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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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autographed copy of the book. louis back next week. you can catch my show after the bell weekdays 4:00 p.m. right kennedy: healthcare were ta tax reform and the budget on lawmakers plate. why are the leaders leaving town? is the white house winning? juan williams is here. and legal weed on sale in vegas this saturday. grab your chips. time to go all in. congress is useless. it's a good thing their going on -- they are going on vacation while the rest of us are bash quiewg our families. these hacks deserve to have
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their buns tested. the republicans have been yapping about repealing it for 7 years. the senate version makes as much sense. the republicans convinced themselves they need to reconcile healthcare and sort out the budget before they move on to taxes. but why start now. no one wants to pay for everyone else's healthcare, but loves low taxes. simplify the code and do it all. do it now. if there is anything that almost move the needle, it's tax reform. now, of course it would be a logical delight if tax cuts came from spending cuts. but the legislation towards are nothing but cold cuts and the
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meat heads are too addicted to a streaming spigot to stop rocking on your dime. infrastructure spend is only slightly better than a golf ball-size kidney stone. let's start the show on kennedy. the clock is ticking for republicans to get wins in their legislative agenda. healthcare, tax reform and the budget, they are completely stalled. joining me now, congressman sean duffy, he's a member of the house moderate tuesday group and the husband of fox news contributor and my partner in crime, rachel campos-duffy. he that was a great intro, kennedy, thank you.
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kennedy: you understand, people aren't thrilled with congress right now. you have had all the opportunity in the world and all the time to come up with a great alternative to obamacare, but this whole thing smells. >> give me one second to tell you to hold off for a moment. you and i were talking in the past and you were chirping at me saying the house couldn't get its act together and can't pass a bill. we got a product out of the house. now we are in the senate. you think a break is bad to pass senate healthcare. i think a break to go home for the 4th of july and let the republican senators get lit up by their constituents is a great thing. they will come back and think my god, i have got to get something done on healthcare because my constituents are livid. it's not just republican senators. where are the american
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republicans and independents crushed by healthcare, why they sit on the sidelines doing nothing. they should be part of the solution. try to get a market system to work in healthcare so republicans and democrats won't be blipped over the 4th of july. kennedy: it's not a market system it's a medicaid system and tax subsidy system. it has the same structures and pill lars that obamacare -- and pillars obamacare had. the senate version is less popular than the house version. it's pretty incredible. let's say that the senate bill either fails to make it through the cincinnati senate or gets to you and your party people in the house and it dies there. what happens to tax reform if healthcare dies?
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>> tax reform dies as well. kennedy: you can't do tax reform if you don't fix healthcare. >> yes. we are using budget reconciliation. budget reconciliation allows us to use 51 votes in the senate means there are certain rules around it. for every tax dollar i move down i have to move a tax dial up. i use a billion dollars. and a bored adjustment tax to move down another trillion. if you don't give me a trillion to repeal and replace obamacare, i can't get tax reform done in the senate does away with the filibuster rule. then we can have wholesale tax reform. kennedy: the revenue neutrality is awful. the only people who like the
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bored adjustment tax are you and paul ryan. >> if you can figure a way to get me a trillion dollars of revenue so i can lower tax i'll all about hearing it. kennedy: how about cutting spending. >> that's not revenue neutral. kennedy: revenue neutrality is ridiculous. it's literally robbing peter to pay paul it's a shell game and a great disservice to the economy and the voters. >> you didn't make those rules and neither did i. but we have a majority in the senate. we can change this rule. kennedy: if healthcare fails and there is such a razor thin margin, it's not gaining popularity with moderate like to yourself. kennedy: aren't you a member of the tuesday group?
