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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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in spite of them. >> there would be a lot of winning. are you tired of the winning yet,cenorred in america. right here next saturday. but even today they are speaking. students want to have the space. >> safe space is where coaches go. it is not. these people are intimidating. >> i was silenced.
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>> it is hard. you are discussing the solution. the speech issues. >> they are a bunch of wimps. >> we need to disagree. this is what makes america great. >> we americans speak freely. we trash politicians and celebrities and each other. but there's one group people fear speaking about. isis taking responsibility for sunday's shooting here in texas. this shooting happen in a draw mohammed contest. >> they won the contest and depicted mohammed saying you can't draw me. and the cartoonist responds that's why i draw you. >> we have to express ourselves. we stop drawing, we are unfree.
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>> and america is unfree. many outlets refuse to show the cartoon. >> this is a new's story. i assumed every channel would show the cartoon. >> they don't want to be killed. >> i don't either. charlie heb do wanted to support free press. but then? >> the gun men shot their way up and down two floors of that building. allah. >> and before that a dutch film maker critized in a movie. he was murdered on the street. a danish cartoonist tried to speak in a free speech event. people rushed the podium and screaming allah akbar and punched him. he attended another event where a terrorist shot at him and
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missed. >> one man was killed and three officers were wounded. all over the world people are killed for criticizing islam. and so now even charlie hebdon car tonnist will not draw mohammed. >> and she said no one should draw mohammed because it is offensive to depict the prophet. of course, cair condemns violence. >> we are against the people who respond in violence. but for islam, and people to have freedom of speech. >> what? it is only muslim who are doing the killing over speech. >> these are select minority group of people within the vast of the muslips. >> there are 2 billion muslims
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and most are not violent and some people say in the west, muslim need special protection. in america, muslims are a discriminated against minority. and they ought to be kinder and respect their culture. >> it is it all about free speech. >> and saying mohammed was angry. >> he was a killer and killed people. >> in america bosh has the right to say. that >> in canada you were put on trial for what you wrote. >> mark stein said growing muslim population will take over the west. >> it is a mean thing to say. why should we not be able to stay mean thing. stein fought the government in court and won. >> these laws have no place in free countries. no one should be stopped from saying what they believe. >> mali norist is a cartoonist
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and draws on every liberal and a south park fan. and in an episode of south park got cancelled because they made a mild mohammed joke. it was a joke about how you can't make a mohammed joke. >> jesus. budda. mohammed. >> in the next episode. comedy central bleeped out the name mohammed. [bleep]. allah. you so, i learned something today. they bleep 35 seconds of their show. >> south park criticizes everybody. >> right. >> they are grossly offensive about everybody. but they made the mildest pathetic, panist mohammed and they yanked it.
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>> norris wanted to start a draw mohammed day to protest the censorship. >> she's disappeared. >> her liberal newspaper. the way they put it in the way she was gone and ceased to exist. there is no more molly. >> there is so more molly. >> she vanished. no one knows if she is alive or dead. >> the only people who writes right wing nut job. why don't the liberals care. >> what will happen to molly norris will happen to you or you. >> cair said it is legal to draw the cartoon but you shouldn't out of respect. >> in a happy world people would not draw cartoons of mohammed or make jokes about catholicism. but when only one religion kills
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people, it becomes necessary to stand up and argue for the right to do that. >> stein stamp're -- stands up. >> the host was shot. and the artist is in hiding. >> the norwedgian family restaurant was fire bombed and a dutch cartoonist had to wear a burka. and he's gone into hiding. of the six people on stage two of us left. when is cair going to stand up against people who want to kill those who disagree with them? >> they say they stand up against them. and they are against killing and you should be respectful and not draw mohammed. >> in this case respectful is a bogus codeword. the only way we'll move to a real sense of freedom is if
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every time somebody puts a bullet in a cartoonist for drawing a cartoon of mohammed is every newspaper displays that picture. >> many won't. nbc, cnn and new york times will not run the charlie hebdon cover. >> why would you want to make them haid hate you. >> after the texas shooting some people blamed the activist. >> meanest is part of the vigor. >> hate is what it is to be human. >> polls show americans support laws that would ban hate speech. >> what is hate speech? >> if you apply hate speech, according to the things they say. the quran has hate speech.
