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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 1, 2017 1:00am-2:01am EDT

1:00 am i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] to rebuild a little bit. charles: on the eve of july 4, we have to remember freedom isn't free. we paid a heavy price for it. lou dobbs next. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. he's on vacation. president trump is apparently losing faith that the senate republicans will ever pass their healthcare deal. the president today suggested a brand-new approach. repeal obamacare and replace it later. mike emanuel has the report on the search for compromise.
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nebraska senator bee ben sasse t a letter to president trump. he expressed his concern republicans will fail to pass any meaningful bill or will pass up something that props up obamacare. he wrote, we can and must do better than either of these. >> what i'm recommending is we give comfort to the american people by repealing the maximum amount of obamacare that we can but add a one-year delay before that would be effective so we get to work. reporter: the gop leadership. >> there will be various proposals, pieces submitted to the cbo to get their feedback and what the impacts will be with respect to coverages and costs.
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they are suggesting it cannot be fixed. >> the idea is so backward and out of step with what america want and what actually work, it can never succeed, no matter how it's tweaked. reporter: calendar pressure is building. 10 republican senators signed a leader calling on leader mcconnell to cancel the august recess. they write, our current senate calendar shows only 33 potential working days remaining before the even of the fiscal year. this does not appear to give us enough time to address the issues that demand immediate attention. >> we have an obligation to stick it out until it's done. in we are not finish -- if we are not finished with all those
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thing we should cancel the recess all together. >> that gives you a sense of the growing evening in the senate. they are facing their constituents in august with very few point on the board. david: the president hosted the south korean president. and responded to the relentless attacks from the national left-wing media. reporter: after letting the 123459 and his legislative staff do most of the heavy lifting, he's heavily invested in the healthcare proposal. but he made it clear in the rose garden, that's not all he want to change. reporter: president trump made it clear he's not happy with the terms of the korea-u.s. free trade deal.
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>> our trade deficit with south korea has increased by more than $11 billion. not exactly a great deal. reporter: it's unclear who president trump was blaming for the deal. while it went into effect under the obama administration, it was negotiated and signed during the bush administration. the white house announced the deal would be renegotiated. >> ambassador lighthizzer is calling a meeting to upend the deal. the president tweeted if republican senators are unable to pass what they are work on now, they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date. before taking office president trump said repeal and replace had to happen together to
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guarantee continuity of coverage. >> it will be repeal and replace, it will be essentially simultaneously. the white house denied the president denies his thinking. >> the president hasn't chawngd his thinking. we are fully committed to pushing through with the senate. but we are looking at every possible option repealing and replacing obama care. reporter: another tweeted policy change the president anounced he's sending federal help to crime-plagued chicago. tweeting crime and killings in chicago have reached such epidemic proportions i'm sending in federal help. he's sending atf agents and a mobile ballistics lab to the windy city. attorney general jeff sessions
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says the move is sorely needed. >> murders are way, way too high. it's critical for the people of chicago, public safety that wee begin to work together here. reporter: after a day of withering criticism. president trump waded into the fray dismissing a claim that he offered a spike a salacious story about the couple in the "national enquirer." the president tweeted quote, watch low rated morning joe for first time in long time. fake news. he called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said no. bad show. reporter: a source familiar with the article said he called jared curb her to see if there was anything that could be done about the article.
