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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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here. by the way we could see a record for the dow. it would have to been up 63 points. right now it is up 61 points. [closing bell rings] it is a record close for the nasdaq and the s&p. lot to come with david and melissa on "after the bell." melissa: another record day on wall street. the nasdaq and s&p 500 both ending the day at new record highs. i'm melissa francis. david: dow jones just this much away from it. may settle up. who knows. i'm david asman. glad you could join us. "after the bell" is here right now. more on big market movers but here is what else we have in very busy hour. putting america front and center, president trump participating in another made in america roundtable at white house. how the administration is promising jobs and pledging to follow through on a major campaign promise. the art of the obamacare repeal. did you hear the president today? he was not backing down, urging republican senators not to leave
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our nation's capitol without a bill on his desk. his pen is ready to sign. we're breaking down the next steps for health care. this hour we're joined by republican congressman buddy carter. barry loudermilk, former presidential bam economic advisor, austan goolsbee and media anist howard kurtz. melissa: fueled by rising fuel prices corporate profits we got the record. brand new record. settling out there. very nice. phil flynn with the price futures group. he is a fox business contributor watching all the action in gold and oil from the cme. nicole petallides at floor of the new york stock exchange. we're start with you because you have the record. >> trifecta, dow, nasdaq, s&p, all at record close. no one can complain with that with 401(k)s and ira's. nasdaq, zap, second day in a row
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of record closes there. move on to tech titans. everybody loves these names, right? netflix, amazon, facebook, microsoft, all all-time highs today. alibaba as well. amazon though, how about this one, liz, melissa and dave, this one, the treasure truck, have you seen the treasure truck on your street lately? apparently they will be putting out deals on amazon. you order it on your amazon account, go to the nearest treasure truck to pick it up. another big mover is vortex. vertex pharma jumping 20%. this stock is up 80% this year. they have treatments for sis sick fibrosis. their data, seeded estimates. big move. last but not least, a $4.2 billion deal mccormack $4.2 billion. now the put french's mustard
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with loweries sauces and spices put it all together. melissa: you make me hungry. i'm starving. nicole thank you. david: dow edging up, 66.02, three points above the previous record. so it is historic day for all three indexes. phil, oil having a good day, what's up there? >> basically we had six-way tie, dave, really about inventories was main story today. we had another big drawdown in inventory that blew away expectations. if you look at one of the key drivers in the market was the fact we saw supplies from saudi arabia we normally import at the lowest level since 2015. so we're seeing impact of those opec production cuts finally show up but there is drama around saudi arabia. the story of ascendency of crown prince mohammed bin salman may not have been as seamless as lot of people think. there was a lot of pressure to get the mohammed bin to step
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down as crown prince. there may be more uncertainty in saudi arabia than we expect that uncertainty could blow up prices. david: thank you very much, phil. melissa: president trump leading a made in america roundtable as other republican senators are repealing obamacare earlier today, or talking about it at least. our own blake burman live at the white house with the latest on that one. blake, i think that lead was a little destroyed there but help me straighten it out. reporter: so much going on at the white house. just throw it all out there that is kind of the day at white house every day. this afternoon the president participating in made in nerc roundtable event. part of manufacturing push to keep manufacturing jobs here in the country, jobs here in america, products made in america. the headline no doubt about it, was this public dressing down by president trump of the republican senate caucus here at the white house this afternoon
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in which he invited senate caucus over for lunch. 49 of 52 republican senators were here. the president brought the cameras into that lunchroom. gave a 10 minute or so speech which he said the following, telling these senators told them, look you have to sell this health care reform bill. you have to pass this health care reform bill. if you don't, the president said, don't go on the august recess. >> i have pen in hand. you never had that before. you know for seven years you had an easy route. we'll repeal, we'll replace and he is is never going to sign it. but i'm signing it. so it's a little bit different. any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling america that you're fine with obamacare. reporter: now senator mitch mcconnell emerged from the meeting, spoke to us outside here on the north lawn and implored republican senators to take up the vote next week which goes as follows.
