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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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he afternoon. he also said i don't draw a red line when it comes to north korea, but it's a shame they are behaving this way. the secretary of state rex tillerson is closely monitoring the situation in north korea. i believe we've got blake irving standing by live in hamburg, germany, the next stop for president trump heading there later this afternoon. of course, the meeting between angela merkel and president trump is going to be one of the more high-level meetings he will hold later on in the day. good afternoon, blake. >> good afternoon. good morning to you guys in the states. it's about 11:00 a.m. here. president trump look at here to germany later today. we will meet with angela merkel ahead of the g20 summit tomorrow and saturday he will be meeting with a slew of leaders among them, which sets the table as he saw the press conference. russian president vladimir putin comes tomorrow. right now the president is in poland for a summit of eastern
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european countries, about a dozen eastern european countries before he gets here for the world's largest economy. the country that has taken a front and center stage here is one that will be a part of none of these talks. that being north korea after the launch of its latest intercontinental ballistic missiles. the president was asked at the press conference what he might do about it. does he think north korea will take a u-turn? is the president at this point willing to take military action? the president called it a threat that needs to be confronted. other nations need to publicly demonstrate to north korea that there are consequences for their actions, but the president would not say exactly what the next step might be. only as you said the two words to get a lot of play on this. the president saying that there could be severe things. listen. >> as far as north korea is concerned, we will see what happens. i don't like to talk about what
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i have planned. i have some pretty severe things we are thinking about. i don't draw red lines. >> lots of that here in germany and over in poland. you've got the russians who will be here, the chinese who will be here taking one's stance as it relates to the icbm and firing off other u.s. allies with an additional stand. i will be part of the discussions here are no doubt. as we know, this is an issue the president has been talking about here for nearly six months. only seems to be elevating at this point in the president saying a little while ago there are severe things we are thinking about. cheryl: blake, i want to follow-up on that because the comments about north korea were very strong for the president, but also comments about syria. tomorrow he's meaning and not face-to-face with vladimir
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putin, russian president latin america. he said we will not tolerate chemical weapons. terrorists cannot return to syria. but as we know, of course vladimir putin is backing bashar al-assad did what do we know about that meeting in particular and did we just get a primer for the president just now? >> in a way, president stepped back a little saner one of his response is that he doesn't dry red mind but as it relates to syria, he said there's a need for a political solution, which seems to suggest maybe a step back from the military actions potentially that the administration is 30 taken inside the country with the targeted airstrike at one of those airfields. as far as what could happen with the conversation was 500, trump administration saying the president sets his own agenda they are not saying the coder could not be on the table with regard to vladimir putin, both the russian folks, their
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government saying that doing with terrorism and international terrorism will no doubt be part of the discussion windows to sit down tomorrow. >> thank you. blake burman. a speech at the monument in two hours. by the 7:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox business network. cheryl: of course on this breaking news we cover it if europe and of course the president's news conference a few moments ago with the president of poland. david nelson, chief strategist at no point for his thoughts on what the president said. good morning. thanks for joining us. i want to talk about in particular he's on his way now as they wrapped up to meet with the three state initiative all about energy production in the baltic states trying to get away from russian oil in independent on russian energy. the president made several comments about the fact they want to see more private investment, more american
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shipment of lng into that region. what did you make of those comments? >> i was really the highlight of the conversation. it is pretty clear the president is excited about the reserves we have in the united states. technology has really changed that dynamic in the united states has gone from energy importer to energy exporter and even announced a deal, the first of many to come. but actually made her first delivery. i heard that in the speech. this is going to appoint to all of europe. it was in particular are pretty big spy for russia because russia has huge natural gas and has been the vehicle of choice in the past. the united states moving into that world is probably going to be part of the conversation tomorrow with white america. >> david, how do you think that will play into the conversation? the whole initiative is so that
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there's more energy independence and alliance and russia. how do you think this will play into the meeting with vladimir putin? >> i think you will be 10th in the first part of the conversation will be the hacking of the election. that will certainly come out. but then it's going to come to economic development in europe. russia is a big concern here because the united states is clearly moving into an energy role here. we've completely changed the dynamic not just in europe. we've changed indo pak could all intents and purposes opec has a structure that no longer exists. the united states is tightening their role now. cheryl: also as he heads to hamburg, germany later this afternoon when he wraps up in poland, certainly that will be a private meeting and then it's going to be more of a larger bilateral meeting with her. certainly we believe this to be true, she certainly going to bring up the fact the united states pulled out of the paris accords. she has been in a very public way seen u.s. states in u.s.
