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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  July 18, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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kevin brady. he is toiling hard on the tax alternative. is it still ready to go. when do they want to see it, and a lot going on there. cheryl casone with the dow down 72 points. markets fairly tame through all of this which is remarkable. >> that is remarkable, neil. will it hold up. that is the question. neil cavuto. thank you so much. neil: you got it. >> we are waiting to hear from senate leaders to talk more what is happening with the fate of health care cheryl: dow is down 71 points. we started session with better numbers. the more you delay health care
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and tax reform investors will at some point, maybe sooner rather than later say okay enough of this. but for now, the market is not, we're holding on but the dow is down 72. hello, everybody, i'm cheryl casone. i'm in for trish regan today. i would like to welcome you to "the intelligence report." boy, there is a lot going on. source close to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell just told fox news the senator plans to go forward with a vote to repool obamacare first even if that vote fails. right now appears mcconnell is well short of the votes he needs, to debate, debate the repeal bill as three republican senators are voting know. we're all over that story. we're waiting for mitch mcconnell. we're you watching president trump getting back to his america first agenda. the administration just unveiling a new nafta plan aimed at shrinking our trade deficit with canada and with mexico. how exactly is this going to happen?
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how is this going to work? we have the intel for you on that. first i want to go back to washington with adam shapiro. boondoggle at this point might be the word in my head, adam, with regard to going on what is the happening in senate with mcconnell. reporter: you have three senators, show you baseball cards of three who actually killed the effort to repeal. susan collins of maine. she would have been a no vote, not only to debate but on repeal. she did that in 2015. you also have lisa murkowski from a alaska. she wouldn't even vote to proceed to debate. she is a no. shelley shelley moore capito is a no. this was to put everyone on the record and move on. was president trump who said, look, republicans are not going to own this. this will be on democrats. here is what he said just about an hour ago.
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>> let obamacare fail. it will be a lot easier. i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it. i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail. then the democrats will come to us and say how do we fix it, how do we fix it? or how do we come up with a new plan. reporter: democrats say they're open to working with republicans on a fix but it can't include a repeal. so here is what chuck shuck asse minority leader -- chuck schumer the minority leader said moments ago. the. >> republicans propose surgery. the operation was a failure. now republicans are he proposing a second surgery that will surely kill the patient. met sin is needed. -- medicine is needed. reporter: getting these two
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sides together to fix it, good luck. cheryl, back to you. cheryl: luckies really needed especially if you're mitch mcconnell right now. we're waiting to hear from him, adam. thank you for all the details on that. you know, let's bring in more analysis on all of this republican strategist ashley hayak, democracy for america. kneel sroca, "weekly standard." john mccormack. so i mean this is, john, this is pretty wild what we're seeing going on. you talk about draining the swamp. but mitch mcconnell seems to be losing more and more support every day. is what we're going to see happen with the president, let it fail, let obama care fail, let it be done? >> that will be really tough because what seemed to forget, obamacare is now synonymous with the individual insurance market. you remember like your plan, keep your plan? that wasn't true. every everyone in there has been affected by costly and
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burdensome regulations, see obamacare go on and on to death spiral, listen this is totally true caused by bad legislation for democrats, but voters will expect republicans to get their act together to figures the problem. they might want to move on from health care but health care will not move on from them. cheryl: this is something president wanted to see first. do health care. then we move to tax reform. tax reform is in jeopardy. that is one question here. ashley, can they get anything done with regards to reform? if they can't repeal it, does that mean we have nothing, ashley on the table? >> here is the problem first and foremost self-proclaimed conservatives when premiums go up they will be called a lot of things but these republicans will not be called conservatives. next item is tax reform. if can't tax reform, done, the base will lose their stuff. one thing dictateses this. the market is up 1% and market and economy bought into the idea
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that economy will do better with repeal of obamacare, cutting back on taxes. when we're not able to repeal obamacare, you're going to see effects long term. it will come down to the seats in reelections. cheryl: neil, what do you make republicans all signs are reporting to fail lure when you look at obamacare. we're talking about trumpcare, nothing, no movement, even repeal doesn't go anywhere? >> i think what you're seeing right now is that republicans are fundamentally unable to govern. they were able to run for eight years on something and now they can't even pull that together. the fact of the matter is reason why they can't vote to end obamacare because obamacare is increasingly popular with the american people. west virginia, alaska, two states killed repeal effort, even though donald trump won handily in both of those states, both of those senators came out of this repeal bill because in those states, especially
