did nothing.
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this is guy who continually demonstrated fecklessness and weakness abroad. why should we now be surprised confronted with direct evidence in august of last year that russians were meddling in the american election he wrung his hands, grimaced waited until november and did diddly squat virtually. this is an amazing bit of reporting by the post and i think president trump is right to say president obama, who now as leader of the democrats is in high dungeon about the election. was right that president obama had a chance to do something about it and he didn't. trish: that is not his mo. >> he is not that kind of guy. i will see putin couple weeks and speak sharply. that will have huge impact. you need to have proportional response. if we find evidence they're engaged in cyber espionage in the united states, we need to
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make them understand there is penalty to be paid for this activity. we saw this with president trump. when president trump said, frankly was a little nervous when he said after the sarin attack in syria this crossed a lot of lines with him. i was afraid he would act like president obama. less than 36 hours later, 59 cruise missiles come smashing into a syrian airbase, destroying 20% of the their air force in matter of seconds. message was you do the wrong thing there will be a price to be paid. president obama should have extracted a price when he found out they were actively involved trying to undermine the u.s. election. trish: why are some members of the democratic party willing to sell out president obama now? maybe somebody should have been done? why that change of tune? >> it is indefensible. what we're being told, we have to give credit to the "washington post" revealed it. pinned these obama administrations to the wall and said, what did you do and why didn't you do more?
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and, it is indefensible. it is simply indefensible to think the president of the united states had this kind of information last august and testimony pourized and did nothing. president trump was right to call on him. i wish he hadn't done what the democrats are doing. trish: did he think hillary clinton was going to win and it didn't matter at all? >> no, i don't think it was a political decision, not worry about that hillary will win. he is literal week on these questions and didn't understand the fundamental threat to our democracy allowing the russians to rage in cyberspace working against our elections and undermined our elections not doing something about it. if he thought hill hery was going to win the election he should have gone after them even more, at least privately, if not publicly. look, i'm not making the argument he should have come out to make a big demonstration about this. he should have let russians know he knew this, that they were paying a price for it. trish: karl rove, tough talk from you today. thank you so much. always good to see you.
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>> you bet. thank you, trish. trish: everyone, the supreme court handing president trump a huge victory here, letting the administration mostly enforce 90-day on travelers from six mostly muslim countries. i should point out this is only temporary. the court will hear overall argument about the constitutionality of the ban in the fall. nonetheless the president called this a clear victory for our national security. fox news judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here with more on all of it. judge, good to see you? >> likewise. trish: is it a good victory for the president. >> yes, a big victory for the president. there are problems with what the supreme court did but for the most part lifting injunctions imposed by two trial courts, one in nap police, hon you lulu and appellate courts in richmond and san francisco, for the most part the president has the ability to
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usual statutes for instrumentation of foreign policy for national security is for the president to decide. trish: by the way did we already know that? did it have to get to the level of supreme court? >> some of us have been arguing since january the president has this authority and it is very clear. here is what is unique about this this decision is unanimous. ruth bader ginsberg agreeing with donald trump. how did that come about? i tell you how it came about. there are judiciary carved exemptions to the president's executive order which three conservative justices, justices alito, thomas and gorsuch is bad. the courts shouldn't carve out exemptions to what the president does on foreign policy. those exemptions are, if you come from one of the six countries that the president's ban applies to but you have a relationship, i'm going in quotes like this because the word is undefined with a person or earnty, then the ban doesn't apply to you.
