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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 10, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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thank you so much, thank you to you for joining me. tonight, i'll see you tomorrow. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening a new report, former fbi director james comey is at the center of it all, again. officials familiar with comey's private memos documenting his talks with president trump, say 4 of them contain class tied material, raising a possibility that comey mishandled classified information in. the same way he accused hillary clinton of doing so last year. comey admitted last month he gave one of those memos to a cluckia law professor who
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leaked it to the press. and president trump back in washington today, seized on the use, accusing comey of leaking gas fid -- classified material. reporter: the fired fbi director's memos documenting his conversation president trump are considered government records. all fbi employers sign the employment agreement it's hard to believe that information would not becrat fid, further if true that in was was secret and or condeden shall. >> comey justified his acteds to a len at panel last month.
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>> you consider to be your own personal document to share with media as you wanted to, through a friend. >> i think this my recollection recorded as a conversation. >> president trump claimed james comey leaked classifies information to leadia, that so illegal, one of trum trump's aides. reporter: senator warner is senior democrato the intelligence committee. >> a year ago this month, director comey chastised clinton and her team.
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comey game memos to a columbia school professor. in washington catherine herridge fox news. lou: our first guest said that stealing government secrets and then mishandling them amount too crime, so is leaking classified material. giants us chris farrell. let's start with 7 memoranda 4 of which cop contained classified information. at-this-point, leaking one of them it unclear although the columbia law professor says that there was no classified information in it.
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the fact they were leaked in itself is -- is it not a violation of federal record keeping laws. >> it is. the case where mr. comey b be o-- took off with u.s. government records, they were not his to take in the first place. and mishandling national defense information, i am also a former special agent of army counter intelligence, i have done the destinations like open question here. see mr. keepy is introuble, he essentially flaunted the fact that he broke the rules and laws. it is outrageous. . >> as you listen too senator warner there.
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in catherine's report, trying to mitigate the issues on behoff of former fbi director. >> the then fbi director is in a private meeting discussing person matters with the president, that right there, stop. the nature of that relationship in the communications that occurred, just by their essence and fact it occurred is not by 9 likely too be classified not acknowledged in the media. >> this is outrageous, no matter when else, legal information, whatever. for this man to have such grand illusions of himself and
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his prerogg prerogative is significant. >> and get this, think about it, he goes in front of the senate making this testimony, and had leaked through his friend to "new york times," we ask for the same records, traditional watch does, we told, no, we have to sue to get them. he can leak it through his friend. but when whree ask tbut when we ask for we are told now. >> senate intelligence committee itself has to at least,a for them, fee feeling
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joan generous. as a work product of fbi director when he was having those conversations with president of united states this is turn to hillary clinton. why are we not hearing from a special council, looking into this situation of russian collusion, why are we not hearing in her dealing with russians and her improvals while packed. some reserves. why isn't that part of of russia krug investigation. >> if you are looking forcluding clinton foundation.
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wraclin >> if you top look at collusion and foreign influence and uses sear o state secretary of state position as a arm for clinton foundation. look no further. lou: i don't want to. i want to look at jewel company, and money they received. and connection to the enterprise, why isn't that part of the collusion discussion investigation, why? >> very cute with your coleague mar maria bartiromo, he said i don't have any stock in russian company, his
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holdings are in massachusetts incorporated u.s. afilliate of that russian company. podesta likes to play both ways, he is deeply involved with the russia taft and the they like to play word games or parse language it is more disgraceful behavior. lou: chris ferrel thank you. we appreciate you and judicia judiciary catch and your inquiring ways. we hope more is produced on this russian collusion. thank you. >> thank you. trish: we're coming right back we're have a lot more, all of it in a while. >> guess what, machines still don't to the votes on senate in health care, but the white
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house remains growth foal. >> taking up congress' inability to get anyone done for the wher with the. a new ceasefire in southwest syria after president trump's pleated be with vladimir putin, will did hold? it has so far. the full story jackson. stay with us, we'll be right back. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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that's how you outmaneuver. lou: you will be happy po learn president obama sent for his first formal political event. since leaving office, a democratic fundraiser in dc, on thursday. he wasn't very helpful during his 8 years as president, perhaps they are looking for a little payback. democratic senate seats fell from 55 to 46. the number of seats in the house, from 256 to 194 that is what call a bad 8 years on capitol hill for the democratic party. democratic governorships not doing well, from 28 to 16. let me repeat that, 28 to 16.
