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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 18, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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candor in telling it like it is answer your willingness to call pure nonsense no matter who your guest is. haven't read your book, but will do so soon. join us here tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight the senate healthcare vote on hold again. after senator john mccain had surgery. there is any chance it goes to a vote by august? republican congressman ron deand is is here. a series of new developments in the donald trump, jr.-usual meeting saga. judge napolitano is on the case. tech billionaire elon musk has a warning about artificial intelligence. should we be worried about a robot apocalypse? all that and more coming up on kennedy.
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i'm dagen mcdowell in for the glorious, fabulous kennedy. another monkey wrench for the gop as party leaders in the senate are forced to delay this week's hotly anticipated vote on healthcare. it's throwing further doubt into whether they will be able to pass one of the president's biggest campaign promises. senator john mccain revealed he had surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. doctors say he will need at least a tweak recover. republicans can't afford to lose a single vote. how short might they be? >> there are a lot of us who have concerns about the bill. on the senate side i would estimate there are it-10 republicans senators who have deep concerns. but how this would translate
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stout i'm not certain. and i never under estimate leader mcconnell's skills. dagen: but mitch mcconnell might need a miracle. there is also growing criticism from insurance providers worried about costs, and a number of governors worried about medicaid. what is going to happen next? joining me now a member of the house freedom caucus. the republicans from the senate can't get their act together. >> it's frustrating. we spent how many election cycles since 2010 saying put us in office and we'll repeal and replace obamacare. at the end of the day some of the senators don't want to repeal obamacare even though they campaigned on it. dagen: you have heller in nevada, he's very concerned because he's up for reelection next year. ways happening is the plan as it
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stands now, they are not rolling back the tax increases in obamacare. they are taking that money and spending it on welfare for the able bodied. >> senators still say it's repealing too much. dagen: they are guesting what they want and they are not going to get on board with it and move this proposal to debate in the senate? >> it shouldn't happen. at the end of the day, even if you have concerns about the bill, we have to debate there is. this is the number one domestic issue. if you disagree with it. offer an amendment. if i were in the senate i would be offering to roll back the tax increase. that's the way the legislative process works. to just take your ball and go home is a big mistake. dagen: if the senate doesn't move on this it hurts you, too,
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if you are up for reelection. it's in their court now, but ultimately it hurts anybody who ran on this. >> i think so. but particularly on the senators, it makes them look like a laughingstock. >> the senate to not be able to get anything out of there would be a huge disappointment. dagen: can president trump get on the phone and do more than he has done to bear down on these republican senators? >> it's not on the president. it's on the senators to honor their promises and deliver for the american people. honestly, these guys should be willing to move the ball forward now. the fact that they are not is a lot of cause for concern. dagen: even the ted cruz
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amendment that would let understand providers sell plans compliant with the affordable care act. you had two major health insurance programs come out and say we don't like this. it will fail because it will drive healthy people out of the affordable care act plan and raise costs for people who have preexisting conditions. >> they lobbied for obamacare, these health insurance companies. the reason they don't like it is because it opens up the market to more competition. the reason they like obamacare is there are barriers to opposition. there are very few counties anymore where you have 6, 7, 8, 10 insurance options. they want a big government system that guarantees them business. you do a consume per freedom amendment and all of a sudden
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the consumer has more power and that's what the insurance companies don't like. dagen: despite all the delays, the number two republic can in the snoot is still upbeat about the bill's chances if and when it gets a vote. >> i believe we are making great progress as a result of the good work of the administration people are understanding the benefits of this better care plan in terms of bringing down the price of healthcare and making it more available to more people. dagen: with the new delay democrats are demanding republicans hold public hearings on the bill so americans can get a better idea of what's tonight. but is it too late for the gop to turn this thing around? tom shillue has a book so he's smiling.
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even those book is about angry dads. jim green is here and comedian joe devito. can the gop turn this thing around? >> i'm convinced moderate republicans never wanted repeal anyway. the "wall street journal" said they gave the moderates everything they want and they still don't like it because they are running in fear. they are afraid the democrats will use it to run against them. when you try to legislate in fear, you never get anything done. dagen: they have given into the democrats' messaging. necessity must have gone home over the 4th of july holiday and seen bumper stickers saying they are cutting health insurance for the poor.