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>> i'm a member of a lot of groups. conservatives. more independent-minded people. i represent my folks in central and northern wisconsin. kennedy: you don't sell it like a politician. >> thanks, i appreciate that. the turkey and cold cuts and the 4th of july. come on. kennedy: sean, you have a sense of humor. i know you love this country and take your job seriously. and i know we can be in economic deep yogurt if we don't get some of these things fixed. i want your word that you will fight for free market solutions that increase freedom and choice in this country from healthcare to education. >> i have 8 kids. i miss baseball games and hockey practices and tennis matches because i'm out here fighting for free enterprise and free market. i want to give more control to our states and families. that's why i take time way from
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my children. if i wasn't going to do that, there is no reason for me to be here. i'm in that fight wholeheartedly. i'm frustrated by the process. i'm frustrated by the senate. i'm doing all that i can to make this country better off for the next generation so they can inherit what you and i inherited after that great mtv generation we both participated in. kennedy: that's absolutely right. now let me take it to my star spangled party panel, joe concha, joined by comedian dave smith and fox news contributor pete hegseth. let's end the week right with a healthcare fiasco gumming up the works for republicans. you heard what the congressman said about the gob agenda.
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did you find congresshan duffy's -- congressman duffy's word problematic? >> sure. but i understand his argument with reconciliation. you play the washington games built by bureaucrats to grow government. but this is not about the house. this is about the senate. this is whether too senators can come together and do what they said they would do for 7 years. paul ryan has been weak on a lot of things. but he went back and worked with the freedom caucus to make that bill more conservative and market oriented. it's less popular because there is fake news and fake polls that are meant to make the american people turn again this bill. ignore the media.
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look at trump's strong support. close ranges and pass the bill you said you would. it will help the country and help you at the ballot box as well. kennedy: conventional wisdom is they shouldn't have started with healthcare. they should have gone to the red meat issues like tax reform. >> the problem is there is no rule to change the rules. nobody is actually standing up. so you can see this very blatantly with the bills that are proposed. propose an actual repeal of obamacare. first we are going to appeal it. theyv would have had a strong case. the people overwhelmingly voted for republicans. at the end of the day, we are not going to repeal this. the bill is terrible. why don't they propose a
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balanced budget in the house. kennedy: they say they are going to tackle healthcare and then a budget and tax reform. none of this can happen. what happens to the country if all of this fails? >> what happens to republicans if all of this fail. in 2018 they say we had the house, the senate, and the executive branch and we couldn't get anything done. i'm with you. i would have done tax reform first. there is more consensus to get that done. kennedy: everyone loves tax cuts. that's an easier sell to voters, maybe not to democrats. they want more revenue for the government so they can spend more money. but if you are talking to people who are trying to start businesses and send kids to college, they want more of their money. >> charles krauthammer said this a few week ago.
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once you give people an entitlement, it's very hard to take it away. kennedy: it only happened one time. a weird bush era real estate entitlement they were able to walk back. by the wasn't something as nebrask -- asnebulous as health. the cold war is still are much part of our foreign policy. despite the republicans infighting over healthcare, they have been spending a lot of time gushing about how hard they have been working on it. >> healthcare is working along have well. >> for us it's never been about the timeline, but getting the best piece of legislation that helps americans. >> it's not working. we are replacing it with a law that will actually work. kennedy: all that hard work
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doesn't seem to be paying off with the voters. a fox news poll shows 27% of americans support the senate healthcare bill. the quinnipiac university poll found 60% of america's taxpaye taxpayers -- 6 -- 16% support the repeal. >> i think republicans being characterized as cold hearted. republicans don't do themselves a service or justice by properly articulating to the free market. their motives are always impugned. we think socialized medicine
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will lead to bad outcomes. transparency, cost and choice does better. democrat have been good at demagoguing. some of that number reflects -- kennedy: it's not just reading editorials in the "new york times." people don't read newspapers anymore. they know there are certain phrases people can latch on to. i don't think the democrats have been doing a good job of selling. >> the media sells this thing for the democrats. it's unbelievable. how many times have you heard in any mainstream media that no politician ever in american modern history proposed a cut to immediate care or medicaid for current recipient. we are talking about like 40 years in if the future. anybody who looks at the issue
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seriously knows the programs are insolvent. everybody is so pro socialist. kennedy: if you talk about halting medicaid expansion, slowing growth, immediate carry calls death. >> i have 100 years of empirical evidence that says the free market does better providing goods and services and you can't even make the argument because you are a killer. kennedy: to give people choices and innovation will make their lives better. why is that such a hard sell? >> 16% don't approve of the senate bill. i'm willing to read 99.9% didn't read the bill. they are reading tweets by hillary clinton saying republicans will be the party of death. you can't attack the proposal. you attack the motives.
