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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. right here on fox business. lou: president trump and russian president putin making history and making nice in their first ever face to face meeting at the g20 summit in hamburg. high drama and expectations surrounding their much-anticipated meeting which was scheduled to run a half-hour. instead they talked for more than two hours. two thundershower2 hours 16 min. rex tillerson said president
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trump opened the meeting by pressing allegations of russian interference in our elections. putin denied it. president trump and president putin negotiated ceasefire agreement to halt hostilities in syria this sunday. onroberts is in hamburg with our report. reporter: with so many geopolitical issues swirling between the two countries, today's one-on-one with vladimir putin was arguably the most important meeting president trump has had. they had spoken several times by phone, but it was the first time they had sat down face to face. both leaders feeling optimistic about the road ahead. >> president putin and i have been discussing various things and it's going very well.
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>> i'm throughout to meet you personally and i am glad you said our meeting will yield positive results. reporter: a fuel 2 hours 15 minutes as they chewed over some important issues including russia's meddling in the elections. >> president trump opened the meeting raising the concerns of the american people over russia's interference in the 206 election. reporter: the fact that trump confronted putin over the interference. >> i think it was russia, and i think it could have been other people in other countries. reporter: putin denied russian interference.
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sergei lavrov says after the meeting that president trump accepted that assurance. he did say the president believes rebuilding the relationship is the bigger issue. >> how do we move forward from simply an intractable disagreement at this point. reporter: they did reach an agreement on syria. the u.s. and russia will establish a ceasefire in southwest syria. it's designed to cool off tensions while the battle against isis continues and a political solution in syria is put in place. common ground on north korea proved illusive. russia and china want to freeze north korea's nuclear program where it is. the united states want to roll it way back. cooperation is crucial. >> a lot of people like to
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characterize it otherwise. but this is a campaign to lead us to a peaceful resolution. if this fails, we don't have have good options left. >> it's great to be with my friend, the president of mexico. reporter: in another meeting president trump was forced to confront an issue he would have avoided. a member of the press pool shouted. >> do you want mexico to pay for the wall? >> absolutely, the president said, almost under his breath. reporter: the meeting with president putin was going in for so long at one point they sent in the first lady to see if she could pull her husband out. she didn't succeed. the g20 organizers sat mean yeah
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trump next to president putin at the g20 banquet. lou: our first guest says putin's denial of interference in our elections is an excellent example of how the russians behave. putin lied to the president's face, he says. john bolton, lied to his face? unheard of in diplomatic circles. what has produced this behavior on the part of putin? >> putin has lied about this before. and copy not surprised he lied about it today. but it's a lesson for donald trump and rex tillerson. this is the way russians perform. what they say is only coincidentally related to the truth. so before we talk about the ceasefire in syria or russia's
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involvement with iran's nuclear program or north korea's nuclear program. let's remember what putin is prepared to do in the face of overwhelming evidence that russia did try to interfere in our elections. lou: what is the specific intervention in our election and what did it produce? john: i don't think it produced anything. and i think it's a separate issue. lou: what specific intervention of which we have absolute proof? john: what people who have seen the intelligence said uniformly, republican and democrat alike is they tried to manipulate the voting itself, but tried to bring -- putting information that caused a breakdown of trust weren't system.
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lou: i don't want anybody to interpret my close questioning on this issue to be regarded as belief russia did not intervene or try to intervene in our elections. but i'm trying to remind everyone whatever evidence we have is at best even if our foremost intelligence agencies hearsay because the cia and the f.b.i. were denied access to the principle intervention which was with the democratic national committee, and a result was a third party from the private sector crowd strike is the forensic basis for a judgment. and that's been topped, hasn't it? john: i think we do need at some point to have what we have got from intelligence released. i think the american people need to know about this. it's utterly unacceptable for
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foreigners to interfere in our election. lou: i don't think anybody would disagree with you whatsoever. but the fact is the great dissidence here is for some reason the democratic national committee was the target of purportedly russian intelligence and their hearing. and secondly our intelligence agencies, specifically the cia and the f.b.i., permitted the dnc to say you will not touch our servers. you will have no first-hand knowledge of this, because it is a national security issue. but you just run along. we happen to have one of our people in the white house, a democrat by the name of barack obama. john: i couldn't agree more. we just scratched the surface of this. but this is the point you have to carry away.
