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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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declaration of independence. they're fighting for the say things we are moat has. >> yeah. better life for ourselves, for our children, and the opportunity. david: have a wonderful july 4th out there. melissa: happy july 4th, everyone. risk and reward starts right now. >> president trump has turned crossing the line into a political art form. when he lashed out at two cable tv hosts this morning -- >> we begin with president trump facing the collapse of health care negotiations and the north korean nuclear threat instead tonight sparking condemnation about the various tweets about the host of a cable tv news show. >> what the president did today was just flat out gross and disgusting. liz: president trump's family blood feud against msnbc mika brzezinski and scarborough today. and a little chaos. congress passed two major border security laws, the
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house passed medical malpractice reform, the gop has new health reform, the president sun leashing the u.s. energy boom, south korea will now help with north korea and agree to get better trade deals and the market ended up today. welcome to risk and reader, i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the democrats do have unnecessary traits threatening to derail his growth agenda. and now this. representative jackson lee today's demands that president trump resign. and we have representative maxine waters saying you know what? that's not good enough. she wants trump quote exile. she tweeted that out. this as the nation's economy is growing after bicycling eight years through quick stand, consumer confidence is improving, illegal immigration plummeting, iraqi prime minister now saying isis is near defeat. and syria got the message that there really is a red line against using chemical weapons. and now this. the secretary of nato of
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european and nato allies will finally increase the defense spending by tens of billions of dollars instead of relying on u.s. taxpayers, just as president trump demanded. the trend is up there. now, let's take a quick market check. the dow closing up 62 points, the nasdaq down 3, and the s&p up 3. let's bring in former trump campaign chair, good to see you. >> good to see you. liz: people get emotional on twitter. we know what the debate has been about all day long. is this threatening to derail his growth agenda? >> i think the fact that there are some americans that hate donald trump more than they love america is extremely serious. the bias in the media is unquestionable, especially when it comes to mainstream media. it's very, very important that the twitter conversation stop all together. liz: so do you think the president is getting in his own way? people are saying it's a juvenile crude tweet behavior, would you say to the president stop it? exercise message discipline? >> if i was sitting next to president trump today, i would
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probably say to him i would not recommend you making a tweet like that again. at the same time, i understand that this is a human being doing his best and if you attack him and say inappropriate things like has been said over and over and over, goodnights affect him, and he's going to fight back. as his wife has said, as his representatives have said. at the end of the day we all have to be responsible for elevating the conversation and getting back to what you said, the america first policy that the president is promoting every single day to make our country stronger and safer and more effective. liz: you know, that's where the debates should lie. i mean, getting involved in tweets about somebody's facelift does not make america great again. but i'll tell you this, lena. this dc gotcha politics media machine is so lazy; right? and they know it's lazy. they know it's -- and congress know it's easy to do that kind of gotcha politics. they don't have the heavy lift of policy reform like the president wants to get his agenda back front and center,
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to get the country moving again. >> absolutely. it's very sad part of capitalism that certain cable news networks are making their living criticizing a president while completely ignoring his agenda. completely ignoring the wonderful steps that are being made both in the administration, the house, and the senate. i applaud our lawmakers, and i think they're doing a great job fighting hard for americans. liz: you know, here's the thing too. this is the other story out there. we've seen this try to take hold for 20 years now. the house is only in session for 147 days; right? so far this year. we've got to work 260 days. i mean, they are not really working, and they just ditched, you know, this day of, you know, being in session to go off early on july 4th weekend. what would you say to the house and to the senate? would you say stay on the job and get to work? >> i think it's a very difficult issue, but i'm glad the people will be home hearing directly from constituents. i think we're going to see protest. i think it's important for
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peaceful protest to happen. it's one of the greatest thing about our country. there's so many favors happening right now in dc whether it's all of the immigration reform. i think at the end of the day it's important for elected officials to be home, be with their constituencies, and then be back in washington next week. liz: president trump sending in 20 law enforcement officials to president obama's hometown of chicago to fight gun crime. it's a problem that had increased under the last administration. that mayor rob emmanuel was former obama's chief of staff happened earlier in the year. the president saying this crimes and killings in chicago have reached such epidemic i be proportions that sending more than 1,700 shootings in chicago this year. i mean, you see that; right? more than 1,700 people shot, more than 300 of them fatally. this is out of control; right? >> yes. i lived just in a suburbous the city of detroit. we have a lot of these similar problems as well. president trump was very, very clear as soon as he took office.
