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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the burdens and regulations on your companies so that you can compete, thrive and grow. how many of you have noticed this so far? because it's a big, big difference, right? that is a big, big difference. people are coming up to me. they can't even believe it. we took the farmers land away. we took the homebuilders land away. they have their land back now and they're building homes and farming their farms. it is a beautiful thing to see. they're so thankful. so a lot of those regulations have been taken off. the rest are coming off. by the way we will have better protection than we ever have had but we'll also have something where you don't wait 15 years for a permit. when you go to the board then you lose. that is a big portion of your life wiped out waiting for a permit. we're not going to let that happen. but for our nation to really prosper, we must lower the tax on business. one of the highest in the world. and we must he repeal
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job-killing obamacare. we have to do that. [applause] i can tell you, we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we miss him. he is a crusty voice in washington. plus, we need his vote. he will be back. he will be else sooner than somebody else will be back. we need that vote. we need a number of votes because we have to repeal obamacare. we will end up replacing it with something that is going to be outstanding, far, far better than failing obamacare where premiums have gone up in some cases over 200% this year. where your, every single element of it is bad. the insurance companies by the way, are fleeing. some states you have no insurance companies. we have some governors here. we have senators here.
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we have congressman and women, i will tell you it is a very, very hard time they're having with the obama care situation. so, we're going to get that done. i think we'll surprise a lot of people, but they're pushing very hard, republican senators are great people. but they have a lot of different states. some states need this. some states need that. but, we're getting it together and it is, it is going to happen. right, mike? >> yes, sir. >> i think. [applause] when it does happen, that will be will be big day in america, big day in america. we must also fight unfair trade practices that gutted our industry. that include cracking down on predatory on-line sales of foreign goods which is absolutely killing our shoppers and our shopping centers.
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if you look what is going on with shopping centers and stores and jobs in stores it has been very, very tough for them. they have had a hard time closing at numbers and records that have never been seen before. we have to stop that. , the online predatory practices. since the beginning of the year we created over 50,000 brand new manufacturing jobs. we're just getting started. we will lift our citizens from welfare to work. we will turn boarded up communities into new outposts of american commerce. we will once again rediscover our heritage as a manufacturing nation. we used to be a manufacturing nation. not so much anymore but i will tell you, you look at michigan, some states really moved. in pennsylvania two books ago, they opened a mine, the first mine opened in decades. opened a mine.
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all the people were saying all the mining jobs, we picked up 45,000 mining jobs in very short period of time. everybody was saying, well you won't get any mining jobs. mining jobs, miners are very happy with trump and with pence, and we're very proud of that. that is just the beginning. we have jobs coming from all over. restoring american manufacturing will not only he restore our wealth it will restore our pride and pride in ourselves. it will revitalize our friendship and kinchin between our communities and our citizens this has been lagging wouldn't you say. american, we see this, american presidents have understood that in order to protect our economy and our security we must protect
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our industry, and much of that comes at the border. george washington encouraged americans to produce their own goods so that our young nation could become truly independent. president james garfield said of our nation's manufacturers, to them the country owes the splendor of the position it holds before the world. meaning protect us. theodore roosevelt declared in the first message to congress that reciprocity, my favorite word, reciprocity, because we have countries that charge us 100% tax on our product. when that product is sold by them to us, we brilliantly charge them nothing. and people say, oh, that is free trade. no, that is stupid trade. that's really stupid trade. [applause] incredible.
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they will actually have people, no, we can't do that, that is free he trade. so incredible. what happens in washington you just wouldn't believe the things reciprocity must be treated as the handmaiden of protection. and william mckinley proclaimed that we ought to take care of our own nation and her industries first. we have to look at our nation first for a change. we've been looking the other way for a long, long time. if you look at what's going on, success of other nations, even in europe, you look at some of those countries, one in particular, it is not fair to the united states and that's why i'm here. i believe it is one of the primary reasons you elected me and might be. that's why we're here. i think you're going to see a big, big, i don't think, i don't think, i know, you're going to see one of the great differences. you're already seeing it but it is going to get more so and more so.