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it has a ring to it. democrats lost a staggering are you ready? state legislature, they lost 958 legislative seats across the country in the obama presidency. wow. no wonder they want to get hooked up and raise money quickly, they are bleeding, overall democrats last more than 1000 state and federal seats during the obama tenure. joining me now to assess the obama tenure, and "the hangover." and the dems effort tosubvert president trump and health care battle itself it looks before august recess. searching in 3 presidential administrations. dean him self, pul pulitzer prize winning columnist for
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the "new york post," michael goodwin. great contributors. obama is back. he has been subverting. >> he never left. lou: but out in front of a funds raising effort. i don't know how it works but he seems to bemoan motivated. >> that record you showed there, i mean, this is like they are addicted, why can't they qui quit him. >> he has been the bad news bear for the democratic party. >> a very expensive addiction. >> yes, it made a difference, i have said, that donald trump is president, precisely because of barack obama. trumpy is presidency, his campaign was the anecdote to everything that obama was doing and talking about doing, clinton would have continued it, it was really obamaism that trump defeatd. >> don't discourage him, i
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wanted rnc to rent a plane, put high and nancy pelosi on there and travel the country and tell them how good they have done for country. lou: how about schumer too. >> >> this president wants to be a globalist. does not have to worry about domestic issues, donald trump is a domestic president who will undo his agenda, all right a good start to that putting guantanamo bay pri prisoners to where they are. and not building a new fbi building that is a great step. >> what do you think message is? >> i am looking out for your money, and i am going make sure it is spent wisely. if the fbi is to suffer in a building that not the newest building, so be it. >> any michael, so be it. this is a president, president trump, who is having to put up
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into such nonsense, i don'ts know how he does it, the dems have become such ignore aimouses. there no way we'll see a change in behavior in washington post or new york teams. they are committed to what they are, which is a -- they arare they are organs of the democratic party. lowest wing. what is -- how is the trump white house respond to what i what ison opposition by two largest left wing papers in country. >> she should spend on by doing a good job as president. take the trip to europe, i thought everything went well, the speech in poland was fantastic. and meeting with putin we'll
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see overtime. >> you know any other president, people would say, just a damn meeting. >> that is right sthr is armageddon. >> right. >> i think that leaks about donald trump jr. meeting with the russian -- at the time. >> at, to, to times, had it been a failure of a trip that would would not have run this weekend. you talk about media, there is the collusion, with perform government and left wing media. lou: drawing all of our political experience. trump jr. -- i could not find any in this. even remotely interesting. >> there isn't anything interesting. now they are going after trump
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children, as any father he will get appalled. but, the kids are tough, they have grown up with a tough father. lou: do they have more brains and scam that. >> they better have tough skin, this is an all ought wore, difference between, if if was there, 20 leaders, all talking about we've toughens up climate treaty. everything would have been anti-american. he stood from against th rest of the world, saying thank you very much, we'll stand it alone, come see us when you need our help, which you will, and make a good deal. lou: merkel and macron and may, sort of can't decide if she is a friend or what with
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this president, french leader and germany leader look like fools, neither is leading on anything, other than in fantasy world of either the new york time or washington post. >> they are another set of gatekeepers, trump has been smashing gatekeeper since he first announced, that is what european unions are, they want the world they want the world. trump is saying i mutual america is not playing that game. >> we have to reverse a lot of policies. we live with fdr's policies for a long time, and lyndon johnson's for a long time, we're not living with obama's policies. lou: i think that, hype cret
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though ththough the call is re-- hypothetical is resolved, this president is rolling back the minelessness for last 8 year, lack of courage, lack of envision, he brought his own, committed that commitment with values that americans understand, i think this a rousing point in our siftry, and he has done it in under 6 months, incredible. >> ed, michael. >> thank you. lou: great fun. >> y. -- yes. >> listen to the left squeal. vote in the poll, do you think that senate g.o.p. really wants to pass a health care bill? think about it, realliy do you think that misch mcconnell
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is committed to that, or is there a game afoot here? >> twitter followers talking about my new thriller. be sure to buy it. >> keep writing and tweeting us. on woot woo woot today, dow lost 6, s&p gained 2, nasdaq up 23, big board vallum, light trading. i day in july, 22.9 billion shires, retailer are still struggling, shares of
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abercrombie, ended at. up next, some senate republicans are sounding like they have given up. given up on health care. . he is trying to rework to get something that will pass, but the original version, 10 folks opposing is not going to pass. >> yeah,. seen at leadership ina bill to to dis
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lou: a few thoughts on the sorry state of congressional leadership in the swamp of washington, d.c. the gop can't manage to reveal obamacare no matter how many times they promised voters they
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would do so. no matter how terrible they said obamacare is. no matter how many times they said they would repeal it on day one. i hate to be the one to tell them. it's day 171, and not day one. and still no action. the house voted 68 times when it didn't count to repeal, defunds or delay obamacare since january 2011. that's 9 times a year they voted to repeal obamacare. guess what they won't do? they won't repeal obamacare. the latest vote came in may after speaker ryan failed to put together enough votes for the bill in march. now they apparently can't bring themselves to repeal obamacare when it does count. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has went in u.s.
