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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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policy outcome, i have argued for a long time i believe that g.o.p. republicans should have approached reform on a piece by piece basis. charles: that horse as left the barn, thank you very much. at home thank you. here is lou. lou: good evening. president trump today not only won a critically important decision by the supreme court upholding his constitutional court to act on national security threats with considerable sweep. the high court also delivered a utha unanimous decision, upholding all of his travel ban, he has constitutional power to ban visitors from 6, mostly muslim countries, with a narrow exception that visitors with long established ties to someone in united states, may still enter the country.
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president trump praising the justices' decision. it represents a clear victory for our national security. this was a strong rebuke of district court justice who intervened. fox news correspondent doug mcelway with the report. reporter: high court ruling on travel ban, written as a whole with no break down. is a stinging blow to lower court rulings, 90 day ban on travel from syria, sudan, yemen, iran, libya and somalia will now temporarily go into effect. while the law agrees to listen to larger issues. >> this case will be argued again on merit pulling first week of october. you get a decision in maybe december or january. but whatever they say, i expect will closely model what they said here.
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reporter: ruling exempts foreign nationals who are college students, workers recruited by u.s. firms or those with blood relatives, it will take affect in 72 hours to avoid chaos associated wa the original ban. high court decision was greeted with stark partisanship. senate judiciary chairman charles grassley, wrote, this reaffirms congress and president's constitutional authority over our nation's lawful immigration sim. >> nancy pelosi said, the discrimination is unjust and dangerous. >> also a big victory for religious liberty. church applied for a state plant to resurface the gravel play ground surface. it was denied on the ground it was a religious unstution. the courtsided with the church
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. >> onish of issue of gay right, justices struck down an arkansas law that blocked use of same sex parents names on a birth certificate, but court agrees to decide this fall whether a colorado baker has a right to refuse to bake a cake for a same sex couple, a violation he said, of his christian beliefs. >> this is the issue i suspect we'll see court returning to in years ahead. >> more on rumored retirement of supreme court justice kennedy, it appears not to be so, over week he attended a reunion with former law clerks and made no mention of the retirement. and he already picked his law kirks fo clerks for the next term.
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back to you. lou: thank you. >> fake news in coverage of the supreme court as well. congressional budget office today released scoring of senate healthcare bill, among the findings that favor senate approach over that of house of representatives, senate legislation would raise number of people without while insurance by 22 million over next decade, slightly lower than 23 million who would be uninsured under the house plan. congressional budget office projecting this bill would cut federal deficit by 321 billion over a decade compared to 119 billion for house version. and shows premiums would be 30% lower by 2020 in the senate version. than under obamacare. >> joining us now to discuss this state of the senate healthcare bill, the supreme court vindication of the president's travel ban executive order and his constitutional authority over
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national security. ed rollins, who served in their presidential administrations. the dean himself. and pulitzer prize winning columnist for new york post, michael goodwin. let's start with you, michael. this was -- we heard a drum beat from the national left wing media for months now. that the president's travel ban had been crushed under the weight of the district court judges. and half dozen states. particularly the two that moved to the appellate court. now we get one day of president was right all along. what are we doing to do? >> the best thing that i heard today, someone suggested that all appellate courts and district courts they ruled against the president trump. and supreme court today ruled in favor of the president. and i think that was bigges
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big it was very much anti-trump ruling on west coast cases, this was pure politics from the bench, today we saw. lou: i think that construction -- >> it is not okay. >> i think they were an affront to the idea of an impartial judiciary. >> and the supreme court set them straight today, in short-term, presumably long-term it will be law of the land, and set precedent those courts must now follow in future cases, this is a smashing victory for power of the presidency to keep the country safe. lou: one would thing there would be no equivocation. but we found it in district court judges. >> 874 district judges, anyone one of whom thought they were above the president until today, i think parts of the language of debate today was telling them, reminding them read the constitution.