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we're going to end up having a level playing field. i don't want to say anymore than a level. if the playing field were slanted like a little bit toward us, i would accept that also, okay? [applause] so once again we will celebrate craft men, producers, innovators like the incredible men and women in this room today. we will protect our workers, promote our industry and be proud of our history because we will put america first, america will be first again. we will make america great again. remember that. and we'll pleat in this same room in year and in two years. you will see what happens. thank you all for being here. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [applause] david: president donald trump at the white house.
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this event is all about making america great and by making stuff in america, and making that stuff great. the president -- that is melissa francis and i'm david asman. melissa: yes, i am. david: the president weaved some things. we were taking bets what was scripted and what was not scripted. tax cuts are in there. the health care bill, borders, trade policy, a whole lot of stuff. melissa: he talked about land. he talked about farming. he said we're for free trade not stupid trade. i love that. that is classic trump. david: how the epa and too many regulations very often were preventing farmers from farming their own land if they had a little puddle on their land. a lot of those regulations, you don't hear about the regulatory changes in the trump administration. traders on wall street do. the that is one of the reasons why wall street is doing spectacularly well, a lot of businesses were literally crushed from farmers to small businesses.
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a lot of those changes have already been made by the trump administration. melissa: so nice to have you back from vacation. you're fired up and tanned. david: a little bit. this is "after the bell." a lot going on. not so much from the markets. we were hoping for a record day. all the markets had to do show a little tick to the plus side it would be another record day but not so. it wasn't bad. the dow jones losing eight points. we want to bring in a couple guests to talk about what the president was talking about. we have dan henninger. melissa: we are going to blake burman at the white house. latest on that one, blake. reporter: think there, melissa, david. this is the start of the white house rolling out "made in america" week. you heard the president talk about 10 or 15 minutes, what this does this day and potentially throughout the rest of the week, allow the president to get back on the economic message we heard from him. the need to pump up american manufacturing jobs. the need to level the playing
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field as he put it. here was president trump just moments ago. >> remember in the old days they used to have made in the usa, made in america but made in the usa we're going to start doing that again. we'll put that brand on our product because it means it is the best. reporter: however the critics of president say he and his family need to look inward when it comes to this topic. democratic national committee put out a statement regarding president and his daughter ivanka trump. quote, made in america week is is the epitome of president trump's hypocrisy. we needs to make more products in america but he outsources his own products and ivanka trump makes her products. in off-camera briefing, sean spicer would not comment on the family's personal businesses only to say the president understands many challenges. >> i can tell you in some cases
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there are certain supply chains, scalability may not be available in this country. i will not comment on specific products but tell you overall arching foal is to grow manufacturing, to greg investment here in the nights and to grow u.s. workers here. reporter: melissa, david, this all gets back to putting white house potentially on that economic message. they say that this made in america week, aligns with the buy american, hire american executive order that the president rolled out in april. david, melissa, back to you you. melissa: blake, thank you for that. we have breaking news right now. netflix is reporting second quarter results. let's go to nicole petallidess. she has the numbers on the floor. >> subscriber growth killed it for netflix. as a result, their numbers, per share were a miss by a penny but the revenue growth was above what was expected. when we look at subscriber growth, that is the number everybody really cares about, more more people got on to netflix. in fact subscriber growth here in the united states was
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estimated to be 631,000. it was over a million. 1.07 million. when you look at total number internationally that was a great number as well. we saw the international streaming additions in the second quarter of 4.1, bringing to a total of 5.2 million. what gave it the boost? the original content of course. "house of cards," some of the others we know 13 reasons and stranger things and some other big hits for netflix. big hit with subscriber growth intact on the way to the upside. look at that surge, melissa and dave. 9%! so that a is great number overall for the stock. you know they called it options market, second day of trading might even be more volatile. watch for that as well. we know it will sell as a performer over the last year. back to you guys. melissa: nicole, thank you so much for that. that was the thing everybody cares about with netflix, they want to see what is happening
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with the subscriber growth. i don't know if all our viewers, you guys watching us on cable, you're watching us on satellite, i don't know if you use netflix. we don't want you to leave us. this is certainly the question out there, is the transformation. david: because a lot of folks out there are watching regular tv rather than streaming tv, a lot of them might think this is a flash in the pan. what we found out from today's numbers this is most definitely not a flash in the pan. everybody was thinking back to the dot-com era when everything was kind of a bunch of smoke and mirrors. netflix is not a bunch of smoke and mirrors. it is here to stay. if anybody has kids or grandchildren under 25, they're not buying cable service anymore. they're not looking at tv. they're steeling. that is it. melissa: thing most interesting about netflix it is that transformational company like amazon. amazon started selling books and then by mail and seemingly had nothing to do with what they were doing before.
