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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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asset management. transports are really straddling the flat line. [closing bell rings] as we hear the closing bell ring, transports are down 19 points. no second record in a row. melissa, ashley pick it up for "after the bell." ashley: liz, stocks closing up a massive, 4.38 points. melissa: it is wild. ashley: at least we're on the up side. s&p and nasdaq ending in the green. i am ashley webster in for david asman. melissa: you're not david asman. i knew there was something wrong. i'm melissa francis this. is "after the bell." we have more on the big market movers. here is whats we're covering this very busy is hour. the senate is back to work this afternoon. the clock is ticking. three weeks before the august break. will we see a health care bill pass congress in the next 15 days? not that we're counting or anything. we have a live update from
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capitol hill. the white house now responding to reports that memos from former february by director james comey may contain classified information. did comey break the law. mainstream media slamming president trump from letting ivanka trump sit in on a meeting. we have tom fitton, john bolton. republican challenger to mayor bill de blasio. nicole malliotakis. ashley: dow is down five points. it finished down five points. shares of visa, nike, microsoft higher. another tech company investment watchers closely watching heading into trading day tomorrow. guess what, amazon. nicole petallides on floor of
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the new york stock exchange with details. big day for prime members, right? >> that's right. what is interesting for amazon, another day another amazon headline. this one is a direct shot at best buy. in fact best buy down 6.25%. lost over a billion in market cap. that is because now amazon will have its own sort of geek squad, right? that is one thing that best buy had over amazon. apple has its genius bar. best buy. amazon working on that now. in fact they have had employees. they are gadget savvy. they can make the home a smart home. turn on your light via app or voice. alexa, echo. get it all together with all the help of their team. that is the idea behind it. you see best buy dropped. abercrombie & fitch. this is another retailer under pressure today, down 21%. moves to a 17-year low. down $2.50. abercrombie comes under pressure.
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since may they have been looking for a buyer. there was talk it would be express, american eagle or sycamore partners, went on to make a deal with staples. no buyers. down 4%. sears, another store about retail, down over 3% today. this as they are closing more stores. closed 4% to the downside, closing another 43 stores for sears. back to you guys. ashley: nicole, you made it very interesting, thank you. melissa: oil inching higher up 17 cents, 44.40 a barrel. gold climbing up settling up $3.50 and ounce, to close in the green three out of the past four sessions. ashley: back in session, there is only 15 working days for the senate to fix the health care bill before they're off again for the august recess. commander-in-chief has high expectations. president trump tweeting quote, i can not imagine the congress would dare leave washington without a beautiful new health
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care bill fully approved, ready to go. melissa: beautiful? ashley: don't hold your breath, mr. president. i'm not sure about beautiful. fox news's mike emanuel with the latest on capitol hill about this. mike? reporter: ashley, the latest goal to republican sources getting revised bill text to senators by thursday. having the congressional budget office weighing in by early next week. having the vote in the senate by late next week. we'll see if the timeline holds. vice president mike pence told laura ingraham on her radio show he has not given up hope on health care reform. >> the senate now is literally within weeks delivering on the promise to the american people. the legislation before the senate, for which there is not yet agreement, but we are close. reporter: after telling voters they would get rid of obamacare since 2010, some key republicans say they must figure it out. >> it is huge. we've been promising this for seven years, for good reason. obamacare is failing.
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it is failing all around us. it is failing in pennsylvania. theme premiums are up 320% in couple years. reporter: chuck grassley expressed his frustration over the weekend earlier on twitter. 52 republican senators should be ashamed they have not addressed health care reforms so far. he warns there will be consequences if they fail, they will go from the majority in the senate back to the minority party. there is also pressure with bernie sanders going to mitch mcconnell as home state of kentucky sanders is pressing to get a more expensive and more liberal health care system. >> as soon as we defeat this disasterous bill, i will be disusing a medicare for all single-payer program. reporter: some democrats are warning that mitch mcconnell, majority leader may not have 50 votes to pass a bill just yet, but they warn it is not over yet. ashley? ashley: mike emanuel.