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>> she group and under the quran. >> i was raised in a muslim family. my mother married me off at 22. by then, i was old enough and mature enough and i defoyed him. >> she ran away to holland and started to criticize her old religion. 9/11, i started to speak out. i saw on television young people celebrate the fact that 3000 americans were killed and the twin towers were brought down. this is it somebody who is known to express hateful attitude and bigoted remarks. there are people that could be incited violence. >> she is threatening violence.
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>> she called for the destruction of islam and she is clearly speak nothing a hateful way. >> i did not cause 9/11. it is not a li who kidnapped 276 girls in nigeria. >> billions of muslims in the world and they are not violent. >> you can't run away from the fact when it comes to violence committed in the name of religion, islam is number one. >> for saying that. a li is wanted dead or alive. >> yes, we can said the al-qaeda. a bullet a day keeps the infidel up away. >> you could have lived a quiet life. >> i could have been quiet in my home, but how would i feel about myself? you can put your head in the sand, but if you are confronted
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with the grim reality people murdering in the name of your god. the bigger the problem gets. >> if americans keep censoring the killers will push until we have no freedom [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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university tennessee students were told to use gender neutral words hire her and sir. and the now twist some campus leftest said some view points most not be heard. jerry sein feld said don't go near colleges, they are so pc. >> chris rock stopped to play colleges because of their unwillingness to offend anybody. if you hear something you don't like. have an argument with them. but not silence them by saying you can't come because i am too
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sensitive. >> all i hear is that colleges are awful places for free speech. >> the reason you feel that this is a big deal because the media exaggerated how important. >> and if you are jerry seinfeld and you can't handle a gay right's activist calling you a homophobe. put on your big boy papts. it is just a criticism. >> criticism is fine, but it is targeted at certain people. >> what is offensive is being pro-life. >> kristern powers leans left. but she said the left is silencing people. nhaving a nonliberal view. and intollerance of hearing from people. >> the purpose is the students are young and they are vulnerable and protected from nasty ideas.
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>> instead of people saying i disagree with what you are saying, they say i am sorry, i am offended and it could trauma toys. >> little snowflakes can't handle it. they are not. they are intimidators. >> they intimidated one to uninviting. >> when you want to send your kid to be protected from reality send them to a day care center. >> some students called her hate speech. she cancelled her invitation and revoked her degree. >> a woman too hot for brandeis to handle? some offer them a safe space. >> run and hide, run and ride
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get to the safe space before the bombs start falling. this is insanity. >> and safe space is where cultures go to die. >> safe space. they are places with teddy bears and crayola. >> a columnist reports that the safe space with brown had cookies and coloring books and a video of frolicking puppies. >> we take it they are fully formed when comes to having sex of any variety. but not allowed to be exposed to a speaker that might discomfort them. people having their heads chopped off all over the middle east and christians having churches burned down and the most pampered and indull gent society in human history. young people feel threatened becausesomers was invited.
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>> she is skeptical of the claim of campus sexual assault. >> her speeches were disrupted and they are harming them by expressing a different view. >> they treat disagreement as an assault against them and they are justified in si licensing people and in one case attacking someone. >> she is a professor. >> and the video begins right after the tashgs tack. a feminist study's professor snatch a sign from a 16-year-old pro-life demonstrator. and the sign owner complains, the professors smiles as the students tell the girl. and the professor admit she stole the sign and said. you are a terrorist. >> and the terrorist told the police officer she of the justified because of the graphic abortion signs were disturbing
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and offensive. >> she was saying she was harassing. and she cuts the sign up. and in the process attack a 15-year-old pro-lifer trying to get it back. >> what did the college do to the professor? >> nothing. she still works there. >> get off. we don't want you here. >> i experienced a new campus attitude. i thought i would ask students where is the new line between sexual consent and rape? >> rape is not tv hype. >> come on, everybody. i couldn't get a question out. they pulled out my microphone cord. >> what happened to you was wrong and let's remember what a college is. 18 to 21-year-old people exposed to ideas and some of them get
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passionate about that and they make bad mistakes. i don't think very often hecklers are veto. they vetoed bill mauer. he was invited to speak. and he criticized islam. >> they don't teach irony in college anymore. >> dixie state, libertarian students were told not to post the flyers criticizing both president obama and bush. don't colleges need rules to keep people civil. hate speech is not nice. >> the speech must be limited to the zone. >> and at least here they thought students would be free to write opinions. >> he was looking for hate speech.
