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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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john trainer. third straight gains for s&p and nasdaq. [closing bell rings] as it rings out the book, it has been fascinating week from market standpoint, out of d.c., what exactly david and melissa will tack on "after the bell." melissa: it was a week of records on wall street. the major averages are finishing the day in the red. nasdaq, s&p are ending positive for the third straight week. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. we're happy you can join us. happy friday. this is "after the bell." more on big market movers. we have a lot to talk about. here is what else is happening this hour. huge shake-up at the white house. sean spicer is out. anthony scaramucci is in. the press secretary turning in his resignation as president trump hires new communications chief, a man quite familiar to viewers of this network. is there another shoe about to drop? breaking details from the white house.
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drama coming as president urges more action from lawmakers. senate republicans promising a vote on obamacare next week but there is no clear plan yet in place. new warning if the gop doesn't find a solution on health care you can kiss your tax cuts good-bye. melissa: what? i don't like that. back to the market, the dow ending the day in the red as investors dive through latest batch of earnings reports. g. biggest drag on the dow. lori rothman on the floor of new york stock exchange. >> i'm not kissing anything good-bye. even though the dow is downs it is not all that bad. dow trading one one% of its best levels ever. s&p and nasdaq posted gains here for the third con executive week. s&p up half a percent. nasdaq up by 1.1%. earnings a big theme. everything was looking great until we heard from general electric. what happened with g. better-than-expected profit.
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ge. ceo jeff immelts last quarter. perhaps concern with that. ge shares down 3%. another loser i wanted to point out is snap. liking preparing for a flood of snap social media site shares because the lock-up agreement is expiring in a couple weeks here, end of july. and, you know the way this works is, insiders, investors, early investors bought the ipo has been forced essentially to hold on the shares until the so-called lockup agreement expires at end of the month. so shares are down a little bit. you know this $3.4 billion ipo. so watch the pressure on snap. melissa: we will lori, thank you. david: oil ending week down more than 2% to 45.77. it has been down seven of the past nine weeks.
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gold going opposite direction, ending up 2.26% for the week. in the green for the second week in a row. melissa. melissa: leaving the podium behind, white house press secretary sean spicer resigning after six months on the job. blake burman is live at white house with details. boy it has been quite a day, blake. whoo, i'm tired. i don't know about you. reporter: just your typical friday at white house. first friday involves anthony scaramucci, who is now the new white house communications director. his first act here at the white house was to install sarah huckabee sanders as the new white house press secretary. his second act to convince the public there aren't any warring factions within the upper echelons at the white house. scaramucci, on this day at white house press briefing a little while ago thanked sean spicer for first six months on the job. thanked him for stepping aside to allow the slate to be clean for scaramucci to step into the new communications post. he pushed back on many reports
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out there that reince priebus, chief of staff, steve bannon, fought this selection of scaramucci. he said he once tried to hire priebus and he respects bannon. as a lot of our viewers know scaramucci comes from the world of finance. he once hosted fox business week here on -- "wall street week." he would say to his critics why he is able to hold the top communications job in all of the country. >> i think you will find in my background and my career i have a lot of communications experience. i spent a lot of time on television. i spent a lot of time shaping message for my old firm, my predecessor firm. so time will tell. here is something i will tell you about myself. there is a lot of stuff i don't know. so i will lean on people like sarah, or the people to help me be best i can possibly be. reporter: sean spicer was press secretary here.