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thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: let's bring in today's panel. liz peek from the "fiscal times." steve cortez former trump campaign advisor, fox news contributor. liz, they have to get this done. they have to know they're dead in the water to get this done. you have to think they're wheeling and dealing they're bargaining for last little bits and pieces, no? >> that is exactly what they're doing. they have basically got three weeks to do it. remember when obamacare was on the horizon, democrats did exactly same thing. cornhusker compromise, louisiana purchase trying to bring people on board who fundamentally disagreed with the idea of government provided health care. now we have the opposite situation but kind of the same problem. we have rand paul on one extreme who really doesn't believe that the government should be responsible for providing health care insurance for everybody. melissa: right. >> and susan collins a moderate on the other end who is desperately afraid in her state of maine she is going to lose
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her standing all together if she pinches medicaid. it's a very tough thing. they have about $190 billion in savings because of medicaid. melissa: right. >> to hand out. we've seen 45 billion go to opioid, i can never say that word, help and there is more to be done on that front probably. so there will be some compromises. by the way i think ted cruz amendment has a very good chance bringing some conservatives around. that allows a lot more freedom to insurance companies to come up with cheap insurance policies which let's face it a lot of americans want. melissa: a lot of americans actual want. steve, talk about two senators on either side resisting whether it is susan collins or it is rand paul. are they really better off if they go back and did nothing? i mean they talk about the fact that their constituents will, in case of rand paul, if he doesn't get rid of obamacare, centralized health care all together he is in big trouble. isn't nothing just as bad? >> just as bad or much worse, melissa.
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listen, failure is not an option here. it just isn't. the republicans promised american people for years they would do this given the opportunity. we've been given the opportunity. american people handed keys to the car, both houses of conference and must get done. they should not have gone on vacation last week. beautiful fireworks on the mall. they could have taken a break for fireworks. melissa: right back to work. >> if they don't finish, if they don't finish take a break for august recess, as republican i say they deserve to lose the majority next year. ashley: on other side of the aisle single-payer health care programs, we heard bernie sanders talking about that, gaining traction among democrats. liz, charles krauthamer said, a number of weeks ago he believes single-payer will be in place within the next six years. what say you? >> there is no question in my mind that if the republicans fail to create a compromise bill here, that reins in costs that is exactly what we're looking at. by the way, what really is
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irritating about all of this, democrats have basically hijacked the messaging on health care, and let's remember, it was only 12 months ago democrats were fleeing talking about obamacare because it was so unpopular. how it is that republicans have let the democrats craft a message here and bernie sanders, by the way, this will be the first major initiative of his entire career in the senate, it is astonishing. that is really a major failure on the republicans part. melissa: all right the white house wants more than health care done before the august recess. the trump administration is now saying that tax reform could start by the end of the month. >> we hope to have a plan that we're agreed to fund between house, senate and white house. i think we've been very intentional wanting to be on the same page, not have multiple plans. i hope before the august recess when we have it locked into place. we would look to begin the markup process returning from august recess. melissa: steve cortes, dare we dream?
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>> yes, we must dream. health care is vitally important but i think the holy grail of the trump movement, the trump electoral revolution will being tax cuts, tax reform. that will propel growth. particularly growth in wages by the way for those workers, blue-collar workers, primarily who hopped party lines to elect president trump. we. we can deliver and will this year. i was listening to steve mnuchin, talk about tax reform i was saying amen if i was in church. we have to get it done. melissa: we said it before, steve mnuchin folks reassuring people behind the scenes, ceos in wall street they are going to get this done. that it will be in place by the end of the year. he understands the gravity. that is not the case what that means to the markets, economy, to people that he told, he has to get it done. >> steve i think this is more important to the markets than health care. bad news i heard from various
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people, very involved in this process last week, they are really far from coming up with a solution. they still don't know where to get missing revenues. that is the problem. if you cut tax rates which is what they want to do, you forego revenues. they have to make that up to get it through reconciliation. they don't know where to go. that is a problem. melissa: start with the beast of government. shrink it down. >> do that too. melissa: you talk about, making up revenue. that is my revenue. don't make it up. live without it. >> the problem the rules they're trying to abide by, being sill ages rules it is all smoke and mirrors. the answer is, just cut tax rates. let's get democrats on board by selling it to the american people. one of the things that has to happen, president trump has to be out there selling what he wants to see happen. we need to see more of him on the trail doing that. melissa: all right. good advice. thanks, guys. ashley: well, there is breaking news for you. snap, inc., shares, closing below ipo price first time ever.