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netflix, started out delivering dvds to your house. you mailed them back. everybody thought they would die when the dvd went away. they started streaming. they really moved to content. that is where the heart of their business is, is creating original content which we all know is a huge business in the future as more outlets get going. david: i want to try to bring it back if i can. this is a bit of a stretch to what the president is talking about. a lot of people think manufacturing is what made this country great, which is absolutely true. manufacturing killed a lot of middle class jobs in america, also within hundred% true but the changes being made in the way the economy works are here to stay. they're not going to change. and somehow we have to transition from those manufacturing jobs to something else. now still, having said that, i think here we can bring our guests back in -- melissa: i think we'll bring dan bader in actually. david: are we bringing dan in? let's bring in dan bader,
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"rogue one," he is mobile nation's editor in toronto toe. almost credited you with the "star wars" movies. melissa: that would be awesome. >> i will take that. david: what do you say, dan to folks out there watching why should i be concerned what happens to netflix because i'm not streaming? it is just a flash in the pan like all the dot-com stuff what do you say to them? >> what is interesting nielsen came out with numbers over the weekend that mirroars a lot of what the really strong netflix numbers are showing. 75% of millenials subscribe to one form of streaming media be it netflix or hulu or directv now, something like that, and that number is growing year-over-year. so the 5.2 million, 5.2 million net adds speak to the fact that netflix is producing hit shows every year that people, they
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want to watch. things like "master of none," things like "orange is the new black," "house of cards," these are shows people subscribe to netflix for. melissa: what they need, is live sports. i hate to interrupt you, that next level they don't have the live sport element. is that where they need to go next? >> it would be very interesting to see netflix control live sports because netflix is all about control. i agree with you, netflix needs to look into live sports because it is completely out there compared to amazon which is now streaming nfl on thursdays. twitter is doing the same thing. i don't he is see netflix going into live sports way amazon is going taking feeds from cbs or fox but i do think eventually, they would be prudent to introduce live sports in international markets first where they could experiment with it where the, the deals with broadcasters are not as
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entrenched, maybe find successes there, bring them over to the u.s. melissa: dan, thank you very much for your inhe foe. we appreciate it. david: bold move to stop growing threat from north korea. how its neighbor to the south is working to help end or try anyway, the rogue regime's nuclear weapons program later this hour. retired four-star general jack keane has a very different idea of what should happen weighs in. melissa: the president is standing by his son and the white house is focusing on policy. coming up fox news's bret baier on how president trump is trying to put the spotlight back on the economy. david: delay on health care signaling possible changes to the senate's bill. there is new criticism that republicans aren't being team players. next former congressman jason chaffetz who has been out of office less than a month sounding off. ♪
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david: president trump speaking at the white house moments ago. he is promising jobs, pledging to follow through on a major campaign promise. here is steve cortes, bgc partners, chief strategist, former trump campaign advisor and dan henninger, "wall street journal" editorial page editor. both are fox news contributors. dan, made in america had a lot of free he market ears had a lot of concern on the campaign trail whether that would lead to protectism. seems we haven't seen a much less harsh form of protectionism, if you call it protectionism at all, president rolling back suggestions that he would tear up nafta, emphasizing the carrots more than the stick. making it easier for companies to manufacture in america. what do you think? >> yeah, i'm not sure i entirely agree with that, david.