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medicare expansion portions obamacare are incredibly popular and needed. cheryl: john, you come out of washington as journalist, politics as usual seems to be winning in all of this. when president trump came into office there was this feeling that you know was elected on wave of populism. people wanted to put the country first, repeal obamacare, replace it, et cetera, get tax reform done. seems to me politics seems to overtake policy in all of this today. >> i think there is something to that. there is a lot of bias towards the status quo. democrats passed this bill with 60 votes in the senate, overwhelmingly majority in the house and president won by very large margin. republicans come in with much smaller majority a lot tougher to reverse this already in effect. republicans, remember the president didn't run on specific repeal and replace again today. the house of representatives and senators they didn't have a specific idea in mind what they could come up with. you basically have conservatives and moderates unhappy as well as
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all the procedural roadblocks. special rules they have to abide by. president trump was right he said much more difficult to pass this bill with these special rules rather than getting 60 votes as democrats did back in 2009 and 2010. cheryl: go ahead. >> sorry, donald trump right now is impotent as leader of the republican party if he can't even get republicans on board to repeal and replace obamacare, something that republicans have been running on close to a decade. the reality is, republicans care far more about tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires than lives of american people. that is why they don't want to do anything on obamacare. cheryl: you know, neil, i have to push back on that. you can never underestimate the power of donald trump. he was underestimated as candidate. >> agreed. cheryl: he, whether comes to world politics or happening here at home. that is the thing, ashley. we know this president we know he will barnstorm a america. will go across the country to fight for tax reform, many believe on wall street he should have done first.
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spilt milk at this point, ashley. take it to the people for tax reform. is that his win, not health care? >> tax reform is completely separate from health care. i think he has a huge opportunity here in that it's a fresh plate. he also has the opportunity to expand tax credits that will help middle an working class. that will help economic growth and businesses grow. that will ultimately help our economy. going back to my initial point, is that yes, these senators had seven years to come up with a new plan. from day one president trump has said we have to repeal obamacare. and what the senators especially self-proclaimed conservative senators have done is absolutely nothing. it is on their hands. they should have had something since they have had seven years to complain about it. cheryl: we're out of time. bipartisan way we all agree this is pretty much a mess, the blame does fall, you got to say on the republicans. we're waiting for mitch mcconnell. we'll see what he has to say about all this. maybe he has a trick up his he sleeve, we don't know yet.
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at this point things are not looking real good. ashley, neil, john, appreciate your time. >> thank you. cheryl: joining me now with his thoughts on health care, former health and human services deputy secretary, former president of lily usa alex caesar. alex, what do you make of what you're seeing in washington? seems to be a mess from those of us watching from the sidelines right now? >> it is an absolute mess, you're right. i'm astonished it does appear republican house and senate will not pass anything even with the label repeal of obamacare on it. that will be a tough road in 2018 as they go back to the core voters having to explain that. i think mcconnell may now still call a vote on straight repeal just as matter of accountability with members of his caucus. just make them put it on record so its not cost-free. i really think that there is not going to be legislative action at this point. meaning hot potato landed in secretary tom price's lap. cheryl: here is the thing.
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i'm curious, what can tom price do? that is the question, if he is going to be left with obamacare, which the president and which many analysts say is failing, will fail, what can price do so that you don't have millions of americans left with nothing, sick americans? that is the concern i think from a human perspective in all of this? >> so let's separate the two programs. on the medicaid side you have got sema burma, running cms. leader reinventing medicaid. state flexibility, change, devolution to states on medicaid. on individual insurance market side there will have to be a debate in the administration right now. the president said let it fail. i don't know fully what that means. this program is failing because of inherently how the rate structure and risk pooling was set up in it. so it is going to keep going down. the question, does the administration pull plug on patient or put it in hospice and try to make it a little better?