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the tech company went public on march 2nd, at 117 -- 17 bucks a share. shares are down to 16.99. get back to the mad dash to repair and replace obamacare. bill cassidy says the republican proposal is dead. senator cassidy will join us later this hour. melissa: new york mayor bill de blasio under fire for skipping the vigil of a slain nypd officer to attend protests at the g20 in germany. we'll talk to nicole maliatakas, the republican running against him in the next election. ashley: bombshell report with new claims about james comey, giving new ammunition to the trump team. did the former fbi director break agency rules including classified information in his memos about president trump? "judicial watch" president tom fitton weighs in next.
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>> he is a very jovial open person on the phone but when i asked him about the disposition of those emails, where are these documents, he got silent. he said he wouldn't talk about. he wouldn't tell me where they were. that really raised a lot of eyebrows. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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melissa: president trump back in washington after bessie week meeting with world leaders including vladmir putin at g20 summit. the white house is looking to push ahead on a packed agenda as distractions arise. blake burman, live from the white house. blake, what is it today? reporter: one on offense, one on defense. jim comey back in the news, melissa, this afternoon as deputy press secretary sarah
4:17 pm
huckabee sanders said in the off-camara press briefing, that they feel comey should be he quote, thoroughly investigated. this relatings to "the hill" article, that jim comey memos he made between himself and president trump, "the hill" reports that some of those contained classified information. that caught the eye of president trump on this day who tweeted out the following early this morning, writing, quote, james comey leaked classified information to the media. that is so illegal. here with sanders at the off-camera briefing just a little while ago. >> i think there are a lot of questions out there. and a lot of reports where it indicates that director comey may have leaked classified information. that certainly is a threat to the national security and violates policy and law. i think it is something that should be investigated thoroughly. reporter: now to the defense because the white house on this day had to defend donald trump, jr. after the president's oldest son admitted to a meeting with a russian
4:18 pm
attorney in june of 2016. trump, jr., said initially the meeting was regarding adoptions. later he acknowledged that the russian attorney had damaging information about the dnc and hillary clinton. the white house at that off-camara press briefing dismissed any whispers that this bolsters the case of possible collusion. >> no one within the trump campaign colluded in order to influence the election. i think the bottom line is, that the democrats had a weak candidate and president trump had a stronger message. reporter: now the calls are coming for donald trump, jr., to testify on capitol hill. susan collins, a republican senator, chuck schumer of course, the lead democrat, just a little while ago even said that they want to see trump, jr., testify before the senate intelligence committee. he put out a very short response on twitter this afternoon, donald trump, jr., did, saying he would be happy to cooperate. here at the white house, deputy
4:19 pm
press secretary sarah sanders said the president did not know about this meeting until just a couple days ago, melissa. melissa: like he got one of those phishing emails, hadn't learned to link -- not to link on hillary clinton emails. they were starting out in this game. anyway. blake, thank you. reporter: you got it. ashley: here to talk more about this, tom fitton, "judicial watch" president. tom, we're laughing here, but i go back to the beginning of this whole thing. i'm talking about this meeting between donald trump, jr., paul manafort was in there, jeered kushner, was it wise in the first place to even meet with this russian woman? >> probably not to meet with any russian foreign national. did it make it illegal? probably not. i can't imagine at least the way the conversation has been recounted to us via the media anything untoward happened. it doesn't look good he met with
4:20 pm
a russian foreign national. if the new rule is talking to foreigner in the united states makes you subject to being called into testify on capitol hill, there are a lot of people, would be a lot of people testifying on the hill. there would be a line out the door. ashley: this is slightly different case of that. and is this something that is common if it were other way around? i have dirt on donald trump. would you, know hillary clinton or one of her aides go ahead and have that same meeting? is that common or is it unusual? >> well, i think it is not as common as people would think but more common than people want to pretend. and so, i suspect we'll have more information about other instances of this coming out. again, compare and contrast john podesta getting through his company, $35 million directly from the russians and serving on the board with russian foreign nationals tied to the government, and then arguably not divesting him is appropriately as he came into
4:21 pm
the white house, and still as campaign chairman for president, or at least then senator clinton. you know there is a lot on both sides and frankly the substance seems to be more on the clinton side still despite all the noise on the trump side. ashley: tom, quickly mention james comey, the memos may have contained classified material, seven memos, four of those allegedly contained secret or confidential level information. is he in trouble? >> he certainly has a lot of legal liability. you're not allowed to take government documents out of your office like he did. one of the reasons you're not because they could contain sensitive information or classify information. removing classified information from where it is supposed to be could be a crime. sharing that information could be a crime. and that is why he really does need to be criminally investigated for this misconduct. ashley: we'll continue to see what happens on that. so many issues every day. tom fitton, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. melissa: victory over isis.