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repeal obamacare, add on amendments and then let whatever happens come into effect in two years. the problem is for mcconnell right now he doesn't have the numbers to even get that the vote on to the floor but his message was for republicans to indeed allow that vote to happen. >> it will be fully amendable on the senate floor. if were to pass without any amendment at all, there is two-year delay before it kicks in. so the takeaway from what i'm telling you is, no harm is done by getting on the bill. reporter: melissa, a little bit of news here at off-camara white house press briefing from sarah huckabee sanders a little while ago, at what point because everything is stuck in neutral in this health care bill might they walk to move on to tax reform? at what point you know what? fully transition on to tax reform? at that point does it happen? sanders said to me, and i quote, i don't believe it has to wait but that is certainly the preference. we've been hearing for a while that it has to go tax reform,
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health care reform first, tax reform second. in there it appears a little bit of wiggle room as things remain in neutral. melissa. melissa: they seem to be changing the rules all the time on what's going on here. we want them to get something done, blake, right? get to work. >> yeah. the schedule for months on this thing has been changed. remember it was tax reform in august. here we are mid-july, still trying to get health care. melissa: they better get things done, people will be very mad. blake, thank you. david: blake talked about this. president trump made powerful pitch on health care, getting to the heart of what he and most other republicans want to do. take a listen. >> i like the federal government focus on the middle east, to focus on north korea, to focus on things where we have very big problems. the states can do a better job than the federal government when it comes to health care. and that is what we're letting you do. david: here is congressman buddy
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carter, republican congressman of georgia. i think he put it in a nutshell, congressman, and my question is, why is it that some republicans don't want the federal government out of health care? >> well, i can not answer that question. it baffles me. listen, for those republican senators now saying they don't want to repeal it, they're essentially saying what we got now better than what we could have without it. i don't understand that at all. david: it is even worse than that, congressman, some senators like rob portman who was saying years ago we needless federal government, is now saying we need federal government in the form of medicaid as we have in the past couple of years. so i mean he's all for maintaining the level of the federal government in health care which, i think, and i think the president and a lot of other people think is making matters worse. >> no question about it. respectfully i have to disagree with the senator. i think that medicaid reform is
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one of the things that we need most. what obamacare did to the medicaid system i think was one of the worst things. i think two worst things it did expand medicaid and take the free market, choices, out of health care. those were the two worst things that this failed experiment has done. david: what about repealing obamacare now? there are plenty of senators like murkowski and others who vote ad year ago to repeal obamacare when it didn't matter because they knew the president would veto it. now that it matters, they're not doing it, what is up with that? >> i have no idea. i will tell you i'm very happy, i just applaud the president for coming down on them and for really making the point look, you have an opportunity now to vote on something, send a message to the white house, an to actually get something signed. you did it two years ago. why can't you do it now? david: congressman, i don't want to focus on the senate. your house leader, speaker paul ryan, famously came out and said we have to do health care
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before we do tax cuts. a lot of people are saying he was wrong, what do you say? >> whether he was right or wrong is beside the point now. we need to get health care done. we need to get over this we need to get past this we need to repeal this law, start from scratch. it is failing. 16 of 17 counties i represent in coastal georgia will see increases of 25 to 40% in premiums. that is not sustainable. david: is it fair to say, i want to press you on this. is it fair to say that we could do tax reform before we get health care reform, yes or no? >> it is fair to say that but it will be a lot tougher. it would be much easier if we had health care reform done. david: congressman, buddy carter, you have a long road ahead of you, my friend. appreciate you taking the time. breaking news on american express. they're reporting second quarter results. let's go to nicole petallides on floor of the nyse. nicole? >> david, this is beat on top and bottom line for earnings per share and for revenue.