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companies still want to participate in the push for clean energy. what is that due to our relationship with germany? our economic relationship? >> it's interesting. no love lost between donald trump and angela merkel. fashion very much as a globalist in benefits or country. her country from the global trade perspective enjoys a trade surplus with many of its partners. in fact with the united states to the tune of about $65 billion. president trump understands that dynamic that globalism has such a good part of our country behind and i think he wants to change that. as part of the paris climate accord that was a swipe at angela merkel, certainly a swipe at macron. it hurts american business and he will do what he needs to do. >> thank you is standing by as they monitor president trump's
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visit to poland. thank you. we also have some breaking news this morning here at home we want to bring to you representative steve scalise is back in intensive care at a washington hospital after contracting an infection from a gunshot wound last month. his condition has been downgraded to serious from fair. scully said for others hurt when a gunman opened fire at a gop baseball is in virginia. u.s. capitol police killed that guy man. the police has had several surgeries and sources are telling fox news this morning the doctors had anticipated he would suffer an infection related to that shooting. the hospital says he'll have another update at some point today. of course we'll be following that news out of washington. >> away from would-be investors, a rating agency as the house passes the budget today still a risk for downgrade in its credit rating. the house will vote to override
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bruce rohner's veto the budget legislation today in an attempt to enact a spending plan. warning lawmakers he would do everything he can to block a 32% income tax increase. >> this is a two by four smacked across the four had that the people of illinois. this tax hike will solve none of our problems. in fact in the long run it will make our problems worse. >> a new budget would end a two-year long fiscal stalemate in illinois, the longest any status gone without a budget since at least the great depression. >> another headline. united airlines issuing an apology after the company gave a 2-year-old boy seat away. a hawaii teacher says she was forced older son on her lap for three and half hours from houston to boston. the boy had his own ticket. that means he philosophy after the standby passengers showed up
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at the same seat number. united says we are refining their tickets in providing compensation as a gesture. also working with employees to prevent this from happening again. >> the record antitrust fine could be the beginning of more problems for the site. >> the e.u. considering slapping the company with another fine. tracee carrascas joins us now. good morning. >> european union antitrust regulators are weighing against google over its android mobile operating system and has set up a separate opinion on the case. this is according to a reuters report. but its android operating system. that you accuse google of using android to fix the market against competitors by requiring smartphone manufacturers to preinstalled google search than google browser and buried manufacturers from using rival
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versions of mandrake. google also accused of paying smart filmmakers and network operators. the move by the e.u. competition authorities which is a company with a two by $7 million for an fever in its shopping service last month. cook last 90 days to stop favoring its own shopping service or face further penalties. this could pose a bigger risk because of injuries huge growth potential. the potential here expect it to top the $2.7 billion penalty. it isn't clear when the e.u. plans to make details on this android case public. cheryl: just can't get a break from the e.u. e.u. for so many years has gone after these big american companies. probably not a surprise they will continue this way. >> we will see what they say. coming up, president trump heading to germany later today for the g20 summit where he will meet with angela merkel and vladimir putin.
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the entire world watching. will this be the biggest test of his presidency so far? hundreds for us to evacuate in colorado as the massive wildfire continues to grow. we will have details. u.s. stock market future ahead of the opening bell. s&p lowered by four. nasdaq lower by 17. you are watching transcendent. stay with us. ♪ jump right in the ♪ lose yourself again be ♪
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lea: welcome back here 5:15 a.m. in new york. authorities in colorado warrant a growing wildfire may force all of the famous ski resorts are breckenridge to evacuate. the wildfire broke out in the area of gold hill and the white river national forest in summit county. officials say they now committed to the 80 acres of wildfires also causing evacuations in parts of nevada. dennis is a pro-government militias in congress yesterday attacking opposition lawmakers during a special session. lawmakers were injured there. the attack comes amid three months of violent confrontation between security forces and protesters accused of trying to establish a dictatorship.
