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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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have a good sunday. maria: good morning, trump back home from europe after the g20, and historic meeting with president putin, was it a success? this week lawmakers return to washington after the 4th of july holiday. what will they get done? are deals on health care and tax reform in the cards? am back i am maria bartiromo, welcome to "sunday morning futures." where does u.s.-russia relationship go from here. also sens senate majority leader mitch mcconnell casts doubts
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on repeals and replacing obamacare. and fight over factory form is on. where does tax reform stan right now, we get into it with grover norquest, right now on "sunday morning futures." maria: president trump back on u.s. soil this morning after wrapping up an historic trip on the g20 summit in germany, president calling it a wonderful success tackling a number of issues, but. mr. president trump's meeting with vladimir putin receiving most attention, tweeting out, i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian meddling in our election, i have already given my opinion. we negotiated a ceasefire in parts of syria which will save
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lives, and saying now time to move forward in working constructionively with russia. joining me now, michael mccaul. senior member of house foreign affairs committee, good morn go. >> good morning. maria: your reaction? >> i thought overall, it was successful, he and i leader on world stage, the meeting with putin o was historic and significant. there needs to be consequences, this is first time that i have seen a president do, that he did it very early on in their meeting, twice. asked him, why did you want teru interfere in our elections, it was important that president bring up that issue. it is important to the american people, then they moved on to other issues that are so
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important, syria and the ukraine and north korea. i thought overall that president made a lot of great successful outcomessis. maria: you are vocal going into this trip that it was important that president bring it up, get it on the table, and let the american people hear what putin has to say. law talk about other substance from the meeting, including the ceasefire in parts of syria, how important is that? >> i think hugely important. a first step towards cooperation with russia to deconflict. to have a ceasefire in southwest syria, maybe move forward on finally defeating and destroying isis in syria, which is posed such a threat to the homeland. and today prime minister of iraq, was in mosul declaring victory against isis. i think this ceasefire will not only help us moving forward
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against isis, in syria, but also create a safe haven, a humanitarian angle to this with the refugee crisis that i think has been so tragic. maria: the center for economic policy research in london is reporting that other 19 out of g20 took a lot fewer steps against united states commercial entities in first 6 months of the year. things like quotas, duties, tariffs on imports, from u.s. that tow down 20% in -- 29% in t half of year. do you think that president's tough talk as relates to trade and america first ise resonatin? >> i think it is, in addition to his commitment to nato in article 5, you see the country step up to 2% of gdp paying toward nato, i think that trade
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talks have been effective. i think most is our ability too leverage china against north korea. we do a lot of trade with china. but china does a lot of trade with north korea, i think that china is the linchpin in our success in dialing with what is happening with the icbm capability out of north korea. i think that trade talks could provide the leverage to get to that point. maria: i think you make a good point, several other administrations have tried to get china to agree to rein in north korea to no avail. but we learned that trade between china and north korea is up 40%. what else should china be doing? >> they are not. i think that president again, you talk about the talks with putin is syria. president met with the president of china, president xi . to talk about north korea. and said this is going -- we're
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going to be successful on this en deendeavor one way or the ot, that is very strong diplomatic language. i think that was a very strong message. we don't want to see military route that would be devastating. however i think it is important we have a military strategy planned to force a diplomatic solution to this problem. i think that china knows, that we have a lot of leverage over them with respect to trade talks. i hope that is going to be where we can get them to cooperate with us. they both agreed, both world leaders agree on a denuclearized north korea. that is a big step forward. maria: what can you tell us about homeland? should we be on alert in teres terms of security within our borders. >> wha what is happening, in the caliphate, a noose is being
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tightened around isis. we heard prime minister of iraq declaring victory in mosul. raqqa will be next to fall, it will take months, they will scatter globally to where they came from, like cockroaches across the globe. that is probably going to be the biggest threat to the homeland as we annihilate them and caliphate. that is the real threat to the homeland, this is an internet global phenomenon. global jihadist, it will not go walker with defeat of the caliphate, however i watch for 5 years as president obama did nothing to defeat isis. i am glad we have a president who unleashed the shackles on your generals to get the peace done. as long as they have controlled
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territory in a state, they can conduct external operations out and into united states just like we saw with laptop device issue turning them into explosive devices, putting them on airplanes. that coming out of that region. the sooner we defeat them, the sooner we can stop that threat. maria: will we see an expansion in terms of what is allowed on planes? given what you have learned and how they are trying to attack us. >> i think that secretary dealt with this in a very threat-based riaality, done well. i think all threat based. if they ki can increase their sy standards we'll allow them to bring the devices on. to the airports, so, all threat-based, but sooner we take out isis in syria, the less of a threat that is.
