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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 8, 2017 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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erthe's also plenty more information and videos on our website, [ woman vocalizing ] >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today delivering one of the best speeches in his young presidency. speaking in warsaw, the site of the uprising against the nazis, president trump spoke of the urgent need to defend western civilization. >> i declare for the world to hear that the will never be broken and our valleys will prevail and our people will thrive and our civilization will
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priump. >> as you saw and heard. the crowd loved it and repeatedly interrupted it with chants of usa and donald trump. ,they found anarchist and setting fires hurdling rocks and doing what about they do when they meet or anything that is gee whiz. john roberts is traveling with the president and in hamburg and has the report. we hear the flash of the grenades. and/
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they have long found the protestors and it is a number of years that we have seen what ripped the streets in hamburg today. and pleasant in riot gear firing teargas and wire cannon and part of a building was set on fire and clouds of thick smoke billowing in the sky. the police expected 5 or 8000 to cause trouble in the summit and they may problem close to 100,000 and were nosy and peaceful. far from the protest that will not impact gop. merkel met with president trump. last week merkel was critical of the paris intention to pull out of the climate accord. >> we will not wait until the
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science convinced every last doubter. the paris climate agreement is irreversible and will not be renegotiated. >> earlier today president trump was on friendly territory and he answered critics when questioned about article five. >> words are easy, but actions matters. >> in the speech the president had stern words with russian president vladimar putin with whom he will meet tomorrow. >> we urge russian president to stop supporting hostile regime and join us in the fight against common enemies and the defense of civilization itself. >> but earlier
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in a press confidence. president trump appeared to soft pedal the assessment that russia was meddling in the election. >> i think it was russia and other people that interfered. >> the statement brought a cross statement of one in the house that accused of president of kaputulating putin. saying this is not putting america first. the president addressed north korea's ballistic missile. he is considering severe things to respond to the north's provocation. >> it is a shame they are behaving this way and they are behaving in a dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it.
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>> north korea's missile test will put a part to china regime. when asked if he given up on president xi, the president said never to give up. >> lou: here to discuss the president taking on north korea, russia and china and the latest on the president's legislative agenda on capitol hill. joining us is ron who is one of the overnight. congressman, good to have you with us and i have to imagine you are excited about the exalt of the speech that the president gave today and his focus on issues that are the most important of our time? >> without question. i think his
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strong endorsement of western civilization, particularly against threats was radical islam was churchhillian and he coupled that with a warning about the threat of western civilization at home. and in that sense. he harkened by about alexis doyoko. and then the strong support for nato and strong warning it russian serves to confound all of the media critics here in the united states and the telling sign that it was a successful speech was the media reaction. that tells you he hit it out of the park. >> lou: i think you will see dour faces on national left wing media types broadcasting from warsaw. he put in
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motion, a considerable momentum behind what promises to be a protective meeting whether it be with president putin or others. the trump mrgdz did not come out so strong or well in the emergency meeting of the security council in the united nations. no call to action and even though the united states called for that meeting in the face of a belli a belligerent kim jong-un and an independent ping, we are at a cross roads and what happens now. >> that's why the g- 20 meeting is
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important. he will meet with all of the key players and he will have the opportunity to force the issue in one-on-one meetings and publicly and the comments he makings. i appreciated the meeting that was called in the security counsel. that was not the actual forum to make headway. and it is a tough issue, lou, the president was clear. it will be dealt with. and they hoped china would -- >> lou: no doubt he was right to try. we are now with the real issues and the last 20 years, it is a trail of rhetorical debris, fits and starts and utter nonsense articulated by
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emiszaries of the united nations or state department or presidents looking hesitant, undecided and ambivalent when it comes to north korea. will we see real action and confrontation with the threat that is north korea? >> i think the president, i take him at his word and i think he will add. i think there are things to be done covertly and we can marshal more military force in the region and send a signal and send a message to kim jong-un that there is a credible threat of force on the table. you hope you don't have to use it. if kim jong-un thinks it is the same thing you identified for 20 years, he knows how that game is played and he will play it like a fiddle. the calculations need to be changed for china and north
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korea. i think he will act. >> lou: a great to add on a could have been ally with china who could have made trilliops on united states and ally and russia who tried to intervene in an election and as best i can tell, got only as far as the democratic national committee. we'll see how it all unwinds; congressman, we appreciate it. we'll be right back, stay with us. president trump warning north korea of severe consequences after the test of the icbm. >> we must also confront the threat from north korea and we will confront it very strongly. >> we'll take on what that response could entail with general jack
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president will respond to north korea's provocations. president trump said if missile test and bad behavior continues he will consider all options. >> as far as north korea is concerned, i don't like to talk about what i have planned. the severe things we are thinking b. that doesn't mean we will do this them. i don't draw redlines. >> lou: on the strategies that the united states might use to counter north korea's nuclear ambitions. we'll talk to general jack keane. the president talking about severe options that he's comtemplating. are we at a point where almost anything said on the part of the president about how he might respond, is just basically worsening the problem? >> no, i don't think so.