7:30 pm
senate for 32 years. since 1985. think about that. he has been there almost as long as the washington monument. he said he hoped to vote on a bill before the 4th of july recess, that was 10 days ago. now new leaders are aiming for a new draft with a vote possible by late next week. you would think if you had been in the senate since 1985 you would know how to do this stuff. you would have picked it up by osmosis. this is all a goal, the timeline could easily slip and we are told 10 republican senators who were opposed to the original healthcare proposal. they could afford to lose two of them. 10 of them right now are not thrilled.
7:31 pm
and they are intent on working against each other. >> my view i think it's dead, but i could be wrong. i thought it would be president of the united states. lou: are you kidding me? that's his idea of creating a forecast? he's been wrong before. his partner in crime last month said he didn't believe the senate could pass a healthcare bill this year at all. it's looking like he may have been right. their leader mcconnell is no better suggesting the gop may have to work with the dems on healthcare. of course his track record is no better. that's one every three years over the course of this his 32 years in the senate. who are these people?
7:32 pm
you decide. i can't bring myself to use the words to describe who they are, to describe the gop leadership, the talent, commitment and principle. i don't want to use those words here tonight. our quotation of the evening. the promise given was a necessity of the past. the word broken is a necessity of the present. why do they call that a swamp? i think we are getting an idea. president trump back in the nation's capital after a hugely successful trip to warsaw and hamburg. >> people will be talking about that speech in hamburg for years to come.
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lou: joining us tonight, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton.
7:37 pm
let's start with the syrian ceasefire. it's holding. one day it's been. but you talk about almost immediate progress. putin and trump have achieved it. john: we'll see how long it lasts. lou require only said that so you can say that. john: these ceasefires have not had a long-term impact. i think there is a bigger issue because of the obama strategy for going after isis that in part gives trump a dilemma. as iraq expands its control over mosul, the iranians are actually now building a physical bridge across the territory of the baghdad government linking up with the assad regime in syria, the hezbollah because the obama administration didn't have a strategy for what happens after isis is defeated.
7:38 pm
the iranians had a strategy, the syria have a strategy, the russians have a strategy. their strategy is coming into place as isis is eliminated. lou: it seems the trump strategy you are leaving. >> biggouambiguous. that's the destruction of isis and the retaking of mosul. this is a different administration than the one you are criticizing appropriately for not having strategies, plans or sense of action to take against isis or in iraq against the islamic state taking mosul and other towns and cities. >> what we are talking about is the destruction of the isis
7:39 pm
caliphate in sir yeah and iraq. isis itself unfortunately has exfiltrated many of its leaders to libya, yemen or other places. we have supported the the kurds, but we we also supported the baghdad government. every victory they achieve is extending the sway of iraq. lou: how hud the trump administration respond? his policies and strategy is to move forward to support the iraqi government against the islamic state even though it is -- much of it has been co-opted by the iranians. in the case of mosul it's an outright victory for iran, the united states and iraq. >> i think in the days after the
7:40 pm
caliphate is destroyed, and i think that's coming in the near future -- lou: we hadn't even begun to say such a thing under the previous president. >> he made it clear he wanted to destroy isis as soon as possible as opposed to the obama approach of degrade and ultimately destroy. lou: he didn't have a policy of degrade or destroy. he didn't have a policy of any kind. >> they were working their up to it. the obama strategy was when that happy day comes, that the caliphate is physically eliminated, what do you put in its place. lou: what are you going to do when the president of the united states says the islamic state
7:41 pm
has effectively been neutralized? give the man his due. this is unlike you. >> i think it's great and the sooner the better because we want to prevent them from launching more terrorist attacks against us. louus.after the vacuum is created we have to decide who's going to fill it. i'm afraid because we have not had a significant change in the bureaucracy from the obama approach, iran and assad will if i it. lou: though not specifically articulated i think you can infer from the fact the secretary of state said there is no room for the you a said family or government in syria, much can be inferred from that. you see it as a vacuum, i see it as progress.
7:42 pm
>> we'll see. lou: ambassador john bolton, thank you so much. these two men dressed in wing suits taking their lust to soar to new heights enjoying a scenic view of the mountains in switzerland, those mountains called the alps. is that not spectacular? they guide through this amazing valley gorge. growing brochure on gop leaders in the senate to repeal and replace obamacare before the august recess.
7:43 pm
>> i can't manage the anger we'll experience back homes if we don't do our jobs. keeping your promises is important. lou: well apparently not to the republicans in the senate. not to mitch mcconnell. senator luther strange joins us next. he wants to give his colleagues a significant contribution to the national interest. stay with us. ♪ if you could book a flight, then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go?