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maria: president is having success on the foreign trips that we're talking about. most recent g20 included. what about the domestic agenda? we're waiting on healthcare out of the senate, your colleagues in the house had a long back and forth in terms of getting that bailout. then the american people want to see tax reform this year. do you believe that the president will be successful on the domestic agenda. >> he has to be, we all ran on this. if senate cannot achieve, that then, we don't deserve to be reelected. i think that fact is we have to get that done. and when we get tha that that d. i hope by august recess we accomplish that and take up bold tax reform in september. maria: sounds like you are
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expecting big things. >> i am the eternal optimist. i want to get this done, this is right thing for the american people. biggest tax cuts, since reagan, that is what we want to achieve, republicans no the just for our party but for the american people overall. toto lift our life style in the way of living. maria: congressman thank you. >> thank you. maria: congressman michael mccaul. getting into domestic agenda. senate republican leaders, with a fine all push before the august recess, can they get it done? we go inside with senator john next live, and follow me on twitter. coming up next, we look ahead right now on sunday morning futures.
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maria: welcome back, congress headed back to washington after a week-long recess, white house and senate republican leaders are planning to turn up the pressure on lawmakers still not sold on the g.o.p. healthcare bill, as mcconnell is not sure hazhisparty will reach a consen, welcome in chairman joh john barrasso welcome back. >> thank you maria, coming to kasper, wyoming, a beautiful sunday morning. maria: what is holding back a vote at-this-point. >> we're still trying to get to 50, working with all members of republican congress, we know it is not going to be easy, but it
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is important we de get it done,e pain of obamacare is getting worse and worse, another obamacare rate shock, american people deserve much better, this is about healthy care, not politics. >> you are right, american people understand that obamacare siis imploding, our viewers want to understand, why we're not seeing the bill brought to the floor for a vote out of the senate. people want to see progress in healthcare to move to tax reform. can you go through what are the sticking points, and where the debate is. i know debate in terms of medicaid. >> we agree we want to eliminate mandates that washington put on people, and taxes that raise cost. and we want to lower premiums, even the cbo said we're slowing premiums by 30%. we want to make sure we're doing everything we can do to make it easier for people to have
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coverage and get insurance. you are right about medicaid, i am a doctor practiced here for 25 years, medicaid of set up as a safety net for low income women, children, people with disabilities. obamacare used medicaid add a dumping ground for b able bodied individuals, that is not the purpose. in states that expanded, they are saying we don't want it to be lost to those people who are now dumped on to medicaid, it is not working in those states, that is an area of concern. i want to get the decisions back to the state, i felt we could do more with same amount of money. we want to make sure that everyone with a preexisting condition is protected, people up to age 26 staying on their parents' plans.
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maria: it is misleading to say that senate bill will knock out these people to medicaid who need it. because you say, that there is fraud and abuse in medicaid. and over the obama administration, the medicaid program had beeni expanded so much to include, working, able individuals who don't need government assistant. >> and obama administration paid bonus points to states to say, sign up these able-bodied working age individuals, but it did not help the people that is was initially intende intend to. we want to lower premiums for everyone, you have seen skyrocketing premiums, they have doubled in last 4 years under obamacare, we' people to have more choices.
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in wyoming we're down to one group selling insurance, this is a monopoly. there are places where no one is willing to sell obamacare insurance. democrat promised covering people with preexisting conditions. if no one is selling insurance in those many counties people will be left out in the cold, a result of crashing obamacare. this bus is going over a cliff. >> what is the debate? >> democrats say, stay on the bus. maria: what is the debate then, among republicans? if we all understand that medicaid expanded so much, what is then what is the debate, why can't your colleagues come together on this? are you just arguing or debating how much to cut back medicaid? what is -- people want to see the healthcare bill come to the floor for a vote, do you think you will do it before august recess. >> absolutely, we need to.