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so if you have a job offer, if you're offered a seat as freshman or grad student at a university, or you have a relative by blood or marriage awaiting your arrival. this ban doesn't apply. but if the government disagrees with you, you may have a trial on this issue. trish: that may alarm people. don't forget the san bernanadino terrorist his wife came here under visa to get married to him. if they had done a little digging this woman was a problem long ago. >> thee conservatives justices that went along anonymity. here is our president, the judges shouldn't interfere with the president's lech executive order on foreign policy. if you have a relationship it is not workable because it will produce thousands of litigations which the government tries to show the person doesn't have a relationship. the person tries to show that they do. but, big picture, for the majority of human beings that donald trump wanted to keep out,
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for exercise of authority that donald trump exercised as he exercised it, it is a significant victory for him. trish: make it a whole lot harder. you can still get here if you have bad intentions and want to say, marry an american and engage in terrorism as the san bernardino terrorist did. it will make it harder. >> this could all change. it will be argued in october. a decision will come down before christmas. then guess what? on basis of that decision there will be all these trials. we don't know how many trials there will be but probably a lot of them. scratchy throat is contagious. trish: i know. i have the same thing. >> it is in the atmosphere. we don't know how many trials there will be because we don't know how precise the christmastime decision based on the october oral argument will be. trish: quickly, do you think justice kennedy will stay on the bench for a while. >> i do. trish: there were rumors he will announce his retirement. >> justice kennedy is a very classy guy.
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he will not spring this on people in the middle of summer. the last court day is this friday. not to drag this out, but that would be a day he would make such announcement. if we don't hear him make that decision by end of the day friday he is sitting there for a year. trish: always a pleasure to have you. president obama trying to reform obamacare will kill thousands. what bernie sanders is saying. calling them, i quote, democrats have become nothing but obstruction its. they have no policies or ideas, all they do is delay and complain. they own obamacare. does he have a point? obamacare is a complete total -- fair to say that right? nobody is happy with obamacare. the insurance companies aren't happy. people paying huge premiums are not happy. yet democrats have no ideas how to fix it. and are a big part of why we're in this situation to begin with.
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we're going to debate all of it next. see you right here. don't go anywhere. [ noises inside can ]
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trish: senate republicans issuing their first revision to the health care bill today. the gop is trying its best here to unify the party after several republican senators spoke out against the bill. that number could be growing. they're saying they will not vote for this thing in its original form. but republicans still face heavy opposition right now from the left as well. in fact, you have got senate minored leader chuck schumer discussing the bill yesterday. see what he had to say. >> i think they have, at best, a 50/50 chance of passing this bill, to get three senators to vote no, you can probably, you can say yes, you can he say no.
2:20 pm
probably 50/50, but the bill is just devastating, and that what's, what's making it so hard for them to pass. >> is he right on the 50/50 thing? joining me syndicated talk show host, buck sexton and a we have erin dell more. good to have you both here. granted there are some things here a lot of traditional conservatives don't like, however, however, the reality they need to do this if they are going to do other things, specifically tax reform and infrastructure bill. so where do you come out on this? are they going to be able to get it done? will they bring the stragglers along? >> i think chuck schumer is right it is about 50/50 at this point. if this is viewed as a step to many more things in the agenda, getting it done quickly going forward makes a lot of sense this is not repeal. people should understand that right off the bat.
2:21 pm
anyone saying this is repeal of obamacare is being dishonest. trish: this is modification. >> modification of the obamacare long, in terms of medicaid incredibly important long-term changes, which the democrats are most opposed to. they're tinge aring with not a penalty but a six-month waiting period. they're saying not individual mandate but certainly feels a lot like they're structuring it so people in the individual market will be penalized some way if they go without insurance. these are modifications as you said. this is not a deep change from obamacare and some basic structure of the law. i think we need to be honest about it. it is not as good as it could be with that. on medicaid it is very good in the long term, changes the way the states do it. trish: i think you're making a fair point. it is reasonable for some conservatives to say it has not gone far you enough. i would argue, one of the biggest problems they had, these republicans had eight years to work on this thing, right.
