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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is great audience. as people again in terms of housing upgrading their appliances looking to the connected kitchens is the big buzzword i'm thinking. i like whirlpool a lot. liz: cautious but still getting into stocks. [closing bell rings] tell you folks, the s&p is too close to call but looks like a record for the nasdaq and russell 2000. dave and melissa, big earnings after the bell. david: trump rally on wall street continues at least in one of the markets. six months since president trump was sworn in. dow and s&p to fight for record closes but nasdaq getting it done. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers. here is what else we're covering for you this very busy hour. made in the usa. president trump meeting with key business leaders at the white house moments ago. how the deal maker in chief is urging ceos to create american jobs. the president sending another clear message. this time it is to the senate.
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work until you find a solution on health care! i like that. we've got latest on where the negotiations stand right now. after nine years, nearly nine years bind has, o.j. simpson is granted parole. when will he walk free? a live report from carson city, nevada. that is coming up. david: back to the markets, they are fighting for gains losing steam since the close. phil flynn of price futures, fox business contributor, watching action in oil and gold from the cme. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, let's start with you. >> you mentioned six months since the election. look at the benchmarks averages and you how they performed. it is outstanding. dow didn't make another record. only 26 record closes this year, only, right, with decline today up better than 9% since the election. s&p also up by 9%.
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s&p, it is flat, looks like will not a another record close for s&p. it settled this much lower but the nasdaq did hold on to another record close today. since the election, up 15%. nasdaq with the strong technology companies is the outstanding, outperforming of three benchmark averages we regularly follow for you. here is what happened in the dow today. here are the problem areas. travelers insurance, some earnings not so good. basically travelers say the investments were not enough to lift up the core income. so travelers shaving 15 points. the big drag on the dow today, home depot. shares counted for 46 points off the dow. here is what happened to home depot. of the sears, competitor, has terrific news. their kenmoore brands will be sold on sears had fantastic day, 10.6% increase. amazon up again today. amazon continuing its quest to rule the world. look at chipotle.
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mice, if you can believe it in restaurants. confirmation norovirus happened at one of the restaurants, making someone sick. shares are off 4 1/2%. more trouble for the strawn chain. back to you guys. melissa: lori, thank you so much. so gold getting a boost under the trump administration, phil? you want to tell us about that one? >> you betcha. gold is shining all over the place under donald trump. we've been up, we've been down, originally gold prices tanking right after donald trump was elected president. that changed very quickly. we saw a big rally. a lot of volatility. oil prices under donald trump had been down dramatically because a lot of people believe donald trump is pro-energy. we'll produce a lot of oil. that has been the theme. today was weird, robert mueller is expecting his investigation into donald trump business dealings actually moved the markets in a weird way. it caused the dollar to rally, crude to you fall. why? they're afraid donald trump
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won't get his pro-growth agenda through. that is bad for energy demand. uncertainty, weakness in the dollar. gold higher. back to you. melissa: thank you for that. david: new record on wall street for the nasdaq anyway, markets mark six months under president trump since the inauguration. let's bring in our panel. kevin kelly, recon capital chief investment officer. scott martin kingsview asset management chief investment officer. he is also a fox news contributor. kevin, are you surprised with all the negative news on health care and concern about taxes that the market is going ho-hum? >> i'm not surprised at all. it got the jump-start from last week when janet yellen said she he would keep monetary policy more accommodative. that is very important. the market ran up off of fiscal policies driving the market and that hasn't happened but monetary policy will stay lower longer. that benefits companies longer because they can deploy balance sheets better. stock buybacks, m&a on the chief. there is a lot of things they
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can do in this environment. david: scott, it is six months since the inauguration. markets have been taking off like wildfire. not necessarily because they priced in tax cuts. i think they priced in a pro-business president who is going to make it easier, already has made it cheaper to do business in the united states. >> i agree, david. 401(k) balances now at all-time highs. ironically stuff you won't read about in "the new york times," will you? they don't want to talk about that. that is good news attributable to what you said, a better business environment. forward-looking market with hopes that tax reform, regulatory reform come through. that is what is supporting stock prices here and will do so in the future. melissa: setting the stage to overhaul the tax code. speaker paul ryan laying groundwork to rally business behind tax reform. adam shapiro is live in d.c. with the latest on this one. adam, you know this is the story we carry about here.