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kushner said you will have to talk to the president about that. joe said he's mad at me, and kushner suggested, well maybe you should apologize. david: president trump's travel and is in effect across the country at airports. reporter: law enforcement say despite big holiday crowds, protests have been nearly nonexistent. hawaii's attorney general who challenged the first travel ban filed a motion in federal court challenging the new one writing, in hawaii, close family includes many of the people the federal
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government decided to exclude from that definition. >> it's just an activist southern general. they were slapped down by the supreme court and i believe this argument will be heard and i don't believe it will be sustained. reporter: it said people from the six designated countries are exempt from the banff they can show a bona fide relationship to someone or some entity in the u.s. the state department interpreted that to be a child, spouse, parent, son or daughter-in-law, singly and the state department added fiance to that list. pittsburgh * face a longer wait time, 120 days, than other arrivals. >> in terms of the refugees we have extra time to do that until we reach the cap of 50,000. reporter: that cap is nearly
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reached. with less than 1,000 refugee spots still available. iran's foreign minister tweeting out the ban is a truly shameful exhibition of blind hostility to all iranians. david: a tragic story out of new york city. one person dead, five wounded after a doctor opened fire in a bronx hospital after turning the rifle on himself. he entered the hospital at 3:00 p.m. with a rifle concealed under his lab coat. police have not said what motivated the attack. he was a former employee at the hospital. we are coming back with a lot more. the trump administration is battling to save americans from the failure of obamacare. >> we got announcement yesterday
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more insurers are leaving nevada. david: will senate leaders be able to scrape together enough able to scrape together enough
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david: china is growing closer to military dominance of the south china sea. new missile hangars. is gives them the ability to operate military aircraft throughout the whole area. president trump focused on another threat in the region, meeting with south korea's president for the first time where he issued a warning. >> in the era of strategic pay swhens the north korean regime has failed. many years and it has failed. and frankly that patience is over. david: here to discuss how
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chinese relations are complicating china's efforts to deal with north korea. ed rollins was the chief political advisor to the republican leadership, the dean joins me now. the status quo is not acceptable any longer. you served under three presidents. a lot of these policies dough back to democratic and republican presidents. trump says he's going to break the status quo. can he do it? >> the korean situation has been on front page of every president since 1953. the border is 35 miles apart. north korea built up an extraordinary military, and
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certainly is a constant threat, and their reckless. and -- they are reckless. and sanctions and other things don't work there. people have lived such a hard life and have such crazy leadership, the only avenue is the chinese and maybe the only other avenue is the soviets, the russians who basically had that part of the world. i still think of them as the soviets. david: ronald reagan for the first time said we are not just going to have a stale nate with the so yet union. we are going to beat them and that's what he went on to do. this president says we are not going to deal with the status question, our patience is finished. meaning to me he wants a regime change. ed: he does. we have had a -- had a pussycat
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in the oval office. you have a german shepherd in there today and trump is tough, trump is obviously somebody who is basically got strong military advicors around him and to a certain extent is going to deal with this realistically and try to do everything he can to try to not make a foolish decision. david: will the chinese listen to? >> i think we are still the economic military power of the world. and when we speak it will be real. david: the president is going to a meeting in germany and meeting with putin. he's meeting with european
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leaders. there is almost more tension there including angela merkel. ed: he has to show strength. he can't go in there and think it's not a major deal at one of his hotels. he's the leader of the free world. he has to act like that and present himself that way. i think to a certain extent he has to call some of these people out in private, not in public and say here are some things that are going to happen and not happen. david: a couple weeks ago he stead nato, you have not done with you signed on to do which is:spend more money on your military. after that dressing down they are contributing 4.3% more, so sit worked. ed: and he said the gigantic building you all spent money on to build.
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david: they were literally giggling behind his back, but in fact when push came to shove, they chimed in. it was the germans who contribute the lion's share of their money'. ed: they should. at the independent of the day trump is a strong and tough guy, and to a certain extent that's what he will be measured on. david: have you ever talked to him about these tweets? ed: no. i used to tell clients, don't think out loud. i would tell trump, don't tweet alone. make sure somebody else sees it but sends it out. david: should the senate try to repeal obamacare now and replace it later? a reminder to follow lou and twitter, facebook and instagram.
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lou's twitter followers are fired up about his new book. "putin's gambit" is way it's called. viewers whose comments are read on the show will receive a free signed copy of the book. volume on the big board 3.3 billion shares. for the second quarter stocks posting strong gains. s & p up 2%. the wilshire 5,000 measuring quarterly gains of $60 billion. a remind tore listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast. up next president trump once insisted on repeal and replace simultaneously.
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>> it will be repeal and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments you understand, but will most likely be on the same day or same week but probably t t t t t their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of. researchers of technologies that one day you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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david: i'm david asman, louis on vacation. 10 republican senators are calling on mitch mcconnell to cancel their august recess in order to advance the president's agenda. they want progress made on healthcare, funding the government, the debt ceiling, the budget and tax reform. and they point out there are only 33 working days left until the end of the fiscal year. joining me now, fred barnes and mollie hemingway. first of all in this vacation
1:26 am
cancellation. i can't recall senators or congressmen giving that up. do you think there is a possibility of that. mollie: i think it's amazing they are talking about that. if they don't get these types of things done, their electoral chances in the next year will be grim. i think everyone understands the importance. it's okay that it's taking a long time to work out problems with repealing and replacing obamacare. but you have to finish your work but get to go home. fred: i think maybe they will knock a week off the recess or something like that. i don't know why all these members of congress hate washington in august. i have lived here my whole life and i survived. david: let me ask you about the medicaid issue. that's at the heart of what the debate is right now.