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the stock is up one 1/4%. ultimately this could move stocks to new high. chairman and chief executive noting multiple areas of strength, saying that revenue grew. what we saw was consumer spending. consumer spending was up about 8%. that accounts for 40% of revenue. he also noted the affluent consumer, particularly in that area seeing strength. last but not least, just the lending business, that broadened as well. consumer businesses here and abodied well for american express, a win across the board. back to you. david: amex up a percent after-hours. melissa. melissa: banking on tax reform. investor hope for tax cuts despite the recent struggles on health care. what happens if tax reform suffers the same fate? we have john layfield, and lindsey piegza. thanks to both of you for joining us. lindsey, what happens if we
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don't get that tax reform? >> this is going to be a significant problem because right now we're still seeing that political carrot dangled out there for the market. the market does seem convinced we will see at least some sort of a version light of what was promised along the campaign trail. now obviously health care reform a bit uncertain in terms of timeline. regulatory reform is hanging out there. tax reform was the key component of that political carrot. melissa: yeah. >> if republicans fail to get that through i think it will be very difficult for the market to look past the failure. if you take away political reform you have a economy struggling to meet 2% at this point. melissa: without question. john, she is talking about on the campaign trail, even more recent than that steve mnuchin is out there telling people he will get it done and it will take effect this year. what happens if it doesn't? >> look, need repeal and replace the gop and maybe steve mnuchin too. i think steve mnuchin is trying
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to do a good job, i don't think they will get it done. they all said they would get obamacare done, said would get tax reform done. they lied about every single one of those dates. i think what will get done what lindsey said, some parts get done. there are bipartisan agreements between the corporate tax and repatriation of money that would do wonders for this economy if you get that done. i don't think tax reform overall can get done. melissa: stand by for one second. we have earnings alert. alcoa reporting second quarter results. nicole break those down for us real quick. >> check it out. earnings per share 62 cents. that beats estimate of 60 cents. revenue a win there. not seeing movement just yet for alcoa ultimately giving outlook and increasing forecast for demand growth going forward. alcoa on the move year-to-date up 30%. back to you guys. melissa: nicole, thank you. attack the rich revolt. republicans in washington are calling for civil disobedience. they are encouraging seattle
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residents to refuse to pay a newly-passed income tax that critics claim is illegal. john, what do you think about this? >> i think this asking people to do this is ignorant. i don't agree with the speed limit. i understand if i speed i get caught get a ticket. i don't care if i think it is unconstitutional. this is the law. you go through the court system. that is what they do in developing countries around the world. it doesn't work there. we're a people of laws. melissa: lindsey, isn't the best thing to do, move, get the heck out, or vote those politicians out of office? >> absolutely, absolutely. these residents if they're opposed to with the tax, they need to vote with their feet. several states around the country, taxes continue to rise, businesses, residents, voting with their feet an moving to more favorable states with a economic situation. i don't encourage students not to obey the laws, not paying their taxes.
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david: maggie thatcher he, free marketeer, from britain, the reason we are lower tax rate we need rule of law. tax rates were so high and out of control it was causing a lot of people to break the law. i think same thing may be happening here. melissa: you are an encylopedia of information. david: i'm just old. i was there. how to reform the tax code. house republicans turning to the next issue on the trump agenda as the part scrambles to fix health care. austan goolsbee, former advisor to president obama whether democrats join on this reform. melissa. melissa: possible revolt against republicans. could a new kind of tea party boot establishment republicans right out of congress? david: despite an obama era ban on pork-barrel spending in d.c., earmarks are up in their nation's capitol. they remember this little guy. now he has a few friends. wait until you hear this. it will make you mad. ♪ today, we're out here
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david: right now the house ways and means tax subcommittee is holding a hearing on need for tax reform. just as the president and his advisors are still working on a plan to cut taxes with all the nonsense on health care but will tax reform just as difficult to extract from congress as health care bill? austan goolsbee, former obama economic advisor. you and i have been friends for a while. you and i don't agree on certain things about taxes. let's find a point of agreement. would you agree the corporate tax rate is too high? >> if you broaden the base, lower the rate we agreed many times that would be good idea.
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david: bingo. that is what simpson-bowles said back in 2010. simpson-bowles, if those that don't remember, bipartisan committee by a guy you used to work for, president obama. simpson is republican, bowles is democrat. they came to certain agreements. get rid of all those special deals that the big corporations get that lead them to paying nothing in corporate taxes. bring everybody's tax rate down, and you may even end up with more revenue, right? >> well, theirs was not attacks cut. i think -- david: it was a tax rate cut. it was a tax rate cut. they wanted to he lower to 28%. go ahead. >> they wanted to lower the statutory rate to 28%, correct. >> but on net this, was a big revenue increase. so the, there were going to be some winners and losers but more losers than winners. david: but that is okay. the winner would be, there would be more economic activity as a
4:21 pm
result, instead of companies companies can't get deductions going to ireland or something where they have 12% corporate rate, they would stay here. >> that part is attractive, sure is. >> but they did not make a laffer curve type argument like the one sounds like you're making lower rates it would generate more revenue. that isn't what they said. david: let's deal with individual rates now. they did suggest lowering individual rates. the lowest rate, this is by keeping certain deductions like the mortgage interest deduction, charitable giving deduction and others. lowest rate would be 12%. second rate would be 22%. highest rate would be 28%. do you think that was good idea. that sounds very trumpesque. >> you keep leaving out most important part, they actually broadened the base more than they lowered the race. it was increasing taxes. david: i'm fine with that. >> not from some laffer curve. david: listen, believe it or not --
4:22 pm
>> cut more deductions than cut rates. david: we agree more than we disagree. >> i don't want to disagree. david: let's agree, base should be broaden by getting rid of special deals for people that don't deserve them. we all should be treated by same rules correct? >> i agree with that. david: that is broadening the base, that is good thing. you think the fact you and i agree on certain things will make it easier for democrat, maybe no democrats will come on with health care reform but would democrats come on with tax reform plan since at least you and i agree? >> you know they might if they stuck to the part you and i agreed on. when i see the president speaking, i kind of think he might not have learned anything from this experience on health care, which is, they went at it with 100% partisan approach, and they couldn't even maintain that. they lost republicans. david: there was not partisanship on both sides, austin.