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>> reporter: absolutely because it affects business and all of us. 320 million americans and house republicans and senate republicans will see our taxes cut if we do tax reform. the speaker took to the road today, because they learned their lessons from health care. they need to get out in front of all this. we're starting tax reform discussions. here is what he told factory workers in lawrence, massachusetts. >> we're going to get this done in 2017. we're going to get it done because we have to get this done. the competitiveness of our economy, the environment of our jobs, making sure that we can be competitive, that we can grow, we can create and raise families and have faster growth, not just the economy, our wages, standard of living, we can not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. this is a once in a generation moment. this is time to cut taxes and simplify the code. it is time to create jobs and grow our economy. >> reporter: you should know the speaker is not only talking to
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factory workers but his own conference. here in washington, d.c., there is differences among republicans what to cut, how much to cut. about the proposal to cut the corporate tax rate to 15%, there is push to go to 20 or 25%. here is what he told us last week. >> i think that critical that we get as low as we can. president trump has recommended 15. we recommended 20. we ought to shoot for those goals, at least to that 20% level. and it is you achievable. house republican blueprint with those low rates, not just for corporations but mom-and-pop businesses around the corporation have dramatic rate cut as well. we do all of that, balance within the budget. >> reporter: if you're keeping score, watch the fisticuffs, verbal fighting on house floor over the budget resolution. in september look for some kind
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of bill to drop on tax reform. back to you. melissa: adam, thank you for that. kevin kelly, scott martin are back with us. scott, why don't we cut all of it right now? >> i would love to, melissa. i'm getting nervous about tax reform, i have to be honest. this is first batted about, it would be easy bipartisan effort. obviously things deteriorated from there. but i will tell you, the goal here is the following. you have got to get past all the revenue neutral bs. you have to got past this worry about exploding the deficit, reality, there will be short-term pain. long-term gain. benefit to the consumer and u.s. economy and lower taxes and lower regulation will bring. they have to let it get through. melissa: yeah, kevin, what do you think about that is. >> i don't nod why they are focusing so much on health care. they should have started with tax cuts to get the economy started. could have focused on tax reform then. or also health care reform but tax reform. this is critical and important especially for small businesses.
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this will get the economy driving big businesses, have done exceptionally well. they're not paying taxes. look at net effect of tax rates. melissa: it is little guy. >> it is little guy. >> exactly where all the jobs are created, right kevin? >> bingo. >> spending is created on small business side. melissa: we all agree, they should listen to us. we have breaking news. microsoft reporting fourth quarter results. lori has them. take it away. >> looks up 2.3% in the extended session, software giant. earnings per share at 98 cents. that is much better than the 71 cents a share estimate. in terms of revenue, weaker than expectations, 23.3 billion versus 24.27 billion. here is the catch. i believe what investor are keying into, huge growth in the cloud computing business. azure cloud computing business. microsoft reporting revenue grew
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97% this quarter versus similar quarter last year. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you for that. david: made in the u.s. president trump hosting pharmaceutical executives announcing a initiative that will drive additional manufacturing in the u.s. >> merck, pfizer, corning, these companies announcing pharmaceutical packaging will now be made in america. groundbreaking partnership to create thousands of american manufacturing jobs, with this innovative new product. david: well, scott, the key is, pharmaceutical companies have been kind of the poster children for companies moving overseas because of higher taxes here. they usually go to ireland, because they have corporate rate of 12 1/2%. if we get corporate tax rates down maybe not 15, even 20%, will they come back? >> david, i hope they will. the scary thing to me like you said, the pattern already has been established here. is it just tax reform issue? companies that i have spoken to,
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that i know well have said, look it, this could change for a little while. then it will change on us again, so we're a little skeptical. you have to change the rhetoric along with the rate. by and large you know what has to happen, we have to get them back here keep them from going overseas. david: the other thing we need to get back, kevin, there is 2 1/2 trillion dollars overseas. part of the tax package described by mooch -- mnuchin and one time chargings billions of dollars and bring them back home. will that happen? >> it will repatriate. you saw it in barack obama's budget, hillary clinton's budget and donald trump's budget. will they tie it to infrastructure? that could be benefit who knows. big pharma is going to do what big pharma is going to do. it is on the fda to foster creative inhibitions of smaller companies and help them get you there the pipeline faster without regulatory burdens. david: also on the taxman. they have to lower corporate
