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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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in spite of them. >> there would be a lot of winning. are you tired of the winning the train to breaking news this morning. the white house calling on world leaders to condemn north korea after they successfully conducted a long-range ballistic missile test. the latest details on the rogue nation and the threat to the u.s. nicole: in a few hours, president trump will head to europe for the g20 seven where he spent to meet face-to-face with vladimir putin for the first time. turning to checking u.s. features added at the opening bell. selection today. that was flat, s&p higher. nasdaq a little bit to the downside.
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>> in a show, trading is underway. green arrows across the board. the former benchmarks in asia. trade to europeans get ready for the g20 later this week. european markets trading higher. on the green. >> britain's largest payment processor on what could be the biggest deal for u.s. faiths. trade to it as 5:01 a.m. here in new york. july 5th. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. >> good morning. i am warren brockman and forlorn femininity. today's markets in the latest breaking news. cheryl: the chimp administration now strongly condemning north korea's latest missile test. secretary of state rex tillerson seen in part, quote, global action is required to stop the global threat. any country that provides any
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economic or military benefits or fails to fully implement the resolutions is aiding and abetting a dangerous regime. all of this after north korea test fired a long-range ballistic missile. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley tweeting discord yesterday. spending my fourth in meetings all day yesterday. thanks, north korea appeared u.s. and south korean forces held drugs after the tests are north korea. meanwhile kim jong il and says he would never negotiate on the program and of course president trump trying to get the chinese involved in all of this. lori: president trump traveling to poland ahead of the g20 seven in germany. the president to reaffirm the commitment to poland. meanwhile, set to meet with vladimir putin this friday in germany. the white house says there's no
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specific agenda, but experts say election hacking and syria could come up when the two leaders meet. trade too well, back at home illinois without a bunch of other states and their shutdowns after failing to meet a july 1st deadline. lori: tracee carrascas joins us with more on this. reporter: a two-year stalemate about to come to an end without a little drama. republican governor was signed or vetoed a budget plan that gave final approval from the general assembly early tuesday for less than an hour later at the state senate overrode his veto is that the three bills in the package. the budget now heads back to the house for an override vote as early as today. the governor opposes the proposal which levies a roughly $5 billion permanent income tax increase to fund more than $36 billion in the spending bill pay the spending bill includes a five -- cut by 10%.
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meanwhile, new jersey and maine and a personal government shut down just in time for the fourth of july holiday. >> finally tonight i am pleased the speaker in and the senate president have reached an agreement which is help the the legislature fulfilling their obligation to deliver a budget for the governor. sad that it's three days late, but also in the budget committee. reporter: i was chris christie monday night after signing the budget deal after negotiations with the state legislature. new jersey and maine have suspended none on trade services. both states were two of nine states that miss their deadlines for the fourth of july 1 this year to start. tree into all this going on over the holiday weekend. why did the illinois governor vetoed a bill? reporter: he says that will make the financial situation much worse. in the long run it's not going
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to. not going to balance the budget. it does not make nearly significant funding reductions. train to the number of people on food stamps have plunged in states that require recipients to find jobs. they soared to record levels under the obama administration after states were allowed to waive rules for a bold idea told thanks to the 2000 economic stimulus package. some states move aggressively to push recipients who can work to find a job. for example, the number of people receiving food stamps this year in alabama as cut-rate 85% between january 1st and the start of may. lori: looks like jpmorgan chase may be ready to make a big deal. a preliminary approach to a well-paid group. britain's largest payment processor will be one of the biggest deals for u.s. banks
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since the financial crisis that the federal reserve could jpmorgan and other big takes the green light to buy back stock or pay dividends to shareholders last week. the u.s. credit card processing firm has also approached the world they with a rival bid. shares of jpmorgan up nearly 7.5% so far this year. cheryl: well, look at this. hitting the stocks of some of the world's biggest companies, technology companies in particular in asia overnight included apple, amazon and microsoft. the problem briefly tumbled 14%. the race with a 100 billion feet of course the world's most valuable stock. the issue caused in the sun to plunge by 87% of the microsoft to jump by 79%. a spokesman says no trades were affected by the glitch, but they blame the problem on the vendor
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issues. blaming the nuns back. we hope to get more information on what happened. could have been a big issue. lori: to silicon valley billionaires want to reinvent the democratic party. they launched a new project called when the future. the two men seen as the people's lobby for people weigh in on policy topics these the importance such as making engineering free for everyone. after voting on the policies, people will discuss them on twitter. they will be turned into a billboard campaign in washington d.c. and congressional leader. they plan to spend more than $500,000 to about the project. trade to a lot is happening overseas. the tensions with north korea and the missile test they successfully launched. despite what happened with kim jong tuned in north korea, is the market actually higher? in shanghai up almost 1%.