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>> this is so much bigger than messaging. when the president said who knew healthcare was going to be so complicated. now you have insurance companies against this plan. patients against this plan. now a business association that represents major employers in this country have said we are against this because the 177 million americans who get their understand through employers will be hit with higher premiums because of the senate bill. dagen: we haven't got and cbo score on this bill, with you premiums in the outer years did go down. one thing emmoyers are upset about is the fact that the cadillac thanks is still in there. granted it doesn't kick in until way down the road. and that's going to hurt those very plans, and that's from obamacare. joe? say something.
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>> here is why i have got the answer you have all been waiting for. i can't believe the gop is acting like this is a shocking development. i can't wait to see their response to the pearl harbor attacks if this is how far behind they are. it's not the government's job to do it because they won't do it well. dagen: it's too late. >> everybody needs to eat. if we put the government in charge of our food, they would say one meal is enough. dagen: when people say get the government out of my healthcare, i'm like well the government is already in medicare. then we made medicaid that much bigger with obamacare. so if they can't reform medicaid we'll never fix immediate care which is going broke in 12 years. >> all had, no cattle. they had 7 years.
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they talked about this nonstop. clearly wow what was happening. political expediency was impacting patience. when the rubber hits the road, there is no substance. but thank goodness we have people to rely on like purchase could you ski, flake, heller. i don't envy them. but they are going to make sure the 2-1 americans against this plan are protected. >> americans are ridiculous. they were 2-1 against obamacare because it stings. if it doesn't pass, maybe this will be the opportunity to show everyone. you can have obamacare back. they will be 2-1 against that. dagen: a new poll suggests president trump has the lowest approval rating after the first six months of any president in the last 70 years.
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according to the abc news "washington post" poll 36% of americans think the president is doing a good job. a separate poll shows the president's base is sticking with him. in counties that the president won during the presidential elect, 50% of adults approve of his job performance while 46% disagree. i think that president trump worried about the second. >> i don't think he's worried about any of this. he doesn't care with people think. this is the continues between a populist and wanting to be popular. hillary clinton said as soon as people said we want this, she would say i always supported that. these polls will come and go.
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dagen: president trump had a very high approval rating right before the election it was in the mid 50s. and that didn't help the democrat win the white house. the popularity, it doesn't impact how they lead their day to day lives. >> the president does care about what people think about him. that's why he's on twitter all day long and spit out whatever type of response when someone says something bad about him. does that matter when you have a gop-controlled congress? no. but this is where popularity does come in. these senators are healthcare are afraid of not being re-elected if they are too closely tied to trump-care. that's where popularity matters. when policy is more important than the personality.
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but donald trump is all about his narcissism. dagen: i am not going to call it trump care. i'm going to call it republican-care. >> it's over. kid rock is going to be the next governor of michigan. also, trump, he had the lowest approval ratings of anyone the day before he won. dagen: it's true. i think they are polling the same five people. one is the grumpy guy who owned the hardware store across the street. it appears the white house might be trying to change the narrative. today it launched a made in america campaign. they will be pushing good here made at home.
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after that comes american heroes week and a week devoted to the american dream. when asked if the administration is planning a week to focus on healthcare, a senior administration official told the white house press pool every day and every week in a sense is healthcare week it's something we have been devoted to since day one. you are a walking p.r. machine hawking that book of yours. tom: i think buy american? it's great to talk about. trump make this ties in china and ivanka makes clothes wherever she makes it. dagen: ivanka doesn't have any financial or management relationship with that company anymore. >> does it matter?
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stop making clothes. it's like the trumps like to put their names on a bunch of things. dagen: that's what the democratic party used to be about. being a champion of the american work. particularly in manufacturing. this is why trump won the white house. >> there are no american workers involved in any of the trump brand. it's absolutely official. doesn't trump think the american people are stupid and he's getting away with it. the made in america doesn't apply to you if your name is trump. dagen: think of -- >> do as i say, not what i do and he's getting away with it. dagen: he has golf course and
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facilities and a winery in virginia. he's in the white house and they are thinking about jobs, and job creation so far into his presidency has been rock solid. >> it hurts them with the clothes and the ties and ivanka. but if you open a couple factories it turns it all around. >> he's telling people get excited about being american. swieg realize and backing away from it. it's corny, but he is the captain of this team we call america. >> what did president trump say? you wouldn't have any of this if not for government. that's what people react to. they react to the emotion of that. they want to say, yeah, there is some hope.