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there is an urgency to getting it done for american people, obamacare is so unstable. with regard to medicaid there are 20 republicans senator in states that expanded medicaid, they want to make sure in a are treated fairly as low change in that. for those who did the responsibility thing did not expand. we want our people taken care of as well. maria: do you think you will have same kind of debate when it comes to tax reform, there is a lot of debate there as well, what deductions and corporate rate, and border adjust. tax. will you get this done in 2017? >> i believe we will, with regard to tax reform, you need is simpler, and lower tax rates. we campaigned and promised american people we would repeal, and replace obamacare, do tax reform, and infrastructure, then regulatory reform, the president
6:20 pm
is committed to, that i am committed, republican members of senate of committed. we know we have an obligation as a result of our promises to get this done. maria: right but no democratic support. you are not getting any democratic votes, you have to come together as a party, and you still debating. >> the democrats are clear they like the map date -- mandate, and thaksin shinawatra taxes. and government control over healthy care. we want to lower premiums, and to protect medicaid, and people with preexisting conditions. we need to get it out of washington back to the states where it is closer to folks back home, this is what i heard last week in wyoming. maria: senator we'll watch, we will be interested in the development thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
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maria: welcome back, house speaker paul ryan speaking out on the way forward on republican agenda. saying any delay on healthcare will not jeopardize the g.o.p. plan for tax reform, we bring in grover norquist, you have said you believe they will get some kind of tax cuts done this year. as well as some reform? >> yes, and i think that speaker ryan is saying the same thing,
6:25 pm
we both spoke in wisconsin on friday. and the speaker is making it clear, and president is making it clear we'll do tax reform this year. and tax reduction this year. and taking the corporate rate from 35 to 15, should be understood not simply as a tax cut. which it is. but it is also fundamental tax reform. because if the corporate is not 15 highest in world -- not 35, highest in the world, but down to 15, one of the lower rates in the world, then we don't have a lot of our international trade problems. it is reform. it solves man many of our international trade problem. maria: let's talk about when americans are feeling the impact. this agenda has taken longer than people wanted, they wanted to do healthcare first. a lot of people said that was a mistake. we should have done tax reform first. that is what american people
6:26 pm
believes moves the needle. do you think they will get tax reform done today the end of this year? if so, do you believe it will be retro active to january 17? i have some doubts that if they get something done in november 17, they will say let's take this back to beginning of '17 that is a lot of revenue they could save if they begin in '18, i am skeptical. >> i think it is going to be moving forward. immediately, that corporate rate down the individual rate down, doubling of personal exemption will take lac take place immedii would have hoped they would have said, whatever we do will be retro active for 2017, they did not. because they did not i think you are right, we have tax cuts that are forward looking. but what you take corporate rate
6:27 pm
to 15, you will see tre tremends changes investment, all that lovely money overseas, that will flow back to united states this year. it is really going to spike economic growth. one reason you can be pretty sure that the republicans are going to do something very bold as trump put forward, if they want to maintain the house of representatives in 2018 election, they need to be able to demonstrate not just progress on regulation on other issues, but growth in jobs and gdp, that will glow flow from taking corporate rate down, and individual rates down. allowing that money overseas to be brought back to united states. >> what about this conversation about no tax cuts for the rich taxes actually may go up for the highest erners.
6:28 pm
now you know, there is some conversation that some middle class families will see taxes go up. tell us where you sit, what you see happening here. we're talking about tax cuts, yet, the administration is being somewhat coy with all rates. >> okay. there was a assersion that bannon, one of the white house staffers, said maybe we should raise the top rate. that would be one of the dumber ideas in recent thousand years of western civilization. it is possible he never said that, it was a misattributed quotation, mnuchin said he has never heard that said. i think if it was a passing thought somewhere, it of a silly passing thought. and rather than knock it down, people have ignored it. as if it never happened.