4:22 pm
much to a certain extent that is true, we listened to what president trump talked about what he had on his mind. he said we have to stop online, it is you know selling people making things out in the country. he used the word, protect at our borders. talk about the protections president mckinley exercised, republicans were for high tariffs, presaging maybe he would dump the steel tariffs. david there is kind of a mixed message here. ultimately if we did some of the things president trump is suggesting, the price level is going to have to rise on electronics, textiles -- david: steve, one thing we learned, we have to shorten the segment because of breaking news. one thing we learned from what the president has done so far, the rhetoric that he speaks is much harsher than what he actually does in reality. look what he has done in europe. his main trade guy going over to
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the china making trade deals, not pulling out of nafta the way some people suggested he might. very different his actions from some of the rhetoric. >> at times, you're right, david. that is smart. he is master negotiator. that is often part of negotiations. you stake out initially a claim more extreme where you want to end up, on this free trade, i want to push back. we have not had free trade. i love what the president said reciprocity. there is almost none. they're not open to our products and services. on top of that they steal our intellectual property at will, we act, this is baseball season. the chinese get to field full nine players plus a dh. u.s. puts five players on the field we call that fair. that is not fair or free it is wrong. it is imbalance laked trade and crushing to the american worker. those very voters, blue-collar people in the midwest who are elected president, he will deliver them. david: thanks for putting it all in nice little nutshell.
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thank you. melissa? melissa: netflix shares soaring finishing big on second quarter revenue with major help with more than expected subscriber growth. just adding over 4 million subscribers internationally. just adding a million subscribers here in the u.s. david: big jump in that stock. melissa: big numbers. david: new series of delays on health care reform increasing opposition to the senate health care bill. new criticism that the bill isn't very republican. next former congressman jason chaffetz responding. ♪ potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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(in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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david: health care holdup. a vote in the senate is at least another week away as republicans wait for republican senator john mccain to return to work after surgery. many gop senators still can't seem to get on board with the bill and without senator mccain, republicans just don't have the vote to start debating. >> i don't think republicans
4:28 pm
should put their name on this, keep part of obamacare. then we will be blamed for rest of unwinding obamacare. that is is really bad political strategy and that will not fix the problem. >> i would estimate there are eight to 10 republican senators who have deep concerns but how this would all translate out i'm not certain. melissa: as americans continue waiting for health care reform "wall street journal" op ed is slamming republicans who are not getting on board, fred barnes writing quote, the republicans are not team players. gop senators who defect from obamacare repeal will hurt themselves, their party and the country. former republican congressman jason chaffetz. also a fox news contributor. a lot of people reading that art can today thinking that it was compelling logical argument. he went on to say to break down the three points, if you think you're better off, think of people like rand paul standing up for what you think is the right thing here, you've got it
4:29 pm
all wrong because anyone who is republican at all, i, anywhere that you have been promising this whole thing, if you get through with doing nothing, that will be a disaster for you next election time. do you agree with that? >> well ultimately it is going to come down to vote. do you want to continue with obamacare as it is constituted right now, or do you want something that is better? it is certainly not the full repeal that i was hoping that we were going to do. remember in the house of representatives we voted more than 50 times to repeal obamacare but evidently that was pretend. now that donald trump is the president, they won't bring that bill back up. the house did pass a version. now the senate, senators will have to look in the mirror to say do i continue with obamacare or make it better, then continue to work on it? i think and i hope they will get to 50, they have already lost two votes. they can't lose a single other vote. melissa: i mean, what advice would you give to whoever is trying to rally them?