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it is an escalation by north korea in developing the intercontinental ballistic missile. they advertised their intent to do and they did a portion of that test successfully and that is an escalation. and the president is about right, look, i am serious about what i am doing. you will not put the american people at risk. but i will keep my options to myself. where we actually are, lou, while preemptive strikes on the table and limited and large for eventual execution, i don't think that is where the trump team is right now. though those options are on the table. it is a policy of maximum pressure on north korea and china they know sanctions did not work in the past and china has not come through to assist them in a way that china
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indicated that they would. number one, anybody who is doing business with north korea or relationships with what so ever, we'll ask them to stop and ratchet up the sanctions on china. we started weeks ago and they will get more serious in terms of their financial institutions cut off from u.s. financial system and get our allies to do the same thing that will escalate and increase over time. the trump team feels obligated even though they have genuine skeptism about it. they know no one has applied maximum pressure that they intend to do and i want to give it a try. >> lou: it would be profitable than war. but at the same time there is
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a certain familiarity irrespective of the labels we apply. whether the bush administration, clinton administration or obama administration. deals and negotiations and the result is always the same, a continual march toward the icbm. they demonstrated that kim jong-un has now. and the real possibility that they are more than ten nuclear warheads available to them to pout on the top of the icbm. just has the feel of we tried it before and doing our best, but there are no good options available to the president. >> the administration is clear- eyed on what has not worked but feel oblicated to go one more time and put consider pressure. we have never gone after china
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over this and that they will and that is serious and see if that can squeeze north korea. where kim is, he made up his mind having nuclear weapons is not deterient for the united states. he needs to get the weapons to threaten the american people. he doesn't believe the administration or previous ones would conduct a preemptive strike that would lead to all out war. >> and the calculation. chinese as they continue to run hundreds of billions and a mast vast treasure in trade with us for and treating us like the fools we have been in trade as the president pointed out over many years. to that point is resurfaces
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severe responses be applyed to china ultimately the president said, 40 percent increase in trade with china and north korea. it is outrageous. >> we have to reset the table with china and they clearly have made up the mind to dominate far east and asia and want to challenge the united states and they see themselves holding that status. and we are on a collision course with them. the american people may be at risk and to start pushing back on china in a comprehensive way. >> lou: general jack keane great to have you with us. breaking news, illinois house will overwrite the governor's
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veto and enact the first budget. the republican governor fought to stop the 36 billion spending and 5 billion in tax increases, but the democrats control 67 of the 118 house seat and 37 of the 58 senate seats and the deal is done. the dems, have responded to the crisis they created. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs tonight. and the twitter followers are fired up about my new thriller. cherry wrote on facebook. thank you, lou, looking forward to reading the boovenlth up next, just five months ago,
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>> lou: a few thoughts on a former president who said this in the 2012 presidential campaign. >> i would point out that we have one president at a time and one administration at a time. i think traditionally, the notion has been america's political differences end in the water's edge. >> lou: barak obama that one president and just before he left office, he said he would only speak out when only core values were at stake. that took him less than two
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weeks to ignore the historical provision of one president at a time. on january 30th, obama denounced president trump's travel ban. since then, he hit the republican efforts to rescue the failed health care program and president trump's decision to exit the paris climate deal. mr. obama embarked on a world tour that is organized to shadow president trump's meeting with foreign leaders. he met with former prime ministers of england and italy and talked to prime minister may just hours before her meeting with president trump. he had trouble with canada's justin truedoe and met with south korea's new president just
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past monday, three days after president trump met with the korean leader. the former president's shadowing of president trump is appall anything so is the silence of lest wing media who supported obama since he left office and eight years as president. there is nothing surprising in it at all. the former president who spent eight years undermining core america values and national interest to boot. who does his best to undercut president trump and the will of the american people and i've noticed, have you, that there's not been one demwith sufficient integrity to protest aggressive and offensive acts of a former president who is not only extending a presidential record of failure through disgusting
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loupe -- >> lou: the white house said the left wing media is grossly
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undermining the voter request from the election request commission. it is difficult to measure the level of resistance to clean up voter rols and identify the reason for the push back. >> from coast to coast and in states red and blue, there is strong resistance to the white house's attempts to obtain details about the american voters to shore up the election system and to fight voter fraud. white house voter commission seeking information only when roerpded from and for the voter rolls including first and last names of regis straights and last four digits was social security number and more. headlines make state opposition seem unanimous. headlines are misleading. several are not cooperating but