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putin lied -- when will the next democrat, let's just call adam schiff who citized tiller -- criticicriticized tillerson forg it was unclear how hard the president pushed putin. lou: has anyone lied as much as the democratic leadership in washington, d.c. on any part of the russian government? i mean, which is the greater offense here? john: i think the question -- who is lying more is a hard one to answer. but this is what puts the hypocrisy test to the democrats. lou: whatever your test is, it's already been flunked. i want to move on to an important point here.
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this president of ours has shown the world who is, what an effective strong leader he is, his command of the issues that will dominate foreign policy, ours and oater powers around the world for the next decade. he's leading the free word, is he not? john: i thought the speech in warsaw was a 10 strike. the fact that he was in a meeting with vladimir putin for over two hours shows he can handle himself on the world stage. he need to turn his attention when he gets back to the leaks that cape from some of his close advisors. that his advisors were afraid to allow him in an unstructured meeting. he need to find out who they are.
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lou: he says the question of our time is whether we have the guts, the political will to preserve civilization. the first question is, does this administration have the strength to come down on all leakers and end leaking in this administration forevermore? proximity of the question is important in this case as you point out. john bolton, always great to have you here. we are coming right back. we have a lot more as you might suspect. and you will not be disappointed. stay with us. day two of the high stakes g20 up it. president trump pressing putin on interference in the 2016 elections. >> they agreed to exchange further work regarding commitments of non-interference.
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lou: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is already talking about a possible plan b on healthcare. mitch mcconnell saying in kentucky if my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement, then some kind of action with regard to the private insurance market must occur, end quote. that sounds like leadership. president trump taking aim at former clinton campaign chair podesta he tweeted everyone is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the f.b.i. and the cia. disgraceful. for more on the president's
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across-packed day at the g20 and the inaction by the senate leaders on healthcare and other issues, we are joined by fred barnes, and mollie hemingway. thank you both for being here. i have to say that i think the president has acquitted himself so well, mollie. i think it's wonderful that he will take on the likes of john podesta if he has a like from the summit, take on the left-wing media whether it's cnn or nbc and still be the leader of the free world. mollie: one thing that's good about it, it gets people to refocus on the issues. if you are concerned about russian meddling in a campaign, and people are, there are a lot of questions that aren't
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answered. i understand why the dnc wouldn't want to turn over their servers to the f.b.i. but it's odd the intelligence agency wouldn't have been more direct about seizing some of these things if they are so concerned about this type of russian meddling. the podesta thing was spearfishing which means he clicked on something he shouldn't have in his email. lou: his stupidity was unending. and thank got system did work. our system of a free press in that instance, by the was entirely dependent on the agents of the russian intelligence agencies. fred, your thoughts here.
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he was in an extraordinary performance, and we have another day for president trump to demonstrate why he is the leader of the free world. you have to be heartened, you have to be proud. fred: he had a great day yesterday. today he had this meeting with putin that the "new york times" reported ahead of time putin would win, and putin got nothing. putin has to put out a statement that he will never interest veer with another country's elections. he may not mean it, by has to put out a statement saying that why? not because they both agree they need such statement. but because trump impose it on him. people i think will see with a working president going into a session with the russian leader when there is no real agenda and
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it goes on for 2 hours 15 minute, trump did fine. lou: trump is the president of the united states and what we have are some in the national left-wing media and some on the hard left and the deep state. nonetheless, he is leading and without exception doing a marvelous job. you cannot point to a president in the last decade who has not done nearly so well as this president in hamburg and warsaw. fred: a lot of americans remember john f. kennedy's first meeting with any kitta -- with khrushchev? what did khrushchev get from that? that kennedy was a weak president who could be taken advantage of.