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the arts and crafts chain hobby lobby being hit with a $20 million fine for illegally importing a number of historic artifacts from iraq. the justice department says hobby lobby bringing the items into the country a decade ago. the artifacts were labeled and shipped to the company through the united arab emirate in israel. taking a likely u.s. stock market futures ride on the board this morning to a futures lower by 22. s. mueller before. nasdaq lower by 19. that's what's happening now. >> of course investors are watching what's happening over europe but the president's trip today and tomorrow. right now the president is in poland ahead of a series of major meetings with leaders in germany later this afternoon. kristin king is joining us now, contributor to the hill and author of government. good morning, president. >> good morning, guys. good to have you here. visiting poland before a meeting with angela merkel and more
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importantly russian president vladimir putin in germany. that meeting, whether it's with regards to syria or north korea, the meeting is going to be a little more tense than we had expected. what do you think the message to vladimir putin is going to be? >> the most fascinating. people be so curious to know what's going on in that meeting. i do think although it is 10th in certain ways that trump is still going to try to find ways that the u.s. and russia can work together to achieve common goals like taking out i says. trot made it clear that he does plan to bring certain things up with putin like russia's resistance to stop aside from using chemical weapons. obviously, the west wing of the american government and also people here want trying to bring up election meddling. i don't think he will bring that up.
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it will be solely on syria. a very important moment for tram. there are two big personalities they are. will be fascinating to see what goes down. >> president trump meaning with president trump angela merkel and issues of climate change of course one of them does it mention the paris accords. what do you expect to come out of that meeting? >> you know, just saw trump in poland where he got this form of gum talking about being great allies of poland. the reception in germany will be a start contrast about 100,000 protesters waiting for him. the summit, the g20 summit is taking place in merkel's hometown and reports state that she's actually putting together the agenda for the program to create a bold contract with trump's pro-america america first message. it's going to be tense. the one issue that merkel will probably focus on most heavily
5:19 am
is climate change and specifically the paris accords. she's been very public how she feels about trends decision to pull the u.s. out of that agreement. she even said europe can't rely on the u.s. anymore for some things. i do think it will be a tense meeting. however, there areas where it germany and u.s. can work together by counterterrorism and north korea, definitely aligned on that. at least the dialogue is failing and that's a good thing at least. cheryl: really quite, kristin, before we let you go, despite admitting with angela merkel. obviously they are going to be at odds certainly. what other european support does she have? we know she's going to bring up climate change and the fact the president pulled us out of the paris climate accord, but who else is going to be on her side against president trump later today? >> you know coming to g20 summit
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is starting to look like trump against everyone else. merkel and supporters are trying to get the 19 other countries to show strong support for the accord to send a strong message to trump in the u.s. intended to isolate trump as being the only one against the accord. however, there assigns a locale 19 countries like saudi arabia probably won't join in russia and turkey are sending mixed signals as to how strongly they come out in support of it. it's unclear how much support merkel will get in her effort we'll see what happens. cheryl: we'll be monitoring the president's movements. kristen kaye coming thank you. >> nba free agents are on the move. we will tell you where they are going. dodgers pictures that send a no one has done for more than 15 years. you are watching "fbn:am." stay with us.