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and president has certain roles. lou: don't you wish their a penalty box? >> local judges have the bottom line each cycle, you see more and more judges taking on things they can't, they delay. we had months without the ban in place, it was put in liberty, that obama wanted same thing premises. -- lou: stop gap measures in place. >> you know for a certain period of time, we have not had the safety or border. lou: can you imagine, god forbid, had there been an event. this would have i think would have torn the very fabric of the american constitutional system. it is also a great day for the scoring of the senate version of the republican healthcare legislation. at least from senate, what do you make of that michael? >> i believe that we're seeing now a succession of things
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with momentum is changing in favor of president. house races last week, fact that they are res are -- now investigating loretta lynch and her role, in the controversy, these strengthen his hand and help to bring republican senators and house member along. now the president looks like the winning horse. you don't want to buck the winning horse. lou: that is one way to put it the other circumstance -- my lord, who the hell do these people think they are? they have been working against the elected president of the united states the dims and the deep state have been working to is up vert this president -- subvert this president, you have mere senators talking about their understanding of what healthcare legislation should look like that is superior to of that their colleagues and senate and that will will the republicans and
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house, but without any real specificity about what would work for the american people and for the senate politically. >> i don't want to set you off. lou: that is all right. >> i know i will. lou: you mentioned names. >> no, you say a meye mere senator, each senator thinks they are the most important. lou: that is why i used mere. are you correcting my mere or mayor? >> mere. right now each 7 to senator is important year on a tough selling point. the votes are not there today, they are not there in the hill. we have to get them, this is as grassley said, this is it. if it does not get passed that week or next when in a come back from july recess, there is nothing to be socialize -- lou: let me say this.
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i am going say to the way we said it always in texas -- they are mere damn senators it is about time they understand how this country works. >> be grateful there are only two from each state. lou: i love the way that the system is constructed. it is the personality that sometimes we allow in. >> we need that. lou: we need are some senators talking about -- medicaid extension. start with adam schiff, i would love to hear the democratic ranking member of house intel committee. i know our audience would love it, you are about to not believe your ears. >> that does give me a queasy feeling, there may be a perfectly accurate explanation by loretta lynch about why she thought matter was appropriate
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term rather than investigation. i would not assume james comey's character is the last word on it, even though i'm sure it is accurate, i would like to hearer loretta lynch's explanation for that is. lou: so would a lot of other senators. we're talking about an investigation of loretta lynch, james comey, hillary clinton and the dems are buying into it. >> yeah. i think it's time. -- lou: hell yes it's time. >> we begin to find out the other side of the story, that and obama administration doing nothing about russia for fear it would upset the election. lou: and the dem cats arcrats -- democrats are finally acknowledging they should talk about the passive tie. >> many people call this russian act of war, dick cheney i think among others.
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and obama did nothing. >> most fundamental thing is person who will chair this committee chuck grassley is as tough, as, he has been there 30 years, he has tough as anyone in u.s. senate, i promise you, if he goes after this bone he will get the dog and the bone, i don't know. i am very pleased it is moving forward. lou: and moving forward it is against all odds, ed rollin, michael goodwin. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back with a lot more, quite a day in washington, stay with us. >> president trump said he remains confident that senate will pass healthcare reform. >> we don't have too much of a choice because the alternative is the dead carcass of obamacare. lou: we take up the dems dangerous strategy of obstruction. >> and supreme court slapping down fourth and 9th circuits enforcing all of president
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trump's travel ban. judge andrew napolitano calls this a substand shall political victory for president trump, he is joining me here next, stay with us.
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releasing a statement that says in part -- >> our next guest has been arguing since january that the president clearly has the constitutional authority to call for that travel ban. he said today's high court ruling is a political victory for president trump and joining us, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. great to have you hire. >> thank you. lou: 9-0. >> we were saying in the break, if i told you two week ago rut begins. >> you would have said have you not taken your meds. but i believe that the chief justice, mas master
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compromiser crafted this compromise. lou: i still have not forgiven him as a obamacare decision. >> to get 9 to agree on essentials of the following travel ban stays in place while it being litigated. lower courts' interference, they are removed. lou: that struck me. you know just back of the hand that court gave those district court judges, without you know, saying a word, write a word. they made short work. >> i don't want to burst the balloon -- lou: give me. >> just is a preliminary ruling, we'll get all argument ino, probably a ruling before christmas on nature and extent of president's authority to do this. but i think you can read between the lines on which way that final ruling will go.