4:23 pm
you really think democrats would come over on health care? >> they could have, for sure, if he had started, here are six different ways to try to fix obamacare rather than let's try to repeal it. and on taxes -- david: i know you've been, we're in the washington for a while. >> -- dade, i'm telling you. david: i think way in piecemeal, those two things we agreed on, individual tax base broadening, corporate tax base broadening by lowering rates, take those two things they may actually get something done. ace stan goolsbee, always a pleasure my friend. >> great to see you again. melissa: 13 days out of the spotlight, why off-camara press briefings could be helping the president agenda. another media melt down, president trump catching heat for a conversation with putin happened out in the open, secret meeting. >> very secret. only a zillion people around. fox news media analyst howard
4:24 pm
kurtz with his take. that is next.
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melissa: so the mainstream media is up in arms over the revelation that president trump had a conversation with russia's vladmir putin during a huge dinner at the g20. just take a listen to this. >> when these headlines started to cross tonight in our newsroom, it caused an audible, oh, my god, to ripple across our cubicle farm. >> because of what donald trump had done in the past, reporters, foreign policy analysts, and our allies can safely assume the worst. >> what is the unfinished business that the president decided he needed to transact after his, after his initial meeting? melissa: yeah, i mean no one ever sits down and talks to each other at a dinner. joining us now, with, his take
4:28 pm
on media reaction, "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz. rachel maddow, i will send her a paper bag and breathe into it, not pass out from hyperventilating. what is going on? >> it wasn't rachel, entire staff having oh, my god moment. this is covered in the last 24 hours if putin had been caught slipping i will hiry's emails under the table while they had had dessert. sinister secret meeting what they were talking about. turns out this conversation, originally said to be an hour, turns you out briefer than that. conducted in full view of 18 other g20 leaders and spouses. it was essentially small talk. it underscores many in the media, comes to this president, on subject of russia do not give him the benefit of the doubt. melissa: i also think it shows their complete ignorance about dinner. when you and your spouse are sat
4:29 pm
separately, it is quite normal to go over to the other's chair m when i heard the first lady was sitting next to vladmir putin, i assumed president trump would walk over and say hello. that that was the purpose of seating the two of them next to each other at dinner. i mean if you're setting up those things you know the purpose of sitting the first lady next to vladmir putin was to facilitate conversation between all of them. i mean are these people totally insane? >> there is a leading question for you, [laughter] in addition to everything else, it is inadequate appreciation of he had at thisket. melissa: yes. >> global dinner parties. white house, knowing how hot white house coverage has been all things russia, might have put this out had been a non-story. even with the decision not to, even if it is chitchat, hard to fathom, except there is belief among some journalists and commentators there is unholy
4:30 pm
alliance between president trump and president putin and something sinister must have been going on, which relies on assumptions, when in fact i don't think it was much of anything. melissa: seriously. turning now to outcries from reporters over the white house's off-camara press briefings, today marks the 13th working day without an on camera briefing, but former white house press secretary ari fleischer doesn't think they should be aired on live tv at all. >> toning down washington, d.c. too much fighting, not enough getting done for the country. part of that is why i'm supporting taking briefing off live tv. former bill clinton press secretary mike mccurry argues same thing. it should be a serious briefing than a red hot tv show. melissa: what do you think? >> ari made that case to me on sunday's "mediabuzz." even ari fleischer should be televised, not in real time. play later. i know what is going on here, which is sean spicer and
4:31 pm
president ultimately believe there is too much grandstanding in front of the cameras but they never quite admitted all but getting rid of televised briefings. day-to-day. meanwhile there hasn't been one in quite some time. i think more should be on tv i think they help the administration get message out. as well as reporters should be seen in the 21st century asking questions of the president's spokesman. melissa: they help other administrations get message out. with this group, it hasn't worked out that way. they're deflecting incoming what is going on. i'm not saying whose fault there are incoming volleys. in the past it would help get their message out but that hasn't been the case. even though we may not like it has been a smart move over past 13 days. >> welcome to the nlf. part of having a white house to take tough questions. if reporters are unfairly beating up on administration's spokesman the audience can see that. these were highly-rated. i'm sort of in the camp, i don't think every briefing has to be
4:32 pm
on camera, some could be delayed. what is happening, cable news networks are playing anyway. playing audio. not snuffing this out. it is kind of less satisfying for everyone. ari has a good suggestion, i think there has been too much of this off-camara. melissa: let me tell you what i think has changed since they stopped doing it on camera. i noticed a lot of reporters who were trying to be the story. we all frown upon that. you're not supposed to stand up and do battle with someone, for the purpose of appearing on other networks. if the most combative, out there, with whoever the press secretary is, your back and forth, your fight with them, ends up making news and ends up being all over the media. it did feel like there was a lot of grandstanding, i want to be on camera, i want to be story thing going on. >> there is a lot of that. melissa: with this, it won't happen because you will not be visual sound bite. >> that kind of grandstanding has been going on through past administrations. seems to me, if this was the obama administration, they