2:22 pm
>> exactly. trish: they could have come together, i consider it kind of a shame we're here at the 11th hour trying to get something done. it is completely at risk they don't have the votes despite the americans elected republicans to the house, senate and white house. >> exactly. repeal and replace is the promise got so many republican lawmakers into office in the first place, not to mention president trump. now by trying to rush this plan through, they have formed something feels more like obamacare light that is the criticism getting from conserve he tiffs in their own -- conservatives saying this is not good enough and liberals and democrats how do you -- trish: i keep going, maybe you had me attacks. we penalized businesses at obamacare project. repeal it for businesses, repeal
2:23 pm
it for businesses and move forward to get this economy going enough so that more people are employed in good jobs where they are offering health care you will solve a lot of problems but that gets me back to tax reform. buck, i'm worried that is at risk now. >> it is if they can't move forward on this. the entirety of republicans political men tum -- momentum could be as well. mitch mcconnell in short time frame increases pressure on senators or else, the train starts to feel like derailed. that is useful from that perspective. this does repeal taxes by the way. there are a bunch of taxes in the senate version would to away, which makes some people happy particularly on the conservative side of the aisle and does long-term medicaid reform. at the end of the day it is bipartisan agreement that health care will be at some level a redistribution of we from some people to other people. people don't want preexisting conditions.
2:24 pm
trish: i know. now it is preexisting conditions are back in there. keep in mind, erin, what we are asking for in terms of the rand pauls of the world is completely sort of gut this and start over. realistically as a country we have gotten very used to the fact that employers provide health care, that we have this kind of whacky system. is there any chance you could literally throw it all out and start over again or is that completely unrealistic? >> here is the problem, some of the better portions of obamacare, like not denying coverage with preexisting conditions and stay on the parents plan until 26 are so popular. 26, i'm sorry? you're 26 years old, i get it, right. it becomes sort of an entitlement. 26 years old you ought to be out on your own job. >> 35.
2:25 pm
trish: young people not on insurance plans more costly down the line. thank you very much. illinois on track to become the first u.s. state to have its credit rating downgraded to junk. illinois heading straight to the young yard in terms of its debt. we'll talk about all of it. it is bad.
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trish: illinois, the state of illinois is now at risk of becoming the first united states to have its credit rating downgraded to junk. despite the dire warning lawmakers still can not agree on a state budget for the third year in a row. it is so bad, there won't be any money for schools and there is road work that actually will have to get halted by the end of the week if they can't somehow get this together. jeff flock is at chicago at one of 700 road projects will be forced to shut down if this budget disaster continues.
2:29 pm
jeff, looking like what? it will? reporter: tell you, nobody knows at this point. we've been two years without a budget, who is to say. we'll have one anytime soon. sometimes it's a mess in washington. people don't get along, don't talk to each other, they haven't seen anything yet here in illinois. look at numbers, trish. we said the numbers before. they continue to grow actually. look at unpaid bills in this state, because no budget in two years, almost $15 billion unpaid bills, 800,000 in interest alone. the structural deficit in this budget, $7 billion. structural deficit that is stuff, that is not extra spending, that is what is costs because of entitlements. unfunded pensions, don't mention those. that is a quarter of a trillion dollars. here is the bright side. maybe it's a bright side. illinois already has the fourth lowest income tax in the nation, 3.75%. i can tell you right now that is
2:30 pm
probably going up. they also have the second highest property tax and 7th highest sales tax in the nation. if one way doesn't get you, the other will. most people don't want a tax hike to balance the budget, but almost as many do say, you know what? we understand. it is so bad here, you have to cut spending and raise taxes, and that is the own way to do it. what s&p says, here is the quote, if lawmakers fail to reach agreement on the budget with provisions designed to reduce the state's structural deficit, more likely we will lower the rating to what you just said, j-u-n-k. junk status. that means they are not able to invest in illinois bonds anymore. if it goes one level below that, they will be prohibited completely investing in what most people agree is not a very sound investment. i don't know what the answer is, trish.