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one of his first initiatives was trying to work with the city of chicago, and he said this is not going to work for the american people for the citizens of chicago. i won't stand in if i have to, and he's doing exactly what he said he would do. promises made, promises kept to do what he has to do to help the american people be safer. i'm very pleased that the president is stepping up, and i stand behind his efforts to do so. liz: lena, good to see you. come back soon. >> thank you for having me. liz: msnbc regular johnny deutsche today said he's quote taking the low ground. he's saying the president is vulgar to look at, and then he, donnie, is going to elevate the conversation by challenging president trump to a school yard fight. roll tape. >> maybe it's time that we all start tippy towing. i'm taking the low ground here. you know what? he goes after a woman that way, he goes after a friend that way, he's a vulgar human being. he's vulgar to look at, he's disgusting when he behaves himself as the president. >> you would think morning joe is a sovereign power.
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are we on a watch list? we don't have nuclear weapons, and there are people out there who do. >> if somebody said this about my daughter, and once again, i'm going to elevate the question, donald, if you're watching, i'll meet you in the school guard, brother. i'll met you at the school. liz: let's take this to the power panel. brie, elevating the conversation. that's what he said he's doing but with personal attacks again and the nasty school yard fight quote. and then you heard msnbc refer to himself as a sovereign power, brie. >> yeah. obviously, this is over the top depictions of what their jobs are and the role in the media. i've often been frustrated at the media's attitude; right? katie compared herself and other reporters to 9/11 responders, to first responders. i mean, this kind of attitude that they're the ones that are holding the keys to freedom is really just ridiculous because that's not where our freedoms
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come from; right? it comes from god as our constitution rolls out. so i think this is kind of smug attitude that they're a sovereign entity. it's really what's frustrating a lot of people and what's the reason why most americans distrust reporters more than they distrusting congress or the president. liz: you know, you heard john saying there we don't have nukes; right? so, you know, we were joking earlier. i mean, is the imf vatican, the federal reserve going to weigh in here? maybe msnbc can request fema help. i mean, i'm being facetious but really? the whole conversation about oh, you know, comparing themselves to being a sovereign power and then actually saying we don't have nukes. what are they talking about? >> well, i think they're trying to say that they don't deserve in reality the power that they're getting the attention that they're getting. and, look, the whole thing's unfortunate. liz: i think they're not saying that. i think they're saying the opposite. i think they're in that dc bubble, and they have elevated themselves. i think brie would agree, but go ahead, eric being.