4:33 pm
suddenly took most briefings off camera, and president obama was under investigation, a lot of people would be screaming about that. melissa: right. >> i think there is happy medium. they're tilting very heavily towards audio-only briefings. melissa: if they went back to it, first one is going to be an explosion, almost guaranteed, no? >> it would be definitely boffo at the box office. would get good ratings again. melissa: there is that portion of it. howard kurtz, thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate it. david, what do you think? david: president's roundtable is coming out. he is doing another made in america round table with a lot of people there. we're about to hear the president. i believe we can play the spray. let's listen. [applause] >> michael was a supporter of ours right from the beginning. really appreciate. good to see you here. it is fantastic. i actually bought a couple of pillows. they're very good. i have to tell you they're great. i slept so much better ever since. [laughter]. thank you very much, michael.
4:34 pm
good afternoon and welcome to the white house. we're here today to continue celebration of american manufacturing as part of made in america week. the leaders and innovators around this table create products that fill our homes, defend our nation and enrich our lives. each one of these products proudly carries the label, made in the usa. do you remember in the old days, used to say made in the usa. that was when we really had a great pride in our product and you do, but unfortunately we've lost a little something but we're gaining it back very quickly. you see the stock market hit a new high. jobs are lowest they have been, best jobs report we've had in i think 16 years. unemployment number is fantastic, how we're doing but we're also going to take care of the 95 million people out there that aren't working. we have to remember that is not really part of the statistic.
4:35 pm
i've been talking about that for a long time. when we got those great reports, i kept saying those numbers whether 4.2, 4.3, they don't matter. now i accept the numbers very proudly. i say they do matter. we're doing very well with the jobs and jobs reports and doing well with the companies and moving along. from day one my administration has been fighting to bring back our manufacturing jobs and to crack down on foreign countries that cheat. we have a lot of them. we will end the theft of american prosperity. we will stand up for our companies, our factories and our workers. is that okay with you, michael? good? [applause] made in america is more than a label or product. something so important to us. it's a stamp of excellence. it's a badge of honor and tribute to the tremendous skill
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of working men and women who design and build these incredible masterpieces and different products of all type. when american workers have a level playing field they can not be beaten. they have not had a level playing field in a long time. but you see what's happening. step by step. we've gotten rid of regulation, and a lot more are coming. we have some statutory requirements where we're not allowed to do it until certain dates. but they're coming as fast as those dates come. we opened it up, made a big difference for the farmer, for the homebuilder, for so many, and for manufacturers. we want to insure the integrity of the made in america label. my administration is committed to working with the private sector to insure the protection of made in america and the label through efforts like certification, freighter transparency, and stricter enforcement efforts by agencies like the federal trade commission. we will have zero tolerance for
4:37 pm
illegal counterfeiting, piracy, theft or intellectual property. they take our intellectual property, like we're a bunch of babies but no longer. and false claims that a product is made in america. and as time goes by the value of made in america will be greater and greater. you will see more of this. a time that people didn't want to use the name and take the name and now they're taking it because we are very proud of it again. around the world the made in america label is the gold standard for craft men ship and artistry, we have to protect it. we have to protect it. not for you, not for me but for your children and your grandchildren. that is what is happening. so we must protect it from illegal theft and from abuse. made in america movement is
4:38 pm
growing rapidly under my administration and we're more determined than ever to protect our jobs, our industry and our workers. ever day we are putting america first and as you know, during our campaign i had a slogan, a few of you may have heard it, called make america great again. did you ever hear that slogan? [applause] i want to thank our great, michael, thank you for being here today. secretary acosta is here, and you have done a fantastic job in a very short period of time. i know you are going to say a few words. why don't you go ahead. thank you, mr. secretary. >> mr. president, thank you and thank you for your leadership. while, while we were waiting for to you walk in, we had short conversations. i just wanted to tell you a few things that i heard from your
4:39 pm
guests here today. american workers are the best in the world. american workers are passionate. made in america matters because when products are made in america, americans care about what they're doing. they care about the products, because they know the product impacts american lives, and so, those are examples of what your guests here told me, and i think examples of why made in america is so important to this nation, to the economy and to this nation's workers. so thank you for your leadership on this issue. >> thank you very much. so what label do you like better, made in america or made in the usa, tell me? think about it. >> usa. >> what do you like better, made in america or made in the usa? >> made in the usa. >> made in the usa. >> what do you like, secretary, how do you feel? >> i think made in america is what we've been talking about.