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another problem, i have the court -- lou: my bubble is in tact. >> in tact. but the court by creating these exceptions, if you are an immigrant or potential immigrant, and have a relationship, i am going to quotes, with a person or a entity here, then the ban does not apply to you. >> what in the world did they mean by that. >> whatever they meant, it was necessary to bring justice ginsberg and the other justices probably disinclined to do along with this. lou: chief justice roberts was herding them in. >> relationship is nebulous in justice tom' partial decent, i said you are causing thousands of litigations of federal court trials about what a relationship is, and who has one. justice gorsuch who is the court to carve a hole in an executive order written by the
7:20 pm
president on foreign policy on immigration? which we've ruled iti economy exclusively his to determine. lou: gorsuch living up to what all assumed conservatives. >> the line you ran on the screen about second amendment was a terrific distillin ation. lou: and justice thomas, living up to his legacy, defender of conservative. >> i know, you don't want to hear he went to princeton, justice alito was with them also. lou: i wouldn't want one to move an inch from where they are. >> and president crowing, he deserves the right to crow. >> you said crowing? i thought it was a faint crow, i think he deserves more after listening to idiots in left wing media for months now talk
7:21 pm
about the ban on -- you know husband. >> yeah. we'll see what happens in october. i expect a similar out cam. lou: making america great again, taking on solidity. >> is that a republican tie you are wearing. lou: it's a. >> some would say a very republican tie. judge napolitano thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: vote in our poll tonight. should president trump let obamacare crash and burn if the senate fails this time to pass the healt health care bill? cast your vote. follow me on twitter, follow he on ini insta gram. volume on big board, a mere 3.2 billion shares, technology stock worst performing sector
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of the day, offset by surging financial stocks, 10 year treasury yields closing at lowest level since november of 2016. i am sure that fed is not worried about their decision to raise interest rates. japanese airbag manufacturer takata filed for bankruptcy today agreeing to be bought $1.6 by billion by chinese owned key safety system. >> and listen to my reports 3 times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, president trump blasting his predecessor for not doing more to stop the russian intervention in presidential election of 2016. >> i just heard today for the first time that obama knew about russia's long time before the election. he did nothing about it. >> he did notion about it, and dems, their sad effort to delegitimize president trump and his administration, the
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lou: a few thoughts on the imploding strategy of the dems to attack and attack against president trump and work to obstruct his policies. as dim ms spew baseless accusations, so-called collusion between trump and russia, a year of investigate, committee hearings producing nothing. not a scintilla of evidence or any kind of collusion or whatever it is they think they have been doing. mr. trump today blasted barack obama in regard to russian interference in our elections. for the first time acknowledging that interference and the connection with a president. this time president obama. the real story president trump
7:28 pm
said is that president obama did nothing. after being informed in august about russian meddling. with four months looking at russia, under a magnifying glass they have zero tapes of trump people colludes. there is no collusion and no obstruction, i should be given an apology, the president is not over stating the case, he deserves far more than an apology, this has been an attempt on the part of the left to subvert his very presidency, and mr. obama decides last september note to take any formal retaliation against russia before the election according to reports of work was war washington post. even. >> i think that administration need to call out russia earlier, and needed to act to
7:29 pm
deter and punish russia earlier, that was a serious mistake. lou: now, fusion gps, the firm chose cofounder of a clinton donor, responsible for creating false russia dossier on president trump. senate intelligence committee wants to know more about a new set of connection, the russian connection to the democratic party, fbi refuting to confirm whether they have documents showing a relationship with the firm fusion. it is now president obama's top law enforce am officer, attorney general loretta lynch, who could be facing felony charges. loretta lynch investigated for providing clinton coff and e-mail scandal instructing ousted fbi director james como describe the probe as a mater
7:30 pm
a -- matter not an investigation, that would be a lie, dems have based their case trying to tie trump to russia on a lie, then supporting that lie with more lies than the dems web of lies about so-called russian collusion with the trudge troubltrump administration being ripped to pieces before our eyes, not even most corrupt and committed dems can any longer pr pretend there has been a sled of truth in that we web. and it is clear tonight that the dem's devoid of integrity are only now beginning to pay it was their deceit and "duplicity." >> they know so much, that is not so. we're learning so much that is so very true about them. we're coming right back, stay
7:31 pm
with us. >> some call it the greece of the midwest, illinois, illinois' debt crisis is so dire, it could be first state to have credit rating downgraded to junk status, we will have a live report for you from jeff flock in chicago. >> this dirt biker kicking it up a notch with his freestyle motorcycle ride, we'll have it in electrifying video next, stay with us, we're coming right back. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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lou: it's a fiscal crisis you would expect to see in a banana republic, not in a state. pill my lawmakers have less than a week to find a solution before serious consequences begin. fox business correspondent jeff flock live in chicago with the latest for us. reporter: i'm at a road construction site, one of 700 in the state. if we don't get that budget by the end of the week, these construction sites will be shut down because the state doesn't have enough money to pay them. the credit rating could go to junk status. the credit rating on the state is so low, the illinois credit
7:36 pm
rating is the state is too risky an investment even for itself. who is invested in illinois? i don't know. if you are like me, you may have some money in a 401-k invested by fidelity. fidelity is the largest holder of illinois bonds. vanguard has $1.44 billion invested in illinois. nuvee nerks and dodge and cox, they would be on the hook if things don't go well. the state's credit rating and bond prices have suffered and may present an opportunity for a bold investor. illinois bonds yielding 5.8%. the only problem is, here is
7:37 pm
what the state is facing. unpaid bills of nearly $15 billion, structural defend city in the $7 billion and unfunded fence liabilities of a quarter trillion dollars. i don't know if i would want to be invested that way or not. check that 401k. lou: what you are saying here when it comes to the state of illinois is that their necessity to raise money to pay those public employee pensions could overwhelm their ability to hire people for public employed jobs. >> and the state supreme court said you can't diminish those pensions and the u.s. constitution says you can't go bankrupt. that's hi-def anything of been a rock and hard place.