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>> well, i hear what you're saying, but no question there's self importance. no question about it. but i think that, to me, i have a concern that these tweets are even happening. and the reason is because it's stopping the agenda. i mean, we need to move the agenda forward and help with tax reform. help with infrastructure. this just takes it off the table. as another day of a delay. liz: eric, hang on be with eric. what brie is saying when you have three dozen americans weighing in, everybody up in arms, the news cycle dominated by this tweet, and it is so easy because here's what's going on, brie. you talked about this. underneath this is this lazy dc gotcha politics. it's so easy to do gotcha politics and avoid the heavy lift of fixing policies to get the country moving again. and that's what the viewers and the trump supporter is saying the president is working to do. and that's why this makes them mad. go ahead. >> yeah. you're exactly right. i think that it's this kind of
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victim complex, victim mentality i think that they're saying. i saw a tweet from a prominent reporter saying, oh, donald trump is turning all of us reporters into a hated class of people; right? they're like irish coal miners or something, which is completely ridiculous. i think you are right reporters are acting lazy and if they're so worried about the president and so worried about this administration, they need to get on the streets. they need to do shoe leather journalism, and they need to hold the administration accountable, and they're not going to do that by obsessing over his tweets for 48 hours. liz: that's right. and, eric, you've talked about this too. it's so easy for everybody at these networks to stand talking to each other, agreeing with each other in the amen corner, they get emotional, they ratchet up each other's emotion, and they don't have, to brie's point, counter debating where they're taking on different policy positions. and then you have representative jackson, she told neil cavuto, she wants
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president trump to resign. >> i think his tweets they're bad news. >> well, if you think that -- neil: but congresswoman, that doesn't mean you're out as president, let the american people decide that. >> the american people have decided. his polling numbers are down under 36%. or 35%. neil: i could remember. >> ronald reagan was commander-in-chief, and he was attempting to ruin the government whether you agree or disagree. neil: at the time of course we would have never seen ronald reagan reelected. >> i am going by his behavior. neil: you don't like him. liz: okay. come on. one poll that's maybe 1,000 people. i mean, set aside the polls. what's going on in dc, eric, you talked about this. grandstanding. investigations in search of crime. i mean, do the republicans see what's going on that the democrats want to stall his agenda to win back the house and then impeach him? do the republicans see that?
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>> there's no question they see it. but really, what we're seeing is greed. at the end of the day, this is about self interest whether it's the programming with the morning joe and ratings or met chris matthews. it's like jay z. they're doing jay z which they're playing to the base. they're giving the music that they want to hear. and that is unquestionable. and they're doing it despite the best interest of the country because what's really going to work is when we bring people together. when we find jobs for people that right now are unemployed. where we do infrastructure on these roads and these, you know, the construction that is in such bad shape. i've been to china. i've seen the roads. we're in bad shape in that regard. when we do tax reform. when we actually help people. those are the things that we need to do. and, unfortunately, money and ratings are driving a lot of that -- or reelection -- are driving these things, instead of really thinking about july 4th, patriotism, look at
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the country. let's take a bigger step, a wider step on behalf of the country. let's help people. let's give people jobs. let's give the tax cuts that are needed to help these middle class families. liz: right. good stuff, eric. really good stuff, brie. we love having you go on the show. and have a good holiday weekend. s&p 500 and dow closing higher on the last trading day of the month. all the major averages in the green for the first half of 2017. the nasdaq posting its best first half since 2009, despite the recent sell off in tech stocks. and we have this for you. a man armed with a semi automatic opened fire in new york city this afternoon. dead from the self inflicted gunshot. he has been identified as a former practitioner at the hospital. five others were injured. the hospital is currently on lock down as they sweep it. we will bring you more on that story as it develops. next up, the house voting to pass kate's law and sanctuary
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city defunding bills. my next guest says do not stop there. my next guest's police officer son was killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant in 2014. she met with the attorney general yesterday. she joins me next to talk about it. don't go away your insurance company
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the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> two big victories. we just simply cannot allow people who have been deported because they've committed a crime to just reenter and commit more crimes in the united states. so this case law will crack down on them and have much a tougher punishment. that's what we're talking about, and that's what cost the life of kate steinle and cost the life and health of many other people too.