4:22 pm
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hit could be the next big thing i should totally get that domain name... get your great idea online too... get your domain today, and get... ...a free trial of gocentral from godaddy melissa: new questions following president trump's meeting with vladmir putin. chief of staff disputes claims that he believed putin when he denied meddling in the presidential election. >> the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin. what the president did, immediately came into the meeting, talked about russian
4:26 pm
meddling in the u.s. election. went after that issue at least two separate times. melissa: here is ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. how stupid can these commentators be? of course vladmir putin denied it, that is what he always has done. he said we didn't know if the icbm north koreans shot off was really icbm. he couldn't till from the picture that was chemical weapons. isn't that what he does. >> this is important lesson from the president trump administration. after bringing up the russian meddling at beginning of the meeting, exactly the right thing to do, saying it is something all americans were concerned with, trump got to experience vladmir putin looking him in the eye and lying to him directly. and that really, that really, that really should tell you something about the character of
4:27 pm
the current russian leadership and what their appreciation for truth is. because it applies not just in the case of the election meddling, although i do think that is existential threat to the united states, but in the question of north korea or iran's nuclear weapons program, what happens in the middle east, what happens in eastern europe. this is the nature of that regime. before people talk about the great cease-fire agreement in southwest syria, this, or that or the other thing that is what they do as you just said, they lie. you should draw your own conclusions from that. melissa: what do you think president trump achieved, if anything from what you can tell? >> well, i hope the impression he left with putin was primarily a personal impression, that i think is what this meeting really was about more than anything else, the two leaders taking each other's measure. because i do think donald trump is a strong personality. has strong views. he is a, has got a strong resolve. which makes him the polar opposite of barack obama.
4:28 pm
melissa: right. >> while i think vladmir putin could appreciate that intellectually from what he read, so on, so forth, seeing them in the room together, i think makes a big difference. that to me is more important than anything else. because if putin understands it correctly, means he has a very different president to deal with. melissa: things have changed a lot. big win in fight against isis. iraq which prime minister abadi declaring victory over islamic state in mosul. ambassador bolton, what do you make of that? we're calling it victory or they are calling it a victory but at the same time this is batfar from over? >> this is extraordinarily complex multiparty conflict. i think it should absolutely be objective of the united states to defeat and destroy this caliphate, isis control over territory as soon as possible. unfortunately we're still following the strategy of the obama administration. while the kurds have played a major role in it, including in the victory in isis, basically
4:29 pm
what is happening we are aiding the baghdad government, retake control of sunni areas of iraq. what that means in practical he effect is that baghdad government which is surrogate for ayatollahs in tehran, is extending iranian control in iraq, reaching toward territory held by the assad regime and hezbollah terrorists in syria, to give iran a basically a geographical arc it can control from iran all the way to the eastern mediterranean in lebanon and we're not confronting that and that is a problem. melissa: so what is the other option though? if we're chasing isis out, they're coming into the fold, you're not alone thinking that of course, what does that mean other than just occupying indefinitely? >> we're losing a lot of time and i think what, tending the baghdad government's control over western iraq does is just lay the groundwork for another uprising by the sunnis who are simply not going to sit in
4:30 pm
quietly in an environment where they're being dictated too in effect all the way from tehran. you have same sort of problem in eastern syria. what it means is, we don't have a political strategy for what comes after the defeat of isis. the notion that you can simply assume that iraq is recreated as iraq and syria recreated as syria is not going to work. in facts the kurds will have independence referendum in just a few months. i think there is little doubt how that will come out. iraq ceased to exist as a state. we're acting like it is still there. melissa: john bolton, thank you. >> thank you, melissa. ashley: back here in the united states, more than 85 wildfires raging across the u.s. evacuating 4,000 residents near sacramento alone. good news, cooler temperatures in california are helping firefighters contain the blazes. crews make progress on fires in
4:31 pm