2:31 pm
i have no idea. stay tuned. trish: people need to remember not only illinois. it is not just illinois. it is worst example. california, cities like san -- san diego, we need to do much better job running budgets. jeff flock, thank you very much. with very a breaking news the president is tweeting about today's supreme court ruling on the controversial ban. this came across. writing, very grateful for the 9-0 decision from the u.s. supreme court. we must keep america safe. again very grateful for the 9-0 decision from the u.s. supreme court, we must keep america safe. we were talking about all of this with judge andrew napolitano you'll recall. a bilge win for the president here. a reminder, we don't know, it was unanimous decision as it was
2:32 pm
an unsigned ruling, however that is what he is saying right there. president trump you calling out president obama over russian interference in the election, tweeting, i quote, the reason that president obama did nothing about russia after being notified by the cia of meddling, is he expected clinton would win and did not want to rock the boat. he didn't choke, he he colluded and obstructed and did democrats and "crooked hillary" no good. is he right? what is about the failure for the obama administration to act? we'll debate it with our political team next.
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trish: take a look at markets today. the dow right now trading higher still. not near highs of the session. nonetheless green on the screen up 40. nasdaq doing really well, trading down a little bit. we have seen some weakness in tech and health care stocks. that is affecting things. airbag maker takata filing for bankruptcy in the u.s. and japan after recalling its airbags over defect that left 16 people dead. the company has recalled 42 million vehicles in the united states. largest recall ever. activist investor dan loeb has taken a $3.5 billion stake in nestle to add pressure on the food giant. lobe wants nestle to boost profits and sell the 23% steak in l'oreal. lobe's investment in nestle, represents 1.25% of the company.
2:37 pm
food delivery service, grubhub may be the next target for amazon. a morgan stanley analyst says amazon's restaurant business is set to grow 54% over next five years, boosted by the recent offer to buy whole foods. amazon's growth will impact grub hub future possibilities, leaving grubhub a possible acquisition target for amazon. wait and see. president trump growing increasingly frustrated with the russian investigation and questioning why the obama white house did nothing about russia meddling in the election when they first heard about it? >> well i just her today for the first time that obama knew about russia a long time before the election and he did nothing about it, but nobody wants to talk about that. in other words, if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it? >> buck sexton, erin elmore are back with me. erin, why didn't he? >> that is a question right now. one question i have, why president trump not only confirmed that the russians
2:38 pm
hacked our election system for the first time -- trish: hacked i'm going to stop you right there. you know that terminology scares me. i talk to people on the left that are smart, sensible people. but maybe aren't huge consumers of news, they think that somehow the diebold voting machines were hacked because people keep saying the election was hacked. you have to be careful with the terminology. >> we should use aggressive terms talking about what russia did, right? the russia investigation is something that trump is saying, oh it is a witch-hunt. this is democratic he ploy to take -- trish: what did russia really do? they had some twitter accounts, buck. we haven't got any proof of what they actually did? >> here is the big problem for the obama administration and for democrats who are running with this narrative ad nauseum. you can't have former president, commander-in-chief with solemn national security responsibility to protect our election, to
2:39 pm
protect this country from a major foreign effort to intrude on the election if in fact that is what it is he is not allowed to put that aside, hillary is ahead in the polls, this will work out in the end. i think anyone looking now what was known based on the reporting we've seen last couple weeks by the obama administration, their actions and also just the general political climate when they were getting ready to do or not do something in response to this, seems quite clear, president obama, while commander-in-chief made a political decision, based upon that his actions or lack thereof were in response to acting on russia. their first responsibility, if he believed russia was trying to throw an election, he needed to come forward and say that, not worry about where hillary was in the polls. trish: he didn't think trump would actually win? if they were trying to throw it, theoretically trying to throw it for donald trump. if he were in hillary's camp he was trying to be political, move
2:40 pm
forward, russia knocked it off? >> she was so far ahead, assumption was anything he did at that point might have backfired. because hillary was so far head, it was clear russian effort as you alluded to was minimal if anything. trish: few websites, twitter accounts. >> why rock the boat. trish: there is bigger question here about why the obama administration waited to take action. that is a valid question. when you talk about expelling 35 diplomats and talk about putting some minor sanctions on russia in december, months after they found out about the august report, yeah we should be having that conversation but we don't know that president obama turned a blind eye here because he thought hillary clinton would win. the best information we have from former dhs secretary jeh johnson, pointing to donald trump saying to voters all across the country, this election is rigged, it is rigged against me. he said that made the obama administration hesitate to come out and say there was meddling by the russians. >> that is important, because that is political decision made by the obama administration.
