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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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seconds. amazon, facebook and netflix, hit highs. >> is 100 the new 70? thank you for joining us. we appreciate it, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> it will be a lot easier. i think we're in a position, we'll let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not going to own it, i can tell you, the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail, then the democrats will come to us. liz: you break it, you own it. invoking colin powell d disok doctrine, president saying it is not on him, it is not on the republicans, it is on the democrats it is on charles schumer and nancy pelosi. >> it is pretty clear, that there are not 50 republicans at the moment to vote for a
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replacement for obamacare. sometimes in the near future we'll have a vote on repealing obamacare. in that proposal, there is a two year delay. which would give us an opportunity to work out a complete replacement. >> after 7 years, we can conclude that structure of obamacare is a failed experiment. after 7 years of obamacare, american public knows what they have, they have fewer choices, higher premiums and less control over their own health care. >> there are a lot of people out there today who are spiking the football. trying to celebrate a moment that for now seems to leaved affordable care act in place for today. let me tell you what happens if you continue to spike the football. in colorado last week, average premium rate increase for next year will be 27%, that if you
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are lucky enough to live in front range of colorado. if you pay eastern slope, you will pay 30, 40% more, that is spiking the football on american people who will continue to pay more under the affordable care act that is collapsing. liz: welcome to "risk & reward," i am liz in for deirdre bolton. that washington does move quickly on to president's pro growth agenda of tax cuts and infrastructure spending bill. our own adam shapiro has the latest on the health bill. first god no -- did not fly, then just repeal did not go through, what happend. >> you don't have enough senators among republicans to vote to even come to the floor for debate. there are others who kept it on the edge, susan collins of maine, lisa from alaska, and
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senator from west virginia, they said they were no votes on just a repeal without a replacement, i believe murder cow see said she would not bring it to the fly for a debate. you heard mcconnell said this will be a vote to repeal. back then collins voted again repeal. as you go forward, you heard president say. let affordable care act die, then we can fix this later on. >> president's path, make things worse than they are today is not an acceptable choice. i hope our republican
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colleagues will realize that. reporter: they will not come to the table if there is a repeal. expect home to turn up the heat. pointing out that president who chargions -- champions himself as a businessman who makes great deals, there is no deal on health care, so they will fight back. liz: now former speaker of house newt gingrich warning republicans, if they do not get anything done on president's agenda, that the speaker of the house next year will be nancy pelosi. cautions that democrats will win the house in midterm. we have senator chuck grassley also warning that the republican senate majority will be the minority. >> we had 6 months of patience, it's time to perform, they have to go to. first of all you have 6 months to see what happened, what worked and didn't, like a football team at halftime, you
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have to take steps and learn lessons, i think they have to figure out how to do things faster, more simply. about health care, you can't pass the huge bill, tell me what you can pass, but get something done that starts to move us away from obamacare. i think on each of these, whether infrastructure or controlling spending or reforming bureaucracy. economic growth next year, we're in danger of having speaker nancy pelosi in 2019. liz: looking at insurance stocks today all down more than 1%. uniteunitedhealth higher, karl rove is joining me now. great to have you on. >> i think that republicans were better off passing a bill, even if it was imperfect
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as long as it was moving in the right direction, incremental progress, come back and keep working at it. but that would be better than where they are, which not taking up something in the senate. i agree with the speaker, if the republicans are not able to demonstrate they can govern, they will pay a price at the polls next year. liz: price paid in the stock market if they don't get a move on with the tax cuts. hope of tax cuts baked in. ronald reagan signed a tax cut by august of his first year in office, obama got 830 stimulus too. tax cuts are about that wil that will spending -- capital spending,? >> bush had his tax cuts in
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pay of 2001, they have to get going on this, retro active to beginning of this calendar year. otherwise we'll not have economic growth by the midterms. causing the republicans to pay a price. donald trump was elected because people wanted change. what was driving that change? the sense that the economy was growing at an anemic rate and jobs and paychecks were not keeping in pace with people's expectations, they were willing to give him time, they are willing to give republicans should time, but they had better get going. i don't rule out they might not be able to get something done on health care, this had more twists and turns than i could have imagined. they better move on get something done on health care and ramp up their effort on tax reform. liz: consumer sentiment,
