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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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potential bargains are. that is what we usually do. liz: sorry for abbreviated session, gentlemen. larry kaoski, barry habib. nasdaq down 97 points. president meets with gop senators and david and melissa. melissa: stocks dropping, word came out there will be no senate health care vote before july 4th. s&p and nasdaq also falling into the close. oh, i'm melissa francis. david: look at nasdaq. down over1 1/2%. david asman. glad you join us. this is after the bell. voice by hour for you. it is happening right now, all 52 republican senators have been summoned to the white house, meeting with the president, how to pass the republican health care plan. now the vote has been put off two weeks. they just don't have the votes. it is that simple.
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we have our eyes trained on the white house. we'll bring you in i statements coming from this critical meeting happening now. as soon as senators step up to the mic. what this means for repeal and replacement of obamacare, other ramifications of this delay, including how it affects your money. >> absolutely. markets moving big on the news. dow logging triple digit swing today. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. markets reacting strongly on delay of senate health care vote. what are traders telling you, who is getting hit the hardest? >> technology group, melissa and dave, got hit hardest. on june 9th, beginning of
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tech wreck, two day selloff. this is biggest selloff since that, not quite as much but seeing that selloff. you saw the s&p 500 snap back the two-day streak. technology, utilities, telecom were the weakest. traders watching the selloff. here are biggest tech tanks we're calling them. netflix is down 4%. nvidia and t.j. technology, down over -- seagate technology down 6 1/2%. checking on pharmaceuticals. how did those fair. health care postponed. by owe again would be indication of this group down about 3%. so certainly some selling. we had google to deal with. $2.7 billion fine. that dealt with tech. that was a record fine from the eu, antitrust concerns. big picture, selloff today. back to you.
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melissa: nicole, thank you. david: here is a little good news if you have oil. taking a quick look at oil, ending up nearly 2%. this is the biggest jump since mid-may. crude is now closed higher for the fourth straight day. this is the longest winning streak more than a month. melissa: delaying the vote, senate republicans pushing back the health care vote until after the july 4th recess. as gop senators meeting with president trump right now to discuss the bill. fox news's peter doocy is live on capitol hill with the latest. now what, peter. reporter: melissa, now what happens these senators who apparently want to replace obamacare with something but don't want to rush to do it, are going to hear out president trump. he sent his top deputies, reince priebus, sean spicer, here to the capitol today to try to talk these senators into voting this week. but they just could not make the case. they scheduled at last minute white house sit-down for everybody.
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we watched a big bust, -- us, that capitol police took a bunch of senator as way. this lunch in the capital where the decision was made to push the vote off. here is how montana steve daines explained to us what happened there. what he want to happen now. >> i'm not so sure the president will say to the senators and senators say to the president, but one another make sure we have good policy going forward. we all campaigned, we'll repeal obamacare and replace. we want to replace it with something that will lower premiums, protect those with preexisting conditions, that they have accessible, affordable health care, to save medicaid for future generations. reporter: one of the senators in the republican party, who was least committal to anything about that bill was maine senator susan collins and we saw her heading for the bus as well.
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which goes to show that these republicans, even the ones that don't like what the leadership was trying to sell to them, trying to make them vote on, are down there to see how the president could possibly change the game. here is how collins broke it down for us. >> the president wants to have a meeting with me. i'm certainly willing to go, listen to what he has to say. i would say that i have so many fundamental problems with the bill, that have been confirmed by the cbo report that it's difficult for me to see how any tinkering is going to satisfy my fundamental and deep concerns about the impact of the bill. reporter: for the last couple days, president trump was calling every republican senator he could. to make sure they were either on board or their vote was minimal. but it didn't work on the phone. now he has a chance to do it in
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person. we expect senators back here within hour 15 minutes or so. unless there is major development. we're not far off what happens next. >> makes me nuts confirmed by cbo because their math is so horrible at cbo. they don't confirm anything properly. anyway, peter, i digress. thank you. david will straighten it out. take it away. david: you make a great point. they don't take into account market has reactions. melissa: it is static, static analysis. they look at numbers. melissa: always get it wrong. their track horrendous. david: who gets it right? gary kaltbaum, james freeman, "wall street journal" editorial page, both fox news contributors. gary, critics on the left like susan collins say we're not spending enough government taxpayer money. melissa: oh.