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there are things the secretary can do to actually save obamacare from many of the very mistakes that obama himself is and his administration imposed on the program. cheryl: we don't have a lot of time, but would he have the power to deal with lawsuits? i say that because tort reform is something that so many were screaming about back in 2008 when obamacare was passed without half of congress reading it, tort reform and maybe state to state competition for insurance companies. if you will have people in states with no exchanges, no options, is that something that price can do from a legal perspective? i honestly don't know? >> i think very little the secretary can do in terms of tort reform. i led those efforts for president bush in his administration. very little the president can do unilaterally without legislation. interstate sale of insurance, little the secretary can do but what he can do is grant wafers to states to states to create flexibility in exchanges. waivers. i would do a top to bottom,
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comprehensive system rewrite of regulations of obamacare, imposing as much free market, localized flexibility as humanly possible. even then the rate structure is just broken. that is in the statute. that he can't fix. cheryl: i agree with you, 100%. it is something, i couldn't believe it wasn't in the first bill. here we are today with this mess that is these exchanges falling apart. alex, thank you very much. >> great, thank you. cheryl: appreciate it. you know the president has got a few things on the agenda. he is getting back to his america first agenda. he is outlined a new plan for renegotiating nafta. that was remember, one of his biggest campaign promises. can he do it? we'll talk about the legality of that coming up next. >> are we going to allow other countries to break the rules, steal our jobs and drain our wealth, and it has been drained, and it has been drained? [applause] my experience with usaa has been excellent.
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jo the white house unveiling its plan to update the decade old nafta deal. following through on one of president trump's biggest campaign promise. >> no longer are we going to allow other countries to break the rules, steal our jobs and drain our wealth. and it has been drained. it has been drained. [applause] we're going to end up having a level playing field. i don't want to say anymore than a level but if the playing field were slanted like a little bit toward us i would accept that also, okay? [applause] cheryl: want to take you live right now to senator rand paul of kentucky. he is speaking. let's listen in. >> you saw what happened around
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here six years ago with the super-committee -- >> there have been many ideas how to get more people in our country insurance. for example, 27 million people don't have insurance under obamacare. the estimates are 50% of those 27 million don't get it because it is too expensive. it is too expensive of the obamacare regulations. the death spiral of obamacare, regulations make insurance expensive oh, but you can get it after you're sick. that is the real problem. that is the whole problem we have. adverse selection and death spiral. that is what we need to fix. we don't have enough votes to repeal all of that. so we'll have to move forward. i'm favor in moving forward with partial repeal and continuing to work on trying to get rid of the rest of the bad elements of obamacare driven prices up. >> thanks, guys. >> [inaudible] >> no, i'm for a vote that succeeds. i think those republicans who promised to repeal obamacare ought to vote the same way they voted in 2015. if you're not willing to vote
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the same way you voted in 2015, then you need to go back home, you need to explain to republicans why you're no longer for repealing obamacare. thanks. cheryl: so what he is saying basically. this is what we learned earlier today, that senator mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell intends to hold a vote on straight repeal. that is the questions reporters were asking of senator rand paul. that is what he wanted entire time. he has been on fox business. he has been on our air, repeal. that is what he promised his constituency. back in 2015, there was a move by the senate to try at least repeal some parts of obamacare, president barack obama at time though of course vetoed that. it was kind of a symbolic move if you will by republicans. senators at the time. he is saying hey, the way you voted in 2015 is how you feel, that is how you vote now. but remember, senator susan collins, senator lisa murkowski this saying no. they will not vote for repeal.