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and he said yes. and went over to our table and looked through our books. >> the guy in the cowboy hate was going to write something. but he was scared off. >> and the students can say whatever they want in the free speech zone? >> first of all, the country is a free speech zone. you don't decide what other people are going to say or hear. it shouldn't be how campuses operate. >> no. but many campuses do operate that way. not only the campus but the company's too. >> losing the job is one thing but black listed from the but black listed from the industry, that is a
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free speech is important and we need to be tiebl speak about our
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political leaders. we are free to speak about politics and do it all the time. i was stunned when i heard what happened in wisconsin. life was quiet in the town of middleton until one morning before dawn people woke up to hear something like this. police with battering rams. >> it was a series of terrifying raids. >> predawn military raids on homes. >> i rushed downstairs thinking the worst. >> so did her teenage son. >> they opened the dorbefore police knocked it down. and they were under criminal investigation. give us your computer and cell phone and files. and don't talk to anyone. >> we would be subject to jail time and a fine if we told anybody about the search on our home. >> did they say why? >> school buses drove by and
5:28 am
does it mean her husband is a pedophile or big- time drug dealers. >> several team said what happened. at your house this morning. >> what was the crime? >> you practice politics. >> i do communication's work. but my partner and i were involved with governor walker's campaign. >> they were in violation of the campaign. >> trying to reduce money in politics. they had campaign finance rules and limit what they can say to each other. >> they have certain laws to follow. >> democratic activist scott ross likes the rule. >> when it comes to a john doe investigation there is secrecy. >> that means authorities may order suspects don't tell anyone that you are being investigated. not even your kids or spouse or
5:29 am
parents. noah's home was raided. and he was 16. >> his parents had left early that morning. >> my mind is racing and i am looking around and flashlights on the sidewalk and house. he wanted to call his parents but the police would not let them. >> they didn't let him call anyone. >> i was two and half-hours late for school and no way you can try to explain it to anyone. >> they say why are you late? >> i said i can't say. >> prosecutor claim that the john doe rule protect people. but it protects the prosecutors from scrutiny. >> it gives direct attorney more power. you know why they came after us? we wereective. >> eric complained about the
5:30 am
raid. >> you were told you may not speak but you did anyway? >> i was the only one to defight secrecy journal. and the wall street journal called it political attacks on conservative. >> they anyhow there would be children and no, you can't call your parents and attorney and cannot tell the school why you are late. >> the john doe prosecution is supposed to protect the innocent. >> but the leftist use it as a tool. >> it is two public district attorneys signed off. >> they are a career government employee. government workers don't like that? >> i take cold comfort of my constitutional rights affected.
5:31 am
>> scott ross was acquitted of breaking campaign laws. >> was it wrong to you to be told to shut up? >> no, i don't think so. milwaukee direct attorney, he's the lead bad guy. a democrat that opposed scott walker. he asked him to appear and he did not respond. it sounded like the milwaukee district attorney wanted to for you. that's right. >> no judges, no body. they sat silent. >> for five years >> until the wisconsin supreme court ordered a john doe investigation be stopped. the top court said prosecutor employed theories of law that do not exist. >> they get it and they saw what we went through. >> we didn't do anything wrong.
5:32 am
>> this is all about shutting us up. >> one that worked. and it silenced the club forgrowth five years. >> the gag orders are disgusting. a wisconsin cup gets an tord go to a residential cul-de-sac and terrorize the family. what is up with that? if people are not mad about what happened in wisconsin, there is no turbulence left in america. the spirit of liberty manifest itself in people's willingness to get adraged. >> if you are not mad yet wait until you see what else [radio alarm] ♪
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>> conservatives were once called enemies of free speech.