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liz: that was attorney general jeff sessions earlier today reacting to the house voting to pass kate's law. the bill, which passed by a 257-167 vote toughens penalties on illegal immigrants who tried to reenter the u.s. after being deported for crime. now, kate's law was named after katherine steynly. she was murdered in san francisco two years ago to the day by juan sanchez. he was an illegal felony who had been deported five times. and killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant in 2014. she joins me now. marianne, so good to see you. we're so sorry for your loss. first of all, i know this is hard. we understand. we're standing right there with you. can you tell us what happened to your son? or go to has early hours of may 12th, 2015, he had just left work protecting his community, and he was on the
5:19 pm
way home when a three time drunk on meth drove the wrong way 45 miles per hour slamming head on into his car and killing him. liz: what happened to the driver? >> the driver was killed in the accident instantly. liz: okay. you and other victim families met with president trump this week, and here's what you had to say. roll tape. >> become more important to our elected officials to protect illegal criminals in our country and not care about us, any of you? any of you in the blink of an eye. and i'm thankful that we have a president who has brought this to the forefront and made people aware of it. and this is all any of us families have ever tried to do was bring awareness and make you realize this could be you. liz: that's profound. i think i heard your voice crack, marianne. am i right by saying that? >> yes. liz: so what was the reaction to what you said? >> president trump was kind enough to invite us to tell our stories to law
5:20 pm
enforcement, to congressional representatives, and to officials from ice. and we know our voices are being heard and president trump let attorney general know. and we spent an hour with him personally with nobody else in the room with him and let us know about concerns about where our country is headed. you know, this one crime against an american citizen by an illegal alien in our country is one too many. we don't even need to lift how many are happening because the statistics would be mind-boggling to people. the main reason we were in washington was to launch activists for victims of illegal crimes. and it's victims for victims. we're there to support people that this happened to. we're going to bring people out of the shadows, american citizens out of the shadows that have been affected by illegal crime, burglary, rape, assault, identity theft. not just murder because we have got to shine the light,
5:21 pm
and we have to quit letting politicians dim this light of the true numbers that are happening. politicians, mainstream media, they have to stand by their fellow americans, and they have to start protecting us. liz: did president trump reach out to talk to you and other victims? did ever democrat? >> no. never. liz: did you talk to any democrat when you were down there? >> no. we did not. liz: here's the criticized over the new, tougher laws saying quote distraction from the real issues in the country. let's listen. >> the republican party has had mexican fever. russia investigation not going well for the dear leader at the white house. hey, let's whip out that mexican thing vice president pence said. maybe it will keep our voters happy and distracted. health care not going well. that's just hate to the mexico city today. this policy is about going
5:22 pm
after all of us, whether we're citizens or not of the united states of america. these bills are nothing new, and they are not really about fighting crime. they are about racial profiling and about putting latinos, quote, unquote, in place. liz: marianne, what would you like to say to congressman? >> there's a lot i would like to say to him but, first of all, he's the person distracting from the real issues happening in our country. we are not against immigrants. we are against illegal alien criminals in our country. and the more he keeps protecting them, i just hope that america starts realizing this guy is a fraud, this guy is a fake, and he needs to be shoved out of office. somebody needs to come in there and elect somebody who is truly going to care about the constituents in his district. liz: again, you're not against immigration; right? >> absolutely not. i'm 100% for legal immigration.