6:29 pm
maybe it did never happen, that would make me feel more comfortable. but none of the grown ups, have said anything to give any credence to idea that someone would try to be clever and play class warfare politics by a republican administration. not very bright. maria: is there a push and pull within the white house where some people in terms of president's advisers saying, you don't want this tax reform package to look like you are cutting taxes for wealthiest out there. you will get criticized. do you think there will be a change in terms of the thinking that was on display during the campaign? he would lower taxes for all americans? >> look, sometimes there are some arguments inside of white house about in ou or out on this issue, president has been clear attacks rates are coming down --
6:30 pm
tax rates are coming down for all businesses, all people. the president may sometimes go back and forth on some things. on this issue, he has been repetitive. clear, even what you thought he would back off, he said let me make it clear. rates are coming down. he is in love with the number 15 rather than 35. corporate rates. and for pass throughs for smaller businesses like partnership and subchapter s . maria: that will be a big deal. but i cannot imagine he is getting 15% on a corporate tax rate. because you know house plan is all the way up to 25. >> i am -- i would bet large quantities of money that president will win on 15. and argument will be as follows, we need strong, dramatic growth, now in the next year, for not only for political reasons to
6:31 pm
win the 2018 elect, but also to turn the growth that we have seen, there have been good job numbers. they should be double that. maria: we had a terrible gdp out a week ago. you say you are betting big quantities of money, okay. ill have to wash that one. >> for me. maria: big bet there, grover norquist thank you so much. >> sure. maria: just a few wieb weeks too until august recess. is time running out. i talk to one republican congressman, to say only way to push through president's agenda is to cancel the break. did you hear that colleagues? stay with us on "sunday morning futures," we'll be right back. [radio alarm]
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maria: welcome back, congress running out of time before the long month august recess, so far there still no healthcare overhaul, no tax reform, some conservatives' to cancel the august break. including my next guest, writing a letter saying -- joining me notright now, arizona congressmn
6:36 pm
biggs. >> thank you. maria: did you get a response from paul ryan, you say let's cancel recess to have time to get thes important matters comp. >> i have not received anything, i heard that i take it as a no/yes. we're tying to build up avalanche of people who feel this way, we have an obligation to get this done. and let's get a good work product done, it may take time. maria: why is it taking so much time? can you walk us through it. maria: we were talking with senator be barrasso and mccaul. i understand that medicaid, cutting back ed mad medicaid isn
6:37 pm
issue, what is stopping you? >> i think what is stopping is that, simply, we could have repealed it, we did not. we're now mired in trying to fix a really bad system by putting wire and tape around it. trying to get something meaningful done. so we're in there fighting, trying to get the best. and a bill came out of the house, now the senate is doing their job. and i thought i heard one of your previous guests say maybe 50/50 chance of getting it done by august break. which tells me that we have some timber yet to cut. we might as well be here working hard on the other things. the budget, we have a deadline
6:38 pm
on the budget. a debt ceiling limb tote talk le about and we have to work on tax reform package. >> do you think more time will get you to come together, get a bill to the floor? is what it will take? another month to get things done, rather than just looking ahead, say our deadline is before august recess, we'll hammer it out, tonight. >> i think that is what you get bad work product. we have deadlines, there are all kinds of deadlines in place. september is some pretty big deadlines looming. you need time to get a good work product. i think that american people expect that and the president, i am not saying every year, but this year we have critical and important policies that we promised to get done, then why not make an exception to the
6:39 pm
network get it done. maria: do you believe there any democrats who will participate in this. how is it trying to govern when you don't have half of your chamber. >> i'm not sure on the health care you will see anything. but i think you can get support from some of the democrats with some of the particular tax programs. some of these folks come from real competitive districts, they would like to see tax breaks go down on middle class family. when that happens you may get something done. maria: i know that kevin brady, at house ways and means is talking about fax tax reform in the coming weeks and his ideas that will resonate with the american people. what is most important from a tax package in your stand point? >> two things, keep the promise,
6:40 pm
two main, you have to reduce the corporate rate. you have to get that down, i like the president's number of 15. itf you can move to 15 that will gin up the economy. and you have reduce the rates, compress the brackets for the individuals. maria: that sounds straight forward. if they agree, your colleagues agree to 15% corporate tax rate. are you going to have to raise revenue somewhere else? you know keep certain issues in there like a border adjustment tax? >> i don't think so. some of th the experts that i he talked to. the border adjustment tax is in trouble right now there is not a lot of support for that. but, we know, that reduction in tax rate in some of the taxes, such as corporate income rate,
6:41 pm
will cause capital flows into the economy, and create jobs, and spend the dollars to the effect that revenue will increase. i believe it will offset that over 10 years, there are those who say no, but i believe that is the case. maria: we'll be watching. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: president trump faced with two major foreign policy challenges, during the g20 summit, his meeting with putin. how did he do? our panel is with us next. on "sunday morning futures," back in a moment. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card. so she only earns double miles on purchases she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate.