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i don't think vladimir putin came to that conclusion today after two hours were president trump. melissa: the media are so focused on the president's tweet about podesta. the big boys are in the world hammering out a deal. the first meeting between these two leaders went as well as you could have hoped for. they are and adversary. we need to make sure we don't just accept their word. lou: an aside, when we talk about the two largest nuclear powers in the world. to me it was gratifying and exhilarating to see the united states, a power on the world stage once again with a man who knows what the hell he's doing. and who means to do what he next national interest.
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mollie: and getting it deliverable. they walked away with something to show for this meeting and that's a nice first step. lou: mollie, thanks so much. fred, good to see you. breaking news now. the united states is planning to carry out a test of its fab missile defense system. it will be conducted from kodiak alas today. the thaad defense system is not a weapon used against icbms like the one north korea launched on the 4th of july. but more intermediate range of missiles. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, do you believe president trump's dominance of
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the g20 made fools of the globalist gang of merkel, contract chron and may -- macron and may? our twitter followers are talking about my new thriller i wrote with jim born. ann tweeted us, you are the voice of truth for our president. good luck on your new book and god bless. you can see eak an autographed copy. on wall street stocks climbing higher. volume on the big board 2.6 billion shares trading, falling off the ends of the earth for the week.
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s & p was flat, the nasdaq up 2.4%. the strategy at the g-20 conference and his actions would send stock prices lower. they couldn't have been more wrong since about november 8 on. looking really like fools. at some point they have to wake up. these are just economic and market analysts. look at the political analysts. june jobs reports posted 220,000 jobs, a 4.4% unemployment rate. and remind tore listen to my reports coast to coast on the same salem national network. america has gone from having an apologist-in-chief in the white house to a president who won't
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hesitate to defend american values. >> do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost. if we don't have strong families and strong values then we'll be weak and we'll not survive. lou: president trump's strong leadership, the subject of my commentary coming up. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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and publish your site with just a few clicks-even from your... phone. the internet is waiting start for free today at godaddy. lou: a few thoughts on president trump rolling back madness of barack obama and the left. at the same point in mr. obama's presidency he was jet setting around the globe on his infamous apology tour, apologizing to france and europe, claiming the united states had been arrogant in our foreign policy. trump -- well, he's been more productively engaged.
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while obama was apologize together muslim world stating it was his responsibility as a president -- to fight against negative stereo types of islam. that was president because big number one priority. four years later obama's red line failure assured the now current crisis and worsening crisis in syria that is worsening until vladimir putin and president trump got together today. obama's inaction paved the way for russia to instrayed crimea and ukraine. mr. obama is irrelevant today. obama is irrelevant. let's hope so. his failed legacy is being dismantled by president trump while he leads the free world. he's replacing the policy of
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appeasement with a doctrine of american exceptionalism and a defense of western values and western civilization itself. president set the tone for today's meeting with russia by telling russia top cease its activities in syria. today president trump comes from the meeting with a ceasefire agreement. an op-ed said mr. trump is taking a clear stand against the gauzy globalism and vague multi-culturalism represented by the world view of, say, barack obama. most contemporary western intellectuals who are willing to concede the argument to critics of the west traditions, president trump is certainly not among them.
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president trump emerged from this summit as the leader of the free world. he's lifting two continents, europe's and ours. he is putting merkel, macron and may in their place, and in so doag has put mr. obama in his place as well. this quotation from that foalian. the great -- from napoleon. the great sign of madness is the disproportion of one's designs to one's means. we are coming right back. defense secretary at mattis calling for an international effort to stop the north korean threat. this is a deputymatically led international effort to stop a worldwide threat they are bringing to bear.
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lou: a show of force directed at china.