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rates. kevin, scott thank you very much. we have more breaking news. earnings for visa, reporting third quarter results. to lori to the numbers. >> david, double beat. 86 cents a share in terms of. wall street was only expecting 4.36 billion. a 20% or so increase in revenue. couple key points for visa. what drove the quarter payments volume growth up 38% over the prior year to $1.9 trillion. that is the total amount of money people paid using their visa card. now in terms of total processed transactions, up 44% increase over the prior year. $28.5 billion. that is what people are spending on the visa cards. the first stat to be clearer, 38% increase, 1.9 trillion, that is what people paid. those are the credit card bills people paid. the second stat, 28.5 billion,
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that is what people charged on their visa accounts. all good. shares are up. back to you. david: they're up 1 1/2%. lori. melissa: commander-in-chief visiting the pentagon. president trump meeting with top advisors on the fight against isis and the war in afghanistan. that was earlier today. coming up lieutenant-general thomas mcinerney i weighs in on the president's strategy. david: plus back to work for the senate on health care, yes, again. can a divided party put aside all the differences? charlie hurt, one of favorites from "the washington times" here to respond. melissa: senator john mccain fighting for his life but he is not prepared to back down. these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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melissa: deadline for the senate. president trump urging republicans to seal the deal on health care reform. bring in "washington times" opinion editor charlie hurt. it does seem like the president brought everyone in, i don't know what happened at that lunch. maybe there was a beat of some sort. they came out with totally different attitude. much more of a can-do attitude. what will happen here, charlie? >> i think at this point, melissa, truly anything could happen. i have never seen so much disarray in washington in a very, very long time, but you're right. when they came out of that meeting yesterday, donald trump was at his best. he was in full campaign mode. he was going after democrats. he was going after republicans. he was doing it in that fun avuncular way, ribbing people, at his most effective. quite frankly i wish he would have done it much earlier than now. melissa: he has the senator next to him, that went off the
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reservation last time. doing everything but holding on to his arm. this guy right here, this guy right here, there you go. or he is not going to be a senator anymore, ha, ha. they're laughing but you know he means it. and i just hope that he can herd all those cats over the finish line. they do, he is really exposing them as sort of a do-nothing group. >> absolutely. this is the, if you look back at very beginning of this campaign, his greatest weapon is his honesty. he is willing to say anything he doesn't talk like a politician. he didn't curb what he is saying based on what audience he is in. he lets it fly. dean heller is there laughing even as donald trump basically threatening to whack him off at the knees and end his political career. the guy can't help but laugh about it. i know in the back of his head he he is thinking maybe there is
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way we can avoid conflict here. melissa: that is the real question, does it work in terms of -- they're all afraid of their own shadow. they're afraid of rocking the boat. they're afraid of not getting reelected. you can say a lot about the president he is not afraid of anything. he is not afraid of rocking the boat. he is not afraid of people's reaction to things, that in my mind is one of the biggest differences between them. can he inspire to set their fear aside and get something done? maybe he would do that, saying if you guys go home to the districts without doing what you said you were going to do i would post guards out on your front lawn, people will be stopping by and be really furious. >> what you love about him, he is not afraid of anything. also the worst thing about him he is not afraid of anything, why he turns around and gives "new york times" that completely unnecessary interview that took over the entire, you know, media
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cycle, completely big-footed the great victory he had in the white house with republicans. the guy is absolutely fearless. he thinks he can win anyone over. he needs to learn, you will not win over "the new york times." they hate you. they are never going to give you a good story. melissa: but the other thing, charlie, before we go, they said it had chilling effect in white house for other people who were going to cross him. i wonder, as he runs the bus back and forth over sessions is that, you know, like picks him off the ground and throws him under it again, is that sort of a warning to everyone else, even on health care what is to come? >> i must say he always been kind of crazy like a fox. whenever you think, this makes no sense, why would he be doing it. somebody happens, wait a minute, he meant that. melissa: charlie hurt. i love you. you're the best. >> thanks, melissa. david: well apparently he is staying on the job. attorney general jeff sessions we're talking about refusing to step down from his post at the justice department today despite a recent rebuke from the