1:27 am
whether you continue the extraordinary expansion of medicaid that we have under obamacare so it went from kind of a help for the folks who were really desperate to an entitlement for more people under immediate care right now. is that battle lost, the battle to bring medicaid back to where it was before obama? fred: i don't think the battle is lost. this bill if done properly can slow down where medicaid is headed, and that's of course to a single payer system. the most important thing right now is to pass a bill in the senate. if they don't pass a bill, it will hurt every member. it will hurt the republican party. it will guarantee a democrat wave election. if you have to give a little bit on medicaid just to get the bill passed, i would do it.
1:28 am
>> let's talk about some of the republican opponent to the bill. they fave more toward the obamacare version of medicate than what rand paul is talking about. rob portman is leading the charge. then'ting thing about him is thee years ago the "wall street journal" published an editorial by him that says the longer we wait to enact reforms, the more abrupt and painful they will be. it's time for everyone to come together and start to erase the red ink. >> there is such a cravenness on both side of the aisle. democrats were calling for serious reform of the medicate expansion or medicaid problems. that was a program designed to help poor people. it's being used to subsidize wealthier people. this is something that's
1:29 am
unsustainable so it need to be done. the longer you wait the more difficult thing get. that's the entire problem we have right now. it would have been easy to repeal obamacare a couple years ago. but the senate plan offers some good changes. it's a good step in the right direction and it changes the architecture of the medicaid system in a way that would be helpful even if there are electoral changes in the years ahead. david: mitch mcconnell, is he doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes? he left himself 200 billion over a 10-year period in his bill to play around with. that is for people like rob portman who want more spending for medicaid, maybe he can put some there to satisfy. is there enough room for mcconnell to maneuver to get a bill? >> i think there is. one of the things that's so great about senator mcconnell.
1:30 am
he always has a plan. if one doesn't work, he has another plan. i think he will wide up being successful here. one of the plans is to get the cbo to make some tweaks that will affect the congressional budget office numbers which are wildly exaggerated anyway. but they have an impact on the outcome. i'm not betting against mitch mcconnell, that's for sure. david: what about the president's idea of of splitting it? mollie: this was the original freedom caucus plan. it's a great idea it's a good way to get everybody focused on the same shared goal and gives everybody time to work it out. if you just repeal and give a couple years to come up with a change. david: i know he's shaking his head no. fred, we'll bring back your pessimism next week.
1:31 am
we are coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. the trump administration is confident tax reform will get done this year. >> they are working closely with the house and senate. and we are going to get a bill that will be great for this economy, great for americans, putting people back to work. david: we'll take that up with steve forbes. this kayaker find he's not alone this kayaker find he's not alone at sea.
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david: the trump economy closing out the first part of the year. the dow and the s & p closing at record levels more than 20 type each this year. the nasdaq surging 14%. the best performance since 2009 after closing at record highs 38 times this year. joining me now to discuss the trump economy, the state of the senate healthcare bill and the timeline for tax reform. forbes media chairman and editor-in-chief, steve forbes. let's combine obamacare and taxes. obamacare did that. they load the healthcare bill with lot of taxes. now some republicans are dithering on that.