5:23 pm
i am against illegal aliens invading our country and killing our citizens and committing crimes against them. liz: thank you so much. we are so sorry for your loss and you know what? you're doing a service for the country, and we thank you for that. thank you for coming on the show. come back again soon. >> thank you. liz: we have bad news if you're traveling this holiday weekend. you're most likely to get stuck in traffic. roads across america will be packed with drivers this independence day weekend. here's the good news, though. gas prices at the lowest level on this july 4th weekend. in 12 years, haven't seen this since george w was in office. national gas price average today $2.23 versus $2.30 a month ago. states breaking down a month below $2 a gallon. now, this the family of kate steinle cannot sue the city of san francisco over sanctuary policy. however, san francisco taxpayers may soon have to pay 190,000 to an
5:24 pm
illegal immigrant for breaking the sanctuary city law. how does that work? we have the details after this more research on them. de for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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elizabeth: we had the kate steinle law passed by the house, but earlier in this year a judge ruled that the family of kate steinle cannot sue the city of san francisco for wrongful death due to its sanctuary city policy. the steinle family had argued that san francisco was partly to blame for their daughter's death. why? because the city never notified the federal government that steinle's illegal immigrant killer was released from jail. however, the judge ruled that no law required san francisco to share that information, to share his release date with the federal government. but get this, san francisco taxpayers now may have to pay $190,000 to an illegal immigrant who sued the city for violating its sanctuary city policy. why? the illegal immigrant, his name is pedro figueroa, said a san francisco cop broke the law when
5:28 pm
it called i.c.e., it called the federal government to tell them he was an illegal immigrant. let's bring in deputy editorial page editor for the wall street journal, dan henninger. good to see you. >> liz. elizabeth: how does the steinle family get denied? >> yeah. i think this shows the extraordinary contradictions that are really at the center of the sanctuary cities idea and a lot of confusion as well. i'm looking at this story about kate steinle and what happened with this judge and with i.c.e. and the rest of it, and it seems to me that what's going on here in places like sanctuary -- san francisco, they have these sanctuary city laws, is something similar to the pirgson effect or -- ferguson effect or maybe broken windows. which is to say the police aren't sure about how they are supposed to behave vis-a-vis the illegal immigrants in their city. a city like san francisco or austin has conferred a kind of
5:29 pm
protected status on a class of people. i think the police are going to say, look, we are going to back off a little bit here because the city has decided they're going to protect these people. same thing like, say, in chicago where the police are under so much pressure, they go we aren't getting involved here because if we -- elizabeth: and then crime goes up. >> -- step wrong, we're going to be in trouble. so this guy lopez who killed kate steinle, he knew that. he knew he would be protected by the sanctuary city law. elizabeth: so this is dangerous. >> it's dangerous, because it gives the police a disincentive to do normal policing. and when they see something suspicious, to act on it. because a they look at these people and they go they're protected by the law. we're going to pull back. elizabeth: you know, the illegal immigrant who is potentially getting 190k, 190,000, his attorney argues that her client is the victim here, and there may be more lawsuits like this. let's watch. or. >> he was victim of crime.
5:30 pm
he had been robbed of his car. if somebody can't go into the sfpd and do that, then it creates a situation where you have less public safety. elizabeth: this is really distorted, right? the logic is so distorted, right? >> yeah. i mean, it shows the confusions that are going on. the stories i've read say that this salvadoran immigrant had been picked up on a dui charge in 2012. he'd actually done a couple of days. and he may have been on a national database. there may have been a warrant out for him. there's no indication so far that what was going on here was an actual felony that he had committed. but because of the law and he'd come into the police station, one of the cops in san francisco called i.c.e. and said this guy is here, and they picked him up and took him away. now, it is entirely possible that in those acts there was a violation of san francisco law, giving his lawyer an opening to sue the city for $190,000. elizabeth: all right.
5:31 pm
so you're pretty upset about in this. you going to write about it? >> well, i'm very upset about the sanctuary law, sanctuary city idea. not so much that they're protecting them, but they confer a protected the discuss on a class of people, and cities like san francisco and chicago and new york give you the impression that they are stepping back from enforcing law when these people are involved in that. elizabeth: a class of illegals. >> yeah. it's like -- elizabeth: immigrants. >> it's one thing to protect immigrants, but it's another thing to protect illegal immigrants who are committing serious crimes and say, no, we don't want to touch those people. elizabeth: dan henninger, happy fourth. >> thank you. elizabeth: meal kit delivery service blue apron continued its fallen on its second day of trading since its i portion -- ipo, the stock dropping another 7% closing around $9.36. it opened at $10 a share. that was the ipo price. next be up we have democrat