2:41 pm
that is national security administration. if the russians are engaged in a massive effort to undermine the u.s. election, to destroy the integrity of one of our most important democratic institutions, what it looks like for one candidate or another candidate can not be a relevant part of decision-making process. and it was. trish: talk about how the obama administration is such a politicized machine, that brings me, we're going there, to loretta lynch. and what is going to happen to her because, buck, it seems as though calling something a matter rather than an investigation is very political. >> it was politicization of a criminal investigation with an actual crime unlike the russia collusion investigation where they have not identified a single federal crime they're looking into. i think james comey, actually when he spoke in front of congress alluded to, there is more stuff that will come out here. i think it will be very tough when people look into this for loretta lynch to explain her actions with regard to the
2:42 pm
hillary email. trish: that is why james comey was put in charge. bill clinton got on a plane with loretta lynch. she had to recuse herself from the investigation. that is why we see the chain of command. >> lynch didn't recuse herself that is the problem. trish: some democrats already distancing themselves right now, criticizing the obama administration for not interfering more in terms of russia issue and also they're criticizing loretta lynch for all that she may have done. we'll find out more, as you say in coming days. so good to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you. trish: markets 46 points, we're adding on to the dow. you know what? investors they're feeling okay. they're feeling good. maybe they think this health care thing can get done by 4th of july. we'll see. talk about all of it and latest market news, next.
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trish: white house press secretary sean spicer rapping up
2:46 pm
a briefing with reporters moments ago. once again off-camera briefing, right? fine. there are reporters there. he is talking to them. anyway, another subject. topics included president's tweets on obama. senate health care bill an supreme court ruling but got heated there, when spicer was asked why the cameras were off. blake burman was there. hey, blake. reporter: hi, there, trish, it was setting another packed briefing room, just a little while ago, sean spicer talking to reporters probably about 20, 25 minutes or so. trend we're seeing a the white house, off-camara for audio used at later point. not being on cam camera. asked a couple different times, reporters, basically ask why can't these things be on camera. what is the reason for all of us here with the cameras and lights on but not focused and pointed at you?
2:47 pm
there was a pretty heated exchange back and forth with cnn's jim acosta, trying to get that answer out of sean spicer, the white house press secretary sean spicer. here was the exchange inside the james brady press briefing room just a little while ago here at the white house. >> tell us why you turned the cameras off? why are they off, sean. >> that is legitimate question. >> that is legitimate question. >> you're a taxpayer-funded spokesman for united states government. give us a explanation why the cameras off? >> get this out of the way? can we address the cameras issue. >> yeah, some days we will have them. some day they won't. president will speak in the rose garden. i want the president's voice to carry the day. reporter: it was a bit awkward, jim acosta trying to get the answer of question, sean spicer calling on another reporter. going back and forth over each other. the reporter hey look, let's talk about this now. he asked the question, and thus the answer from sean spicer some
2:48 pm
days we do it on camera. others days not. they have been very consistent from the beginning, days which the president speaks, we'll hear from the president trump in the rose garden a little while, they don't like to put other administration officials on camera. they want the president to carry the day which we heard from sean spicer. it's a trend drawn consternation from many, these briefings are tending to be now off-camara, not on camera. trish: reality, i jump in here, blake. we're all reporters, whether we get a quote on camera or get it off-camara, it is still, in its essence news. granted yes, us in the tv business we like to have something to show, we like to show the particular person being interviewed but i would once again emphasize that we're all journalists, it is actual content that is relevant for everyday americans. this is message we need to take, actual words. sometimes you can't see it.