1:36 am
steve: the idea you are going to appease the media and democrats on tax cuts is preposterous. move forward instead of looking over their shoulder. david: we just talked about it with fred barnes and holly about how much a lot of republicans want to keep obamacare in the healthcare bill. we are approaching a $600 billion plus deficit if we don't cut something, we have to think of how we are going to stimulate the economy. the only way to do that is with tax cuts. >> i think what we are coming to since they dithered so long on this and paul ryan the speaker trying to get a border tax in, they will have to do what ronald reagan did in 1981. cut taxes and do the major tax
1:37 am
reform a year or two later. david: can we wait that long? remember the '81 tax cut of ronald reagan took two years to kick in. steve: make them retroactive. tell the cbo to take a hike and do across-the-board tax cut. 25%, 30% and do more reformulater. david: you have a friend at the white house and the treasury department. steve mnuchin spoke out on a terrible day for the dow. yesterday the dow was plummeting, it was 250 points down. it came back when steve mnuchin was talking about tax cuts. here is what he said. you get tax reform done this year, it's one of the top priorities for economic growth. i think the people of america
1:38 am
understand that. we need economic growth and are committed to doing that. regardless we ared to getting tax -- regardless, we are committed to getting tax reform done. david: when he said that, the market turned around. steve: the word "regardless" is important. he's saying we are going to get a tax bill. david: the person who put tax cuts behind healthcare was paul ryan. he said it had to be done. we now understand it didn't have to be done. how can, if he continues to be an obstacle to tax reform, how can the president and mnuchin go around him? steve: with public opinion and his own caucus. house republicans know they could lose the whole game next year. i think they will begin to look
1:39 am
over their shoulders and realize they will have new job opportunity next year if they don't get things done. there are only so many spaces at fox news for new commentators. david: a quick word on illinois which is as close to being bankrupt as you can get for a state being bankrupt. are they ever going to pull themselves out? steve: i think they will go bankrupt. i will know makes greece look like germany. there is absolute utter irresponsibility in terms of what they have done, especially on the pension side. they will have to go over the cliff before they realize they better find a better way. david: what are the odds we get a tax cut retroactive to january 1, 2017 this year? steve: far better than 50-50.
1:40 am
the prospect of losing the elections will focus these minds wonderfully. david: thank you very much. you can catch steve and me on forbes on the fox news channel at 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. should the senate repeal obamacare now and replace it later? that's what the president wants now. cast your vote on twitter. roll the video. a kayaker thinks he's having a quiet day in the water until two humpback whales nearly cap size him. he's from california, god bless him. the trump administration fighting back against the deep state and the left-wing national medial.
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david: the "new york times" quietly corrected a report the left asserted that russia hacked the presidential elections. the talking points had been widely circulated during the campaign and even mentioned by hillary clinton at the final presidential debate. the "times" says now just four agencies made the assessment. for the latest on how the presidency is shaping up. we are joined by doug wead former assistants to george w. bush. has any president in history been treated by the press the way this one has? >> some have been treated very
1:46 am
badly. but in modern times this is pretty bad. the public was up against l.b.j., there were riots in 140 cities. tricia nixon was spit on when she would walk across campus in college. so there have been bad times. but nothing like this from the media. i think it's because the media can't hide because of the internet, they can't act like they are objective because we can look them up. that harvard study showed 90 percent say they lean left and are not objective. david: they not only lean left, they lie. you have cnn, the "new york times," the "washington post," all retracting stories and facing national embarrassment as a result of such a flimsy
1:47 am
sourcing for stories that turned out to be wrong. >> i agree with you. and i think part of the explanation for that is they care about each other. it's the echo chamber. one of the four basic psychological necessities of life is recognize of peers. they don't care what the american people think, they care what those other journalists on the sister networks think how good they gored donald trump today. i think that's part of the problem taking them down today. they are not going to send out a certified letter to all of those viewers to make sure they know the story has against corrected. david: we never had a president, i don't think, maybe andrew jackson, who fights back the way donald trump fights back. the tweets are one of his means of fighting back. he has been criticized, and
1:48 am
sometimes rightly so for his tone. but they don't get away easily from him. >> it's a new era. and because of social media, i think reagan would have loved to hit back. by had to stay calm and keep smiling. he had to act like he believed in their impartiality even though he knew better because there was no chance to fight back. what we are seeing with donald trump's counter punches is a new era where he can go direct to the american people over the heads of these media folks and it's driving them crazy. david: it's have much in real-time. my question is what's going to happen with the history books. when they are finally written, are they going to stack up inside on the side of trump's accomplishments? it's early days, i know, we only had 6 months. which side do you think they will add up on, trump having had
1:49 am
more accomplishments or because so far all of the charges or most of them have turned out to fall flat. >> history will demand facts. when i walked out of my home tonight the library, i look at my library, they have entire shelves of books on watergate. i don't have a single book on russian collusion. because you can fill an hour of hysteria on collusion about russia, but you can't write a single book. if hillary clinton were president of the united states, or jeb bush, there wouldn't be these outrageous tweets, but illegal immigration would not be down 70%, and the stock market, those top hedge funds up 50% and people would still be dieing in the vet ands administration. i say tweet on, donald trump and just keep making america great
1:50 am
again. dave require's good to have the respect of historians. one sanctuary city writing a 6-figure check to an illegal immigrant instead of deporting him. we discuss president trump's latest efforts to crack down on this lawlessness. [child speaking indistinctly] announcer: are your children in the right car seat for their age and size?