colorado, arizona and new mexico. melissa: mainstream media lashing out at ivanka trump sitting in her father's place at g20 meeting. you won't believe who is defending her though. ashley: amazon is slashing prices getting ready for the big prime day. we're hours ahe way from the most anticipated deals. ♪ i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried to quit cold turkey. i tried to quit with the patch; that didn't work. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. for me, chantix worked. it reduced my urge to smoke. compared to the nicotine patch, chantix helped significantly more people quit smoking. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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ashley: ivanka trump getting major heat from the mainstream media after sitting in for the president, her father, during a g20 meeting. the president fighting back tweeting today this, if chelsea clinton were asked to hold a seat for her mother as her mother gave our country away the fake news would say chelsea for president. that is pretty funny. here, erin elmore, former trump campaign spokesperson. all right, erin, she is a member of the administration. she was sitting in the back of the room. the president had to jump out very quickly. this is not unusual. happens with all the world leaders, their aides sit in. why the big hoo-ha for president trump? >> because we know we're talking about president trump and ivanka trump. even leader of angela merkel said this is no big deal. this is completely common practice. moreover ivanka is part of the official delegation. she is a well-known white house staffer.
4:36 pm
she also has ivy league education. she went to the university of pennsylvania and graduated cum laude. i think she is well-equipped to handle this. don't you? ashley: i do. the response from chelsea clinton for viewers may not have seen this, she tweeted back after president trump, good morning, mr. president. it would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. were you giving our country away? hoping not. at least i give her props for being funny about it. what is your reaction to chelsea clinton's tweet? >> i agree with you. chelsea always seems to be very nice girl, well-measured. ivanka said she and chelsea get along very well. we know president trump is fighter. the american people elected a fighter, that is what they got, twitter seems to be ground zero for him defending himself and defending his family. chelsea handled it with class. she was trying to be funny. president trump is handling it well too. he is standing up for himself. he is talking about the fake
4:37 pm
news and fake media for a long time. it turned out he has been right. really defending himself the way he knows how and american people wants. ashley: this is interesting because the day before in poland, in warsaw we had the whole handshake gate, the first laid different poland apparently snubbed the president and shook the hand of melania trump. seems no matter what happens the president can't breathe right when it comes to mainstream media. >> it seems so true, they make the biggest mountain out of smallest molehill. why ivanka and the handshake around the world made the why we're focuses on these inan activities is really quite sad. i think more of a testament to the mainstream media, than anything else. ashley: erin, i want to change subjects, how frustrating for you the republican party as a whole can't seem to get their act together? you have moderates and
4:38 pm
conservatives banging heads. president trump can not get any part of his agenda through. how frustrating is it for you? >> it is extremely frustrating because the democrats are completely blocking anything but you know what? that is kind of pendulum is switching now and swinging the other way because the american people aren't sitting here talking about russia. they have had enough. they want to see obamacare being repealed and replaced. they want to see tax reform. they want to see he safe borders and our country being protected. that pendulum is swinging other way. the american people are fed up with constant obstructionism. summer is coming along. we had the july 4th holiday. we need getting things done before september. ashley: we do. >> now is the time. ashley: republicans need to stop obstructing each other. erin he will more, thank you very-- >> thank you. melissa: amazon hours away from launching prime day discounts. millions of shoppers are expected. hillary vaughn is getting
4:39 pm
first-hand look how the e-commerce giant will be shipping it all. reporter: hi, melissa is a that's right. their biggest day of the year is not black friday, it is not cyber monday, it is today and prime day is flaunting great prices on tech items. one of the big items, amazon echo will be 50% when prime day kicks off 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight. according to. marketer data, amazon dominates 70% of the price market this price drop could help amazon stay in the lead as others like google's device, google home, and apple move into the market. analysts think this could be amazon's biggest prime day ever. this is not just good news for amazon. it is good news for thousands of amazon sellers and small business that benefit from all the cyber traffic. amazon says 40% of all deals are supplied by small merchants, entrepreneurs. many see the sales triple on
4:40 pm
prime day each year. we did get a first happened look at how they plan to keep up with this record-i breaking demand. that is by deploying their own fleet of primeair craft. they will use that to ship across the country. to make sure they get all a the packages to their destination by their deadlines. melissa. melissa: wow. i will return everything i bought today. then rebuy it tonight at 9:00. i have to deal with this. thank you so much. ashley. ashley: that is a good point. a lot of people will do exactly that, now that you said that. melissa: right. ashley: how about buying a tesla for the masses? billionaire mogul elon musk unveiling first production model 3 via twitter over the weekend. meant to be a mass market electric vehicle set for delivery by end of july, with production steadily increasing. tesla says 1500 vehicles will be produced in september, ramping up to 20,000 in september. like 35, 40,000. 27,500 when you get all the tax credits.