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that that's what politics have become. kennedy: it am not even a genuine motive. there is no intent there. it's mostly manufactured. the panel returns. first up, the president contemplated nixing the daily press briefings. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ken report white house was criticized for having an off-camera news briefing. but two former press secretaries said they should adopt the policy full time. embar got it and let it be used but not as live tv. better for the public, the white house and the press. should the president take their advice and keep future briefings off camera? and is the white house winning its battle with the press? joining me now, the man who has done so much winning, he's almost tired of winning.
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are you surprised to see former press secretaries come out in favor of these off-camera briefings? >> no, because they are old-timers. to old-timers, i have to throw myself in there because i used to be in the white house press corps. what goes on now seems like a circus. only in the is the briefing room jam packed with people who don't belong there and are from some crazy organization. the other day there was somebody there from playboy, the montgomery sentinel? what is going on here? then you have all these websites. it's jam packed and people are trying to get attention for themselves. they think if i ask this question i'll get on tv. kennedy: it works for some
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people, but it distracts from the issues at hand and what you need from the administration. >> the trump white house has an antagonistic relationship with the media. they were thinking they should move it out of the white house. and major organizations say don't do that. once you moist out, we are never coming back. kennedy: they want to have a gal outside sean spicer's office and get some stuff off the record or on the record they wouldn't get if they were in the building off the premises. if you are sitting here with kennedy, you think the white house. actually it's a pretty small place. the oval office is like -- i don't think it's even 25 yards from the press secretary's office and the press tech
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terry's office is 5 yards from the briefing room. we are supposed to be the advocates of the people asking tough questions. kennedy: i don't necessarily think they should be off camera. i want to turn to the two tweets the president offered about joe and mika. did you think they crossed the line. >> i don't think there is any question about that. i don't get. i don't understand why he can't say no to this tweet thing. the argument from a media perspective is he's able to circumvent so much of the press. people are able to hear directly from the commander-in-chief. but at some point it's self-defeating as in the comey situation where he's saying you better be careful, we don't have tapes. and then there is a special prosecutor or special counsel.
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the business about bloond mika reminded me of other things. kennedy: juan, thank you so much. a partial ban on travelers from six muslim countries begins today. i'll ask buck sexton what some [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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kennedy: president trump's travel ban is going into effect from sea to shining sea. the supreme court decided to soften the ban saying they could enter the u.s. as long as they can proof they have a bona fide relationship with somebody already here or working here. buck sexton is here. thank you very much. what are some of the foreseeable problems with the implementation of the travel ban.
5:29 am
>> they are turning the heat up on if i and you say out there to make it happen. there is going to be a series, groups of people -- you are not now counted as somebody who has an established relationship or whatever the specific legalese here with and u.s. person unless you are immediate family. grandparents, if i and you say, parents i-in-law. it's strange how they are drawing this designation. it will lead to a lot more lawsuits. future supreme court justices said this would happen. and they were right. but it was a huge win for the trump administration. the ban looks like it's not so crazy when the supreme court is reversing other courts to say
5:30 am
most it goes into effect. kennedy: that was after a number of liberal obama-appointed federal judges took some of the president's campaign promises and used those in their decision to shut down the travel ban. so obviously there is going to be some time between the implementation of this and when the supreme court takes it up. what if some of the people trying to get into this country do have bona fide relationships with terrorists in this country. >> i think you will see a situation where the trump administration considers itself entirely vindicated. if there is anyone who can be proven to be a terrorist risk that can be kept out of this, that would be a win. this is hypothetical, i don't know. there was an attack that this could have prevented.
5:31 am
or if they reversed it again. but i think the key here is this is a relatively minor and temporary change in our vetting of people coming into the country from a small segment of the world, a small segment of the muslim population. this is my theory, i think a large part of this is the trump administration showing even when they try to take relatively minor action to keep america safer the left erupts in a frenzy of rage. why is this so unthinkable. why were they applauding decisions from lower court judges? so it's exposing what the trump administration views as its number one goal, national
5:32 am
security. and the left even gauges in a multi-culturallistic grand stands. kennedy: it's often said there are two certainties in life. death and taxes. the cripple rear may no longer be able to save you from the irs. a group of canadian scientists recently revealed there may be no limit to how long humans can live. in 1900. average life expectancy was 48 years. the oldest person who ever lived was 128. could we see 90-year-old men driving mid life crisis lamborghinis? so, i want to show you something, pete.