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nobody even close semantic knowledge. all over the world they talk about the greatness and nobody comes close. as you buy equipment, hopefully you'll be thinking only of the united states. but the expanded trade and new infrastructure, we'll unleash incredible innovation that is safe, responsible and environmentally friendly. the united states supports a common sense approach to protecting natural resources, one that responsibly balances economic growth, creation and energy security. we invite all countries to work with us to achieve this objective and develop innovative technologies that empower nations around the world to be faithful stewards of their natural resources while lifting millions out of poverty and into great and beautiful futures. the three season issue of not only empower your people, but it
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will ensure that your nations remains sovereign, secure and free from foreign coercion. the three nations will stand stronger than they ever have stood before her. when your nations are strong, all the free nations of europe are stronger in the west becomes stronger as well. they can bring greater peace, prosperity to all of our people. this summit ushers in the next great energy frontier. this is largely about energy because we are that great exporter. what's going on in our country is incredible and i hope you take advantage of it by using these resources. i'm thrilled to join you today and i want everyone to know the united states supports their bold efforts. they will include countless lives across the region and throughout the world america
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will be the strongest ally and steadfast partner in this truly historic initiative. congratulations to everybody and we stand ready, willing and able to help with your energy needs and other needs as they come along. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> we just heard from president trump in poland speaking at the three c's summit. that's a meeting of 12 nations from ager arctic sea, black sea area as well as the baltic sea area coming together to talk about energy infrastructure, specifically wanting to be less dependent on russia. president trump said the u.s. is committed to competitive market. he also talked about the u.s. becoming an energy exporter. blake burman is life with us. are you with us?
5:27 am
>> yes, i'm here. what you have going on with the president over these next two days, as you just saw, he's in poland for a summit of about 12 eastern european countries, energy part of the main focus there and made them tonight the president will come for the g20 summit. president trump will meet with dozens of world leaders over these next two days. the one country really gaining a lot of the attention, in fact all of the attention at this hour is north korea come especially after its intercontinental ballistic missile this week. at a news conference in poland, president trump was asked about north korea. he called it a quote threat, said they had very, very bad behavior. when he was asked what he might do, is a military option on the table? the president would not reveal what he might do next. >> as far as north korea is concerned, i don't know.
5:28 am
we will see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned, but it's in pretty severe things we're thinking about. i don't draw the lines. >> the other country dry other country dry in the headlines of course russia when president trump comes to germany, he will meet with the russian president vladimir putin face-to-face tomorrow afternoon. the white house has not yet outlined the agenda. it remains a question whether or not he will bring up election meddling in the 2016 presidential election with the russian president. a little while ago at that very same news conference, president trump was asked point blank whether or not he believes he was russia who tried to interfere in last year's election. the president left a little bit of wiggle room. >> i agree. i think it was russia, but i think it was probably other people and/or countries and i see nothing wrong with that
5:29 am
statement. nobody really knows. nobody really knows for sure. i remember when i was sitting back listening about iraq. weapons of mass destruction. however your buddy was 100% sure. >> the president says he thinks it's pressure that nobody knows for sure. of course it is the widespread belief of intelligence agencies and officials to russia and he tried to meddle in the 2016 election. back to you. >> .the question never want to know is whether or not president trump old bring up meddling in the election. president trump at this energy initiative. is there an underlying message to president putin ahead of their meeting in terms of energy here? >> no doubt about it. what they are trying to do with the first part of the trip make a statement as it relates to energy that these european
5:30 am
countries can wiggle themselves off away from russia. the president touting this liquid natural gas deal already signed with poland. they can drop another one in the next 15 minutes if they wanted to. the president may be given a hint as to not necessarily needing to rely on the european union by going to some of these eastern european countries so others involved with these talks downplayed the angle to it. no doubt about, one of the underlying subtext of all of this is the notion that hey, the country, poland included can pull themselves off of russia and the assertive energy forms and bring it back out west especially with the united states. >> blake burman live in hamburg, germany. thank you very much. president trump is scheduled to deliver a speech at the warsaw
5:31 am
uprising monument two hours from now. i'm going to carry that live, 7:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox business network. >> also, breaking this morning, representatives steve scalise at a washington hospital after contracting an infection from a gunshot wound last month. his condition downgraded from serious to fair. four others were hurt when a gunman opened fire at a gop baseball practice in virginia. u.s. capitol police killed the gunman. police has had several surgeries and sources tell fox news that doctors anticipated he would suffer an infection related to the shooting. they will have another update on the condition today. we will be waiting to hear more on that. >> certainly of course. we heard president trump talk about this at the top of the hour. the u.s. delivering a blunt warning to north korea after they successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile on tuesday.
5:32 am
nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to the united nations pulling no punches in his speech to an emergency meeting of security council. >> the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies at their considerable military services. we will use them if we must, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. >> ceilidh adding they will impose sanctions and war in china its massive trade with the u.s. is at risk of its trade with north korea violates u.n. sanctions. lea: warning for moody's investors service of the state of illinois committee agency states even if the house passes the budget today, is still risk a downgrade to its credit rating to junk. they will vote to override governor bruce rogers detailed the budget legislation today and attempt to enact spending plans.