4:40 pm
it is known throughout the world. made in america works. >> used to be made in the usa i think, it was on a car. they were telling me in czechoslovakia, and other communist countries, many years ago, they were so proud of a car if it was made in the united states, they used to take a single dollar and they would scotch tape it up to their windshield just to show an american dollar. that was a long time ago, but that is what they used to do. maybe somebody is going to be doing that in the future. how do you feel, michael, made in usa or made in america? >> i feel made in the usa. but i have done both but my ads are all made in the usa. that is the way i feel. >> how many pill he lows did you make last year in the usa? >> 10 million. 30 million so far. >> that is amazing.
4:41 pm
>> peter, what do you like? >> i love made in america because it pace buy america, hire america, two simple rules of the trump administration. >> okay. what does the media like? do you make made in america or made in the usa, steve? what do you like, made in america or made the in usa? huh? either way. they are so quiet all of a sudden. [laughter] you make your decision. i think specifically made in the usa was what they had. made in the usa, but either is great, or both. i mean you could really go both although i think we'll like to settle. what do you mike, mike? >> i like made in america. that is what i always thought. make america great again you have to make it in america. i like that. >> very good. are you going to show me some things? you want to start, michael? i think they will show some of the product. >> yeah, okay.
4:42 pm
this is mypillow. i have over 1500 employees now. i'm very proud that every part, even the cotton, is grown in the usa. and my call center is right outside of my door. i think that is another thing, having all them employed here. everyone has a passion, it is like a family. when you have everybody employed here. i'll tell you, the businesses, i had a thing once where i heard a snowmobile company left united states for overseas. you know how many companies followed that company? the bolts that make the bolts, fasteners, the seats. with mypillow, with any companies made here you affect so many other companies. so it just spreads. it is amazing. >> great job. proud of you. >> representative eric paulsen from minnesota and i sleep on a mypillow ever night. i have the privilege of representing a lot of michael's workers right home in minnesota. >> great relationship too. >> good afternoon,
4:43 pm
mr. president, my name is stephanie mcdonald. i am the cofounder of authenticity 50. we are the only company making 100% seed to stitch bedding here in america. as we like to say, here we go. as we like to say we're bringing it back to america one sheet set at a time. we sure do hope to have our bedding in the white house one day. [laughter]. >> sounds like a very good idea. >> i'm jimmy mcdonald, i'm the other cofounder of authenticity 50. let's be honest, she is the boss. i learned that much. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, secretary acosta, thank you so much for doing this. this is remarkable event. it is showing true leadership making america great again. we appreciate what you're doing. i'm david costello. i'm executive director of warrior protection panned readiness coalition. we manufacture your bod i armor,
4:44 pm
ballistic helmets, body armor and combat boots for our armed forces. that is 100% america made from fiber forward. we employ thousands of people around the united states every state in the nation. one of the things we talk about, federal government does not buy all american products in some of the agencies. we're working with dr. navarro in effort to get department of homeland security to buy american-made products. this is border patrol uniform manufactured in mexico. we think perhaps better idea to have these made in the united states. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> my name is matt colleague, out of hudson, ohio. i own leave gutter protection. we manufacture and install leave gutter protection, keeps all the leave and debris out of your gutters. we employ 1300 people out of 38 offices all over the country. they want me to machines that i own a nascar team. i don't know anything more
4:45 pm
american than leave and gutter protest, and nascar so. >> so let me ask you, the width of a gutter changes a little bit, you make different widths? >> it does change? >> what does it go too small side, big side on house. >> we do 3-inch, goes up to 8 inches. one of the things we're doing we're developing new products to be able to fit some of the gutter styles up in the northwest. i have an office up in seattle but as far as like oregon and northern california we're not able to go there yet just because of our product doesn't fit those type of gutters. but we're developing products. we manufacture our product out of plainwell michigan, north of kalamazoo. we'll open up a plant in louisville, kentucky. >> that is great. two great places. >> thank you, mr. president. my name is mark gracie president and founder of buoy tools. we manufacture rakes shovels, hoes. we have 200 products.