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david: people on the right like rand paul saying you're spending too much, you're subsidizing insurance companies. how is there middle ground to be found here? >> let's take each side. rand paul, i think he has to realize this is the only game in town. it will not get better. this is pretty good day at the office if you want a freer health care market. talking about $700 billion in spending cut, excuse me in a tax cut. trillion dollars of spending cuts, and reform where individual states get to decide how they want insurance to be regulated. david: what about the other side? what about susan collins? >> what happened, they accepted the obama premise that the measurement of health care is how many people you can stuff into a government insurance problem, program. that is not the measure of a healthy society. look at medicaid. why do they want everybody on medicaid? it doesn't work. it is expensive around ends up
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no better for patients. david: let me get gary in here. gary, all the beltway creatures like ama hate the bill. i figure if they don't like it, if the beltway lobbyists don't like the bill, there must be something good about it. >> you make an excellent point because we have watched for last 20 years a massive increase in debt and deficits because of things like medicaid that started out as something to help with indigent. it kept growing and growing and growing. obama took it to the umteenth power, with major tax hikes. all they want to do is roll back tax hikes and stop it. just plain ol' stop it. why? if we continue this trajectory, it will blow up in the end anyhow. melissa: google getting fined. the european union slapping google with record $2.7 billion fine for catering to its own shopping services within its search results.
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many companies like yelp, oracle , news corp. are applauding eu action. what is your take on this one? >> you notice google is not screaming and yelling. they do it, make billions of dollars because of it. they expect ad big fine, they didn't expect this. they will yell and scream, and a settlement they hopefully will do things right going forward. i was asked if it affected tech market. i think it after affected google. i don't think it had anything to do with the other things going on. melissa: james, what do you think? >> european regulators have long-term habit going against american high-tech companies. they see it as form of protectionism. i don't think anyone is forced to use google. david: meanwhile, question we have higher corporate, not higher from where it is, from where the president suggested it should be. senate finance committee
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chairman orrin hatch says president trump might be backing off his goal of a 15% rate as republicans negotiate tax reform. take a listen. >> corporate tax rates are not going to change the balance of the budget. but certainly can help. yeah, would be wonderful if we get them down to 15%. now i think the president probably come off a bit of that particular figure recently but i would like to fet them down, if get them down to 25% or 20% i think this country would turn around overnight. david: gary, 25% doesn't sound competitive. i think of canadians up north, theirs is 15%. ireland, where some u.s. companies have gone, 12 1/2%. 25% there is no competitive advantage for us. >> we are competing with every other country around the globe. it behooves to get as close as low as possible as we can get. amazing to me they're he thinking about it. i have to tell you, if i had
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every dime how many times we heard change on numbers on taxes, as far as individual, as far as corporate, i would be a sill nair right now -- zillionaire. i hope they think low, low, low. david: james, 25% is less than 35% which we now have, but again you have to look at it globally. there are a lot of countries that we're competing with, that have corporate rate much lower than 25%. >> yeah if we're at 25 at federal. ad five for what states take out of it. rest of the world is 20. europe is 19, 20. asians at 20, 21. it is not a game-changer. if senator hatch is talking about ending some deductions to get the rate to that level so that they can keep collecting just as much tax revenue, i would say don't bother. david: go for the gusto. 15%. james, gary, good to see you
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both. melissa: all republican senators mooting with the president after announcing the health care vote will not come this week as planned of the we will bring you any comments live from the white house as senators take to the mic. david: happening today, another massive cyberattack hitting europe. athlete one major american company. department of homeland security now on high alert. the latest on a very new and real threat. melissa: bernie sanders and his wife lawyering up, hiring top attorneys to battle accusations of bank fraud. judge andrew napolitano weighs in after the break. >> cbs reporting on this, "politico" on this, you still believe it is politically motivated, sir? ♪ art. it can be sculpted, bringing to life beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes.