4:41 pm
melissa: we all pay for it. maybe one day they will turn a profit over there attest lakes don't get crazy now. melissa: all right. abandoning the big apple. new york city mayor bill de blasio in the hot seat after joining protesters at the g20 and leaving his city behind. we're going to talk to new york state assembly woman nicole malliotakis. she is challenging bill de blasio for mayor. she is coming up next. we always invite him to come on. i'm sure he will. plus bond is back. daniel craig agreeing to be 007 once again. ashley was busy. he will reunite with a familiar voice. ♪
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4:45 pm
he needed to be, one day of a new york city cop was assassinated in the bronx. here is nicole malliotakis, republican candidate for new york city mayor. i wanted you here not just because this is new york issue, but we're seeing across the country, seeing very liberal mayors of these cities, spending like mad, driving their city into the ground. rahm emanuel, go across the city, go out to l.a., garcetti, happening everywhere but they continue to get elected. i think a lot has to do with unions and the like but how do you batback against that. >> all you need to do is look at countries like greece, look at puerto rico, one of our territories the mess they have gotten themselves into by continuing to spend money, spend money, spend money. in new york city this mayor has increased spending 22% in short time he has been in office, 3 1/2 years. we're not getting any results. that is the worst part of it. homelessness on the rise increasing 40%.
4:46 pm
subway crisis now, 70,000 delays a month. pumps hundred of millions of bureaucracy in education. not see money get to the classroom. schools continue to fail. sanitation, changing rules, that is not happening. this mayor is failing to provide basic city services he was elected to do. he has no regard for the taxpayers at all. not managing the city. ashley: melissa: could say the same thing about check go. same thing with wild spending meanwhile crime is spiraling out of control. saw the same thing in new york here ages ago with dinkins but it took until the city really fell to its knees before the special interests, kind of able to get everyone to the polls, manage the political machine on a local level before they were able to get booted out of control. so how do you get, how do you get that message out? is it about getting particular groups? i mean, for example we're talking about law enforcement. we have picture of bill de blasio you were tweeting, that he is off and
4:47 pm
away serving his ego while one of his own is shot and killed. what is like the secret to getting it done? >> i think what this mayor is doing taking voters of new york city for granted. this is a situation that we have not seen from this mayor before. this is taking it to a all-new level. when you have not only quality of life issues, now you have a tragedy in your city. one of our new york's finest, assassinated and instead of going to a ceremony to welcome in new members willing to put their life on the line for the city, going to the meet with the family, he is on a plane going to germany. it is complete disregard. not only not doing his job managing city, seeing complete deterioration of quality of life, he is the not here with the city to mourn with nypd and fellow citizens. he is playing new york city voters for fools. thinking that they're not going to pay attention and they're going to just vote for him because he has democratic label next to his name. that will not happen in november. where i go in the city people are outraged by what this mayor is doing.
4:48 pm
i was in the bronx. hit all five boroughs yesterday. i met with voters from all parts of the city. and they can not believe what's happening. they are very upset about the homeless crisis, transit crisis, education, they're not getting good quality education for their children. that we're not dealing with the mentally ill in our city. it is going to come crashing down on this mayor because unfortunately what he is doing is neglecting his simple, the basic responsibility of his job. city management. doing the job. melissa: yeah. >> showing disregard not wanting to do the job. off fighting national, in this case globalled idealogical war, instead of doing basic services he is supposed to be providing as mayor. that is going to i think have negative impact. he can't take new york city voters for granted. they pulled that republican level before. i provided solutions on homeless crisis. i'm standing with nypd i'm saying what needs to be done to rectify this court. we need to have a change for sure. melissa: thank you so much.
