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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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comment is read here receives a signed copy of my book.'s a war. charles: got to leave it there. thank you very much. at home, thank you as well. see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump arrived in warsaw, poland just a few hours ago. warsaw his first stop on european trip that will take him to hamburg, germany for the g20 meeting this friday. at that meeting, president trump will for the first time be face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin and world leaders discussing how to deal with north korea's first launch of intercontinental ballistic missile. the united states and south korea responded by holding joint drills, firingmissiles into the waters off south korea. but it was likely all a waste
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of energy and ordinance. kim jong-un seemingly unfazed and mocking the united states saying icbm was a gift to the united states on its independence day. today, the meeting on the north korean threat seemed to accomplish little if anything at all. listening to ambassador nikki haley, it was clear the united states was caught flat-footed by the north's missile test and had little in the way of specific recommendations to discuss with other member states. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal at the u.n. with our report. >> the secretary-general strongly condemning the launch of a ballistic missile of intercontinental range conducted by the dprk. this action is yet another brazen violation of the relevant security council
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resolutions and constitutes a dangerous escalation of the situation. >> outrage and warnings, but no new sanctions from the united nations security council meeting in emergency session over north korea's historic launch of intercontinental ballistic missile. the u.n. passed 15 resolutions against north korea in the past 11 years making it among the most sanctioned countries in the world, international condemnation has so far done nothing to stop the regime of kim jong-un from testing missiles and developing the nuclear program. in pyongyang, north korea's dictator celebrated the launch urging scientists to keep sending big and small gift packages to the yankees, suggesting he was hitting america on the nose on independence day. >> japan insists north korea dismantle all missile program, japan will never accept a nuclear armed north korea. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley insisted
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the meeting be open hoping to make it difficult to defend the rogue nation. china faces intense pressure now since chinese ambassador is this month's security council president as part of the regular rotation and beijing accused of economically supporting neighbor providing the truck used to launch tuesday's icbm. >> there are countries that are allowing even encouraging trade with north korea in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the united states. that's not going to happen. >> reporter: haley says the u.s. is prepared to take military action but prefers not to. and will propose a new resolution in the next few days that would punish any nation doing business with north korea, saying if we stick together, restrict the flow of currency and oil to the rogue nation and singled out china which she says supplies 90% of
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the imports to pyongyang but china and russia have veto power on the security council so any action that would single them out might be a long shot. lou? lou: rick, thank you very much, reporting from the u.n. president trump this morning made it clear, china is not to be trusted on the issue of north korea. the president tweeted this -- and the president is correct, china's trade with north korea grew nearly 40% in the first quarter compared to the same president a year ago. that fact will no doubt make for a tense bilateral meeting when the president meets with chinese counterpart at the g20 friday. here in the united states, a new york city police officer gunned down, assassinated, in what attorney general jeff sessions described as a
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cowardly murder in cold blood. fox news correspondent david lee miller has the latest on this disturbing event and the war on police in this country. >> reporter: new york city's police commissioner is calling wednesday's early morning fatal shooting of a police officer an assassination. >> based on what we know right now, it is clear this was an unprovoked attack on police officers who are assigned to keep the people of this great city safe. >> reporter: 12-year veteran, miosotis familia was sitting in the passenger seat of a mobile command center when a gunman fired through the window striking her in the head. her partner road for help. . >> reporter: minutes later, other officers arrived at the scene. anticrime scene consisting of sergeant and police officer in
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uniform as they confronted him, he drew a revolver, the silver revolver was recovered at the scene. >> reporter: the gunman was 36-year-old bronx resident alexander bonds, during confrontation with police, a bystander was shot in the abdomen. there is nothing to suggest the shooter or officer familia knew one another. bonds has a long criminal history when. 15 years old he was accused of attacking a police officer with brass knuckles two. years ago conditionally released from prison after serving six years for robbery. for many new yorkers the fatal shooting is reminiscent of the ambush killings, they were sitting in a police vehicle when shot execution style by a lone gunman. >> she was on duty, serving
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this city, protecting people, doing what she believed in and doing the job she loves. >> reporter: according to the national law enforcement memorial officers fund, so far this year, 67 officers have lost their lives in the line of duty. that number was 57 for the same president one year ago. that's an increase of 18% in fatalities. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. lou: officer familia is the seventh new york city police officer to be killed this year. in 2016, law enforcement fatalities spiked at the highest level in five years. 135 police officers killed in the line of duty. nearly one in three officers fatally shot killed in what were deemed to be ambush attacks. and to give you a sense what some of the officer deal with daily, new york city, the nation's largest have 334 homicides in 2016, the nation's
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third largest city, chicago, registered 762 homicides, the most in two decades and more than new york city and los angeles combined. and over the july 4th weekend in chicago, more than 100 people were shot. 14 people were killed. chicago, nearly 330 murders already this year. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. senate republican leadership still doesn't have the votes on health care, but the trump administration remains, well, hopeful. >> very hopeful, very confident that the president can have the bill on his desk this summer. lou: ed rollins and michael goodwin join me on the president's efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. and a show of force, the united states conducting joint missile drills with south korea after north korea's icbm launch. but what is a missile drill andd
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. lou: the white house says the national left-wing media is grossly exaggerating the number of states that refuse to comply with voter data requests from the election integrity commission.