4:21 pm
president. this was that "new york times" piece, that interview, that melissa was talking about. blake burman standing by at the white house with the very latest. blake, let me put something out there. i know it is farfetched, could it be there is some strategy donald trump had for putting that out there or you think it was a mistake? >> i think that is the 64,000-dollar question on a lot of issues at white house, david. is there strategy or throwing things out seeing where it goes? this could be part of pressure from the president to get sessions to resign or to send a message. who knows what the president was intending with this "new york times" interview but on this day the white house is contending that the president does indeed have confidence in the attorney general jeff sessions. when asked at off-camara press briefing a little while ago, deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, she was asked what does that confidence stem
4:22 pm
from? sanders's in part was session's ability to combat the ms-13 gang. that was a bit of cleanup, where the president said he thought it was extremely unfair that sessions recused himself from the russia investigation, had he known that he would have hired somebody else. sessions earlier today completely unrelated to any of this was at a news conference here in washington and was pelted with questions, as you can imagine and he responded by saying he is not going anywhere. >> i have the honor of serving as attorney general. it is something that goes beyond any thought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job. we love this department, and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> reporter: david, if that is not enough, intra-party drama, we'll talk about health care for 30 seconds or so. next week mitch mcconnell still intends to push forward
4:23 pm
with some sort of a vote on the health care bill on the senate floor. today the cbo released score of second iteration of senate plan which shows the following. it would cut the deficit $420 billion over the next decade, but also lead to 22 million more people uninsured. leave you with a quick anecdote. they don't think much of cbo. mechanic mulvaney, 50th birthday. he kicked off briefing. sanders says cbo estimates he is5 [laughter] david: don't put much stock either. melissa: it is fake math. david: rand paul, said what he would actually vote for repeal if he could separate from that the stuff that he doesn't like, increasing medicaid spending and increasing bailouts for insurance companies. if those two two parts of the health care package are
4:24 pm
separated, they may be rand paul could vote for repeal. very interesting. we'll see what happens next week. melissa: i don't know he, i feel like he moveses the goalposts all the time. david: as if they don't in the senate? you never know from day-to-day what bill they're voting on. melissa: getting an endorsement from the president. president trump promoting products made in america, giving a big nod to a guest on our show today. mypillow ceo mike lindell is coming up to tell us all about it. that was a great ad for him, wasn't it? david: this is wonderful ad. this guy has a great story. talking about great story, not necessarily a good one. o.j. simpson receiving parole after almost nine years in prison. how soon is he getting out and what conditions? details coming next. ♪ where wdiabetic... ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain.
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(laughing) one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. david: the juice is almost loose after almost nine years in
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prison. o.j. simpson will walk out of prison in couple months with parole. hillary vaughn in nevada, what can you tell us? what are the details? >> reporter: david, four-way you unanimous decision to grant simpson parole, what commissioners are calling fair and just result the simpson served nine years for his involvement in an armed robbery in a vegas hotel. he could walk as early as october 1st. the big question here if simpson's 1995 acquittal for murder of his wife nicole brown simpson would play a role in the parole board's decision making. they made it clear that case would have no roll in the outcome today. simpson made what would be his final plea for parole today. and after almost a decade since the crime was committed he still wanted to clear the air. >> i had no weapon. they didn't feel threatened by me. from what you said, and that i didn't threaten them.
4:29 pm
it was other two security guys that did that. i'm not, i haven't made any excuses in the nine years that i have been here. i'm not trying to make an excuse now. they were there because of me. >> reporter: during the hearing simpson mentioned several times he hasn't made excuses for what happened. he hasn't complained. he has been a good soldier and a straight-shooter but in his testimony, simpson presented himself as a scapegoat saying the other guys involved used him as a get-out-of-jail-free card. they told people, quote, o.j. made me. nine years later simpson is still trying to make sense of his sentence. >> it is kind of mind-boggling that, they turned over to me property that i'm in jail for, for trying to he retrieve, you know, it was my property. i wasn't there to steal from anybody. i would never, ever, pull a weapon on anybody. >> reporter: now what is next for simpson? we know he has to fulfill his parole in florida.