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according to university of michigan at a 9 month low. but we have this, from media, this is msnbc morning show, reveling in failure of able to get it passd. >> it, it easier to stamp your name on buildings, and on on-line universities courses, than it is to actually run washington, d.c. and get legislation passed. liz: radio caller that says his suffering is being ignored by the media. >> i consider myself one of forgotten men and women, i am worried about job creation, i am worried about tax cuts, i live paycheck to paycheck, they just cut off my cable bill, i am rubbing two nickels
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together. my firm can't find a job to help me. >> they have -- yeah, bottom line, they have missed story that they gloried in, we have all kinds of praise and headlines about great the economic growth of obama era. in reality it was the weakest economic recovery in recorded america. and paychecks did not keep pace, it look a long time to get back to starting point of where we were into the recession, paychecks did not keep pace, but the media put a gloss on it we're in a place where media will be looking at every blemish. they are -- media is willing to give a pass to a democrat president, a liberal president. remember those promises of
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what would happen. liz: let's roll that tape. like you could keep your doctor. >> affordable, there is a reason, affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of controversy. >> if you like you're healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. liz: if americans knew then what would happen with obamacare, it would never have passed. one thing that is so interesting, and concerning is that media misleads the american people. the medicare cut in the growth rate of medicaid, that is exploding, president -- the
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you g.o.p. rather has been criticized for that but there were medicare cut that went to fund obamacare, right. >> yeah. actually. we're talking about something more different from what you just described. if the affordable care act, it cut the absolute amount of medicare spending. it removed spending from the current levels on thing like medicaid, medicare advantage. the reformed proposal reduces future of growth rate. as i really thought was well expressed by director of office of management and budget, he said, only in washington, can, if you spend a dollar this year, and a dollar next year, could that be a put in spending.
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if you spend $1.07 next year that is a cut in spending versus a dollar today. i want to return to one thing. president obama said, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor and your plan, and your premium going down 2500 per family. the interesting thing, we know they knew at the time they were making those promises, they could not keep them. so this was worse than being making a bad prediction about affordable care act, this was deliberately misleading american people using poll and focus groups to test language they knew was untruthful at the time they said it, that is remarkable that media let them get away with it. one thing to say, you predicted something, and that did not turn out, but we know from the obama administration themselves they knew these promises were promises they knew they could not keep. >> thank you karl rove, come
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back soon. liz: we have two big earnings reports after the bell. we'll stay on the stocks for you, media trumpets a new poll showing trump declining national support, but we have a poll they are not talking about, they are ignores that shows the opposite. but first, respected wall street ceo jamie dimon calling out the dc swamp, harming you and i and economic growth and jobs. now another respected economist is joining jamie dimon. after this. >> we need help out here, we have been struggling for years under obama. we need tax cuts.
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>> we have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing countries in the planet. it is almost an embarrassment travels in the world, and listening abouts stupid [bleep] we do in this country. >> i am worried about job creation, i am worried about tax cuts, i am living paycheck to paycheck. i am rubbing two nickeling it, my girl conditio can't find a
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job to help me. liz: you heard that caller, right in line with what jamie dimon has been saying, he does not have enough men to live on. and economic, agreeing, saying that jamie dimon rang an alarm bell for gone opportunities at home and america's eroding influence. delays in passes pro growth legislation, such as tax reform,. joining me now. craig smith. good to see you. >> how are you. liz: that radio caller was so upset, he so hurting financially, his voice broke. in the middle of what he was saying, there are so many people on social media
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reacting to that average guy, saying, washington, get a move on, you are forgetting about people like me. have you 7 paneling investigating russia and you cannot pass healthcare or tax reform? >> you know, liz, this is sad, your heartbreaks when you hear a call like that, if he had just a few dollars more in his pocket he could make ends meet. i am so grateful that -- by the way people who call jamie dimon unpatriotic, shame you on you. this is needed to have been said for a lock time, i am grateful that mohamed wrote his op-ed today, he is correct. liz, both these men went through the meltdown in 2008, i am not a big fan of the big bankers, we did hang by our toe nails, in 2008. and coming out of that, both these men said to washington, hey, we need tax reform.