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two bombers flying over the south china sea. china has been militarizing the islands in the region since 2009. the chinese foreign ministry reacting to the bomber overflight, accusing the united states of trying to flock military force to harm its sovereignty. what kind of silly response was that on the part of the chinese? i thought the pentagon has been inartful in its response to chinese provocations. the chinese are beside themselves over the two b1bs. i guess they know what those b1bs can do if provoked.
11:38 pm
we are joined by former michigan congressman pete hofstra. and one of the country's leading experts on national security. good to see you, pete. your thoughts on this president's performance, whether it be the speech in warsaw or his time with leaders including vladimir putin in hamburg at the g-20. >> i like the way he lays out his strategy prior to the meetings. you are looking at what happens before the meeting, what happens at the meeting and what happens post-meeting. he goes to warsaw and shoot a missile across the bow of russia. russia is going to take notice. he goes to poland and says, by the way, the united states, we are open for business. if you want to wean yourselves
11:39 pm
away from russian natural gas where they can shut that valve off, do business with the united states. we'll export all the natural gas that you need and that you want. he's fully prepared then to go into the meeting with putin. he's going to meet with china. pe flies the b1 bombers over the contested watters with china. he says we are serious about trade and we are serious about you stepping up to the plate and helping us rein in north korea.
11:40 pm
this all began with commerce secretary wilbur ross building trade relationships and trade agreements and anticipating the export of lng when we don't even have ports built that began three months ago under ross' leadership at the direction of the president. we are watching a u.s. administration, this president and his administration working as people expect all around the world, americans will work. and this president is leading and leading just with great certainty. >> when i was in congress we talked about energy independence. trump went one better. he said we are going to be energy dominant. we are going to use america's resources to drive our agenda, to drive our agenda of democracy, freedom, and also to
11:41 pm
strengthen our position with our allies, vis-a-vis china, north korea, and we are going to dominate. we are going to be a strong country. trump recognizes that we are strong economically, militarily, morally, and he is willing to use that strength to move america's agenda forward. as you said earlier tonight, he's not going to apologize for it. he's going to wear it proudly, and he's going to use it to move our agenda first. lou: what i think is interesting. perhaps there is more than a little of me in this observation. we are watching the g-20 line up behind this president. at the same time one gets the decided impression senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
11:42 pm
and speaker ryan, they haven't quite taken the same le on the rest of the leaders in the world have, that this is the man to follow, this leadership and his time and our time is now. >> i think that's exactly right. the american people for 8 years have been look for that type of leadership. maybe someone argued for even a little bit longer than that. because we are proud of who we are. we don't like to see presidents go around and apologize for us. we believe that we are exceptional. we are special. that doesn't mean other people can't feel the same way about their countries. but that's how we feel about our country and we'll state who we are and where we are going and we hope other people will come along with us. lou: we can back up our patriotism, our nationalism with -- with fact.
11:43 pm
not just breath. >> thanks, lou. lou: please roll the video. base jumping with a twist. that's what you need. a thrill seeker enjoying a russian swing before launching himself off a cliff in norway. there he goes. that's a brilliant idea. oh, my gosh, landing perfectly. missing all the jagged rocks and the hard ground that awaits him coming to a brilliant, brilliant landing. i just don't understand. motivation is important. i get it. but what motivate a man to do this? or a woman or anybody. up next. illinois democrats, they own their state's problems. they are trying to solve the state's fiscal nightmare they
11:44 pm
created and they just put up $5 billion in tax hikes. a chicago journalist has a solution of his own. we'll take up his solution and i'm sure everyone in illinois will be listening to he word next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou: illinois governor blasting the state legislature for chancing under the pressure entrenched interests. it includes $5 billion in tax hikes. the income tax rate rises by 32%. illinois has $15 billion in unpaid bills. and you a quarter trillion in unfunded pension opportunities. my next guest says we should dissolve illinois and white off the map. the leading columnist of all of the save illinois. the esteemed john cass i'm glad to call a great friend.