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hang seng up a half in korea's kospi up more than a quarter%. right now asian markets not reacting. lori: let's go ahead and take a look at stocks performing at the moment. the ftse out of london up about one point. the cac up five points in the dax out of germany also little changed building higher. train to the president on his way over to europe, but investors will be watching everything that happens with trade policies and how meetings go with the french president. the dow slightly up by four points. s&p up by four points in the reading on the nasdaq. lori: coming out come the key commodities for you. crude oil at 125% of putting so much pressure. 46 by 40 a barrel down 67 cents. fold in the opposite direction
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hearing the fed minutes today. pulled up about $2.80. trade too obviously what the fed come the hearing for the geo-policy meeting. we will get back today. investors looking for clues about an interest rate hike in the near future, what they are going to do about the balance sheet. lori: all these things could have potential to rival the market. let's ask the chief equity strategist joining us now. great to have you with us. potential fireworks in these minutes? >> they will try to avoid fireworks for the quarter so far. what is going to happen is the federal say they are aware of what's going on. the economy is strengthening. they want to continue strengthening. they'll indicate more rate hikes in my opinion only to the degree it doesn't affect economic growth. cheryl: bloodier projections for economic growth? it seems some of the latest readings despite unemployment at
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423% that we are kind of wobbly right now. do you agree with that assessment? >> it wobbles from time to time. i don't think we will be 3%. it's enough to reduce profit growth. profit expectations still rising. while i won't say the gdp growth is important -- is very important. the closest connection to the stock market. lori: want to ask about technology. do you think it's fair and correct that some investors are losing confidence in the cell phone about technology right now? >> that's a great question. first of all, in my experience whenever a high-growth technologies talk corrects only because of excess valuation, it's almost always about an opportunity. think of falling down an up escalator. the sales expectations are rising. it gets made whole pretty quickly. on the other hand they start to
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wobble, i haven't seen that. if they do we have problems. i still think we're business-to-business. a great story over the next couple years as businesses maintain holiness and off set wage pressure they have. cheryl: janet yellen in particular which are future is unknown. her term is up in february. president trump has been clear whether or not he will nominate her to another term. does that affect the decision-making in the next five to six months? >> it will have some impact. the fed over the last 20, 30 years is very sound coming very solid at the last thing anyone wants to do is weaken the reputation. if it is not chair yelling, it will be someone of her caliber, someone very aware of how things work. train to john, thank you for being here. lori: kim jong tuned claiming he
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can strike anywhere in the world after north korea successfully conducts the latest missile test. what happens next? train to a wild fire breaking out in arizona resort after the fireworks display. details and look at those pictures. as you can see right now as we go to break the dow trying to pick up a little bit higher. back in action on these markets after the trading holiday break. delphi eight, s&p up half a point. we will be right back. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade.
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lori: at 5:15 a.m. in new york give up to jakarta but what's happening now. president trump his family spent their first independence day hosting a picnic for military families. the president vowed he would continue to support our servicemen and women. the fireworks that displaying arizona's starting a wildfire. authorities were a little put out the fire at the bluewater resort casino. later wrote on facebook no one was hurt. theme songs, the world just largest maker is increasing its output. they plan to support $18 billion into expanding its chip manufacturing facilities that according to reports, chips
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generate almost half of the operating revenue last year. checking your sake nick's features right now are mixed. dow futures holding up slightly with nasdaq futures pointing lower. technology tracks still the same for traders today. cheryl: so true, laurie. what is happening overseas of young traders mind in particular with north korea. they test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. let's bring in chris p. l-lima, l-lima -- police action in iraq war veteran. good morning, sir. >> good morning. lori: let's talk about this. this missile could reach parts of the mainland u.s. do you agree with that and also, do you believe the claim for the north korean that it could have a large nuclear warhead? >> so i think the first claim we believe might be true. there were questions as to whether or not the range was
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there. other questions about more technological atmosphere whether they can actually go straight up. it is definitely problematic. they are certainly moving in the same direction as nuclear development. as for the nuclear warhead, i'm not sure, but not the direction we want to go in. truth rehash the trust administration respond? >> the president needs to keep leveraging with china. we've got to do more and get our allies in the region to put pressure they are. the trajectory north korea has years of this. it is a real problem. china has an opportunity there. dream to let's talk about sanctions. obviously we kind of got this from the president's tweet over the whole situation. it seems to be up to china to put pressure. the only economic lifeline the north koreans have, but how