4:30 pm
he also says he has been asked to do number of media interviews in prison, said he wasn't interested. david? david: never pulled a weapon on anybody. melissa: on anybody. david: if anything sticks in your craw, that statement alone. very much appreciate it. melissa: that one time. breaking news. lori rothman has the results with the numbers for ebay. >> shares are disappointment. shares down 4% in extended hours trading session. we usually report to you earnings per share on adjusted basis meaning we strip out one-time items. 45 cents a share is in line. that is the adjusted number. talk about the real number, two penny as share. this is the problem. a 94% decline in earnings. the reason for this huge drop-off is higher expenses an also ebay took a $400 million tax charge for income taxes in the quarter. so that is really the problem.
4:31 pm
we're also seeing a little bit lighter guidance situation than the third quarter. next quarter ebay had been predicting eps in range of 46 to 48 cents% share. now saying more likely closer to the 46 cents versus the high-end of 4 cents a share. i will quakily give you revenue, a little better than expected. $2.33 billion, versus 2.31 billion. david: good stuff. i can't get o.j. out of my mind. melissa: he would never ever pull a weapon on anyone. david: look at one case. he didn't know his bodyguard had weapons. because he had his back to them. he didn't know his bodyguards had weapons. at any rate, moving on. new strategy in afghanistan. commander-in-chief visiting the pentagon earlier today. what president trump told his top advisors next. we're joined by lieutenant-general thomas mcinerney. melissa: it has been six months since donald trump was sworn in as 45th president of the united states.
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we're breaking down what is accomplished so far, and what work is left to be done. ♪ [ crickets chirping ]
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[ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. david: the president visiting the pentagon today for a briefing on the fight against isis and taliban but pointedly avoided a question whether he would commit more u.s. troops to the anti-terror fight in afghanistan. this is a fight that defense
4:36 pm
secretary mattis says, quote, we are not winning. joining us now is retired air force lieutenant-general, fox news military analyst, thomas mcinerney. general, let's not bury the news. the news we are winning against isis both in syria and iraq, that's great, but then there is afghanistan. why are we not winning in afghanistan? >> one word, pakistan. pakistan for the last almost, 16 years, david has been supporting the taliban when they said george bush said you're with us or against us. they said they were with us. they have not been with us. we have to acknowledge that. there are nine major cities in balujistan, sporting them in recruiting as well as training areas. we have a major problem, in the non-fighting season, in the wintertime, they all retreat back into pakistan.
4:37 pm
david: general, forgive me for interrupting, why are they supporting? we're the paymasters. we give money to the pakistanis. we support them against their fight against terrorism which is real and leads to the death of thousands of civilians there, and military. why are some people in the military there supporting the terrorists taliban? >> there are two reasons. number one, they do not want to have a strong afghanistan where say, india or others could start working with them and outflank the pakistanis. david: i see. >> they're deathly afraid of that. david: that sound a little bit why china would support north korea. >> why china is also supporting pakistan. because there is a, there is a pakistan move china economic corridor that moves into the middle east through afghanistan. david: general, sore to rush you, but we've had breaking news on earnings. why don't we just pull our support from pakistan till they agree to stop supporting the taliban?
4:38 pm
>> i would do that. i would start striking training areas with air power. until them until they clean it up we're going to strike them. david: finally under these conditions, being that pakistan is doing what you say, you should we send in more troops or not? >> not unless we take care of pakistan. there is no point in doing that. david: general mcinerney, tell it like it is, general. thank you very much. appreciate you being here. >> thanks, david. melissa: made in america, to improve your quality of sleep with comfortable pillows that even president trump can't resist. next, mypillow ceo michael lindell joins us to share the details of his meeting with the president. ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment.
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and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. david: putting america first. president trump continuing his push for companies to sell american-made products, inviting some of those owners to the white house. my next guest was at the
4:42 pm
white house sitting next to the president, received a big compliment from the commander-in-chief. take a listen. >> i bought a couple pillows and they're very good. i have to tell you they're great. i slept so much better ever since. david: he bought them. he didn't receive them for free. here is michael lindell, mypillow inventory and ceo joins me now. mike, you must have just been over the top with happiness when he said that? >> it was surreal. it was just, number one, when i was invited it was an honor to even be invited. i was sitting right next to him. for him to do that, say that to me about my product and my company was amazing. david: he bought it. he literally bought your pillows. are you able to use that as an endorsement in some of your ads? >> i wouldn't do that. my, i, you know, i probably could but i'm not going to do that. i'm just -- david: that is about the most valuable endorsement in american can possibly get, right? >> yeah, absolutely.