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they don't want to leave the american public with nothing. many repeal it, give it couple years, senator paul saying this is death spiral. regulatory burdens of obamacare many analysts agree with is unacceptable for the american people. want to bring in right now nick adams, founder, executive director of foundation for liberty and american greatness. here is the thing, nick. we're fighting back and forth about what to do. it comes down to politics versus policy. what we're seeing play out right now with these u.s. senators, the republican party is to me, politics. as the midterms are approaching. what see you about that? >> cheryl, you summed it up very well. it is definitely a battle between politics an policy. there is absolutely no reason that republicans shouldn't be able to pass this this is what they ran on. this is what they owe president trump. i think it is incredibly disappointing that we have so many republicans that are just not coming to the table and not
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getting this done. and as a result i think this will have ramifications for future elections. if they're not able to get together and do this. cheryl: why senator paul, not just now but earlier on fox business, last week had said i promised repeal. i will not go back to my constituents if i'm not supporting repeal. the problem is, mcconnell will hold this vote. it is going to fail. so you're going to have the political backlash on the heads of these senators. it would seem to me at this point we'll have nothing versus something. now politically that hurts republicans yes? >> yeah, that's right. it is amazing it has come to this, cheryl. they have had so long. they have had so much time, of this had such opportunity to prepare for this, and here we are, we went through this earlier this year. we're at this point again. and it is just tragic to see the republicans perpetually defeat from the jaws of victory.
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and i think the american people have every right to be incredibly disappointed by display the republicans are putting on. they're showing themselves to be lily livered. they're showing themselves to have jellyfish backs and really president trump has to be absolutely wringing his hands here because he has got some republicans that were elected really on back of his popularity that are just not doing the right thing. cheryl: you know, it is true, i think president is making it very clear it is on the shoulders of those failing to support republican efforts to repeal, replace or just repeal obamacare. before i let you go, obviously, we are a business network. investors have been, these markets are hitting record after record. 25 records for the dow. i might be wrong. that is an incredible streak for these markets. the fear that enwhen we finally see see the trump agenda is in trouble. at what point do we hit the
2:23 pm
marker next? >> look, cheryl, i wouldn't be too worried right now. it is time to be popping champagne corks and the like. we have the best president here since ronald reagan. we have the president putting americans first. i think markets continue to respond to that i suspect confidence, consumer confidence, constituent confidence, is all going to continue to rise. so i wouldn't be expecting any kind of change anytime soon. cheryl: australian guy that believes in the american dream, nick. always great to have you on the show. thank you. >> always a pleasure, cheryl. cheryl: nick adams, who we should say is an american citizen now. thank you, nick. great to have you on. we'll talk about the markets. there are health care stocks we're watching. united healthcare came out with earnings this morning. they're out of the exchanges, look anything that happens with regards to health care, obamacare, will affect all names we're seeing on your screen. aetna, cigna, are down, unitedhealth group bucking
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. cheryl: turmoil over health care putting pressure on our markets. investors are concerned about what this all is going to mean for the trump administration's plans for tax reform and other pro-growth initiatives? all of this as bank of america and goldman sachs are dragging on the markets after they reported earnings this morning, both of the banks trading pressure investment pressure on goldman sachs and the fed interest rates kind of helped bank of america but not enough.
2:28 pm
let's bring in asset chief strategist david nelson, lori rothman on the floor the new york stock exchange. lori, to you first about the bank numbers? >> reporter: right, a surprise from goldman sachs, financials because of the disappointing numbers are leading the s&p lower at this hour. 40% decline in trading revenue. now for goldman sachs, trading, that's the bread and butter, what they're known for, right? that decline is pretty shocking. bank of america on the other hand, did okay, rising interest rates helping on bank of america because they have interest rate sensitive, mortgage holdings and consumer deposts, higher rates for a company like bank of america. the shares are down half a percent, likely dragged lower by weakness in goldman sachs and the big picture today which is this health care gridlock in washington. all eyes here on the floor, zeroed in on the trump administration and what is
2:29 pm
going to happen next with health care and down the road what it means for the trump administration's plans for tax reform, infrastructure setting. it's very interesting, right? materials names, energy names lower because of concerns that we won't get the economic shot in the arm that the president had been talking about with the latest hiccup in health care, cheryl. cheryl: you bring about the pro-growth economic growth, and david, that's the concern here, particularly gary cohn saying it's very clear, we're going to get more than 2% growth, 3% growth. that's the gdp number from gary cohn, the economic adviser to the president, but a lot are questioning if the projections can be doable if you don't have, you know, what's happening in congress. if you don't have health care or reform at all. >> but on the other side of, that cheryl, for portfolio managers like myself, when the health care vote failed the first time we understood it was going to be a long slog, and