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willing are the chinese to really start to put more pressure on kim jong un. >> the opportunity is still there. a long list of different items we have friction with china on. at least six different things from activities that foreign policy in the region. i think that is what makes this job tough. we've got to get confessions, but north korea -- cheryl: do you think the chinese are willing to do this now? >> i think they will. kim jong un isn't just a guy with a bad haircut. we've got to come together on this. lori: china believes north korea is their problem, too. >> the more the missiles get tested, they will eventually come to the conclusion that we can help them come to it. they've got to embrace reality and they will at write diplomatic pressure. trade to nikki haley yesterday,
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#thinks north korea. unfortunate timing, but what can the u.n. security council play the strong one and all. >> they can stay engaged in an advisory capacity. a lot of recommendations they can make double be helpful. this is a test for president trump. he clearly doesn't want to see this continue, but it's a tough job. lori: the u.n. security council hold an emergency meeting. will it be there? >> that's a good question. they look at all the cars, shuffle the deck around and get some good recommendations. the united states of america, we are the global flyer when it comes to troubled countries. trade suit even though the president wants the responsibility off our shoulders and all the big topic of discussion at the g20. chris coming thank you very much. a lot to follow with north korea. very disconcerting this missile test. we appreciate your time. >> good to be with you.
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lori: coming outcome of the secret service pays a visit to comedian kathy griffin over the trump photo. the latest on the investigation into her controversial stunt. tree until he did it again. joey chestnut, of course he did. this is the hot dog eating contest. anyway, thinking you're in a row. we love the details of the record-breaking win. checking u.s. stock market futures right now. the dow, s&p and nasdaq starting out with a slight boost the dow. nasdaq technology name showing this morning. you are watching "fbn:am." we are coming back with hot dogs and all kinds of good stuff. lori: it was unclear what he was eating i didn't recognize it. silly me.
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your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. lori: kathy griffin answering the widely criticized for president trump. the comedian actor supported the question for over an hour. telling reporters the client plans fully cooperate with the investigation and doesn't think it's necessary. telling "the new york times" griffin basically exercised her first amendment right to tell a joke. she lost sponsorship, jobs including her role as cohost of cnn's coverage of the photographs video from the shoot appeared on social media. train to bet there's a statement.
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a lot to cover when it comes to sports. caught up on all the latest headlines. tiger woods announcing that he has completed treatment to go with medication. he said a recently completed an out-of-state private intensive program. i will continue to tackle this going forward with my doctors, family and friends. i'm so thankful for all the support i have received. tiger woods arrested and was found to be under the influence. basketball at 11 tenths nba all-star by the miami heat. he's been sidelined with blood clot issues and plays a key role in the championship back in 2012. he plans to retire his uniform number. joey chestnut winning his 10th hotdog eating contest title.
5:26 am
72 francs and buns in 10 minutes at the annual july 4th hotdog eating contest. here in new york. lori: have you trained for that? how do you build up to 72? cheryl: i couldn't imagine eating that fast in eating not much. lori: and he looks like a normal sized human being. cheryl: yet, anyway. lori: in a recent interview company says they can't read it. i go on it and there's nothing that people say mean things. the latest celebrity to leave the platform because of trolling. cheryl: lady kogut came to his defense yesterday and gave him her full support. fans were bullying as she put it. a lot more coming up. the white house calling on world leaders to condemn north korea after its latest missile test. the lab of the latest reaction
5:27 am
in two of the rogue nations testing a missile and what it could mean for u.s. chinese. transcendent. we'll be right back. ♪ [vo] progress is seizing the moment.
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i could live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at lori: president trump will head to europe or the g20 summit where you'll meet face-to-face with vladimir putin for the first time. cheryl: the backdrop of the markets reopen after taking the day off. a training session on monday. right now the dow is pointing lower by three points. s&p, nasdaq slightly lower as well. lori: market performance in asia
5:31 am
all positive despite concerns out of north korea. cheryl: a lot to watch. later it's going to be meeting there to discuss all things of course with regards to kim jong un. no big reaction in european markets. the ftse going into the negative by a fraction. cac 40s higher, a little bit of change. lori: local markets are evaporating earlier this month. in the meantime, jpmorgan payment processor world play. we'll have details on what could be the biggest banks of the financial crisis. cheryl: a big morning in new york city. it is july 5th and would like to say hello. good to have you. lori: i am lori rothman sitting in for warning this morning.