4:43 pm
i mean, if, if it would help the president because he has got such an amazing agenda, an, bringing jobs back and helping create new jobs here, i would do it in a heartbeat. but whatever, i just want to help. david: he will listen to this interview, i can help mike out saying it would help me. that way everybody is happy. are you still 100% of your product made in america? >> yes. even the cotton is grown in california and some of the carolinas, yes. david: were you ever tempted, i know a lot of people, even people who were in china and other places who brought their businesses back, were you ever tempted by those one dolan hour, one dollar a day labor charges overseas? >> no. because my heart goes out to help people. i, so rewarding for me to look outside of my office door and see 1500 employees and their families that are helping create careers year, not just jobs. i wasn't ever tempted. there is a lot, there is a lot
4:44 pm
of things to be said about overseas for timing of product, quality and everything else. i just, i would never go that route. david: mike anybody who knows you, i talk to a lot of people who do, this guy does have a really big heart. you are very sincere person. you had an incredible personal history. for a time you were addicted to crack cocaine, were you not? >> absolutely. on january 16th, 2009, by the grace of god, the next day i said if you, if you release me i never have the desire for crack and alcohol and all these other addictions. i'm all yours. i woke up, it is different. god freed me of those ad exes it. david: by the way you were addicted to crack cocaine at same time you were running a company? >> that is the miracle with god. all things were possible. i invented the pillow in 2004. people asked me all the time, and you didn't quit until 2009. how is that possible?
4:45 pm
you know i look back down, there are so many miracles that happened mypillow is still around, that i'm even all around. i give all the glory to god. i was humbled getting invited by the president to the white house yesterday. david: the president gave you endorsement. i have to give you endorsement. my dad bought four of your pillows, every time i see him, i sleep on those. they work great. >> we sold over 30 million. 30 million people can't be wrong. david: congratulations mike, particularly on that endorsement. appreciate you coming in. mike lindell, great to see you, my friend. >> thank you for having me. david: absolutely. melissa: breaking news right now, shares of capital one soaring after-hours following a beat on second-quarter earnings and meeting revenue expectations, up 5% right now. david: that is good news. six months ago today, was today of president trump's inauguration, in his efforts to make america great again. what has he accomplished?
4:46 pm
do you feel great again? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> only america first. the time for empty talk is over. now arrives the hour of action. we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. together we will make america great again. melissa: that was exactly six months ago today with dozens of major promises made during the campaign season, one of the biggest accomplishments so far during the trump presidency, bree peyton, staff writer for the federalist. if you watch any liberal outlet today they were saying
4:50 pm
absolutely nothing has been done in the past six months, nothing. so i guess they missed about the $70 billion in cost reductions due to the regulatory roll back that we've seen so far. what do you see? >> yeah. i also think they missed the part with donald trump said that he was going to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. where the administration also gained ground in mosul in the fight against isis. i think it is pretty clear donald trump made it very clear that, he was not elected for elites in europe. he was elected for americans. he has prioritized americans above the interests of global framework of global elites. a lot of people in the media are upset about that. they have covered his administration accordingly. melissa: no matter your opinion, if you have a 401(k) you have done better under president trump. we've seen a 17% jump in the dow since election day. 25 new records so far. you know, we saw, there is, was immediate movement in the
4:51 pm
economy as people anticipated the lower regulations, which we did see, but also looking ahead to tax cuts, and that hasn't been achieve yes of course. >> yeah, exactly. i think for many business owners like my dad who own as small manufacturing company in covina, california, he feels, when donald trump was sworn in, he felt, he took a huge sigh of relief, right? ever day since then has been much of the same. even though there is still much to do in terms of reforming trade deals and repealing obamacare and other promises that the trump administration made, that they are working on, yet to fulfill, he feels like okay the trump administration is prioritizing interests of business owners before elites like obama did. melissa: 53% drop in illegal border crossings, another thing that people say direct result of the anticipation of what is on the other side. that you might being sent back
4:52 pm
under this administration. there is a lot of blame on the lack of legislation. i wonder is that fair given that the president doesn't write legislation, he signs it? and you know, what is the reason we haven't seen more? >> well the reason we haven't seen more because the republican party, which is party in power, the party that is supposed to work with the president trump who is also republican they are feckless and weak and completely ineffective and don't know how to do anything. the reason why we haven't seen any legislative successes is because donald trump left it up to them to fix it, because they said, we got this, we have health care under control. we have it for you, mr. president. turns out they didn't have a plan, and had been lying to us almost a decade. that is what we've been seeing there. the unique aspect of trump administration and donald trump himself. he doesn't have to do a lot of things legislatively. he can talk a big game. that has impact.