5:37 am
some tried to ban rap lyrics and video games and playboy magazine. but today it is the leftist who sensor. >> and i was silenced. melissa francis on cnbc suggested that obama care's math didn't add up. >> i was called in management where i was told i was disrespecting the. >> and they don't want to hear ideas and they don't want other people to hear the ideas they disagree. >> when it comes to things like global warming and gay marriage, affirmative action, the left often said the debate is settled. >> that's it. there is nothing else to talk about. liberal believe in free speech and debate. and this used be liberalism and
5:38 am
let the best idea win. but now, it i am offended. >> get off of the campus. >> if you don't shut up we call you a bigot or homophobe. >> you are a slut, right? >> and rush limbaugh said that the left tried to get the radio show cancelled. >> he was defended by a leftist. i am not a fan of rush limbaugh. but if you are one of the people trying to get him to go away you are part of the problem. >> juan williams said this. >> if i see people who are in muslim garb and identifying themselves first and foremost as muslim i get worried. >> npr quickly fired juan williams.
5:39 am
>> a black person not allowed to do anything but be liberal. >> the left will devour its own for a ideological breach. >> campbell brown once gave money to democrats and then she dareed to criticize teacher tenure. the left attacked her. and they barely attacked her argument. they smeared her character. >> you are a bim bo and a beauty face. and rather than debate me on the issue. >> smear her personally? >> i am sure you get comments on your website and i get e-mails. toughen up. you know, the public dialogue is not a place for the bashful. >> she said people on the left don't silence anyone.
5:40 am
it is mistaken to suggest that is a conspiracy of the left. there are exaggerated and intolerant views over the political spectrum. >> i am not saying conservatives don't do it but no one is it living in fear of oh, gosh, i will lose my job. >> cherylat kinson did a lot of reports on sibs. >> when she started to investigate the obama administration, she was a secret covert republican and this was the way to. >> she started to criticize the obama administration. >> she had a marvelous career that went on for decades. >> powers book is unusual because few people on the left think there is a silences am >> your friends in washington if you ask them about this, they don't see it? >> it is not covered by the
5:41 am
mainstream media. l.a. times will not publish questions to the editor that is not climate change. that is not debate. >> they will not allow readers to express doubt. >> you are alarmed by global warming. aren't you happy they shut it up. >> no, debate them and make your argument. they want to shut it down. >> and this works. >> it absolutely works. >> it work withed on him. and him and them. they all lost jobs because loud people on the left screamed people on the left screamed about something they said, you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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5:46 am
agenda. >> the first question was are you antigay. >> you did say homosexuality and the agenda that is attacking the nation. that sounds like you hate gays. >> we don't. it is not hate to sigh sex should be in the confines of marriage as god defines it. they take our words kind of like what you did and say you hate gays. >> the tv network announced they fired the brother. >> we had taken roofs off of houses and a lot of money invested in the show. >> hgtv has the right to fire them. the first amendment applies to only on government but private business have only theirs. >> and every one of the victory is a victory for a shrivelling
5:47 am
space for public expression. >> they gave us an opportunity and they paid us six weeks money. these days a lot of people get fired. >> they made a lot of jokes were edgy. >> they were business insider and the website revealed he joked p rape and defended sexist jokes and not. >> and i am fired and should be drummed out. and next morning i was fired. losing the job is one thing but black listed from my industry that is a scary. >> your tweets are racist and sexist. you should be fired and you are a discussion person. >> they cooperate find anybody to say. >> it was just words that got him fired or certain kinds of
5:48 am
words. >> people only disagree with the left that are attacked. >> food network dropped paula deen. >> she was fired after admitting to use the n word. and she tried to save a career with an apology. >> please forgive me. >> but the food network never took her back. >> and owner was chick- fil- a. opposed gay marriage people protested. but then government got involved. >> mayors of chicago and boston and san francisco not welcome. >> the closest chick- fil- an is 40 miles away. a recommend they don't come closer. >> free societies don't have state ideology. but no new chick- fil- a have
5:49 am
opened in chicago or boston. >> and this ph ysist led a probe and comment. and said that while wearing this shirt which people called offensive. >> and the shirt i wore this week. >> i made a mistake and offended many people. and i am very sorry about this. >> the he didn't fight back. he cried. >> they destroyed him anyway. and they don't care. an apology is not enough. they are making an example to others. >> they made an example of silicone brend man ike. >> in support of proposition eight to ban gay marriage. >> in 2008. a leftest said i am not in favor of gay marriage.