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>> at one point attorney general directed me not to call it investigation. but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me. gave impression that the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way political campaign was describing the same activity. david: confused and bothered a lot of people. comey testifying under oath about former attorney general loretta lynch's political spin on fbi investigation of hillary clinton during her campaign last summer. suggestions that other evidence may exist, that could provide evidence of obstruction of justice. judge andrew, napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. judge, it is interesting how everything turned around. initially this investigation was to focus on trump and his firing of comey and his investigation. now it is going back to the obama administration. >> jim comey provided enough evidence i think commence an investigation of mrs. lynch. but not by bob mueller.
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i don't think this has any connection to us. david: special counsel. >> correct. this should be done by main justice. jeff sessions, could be difficult for him to do it. ask the fbi to investigate the predecessor, should direct fbi to direct investigation of her, to see whether she committed obstruction of justice or misconduct in office. the use of justice department for improper purpose. david: mention that comey, re-emphasize he is under oath when he said he had conversation with lynch. we have to take him at his word. otherwise he committed perjury. i don't think he did. there are new suggestions there may be evidence, an email between loretta lynch and somebody in the hillary clinton or the obama administration about how to change the verbiage of this. in fact, chuck grassley sent a letter to loretta lynch, during your time in the justice department, did you ever have communications with representative wasserman schultz
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her staff, associates or any former dnc officials about clinton email. >> how has she answered the question? she hasn't answered. there is institutional reluctance to prosecute the former attorney general because the present attorney general doesn't want to be prosecuted by his successor. jim comey raised enough eyebrows and presented enough evidence to justify an investigation here. if such an email exists, and if it shows, i will use present trump's least favorite word, collusion between the dnc and doj, you have a very, very serious issue. david: move on. very quick on this last issue. bob mueller's investigation, you mentioned it, it is ongoing. do you think it is fair and objective? do you think it has capability? some people say all the staff he hired are hillary people? >> i think it is fair. i don't think there is a problem that his principle witness is his friend.
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prosecutors are often friendly with the cops and fbi agent who do their investigations and testify for them. david: moving on to legal troubles involving wife of bernie sanders, fbi reportedly looking into whether jane sanders falsified loan documents serving as burlington college president. is bernie at risk here? >> other than thinks wife is in trouble legally, no evidence to tie bernie to this. she is president of the college. the catholic school is out of business. the estate of catholic school, offers her a huge piece of land to buy. she doesn't have money. she goes to the bank to borrow money to buy the land. pledges as security, anticipated donations to the colleges. the anticipated donations don't come in. did the donors change their mind or were they never really donors in the first place? that is fbi said. david: even though avoiding questions he is not personally at risk? >> has nothing to do with him.
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but she needs a good criminal defense lawyer. david: judge andrew napolitano, you're busy. won't be available, correct? >> yes, david. david: thank you very much. melissa. melissa: president trump meeting with all senate republicans at white house. speaking moments ago. let's listen in. >> i think pretty good as percentage. so we're going to talk. we'll see what we can do. we're getting close. but for the country we have to have health care. it can't be obamacare which is melting down. other side is saying all sorts of things before they even knew what the bill was. this will be great, if we get it done. if we don't get it done, it will be something that we're not going to like and that is okay. i understand that very well. but i think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public, very, very important for the people of our country that we love. so i will ask the press to leave. i greatly appreciate you folks being here. we love you very much.