2:30 pm
that the agenda from the administration was going to take a lot longer than initially we had thought. i kind of thought it was a mistake to lead with health care. i thought tax reformf the better way to go. it certainly had some bipartisan support, and jamie dimon spoke about that on the conference call friday how uncompetitive corporate rates are, offshoring, manufacturing, cash flow and offshoring the company themselves with financial engineering like an inversion. cheryl: david, with regard to goldman sachs, there is movement in the house, a budget proposal but regulatory proposals that would push through tax reform. i don't want to get in the weeds because i don't want to put our viewers to sleep, it's incredibly boring. this could be the savior for tax reform. >> it could be a start, and have to approach this on incremental level. the tax code is 77,000 pages. unwinding it in broad sweeping bill, that's going to take
2:31 pm
time. cheryl: bring on paul ryan, more pressure for him. investors on the floor of the exchange, foshlgs we get down to october, november and don't have anything pushing through on tax reform, i'm wondering that's when you see the volume pick up and selling pressure. >> reporter: don't forget, cheryl, it's been months since wall street has been hinging so much confidence on what comes out of the administration. in the meantime, don't forget we've had good earnings. good economic news, broader picture, right in the middle of earnings season. i was talking about the mixed report from the financials but we're going to hear from the tech heavyweights tonight, ibm. i'm forgetting to remind you about netflix, blowing away the street last night all alone, keeping the nasdaq in record territory. that is poised -- cheryl: sorry, lori, got to go back to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell speaking on capitol hill.
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>> replacement for obamacare. consequently sometime in the near future, we'll have a vote on repealing obamacare. essentially the same vote that we had in 2015. i would remind everyone that in that proposal, there's a two-year delay. a two-year delay, which would give us the opportunity to work out a complete replacement on a bipartisan basis with our democratic friends. so that's a vote i think we're very likely to have in the very near future. >> we got a sense of what the future might look like if we are unsuccessful in repealing and replacing obamacare. we saw for the second time in a few days democratic senators coming to the floor asking for tens of billions of dollars in tax dollars for insurance company bailouts. no reform. no change in the status quo,
2:33 pm
and after seven years we can safely conclude that the structure of obamacare is a failed experiment. that's why we want to change the structure of the health care delivery system as we stabilize markets, protect people from premium increases and preexisting condition exclusions. we're going to continue down that road because the alternative, i fear, is going to be a democratic effort strictly to bail out insurance companies with no reform whatsoever. >> after seven years of obamacare, the american public knows what they have, they have fewer choices, they have higher premiums and less control over their own health care. number of years ago i voted to do a repeal of the obama health care law, i'm ready to make that complete repeal vote again. but, of course, that's not enough, the people of wyoming want more than that. they want to buy the insurance that they want that works right for them, not what the federal
2:34 pm
government in washington, d.c. says they have to buy. i'm ready to vote to repeal. we need a medical system not just as good as it was before obamacare was passed but need a medical system and a health care system in the country better than that. >> i think the only thing i could add to this discussion is some point we need to find out where the votes are? this is important work to be done. it affects families, it affects health care, we need to find out where the votes are, but other things we need to do, too. the president this week is talking about manufacturing, made in america. if you could pay the utility bill, if the transportation system works, those are the two boxes you check when you start talking about jobs. we know the best place to get insurance is still at work where somebody else does negotiations, somebody else reads the policy, ways more people can get insurance at work is important. tax structure is important. this has had a considerable
2:35 pm
amount of time spent on it and sooner rather than later we need to find out where the senate is and move forward. >> there are a lot of people out there today who seem to be spiking the football, trying to celebrate a moment that for now, seems to leave the affordable care act in place for today. but let me tell you what happens, if you continue to spike the football. in the state of colorado last week, it was announced the average premium rate increase for the next year will be 27%. but that's if you're lucky enough to live in the front range of colorado. if you live in the eastern plains or the western slope, you pay 30% more, 40% more. that's spiking the football on the american people who continue to pay more under the affordable care act that is collapsing. we will continue our work to get our job done to make sure that the status quo no longer stands and instead we provide relief to the american people.