4:46 pm
our first factory in steubenville, ohio. we're about to announce opening up second factory, location to be finalized. feeling a little bit like "forrest gump" today. i was here on monday as well. i was posting feel like "forrest gump," back in the white house again. >> that is great. is business better since we got elected, since november 8th. >> my confidence in the future is much stronger under this administration. that is why i'm investing opening up a second factory. >> that is correct. a lot of people feel that. >> by the way, stepping on his message, if the gsa would stop buying foreign-made shovels maybe open a third factory. >> we'll look at that. that is a good point. absolutely. >> eight years ago -- >> look at that, peter. >> why we're here today. >> good, thank you. go ahead. >> hello. i'm ceo of okabashi brands. we're an american-made food wear
4:47 pm
company. we make the most comfortable flip-flops and sandals and welcome you all to try a pair. we're based in buford, georgia. >> thank you very much. beautiful. >> hi, i'm cumberly fallen, i'm president of okabashi brands. i'm other half of the tag-team, representing most comfortable flip-flops. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. i'm representative claudia tenney from upstate new york, fellow new yorker. we are so grateful for your leadership and that you're the president and our first republican president since teddy roosevelt. i want to tell you i had the great fortune of touring cheryl manufacturing last year, a factory taken over by these two phenomenal entrepreneurs. and at your inaugural speech i listened and i wrote down something really important that you said. you said americans know a different reality as they see rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape.
4:48 pm
i typed it in on my cell phone because we couldn't have any papers out there. i thought this is exactly what we have as cheryl manufacturing. these two gentlemen, only flatware manufacturer in the nation. we are, they have been approved for contracting. i want to say that i have a bill that i put in we would love to have your support on. it is called the spoons act. took a little work to come up with that. it is support procurement of our nation's stainless steel act. >> good. >> we love to have your support to have the manufacturing thrive. we love to have you visit cheryl. it was parking lot with over 2400 cars witness onieda employees. there is lot of room for marine one. >> thank you very much. >> we would love to have you there. thank you very much. grateful to the vice president as well. >> thank you very much for the invitation. i'm greg owens. i'm matt roberts. we're cofounders, president
4:49 pm
around ceo of cheryl manufacturing. or brand is liberty tabletop. we sell flatware. we're only flatware manufacturer in the united states. >> that is incredible. what happened? >> well, everybody else went overseas, chasing cheap labor. >> i'm not surprised but somewhat surprising when you say the only. that is a hell of a statement. >> our slogan is 100% made in america. >> that is great. >> american steel melted and manufactured here in the united states. >> great job. mike, would you like to say something? >> thank you, mr. president. i want to welcome all the great job creators and entrepreneurs. i think you all can tell this country has a president who loves people, who make things and who grow things. and i just want to assure you that whatever we call it, made in america is not a slogan, it is a mission for this president and this administration and we're not going to stop, until
4:50 pm
we make made in america great again. >> thank you, mike. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, dr. navarro, secretary acosta thank you for having me here. i'm carter beard. flag makers we make state and international flags. we were founded in new york city in 1847. sixth generation president. we have approximately 700 employee flag makers making our product in our factories in south boston, virginia, could bees creek, virginia, ohio and gilley esville, pennsylvania, a few mile from the hills school in pots town. >> good school. governor of indiana is here. where is rare i can. doctor eric. can't miss i am. [applause] doing a great job. thank you, eric. >> good afternoon, mr. president. mr. vice president, thank you so much for the declaring this week made in america week of.