5:33 am
the other night on the specialists, on the fox news channel, i was responding to liberal senatorial hysteria. senators were trying to say the number of people who would die as the result of the latest healthcare bill. >> ,000 of people, hundreds of thousands. schumer says. >> at least they are not employing hyperbole. you know what the crazy thing is? we are all going to die. unless they are psychic and have a party line to heaven. they don't know who is going to die or when or how many people that's such a fool's earned trying to quantify something so serious and grave. kennedy: moist turns out we are all going -- now it turns out we are all going to live forever
5:34 am
and i was wrong. you were anti-fear mongering. moses and noah were 600-700 years old. ultimately i would rather live a short, brutish consequential live. >> i'm breathy convinced we are all going to die. kennedy: that was not a statement that no one should have healthcare because we are all going to die. >> you are confronting how ridiculous it is when people say x amount of people will die if you don't do this. we don't have governments running the sale of shoes. we don't have a federal government running an exchange in he state. if we did have that system and i came along and said we don't need this system. i'm sure bernie sanders would
5:35 am
tell me i want children to walk around barefoot. we don't have a problem with that because we have a free market. we have poor kids wearing nikes. >> when you say hundreds of thousands will die, why doesn't anybody go to bernie sanders and say what's your evidence for that. what are you have basing that on? there is never a follow-up question. >> my is an e.r. doctor. people on death's door without any money are treated by her by law. kennedy: you know the left lost an argument when they have to rely on hysteria. pete, joe. recreational marijuana is about
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to become legal. in vegas. thank you is what we say. but we mean so much more. we mean how can we help?
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we mean what can we do? we mean it's our turn. to do our part. to serve you, for all you've done to serve us. ♪
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kennedy: the city of las vegas is getting a class of high rollers this weekend. recreational marijuana sales start on saturday. vegas dispensaries are expecting
5:40 am
an onslaught of tourism. and will this landmark day help sway the nation and help marginalize the ridiculous ideas of attorney general jeff sessions? joining me now the associate editor from 3% of recreational pot sales from come from tourists. will this build a new class of tourists who will visit for the first time? >> probably. it will be a personal win and also for the state finances. interestingly enough, millennials don't like gambling. they don't gamble as much as older americans. but they do like pot so this will attract them to vegas perhaps.
5:41 am
kennedy: is there a lazy form of gambling? >> maybe you bid smaller amounts. kennedy: what is the deal with dispensaries potentially selling out by august? they can't refill their shelves? >> right. unfortunately the way this has been implemented is incredibly complicated and not ideal from the consumer standpoint. kennedy: that's so weird for a government program. >> so surprising. they have given exclusive option to distribute marijuana to alcohol distributors. people office job it is to enforce their monopoly on alcohol. kennedy: i have a feeling hole distributors donate. >> i'm aghast at that thought. even though they are not
5:42 am
prepared at this time to start selling marijuana, they don't want to let go of this great monopoly they have. so it's not clear if dispensaries will be able to ramp up and tart selling them. ones in existence that sell to medical customers. they can sell to anyone, but only while supplies last. >> this weekend is a big weekend in vegas. lots of 4th of july revelers. now they have a new option. we'll see if they partake. i do it, though. >> we'll see. it will be good for vegas on the whole i expect. kennedy: good to see you. kennedy: the state of indiana has found a way to blow money.
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kennedy: the 4th of july weekend is ahead of us. back when they established this holiday our country had a better healthcare system than it does today.
5:47 am
this is the "topical storm." topic number one. the state of in the noise is so broke, they are smuggling gold bars out of nigeria. but in the great state of indiana, they have all their ducks in a row. you are looking at broad ripple duck race. people bet on rubber ducks as they gloat down a canal. kennedy: i just like knowing people bet money on this. that means someone will stand up at a gamblers anonymous meeting and say my name is clay and i'm addicted to betting on ducks.