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however, it remains difficult to gauge the true level of resistance to the president's efforts to clean up voter rolls or on to identify the reasons for the pushback. fox news correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: from coast-to-coast and in states red and blue, strong resistance to the white house's attempts to obtain details about american voters. in an effort the white house says to shore up the nation's election systems and fight voter fraud. white house voter integrity commission seeking publicly available information when and only when recorded by an available from state voter rolls, including first and last names of all registrants, addresses, dates of birth, political party, last four digits of social security numbers and more. while the headlines make state oppositions seem almost unanimous as is often the case. the headlines can be misleading. while several states are refusing to cooperate, many others have agreed to release
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voter information. fox news reporting shows 25 states declined to take part while the white house says 14 plus the district of columbia. while we found 18 states agreed to comply in part, the white house says the number's actually 20 and reports to the contrary are fake news. the president took to twitter to question why there was so much resistance -- that drew a sharp retort from maryland's attorney general who called the request for voter data repugnant and only to intimidate voters and indulge president trump's fantasy that he won the popular vote. >> giving the federal government one trove of all of this information about all of these voters in one place does present privacy concerns not that the government can't maintain information security as we know hacking is a thing but in the wrong hands it would
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be too easily misused. >> reporter: backers say misuse of the system is the primary concern of the commission noting 2012 pew research study that found almost two million dead voters on voter rolls and almost three million people registered in multiple states. that study did not find evidence of voter fraud. time for a little calendar gazing. july 19th is the first day the president's commission is scheduled to meet, that is also the day, you will find this interesting, that the dnc is expected to convene a meeting of voting rights commission. no coincidence there as you can imagine. lou? lou: kevin, thank you so much. a lot of data there and it's interesting that there is so much confusion about who's resisting providing the data and why there would be real resistance to help us understand that and so much more in the day's developments.
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joining me now, the president's man on so many occasion, ed rollins, he served on three presidential administrations, the chief political adviser to the house republican leadership. he is the dean. and pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin, both fox news contributors, and quickly want to commend michael for a brilliant this weekend on the media and how we got here. it is the best of the best writing on the issue, so congratulations. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. lou: ed, turn to you quickly, we just heard from kevin, from others, the confusion about what states are complying with the commission. what is going on? why would there be such retiscence? >> shouldn't be, these are all public documents. the bottom line is anybody can get them if you go to all the states. my sense of the commission is
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to eliminate the problems we had before, and i don't see any issue at all. they are guaranteeing their stuff is safe. lou: how can you choose this data? >> you can't, it's public information. lou: i don't understand that. >> unfortunately a partisan issue, the president said three to five million illegals voted, and so all the blue states are -- lou: you think that's an overstatement? >> i have no idea. lou: you think we ought to know. >> i think we ought to know. every state ought to care who's voting in their elections. lou: even california? >> even california. lou: come on. not california, or new york, chicago, illinois? what do you think? >> i don't think so. at the end of the day, i don't think there were three million illegal voters, i think i've argued that point here. lou: you've got just as much evidence to support your viewsa the president does his. >> i think there -- he's
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correct, three, five, ten million registered illegally, they move, die, we lose two million people every year who vote, and we don't correct it. i've been in a few campaigns where they have voted, so -- [laughter]. lou: we're not going to discuss that. >> something like the margin in the electoral college was decided by something like 100,000 votes. lou: i want to get to governance, nikki haley, the ambassador of the united states calls emergency meeting today, and we didn't ask -- we had no specific ask, no specific recommendation, and i didn't hear a lot of caterwauling from people who felt threatened. it was a strange moment. >> the whole korean thing is a strange moment.