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>> nor luther strange is joining us. the gop looks committed to going on recess and to hell with whatever they are doing on healthcare. >> i just can't believe it. i joined with a group of my colleagues. we are going to have a press could be forensic tomorrow. we need to day here until we get our work done. can you manage anybody else in the country taking four week off when they have business literally on fire and saying
7:48 pm
we'll come back later and check on it. lou: i can't manage anybody who has been in the senate for 34 years like mitch mcconnell since leading 2010ed the opposition to it. you have to be very worried about the quality of your leadership. >> i'm frustrated with the whole group for not coming to a resolution. we said we would repeal and replace if we just had control. when i cape here taking jeff sessions place, i thought this should be easy. but i looked around, and we don't have it. lou: the gop looked like gallon
7:49 pm
damn fools. you have peaker ryan leading the house, and that was a disaster. they are such a sense of irresponsibility and lack of direction while you have got a man in the white house who is focused and working his tail off. if the that and the house had a third of the work ethic of president trump you could get all sort of things done. >> that was my first reaction. if we could get the senate to work as hard as president trump is working. you put your finger on it, though. one of the things that makes a difference is the president's personal involvement. i certainly -- lou: would you like to have that job bringing mitch mcconnell or paul ryan together? >> i heard the signals loud and
7:50 pm
clear. the people in alabama have a lot of common sense. when they ask you to do something, they expect you to do it. the fact that they are not getting anything done is not going over well. that won't go over well at all. lou: i would think that would be apparent to our leadership, apparently it is not. senator luther strange, thank you. president trump accusing james comey of illegally leaking classified material. we'll talk about what's next for the fired f.b.i. director. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer will discuss what's been done. and why isn't the special counsel talking to hoik, the clinton foundation and john podesta. liberty did what?
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you think president trump's dominance of the g-20 made fools of merkel, macron and
7:55 pm
the rest? lou: i saw you nodding off as i was introducing you. >> i had to do a morning drive show this morning. i am doing this because you are my friend. here we go with james comey again. why aren't the republicans just saying enough already. get this special counsel involved in the clinton foundation, the clinton campaign, and go after it and get ahold of mueller and all the nonsense and the leaking former fired director of the f.b.i. this is just stupid. you have got very attorneys with the intelligence committees. they have been looking for a year, and they have got nothing.
7:56 pm
>> they have to get rid of mccabe. the acting f.b.i. director. he's corrupt. you have to clean house, start anew, and jeff sessions has to declare the mueller misadventure null and void. lou, there is clear and compelling evidence of crimes, but they are all on the democrats' side. there is an old saying in the military, ride to the sound of the fire. the sound of the fire is coming from the democrats' side. you need someone committed to following the real evidence, not the manufactured cnn, "new york times" evidence, but follow the evidence to where it goes. lou: it's stunning to see the nonsense "the washington post" tried to kick up, that the "new york times" kicks up. we understand the left in this country is going to do that.
7:57 pm
but they are eating up taxpayer dollars, time, and frankly subverting an administration. mueller is an obvious hack. >> they have legal action they can take against former director comey. if mueller won't do it, you need to find someone who will. catherine herridge talked about the legal issues related to what comey leaked. i dealt with classification issues. i signed document that said everything i create is classified government document. they classified my bronze star narrative because they thought there was too much information in there. lou: senator mark warner sounds
7:58 pm
like he's trying to make all the excused in the world for james comey because it suits the left in this country. there is nothing impartial about what's going on with that senate intelligence committee whatsoever. warner is guiding him by the nose. >> this is dishonorable, disruptive and expensive. there is nothing there, this whole fiction of donald trump's son, this lawyer meeting. lou, we have to have people who call for this to happen. you have senator strange on, you have conservative members of the senate who are honest like him. we need to bring those people together who are willing to do the hard work and make something happen. lou: i have known the attorney
7:59 pm
general for 20 years. and i would love to hear from him. the attorney general is radio silent when his voice needs to be heard and actions taken. >> it's all about leadership. lou: thanks so much for being with us. a great book to recommend. it was written by my good buddy jim born and me. our viewers are loving it. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. our republican national committee chair is calling for congress to cancel their august recess and get healthcare done. she joins us tomorrow along with
8:00 pm
congressman jim jordan and my good buddy mike gallagher. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: lawmakers back on capitol hill. but are they any closer to getting something done on healthcare? former f.b.i. director james comey in legal trouble after his trump memos? grab a shovel, time to begin. with republican discourse slowly killing the healthcare bill and obamacare in an actual death spiral, democrats are licking their lips over the ultimate


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