5:33 am
the government warning lawmakers he will do everything he can to block a 32% income tax increase. >> this is a two by four >> across the forehead of the people of illinois. this tax hike in fact, long run it will make her problems worse. >> a new budget would end a two-year long fiscal stalemate in illinois, the longest in the state is gone without a budget since at least the great depression. >> a united airlines has issued an apology after the company gave a 2-year-old boy's feet away to a standby passenger. she was forced to hold her son on her lap for three and half hours. the boy had his own ticket, which he paid for but he lost his seat after they showed up at the ticket with the same seat number. we are refining their ticket and
5:34 am
providing compensation as a goodwill gesture. we're working with employees to prevent this from happening again. united can't catch a break in the sky. >> people don't check in. they just have them push their little call button and then they noticed he was there with his mom. >> the european union record antitrust fine could be the beginning of more problems for this site. the e.u. considering slapping the company with another find. tracee carrascas joins us with more. >> good morning, ladies. the european union antitrust wherein another record fine against google over its android mobile operating system independent panel of experts to get a second opinion on the case, this is according to a reuters report. the panel examined with android operating system. last year the e.u. accuse google of using android to fix the market against competitors by requiring smartphone manufacturers to preinstalled
5:35 am
google search and browser in bright manufacturers from rival versions of entry. google accused of paying smartphone makers and mobile network operators. the move by the authority which had to go with authority which hit google with a two-point $7 billion find for unfairly favoring last month. google has 90 days to stop favoring or face further penalty. however, this could pose a bigger risk for google because of android's huge growth attention of and the potential fine here is expected to top the two-point $7 billion penalty. it isn't clear when the e.u. plans to meet details of the injured case public. >> have we heard anything from google? have they put forth any statements? i know they are trying to fight a legal battle. >> we've not heard from google. i reached out repeatedly asking them to kind of confirmed what we are hearing. they haven't said anything, but as far as the two-point
5:36 am
$7 billion find, they said they are going to consider appealing not. we will see. >> you have to worry it's going to set some kind of precedent. the e.u. going after u.s. companies like this for years. >> e-mail, it's tough to say as far as if they've done something wrong, the e.u. has said this was an illegal product is to support their own shopping service. we will have to see what they say. you kind of tend to think maybe they are pushing their products ahead of everyone mouse. >> we will wait and see. david now said that chief strategist to the market reaction developing in north korea. good morning, david. >> so for the markets are taking things in stride. the first launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles by north korea we are
5:37 am
aware of. is this normal for the market not to see much of a reaction here? >> it's weakening a little bit. look, the last several years in the u.s. markets had to do with geopolitical conflicts in geopolitical events in nearly every corner of the planet. they've kind of get into the mentality frankly because it makes money. that works right up until the time it doesn't. they have to look out through these events translate into an economic event and if you are an apple owner or any other company in the case of apple, doesn't mean they will sell wi-fi phones. i think you take it in stride. >> over in europe you've got to e.u. story with google, but you've also got the drama unfolding with the president in the g20 summit and one of the things he brought up in that last press conference at the top of the hour was issue of north korea. he had some strong words he said
5:38 am
that they didn't figure innings. and then he said i don't dry red wines. he talked about the fact the obama administration had not done enough with north korea. should we hear more on the issue of north korea and what he would realistically achieve that this threat. >> you saw play out with nikki haley at the u.n. in her statement was very forceful. with some of the others that commented on it in particular ambassador bolton. he pointed out the likely resolution that will follow will be probably weak because there will be those who will veto it. from what i've read in this morning, russia and china are coming out hard against the united states, looking for the united states to scale back military action. that plays right into china stand because they like to see north korea on the side of the u.s. because they like to see the u.s. negotiate with north
5:39 am