5:32 pm
senator elizabeth warren now opposing the republican health care bill. she's saying it's not enough. she's now telling democrats, you know what? you've got to start running on a single-payer, socialized government solution. we've got the details coming up. but first, "the new york times" quietly correcting a big story. it was a major overstatement that a full 17 intelligence agencies agreed that russia hacked the u.s. election to help get trump elected. turns out there was only four. not 17, 4. we have more on that story coming up. >> seventeen agencies come to a consensus conclusion that the russian government at the highest levels was involved in an effort to play many -- in our election process. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
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>> this has come from the highest levels of the russian government, clearly, from putin himself in an effort as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed to influence our election. >> seventeen agencies came to a consensus conclusion that we took the extraordinary step of making public. >> we have 17 u.s. intelligence agencies who have said tata russia attempted -- that russia attempted to influence our election. >> seventeen u.s. intelligence agencies issued a statement expressing their unanimous assessment -- elizabeth: wow, look at the ripple effects when media outlets get it wrong. former presidential candidate hillary clinton and other democrats emphatically stating that 17 u.s. intelligence
5:37 pm
agencies agreed russia meddled in the 2016 u.s. election in order to get president trump elected. it wasn't true. "the new york times," one of the first to report that all 17 agencies agreed, they issued a major correction on that story saying, quote: the assessment was made by, actually, four intelligence agencies; the office of the dni, the cia, fbi and the nsa. the assessment was not approved by all 17 in the american intelligence community. we like to do this sometimes just for kicks, how "the new york times" finished today. let's see what it did in the markets. oh, it's to the downside fractionally, down ten cents. let's bring in geraldo -- >> how are my stocks doing? [laughter] elizabeth: wait a minute. >> you know, first of all, i didn't know we had 17 defense agencies -- elizabeth: until -- >> i've been around a long time. to me, the significance of this is not that there is serious doubt that russia hacked our
5:38 pm
election. i don't think that that is in doubt. where the doubt comes is this whole number of 17. how is it "the new york times" got that number, 17, blasted it into giant headlines and as the giant headlines were repeated constantly and, you know, by more and more different news agencies and picked up by politicians and hillary clinton and so forth, nobody denied it. the size of the allegation that 17 defense intelligence agencies were in league in unanimously confirming this alarming, you know, revelation was huge. the correction was a tiny paragraph after a story that had nothing to do with russian hacking. it was the most modest correction. i mean, substantively speaking, i mean, it was the defense intelligence agency, was the central intelligence agency, was the nsa, you know? elizabeth: yeah. >> it was the fbi.
5:39 pm
it was four big ones. but still for them to say 17, for 17 to become the truth and then to really say, well, it was really four, not accept teen, and to do that so -- not seventeen, it was almost as if they were trying to do it in a way people would not notice. elizabeth: now we have this story for you, former republican governor sarah a palin suing "the new york times" over an editorial tying her to the 2011 shooting of congresswoman gabby giffords. this editorial published on june 14th, the same day of the gop congressional -- [inaudible] of virginia. here's the correction from the times, an editorial on thursday about the shooting of steve scalise incorrectly stated a link existed between political rhetoric and the 2011 shooting of gabby giffords. in fact, no such link was established. a palin political action committee had put out a map with crosshairs on democrat districts. not individuals, but districts. so basically, they took that to mean, oh, she's going after gabby giffords. it wasn't true. >> the point of "the new york
5:40 pm
times" editorial was that jared loughner, the man who shot gabby giffords in the head, was motivated in part by sarah palin's and her political action committee putting out that ad that had a crosshairs on gabby giffords' face -- elizabeth: the district. yeah. >> the truth is they didn't is have a picture of gabby giffords, they didn't focus on her. it was a district that was targeted. and once again you see a modest correction, and she is suing "the new york times". and what i worry about, liz, is the newspaper of record really in disarray now? the washington post came in, jeff bezos with deep, deep pockets, the amazon czar, bought the washington post and now has fully funded it. "the new york times," however, is still struggling. today you had that walkout of the entire newsroom protesting the impending firing of various editors to save money.