5:48 am
topic number 2. an r2d2 that was used during original "star wars" trilogy was sold at auction for $2.7 million. a. >> -year-old bought it with the money he saved from never going on a date in his life. r wasn't the only "star wars" prop the guy bought. he also snapped up a yo -- a mat. they also sold george lucas' inspiratioinconspiracy -- inspi. he.
5:49 am
topic number 3. "star wars" fans aren't the only ones fighting the clone wars. test. ghting the clone wars. test. test. test. ted cruz and chicago cubs owner tom rickets. from the look of things, it looks like these two were separated at birth by dr. ben carson. but we know that's not true. according to his birth certificate. ricket was born in chicago. and according to president trump, ted was born in cuba while his dad was helping plan the jfk assassination. imagine how bored we would be if we had a different president on twitter. every once in a while you would get 140qs in a row because she
5:50 am
fainted and her head land on the keyboard. topic 4. tim tee boys in fort st. lucie, florida. and he's playing baseball for the new york mets minor league team, and it's getting pretty good. tebow hit his first two-run homer in his first at-bat and a single on the second. i don't know what's stopping the mets from calling this guy up to the majors. tebow isn't going anywhere for now but he has become a fan favorite with the women of port st. lucie, florida.
5:51 am
topic number five. it's thursday again. and all this hatred might seem like deja vu. this is viewer mail. leftist starts with doing your show. i would delete the memory of all your moms naked pictures from my show. alfred writes, kennedy was a joke when she was on mtv and nothing has changed. alfredalfred.
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i'm wearing a doily. sean says, glasses don't make you smart. kennedy: yeah, but martness does. lastley. david's parting words, kennedy is a stooge. my gosh, you are right. coming up, emmy award winning host to tell me about his nat new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪ ♪ art. it can be sculpted, bringing to life beautiful detail.
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fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver.
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>> the adventure of a lifetime. >> a lot of action here. kennedy: that's a taste of how exhilarating the animal kingdom can be. it's "live" happening july 9. 50 cameras will be set up across six continents to present the first ever live broadcast of the world's wildlife. they will show us what happens when cutting-edge technology meet the unpredictable creatures
5:57 am
of nature of. world. phil, how are you? nice to see you. it's been quite some time, and you are setting up all these cameras personally in 50 different countries. >> yes, that's right. it took me so long. i had to go around the world. i have been going around the world to all these locations. 25 locations. i'm exhausted. kennedy: this is happening live. the hope is as families gather to watch this on nat geo is someone gets eaten. there is the ultimate unpredictability, correct? >> you had to go there, didn't you? >> they say never work with children, never work with animals.
5:58 am
we don't have children involved, but we do have animals. they are unpredictable it's a bold venture. and i'm excited to be involved because i love trying things that are new and different. you know from doing live television, you don't know what's going to happen. we have the cameras set up with incredible wildlife. we have tremendous potential energy but we don't know what's going to happen. when so many of these esteemed filmmakers make their fills about lions or sharks. kennedy: there will be mexican bats and hyenas. >> and lions. and humpback whales. they if i necessary over the script and the shots. and they wait for months at a time trying to get the right
5:59 am
shot. we have all these potential set up and we when cross different cameras, we don't know if the lion is like sorry, dude, i'm just relaxing. kennedy: that's what lions do. if you have been on safari you seat lions and they are just sitting there and they are asleep. is someone going to cover themselves in blood and chum to agitate some of these creatures? >> that's why i was talking to you. would you like to volunteer? i think it would make for a great shot. kennedy: my secret goal is to ride a great white shark. if you can make that happen, i will aquestion is. >> tino you are up for everything. see you sunday. kennedy: thank you for:watching. you can follow me on twitter and insta graham.
6:00 am
email have a safe, beautiful, healthy and truthful 4th of july. it's all about freed >> lou: good evening, everybody. the national left wing media proving what a sorry lot most of them are. once again attacking president trump after he tweeted a response to mmess nbc left wingers including mi ka. they are hitting back at brenskis and the white house admopished them for ignoring health care and taxes and americans. >> our stock market


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