2:36 pm
>> you went through twoityrations of your bill, we heard from the members, some were critical of you, senator johnson was specifically critical, do you feel that you and your leadership have been damaged in the process and now you can consider the criticisms that you heard? >> well, this has been a very, very challenging experience for all of us. it's obvious that we don't have 50 members who can agree on a replacement. a lot of people involved in the discussion and passionate discussions. but everybody is giving it their best shot. and as of today, we simply do not have 50 senators who can agree what ought to replace the existing law. what we do have is a vote that many of us made two years ago, at a time when the president of the united states would not
2:37 pm
sign the legislation that would repeal obamacare and with a two-year delay give us an opportunity to build something better on a bipartisan basis. that's what i sense, most of our members would like to vote on now and we'll be doing that in the near future. >> you don't appear currently to go toward the repeal plan. if that vote plan fails, will you then begin working with democrats? >> well, i think we'll have to see what happens. we will have demonstrated that republicans, by themselves, are not prepared at this particular point to do a replacement, and that doesn't mean that problems all go away, and you'll have to look at our committee chairman and the ranking members. my suspicion is there will be hearings about the crisis that we have, and we'll have to see
2:38 pm
what the way forward is? >> [inaudible] seven months wasted with no accomplishments. [inaudible] >> we have a new supreme court justice. we have 14 repeals of regulations, and we're only six months into it. last time i looked, congress goes on for two years. we'll be moving onto comprehensive tax reform and infrastructure. there's much work left to be done for the american people, and we're ready to tackle it. thanks. we don't have the votes. that was senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying that they do not have 50 senators that can agree on what to replace obamacare with. they all want to repeal, it most of them do.
2:39 pm
the majority can't agree on replacement. in particular, he said this is what senator cornyn said as well. many of the senators wanted repeal. senator garner talking about the crisis in colorado with the health care exchanges. each of the senators has to go home at some point in august and face constituents dealing with health care exchanges that are falling apart. i want to say quick, you mentioned tax reform, the dow really quick, when mcconnell started to talk, the dow was down more than 60 points, there's a little pullback, but markets certainly are watching every single word that we get out of washington. the word is we don't have the votes. repeal and replace obamacare is not going to happen. bring back with me a senior policy analyst at the independent women's forum. david nelson with me, ashley and neil as well. guys, thank you very much for sticking around. patrice, to you first, he said next is tax reform. what alarmed me that mcconnell said we're going to have
2:40 pm
hearings on capitol hill about the failure of obamacare. my first reaction is what's that's going to cost the american taxpayer? don't we just need to move onto tax reform? >> it would be ideal. 61% of americans would a middle class tax break, wanted tax cuts. so i think it inspires confidence in the markets, in business and the american people when we stimulate the american economy. cheryl: you know, neil, you had senator barrasso saying it, senator blunt saying it. they've got to have a conversation, go back in within their ranks and figure out, neil, what went wrong? i know you think a lot went wrong. >> they had no plan at all. let's be serious here. the tax reform plans we're starting to hear come out of house are not a middle-class tax cut. they are a giant giveaway to billionaires and millionaires and cut medicaid payments for
2:41 pm
millions of americans. if you want to talk about a plan that is disastrous for the majority of american people. cheryl: i don't agree with that. >> that's what i expect from the left. an overreaction here. i think from the health care package, look, obamacare largely failed because it was owned only by the democrats. this failed because it's only owned by the republicans. they have to talk to each other and i think that's what the american people expect. we have to sit down to a table and negotiate this out. owning it on one side or the other isn't going to do it. both sides need to do it. >> they spent seven months having a conversation about health care, the fact is republicans do not have a plan. >> obamacare was passed in the middle of the night. give me a break. >> talked about it for months in open forums. i'm going to be look forward to seeing what the open discussions are like. cheryl: okay. >> all across the country. >> let's hear it. >> a brushfire of millions of americans who hate everything that the american public is
2:42 pm