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dagen: president trump faces questions about the meeting his son had with a russian attorney. the president's lawyer, jay sekulow has been echoing that sentiment since news of the meeting broke. sekulow questioned the secret service's role in the scandal. >> i wonder why did the secret service allow these people in if this was nefarious?
12:22 am
dagen: but the secret service said donald trump, jr. was not a protectee in june of 2016 so we would not have screened anyone was meeting with at that time. some of this is self-manufactured. >> it's a happy day for me because i started it filling in for maria. and finishing with you. this is very much self-manufactured. i know jay sekulow. and i respect him. but he did commit a couple of cardinal seasons for a lawyer. they are forgivable. don't address something you don't know the exacts on. you will cause the secret service to reject what you said. and don't always assume everything your client says is
12:23 am
correct or consistent with the law just because your client says it. no client, particularly one who has a sense of self-worth donald trump has is right all the time. did donald jr. commit a crime by having a conversation with two russians, one of whom is a former kgb and mution military intelligence agent? probably not by that conversation alone. but the type of crime we are looking at, is the type of event that often involves nuance and mental attitude and other people. i like to think what donald trump and the other did is like going to a fence who has stolen property to take a look at it and deciding whether you want to look at it again.
12:24 am
was there an agreement to look at it and use the property? is it a crime to receive something of value when you are running a political campaign from a foreign source? the answer, yes. is it a crime to attempt to receive something of val why you, answer, yes. is it a crime to conspire to receive something of value. answer, yes. if you look at this, and bob mueller is looking eight. the meeting in september 2016 and the varying explanations many of which contradicted each other and the emails he released last tuesday are a treasure trove for his investigators grp where it goes will depend on mueller and a grand jury and how this fits into the bigger scheme of whatever mueller is investigating. dagen: you are saying the damage has already been done. judge napolitano: the damage has been done to donald trump's
12:25 am
credibility and his son's credibility. dagen: in terms of how they have respond to it now, i talked to attorneys about this and also political operatives. in politics you sit down with somebody when they get caught in a difficult situation and say i want to note entire story. the story as you lay it out needs to be the entire thing right out of the gate. then as people lawyer up, then it shuts down the ability to get one message out. >> you are exactly right, this is where the law and politics clash. if i'm your lawyer, i don't want you talking about something. i don't want you defying something before you have been accused of it. but if i'm your political advisor and you are the president of the united states, i want you to say the, get it out early out of your own mouth, and let it be the whole truth
12:26 am
and nothing but the truth. when it comes out like pulling teeth in dribs and drabs, it's devastating politically. dagen: how do you think this plays out? >> i think it house and senate investigations are largely political. the democrats want to make trump and his family look bad, the republicans want to make trump and his family look good. only investigation they should be wary of is bob mueller. because he has the power to indict. if nancy pelosi is speaker they have problems. if paul ryan is speaker he will only have problems if republicans start to. what is general flynn going to
12:27 am
do to protect himself? start talking. that will bring a lot of people whose names are household words into the mix. dagen: i made him laugh. and i didn't even do my lbj impression. that always works. caitlyn jenner joined kid rock as the latest celebrity mulling a career change into politics. the panel returns with reaction after the break. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. everything i did circled around that cigarette when i started taking the chantix that urge just slowly diminished and it was a great and empowering feeling. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke.
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dagen: as the controversy surrounding the russian investigation and trump administration comes to a head, the president doubled down on his twitter use tweeting a dozen times since saturday. while trump and his supporters defended trump's rapid tweeting as a way to get around the so-called fake news media, the abc and "washington post" poll shows 67% of americans disapprove of the president's twitter use. when asked how they would characterize his twitter use, 65% think it's insulting.