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welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. trade do a lot of breaking news from overseas paid the trump administration strongly condemning north korea's latest missile test. secretary of state rex tillerson issuing a statement saying in part global action required to stop a global threat. any country that has north korean guestworkers provide any economic or military benefits or fails to fully implement u.n. security council resolutions is aiding and abetting a dangerous regime. this comes after north korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley also trading yesterday been spending my voice in meetings all day yesterday. thanks, north korea. the u.s. south korean did hold drugs after the missile test from the north. kim jong un says he will never negotiate the country's nuclear
5:33 am
program. those comments breaking the last hour. a lot to follow of course. lori: president trump traveling to poland today had the g20 summit germany. the president to reaffirm the commitment to poland. meanwhile set to meet with vladimir putin friday in germany. the white house says there's no specific agenda. many experts say election hacking in syria could come up with these two leaders meet. cheryl: back at home illinois still running without a budget. while other states in other states and the government shut down after failing to meet the july 1st deadline, of course the fiscal deadline. lori: tracee carrascas standing by with more appeared reporter: a two-year stalemate could come to an end, but not without a little drama. vetoing a budget plan that gave final approval from the democratic. the state senate overrode his veto said to prepackaged pills
5:34 am
so the budget now heads back to the house for an override vote as early as today. the governor opposes the proposal which levies roughly $5 billion permit income tax with a $36 billion spending bill. includes a 5% by two government agencies and reduces higher education funding by 10%. new jersey and maintain that their partial government shutdown just in time for the fourth of july holiday. >> finally tonight i'm very pleased the speaker and the senate president have reached an agreement which has been failing to reach the governor. i'm sad it is three days late but also in the budget tonight. lori: new jersey governor chris christie after signing the budget deal following negotiations and nonessential services for three days after failing to reach agreement.
5:35 am
the budgets in time for the july 1st start of the year. lori: why did the illinois governor veto these bills? did he have an indication it would come back in with and be with him playing his role at this party? reporter: he said this will not help the state of the long run. it doesn't help but economic prices, doesn't cut down their debt. he doesn't think it's a good deal for the state. they haven't had a budget for two years. they are going on the third year. they've got to do something. lori: that is the longest. reporter: the great depression i believe. cheryl: thank you very much. but that's a breaking news we want to bring to you and mrs. breaking this morning. a police officer has died here in new york after being shot in the face while sitting in a police vehicle. this happened in new york city. investigators say surveillance
5:36 am
footage showed the suspected shooter marching to the command post with purpose. the guy man came up and blasted through the window without warning. the officer rushed to a hospital. she was undergoing surgery but could not be saved. breaking news overnight come a female police officer here in new york city has been shot and killed in what appears to be an assassination style attack. we'll bring you more details of course as we get them. lori: state do not require recipients to find jobs. foodstamp enrollments soared to record levels under the obama administration. they throw that to a work required that rules for able-bodied adults. the 2009 economic stimulus. some states moving aggressively to push recipients who can work to find employment. for instance, the number of people receiving food stamps in alabama has dropped by 85% between january 1st and the start of may.
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cheryl: alexei jpmorgan chase may be ready to make a deal and it's a big win. they can china has made a preliminary group, britain's largest processor, one of the biggest deals for u.s. banks that will go down since the financial crisis. the federal reserve giving jpmorgan and other big banks the green light to buyback stocks that pay dividends to shareholders. the u.s. credit card process also approached will pay with a rival bid. up to a 7.5% so far this year. lori: listen to this comic trading glitch in the stocks of the biggest companies in asia yesterday including tech giant apple, amazon, microsoft in the new retirement portfolios. don't worry, the problem briefly cost apple stock to tumble. it was an error that would have erased more than $100 billion from apple's market cap.
5:38 am
that of course is the world's most valuable stock. the issue cost amazon to plunge that 87% and microsoft to jump by 79%. a nasdaq spokesman says no trade were expected by the glitch in blamed the problem on a gender issue. cheryl: scary moments for asian traders certainly appeared lori: think some of the widely followed websites printed those prices. trade to amazon, google among them. they are disputing the fact. it wasn't their fault. two silicon valley billionaires want to reinvent the democratic party. read half minute in mark pincus launching a new product called when the future. the two men see it as a people blog where people can weigh in on policy they see important such as making engineering degrees free for everybody. after voting on the policy, people discuss on twitter.