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you're very kind. very understanding. but we will now ask you to leave. thank you very much, everybody. melissa: he is so polite. david: that she smiled at. last time with trump she never crack ad smile. the we'll take you live to the the white house for details on big meeting of health care as soon as it happens. melissa: trying to scare america. republicans pushing to replace obamacare. democrats are crying out looking to scare americans into keeping obamacare. isn't it a little desperate though? >> the president has said that the senate bill needed heart. the way this bill cuts health care, it is heartless.
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david: right now all republican senators meeting with president trump in the white house, following delay of a health care
4:25 pm
vote. what can you tell us? we don't have a fly on the wall. what do you think is going on there? >> we're in the east room. if we have video get to it. big rectangle or scare with republican senators sitting around it. i point that out. believed everyone of the 52 republican senators, most of them are here at white house. basically trying to figure out what happens next. there was supposed to be a vote, according to senate leadership, republican senate leadership at some point this week. however very clearly been pulled. they are now going to take off to the july 4th recess. they will try to take issue you up at some point here when they return in july. you heard president trump he say a little while ago in the meeting with remarks to top it off, saying quote, we're getting very close. however reality of the situation is, three more senators. republicans announced within the last hour, they are against this kill. jerry moran of kansas, rob
4:26 pm
portman of ohio, shelley more capito of west virginia, that brings number of republican senators express problems with the bill or process, to now nine of the 52. sarah huckabee sanders still said that the president and white house feel optimistic where things stand. >> we're continuing to be optimistic. the president is committed. he said, in all members of the administration have said repeatedly to repealing and replacing obamacare. it has never been about the timeline but about getting best piece of legislation that helps the most americans. reporter: david, second meeting of its kind. first one at white house significantly smaller than that, president sat down with senator rand paul with one of the republicans at the forefront against the senate plan. a source close to the meeting, said it was productive meeting.
4:27 pm
when i asked what does that mean? i was told at least talks are happening. i point out right now, the talks are happening with bigger group. where they go, this could be weeks in the making potentially, david. david: important step to begin talks, thank you very much, blake. melissa. melissa: charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor, fox news contributor and thank you both for joining us. charlie, does this damage the republican brand. does it make them look like they're being thoughtful, that they're going to work hard on something? i don't know, how do you spin it? >> obviously difficult anytime republicans control the white house and both chambers of commerce, it will be difficult if they're not able to produce something. i have said all along. i still believe this, these optics right now are very good for republicans. shows republicans working very hard to do what? to fix obama care. to fix obama care that is completely collapsing.
4:28 pm
i would argue that if they, in the end fail, as democrats sit on their hands, have ridiculous protests on steps of the capitol last night, instead of trying to help fix obama care, then, come election day, the next election, republicans can say they did their best to fix the mess that democrats gave them. i think that hurts democrats more than it hurts republicans. melissa: meanwhile, according to democrats the republicans main goal here is to kill people. le he let's listen. he. >> hundreds of thousands of people will die if this will die if this bill pass. >> thousands of our fellow americans every single year will die. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. >> one to 2000 people will die if you cut 750,000 people from medicaid. you're killing one to 2000, killing them.
4:29 pm
melissa: i mean, bree, to ahead. i don't know what to do with that. >> obviously this is totally absurd. we should also talk about the fact this same line of reasoning, this same logic could have been applied to obamacare which priced a lot of people out of the health insurance market because of essential health benefits. one of my coworkers, she has a health care plan she purchased through exchanges and obamacare, her premiums went up by 96%. a lot of people can't afford increases. we could apply the exact same logic to obamacare and a lot of other health care policy agendas. i think this is really misleading, you know, i think democrats are assuming that americans are stupid, which is insulting. melissa: charlie, i tell my son i will take away his ipad, can't use it anymore, that he is going to die! he sounds like chuck schumer and all of them. he is still alive, thank goodness.