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holding a dual role for time being at least as communications director. no longer for both obviously. he sent out a tweet this afternoon which says the follow, and i quote. it has been an honor and privilege to serve the president and this amazing country. i will continue my service through august. a source close to the press operation here at the white house, david and melissa sachs told me earlier today the president was expecting that spicer would stay on in both role as press secretary in some sort of a quasi-communications director role however that is very clearly not the case. you have a whole new structure now. sara sanders, press secretary and anthony scaramucci communications director. melissa: i have to say watching it from the beginning, he crushed it. so smooth and funny. handled all the questions. so many people had not seen him in that role. he was really good, blake. reporter: being in the room, the
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folks who done it people will tell you it completely different beast. as you point out what you saw from anthony scaramucci, millions who don't know him, millions who will get to know him, that is who he is. melissa: he had all the barking dogs laughing. it was amazing, break. david: including by the way cnn. very interesting exchange with cnn on all this. more on shake-ups in the white house. will the president's economic and business agenda get more traction now? here is jack hough, "barron's" senior editor. hadley heath manning, business women as forum director. hadley, we know him as mooch by the way. forgive us if we call him mooch. he is a great guy. he is affable. he took about an hour to do that more importantly he is a business person. he is not part of the beltway. he knows the swamp inside of the beltway very well.
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he has dealt with it, taken money from it. he first and foremost a businessman. he is a new yorker. he gesticulates and talks in similar way trump does. i think he is the perfect person to pursue the trump business agenda. what do you think? >> time will tell. americans are tired of hearing headlines about what who as who in the white house. they want to hear what the white house is doing. maybe pivot on communications. this week was supposed to be made in america week. supposed be for president highlight american business. instead "new york times" interview and comments about jeff sessions stole the limelight. in same way, spicer's exit is taking away from policy discussions about health reform, tax reform, jump-starting american economy. if the white house pivots to talking more about policy less about personality. david: i disagree with you. veronica, i tell you why. personality is key getting things done inside beltway. ronald reagan dealt with just as
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hostile of group ever people against his agenda, he could cajole, work with them, his personality played a part getting tax cut in that led to economic revival. i think scaramucci has the same ability to it, probably even more so than donald trump because he can do stuff behind the scenes the president can't. >> he brings that to business, ability to build relationships. to build coalitions, to get people talking to each other, to do deals. donald trump ran on idea he would be a deal-maker. mooch has that same ability. he has the same experience. david: right. >> hopefully he will bring that to the table. he already brought it to the press room. if you watch the conference earlier today, as you saw he had a presence. he was involving room, taking questions from all different people, bringing a sense of congeal alty back to the press room which we haven't seen in a long time. david: jack he is is, i can't emphasize it enough, used to be fox business contributor, we
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can't say that enough, partly because of full disclosure, partly because we do have personal liking of the guy, but more than that he is not of the beltway. he knows the beltway. he has dealt with the beltway. but he lived here in the new york. he is new yorker, knows how to do business in new york pretty much the same way donald trump does. is that benefit to american business? >> david, we can agree he can be good at the job. the job right now is like marketing director for chipotle. people want to talk about die maria, what are you talking about burritos are delicious. let's not miss the message. it's a tough job. david: the job is tough because people of charge various houses of congress made a mess of it. paul ryan saying we had to do health care first, which wasn't true, which turned out to be a disaster. >> president trump has taken more hands-off approach to major piece of legislation when it comes to health reform.
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part of that he wants congress to do its job of passing legislation so he can sign it. that is the proper role of the president. but on other hand he has bully pulpit, twitter account, he has opportunity to make the case for free market policies. to be the deal-maker you said he could be. bringing legislators into the white house, hashing out a deal that can be opportunity for leadership. >> might be he just doesn't understand legislation at all. interview with "new york times" suggests he doesn't know how health insurance works. david: bottom line, veronica, market is high, the fact businesses are making more money due to a lot offing arelations swept off the books. >> earnings have been good. global growth is good. we still have easy money policies across the world. investors are in the market because, look, david, there is nowhere else to go. where will you put money? in a savings account? david: we like a president who businessman. veronica, hadley, jack, good to see you all. melissa. melissa: shake-ups happening in the white house, congress is
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pushing ahead with tax reform. senator ted cruz is voicing major concerns. >> i believe tax reform happens but i believe tax reform and obamacare are intertwined. if we get obamacare done, i think we have got to. i think chances of tax reform skyrocket. ed if obamacare burns i think chances of tax reform drop significantly. melissa: kevin cramer from north dakota, do you agree with that assessment, sir? >> what i agree with that there, without obamacare, if we don't repeal obamacare, tax reform will be different. i don't think it's dead but it is different, as we know with obamacare, obamacare taxes are trillion dollars. if we're able to repeal that trillion dollars, that makes for very different baseline than if we don't. melissa: does it make sense to go ahead with tax reform as soon as possible? would it be easier feat than health care? >> first of all, let's be clear. we've been going ahead with tax reform. ways and means committee had four hearings.