10:34 am
several others are reporting. 25 states declined to take part and the number is actually 14 and the district of klum yap and we found 18 agreed to comply in part, the white house said the number is actually 20 and the reports to the contrary is fake news. numerous states are refusing to give information to the voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide? a sharm report was repugnant and appears only designed to intimidate voter and induj president trump's fantasy to win the popular vote. >> given the information in one place, not that the government can't maintain security. we know hacking is the wrong
10:35 am
hand. but it would be misused in the wrong heads. >> that is the concern behind the commission. noting a study found 2 million dead voters on the voter roles and 3 million registered in multiple states. that did not find evidence of voter fraud. >> lou, time for calendar gassing. that's the first time the commission will meet and day that the dnc is expected to convene the meeting of the voting rights mission. >> kevin, thank you so much. and a lot of the data there and it's interesting that there is so much confusion about who is resisting and providing the data and why there would be real resistance. and to help us understand more,
10:36 am
joining me now the president's man on many occasions ed rollins, you served in three presidential administration x. mike goodwin, fox news contributor and i want to commend michael for a brilliant column on the media and how we got here. it is the best of the best writing on the issue. so congratulations. ed, let me turn to you quickly. we just heard from kevin and others, the confusion of what states are complying with the commission, what is going on and why would there be such ret since. >> anybody can get them in the states, my sense, the purpose of the commission to eliminate problems we had before and i
10:37 am
don't see any issue at all. and if the state had issues, it is tough. and i would guarantee it. >> lou: it is all data? i don't understand that? >> it is now a partis an issue. the president said 3- 5 million illegals voted. >> lou: is that an overstatement or under statement. you think we ought to know? >> i think every state ought to care about who can voting in their election. >> lou: not california? >> even california. >> lou: chicago, illinois or new york? >> i don't think so. in the end of the day, i don't think there is 3 million. i think there are more than 3 million. >> lou: you have as much evidence to support your view.
10:38 am
>> there are people who are registered illegally. died or moved. we lose 2 million who register to vote. >> lou: that is doggone. >> i have been in a few campaigns where they voted. >> lou: i mean what, the margin in the electorial college was decided by hundred thousand votes. >> lou: i want top get to governance. nikki haley call would on the united nations. and we didn't ask, we had no scientific recommendation, and i didn't hear a lot of the cater walling about people who felt threatened and it was a strange moment. >> the whole korean thing is
10:39 am
a strange moment. it is a hot spot that put many presidents losing sleep over the years and they are doing things they shouldn't be doing and we have to figure out how to stop them and i think we are on the verge of that and we need the world to be behind us. not only will create economic but a dafrmg to the people of south korea. >> lou: when you say the world behind us. the european union want to make it clear to stop north korea nuclear ambition. why is not there a reaction. today, i didn't hear from the european union. i didn't hear from asia or japan, we did hear fromem and south korea is silent. what is it in the world. this is a peculliar moment.
10:40 am
>> it is a reflection of how feckless the united nation. here is a fly speck of a nation. >> lou: that's the situation. they now to talk about our national interest. but this president is great at. but right now, we are looking at in to the abyss here and used weaponry to stop north korea and if necessary china. >> it feels it is coming to a head. it has been going on couple of decades where a titfor tat game and now there is no more playing field. >> lou: you talk about the united nation being feckless and spineless. look at the administration's that preceded the obama
10:41 am
administration that set the standard for feckless. bush administration, and the clinton administration which was the first to say go ahead, we'll not do anything. and wink and aversion of the eyes and the clinton administration that set a pres dept carried through until the inauguration of donald trump. >> and the 10 million of sul and the men and women on the border who are the first ones to be damaged. and 50,000, it is the tripwire and that's what saved that war from occurring. >> lou: there is so much bs around the issue. half of korea lives within range of the north korea's rockets and we have known that we didn't need a trigger or 50,000 on and
10:42 am
then 60 or 28. we need some sort of idea what the hell do you do about a crazy little sob who insichts on having an icbm with's nuclear war head attack. >> i think president trump making nice to china and making a deal with china, but china did not come through. >> they haven't per if a single administration and the president was right he had to try, don't you agree? >> absolutely. >> i turn to ed. i would not be afraid to give nuclear weapons to japan. they are more afraid of japan than of us. >> then they rrnt that smart. >> they have been brutal to each other. i think china has a new face on
10:43 am
it if you will. and it will take, this is going to be a tough decision as any president made i think since vietnam. >> and a very critical week for him. >> ed, michael, thank you. appreciate it gentlemen. up next president trump hitting president obama for not acting on the russian interference. >> he did nothing about it because he thought hillary was going to win. why did he do nothing from august all the way to november 8th. why did he do nothing? >> lou: i take that up next stay with us. the fellow on the left having a good time and why not.