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we are as close to engagement at any time since 1953. a hot spot for -- that's put many presidents losing sleep over the years. i think they are doing things they shouldn't be doing and need to figure out how to stop them, and i think we're right on the verge of that, and need the world to be behind us because it's going to create economic chaos, let alone the danger to millions and millions in south korea. lou: when you say, as you hear ed say, the world behind us, the european union made it clear, they want to be part of any effort to stop north korea's ambitions, development of further icbm delivery systems. why isn't there in place a reaction? today, i didn't hear from the european union. i didn't hear from asia. japan, we did hear from. south korea was basically silent. what in the world? as ed says, this is a peculiar
11:20 pm
moment? >> it is a -- here you have a little fly spec of a sgliegz but that's the situation every time, i say bulldoze it, move onow let's talk about our interests, national interests, but this president has been great at, but right now, we're looking, i believe ed's right, we're looking into the abyss here, and the prospect of having to use as much advanced weaponry as possible to stop north korea. if not necessary, china. >> certainly feels it's coming to a head quickly now. it's been going on a couple of decades, a tit-for-tat game. they get relief from sanctions and start the game over again. there's no more playing field left. lou: you talk about the united nations being feckless, spineless, directionless, unprincipled, but look at the administrations that preceded
11:21 pm
the obama administration which set a new standard for feckless. the bush administration, the clinton administration, which was the first to basically say go ahead, we're not going to do anything. wink and aversion of their eyes and the clinton administration set a precedent that was carried through until the inauguration of donald trump. >> we sit here and talk about the ten million people in seoul who definitely worry about and 28,500 men and women on the border. has been there as many as 50,000. it's been the trip wire, what saved that war from ever occurring. lou: there is so much bs around this issue. half of korea's population lives within range of north korea's rockets, missiles. about 50 miles from the border, and we've known that. we didn't need a trigger.
11:22 pm
we didn't need 50,000 or 60, or 28. we need some sort of idea of what the hell do you do about a crazy little s.o.b. who insists on having an icbm with a nuclear warhead attached? >> i think trump's opening idea of getting china, making nice to china, making a deal with china, china didn't come through. lou: they haven't for a single administration. i think the president is also right, he had to try. don't you agree? >> absolutely. lou: now what? >> i would not be afraid to give nuclear weapons to japan. i think the koreans are more afraid of japan than any of us. lou: well, if they are more afraid of japan than any of us, they're not nearly as smart as i thought they were. >> they've invaded each other in the past and brutal to each other. lou: i think china has a new
11:23 pm
face on it, if you will. >> it does. lou: this is going to be as tough a decision as any president has made, i think, since vietnam. >> and a very critical week for him. lou: absolutely. ed, thank you, michael, thank you, appreciate it, gentlemen. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is straightforward, do you believe the united states will have to go war against north korea and possibly china? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. we'd like to hear from you. follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram. our twitter followers fired up about new thriller called putin's gambut, ana tweeted us to say -- that's modestly prevents me from responding to that. of course, you are right.