4:30 pm
>> that is absolutely marvlous. republicans ought to donate lots and lots of money to any democratic campaign that wants to get the message out. make sure all in their voices the exact clip you just ran. run it over and over and over again because as bree said, banking on americans being stupid. sorry, they're not that stupid. melissa: clearly. the panel will be back. don't go anywhere. david? david: breaking news. former clinton campaign chair, john podesta meeting with house intel committee. congressman are coming to the camera. that is podesta. he is just walking away. he is leaving us. when he comes out, if we see him again, we'll take a comment. intel committee has switched their focus from the trump administration to the previous obama administration. what role, if any they played in trying to thwart an fbi investigation into hillary
4:31 pm
clinton. we have more breaking news on the stock front. kb home releasing second-quarter earnings results following beat on earnings and revenue. home build are citing a 24% increase in revenue. 11% increase in deliveries for the beat. melissa: you are looking at a white house, where all republican senators, you will be in a second, there you go, they're talking to president trump about health care. we'll bring you details just as soon as we get any. david: this very disturbing story, the pentagon saying there is activity associated with chemical weapons in syria. white house is putting them on notice. former congressman pete hoekstra is with his take on that. >> goal at this point, not just to send assad a message. to send russia and iran a message. if this happens again, we are putting you on notice.ght?
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4:36 pm
david: that was former secretary of defense under president obama leon panetta. another member of the previous administration suggesting that the president obama did not hold russia accountable as he should have. former republican congressman from michigan, former chairman of the house intel committee, pete hoekstra joining us now. congressman, i don't mean to throw you off. we just saw john podesta interviewed, before or after. by house intel committee. very interesting, you how some investigations on trump going back to the obama administration. what do you think they want to talk to him about? >> i think what they want to know from john podesta being campaign manager for hillary clinton, what did the obama administration share with you as campaign manager that the, you know, that the russians look like they were going to interfere with the 2016
4:37 pm
presidential election? you you know, they may be targeting you. they may be targeting people on your campaign. be careful, interacting with the russians. watch your campaign systems and networks to see if there is any meddling. put in some enhanced precautions to protect your systems. and i don't believe any of those conversations took place. david, when we were in congress, every once in a while we would meet with the fbi. they would call us into a room, they would say, this member of congress met with this foreign person. we believe that this person is with this other government's intelligence service. we think you ought, nothing bad happened but we think you maybe ought to warn this congressman notify him about who he is meeting with, who he or she is meeting with. i don't think that happened with the campaigns. david: we thank you very much by the way.
4:38 pm
we had breaking news. we didn't know you would be talking about this, interesting how the investigations just focused on so-called weakness of the trump administration, vis-a-vis russia, somehow trump and russia are in collusion have switched, they have nowhere to go on that investigation, they are looking seriously at the obama administration. do you think there is anything to be seen there we don't already know? >> i tell you, story came out in the "washington post" last week on friday was absolutely devastateing to the obama administration. it came from obama insiders. they said the administration knew about this for at least three months lead be up to the election. but they suspected it a year before the election. they did nothing. one of the obama insiders said, you know, they choked. they also said, administration believed there was no material impact on voters.