5:39 am
the ones with the most interest will be turned into a billboard campaign that will take place in washington d.c. and will be aimed at congressional leaders. they plan to spend $500,000 to build out this budget. lori: don't expect to hear from ed sherron on twitter. he is done. stocks posted solid gains in the short day of trading ahead of the july 4th holiday. the third quarter continues to unfold. let's bring back john manley, chief equity strategist. >> let's talk about the markets. this is a strange pricing thing but the nasdaq and technology overnight. overall, because then the real story. do you think pressure and technology is actually going to put pressure on the overall market? >> no, i don't. technology is expensive and can always wobble around for a little bit. i don't see a fundamental flaw.
5:40 am
i think what we are going to see over the course of the quarter is market trying to find itself. i don't think you will find much bad about it though. i see valuations being somewhat high. i see the fed being essentially accommodated even though they may raise interest rates. i look at what's going on with earnings than they still go up as far as i can tell. we may have to wait until the fourth quarter. third quarter should be okay. >> let's just take it out for instance. where flirting with 21,500. this milestone so fast, faster than ever before. if you are sitting on the sidelines at 19,000, going maybe a way for it to come in a little and then he hit 2010 and 21,000 approaching 22,000, would you advise average investors to jump in at this point? >> i would. there is a risk in risk aversion. these people thought they were
5:41 am
being safe into a degree they weren't taking any risk at that point in time except the risk they would show later on. why do they seem to go up towards the end as people capitulating. don't try and predict the future unless you have to you have to. look around, ask yourself if the environment is good. if the environment changes, sell the stocks. right now we are in a good place for stocks. cheryl: the second half of the year obviously is going to depend if the trump administration can get its agenda is further down the road. tax reform, budget, do you think any of that is a threat to the markets and at what point do you say it will take a little money off the table if things don't get passed in d.c. >> what happens with earnings predates trump about a month or two. eight or nine years since we've had the troubles of the american population, american economy falling back. i do those things as being potential. i don't see them as negative.
5:42 am
always expect the worse it will never be disappointed and i think that's where americans are right now with politicians. lori: the chief equity strategist dare. thank you for your insights. cheryl: a lot more coming up including this. puerto rico's top elected leaders are doubling down on statehood. bondholders pushing a whole lot of payments made. a major breakthrough in the medicine world trade researchers have found a cure for diabetes. we are going to have that story. really interesting. you are watching trendsetting. we will be right back. ♪
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lori: 5:45 a.m. puerto rico continues this push for statehood. bondholders asking that congress and the white house hold off until that payments are made to the territory $22 billion in debt prices. scientists at the university of texas say that they have a cure for diabetes. they altered cells in mice to receive insulin in response to glucose and a bird. people living with type one diabetes must inject artificial insulin several times a day. researchers plan to conduct a study in larger animals before
5:46 am
they moved to human trials. volvo is making a big change. ditching conventional engines. the company says on the models from 2018 or fully electric or there will be a hybrid. checking u.s. stock market futures on this wednesday. the market closed yesterday for the fourth of july holiday. dow corning lawyer by four. s&p and nasdaq as well. that is happening now. lori: president trump at this first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin this week. gop strategists chris nightwing. the police sergeant in an iraq war veteran. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. what can make specs for this high-profile meeting on friday? a lot of anticipation in the first face-to-face meeting in the two. >> first is a lot of scrutiny from the press because democrats make it seem like president trump is having beers with fighting their putin.