korea, pull back and let them develop in their favor and push the united states out. >> let's talk about the pressure the u.s. can apply in north korea appeared right on the u.s. military commander in south korea has said the self-restraint, which is a choice is all that separates armistice and war. clearly people don't want the u.s. to end up taking military action in north korea. we've been relying on china and china trained but economic pressure. what can be done now? >> i'm not sure. every president since reagan has very some responsibility on the way back to clinton. we have the opportunity then and even a little bit later to do something about it. now we are talking about a country 25 years later that has nuclear capability. the launch actually puts the united states, even the mainland in range. how do you deal with that
5:40 am
without partners in the region? the choice is frankly are grim. most of us know that. are we going to do a full scale strike because that's what it would take. conventional weapons on the border can hit sol 30 miles to the south. >> her relationship with china and is china going to actually stop the economic support of north korea? that's something we've got to be watching. we do have the jobs report coming up over the month of june. we do have that coming out of this country. what are your expectations with a disappointing report back in may with an economic growth into job creation tomorrow. what he looking for? >> we always like to see job growth. consensus is 185,000. is likely what will see. entering into earnings season right now. but i'll be looking forward in what investors will be looking for his bad my number will either justified or not the
5:41 am
price action we've seen so far and for the future we will be looking. >> thank you, david. nice to see you this morning. cheryl: jobs coming up tomorrow will be a big thing to watch. to see how they are reacting as we get four more big news coming out of this country. we didn't see much market reaction to yesterday with the announcement of the ballistic missile test tuesday as well. asian markets slightly flat good nick in japan to the downside. hang seng down about to point to 1%. the shanghai daily up, and create down. not a bad reaction really. >> take a look at european stocks with president trump fair. the ftse in london done 25. dax and germany down to 84. >> of course does to use all over in germany and poland today, let's see how they are behaving. the big words from the president about north korea for a lower
5:42 am
by. s&p by seven. on the slippery market. >> a look at key commodities. fifty-seven cents at $45.70 a barrel. 12.24 troy ounce. >> was got a lot more coming up. a field plane crash caught on camera. we will show you the brand-new video. and a xian airlines plane crashed and caught fire back in 2013. we've got new pictures. plus, ted cruz saw the gop health care problem. an amendment getting support from conservative republicans. "fbn:am" will be right back. cid, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. hey, i'm the internet! ♪ i know a bunch of people who would love that.
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cheryl: it is by 45 am in new york get that feature you caught up on what's happening now. president trump salaries going to go towards two restoration project at the battlefield in maryland could the president promised to donate his salary and rain think he says the first quarter salary nation $78,000. some 23,000 soldiers were killed after 12 hours of combat on september 17, 1862 in the battle. new video has been released showing the dramatic 2013 crashed it in a xian airliner at san francisco international airport. the footage reported by a control tower camera captures
5:46 am
the plane approaching the runway before becoming enveloped in clouds of white and black smoke. as you can see there, three people died. 187 others were injured in a crash. true religion, they filed for bankruptcy protection. the move will allow they keep their door open my big brother business in a challenging retail environment overtaken by amazon. u.s. index futures right now as you can see the dow, nasdaq and s&p slightly lower but not at bad kick off to her thursday. >> thank you, cheryl. now the battle of health care that they return from recess next week or they expect to receive scores from the congressional budget office on their health care bill. kristen tate is a contributor to the hill and author of government gone wild. good morning, christiane.
5:47 am
>> good morning. lea: ted cruz has a proposal out there that would help lower consumer costs and potentially help commercial insurance companies offering policies. do you think this plan is something that could help bring other senate conservatives on board? >> it definitely could. the fate of repealing and replacing obama cared could actually go on the ted cruz amendment. it would allow insurers to offer plans that do not comply with obamacare standards as long as they provide at least one plan that does comply with those standards. the idea is offering pathways around regulations will lead to lower prices. so far the plan is getting relatively positive response from gop on the far right. the freedom caucus has come out. they like it. that's a good sign. as you mentioned, the cbo will release its report soon and we can really get into the numbers and figure out how this would impact us financially.