5:41 pm
you worry if the new york times isn't, as the president suggested, a failing paper. i don't believe it is, but it is really being rocked by serial scandals now, and it is going to shake the faith that people certainly in the new york area have long held in the old gray lady -- elizabeth: i'm telling you, i understand a skeptical public, i get that. but cynicism is poison, you would agree, right? >> of course. elizabeth: geraldo, we love you. come back soon. billionaire warren buffett, his company, berkshire hathaway, making a quick $12 billion. why? they invested $5 billion in bank of america during the financial collapse. those shares now worth $17 billion. buffett converting the investment into common stock. he will become -- rather, the company will become bank of america's largest shareholder. next up, democrat senator elizabeth warren now saying that she is opposing the gop health care reform bill say, you know what? it's not enough. democrats out there, you have got to start running on a
5:42 pm
socialized, single-payer health solution. my next guest wonders what would reagan do? you know what? he knows. he was his campaign manager: he's ed rollins. he joins me next. ♪ [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. elizabeth: senator elizabeth warren now saying opposing the republican health care bill, not enough. democrats must start running on a single-payer, socialized government health system. what does this mean for your wallet? basically, my next guest is asking, you know what? also what would reagan do? take a listen. here's what ronald reagan said. he said it's a slippery slope. >> one of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. the doctor begins to lose freedoms. it's like telling a lie, and one leads to another. pretty soon your son won't decide when he's in school, where he will go on or what he will do for a living. he will wait for the government to tell him. elizabeth: all right. let's just -- let's take a quick
5:46 pm
check of health care stocks. united, aetna, johnson & johnson, anthem closing with mixed action, and look who's here. he is former reagan campaign manager, the man himself, ed rollins. >> thank you. elizabeth: did mr. reagan get it right? >> well, what ronald reagan understood is that every government program, basically, is taking people's money and trying to do things aha people themselves may not have wanted. 81% of the country had health insurance before we began obamacare paid by their businesses or employers or what have you. and the idea that you could come have a nationalized program today with a $20 trillion budget, you'd add another $4 or $5 trillion just at a minimum, and most people don't want that. most people want to have an access to health care. and the problem with the obamacare is it never basically reduced anybody's costs. you go to any doctor, any hospital today, and they still have all the severe cost adjustments, particularly in the rural areas.
5:47 pm
my sense is wherever we end up here, someone has to pay for it. either taxpayers pay for it, individuals pay for it. and the biggest problem with the health care bill before was you didn't allow a catastrophic insurance policy. a lot of these young people basically want something in case there's a big emergency. if you're 25 years old and you're healthy, you'd rather have a motorcycle, a car, a house than $5-$600 a month for health care. i think that's a problem. elizabeth: you've been an astute watcher of this idea behind single payer. let's check in again with elizabeth warren. you remember that you did not build that moment, people are only successful because of big government? you know, historically americans have supported socialist ideologies, right? in terms of medicare and medicaid. but elizabeth warren also had that moment where she said, you know what? the government did that for you, right? >> well, the government didn't do that. the government, in many cases, hindered people from building their businesses. i think if you ask any of the
5:48 pm
12,000 restaurant owners in the city of new york is the government helping you every day? no, the government's hindering you from running your business. that's why there's thousands of bankruptcies every year to small business. i think the key thing here is to, basically, provide where it can't come about. medicare, those types of programs, are important. medicaid as it originally was set up was for people who were disabled, couldn't get it. now you're trying to make an alternative health care system out of the medicare -- medicaid, and i think to a certain extent if you start getting the socialized medicine, you're going to have most americans very, very unhappy. elizabeth: now the plan is repeal it completely and replace it later. do you think it's going to work? >> i don't think it's going to work. i think at the end of the day if you can't get 50 votes in the senate to basically do some kind of a modified program here, you're certainly not going to get people to be courageous enough to repeal it, and where do you go from there? i think you pay a big political price. i think, unfortunately, the majority leader needs to basically get his members in a room and come up with 50 votes so that the vice president can
5:49 pm
break that tie. and if he can't do that, he ought to tell the president i can't do it, i surrender, let's continue on the process we are. elizabeth: we love having you, ed rollins. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: and you sparred with joe frazier back in the day. >> you keep reminding me of that. unfortunately, poor joe has passed on to the big horizon beyond. he was a great man. elizabeth breath you took some shots. did you give him some. >> >> i didn't give him much. i remember him, he doesn't remember me. [laughter] elizabeth: good to see you, ed. now this story, billionaire facebook co-founder, mark zuckerberg, he is now comparing his social media network to churches, saying they're doing as much for society as churches. my next guest says, you know what? facebook was not building a better world when it led an anti-trump attack of a mentally impaired man stream for hours on facebook live. he also says facebook was not building a better world when it provided material support to terrorist groups like isis. he's the attorney representing terror victims.