5:47 am
look at what is happening north korea, a lot of close eyes on there because the u.s. and russia are sort of at odds with the paula country and power in the region. there's going to be a lot of eyes watching. president trump sets and expectations. lori: the issue that syria is going to come up. right now you've got the city of rock, with which we are hoping in the next 24 hours will fall and isis will get out. if that happens, russia is backing bashar al-assad. that will be a point of contention. where do you think the discussion goes? >> you will be interesting. obviously we have to leaders that are very aggressive and assertive and a pad -- there's been no mincing of words with expectations and this'll be the first time they come together and see where that goes. it should be interesting. i don't think president trump is
5:48 am
going to reduce our expectations , so it's going to be one of those friction areas for a think tank. lori: want to talk about north korea this morning. the testing of the icbms. do you think there is a connection between the fourth of july independence day deciding to do that test now? >> i think it's highly blakely. there's still some questions about the technology and that sort of thing and whether or not the technology could handle. but again, continuing down the trajectory of advancing programs that they've got to get smart and do something in china will play a role for affair. cheryl: you think the chinese will step up. trump, putin meeting in the g20. the issue will come up with north korea. the russians and chinese have
5:49 am
both tried to have preliminary talks about north korea but they don't seem to be getting anywhere. can president trump effectively put pressure to get more involved with north korea and do something? >> i think he can. it is like chess. people usually don't do anything until they have to. it's not an emergency until it's an emergency thing. this is also a good way to set the tone. there are going to be future discussions. expect patient management is what makes these jobs hard. it's why we have world leaders. high expectations and trying to get russia to come to the table and some of these issues and getting concessions where he can be considered a big three. lori: thank you so much. interesting. appreciate it. cheryl: well, coming not come at the end be near for iron man. robert downey junior painting about how long he's going to play the superhero. summer showers heading your way?
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a literature wednesday morning forecast. adam klotz has all the latest action for you. taking a look at market futures as we go to break right now. s&p unchanged, down by wind and the free market. we will be right back. ♪ when the sun goes down, will be proven ♪ when the sun goes down, feeling all right ♪ the fda recommends using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor, or spf, of 15 or higher. also look for broad spectrum on the label. that means both harmful ultraviolet a and b rays are blocked. uva rays age the skin. uvb rays burn, and both cause cancer. but the perfect sunscreen doesn't count if you use it wrong. don't need sunscreen on a cloudy day? wrong! 80% of uv rays still get through the haze.
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>> is that it? you can't talk? >> you intimidate them. the
5:54 am
♪ lori: robert downey junior says he wants to quit playing iron man before he becomes embarrassing to you know, like being the oldest guy in the bar. robert downey junior has played the marvel superhero for a decade now. it's rumored that he might bite the dust in one of the upcoming events for the movies. there are no plans for an ironman for but he doesn't plan to quit while he still ahead. cheryl: he still looks great. he really does. he should keep going. before you head out the door, let's bring in meteorologist adam klotz. all the fireworks last night, most of them would without ahead. >> that's been the case across most of the country. a couple spots with frank unfortunately spots the same ones that see rain again today. 70 degrees in new york city. 72 atlanta appears 67 degrees in the chicago area. notice the very weak line between the yellow coloring and green coloring.
5:55 am
that is a weak frontal boundary. a stationary front right along when we see some that somebody fire up in the last few days as well. unfortunately that is where the rain is continuing to fire at. expecting to see the showers popping up all over frontal boundary throughout the afternoon hours, eventually stretching into the evening hours today where we are really going to get some bigger ring going before the day is over. unfortunately, that is what we are dealing with. otherwise, that he continues to be out west. early this morning 91 degrees in the area running back towards triple digits. they keep piling up out west. it's been hot and dry for days and days. the fire possibility raging on out west, which really obviously is not good news when you talk about fourth of july fireworks out there staying dry. we will be dealing with you throughout the rest of today
5:56 am
running into the evening hours as well. the rain here on the eastern half of the country still staying dry for folks out west. cheryl: 30 at the fires burning out west right now. >> no sign of relief anytime soon. cheryl: add-on, thank you. lori: what happened after these police officers responded to in responded to a noise complaint at a fourth of july block party. you don't want to miss this. stay with us. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find
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smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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5:59 am
cheryl: this video definitely went viral. here's what happens. instead of shutting down a party after a noise complaint, two police officers in north carolina decided to join and become the party and has some fourth of july fun. they went down an enormous slip inside with the neighborhood kids. they cut the noise complaint. >> the police department posted this on face this on facebook, seemed when you respond to street complained and there is a fun way to cool down, you take advantage of a giant slip and slide. maria: i love the fact there was a noise complaint with police officers got there, they just joined in. just kids playing.
6:00 am
there is no noise. anyways, you know who's going to have a lot of fun for the next three full hours? , ms. dagen. dagen: good morning, ladies. that reminds me of when charles payne went through the inflatable waterslide on "fox and friends" in a suit. find that video and i will tweet it later on. good morning, everybody. i am in for maria bartiromo this wednesday, july 5th. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. another act of aggression from north korea. calling for an emergency meeting at the united nations after they successfully test another missile. the rising threat coming as the commander-in-chief prepares to depart for poland this morning before heading to the g20 summit in germany. investors watching the president's every move from the summit, showing slight losses at the start of trading after a holiday yesterday


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