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keep tweeting us, the viewers who receive comment on the show receive a copy of putin's gambut. volume on the big board 3.3 billion shares. crude oil plunging 4%. that after an increase in opec exports. volvo announcing plans to sell only electric and hybrid vehicles by 2019. the first carmaker to abandon the internal combustion engine, volvo struggling with sales in the united states. sales down 7% in the first half of the year and sales last year were nothing to write home about. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, pitiful nancy pelosi and crying chuck presiding over a party of construction and its own destruction, i'll have a few thoughts about it in my commentatatatata
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. lou: a few thoughts on democrats who can no longer control their venomous rhetoric and outright lies, even though they must surely now realize they are only further damaging their party and all but eliminating the dems remote chances of being competitive in the midterm elections. the dems carrying out a campaign of ignorance and scorched earth mindlessness since president trump was elected. obama's failed administration worked in final months to insinuate trump collusion with the russians, the dems streamed for recounts and before the president's inaugural, congressman john lewis declared trump not to be a, quote, legitimate president! dems escalated their billious rhetoric and self-destructive addicts, dems destructive cabinet confirmations waiting 25 days on average before
11:30 pm
nomination and confirmation. the left has made outrageous calls for impeachment since day one despite no evidence of any kind of collusion or obstruction or anything in a yearlong investigation. as we learn, it was president obama who, in fact, failed to react upon learning of russian intervention, and not our elections but specifically in the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign. congressman al green had the audacity to call for impeachment on the house floor in may. congressman brad sherman lost his mind in last month actually went so far as to draft an article of impeachment. last month, nearly 200 democrats filed a lawsuit against the president claiming he is violating the emoluments clause, knowing there are no such grounds and only adding to
11:31 pm
the weight of the dems' brand as for losers only. more than two dozen delusional clownish dems pushing a bill to create a congressional commission that would declare a president unfit for office. that is how desperate, how lost the dems are. standing for nothing other than obstruction. nastiness and nonsense. they've made themselves a pathetic and cartoonish bunch, all of them, now only inflicting wounds upon themselves, their allies and the left-wing national media, senator schumer and leader pelosi have finally outdone themselves and their party, and in so doing, have at long last served the national interests beautifully, and we thank you. now our quotation of the evening. this from martin luther king, jr. who said --
11:32 pm
did i mention a brand? yes, i did. we're coming right back. stay with us. the trump administration asked for a special meeting of the u.n. count is but what did that accomplish, if anything? . >> north korea's destabilizing escalation is a threat to all nations and beyond. lou: colonel oliver north says we're paying the price for weak leadership. he joins us next. the superthrill-seeker why do some cash back cards make earning
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. lou: president trump arrived this afternoon in warsaw, the president looking to reassure our nato allies, especially among them, poland, meeting with the leaders of poland and croatia, he then goes onto hamburg for the g20 meet wearing he will be face-to-face with vladimir putin friday. that's his first meeting with the russian leader. our next guest says president trump needs to make clear at the g20 that anyone doing business with north korea or iran can't do any business in the united states. joining us tonight, retired marine lieutenant colonel,
11:37 pm
oliver north, the host of "war stories," the coordinator for president reagan and colonel, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: this is a peculiar paradox, if you will. the president in germany where he will meet with vladimir putin as his efforts with china obviously have been fruitless, and north korea is proceeding a pace with support of the chinese instead of opposition, what is he to do? >> well, look, there are a number of options available, but some of the important aspects of this is we really are paying the price for eight years of flaccid response to existential threats. the obama policy on nuclear proliferation was if we disarm, everyone else will. typical, fatally flawed pacific hogwash. the nuclear weapons and the icbms that north korea is testing don't have to be all this accurate. if it's electromagnetic pulse
11:38 pm
burst at the right altitude, it's going shut off electricity anyone in the line of sight from the detonation on the ground the curvature of the earth. it will shut it down for years to come. all of japan, all of south korea or all of canada, the western part of it. it's time for a hard-nosed reality check. the nuke weapons and icbm programs in the communist country of north korea and iran have been joined at the hip since the clinton administration. number two, in the two years since the sanctions on iran were lifted and we airdropped $1.8 billion in crash on tehran, the north koreans have conducted more icbm tests than in the previous two decades. who's paying for them? of course, the iranians. lou: we know it is china, as you say, we know that clinton and bush and obama were at the very best irresponsible in
11:39 pm