4:30 pm
i assume it is mitch mcconnell. i heard so much about how great he is is at these type of strategies but you sit there scratching your head how can you guys not possibly get this done? it's a golden opportunity, you have the house, president, presidency, this is opportunity and they're struggling to get it over the finish line? is it his responsibility to get it done? give us some insight? >> well, i think too much is put on the leadership, the speaker and majority leader in the senate. i wish they would put more bills up for a vote. if they fail, go back and tweak them to the point where they actually can get necessary votes to pass them. i think far too much is on the shoulder of leadership. other untold story at some point somebody will really digest when they got rid of earmarks which i voted advocated getting rid of earmarks, they got rid of political candy they would use in the years past in order to drag the four or five votes
4:31 pm
whatever it took over the finish line. they're not handing out bridges to nowhere. they're not handing out political pork they used to. the bill itself has to stand of its own volition yet they're still struggling with this because it is terribly complicated bill. melissa: what do you think about this idea, obviously there is a pause in here because of senator mccain and his operation and now he needs to heal before he comes back? is is that good or bad in terms of buying time for what's going on? or does it make it worse? >> well, look, more light of day should make the bill better, not worse. it is more than a quarter of our economy. so we need to get it right. i think giving it an extra week of daylight again should make the case better not worse. if there is something is fundamentally flawed, then allow an amendment or start it again. let's get it right but this bill is about seven months late. it can wait another week or two. melissa: congressman chaffetz, thank you. david: so as health care is held
4:32 pm
up in the senate the white house is shifting its focus to taxes. that pleases melissa and me. melissa: yes. david: will the president be able to make sure you get your taxes cut this year? we're asking art laffer, mr. tax cut about it, right after the break. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i needed something more to help control my type 2 diabetes. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me
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at the lexus golden opportunity tesales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. david: little bit of a dust-up in the senate office building we to let you know. this is in front of senator
4:36 pm
mitch mcconnell's office. a couple of arrests made. nobody got violent. these were protesters upset about proposed gop changes. nobody knows exactly what the gop bill is going to finally look like once it comes to a vote, there are so many different versions of it. it is hard to know what to protest. these protesters would clearly be upset with anything the gop comes out with. you can hear them chanting in the background as one is led away in arrest. nothing violent happening here. this is standard fare for what goes on these days. president trump's team preparing to roll out its plan for tax reform. the white house is working hard to make sure its tax plan avoids the same bumps as health care. according to new report from axios. now a top republican is promising they will get it done by christmas. take a listen. >> what most people really want is some form of tax cut.
4:37 pm
do you think we'll get that? >> absolutely. before christmas. david: that was chuck grassley speaking. here is former economic advisor to president reagan art laffer. art, you know the most cautious man in the senate, he is from iowa, after all, if you're not cautious you're not from iowa but he is very cautious. for him to say we'll have tax cuts here, i was kind of impressed by that, were you? >> i was. i was more impressed with jason chaffetz's green tie, just like mine. when you have two people on back-to-back with no fashion sense you have risk there at the business channel by the way. i thought i would mention that. david: okay. get back to taxes which you like better than green ties. you think we'll have it this year and retroactive to january 1. >> as long as they keep it pim sell. keep it simple, the corporate tax rate reduction. from 35 to 15. do nothing else, economy is taking off. that is not what they need to
4:38 pm
do, make complicated behemoth and people falling off, not doing it. run it right through. many democrats would love to see this happen even though they won't vote with us ever. they would like to. david: you wrote a piece last week with our buddy steve moore with an evil network, we don't want to mention the name of his network but we still like steve, suggesting that governors, state governors an mayors should be lobbying in favor of this. i would say to that suggestion that goes totally against the rhetoric, the class warfare rhetoric of a lot of democratic mayors and governors, don't you think? >> it does. it goes against their rhetoric. they're arguing against their own citizen self-interest. that makes no sense whatsoever. what happened, if the growth rate under obama had been the same as it was under reagan, all right, the same groth rate under reagan only under obama's term, the state and local governments would have 581 billion more
4:39 pm
dollars per year in 2016 alone, 25% increase in revenues. that would take care of all sorts of problems. even illinois might be able to -- i'm kidding about illinois. david: who knows. states and cities, look the way pittsburgh came around once they opened up their doors to business. >> that is amazing, jamie dimon last week was talking to some of his cohorts in the financial services industry, he was saying it is temporary job, not just job of politicians but chief business and economic advisors in the country should be lobbying hard for this. let me play a sound bite from that, get your reaction. >> unfortunately people write about the thing it is for corporations. it is not for corporations. competitive taxes are important for business and business growth which is important for jobs and wage growth. and honestly we should be ringing that along every single one of you talk to a client. david: reaction, art. >> he is totally correct.