5:48 am
>> the cbo scores between house and senate versions of all of this. susan collins of maine said she's going to vote against this unless it's dramatically change. what he thinks susan collins main issue is here? >> most of the republicans -- most of the republicans against the senate health care bill, doesn't go far enough to repeal and replace it. if the bill perfectly ted cruz amendment? >> no, it's not a full repeal of obamacare and that's a shame because that's what republicans promised voters they would do. i understand why certain folks do not support the bill with the amendments added. having said that, if republicans don't do anything in their stubborn about this, obamacare is going to stay in place in 2018 will be an ugly election year for republicans. these guys have got to come together and make something happen even if we don't end up with a perfect bill.
5:49 am
>> what you just mentioned is of course concern from republicans as we start moving forward. i know you're a big supporter of senator rand paul and the current bill is lit up like a christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments. how do we get there from here? >> yeah, and income of the bill is a big government entitlement. but it is thought be less horrible than obamacare. if i were in the senate come i hate to say this, but i would probably up and vote for the bill because it's kind of political suicide not to do anything. the american people -- a lot of people don't know about reconciliation. all they know is they look around and see republicans in control of the senate house and white house. they say why isn't anything getting done? the blame will fall at the feet of the republicans agreed on do anything and democrats have made it very clear they are not going to work with republicans at all.
5:50 am
we've got to get all 50 votes from republicans. they can only afford to lose two. who knows if that'll happen, but i poke republicans can come together and make something happen. >> thank you to a hopeful tate this morning. >> tanks, lauren. cheryl: big news in sports this morning. the nba free agents on the move. we are going to tell you where they are going and more importantly how much money. storms threatening parts of the united states. a literature forecast before you head out the door. you are watching "fbn:am." these ♪i wonder if you can ♪no need for greed or hunger
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>> welcome back a very busy news morning. time now for some sports. the nba free agent remains very active in to my big signing to report. agreeing to stay in miami. espn report he signed a four-year deal worth $62 million. coming off a breakout season with the heat averaging 16 points. espn also says golden state warriors have lakers free agent. purportedly using the mobile convention to sign for a one deal year. averaged 13 points a year ago. at wimbledon, daniel is throwing money away after a tough loss in the second round, grabbed in throws at the foot of the umpires, gathers equipment and walks off the court.
5:55 am
during the match, as the empire to be removed at the request was turned down by the supervisor. he later apologized for throwing the money. >> does not very sportsmanlike. cheryl: at least it wasn't a racket like john mcenroe. well, we are going to throw it to adam over here. adam klotz joining us now it looks like some severe storms coming in, especially the southern part of the nation. >> they are going to be bouncing around different spots in the country where we see severe weather. early in the morning starting off in the upper midwest. thunderstorms targeting the wisconsin area that currently running through portions of minnesota. we see thunderstorms stretching across the south, southeast. i want to pay particular attention to the upper midwest because birth of the minneapolis
5:56 am
area will be funneling into portions of wisconsin. we are talking within 60 miles an hour. heavy rain likely some hail as well. one for folks to pay attention to. the other side of the country other things to talk about as well. 113 in phoenix. the next couple days hovering in that range as a result fire is continuing be an issue. a busy one across the country the next couple days. lea: coming up from the mr. amelia and her heart disappearance defense. a new photo raises speculation about what happened to her in 1937. you are watching "fbn:am"
5:57 am
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5:59 am
cheryl: a new photo is deepening the mystery surrounding amelia earhart, the aviator navigator disappeared over the pacific in 1937, the first woman pilot to fly around the world or they were never found and then declared dead. >> in a photograph actually suggest they may have died in japanese custody. now it's a blurry photo, but it shows your heart -- earhart -- a a documentary heavy industry can a documentary heavy industry can come in the official explanation that she didn't find the island, lost communication and ran out of fuel to then crash into the
6:00 am
ocean. so little technology back then. i was always sort of the possible thought. i'm very interested in seeing this documentary and what kind of evidence they are presenting. >> as a pilot you would have the best analysis of all of these. thank you for one that does the last couple hours this morning. >> thanks for joining us. or revert a rumble, take it away. >> thank you so much. happy thursday. thank you for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. thursday, july 6. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump in poland this morning. a joint news conference with the president in the last hour where the two leaders stretched the relationship between the two countries. >> it's never been closer to poland. we are grateful for the example set for every member of the nato


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