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we need sound fiscal policies, we need an economy policy that works be we need infrastructure that is not designed for projects like solyndra. they have been saying this for 6 years, they now have a man in the white house who'll sign legislation and 50 men or and women in senate cannot get together on passing health care legislation, on anything. liz, if we don't do something, we're growing at 1 or 2%, despite what is going on in washington. could you imagine if washington passed a good fiscally responsibility, like karl rove said, the only place in world, you keep spending same if you spend 7% more the next year. that is insane. can you imagine, if we have great infrastructure, good economy policy, we could be growing 5 or 6%. and next thing you know, it is history, because we're back to
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being great again. america is back to being great, and world follows us, you know, i hate to say it all of the time could netflix blew it out of the box, 80% of new subscribers were from the globe, not from america. what happens when globe loses confidence? liz: we had joe the plumber on last night, he sees struggle of the forgotten americans first hand. >> there is real struggles that america has, houses up for sale in my neighborhood on a regular basis, they can't afford it, they lose their job, that is the real strug nestruggle in america, and all main street media can talk about really is russia, russia, maybe a little bit of obamacare, but nothing about
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what is really going on. liz: by delaying implementation of sensible economy policies, political gridlock in dc for years undermined america's growth, making it less inclusive, and denying many americans the higher level of prosperity that is desirable and feasible. >> absolutely, it is feasible. that is the point, this is not the big banker saying we want to make big banks bigger. this is big banker saying, you are stifling at march american -- the average american's ability. and you know -- >> stay on that. democrats are screaming about income inequality, these guys, who are watching this, saying, you guys are causing it, by not getting on the stick.
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>> you are right, watch when a tax debate comes up, they will stop about talking about russia or trump shakes someone's hand, they will talk about these are tax cuts for the rich, this is going to throw granny off the cliff, the democrats and mai mainstream media, i am sorry to say this, they are out to destroy this administration, that is clear, if they have to destroy the country, are they really willing to do that? i hope not. does anyone know what a trillion is, if you took one second, equals a strillio trillion seconds equals 31 thousands years, that is affecting the average person, they are not listening to what is going on, on the 9 other network channels, thank god for people like fox and fox
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business telling the other side of the story. liz: craig come back on, we love having you on, craig smith thank you. >> good to see you. liz: exceeding wall street particulars, stocks took a hit, but for td up more than pour 4%. former obama national security adviser susan rice's house testimony delayed. but first, media trumpeting a new poll showing trump declining national support, next up, the pole that media is ignoring that shows the opposite, don't go away.
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>> president trump's approval rating have plummetedded in a poll to lowest ever recorded of a president in his first 6 months in office. >> 36%. >> the lowest approval rating
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6 months mark of any president? 70 years. liz: media trumpeting one poll, showing president trump hitting a low approval rating, ranking down there with ford in 1975. but a "wall street journal" nbc poll shows that president has 50% approval in 449 key counties he won. the president either flipped these states from obama or outpaced mitt romney in them. they include swing states like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, and florida. looking at media stocks. showing end of the day mixed. disney in the green. joining me now, conservative commentator ashley pratt, and al mattel . >> it is interesting the poll
5:29 pm
results you quoted that reflects the election too, hillary won the popular vote but trump won electoral college he is staying strong. liz: a good point. what did you think of media focusing on just one poll? >> they are doing their due diligence in reporting that, but it does need to be more balanced. what is interesting about this, is given whole timing of this now, health care failure, whether or not moving forward this does affect some of those counties, what we need to remember moving forward is that among his strong base of supporters, a lot of them wanted to see repeal and replacement that is a narrative. moving forward. because you know can they stay happy if legislative successes don't follow, a lot of people put a lot of hope into donald trump.
5:30 pm
republicans benefits from his candidacy. liz: a good point. i hear what you are saying, we have veteran journalist carl bernstein asked if trump administration is anything like watergate, he did not quite agree. but he said that media climate is like that of watergate era. >> difference between watergate and now, one of the big differences, we're in midst of a cold civil war in this country. a political and cultural civil war. all of our reporting is taking place in context of that cold civil war,in nothing quite like that existed at the time of watergate. liz: so, al, is the relationship, i mean is it too out of control right now media and what is going on in dc .
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>> i think it started in the campaign, it was poisonous, and the discourse was damaged greatly, you can competing sides listening to only what they want to see. they are not talking to each other like the senators are not. you see failure on senate floor today. liz: we have this poll ashley that shows despite president trump's popularity, hillary clinton even more unpopular than the president. what does that say? >> yeah, you really i think see a loo a lot of buyer's remorse, she did not win, and they stomached it anyway, when they voted for her, hoping it was best chance against donald trump. that was a real telling sign, she went so bruised and battle into the general election, because bernie sanders gave her a run for her money, no one saw that coming, this shows you the future of the democratic party, very fractured.