proposing. >> let me jump in and say here. >> i want to listen to senator chuck schumer at podium. stand by. >> thank you, and i'm proud to be joined by senators klobuchar and heinrich. it's clearer and clearer that senate republicans won't be able to pass either their bill or a backup plan of repeal without replacement. we democrats believe that the time has finally come for our republican colleagues to take us up on our offer of working together to improve the health care system rather than sabotage it. evidently, president trump is proposing a different path. he wants to throw up his hands rather than roll up his sleeves to work with us and solve the problem, but let's be very clear about what the president
2:43 pm
is proposing and where his path would lead? the president would not be, quote, letting obamacare collapse. he is actively, actively trying undermine the health care system in this country using millions of americans as political pawns in a cynical game. by continuing to deny the insurance markets their certainty that they need to function, the president is playing a dangerous game with the health care of this country. so our republican colleagues here in the senate have a choice to make. they can follow the president down a path that will lead to higher premiums, less care, and millions of americans losing coverage. they can join president trump in trying to sabotage the system and hurt millions of innocent americans to try and
2:44 pm
make a political point that has failed already, or they can start today working with democrats. we can work together to lower premiums. we can work together to stabilize the markets. we can work together to improve the quality of health care. this isn't a radical idea. a group of 11 republican and democratic governors called for exactly the kind of bipartisan cooperation that we are calling for, a bipartisan group of governors. we democrats have held the door to bipartisanship open to our republican colleagues for months. it's time for the republicans to walk through it. senator klobuchar? >> thank you very much, senator schumer, and thank you so much for the work -- cheryl: we want to break out quick, want to recap what we heard from senator schumer. the time has come, basically. he's offering once again to work with the republican leaders to come up with
2:45 pm
something that will fix. there's one thing we can see between the democrats and republicans, they both agree the exchanges are failing, but do you let those fail with nothing to back up the american people that still require health care? wanted to get to senator schumer's comments, is bipartisanship possible in all of this? want to bring back in the possible. patrice with me as well as david nelson, ashley is still with me, neil is with me, also want to bring in gregg jarrett from the fox news channel to talk about the legalities of all this. welcome to you. first to you on all this, another olive branch from schumer. >> right. cheryl: on the surface, anyway. >> well, he says the door is open, yeah. it's open, but for only one thing, do it our way or we won't cooperate with anything you want to do. not so much a door, a doggie
2:46 pm
door you got to crawl through or impossibility for republicans who are diametrically opposed to democrats. so this is chuck, i'd walk a mile for a camera schumer, doing his thing and it's a bit of a charade. cheryl: neil, talk about the reality of this, because senator schumer says we're willing to come to the table, willing to talk to you, what can he offer that's not going to get rejected by the republicans that the cbo said was more expensive than what the house proposed. >> it's a good question, what can republicans meet democrats in the middle of the table. the fact of the matter is the way that we actually fixed many of the problems that exist with obamacare is the very least providing a public option if not moving to medicare program overall which is the way we cut the cost curve and bend the cost curve in health insurance and provide health insurance for millions of americans.
2:47 pm
in lieu of that, have open discussion, if republicans want to meet democrats somewhere in the middle, there is a way to do that and that's the public option. cheryl: ashley, after what we've seen play out in the last hour with the failure of mcconnell to get the votes that the republican leaders realize they need to work in a bipartisan way with democrats? is that possible? >> they've made no effort to try and work with the president. it's only criticisms, critiques, the hypocrisy from the left is absolutely unreal. premiums are going to continue to go up under obamacare. people being, quote, forced out of the health care by not repealing obamacare are people forced into a health care plan that didn't work for their families. more people are going to hurt and unfortunately because we weren't able to repeal the health care, obamacare, and aren't able to help with anything right now, it's going to continue to hurt the american people. cheryl: david, what i'm concerned about right now is from the investment side of this.