7:38 pm
i don't know what you do. lou: jeff flock, thanks so much. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should president trump allow obamacare to crash and burn if the senate fails to pass the healthcare legislation? roll the video. one stunt man going airborne. watch as he revs his motorbike engine. you can tell it's dangerous when you have to use a chute to get down. when asked how it felt to complete his crazy stunt, the daredevil said it was like a fun, living nightmare. that's what i call mixed emotions about an extraordinary stunt. >> the cia gave him information on russia a long time before
7:39 pm
they even before the election. if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it? he should have done something about it. lou: president trump putting the white hot light of hits twitter feed on obama. a story so egregious even the national left-wing media could no longer ignore it.
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lou: both political parties are disgusted over attorney general loretta lynch's too comfortable relationship with the clintons. congressman adam schiff saying he's queazy over how politicized the investigation of hillary's
7:44 pm
emails an may want her to come talk about it on the hill under oath. here to talk about what is a rapidly expanding bipartisan nausea and the hyper partisan investigation into the supposed hack of the election, rnc national committeeman and former chairman of the republican lawyers association, glad to have you here. adam schiff had a bellyful of the clintons and loretta lynch and part of the obama administration. did you ever think you would see the day? >> i did. i think there is a point when the indefensible is indefensible. literally when you have the attorney general say you can't call it an investigation, it's a matter. and by the way, i'm not going answer any questions. and by the way, i'm going to meet the husband of the person
7:45 pm
being investigated on the tarmac. lou: now for there to be any excuse for the obama administration not to have reacted to the intervention of russia into the elections. this is extraordinary to see president trump have to be the one to come out and say he knew about it? >> it makes me wonder what was the obama-clinton relationship at the end of the day. i always suspected the reason she had a server is because she didn't trust president trump. if he knew there was collusion going on and he thought the victim of that collusion was hillary clinton and he decided not to interest creeped -- lou: that d not to intercede.
7:46 pm
that's more than i would expect from a high power torch your caliber. let's keep this simple. you have an f.b.i. director who refused to investigate her. so you have to rationalize a lot of relationships. you have bob mueller who was chosen to be the special counsel who has on its face all sorts of conflicts with the special counsel scott teut and the conflicts of interest that he has to be in the obama administration store james comey. now you have a clear-cut straightforward issue. that is a president who refuses to defend the country and go after the russians when he himself knew they were intervening in the election. let's talk about that expression. that means hack the dnc servers
7:47 pm
and refuse, refuse to insist that his f.b.i. and homeland security department see those servers and investigate that intervention. are you kidding me? why isn't somebody in jail right now? >> i throw the question back to you. why didn't barack obama if he thought the democratic national committee and hillary clinton was the target of a russian collusion did he not take action to stop it? lou: that's the question i asked you. >> i offered an answer to it. i offered an alternative reality with this. i'm not so sure that president obama cared that much about whether hillary clinton won or not. lou: i don't give a damn whether he cared or not, it's his responsible as president of the united states.