5:50 pm
he joins me next. ♪ ♪
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5:53 pm
>> now, people who go to church are more likely to volunteer and to give to charity not just because they're religious, but also because they're a part of a community. so that's why it ises to striking that over the past few decades membership in all kinds of communities around the world has been declining, and a lot of places by as much as one-quarter. that's a lot of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else. we have to build a world where every single person has a sense of purpose and community. elizabeth: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. some say he may eventually run for political office. he's appearing to compare his social network to churches and community support groups.
5:54 pm
let's bring in attorney keith altman. you're suing facebook for aiding terror groups. what do you think of mark zuckerberg here? >> well, thank you for having me o on, liz. we continue to look at this issue for carefully x we think that it is facebook and the other social media companies scrabbling to try to justify that they simply do not want to accept responsibility for the role that they play in society. i mean, maybe they want to compare themselves to churches, but as churches, they have the responsibility to see that their infrastructure is used for good and not for nefarious purposes that they continue to allow to happen. elizabeth: how do you see them responding when you see violence and, you know, terrorists using their network? how do they respond when violence is occurring on their live stream? >> well, they a basically, you know, in terms of the facebook live, i don't there's any real o it, to be able to post things in realtime. but they continue to refuse to accept responsibility, and they put it on all of us. we're responsible for monitoring
5:55 pm
and policing facebook, and i just don't see how they shouldn't do all that they can reasonably do to prevent nefarious uses of their sites as continues to happen with regularity. elizabeth: you see them come out often saying things like, oh, what happened was a tragedy, right? it was a tragedy. but to your point, when they use terms like, oh, it was a tragedy, do you feel like they're distancing themselves from responsibility for what's going on on their social network? >> i think that's definitely true. they still have not come up and said it's our mission, we are going to do all that we reasonably can do to see that terrorists and other nefarious groups and incidents like we had in cleveland, that horrible incident in cleveland, that we're going to do what we can to keep those things from happening x. until they do, you know, we're just going to see this happening over and over and over again. elizabeth: some have said they do a lot to stop conservative stories or conservative thinking on the web site. and they do have a team to try to work on terrorist activity and crimes on their site.
5:56 pm
do you think that they are doing enough? because, you know, they're growing to to two billion monthly active users. some on wall street say that number has a lot of fake accounts in it, we really don't know the true number. but does that mean its responsibility grows as well, sir? >> oh, absolutely their responsibility grows. facebook and google and twitter are clearly becoming important parts of the culture of united states, of the world. there are definitely benefits to these products, but still there is, you know, as the saying goes, with great power is great responsibility. elizabeth: okay. keith altman, come back soon. >> thank you for having me again. take care. elizabeth: former fed chair al an greenspan telling fox business we are entering a very tough period. we have more after this. le to re everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that.
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liz: marianne rafferty interviews former fed chairman
6:00 pm
alan greenspan. and tune in for another episode of "wall street week." thank you for having us in your homes. we want to wish you a happy 4th of july. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: stocks ended mostly higher. i'll show you my ideas and strategies. senate republicans heading home for the 4th of july recess without a new bill on healthcare, missing their ownself-imposed deadline. the call for a repeal underscoring the div t


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