2:49 pm
but as long as we are reporting it, we are doing our jobs, blake. >> a lot goes back to trish, how do you get your content in 2017? do you watch on tv? get text message from friends, twitter, facebook, whatever? obviously those of us who work here at the white house would like to get the stuff on camera. trish: we're in the television business. reporter: we're in the television business. you get administration, get them on camera. look, he is on record. his answers are written. they are transcribed. in the papers tomorrow. they're on twitter and on our air. everybody is talking about it. the one thing a lot of folks here would like to see, hey, we have cameras in there. we're sitting here. we're all talking. trish: i interviewed many, many people. at times, carl icahn is great example, never wants to come on camera. never wants to come on camera. joins me on the phone. give you a quote. a lot of those are very news-making events. doesn't always have to be on camera. perhaps some in the white house
2:50 pm
press corps need to get their minds reacclimated to that. it is tough. we're in tv. news is news, i don't care how it is delivered. blake, thank you so much. reporter: thank you. trish: market is up 42 points, shrugging off gridlock in terms of health care front, senators dissecting on this one. dow is trading higher. investors focus on rising oil prices. nicole petallides at floor of nyse with more. hey, nicole? reporter: trish, we focused on the oil prices. earlier in the morning market took cues. we started off in the green. oil began to sell off, name boeing hit all-time high, american express a high for several months, art cashin at ubs says has crude drops below 42.90 buyers paused of the as it
2:51 pm
dropped below 42.80, bids evaporated. when it came above 42 bucks it came back to the upside. facebook is a winner. that has come back to levels after the tech wreck. trish: nicole, good stuff. we'll take a quick break. a whole lot more on other side of this break. see you there. you always pay
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trish: former bro, martin shkreli is facing charges he allegedly defrauded investors at two hedge funds. he is infamously known for raising prices on an hiv drug by 5000%. i want to go to cheryl casone at the courthouse with latest. hey, cheryl. hey, cheryl? we'll come back to cheryl. anyway, he is the at courthouse today.
2:55 pm
and, he is created quite, quite a commotion with a lot of people very angry at him as a result of increasing drug prices and there is a sense that this is in part what is wrong with health care. that you have these companies out there just struggling to get all these profits, and consequently consumers are really left in a lurch. ppy pen was another one with a lot of concern with mylan. let's go back to cheryl casone. we have her now. reporter: sorry, trish, we didn't hear you earlier. yeah we're outside of the federal courtroom here in brooklyn, new york. just to be clear here, martin shkreli, farmer bro, as he is known, is charged with eight counts of securities fraud, conspiracy, wire fraud. he walked into the room, didn't talk to anybody, didn't make any comments that is the thing about martin shkreli, you know what he will do. jury selection going very slow
2:56 pm
right now. all of this as you likely reported was m sb capital and msnb health care, that he ran as health care funds. he is accused of a billion dollar ponzi scheme and could face 20 years in prison. slow-going at the courthouse here in brook len, new york. sending it being back to you. trish: cheryl casone everyone. we'll be right back after this.
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3:00 pm
in the meantime the conversation doesn't end here. i love hearing from you on twitter and facebook. let me know what you thought of today's show. and from there, we'll go to liz. up 44 points as we head into the final hour of trading right now. hey, liz. liz: what's interesting is we had been up 111. so what's the market doing? waiting for the next shoe to drop. it's a split decision on wall street as the markets prepare for the next moving headline that could happen in the final hour of trade. dow and s&p are in positive territory while the nasdaq sits in the red by 10 points. but, again, dow is up 44, s&p up 4. in the next 59 minutes, folks, several events have the push to gyrate the markets. they could break. number one, eminent. the release of the congressional budget office gop bill. the guidance we have gotten from capitol hill in the last hour is that the cbo score could be released some time after 3:00 p.m. eastern.


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