12:32 am
so should strum continue his tweet breeze or put his phone down. >> when you are 71 years old, you tend to be ensconced into your habits. i don't like the question. this an in between. everything in moderation. he needs to think about his words a little bit more when he is tweeting. concentrate on an economic message mostly. dagen: i have been saying this for two years since the day he declared his candidacy for president. he needs to get off twitter and stop insulting people of and it's never going to happen. the media knot stop paying so much attention to it. >> they are official statements from the president. they are going to get some
12:33 am
attention. let me share something else. national polls mean nothing. presidential elections are basically coming down to six states, florida, north carolina, pen veins yeah, ohio, michigan. so that's the bottom line. whenever i see a national poll, i say i don't care. when i start to he his support eroding there or among republicans, then that's that. 18% of republicans in april thought that the russian investigation -- thought that russia was interfering in our election and the trump team was helping. now it's 9%. so that story is eroding. among republicans they are saying we have fatigue, we don't buy there is anything here we want to move on.
12:34 am
dagen: president trump's twitter use has gotten him into trouble. when he tweeted about james comey maybe there were recordings he was mocking comey, but it ultimately trig triggered the appointment of mueller as special counsel. >> he doesn't tweet about comey, he doesn't have robert mueller in his life now. i have to go back to my single days when i might have done something called texting while impaired. i would stare at that phone and think of the worst case scenarios and say this probably isn't a good idea. i ask president trump to look at the tweet you are about to send, is this a good idea. breathe, then send or delete. dagen: good advice for everybody.
12:35 am
last week rapper rocker kid rock teased a possible run for senate in 2018. and yesterday reality tv star caitlyn jenner announced she is considering running for senate as well. are we living in an era where celebrities are the new politicians? my party panel is back. of course, we are. it started with ronald reagan and even earlier. >> let's get caitlyn jenner in there. if she does win and gets into office, we'll only have to pay her 3/4 of what we had to pay her before. >> at least ronald reagan had previous experience. when i first saw this caitlyn jenner news i started to put a tweet out there saying please don't. i did what joe concha said, i
12:36 am
didn't send it because i didn't want the negative feedback. she showed she is only interested in her and her transition she made. but when other vulnerable transition community have counseled attack she has taken trump's side. dagen: caitlyn is strong on other issues. >> it has been marginalized and there are many community that have been marginalized. i would like to see her speak up forther community besides the one that transitioned the way she has. dagen: caitlyn believes if you are conservative you help those community by loosening the reins of regulation. what about kid rock. there has been a sonny bono in the past.
12:37 am
past. arnold schwarzenegger. >> i say let them all in. let celebrity trump -- what was the old way? people running around raising money for years? it was always money talks. if you have a huge following on instagram that's currency in today's world. so use it. i would rather vote for somebody with a large instagram following than somebody running around meeting with banks and raising money so they can take out ads to convince me they are the right person. >> it was like a trump speech he gave last week. >> donald trump became president of the united states, shock.
12:38 am
if he can do it, i can do it. that's what's happening. this person with no experience, no he built to control his emotions, no interest in the policy he's making and this all about selling products and building up his brand, then i can do it as well. dagen: people are sick of political quote experience and they are sick of the manufactured mess and coming out of washington. at least they feel like he's speaking his mind. >> let's make the job they are trying to get, let's make them less important and less powerful. that way everyone will be happy. >> it's silly but true. >> get them out of our everyday life, then you won't care if it's kid rock. dagen: a report claims a former soviet spy was in the room when donald trump, jr. met with the
12:39 am
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daig report russian lawyer who met with donald trump, jr. claims she had no connections with the kremlin. but a former soviet counter-intelligence officer according to reports was in the room.
12:43 am
my next guest says there is no such thing as a former spy in russia. joining me to explain, lieutenant colonel ralph meters. >> i'm always glad to speak to dagen mcdowell. what people have to understand is that it's like the mob. what you are in, you are in more life. even if you are retired and running a tanning salon or a billion tear on your yacht in miami. when the call comes through you take the call and you are roped back in. i worked in intelligence for over 20 years.