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unlike american health care act the blue plenty had luxury out there for six months. we ran on principles in better way agenda that included principles in the republican blueprint. i think the order of things is proper. that ways and means committee continued its work. is gift of frankly american health care act ways and means does the work under radar. everybody shot holes at vat tax and deduction of interest, all of those things. we're having a good discussion apart from the drama. melissa: so i'm so grad to hear you say that because that is what i've been hearing from folks. it is great to have someone on saying confirming that that's is going on. that you guys are actually working. you're getting it together. in some ways you're able to do it more effectively because everybody is distracted by this other thing. can you tell us a few of the highlights? >> well, first of all, the blueprint has been public for like you said at least six months now. melissa: sure.
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>> we know we want to lower rates obviously. we want a simpler code, flatter code. we want it to be pro-growth. one of the things we get hung up on, melissa that concerns me in terms of swamp speak we trend not trust our fa losses if i as much as we trust the cbo or a pay-for. three brackets instead of seven, flatter, if we believe that is pro-growth, create wealth, turn into jobs, turn into more revenue for a government where we should needless government because of economic growth we should take that out for a test drive, rather than require some dollar for dollar pay-for because some static scorer says so. melissa: group in the studio is saying amen. we understand the different between static and dynamic analysis, the way cbo scores it doesn't take into account any of that growth i happened to have studied economics believe exists when you do make those cuts. do you that you can drive that
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home? fellow congressman say we have to pay for it, that sounds so wonderful, what they're really saying they don't understand how the math works? >> i'm not an economist but i know how dynamic economy works at most local level. i have seen it in north dakota. in earlier segment, talked about rollback of regulations helped market. certainly helped create jobs in north dakota. we've seen nearly 50% growth in drilling in north dakota just since donald trump signed the dakota access pipeline order a few months ago. so the ultimate regulation is the tax code. melissa: yes. >> regardless what happens with obamacare, we may have to change our target a little bit. maybe it is not as as senator cruz is concerned maybe doesn't skyrocket, but if we do something to move right direction, it sends signals to the market. it tells people this is the place to invest where we should be creating jobs. i'm optimistic. melissa: you're absolutely right. we're out of time but we hear
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you. thank you, sir for coming on. david: i love when politicians get it. incentives matter. melissa: better is better. doesn't have to be perfect. let's get going. david: huge turn of events at the white house as republicans try to get the president's agenda off the ground. how today's announcement is shaking up the gop's to-do list. melissa: new white house communications director walking into controversy. rising tensions between president trump and special counsel robert mueller next. jordan sekulow, american center for law and justice is here to break it down. david: in middle of political chaos, survivors of the uss arizona sunk 75 years ago, receiving a hero's welcome at the white house.
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>> i'm close personal friends with jay connect r sekulow. i have a personal relationship with john dowd and i will work with them again and other people. making sure we're on message handling ourselves in most appropriate way possible. david: new white house communications chief, former fox business host anthony scaramucci, setting boundaries between his office and president's legal team. for more details on the boundaries, we turn to jordan sekulow, center of american law and justice, son of jay sekulow. nice to hear your dad's mention. >> he is a good friend. david: what about separation of information if you will, between what the president's legal team is doing and the communications chief in at some point they have to answer certain questions about, for example, robert mueller's investigation, do they not?