4:49 pm
the city is a mess that's for sure. we want everybody to know. of course we invited bill de blasio to come on. we continue to invite him on. fair and balanced, want to give everyone a shot to stay their case. we haven't heard back yet. i think he is still globetrotting. nicole, thank you. ashley: fans of daniel craig and adele rejoice. craig is in talks to reprise his role for james bond for the fifth time. the actor has been quoted in the past saying he would rather slash his wrists but return to play bond. cash is thicker than blood. massive pay day, rumored $150 million, that will do it, changed mr. bond's mind. adele is returning to sing the film's theme song. so much for that. melissa: that counts for a lot. deadline for health care. senate bill in critical condition as lawmakers scrambling to find areas of compromise on the legislation. ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
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melissa: senator bill cassidy, we told you at the beginning of the show was planning on joining dawes but he just been called to the white house along with senator lindsey graham. the cassidy team telling us that discussions on the health care bill are in full effect. and senator cassidy has introduced his own version of the health care bill. we're going to be monitoring that closely, but in the meantime, james freeman from "the wall street journal" editorial page, he is the assistant editor. he is a fox news contributor. and he scrambled down here to join us which we very much appreciate. ashley: there he is. melissa: james, so what do you think about this? it does prove they're working. we had a senator with his own plan. he was holding out for more.
4:54 pm
got called away to the white house to go to talk to try to work on things. what do you think? >> i mean i think this will end upcoming together. i hope what is happening at the white house, is that the president or maybe the congressional leadership are saying to these kind of weak need senators like rob portman of ohio, shelley more capito of west begin i can't, this is entitlement reform. this is not mean. it is fair to the taxpayers. you're not cutting anyone off health benefits. years from now slowing rate of growth, including this question, why should medicaid which is supposed to be for the poor be, tended to able-bodied people who are not poor and don't have children? why do they need a new government safety net? i think when they realize the benefits here maybe they will come around. melissa: i mean, do they also realize, isn't it worse to have done nothing -- look at just sheer politics.
4:55 pm
>> yes. melissa: if you're going back, trying to get reelected, facing your constituents, isn't it worth as a republican to have done nothing, than to have done something an improvement even though it is far from perfect obviously? >> yeah, i don't know how you could think that you're going to go back and sell the idea this mess that you allowed to occur is not your fault because the original law was passed by obama and the democrats. people will hold accountable the people who are now in power. that is the republicans, with both branches of, you know, the executive and legislative branch. so, i think key here is mitch mcconnell, has to make them vote. don't just allow this to be punted if he get to 44, 45 commitments and this is not sure. melissa: force them. >> make them vote. i think they will come around. melissa: james, still looks incredibly expensive. we don't know all the details but, even if like you said,
4:56 pm
they're not even cutting. they're just slowing growth over time down the road he, we still have the problem of how do we pay for all this, right? >> well, look, if you, this is a big step toward really reforming medicaid, which is one of the big entitlements. it facessest growing entitlement. from a limited government perspective, cares about long term future for our children. it is a nice first step. it is not draconian. not as free market reform as you like. it's a first step. you give states freedom and citizens freedom to decide what they want in insurance package, you can get optimistic. melissa: we have to go. james, we appreciate it. thank you. ashley: democrats, according to a survey are not practicing what they preach. liberals always calling for higher wages but not putting their own money on the table. that story next. ♪
4:57 pm
dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. ♪
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>> turns out republicans are better tippers, averaging 20%. >> democrats averaging 15%. >> that's because they like to spend other people's money. risk and reward starting right now. liz: we're digging through the antitrump coverage to get to the facts of what is being done to get the u.s. back on track. congress now back at work on president trump's pro growth agenda. their top priority repeal or replace obamacare. and now a very tight deadline. a new draft of a bill as soon as maybe this week with a vote next week. welcome to risk and reward, i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. now, the markets are closing mixed today with the nasdaq and the s&p ending higher as tech stocks led the way. we have a new fox poll. shows voters going even more negative on the dc swamp. voters now have a better


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