2:48 pm
these insurance companies, good news from united healthcare, great on the earnings. they're not in obamacare. aetna, humana, companies that clearly have said we can't afford to stay. they have nothing to fix it. >> when you look line-item by line-item, you can see why united healthcare are not in the business of money. neil said it, what this is all about, it opened up a pandora's box, the affordable care act. they wanted a single payer plan, that's where they're trying to go. cheryl: you think we're going single payer? >> medicare for employers is what america wants. corporations love the medicare program that provides insurance at a much lower cost for everyone else. >> i don't know about that. absolutely not accurate. cheryl: neil, disagree with that. many ceos want healthy employees, that's not
2:49 pm
necessarily a single payer. >> i agree with that. cheryl: patrice, i want to bring you in. i want to ask but, that the single-payer system, we keep talking about the possibility. is that now a reality? >> i mean it seems increasingly like we might be moving in that direction, but i hope we don't. when we look at obamacare and the expansion of medicaid, we have people who have insurance cards but putting pressure on a system by overloading the system, and the people who need help are the ones who are not able to see the doctors in a timely manner, to me, medicare or a single-payer system is not the solution to quality care for people. cheryl: gregg jarrett about, ten seconds, final thoughts. >> one other possibility. repeal obamacare and give all of the money earmarked for medicaid to the states to devise their own plans state by state. i talked to somebody on capitol hill over the weekend who said that is actually gaining
2:50 pm
strength, that's a real possibility. cheryl: to all of you, thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break, a lot of breaking news on the show. we're going to take a quick commercial break. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . cheryl: well, the turmoil over health care expected to only create more gridlock in washington. and that is something that jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon is fed up with and blaming the media telling reporters why you guys don't write about it every day is completely beyond me. is he right? bring in howard kurtz, host of "mediabuzz". you have written about his comment, great article. >> thank you. cheryl: is he right? >> most americans would say he's right. why can't we do something about
2:54 pm
the partisan paralysis in washington? the reason it's not going on more is 20 years, bush administration, obama administration, trump administration, like saying washington is a human place in july, and when you have all this polarization, polarized parties, polarized members, districts, constituents, polarized media and social media now and tad to a subject that is difficult as health care, you have today, nothing gets done. cheryl: here's the thing, story lines going on right now, chaos, donald trump, jr. about a meeting that happened a year ago that's now we're talking hearings and appearances, does jamie dimon have a point that the media needs to refocus on the actual policy debate in washington? which is what they voted on last year, which is tax reform? that is health care, and get away from the noise? >> he has an absolute point. we are so addicted to scandal, not to say the stories aren't
2:55 pm
legitimate and shouldn't be covered. the side shows, the silly stuff, the handshake with the first lady of france crowds out the more serious look at taxes, infrastructure, things that americans care about. we're guilty to some degree on that point, people are tuning us out for that very reason. cheryl: interesting, a journalist myself and someone that's worked in different places, you have to wonder, though, if some of our colleagues are making grave mistakes by focusing on what is a sexy story and focusing on something that is salacious but doesn't help the country. doesn't that feed into what dimon is saying, that reporters are getting it wrong? >> i think that is true, some news outlets are serious and some don't necessarily put up the big numbers. in other words, there is an audience for the other stuff, and sometime this president who is obviously fighting on the issues creates the distractions. he goes after joe scarborough
2:56 pm
and mika brzezinski for three days, when you put all the things in the pot, it is frustrating for me that we don't have more laser focus on the stuff that touches people's lives as opposed to the gridlock and the bread and butter aspects. cheryl: making it basically a 24/7 affair out of attacking president trump and his daughter and both sons and grand kids. these are people that have to take responsibility for the fact that they're derailing what matters which is the american life, which is american, the people that are here. >> i think they do have to take some responsibility. the dirty little secret in cable news is you don't need a mass audience if you can get a million dedicated people to watch, that's good for business, not necessarily for the country. cheryl: howie kurtz, "mediabuzz," 11:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news. thank you. we'll be right back. nah. not gonna happen.
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. cheryl: today, we learned the senate republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare didn't have the votes, and later senator mcconnell's plan for a vote for a straight repeal also didn't have the votes. where are we going to go from here? we're going to go liz claman right now. over to you. liz: thanks a lot, cheryl! you throw the hot potato at me? we're going to grab it at "countdown". the door to bipartisanship opening wider than just a crack. both the white house and senate leader jiggling the door handle, bipartisanship and working with dems moments ago. minutes in an off-camera white house briefing, deputy white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the president is not giving up on fixing a failing system, suggesting participation from democrats, comments came a few seconds after senate majority


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