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liz: thank you so much ashley and al. >> great to be here. liz: netflix, continuing its big run-up after reporting it added 5.2 million new customers last quarter, surpassing 100 million mark in total viewers. netflix continuing march forward, and ending day 13% higher. women's march tweeting out a big happy birthday to a cop killing do domestic terrorist, running from the fbi. the idea is to use her as motivation to join the march. but first russia not only investigation on the hill, susan rice's house testimony has been delayed, now find out reince why. reason why. >> and jason chaffetz her
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here to weigh in. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i know nothing about this, not for any political purpose to spy, expose anything. liz: that was president obama former national security adviser susan rice in april, at first denying allegation that obama administration unmasked the names of the trump team to spy on them about russia. later admitting they did just that. now a source close to house panel review, saying that
5:37 pm
number of those involved in this alleged unmasks in obama administration. could grow to more than half a dozen officials. susan rice is to appear before a closed session, of the senate intelligence committee this week, but today's appearance of susan rice, was postponed. let's look at how some defense stocks did today, lockheed-martin andin northrop grumman in the red. we bring in former utah congressman. a fox contributor jason chaffetz good to see you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. liz: what can we expect from susan rice? >> you hope to get the truth. initially she was eager to speak to the press, not quite so eager to speak with the congressional inquiry, first she denied it. then she said, we didn't do it for political reasons. there is a fe is is -- finite
5:38 pm
number of people who get to see this, this is where we know that a crime has been committed. looking at all of the other noise about russia, this is an instance where we know someone broke the law. liz: the question is, why is this a closed session? don't american people deserve to hear from cease susan rice what she says. >> i can understand how they would like to go into a classified setting, you are dealing with very sensitive information. but i do hope that the culmination at some point is a public hearing. or public report, whether the inspector general or the committee itself, we get to understand who did what and how. and this is a precursor to a bigger problem that intelligence community will have, that reauthorization for
5:39 pm
program has to come up later this year. when you hear about how easy it is to get in, leak names it will be difficult for congress to reauthorize that program later in the area. year. liz: to your point, now a half dozen obama officials potentially scrutinized. the question, why would his chief of staff, and powers have access to thin tellgence. -- this intelligence, talking about privacy of people on the trump team and the americans as well. >> i think that is the pivotal question, why were they looking at these particular pieces of information? there is so much information out there, these two people, this sam -- samantha powers and sues susan rice, why did they look at this particular information, and why would
5:40 pm
they want it unmasked. liz: is this what happened. democrat national committee gets hacked in 2015, obama white house is criticized for not doing anything about that. other than a vague warning to russia more than a year later. hillary and democrats continue to complain about the do nothing, but yet it seems they are spying on trump officials. >> the timing given lateness in own obama administration is very much a question mark. i think that other big question mark, when jeh johnson, homeland security secretary goes to democratic organization and says we believe there has been a hack, we want to help or debbie wassermann schultz, they put out their stiff arm, and they say, we don't need any help.
5:41 pm
don't come and look at this. homeland security backs off, and i think a lot of this is my guess, the underlying premise, that hillary clinton was on a glide path to victory, they didn't want to disrupt anything. liz: a good point, jason chaffetz thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. liz: a food borne illness scare for chipotle, a virginia restaurant closed yesterday following a report that several customers became violently ill after eating there. stomach pains, nausea and vomiting, health officials looking to possible norovirus. >> chipotle saying in a state, they do suspect the cause was norovirus, saying it does not come from the food supply. >> next up, woman's march,
5:42 pm
tweeting out a happy birthday to a cop killing, domestic terrorist, running from the fbi in cuba. details next.
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choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices. it's not just picking a surgeon. it's picking the care team, and feeling secure where you are. visit appointments available now. liz: women's march praising the fbi's one of most domestic terrorists, wishing her a happy birthday in a tweet, calling her a revolutionary, with the caption, a woman's place was in the struggle, she is a fugitive in cuba after she escaped from prison for a murder of a police officer in the '70s. checking social media stocks, like twitter and facebook. joining me now, lawrence
5:46 pm
jones, what is this pattern of left supporting terrorists and dictators like castro and maduro. >> it is so hypocritical, you saw an elec an election of people that are calling him hateful, these people are murderers. these are violent people, they have committed actions of literally terror. or calling for it. liz: president obama issued a statement at castro's death, offering his prayers with no mention of castro's crimes and brutality. she executed a cop at point blank range. >> then escaped prison, report to cuba.