4:51 pm
helping to celebrate the small brands making it in america. i'm margarita mendoza. founder of made in america movement. we believe in order for americans to make it in america, we have to make it in america. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for the invitation, mr. president. my name is kurt uler, chairman of made nerc movement. honor to not just be part of this organization but your movement. we represent 20,000 american-made companies. melissa: that was fun. david: i'm glad we let it bleed. i like that. melissa: good stuff. david: great advertising. melissa: mypillow, at beginning, when he said he is sleeping on it, that thing will sell out tonight. david: tremendous value on that. melissa: that would have been perfect. how did i not have that happen. here we have republican congressman barry loudermilk from georgia to join us on health care. sir, thank you so much for standing by while we listened to that and listened to the
4:52 pm
american entrepreneurs talk about their businesses and why it is important to have made in america. we wanted to give them their time. we thought it was interesting. thank you for standing by. let me ask you what you think what happened on health care push today, when you saw those senators get sort of rounded up, stuck on a bus brought over to the white house to be told what was what? did you feel like we're next? what did you think about that? >> i think it is what needs to be done. look we're at point in time i think edmund burke what he stated was only way for evil to prevail for good men to do nothing. we can't do anything. affordable care act was one of the worst things the government has done to the american people. any reasonable person will look at this, say this is a failure. not only it's a failure by costing the government so much money, it is failing the american people and we have to do something and now is is the time to act. >> i understand you're in the house but senator mitch mcconnell came out and he made the argument that a vote to do this next week is just a vote to take up the bill.
4:53 pm
they will bring it down to the floor. anyone can discuss it. nothing is taken away by virtue voting yes to bring this to the floor to get it working on it. i had senator rand paul on after that. he totally disagreed with that point of view. i understand you're in the house, but what is your take, who is right? is it just a vote to get started in? >> it is. that is a vote to continue to be able to bring it to the floor to start debate, open up the floor for amendments. from my understanding of the convoluted senate rules which they are very convoluted that is what this vote is for, like a rule vote in the house, setting rule for debate to bring the thing forward. this is the opportunity to do something. i agree with the president on this, a vote to not do anything is a vote to keep the status quo, an status quo is killing american people. melissa: it is, congressman. you will face screaming mad individuals back home if you guys don't get it done. so good luck to you. thank you for coming on. david. david: so will gridlock on
4:54 pm
capitol hill cost republicans control of the house and or senate in the 2018 midterm elections. editor-in-chief daily caller, vincent collagnese, i always wonder if i get your name right. >> close enough. david: republican leaders, let's start with them. >> yes. david: a lot of people are blaming mitch mcconnell for the problem with this health care vote. he didn't see some of the dissenters coming. pal ryan is the one who said health care has to come before taxes. some people say that is wrong, are they going to pay a price, leaders in congress? >> a lot of people want to hold them accountable. hard to see them paying a price electorally. people are more fed up with the republican party coming up with something here. in 2015 there was a huge roll call list of senators who voted for repeal. if mcconnell can successfully do what he promised this week, put this up for a vote again next week, a lot of people will
4:55 pm
be comparing those lists. david: you know what is even worse, by the way, look at people like rob portman, senator rob portman, he used to talk a couple years ago, had a couple pieces in "wall street journal" we had to cut back on government, government was too involved in all sorts of things, now is saying we should keep medicaid essentially where it is. >> a lot of people will have to compare this. you have to explain yourself if you're rob portman or dean heller, you voted for this in 2015, said yes for repeal. you have a chance to put it in front of a president that will sign it, what is the deal. david: aren't some of these people losing in the primaries? into there is talk about people like jeff flake and dean heller having primary threats. we'll see if it happens. if votes come through next week on wrong side of conservatives, expect for conservatives group to push for primaries. david: vince, night to see. >> a new house on the prairie. a very familiar little log cabin is getting the first makeover since it was built. look at that. david: looks familiar.
4:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... ...
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>> we have breaking news congressional budget office issuing a little later today. >> so my supposed childhood house getting a makeover. i am sure you saw this, the log cabin site in kansas is getting first makeover since replica was built 40 years ago. they stole my picture from my web site. >> you can read about this. in a very new book just came out, i just saw it, called lessons from the prayery and believe me, it is made in america. -- from the prairie and
5:00 pm
believe me, it is made in america. >> buy my book so i can stop promoting it. >> buy it on amazon, send it here, i'll sign it. >> "risk & reward" starts now. >> i want the entire krupp washington -- corrupt washington step to hear these words from all of us, when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. we're going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. you probably heard me say it, drain the swamp. drain the swamp. drain the swamp. >> president trump today selling senate to skip august recess, do not leave washington d.c. unless and


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