4:39 pm
nothing melted down on election day. after a year of focusing in on this, they used the term, this was like the bin laden raid. with intelligence community and law enforcement all watching this election so closely, watching the russians, they found no evidence of collusion between the russians and trump campaign. it is amazing, how five days the whole story has totally -- david: flipped 180 degrees. i want to focus for a moment on syria. there are some indications syria may prepare for another chemical attack even though the last time they committed a chemical attack they were hit very hard by our tomahawk missiles. what is going on there? >> well, i think the intelligence community, they know where most of these sites are. they're watching them very closely. seeing indications, preparation for potential chemical weapons attack. i think trump, sent a missile,
4:40 pm
ashot across the bow. saying if you do this, america will respond. we'll have some allies respond with us. we recommend that you not do this. and, if they do use some type of a chemical weapons attack, can guarranty you the trump administration is ready and fully prepared to respond. they're not going to tell the russians, iranians or syrians what they're going to do but something will happen. david: they are on notice right now. congressman pete hoekstra, thank you very much for being here. melissa: so jury election is still underway of turin pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli today in brooklyn. the court is struggling to find jurors without bias against shkreli, the so-called farmer bro, remember that? he is facing charges frauding investors of two edge funds. cheryl casone with the latest. reporter: when you have
4:41 pm
prospective jurors coming into the courtroom and saying things he is evil, a snake, corporate good he, you will have a problem finding a jury. there is still not a jury sat down but the court is giving us guidance right now they believe that opening statements may be tomorrow. what is happening right now they have been going through asking several jurors, they called them back from yesterday. 134 jurors were dismissed yesterday. but the judge this morning bringing back 40 for requestioning, reexamination. she is not letting go of these jurors. she wants to get trial underway. big news this morning 9:00 a.m. eastern time here in brooklyn. shkreli's attorney asked for mishe trial. he wanted to start over, delay trial for several weeks and bring in whole new panel of jurors. he blamed the headlines and media. called out, melissa, the headlines in "new york times," "new york times," were so brutal
4:42 pm
would taint any potential jury members here in the new york area. he felt schedulely could not get a trial. we wait for them to come out. we're expecting to see them in 40 minutes. long day in brooklyn for the martin askly and brooklyn team. that mistrial was denied by the judge. a jury still not set. we do expect tomorrow. i say this tongue-in-cheek, melissa. we do expect tomorrow to get the jury hery sat down and opening statements from both sides, prosecution and defense. melissa: cheryl casone, thank you so much. david: a victory over what he calls fake news. president trump slamming cnn after the network made false accusations against one of his campaign associates. has the president been right all along? our panel is next coming back. >> i think it is constant ba una of fake news directed at this president probably has garnered
4:43 pm
a lot of his frustration.
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4:46 pm
melissa: president trump going after cnn after think had to retract a story. three employers forced to resign. what about all the other phony stories they do. fake news. what about nbc, cbs, abc what about the failing "new york times" and "washington post"? they are all fake news. our pan until is back with us. charlie, what is your take? >> i love donald trump as media critic. it is so great. i never get tired of it. you know the problem is, that, you know, none of this is new. none of it, surprising to me at all. in all my years of covering politics i have never seen a media, supposed mainstream media outlets like cnn, "new york times,"
4:47 pm
"washington post" completely suspend any pretense that they're trying to be fair or that they're trying to get a balanced story. that under cover video we saw of the cnn producer talking about how the russia thing, there is no there, blatantly saying there is no there there, but great for ratings? it is chilling as it is, i am astonished, never in my life ever heard in any newsroom any reporter ever talk like that. it is sadly not surprising. melissa: yeah. bre, there are so many lives crushed in the undertow. so many people along the way. look in this place about anthony scaramucci. but the people who get caught up in stories and reputations are destroyed along the way, he got them to retract it. what about, there have been so many other people who say they have been falsely accused. >> you're exactly right. by our count over at the federalist, we counted 29 really
4:48 pm
major news stories, mainstream outlets like "the washington post" run with, end up being completely false amounts you said this kind of thing happens all the time. a lot of people are under fire, get a lot of criticism, backlash for it. at same time i think we should take cnn's actions to retract story, issue an apology, fire three people involved in the story as a positive sign, right in they got caught with their pants down. that they're fixing it. another news outlet, "breitbart," held them accountable. this is how media is supposed to hold each other accountable and call us out if we get something wrong. i am encouraged by cnn issue apology and be so public and i hope they learn their lesson. melissa: charlie, another thing gotten out of control, recently, somebody puts out a report. everyone else covers themselves saying here is the story as
4:49 pm
reported by this news outlet. then the discussion goes on as if the whole entire thing is true. lots of people are guilty about this across the board. i'm sure we done it. i don't want to. i can't think of a specific time, i don't want to say we haven't. that is really dangerous as well. one of the he ways so many people get tarnished that don't deserve it. >> maybe it has happened but our ongoing, ongoing standard is that you don't do that. and you work very hard to verify everything. to get your own sources. only in extreme cases do you say according to this. you never slide with it as if it is your own if you haven't verified it. what is really troubling, in these times that you have outlets like "the new york times," like "the washington post," which have been vaunted for decades, they're running this junk that is nonsense, as fake news as bree pointed out, keeping a wonderful list of. when they do it, everybody else
4:50 pm
takes it as absolute gold because of their reputation. it is disasterous for the industry. it is disasterous for the country. it is disasterous for politics. melissa: we have to go, guys. thanks. david. david: disasterous for them. they're losing reputation. there has been a hack attack. major cyberattack parts europe, russia, here in the united states. we have details next. also all republican senators currently right now in the white house meeting president trump on health care. we await statements from the senators any moment as soon as they walk out the door. we'll take you there live .