4:40 pm
one tax rate reduction guaranteed to bring in more revenue, corporate tax rate reduction from 35% to 15. jamie is right. every single american should lobby congress to vote for the bill and pass through and signed. it would be be elixir would need to jump-start the economy. state and local governments secretary, tertiary taxes no more sheltering and tax evasion. all that would drop. we would have boom like you wouldn't imagine. david: my guru, art. >> have a wonderful day. melissa: only place in the world that tax something when it is sold. comes back here, tax it again. david: used to be cheapest place to do business. now the most expensive. melissa: for what? for what? for waste, fraud and abuse. protests outside of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. arrests taking place on capitol hill. we'll talk to "special report" anchor bret baier. that is next.
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melissa: breaking news right now protests taking place right in or in front of senator mitch mcconnell's office as the senate health care bill remains up in the air. protesters receiving third and final warning before as far as started making arrests. here is bret baier, "special report" host. look, you know, normal washington chaos. what would you say this break, this pause in the action on health care while we wait for senator mccain to cover do you think it is good or bad for chances getting the bill done? >> i don't think it is helpful. by the way i don't think that protest is big deal at all. there are a few, 10 people up there. they're making arrests outside of the office. it is rather common occurrence in the halls there in the senate. melissa: looks orderly. >> but i do think more time
4:45 pm
doesn't help the process per se. what has not been covered two republicans are definite nos. rand paul, susan collins. there were a dozen senators definitely no on the first version. there are some who have concerns but there is thought perhaps they could come around, if given a binary choice of either obamacare as it is now, or this new, you know republican version and then a continued promise to keep on working to make it better under the republican guidelines which is a more market-based approach obviously. melissa: what does that look like? from this perspective better is better. this bill is an improvement on obamacare in terms of economic forces. i'm looking economic perspective where the math works and how you get people covered and that sort of thing.
4:46 pm
after that, if you are going to improve it again, what does that look like? is it more legislation? what is the next step? >> that is a great question. i think you have other elements that can not be put in the reconciliation bill. for example, crossing state lines and competition across state lines for insurance companies. tort reform can't be tackled in this bill. not that -- melissa: because of rules? >> because you can only have budget-related elements to get to 50 votes, 51 votes. and not have to go to 60 votes which is usually what you need in the senate. not that democrats are suddenly going to sign on to tort reform. melissa: yeah. >> but there are other elements they could be pushing for that could be tied into other bills, that that is how capitol hill is supposed to work. that i scratch your back, you scratch mine. you finally get to something that is a compromise. it hasn't worked like that in a long time and what you're seeing
4:47 pm
now is a lot of pushback from different elements of, within the republican party. >> is there anything that could be done to get susan collins on board? i mean rand paul has made the whole second quarter is cut. he is so definite, maybe in such a corner i don't know how he could possibly come back from that. is there anything that anyone can do, or tweak or change to get her on board? >> i don't put past anything on mitch mcconnell. the senate majority leader, they have done other carveouts for other states, but it does soothe some senators about their concerns. promise you will will deal with things down the road, that is what the democrats tried to do. that is where nancy pelosi came up with, you don't know what is it in until you pass it. a lot of power in the obamacare goes to hhs, with thousands and thousands of regulations. the bill is crafted essentially
4:48 pm
by the hhs secretary. they're trying to say that in not some words, republicans are. that is the sales pitch they have to make in these final days. melissa: bret, thank you so much. that was so illuminating. thank you for coming on. you answered all the questions i had. i'm totally prepared. i appreciate it. you're brilliant. thank you. >> see ya. david: good news for netflix shares soaring after second-quarter earnings came out. the company exceeding expectations adding four million subscribers internationally. one million in the u.s. for the quarter. this attributing this growth to their highly popular original content. they're doing very well. good luck if you're a shareholder. >> the decision on whether iran is complying with the nuclear deal. the decision could come any moment. we're breaking it all down with fox news military analyst and retired four-star general jack keane about consequences of making deals with iran.