5:50 am
>> and four years later it was no longer politically correct. >> the silicone community accused him of community lashe accusing him of homophobia and brig try. he resigned. >> a year later, ike still can't find work. >> he invented one of the most popular programming languages we use today. his opinion was the popular opinion at that time in california. and he still lost his job for it. >> there's a vengefulness about this intolerance. everyone knows brandon ike isn't an evil person. he just happens to have a different point of view. why can't he say that? >> maybe part of ike's problem is that he didn't speak out, defend himself publicly. >> my idea of happiness is killing things. >> the star of "duck dynasty
5:51 am
did." after he was criticized for telling gq magazine that he considers homosexual behavior sinful, he didn't back off. >> he stood up to it. >> the tv network ended his suspension. chick-fil-a spoke out in defense of its owner's beliefs and sales soared. >> the answer is to push back twice as hard. >> these brothers pushed back, a week after their lost their tv show. someone told them -- >> guys, listen, one of your clients, suntrust bank, is actually going to be removing all of their business from you and your franchisees. i got nervous like, we're going to lose all of our business as a result of a smear campaign. so we decided to go public. >> we saw this website. then drudge reported that and then people started tweeting.
5:52 am
suntrust, this is so wrong. >> within eight hours, we received a phone call from suntrust apologizing, giving all our properties back. >> brandon ike won't speak. >> i'm sure he's afraid. everybody can be safe and not speak about certain things. but we need to disagree. this is what makes america great. >> let your voice be known. i was glad to [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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this country has been great at experimenting individual liberties, the first country to say you have a right to speak. >> we understand that air is necessary to life. and in the same way, free speech is necessary to liberty. that should be understood by all sides of the debate. >> but it's not. >> isis taking responsibility for sunday's shooting here in texas. >> get off the campus. we don't want you here. >> this is about shutting us up. >> you can have a society with free speech and offensive speech where i call you names and you do rude drawings of me and i say you're a hater and you say i'm a hater and we hate each other. but the alternative to not doing that is the way they do it in the muslim world, where there's nothing left to do but kill, bomb, shoot, and burn.
5:57 am
>> no one thinks america is like the muslim world. but we're in danger of becoming like great britain, where this pub singer decided to sing this song. ♪ everybody was kung fu fighting ♪ >> a person of chinese origin is passing the bar, hears the song, and complains to police who arrest the guy on a racially aggregated hate crime charge because of the line "there were funky chinamen from funky chinatown." i wouldn't choose kung fu fighting as the hill to die on, but i have taken to kung fu fighting on stage. if that is a crime, then anything, any wordks s can be a crime. do you know how much power the
5:58 am
state will have if we go too far down that road? that is why "kung fu fighting" is the hill to die on. >> the british singer was eventually released for lack of evidence. but he shouldn't have been arrested in the first place. >> the solution to all these speech issues is more speech. >> the good news is that some people do fight back with more speech. >> you have to have permission through the student development office. >> at modesto college, officials told this student he wasn't allowed to pass out copies of the constitution. the student fought back and won. dixie state also backed down when these students sued, demanding their right to speak. >> the great advantages of free speech is at least you know what people believe. if people can't express it now, you're going to have a more hateful, seething, festering society, than if people just say what they believe any way.
5:59 am
gay rights was an extremely minority opinion half a century ago. >> when i was young, our government ran psas like this. >> a homosexual may appear normal and it may be too late when you discover he's mentally ill. >> gays were arrested for making love even in their own home. arrested for speaking out. condemned as evil and sick. >> the sickness that was not visible like small box. >> mobs drove alleged gay people out of town. gays were even rejected and condemned by their own parents. >> it's only because you could argue your case that a tiny little minority idea expanded and people thought i don't mind this. it doesn't grow in control freak society. >> speaking out is also what ended segregation and gave women the vote. >> the only way you can turn a
6:00 am
dissident minority idea into a majority idea is if a society has the space to think. >> the space to think. that's worth pete in the hot dog eating contest. healthcare overhaul heating up. as long as lawmakers are heading out. are they costing you money by taking a break. stocks/uñ?ñ rock andmfñ?ñ? the f of the year. without action on healthcare and tax reform, all that could change. some calling onpvñ?ñ? congress o cancel that august recess so lawmakers can get back to washington and get down to business. this week,


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