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is the seat supposed to be forward-facing or rear-facing? did they move to a booster seat too soon? it may be too late to check when you're on the road. [blaring car horn and skidding] fortunately, you're on the couch.
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david: in our online poll last night we asked you, is the senate leadership playing games with two important immigration bills. 87% of you said yes. an illegal immigrant that was suppose to be deported in 2005 instead will be receiving $190,000 from the city of san francisco. the el salvador may stiff suing the city claiming he was reported to federal authorities in violation of the city's ordinance. we are joined by radio talk show host done giordano. steny hoyer, he actually guided
1:55 am
the democratic caucus not to be too enthusiastically against kate's law. what in the end will happen when it reaches the senate? >> why would anyone be enthusiastically against this in the first place? what is controversial about a bill saying illegal immigrants convicted of a crime and coming back in will face a prison sentence. if this isn't unanimous and sent to president trump. it's basically the democrats saying they are okay with criminal dangerous illegal immigrants being in this country because if they do anything about them, then that could hurt the other illegal immigrants who haven't hurt anybody. it's outrageous. david: i happen to love el salvador, i have been there many times.
1:56 am
but this immigrant in this country illegally who had been convicted of a crime who was award by the city of san francisco, $190,000. because he was arrested for breaking the law. apparently getting arrested for breaking the law if you are an illegal immigrant gets you $190,000. >> i'm here in a sanctuary city. philadelphia. and they are proud of it here. the point is democrats will vote against this. it doesn't matter what the rationale is. and mitch mcconnell on my show a few months back told us why this can't pass through the senate. mitch mcconnell the guy who has to drive this offering excuses. he bundled kate's law into something else sow it wouldn't pass and he can say it's due to something else. so we have a problem with republicans as well on this. david: obviously the tweet
1:57 am
getting a lot of issue, but one thing missed on the focus of the tweet was something chris matthews said which was in my mind any sane individual would say it went so far beyond anything donald trump ever tweeted. he was talking about how trump and mussolini were similar and that led him to say the following. >> so the son-in-law, one good thing mussolini did was kill his son-in-law. that was an extreme measure, but this is a strange situation. david: he was talking about mussolini's son-in-law, and murdering him. >> if you listen to the end of that tape web said the was an extreme measure.
1:58 am
kathy griffin did it. johnny depp did it. stop talking about killing people, it's not funny. i hope his producers were behind the cameras with their heads in their hands. david: i almost went in the direction of not doing the story because i know they wanted the publicity. but it was so outrageous -- but maybe it's impossible to shame these people. maybe they reached a level that shame even through the worst examples of egregious behavior, they can't be shamed. >> i'm from philadelphia, chris ma these is from philadelphia. but there is nothing in the water here. the producers of that show after a while they become insured to this. you can't do those shows. you can't think anything is wrong. talking about mussolini and
1:59 am
jared kushner. david: how long do you think something like this will overshadow the trump tweets? >> it will not overshadow this. we expect this from chris ma these. david: the bar keeps getting lower and lower. thank you for being here. we want to recommend a good read. it's called "putin's gambit." this is a heart stopping geopolitical thriller about a russian leader who seeks to rebuild the soviet union in his image. lou's fans are loving it. barb wrote, your book looks toably inspiration to troubled times. can't wait to read it. every viewer whose tweet is read on the show will receive an
2:00 am
autographed copy of the book. louis back next week. you can catch my show after the bell weekdays 4:00 p.m. right >> majestic trees thousands of years old... >> these are the biggest trees i've ever seen, and they're beautiful. >> the redwood forest has been on the planet since the dinosaurs. >> then the ax men cometh. one makes a redwood his ultimate log cabin... >> what? >> ...a log-rolling attraction. it's her strange inheritance. >> i was the only child, so i knew i was always gonna get the log. >> but the road takes its toll. >> it's hard to be the log lady and have a life and be the truck driver and the repair person and do it all. >> she's got a big decision to make. >> she sure does, jamie. she sure does. >> and what happens when it's time for the log to be inherited from you?


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