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>> lou: president trump addressing russia's meddling in the election and slammed former president obama for doing nothing about it. >> stou it was russia and i think probably others also and
10:48 am
that's going on for a long time. my big question, why did obama do nothing about it from august to september and he didn't do nothing about it because he choked? it was not. we'll see what our next guest said, president trump speech a direct poke in the eye to putin. and we have you with us. the president giving a great speech and in command of the g- 20 no matter who is there now. >> right. >> lou: it is interesting how he is performing and addressing the issue. he doesn't blink. he points out left wing national committee in this country is snake and keep moving on. your reaction so far? >> i actually believed it was
10:49 am
emblematic to the speech that president reagan gave with mr. gorbachev tear down the fall. it is a huge issue. he stated with uneh 85ical clarity the article five of nato. it is very clear that what president obama did or not do, the stern talking he gave to in september apparently didn't take. and it is clear that president trump is very clear in his stance on this. and i do believe he will bring serious issues when he meets with vladimar putin. >> lou: i get a kick out of the left wing comment attors that are obaliffous and the europeans utter dependency on russia for
10:50 am
energy and the fact that the trump administration is moving to be able to recognize transport lndp gas to europe to offset that dependency, this administration is making critically important and trade moves to change the allegorithim that is the russia/european/american relationship. >> right, that is the key. several said last year, best thing obama could do is help export all energy to turp to help the europeans become independent. and i heard that folks say uncharacteristic of trump. i don't think people on our side is studying trump. you know who it is probably. but it is very clear that
10:51 am
president trump is consistent in his message of learning what to do to leverage the resources. the economics and can and will be used for national security. that's what he's doing and it is a brillient move. loupe lou look at what is happening in particular with the former president obama who is subverting and obvious and every it seems like all of his energy is being spent trying to subvert the presidency and it is the administration is not responding to it sufficiently. the left and dems are doing nothing to curtail the former president who is on a narcisstic campaign that denies history and current explanation. what should we do about a president who insists on
10:52 am
imposing himself on the world stage. >> it is called sedition and we need to look at president trump and his staff and team continuing to push out the obama hold overs that are trying to do damage. and i read an article three days ago. president obama offered to rebuild the democratic party. that is like typhood mary. and president obama's administration failed across the board and mr. trump has a long way to go to readdress all of those failure ands try to put us back on the road. he will need to get the obama folks out to do that properly. >> lou: president trump has to repair so much diagramming that with president obama.
10:53 am
>> andmentes to continue. >> lou: yeah, and he is leading the nation and doing a good job of it. lieutenant tommy shafer thank you for being here. terrorism is the threat to terrorism is the threat to freedom.
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>> lou: should the senate try to replace obamacare and 86 percent said yes. joining me now the first pastor of first baptist church of dallas. i want to turn first to cardinal tobin's anti- trump comment. what is he thinking about? >> it shows how out of touch the cardinal people majority of whom voted for trump. 55 percent of them. there was only one pro-life protrag traditional candidate and it was not hillary and that shows you president trump better represents catholic values than
10:58 am
cardinal tobin. >> lou: in the celebration rally, he said no president has done as much to protect religious liberty than president trump. >> he spent time talking about that in our saturday night rally. the line that got the thunderous ovation, as long as i am president. no one will prevent you from practicing your faith and talking about the day when chfrp can pray in school and made you wonder, lou, why were they encouraged in the 180 years and then 60 years ago became unconstitutional. we allowed activist judges to make the first amendment in to something that the forefathers
10:59 am
never intended. >> lou: the trump anthem at the event. remarkable. my wife loved it. i liked it. but she was over the top about it. who came up with it? >> well, it was a friend of mine gary moore who was used to be a staff member. it was make america great again. it was a fitting tribute to our nation and it was patriotic. there is no difference between that and the star spangle would banner. we ought to love our nation and pray god's blessings on our nation. >> lou: amen, pastor. we have a great new book to recommend to you and written by my pal. richard sams tweeted us. just ordered your book and look forward to reading it. and i am sure it is a great
11:00 am
book. lou, i love your no nonsense style. your book looks like a >> announcer: you're watching a paid presentation for veggie bullet, brought to you by veggie bullet, llc. from the makers of the world-famous nutribullet comes the next innovation in whole-food nutrition extraction. introducing the veggie bullet, the world's first cyclonic spiralizer and lightning-fast food prep accelerator. now you can spiralize nutrient-rich whole foods in seconds for incredible pasta recipes, like zucchini spaghetti and meatballs or ribbon spirals for great lasagnas, even the family favorite -- curly fries. the secret is the veggie bullet's cyclonic-action spiralizer and high-torque motor with razor-sharp stainless-steel blades for the fastest spiralized noodles you've ever seen for recipes like angel hair pasta and shrimp or an incredible zucchini ribbon pesto -- all right here in the


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