4:51 pm
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david: massive ransomware attack striking companies all over europe, including computers at
4:54 pm
russia's biggest oil company. russia's banks and ukraine international airport. that is scary. it hit u.s. based pharmaceutical giant merck in new jersey. we have max everett joining us now to weigh in on this attack. hi, max. i'm wondering it looks like the folks using that nsa software or hacking tools, however you want to describe it, that somebody stole from the nsa. is it same folks? >> we don't know if it is the same folks, but certainly same underlying tool they're using to spread. one of our challenges in cybersecurity, once tools like this out in the open, almost anybody with a basic level of capability being picks them up, reuse them, that is exactly what we're seeing here. david: in other words, somebody with no association with the first attack a month ago, could have somehow downloaded information about those tools that were used for that attack and used them again? >> absolutely. in fact the initial, what people initially seen off the new
4:55 pm
attack, it looks more sophisticated. looks like someone with a little better capability. frankly was more prepared for this attack. david: max, likely to be individual or group of individuals or perhaps a sovereign nation, some government like north korea? >> it is typical, you know, it is difficult at this stage to separate out between some of these sort of criminal groups and nation states. frankly some of the nation states have been known to sponsor some of these groups. given sophistication of this one, more likely some type of organized group. david: max, we were, merck, company based in new jersey was attacked but largely we have been immune. europe and england have been really the targets of these. why have these attacks been unsuccessful in the united states? >> well i think it is important to note that definitely has been targeted primarily in ukraine, russia, certainly the previous
4:56 pm
attack, "wannacry" hit asia. it has sporadic hits in the u.s. but hasn't been focused here. part of that is frankly even timing. if you look at timing of these, they're happening in the morning in the u.s. so, i think it is important for every u.s. company and individual to understand that simply because we haven't been targeted yet doesn't mean we're protected. david: max, good to see you. thank you very much for coming in. melissa. >> thank you. melissa: you never believe what one passenger stuffed into his luggage. tsa did not see this comingli either. to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited what's in your wallet?
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melissa: so can you bring a lobster on a flight? what do you think? how about a 20-pound lobster? david: well, i know the answer. melissa: it is "yes.," yes, you can. this is according to tsa. this lobster was screened at boston logan airport. that makes sense. david: well, i now know the answer. i couldn't believe it. crustaceans are allowed through airport security. as long as they're inspected
5:00 pm
and in a clear, plastic spill proof container. of course, how can you inspect it through the container? something that big, you could hide all sorts of things in. melissa: what kind of big, i have all sorts of questions. david: there you go. risk and reward starts right now. trump: so we're going to talk, and we're going to see what we can do. but we're getting very close. but for the country, we have to have health care, and it can't be obamacare, which is melting down. the other side is saying all sorts of things before they even knew what the bill was. this will be great if we get it done and if we don't get it done within it's just going to be something that we don't like, and that's okay. i understand that very well. but i think we have a chance to do something very, very important for the public. very, very important for the people of our country that we love. liz: that's happening right now. that's the president. he's speaking, in the middle


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