11:49 pm
and i feel somehow so much richer sitting here in new york than in illinois. >> you should. lou: the problems you allow these democrats to create. did the republicans have anything to do with it as well. i don't know. >> some republic canes gave the democrats what we d some republicans gave it democrats a cover for the vote. we have a combination in illinois. you have it in washington as well. you see it every day and you wonder why aren't these leaders doing -- you figure it out. so in illinois -- lou: where is rahm emanuel? he's racial another crisis. >> i thought he was in new york opining about the trains running
11:50 pm
on time or getting in a fight between the "post" and "daily news" over his vision. lou: deblasio is over at the g-20 with the anarchists. we are pleased to report he will not have his way with the end of western civilization. >> mayors know to show up at cop's funeral. lou: no one here is surprised at deblasio. it's not a disregard, it's utter disrespect for our law enforcement officers and first responders. i have never seen such a big man so small. it's amazing. but you have got a lot of little people at work in illinois as well. and they are not getting much done. where does this all lead?
11:51 pm
>> it leads to more and more taxes. democrats used moody's warning. if we don't raise taxes, the bonds will go to junk. then right as they were raising them, moody's came out and said even if you do raise them, the fact that you haven't done any structural reforms means the bonds could go to junk anyway. because they haven't addressed the central problem. in every state you have big machine democrats running it. they promise a lot to the unions. they get the union support. and then the middle class with the bill while they make fortunes on the side doing whatever they do. the middle class of illinois are trying to flee. if we dissolve the state, i was going to try to call the governor of indiana, walker was busy.
11:52 pm
maybe they could take parts of us and dissolve us so we might be ruled by others. lou: dissolution before insolvency. john, great to have you with us. let's continue the conversation. come back soon. thanks so much. up next, president trump dominating the g20 and his meeting with vladimir putin as well. steve forbes joins me right after the break. we'll be talking about the stellar performance of president trump at t t t t t
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you believe democratic and republican leaders have a responsibility to tell former president barack obama to end his obvious efforts to subvert the trump presidency? 96% of you have say that obligation, that responsibility exists and urgently so. joining me now, forbes media chairman steve forbes. let's start with the president's extraordinary performance in both warsaw and hamburg. he's now --'s been the president for a little over five months, approaching six months. i don't see any cries for him to be presidential. anyone talking about what a
11:57 pm
short timer he is in terms of his experience. steve: the warsaw speech was extraordinary for any president of the united states in the post world war ii area. he covered article five of nato very good and spoke of western values in a way very few presidents would have dared to do. it resonated in poland. a great place to give that kinds of speech. i think it shows american leadership. and it sets the stage for europe in and very leadership way. together we can move ahead. let's get together. lou: it's interesting to tee without mentioning any names, bringing. you macron, may, merkel. steve: all the ms. lou: it's interesting that he has taken the somewhat
11:58 pm
diminutive personalities and made them smaller with the breadth of his vision about western civilization itself. steve: what he's doing is not belittling them. he's asking them to rise up to the obligations of their responsibility, not just for the problems of the present. but also the extraordinary traditions of culture that knead the rise of america possible. he's leading by aspiration and didn't even mention their names. macron wants to be a leader of the french people, he will have to find another roman god to emulate. he's given up a lot of space to the president of the united states as leader of the free world which he has established himself as being. >> yes, and that speech made
11:59 pm
almost you pe superfluous. the patrols by the navy and the recent flyovers over the disputed territories in the south china sea send a message to china and russia as well, america is back. good to see you, lou. lou: we have a new back to recommend. it has a lot of similarity to a book written by my buddy james born and myself. eva wrote on facebook, my favorite newsman, so great to know there is an honest man checking the facts and reporting them. your new book sounds exciting. steve forbes holding. you my book. i hope you have got all that
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video. every viewer whose comment is read on the show says an autographed copy of puff continue's gambit. >> announcer: the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. billionaire investing icon mark mobius my special guest. everything from wall street to main street. all three major indices finishing in the green this holiday shortened week. take a look at some of the things that impacted your money. the june jobs report was released friday morning. 220,000 jo


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