5:47 pm
the common theme of these people, they led the resistance at one point. now you see, americans use that same hash tag. and these people, did the same thing, now they committed actions of terror, some of them wanted to. some people murdered people, the question is, is this where the left wants to go? is that their next step. liz: the women's march is known for celebrating violent activists. linda is a supporter of what sharia law that suppressed women, and oday planted two bombs, angela davis. who took part in a courtroom shootout that killed a judge. and donna hilton. you know who is not celebrated in the list of women to look up to? people like hillary clinton. what is going on. >> they don't really like her, they use her for breaking glass ceiling, when she did
5:48 pm
not accomplish that, she is not resul relevant. looking at voter tabs, data, women did not show up to vote for hillary clinton, i don't think she is the person to be leading. these women put action. liz: are they good examples. >> they are not, but for the left, it is not about what we see is right. or fit to lead, these are people who have credibility in sense of actually having a violent past. liz: that is credibility? >> for the left, it is, you see them going more and more to left, they are more violent, i think those are the people they are looking up to right now. liz: so divisive, thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. liz: head of border patrol union said moral is at a 20 year these, thanks to trump administration crackdown on border security. president of border patrol counsel. he is brandon judge, what he
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. liz: a new report from "financial times," reporting that spice and herb company maker agreed to buy -- for more than 4 million bucks, letting mccormick add food brands like french's mustard. >> now this guy said that moral at the border patrol is at a 20 year high, because of the trump administration as custom and border protect respect a 53% drop -- report a
5:53 pm
53% drop in number of apprehension. because not as many are making the trip to try to cross the border illegally, joining me now, brandon judd. good to see you. >> thank you. liz: you say that president is doing what he promised. >> he is, i find interesting, when you look the these approval ratings, you have to ask the question, what are they asking, what you call these people, polsters, what types of questions are you asking, because if you ask u.s. citizens how he is doing on border security, he has to berated at top -- to be rated at top president. liz: the criminal felons here put a heavy load on local cities and towns. they murder people, they kidnap and rape, they do drug
5:54 pm
traffics and human traffic king. why did you say nothing short of mirror act less. miraculous. >> in last 8 years we had a huge influke of -- influx of people coming in into number of criminals coming in. when our laws are e enforced properly, the citizens of the united states can feel. when we look at approve at railings, do we feel optimistic about the future. i feel very optimistic with border security. liz: liberals continue too criticize president trump's immigration policies. >> the jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens, or legal immigrants, and they impose burdens on our
5:55 pm
taxpayer, that is why your administration has moved to secure our borders more. liz: guess what else sounds like president trump? senator obama, making the same point. listen. >> we cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected. undocumented, unchecked. and circumventing the line of people who are waiting leve lawfully to become immigrants. liz: what happened? what is the one 180? >> they are playing politics with the security of the united states, which should never happen, border security should not be a little bit issue, looking at the left,
5:56 pm
and rite, and middle, you have to acknowledge, and say, president trump has done what he said he would do, he has driven down illegal immigration, i would love for the white house to play up more of his successes. border security one of his huge platforms. and he has delivered on that. >> we have you know victims families of people who have been killed or attacked by illegal immigrants on our show, they say, no democrat has ever reached out to them, what are your thoughts about that. >> i don't know of any victims of crime perpetrated by illegal aliens that support democrats, and reason is, because, they try to justify the reasons they are coming to united states. >> thank you brandon for joining us. >> appreciate your time. liz: nascar coming to fox business on wednesday night, we have the details next, don't go away. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
5:57 pm
(in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup.
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michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. ..
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liz: look what's coming to fox business. the nascar truck derby. gerri willis is here with "making money." gerri: good evening. i'm gerri willis and you are watching "making money." epic failure today for the gop on healthcare. it fell flat on trying to pass a repeal bill. conservatives and mods block any bill at all. president trump calling for the current law to just fail so congress can come together and create a new one. it was a day for the history books. but the gop healthcare failure is sparking concerns about tax reform.


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