their handling of the north korean policy and their response to the provocations and the development of naeps and their missile program. >> there are options. lou: i'm sorry? >> there are options. first, at the g20 summit, the president needs to tell all those gathered that any company doing any business whatever with the dprk -- colonel, if i may, we plated sanctions for a very long time. they have not worked against iran, they have not worked against russia. they have not worked against north korea that suffered sanctions for 20 years. >> understood. lou: but you talked about a reality check. let's get to the reality. what can this country do militarily and while assuring national security and the safety of american citizens stop the north korean program? >> he's going to have a meeting with japanese prime minister abe, okay? he needs to be told that the united states is going to be supporting a change in the
11:40 pm
japanese constitution written by douglas macarthur that article 9 does not require them to acquire nuclear weapons, and the japanese may step up to the plate. number two, president xi jinping needs to be told it's time for a regime change in pyongyang. drop this guy and they'll drop the nuclear weapons. number three, tell the president of korea president moon, we need return of u.s. tactical nukes that were there from the 60s through 1991. by the way, that was the first president george bush. and lastly, if that doesn't work, we have enough conventional ordnance to turn north korea into an overdone pop tart. lou: well, the latter is -- you know, i think ought to be the last option, it's interesting but i at the same time know that the north koreans have sufficient ordnance and artillery and rockets to turn a
11:41 pm
good part of northern south korea below the dmz into a no-man's-land for quite some time with their conventional weaponry, let alone nuclear weapons which we don't really know the extent of. >> and the chemical weapons, because they're not participating in the previous sanction regimes. look at, the fact is they've got well enough artillery pieces to deal harshly with seoul, 35 miles from the dmz. the firing off of the two rockets put up on the news by our pentagon and the south korean defense universe such as it is totally ineffective that convincing the north to do anything different. what will make a difference of the things i talked about. tad going in with full batteries, and president moon has got to be told, look, we need to you defend you and need to defend our own troops on the ground. lou: in the short term, what i
11:42 pm
hear you saying is kim jong-un has us exactly where he wants us? >> not yet. i think what kim jong-un wants most of us to have the regime survive for his grandchildren like he took over for his father and grandfather. he cannot continue to have nuclear weapons and the nice speeches at the u.n. is not going to stop it. unilateral sanctions regime that says you can't do business with us if you do business with them. lou: i'm a fellow who no longer believes what anybody tells us what we can and cannot do because we are barely in control of our own nation, and that is very disturbing to me and i think to most members of this audience. we have seen enough, we've heard enough, it sounds a lot like talk and not much like walk. colonel, as always, good to talk with you, appreciate you. >> thank you, lou.
11:43 pm
lou: oliver north, "war stories" saturdays and sundays on the fox business network. please roll the video. this thrill-seeker prefers to work with the view. here it is. his view hanging a racking 325 feet above ground in morocco, smoothly working his way around a rusty crane and proceeding to effortlessly perform chinups. that's the first thing that would come to my mind in that situation. how about a few quick chinups? more anti-trump team members for his so-called investigation. we'll take up the latest conflict from judicial watch's tom fitton next. what is going on with the so-called special counsel? we'll be right back with that. ♪ art. it can be sculpted, bringing to life beautiful detail.
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or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both. ♪
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. lou: robert mueller's russia-collusion probe is more conflicted with the special counsel statute by the day. the special counsel adding one of former new york u.s. attorney general preet bharara's top prosecutors.
11:48 pm
bharara a critic of the trump administration ever since the president fired him in march. prosecutor adam goldstein joins a group including three attorneys who are democratic donors. next guest says it is time for the mueller investigation to wind down. i'm joined by the president of judicial watch, tom fitton. tom, it's great to have you with us. this is a straightforward conflict of interest that is absolutely forbidden by the statute and yet it goes on and on and on why, is it being permitted by the justice department? >> i don't know, i'd like to know if mr. mueller went through the same ethics analysis that attorney general sessions did that led to his recusal from the russia probes and the clinton probes and the more significant things the justice department should be doing. here now, according to "washington post," you have seven of the 14 lawyers that mueller's hired have donated to democratic candidates. one of them donated to the
11:49 pm
republican too while donating to democrats, that makes it six in theory. but why is it they have 14 lawyers? this deputy from the southern district he hired, is he the best district attorney or prosecutor in the world? what is it they are investigateing? why do they need 14 lawyers? i have concerns not only about the ethics of having all of these seemingly partisan lawyers working to go after president trump and his family and his top aides, but also about the ethics of having mueller involved given the controversy of his appointment and the way comey gamed it in a way to put him there. did mueller know he was gamed to be poised as special counsel? did rosenstein know about this? they need to go back to the beginning here. lou: let's go to a couple things. where is the attorney general? where are the president's attorneys?