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maria: welcome back, president trump back in washington this
6:45 pm
morning, after facing two major foreign policy tests overseas at g20 summit, meeting face-to-face with vladimir putin, and discussing nuclear threat from north korea, we bring in our panel right now. brad blakeman. and mary kiesel. brad you have organized g20 summits for past presidents, you have done a number yourself, characterize what you saw? >> i think that president did extremely well. a meeting that was supposed to go 30 minutes with the russians went over two and a half hours, and a meeting with chinese, an hour and a half, these were substantive meetings. putin wanted a return of property fees, and his diplomats to come back to america, he did not get either of those, and he wanted sanctions relieved put in under president obama, that also
6:46 pm
did not happen. they got a message that donald trump is serious. and he listed the grie grievancd areas of cooperation, donald trump understands that there must be cooperation. but there is a price. maria: they also agreed on the ceasefire in syria. we'll see. not trusting putin yet. >> in regard to syria putin is solving problems he created. he bombed u.s.-backed forces and backing assad. and. but you know i have to agree with brad, i thought it was a terrific trip, for me, highlight of the trip was the speech that president gave in warsaw. where he laid out a broader vision of the trump foreign policy, what he stands for. there was a question, do we have the courage, to stand up in fight for our values, i am paraphrasing. that is a person question.
6:47 pm
the previous administration. the answer was no. and this president is standing up for american values, laying down markers. the challenges forward we'll see with syria and north korea i think this was a great trip for him. maria: you make such an american point, mary, i agree that speeches renated wit-- resonate, he was in warsaw talking about so america first. it struck me, can you imagine i had not heard a speech like this before. >> in the last decade. from any president. >> since reagan. maria: i did not hear from obama i thought why not. >> the speech was backed up by action, what is first trip secretary of state made, he went to ukraine, and turkey, showing
6:48 pm
nato has the back up of the president of the united states so, not only look at what they said, but what they are doing. >> and an effort, not something you see a lot, he makes declarations but not persuade american people of his policies. there are interesting part, there was a talk about threats from within of the regulatory state that is really crushing our entrepreneurship and our freedoms back home that is the rhetoric you need out of this president to press his agenda forward. it is important, he does not have that much time left in this legislative session to do the things he needs to do. maria: do you think he will get it done this year? do you think we'll see some kind of tax cut package? i don't know if it will be overall reform. >> i do. >> i am very pessimistic, i don't think that -- >> i get it. >> how many republicans have you murder talk about -- have you
6:49 pm
heard, talk about medicaid, and able-bodied young men are on medicaid. this is taking it back to its original purpose. they can't communicate. president needs to take the lead in communicating the agenda. maria: that is what it is the messaging e-- explain to the american people what happened to medicaid. once you see it. you understand that program needs to change. take a break. when we come back, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he has doubts, next after the break. whoooo.
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maria: we're back with our panel, iowa senator chuck grassley suggesting that republicans could lose their majority in senate if they are undecided in the health care bill. >> no doubt, 2017 must be be ar of action, 2018 will be a year of reflection. if we didn't deliver, then shame on us, we deserve to lose. maria: true. >> american people have been saying, they want obamacare repealed and replaced. that big wave of election in 2010, this is larger than just republican party, this is about
6:54 pm
future of the country. you want to know where we will go if they do not repeal and replace obamacare. two stories out of britain, a million people a week in britain cannot get appointment with their primary caregiver, then charlie gard case, uk courts making a decision on human life based on cost, and bureaucrat analysis, not on the wishes of the parents, aka the death panels, that could be our future, if republicans don't do this, this is future you, your children and grandchildren will be facing. maria: do you think they understand this? they are debating how big premiums going down will be. is this the right debate to be having right now among these
6:55 pm
colleagues. or should they put it aside, get things done come together. >> you need to shame the republicans like governor john kasich. said if you cut medicaid you will kill people, that is garbage. stand on your principles and explain this is what entitlement was about, if you want affordable healthcare for everyone you need to do what works in the rest of american economy. that is the message and goal. maria: no competition with one insurance company in many areas. >> the problem or challenge, is that this may be a national bill, but it is local in nature. because a lot of the power and responsibility is being returned to the state, each state is different, california is different from texas, and texas is different from north carolina.
6:56 pm
maria: that is the reality. >> right, compromise, there is enough to make the compromises to get senators on board. policy may be made on pennsylvania avenue, but it is sold on main street. it has to be sold to the american people. maria: right, messaging, a quick break, then from panel, one important thing to watch in the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
maria: welcome back. the one most important thing to watch next week? >> healthcare, healthcare, healthcare. this is it. maria: this is a big week. >> trying to take action against north korea. what does north korea do in response to us flying bombers over the peninsula.
7:00 pm
maria: these are on the docket for sure. >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today delivering one of the best speeches in his young presidency. speaking in warsaw, the site of the uprising against the nazis, president trump spoke of the urgent need to defend western civilization. >> i declare for the world to hear that the will never be broken and our valleys will prevail and our people will thrive and our civilization


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