7:48 pm
>> he should answer for that. he should answer for why it was he did not intercede to protect the integrity of the elections in the united states. i hope some senate intel committee calls him in to answer those questions. lou: i'm thinking it's likely to be the judiciary committee but we'll see. one other other i'll be perfectly suited with the result. let's turn to the idea that this president, obama, was pushing the collusion lie and was the incipient plant for it while he is the one who excluded with the russians because he chose not to go after them for their intervention. and since you like to do this, let's add a layer to it. because he's the one who said in advance of the 2012 election, to
7:49 pm
medvedev, tel tell vladmir i cae more cozy after the election. >> he decides to cozy up but not investigate it. i think at the end of the day, someone has to call him in to answer the questions. you know who i would like to see? congressman trey gowdy asking those questions. lou: you added another name to the list i have no objection to anyone on it. lou: will he get an apology from the democrats? >> absolutely not. they will continue to chase rabbits. they are not interested in making the country great again.
7:50 pm
they are interested in finding something to complain about. lou: i have a sneaking suspicion at this rate the democrats aren't going to have much to you have a come 2018. is the supreme court clearing the way for the president's travel ban? it turns out there is a constitution that's in effect and it does apply to president trump. i don't think the dems understood that. but apparently they are getting the idea now. e pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing,
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lou: in our online poll we asked do you think there is enough evidence to show former attorney general loretta lynch obstructed justice and gave hillary clinton cover? only 96% of you say yes there is. eboni, let's start with the blockbuster with the supreme court. i want you to weigh in on this one. this has been hanging over the head this president from almost the moment he walked into the white house. >> going back to one of the premiere banner things the
7:55 pm
president campaigned on is the issue of immigration. this is connected to that and this will be positive for the president and his base. legally speak, constitutionally speaking the benchmark for the broadness of the president's authority on this issue is not have much in question. lou: except by a few district court judges and the 4th and 9th district coast appeals. >> it proves we should have more eboni williams' on these courts. obviously it's a huge victory for the president politically and legally. even more than anything else, it's such a stunning rebuke of those very courts you just mentioned. you had an absolute unanimous decision by the supreme court. if there are renaming
7:56 pm
differences we don't know because there is a lot unsaid by the court. but the unanimous decision was the president does have the right to determine who comes into this country and who doesn't come into this country, and whatever he says on the campaign trail is not legally binding. that's a pretty stunning rebuke. lou: i candidate randy evans this question, does president trump get the apology from the dems? i think that's a legitimate question. there is -- it's unquestionable he's owed one. but when you start with that one, you realize there are two or three more and then a few more. let's tart with first the nonsense from the dem judiciary in which necessity blocked the travel ban. now we found out president trump refused to react to the russian's intervention against
7:57 pm
the dnc itself. the apologies are -- that's a huge, huge bank of debt they owe the president. >> they are not going to come, lou. i hate to be the bearier of bad news. this movement to resistance of president trump is very serious. i think it will cost the dems greatly. lou: they will lose more in the house and senate. >> i think when it comes to obama and his not moving forward about the russian interference he will stand strong in the fact he did that to protect hillary clinton. lou: his job is to protect the american people. >> i agree, particularly as someone who voted for him. lou: i'll make a most that. >> i know. when it comes to the travel ban, they are not going to apologize.
7:58 pm
lou: it's outrageous, their conduct. >> the president didn't help himself by his rhetoric on the campaign trail. but he doesn't need that. what we need is the courts being apolitical and putting the constitution first. lou: is it time to hold president obama accountable for the farce that was his administration? >> many of us have been trying to do that for years and the media absolutely ignores it. but i agree with eboni, we'll never see an apology out of any of these people. but i do think it's possible we start to see a slight change in behavior. i think the democrats will start realizing this stuff is hurting them. they have gone overboard with the russia stuff.
7:59 pm
lou: adam schiff calling for an investigation of loretta lynch. this is big stuff when dianne feinstein and the two senior democrats are calling for an investigation of hillary. >> adam schiff and dianne feinstein are the leaders of the democratic party. they are not going to be the voice of of anything that will be compelling to voters. lou: they have nothing to say but guilty. the democratic forward used to say forward. >> it's stunning that we are talking about an investigation into loretta lynch. but it's a long time coming. it should have happened before we found out the latest round of scandalous things. lou: thank you for being with us.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. congressman jim jordan, general jack keane. pastor robert jeffress joins us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight a new poll on healthcare shows how many people believe the government should insure coverage. a big decision on president trump's travel ban. judge nap explains the court's decision. hear what the tsa might search the next time you go to the airport. grab your ticket, time to fly. two democratic titans of failure have stirred. hillary clinton and barack obama should have visions of sugar plums and legacies dancing in their


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