11:50 pm
why isn't somebody saying enough? this is nonsense. >> what is it they're investigating? it's not illegal to talk to russian business interests. i hear they're investigating manafort's mortgages on long island. only in washington could you have investigation expand and get more petty at the same time, and they're being investigated, flynn and manafort for filing registration act forms late? lou: that's worth a special counsel, isn't it? >> that's not worth a special counsel. if i were mueller, i'd wash my hands saying i'm compromised by what comey did and i'm backing out. and i have constitutional concerns, lou, about the way the regulations have been written. mueller hasn't been confirmed by the senate. he's not supervised by anyone who is confirmed by the senate. so he's outlier prosecutor in terms of the constitution and checked by people who he's supposed to be answerable to,
11:51 pm
people confirmed by the senate, accountable to the american people. lou: well, the deputy attorney general is supposed to have considerable oversight of the special counsel. there is none in evidence, and we have got this thing operating like some sort of soviet-era-style apparatus for the kgb. it's ignorant what we're watching here and i do not understand, again, where is the attorney general? where are the president's lawyers? and why not call it now before it gets completely out of hand? >> you know, they have to control -- they gave an expansive charge to mueller. we don't know exactly what he considers his investigation to comprise of. lou: what kind of madness is this? as you point out, 14 attorneys, taking up a lot of office space, for what? and without even a public
11:52 pm
understanding of the mission? are you kidding me? we've had the fbi, two intelligence committees trying to find out about russian collusion when in point of fact, that's the job of 17 intelligence agencies. none of which have produced any evidence for the review of either oversight committee. so this is really getting ignorant and stupid and i think extraordinarily dangerous. >> there's no evidence of collusion between trump or his people and the russians, everyone's acknowledged that. what is he investigating? it's an intelligence issue about what the russians did, that's the counterintelligence investigation, that's not a criminal prosecution. lou: that's what we pay the 17 agencies to do, not a bunch of hotshots working for bob mueller with better real estate now in washington, d.c. than they've ever had before. tom fitton, as always, great to have you with us, thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: keep up the great work. up next, the president says
11:53 pm
terrorism is one of the most dire threats to religious freedom. pastor robert jeffress joins us right after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: our online poll last week, we asked should the senate try to repeal obamacare now and replace it later? 86% said yes.
11:57 pm
joining me now the pastor of the first baptist church in dallas, pastor robert jeffries. i want the turn first to card snal joseph tobi snrks anti-trump comments. what is he thinking about? >> it shows how out of touch the cardinal is with the catholic people the majority of whom voted for trump. lou: 55%. >> there was only one pro-life, and pro traditional marriage candidate and it wasn't mrs. clinton. lou: at the celebrate freedom rally you said no president in american history has done as much to protect religious liberty as president trump and i should point out he has been in
11:58 pm
office a whole five months. >> that's right. and he spent a lot of time talking about that at our rally saturday night. the line that got the most thunderous ovation was when he saidst as long as i'm president no one will stop you from preaching what's in your heart. why were those things accepted and encouraged for the first 180 years our nation's history but 60 years ago they become unconstitutional? we allowed activist judges to pervert the first amendment into something our forefathers never intended. lou: i want to turn to the anthem you had -- the trump anthem at the events. remarkable. my wife loved it. i liked it. she was over the top about it. who came up with it?
11:59 pm
>> it was a friend of mine who used to be a staff member at our church. if he wrought anthem "make america great again." this wasn't meant to be sung in church on sunday at a worship service it was patriotic. as christians we ought to love our nation and pray got's blessings on our nation. lou: amen, pastor, good to have you with us. we have a new book written by my pal jim born and me. our viewers are loving it. richard sands said just ordered if your book, looking forward to reading it. thank you and every viewer whose
12:00 am
comment is read here receives a signed copy of my book. thanks and good night from new york. reporter: a dangerous new low in the global showdown with north korea. but who will blink first? president trump now repairing for his first meeting with russian president vladimir putin. and which party will come out of this summer with a stronger political hands? republicans or democrats? chris stirewalt breaks it down. grab a partner, it's time to dance. i'm dagen mcdowell in for kennedy.


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