12:44 am
and we have fire walls between the intelligence community, the rest of government, and civil society. between intelligence and the press. between intelligence and business. there are no rules. so anyone who has taken a rubble or a dollar from the russians is potentially an agent. it won't a slur yesterday old kgb guy coming up to you. they will use cutouts. people that can claim to be a human rights voter or just a businessman. people that have cover stories including journalists. so the new kgb has plausible die
12:45 am
my built. but russian intel joins every where it can be and means to do us harm. dagen: i grew up in a household with two parent who remembered the threat of the soviet union and remembered the threat of the cold war. these individual involved on the right and the left, it seems they have forgotten what the cold war was like and what the former soviet and not you russians are capable of. >> i blame the american left that just about destroyed k-12 education. we don't know about the cuban missile crisis or the berlin wall. but i also have a problem. with conservatives who -- in the media, in washington, who made
12:46 am
their careers out of being american patriots. and now suddenly something has changed and russia is okay. russia is not okay. putin is not a good guy. he's not our friend. he's a war criminal. when people say we should have a terror alliance with russia. you can't have an anti-terror alliance with terrorists. putin is a war criminal. he did do everything he could to interfere with the basic california our democracy. murdering journalists. he's not our buddy. dagen: there was a great interview i read. he talks about russia didn't interfere in the elect to help trump, but to destabilize america. that's exactly what the russians
12:47 am
have done. you see not necessarily democracy, but a country that's been destabilized in some way by their interference. >> putin had a great success with this. we all should be outraged. the russians pull out all the stops not only in the cyber world and political contacts and fake news and phoney tweets. everything they could to disrupt our election. every red, white and blue american should be outraged and the house needs to pass the senate bill to put punishing sanctions on russia for what they did. dagen: elon musk says unless we act now robots will eventually take or and become a threat to
12:48 am
take or and become a threat to the survival of the humamamamama ♪ ♪ take or and become a threat to the survival of the humamamamama ♪ ♪ ♪
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dagen: the dangers of artificial intelligence have been on display in movies and television.
12:52 am
elon musk is warning about the potential danger. his latest comment came during a speech to the u.s. governor's association. >> i have exposure to the most of cutting edge ai. and i think people should be really concerned by the. it's a rare case where we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive. by time we are reactive in ai regulation, it's too late. dagen: a forceful call for government regulation, is it warranted? let me bring in a senior fellow from george mason university. we ought to regulate something that doesn't exist yet. that makes so much sense. >> i don't think it does make a lot of sense. i think the reality is elon musk
12:53 am
has been watching too many terminator movies. it's always good to think about the dangers new technologies might pose. but even ganging in chicken little speech is quite unwarranted in this case. artificial intel joins all around us and benefiting us in many ways in the united states. and that's only going to continue to improve our lives in a wide variety of ways. dagen: i always think of that question, somebody who has benefited from a lack of regulation and government intervention into benefits from essentially helping take over our space program. what is he up to that he's calling for regulation? >> i don't want to guess the motives. it could be mr. musk has concerns about artificial intelligence. a lot of them are driven by perceptions put into our mind by
12:54 am
science fiction and worst case case thinking that surround new he morning technologies. but the problem with allowing worst case thinking to be the basis of public policy is it means many best case scenarios will never come about if all we are worried about is the worst case scenario. if they help craft the regulations they can craft rules and -- and regula regs. >> there is always a concern there could be regulatory capture or special interest influence. in this case, i think it may be heartfelt concern on his part. but he himself identified in the same speech to those governors all the potential dangers of well intentioned preemptive
12:55 am
regulation backfiring on us because we can't anticipate the future perfectly. they are like zom whichs that never die. >> like old schoo school zombie. like some george romero zombies. adam good to see you. we'll be right back with more "kennedy." potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado.
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dagen: guess what's coming to fox business wednesday night? prime time. nascar. they will be racing right here on fox business. kevin harvick the racer will be in the booth helping call the race. normally they only race on dirt once a year. dirt is wild, woolly, filthy and most of excellent to watch. i kid you not. 9:00 p.m. wednesday night. you don't want to miss a minute of it. you can follow us on twitter,
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