4:53 pm
53% fewer border crossings, not one brick of the wall has been laid. his strong position, his strong rhetoric, the way he comes across is more effectively than legislation or actual physical things in a lot of cases. melissa: bree, thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. david: more breaking news on microsoft. reporting fourth quarter earnings. they beat the street on earnings per share. missed on revenue. here mashable chief correspondent, editor-at-large, lance ulanoff and kevin kelly from recon capital. lance, let me talk about products, one of the surfaces. this is not one of the new ones. >> this is the brand new one, yes it is, when you work for mashable, you get special deals. my feel never quite caught fire. it never lived up to the hype. i wonder if they're putting more money after something that will not take off? >> i would say the surface has been a billion dollar business.
4:54 pm
they have had bumps. there was double-digit decline last quarter. the decline was 2%. this he released surface pro, and this one here and surface studio. i disagree. people for first time excited about microsoft business hardware, something not excited about at all. they have the mouse, keyboard, they didn't care. this is a product that is aspirational for a lot of people in business, even some kids going to school. david: what makes it comparable or perhaps even better than an apple product? >> okay, both have intel inside. you notice this is a laptop but unlike say a mac book, this has a touch-screen. david: right. >> it also has a pen. david: right. david: i never understood why you would use a pen. it is cool. >> if i wanted to i could start marking up, they have integrated, they have really integrated the pen into this i like to you draw personally.
4:55 pm
this is something you can't do with a mac. david: let me talk about jobs, actually sometimes the market likes it when a company says they will cut jobs. but on other hand we like it when companies are growing and creating more jobs. they have announced they will cut jobs. what is their future there? >> i think they're doing that because of several different reasons. they had a lot of acquisitions even on linked inside. they have duplicitous sale forces with linkedin versus cloud on the other side. there are redundancies. they have a higher headcount than looking at a lot of other silicon valley companies, a lot of tech companies, they are bloated in that regard. that was in guidance from the may developer conference. david: as an investor, you like the fact they're cutting back on jobs? >> they need to be more efficient. david: what do you think about lance's praise for the surface? >> i think he is hitting the nail on the head, you're going to the get this because of productivity.
4:56 pm
comes with software. think about apple ipad, you don't have the whole office suite you need. you can be more productive on devices. people personal -- david: don't have time to tack about the cloud. we have to wrap it. >> 97% growth in azure. david: quickly. >> microsoft is happy to have itself on any platform including ipad. you can have office on top of it. so many people are using office. david: lance, kevin kelly, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: fighting in vietnam. sleeping in their car, how a community is coming together to help twin veterans find their happy ending.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> 84-year-old veteran twins who survived the nazi occupation and then served their new country at war are being forced to live in their car after their home went into foreclosure. david: but get this. after a fox news report, a gofundme account was set up to
5:00 pm
help the twins, and it was flooded with donations. it was $25,000 this morning. that was their goal. guess what? it right now stands at $75,000. melissa: that's amazing. david: they tripled their goal. melissa: that's amazing. risk and reward starts right now. liz: republicans still fighting to get a obamacare reform deal. this after senator john mccain vows he will fight his aggressive form of brain cancer, and he vows to return soon. so will a deal get done? well, we've got a roadmap for the gop out of the dc swamp as the clock is ticking tonight on risk and reward. trump: for seven years, you promised the american people that you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting. inaction is not an option, and frankly, i don't think we should leave town, unless we have a health insurance plan.


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