4:49 pm
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ david: south korea offering to hold military talks with its neighbor to the north for the first time amid recently-building tensions because of north korean nuclear developments and threats of using them. fox news military analyst, former u.s. army vice chief of staff, retired four-star general jack keane joins us. general, good to see you. we've been here before, whenever we try, i'm on the outside, whenever we saw the soft touch with barbarians we lose. you can't negotiate with barbarians whether north koreans or iranians, am i i right or am i wrong? >> no, you pretty much got it. the fact we've done this a number of times. we've had other south korean presidents tried a diplomatic
4:53 pm
approach over the last 30 or 40 years. we have nothing to show for it, nothing, david. north koreans have nuclear weapons. they're now trying to tip those weapons on top of ballistic missiles which they're accelerating tests of we all know. the diplomatic approach has been a fail lure. if the diplomatic approach, part of this is to get some south koreans reunited with their families that works, that is probably a good thing. no one would dispute that. in heart of the crisis denuclearizing north korea has not worked. it has been abysmal failure. the president will find out in due time. david: war leaves tremendous wounds in south korea. hundreds of thousand of people killed or affect the by it directly. it is awful thing. they don't want a repeat. they have an interesting in wanting peace, very strong interest in wanting peace. history shows you can't do it. switching to iran for a moment because they're very similar. they're both nuclear threats.
4:54 pm
they both have a tendency to take americans hostage. we just had an american citizen sentenced to 10 years by the iranians. so they have a lot in common. here we're thinking about sort of solidifying the iranian deal, at least, recertifying it. what do you think about that? >> first of all the deal itself gave iran legitimacy on the world stage because they were negotiating with half a dozen world powers to get that deal. gave them some degree of legitmate sy inside of their own country. this regime is pariah to many people inside iran. on face of that is disturbing. the deal also, this is what iranians wanted so desperately, gave them a windfall of money, over $100 billion. with that money they are equiping their fighters in lebanon in syria, in iraq and in yemen. it's a windfall for them. this administration, david, they don't like this deal. i mean you know that.
4:55 pm
they have said that during the campaign and they have said it -- david: so why are they then moving towards recertifying iran? >> because they're caught. they're caught. reality i don't believe there is unequivocal evidence that iran is cheating. and, number two, they have got another half a dozen countries that are sigtores to this deal. i believe the at administration at some point will walk away from the deal. they want to take the other countries with them. they don't want it a unilateral thing on their part. you want the world with them. you don't want to give iran moral high ground in any shape or form. i think that is where the administration is. david: just end it with this, seems as though the deal was so poorly constructed it gives tremendous latitude for iranians to get away with a lot of stuff, they're getting away with it, according to the deal, they have to be recertified, am i right? >> that is correct. listen, we know the iranians will cheat.
4:56 pm
they're probably likely cheating right now. david: right. >> we just don't have the goods on them yet to be able to prove it to everybody. eventually we will get there with that. i believe this administration will walk away from it at some point. david: general jack keane, great to see you, general, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> good talking to you, david. melissa: breaking the internet and breaking records. you don't believe how many people watched the "game of thrones" premier last night. not me though, did you? david: no. melissa: yeah. all right. that's next.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
>> winter is here, and it's shattering records. the game of thrown seven 7 premier drawing more than 16 million total viewers. that represents a 50% increase from last year's premier episode. can you imagine that? it makes it the most watched season premier for any hbo series to date. david: the record-breaking episode also crashed hbo website last night.
5:00 pm
people who attempted to go to the website were met with an error message saying there was a problem loading the page. now, my daughter was one of this writing. she loves the show. melissa: i tried it, it's way too much. david: we don't see it. melissa: i guess we're boring. risk and reward starts right now. >> if this administration can make breakthroughs in taxes and regulatory reform, we have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing societies on the planet. it's almost an embarrassment being an american citizen around the world and listening to the stupid (bleep) we have to deal with in this country. and at one point, we all have to get our act together. unfortunately, people write about this like it's for coronations. it's not for corporations. competitive taxes are important for business and business growth, which is important for jobs and wage growth. and, you know, honestly, we should be ringing that along every single one of you, every time you talk to a client.


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