4:20 pm
>> to some extent but for the most part you're going to have most of those answers as you have seen in response to this latest leak, appears out of the special counsel, this is president serious if this was actual true information to the "washington post," david, about the special counsel, expanding their investigation well beyond russia and trump campaign to president trump selling a house in 2008 and buildings he licensed his name too, not even owned, licensed his name too, well before he was campaign. well before candidate. those questions will get answered by the legal team. they would not be answered by the white house. david: but the president already has said, outside of his own communication team to the "new york times" in the in interview yesterday, that mueller is going beyond what he should be doing. is he fishing? is robert mueller fishing for something on president trump? what do you think? >> if this leak is right, from the special counsel, first of all that is very serious that
4:21 pm
they are starting to leak information like that. second, if it is correct, the president is right it would appear to be fishing. same thing, david, another good example the fact that the special counsel told senator dianne feinstein to put up folks like jared kushner or paul nana for the. why would you do that to the special counsel even in open hearings if you don't have anything there? it appears to be a bit of fishing. the attorney's role as president's counsel to step in to make sure, remember, robert mueller and his team, they have a mandate. i have it in my hand. from rod rosenstein, you can investigate trump campaign contacts with the russian government, and of course was there criminal activity there. things that derive from that. david: seems he is going beyond what they were mandated to do. there is story out in the "new york times," not surprising, that president trump is fishing on his own, not only
4:22 pm
on robert mueller, but on background for people working on mueller, his investigative team. bill clinton we know did the same with ken starr. is that going on as far as you know? >> every attorney would do that in situation like this. these are people involved in the political world of law where they have been appointees. they have been bureaucrats. they have had private practices. three of them made significant political democratic campaign donations. the number one conflict is probably between mueller and comey. come my being the source of the leak that led to the special counsel. you can argue that as we believe that was illegal, that leak. david: right. >> but they are best friends. they once offered to resign together if president bush and general ashcroft did not do what they asked. these are guys with close personal relationship. that brings things -- go through the normal process. not to be nasty, part of the law. david: jordan we have to go. attorney general jeff sessions
4:23 pm
started all this recusing himself. that led to robert mueller being appointed by rosenstein. should sessions resign, quickly? >> i don't believe attorney general sessions should resign. i think he serves at the pleasure of the president. he is a good friend of ours. was a great senator. and you know, he serves at pleasure. if president is, doesn't want general sessions in that position he will let him know that. but no, i don't think he needs to resign as long aspects counsel is there. david: good to see you. jordan sekulow, thank you very much. melissa: democrat ekh part looking to dust themselves off after defeat in november. are they about to make a major joke of themselves with a new slogan? here is a hint. yes, they are. david: sarah huckabee sanders taking over as white house press secretary. what does it mean for the agenda. town political editor is here with his take.
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>> sean decided it was best for this team to start with a totally clean slate. think again.
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david: we have breaking news. defense secretary james mattis james mattis telling reporters at pentagon he believes that isis chief al-baghdadi, seen here on the left is still alive following weeks of speculation about his death. mattis said he has seen no evidence that baghdadi is dead. although russia claimed in june it killed him during an airstrike in syria a month earlier. melissa. melissa: major white house shake-up. sean spicer resigning as white house press secretary as senate republicans prepare for obamacare repeal vote early next week. >> senate republicans this week continued to work towards our shared goal of saving the american people from the disaster of obamacare. representatives from several grassroots organizations calling on the senate to take action on health care legislation. as the president has said inaction is simply not an
4:28 pm
option. melissa: how will changes for the white house impact the president's agenda? guy benson, political editor and fox news political editor. guy, i was floored by the performance this afternoon. i didn't expect -- i don't know why i wouldn't expect anthony scaramucci put a performance at podium. seems like most effective one this administration has had and chris wallace says same thing. he is a tough critic. what do you think about that? >> scaramucci is smooth and slick. we know him on fox business. he is good on his feet. he is able communicator. one reason he is hired president trump likes him on television. thinks he does a good job defending him on tv. probably a frustration, if you're trump, clipping through the channels. watching fox news, fox business, occasionally channels. there is a guy doing better job defending me than some people i'm paying to do that are doing, why don't i go get him?
4:29 pm
that i think the mentality the president had here. now what people will tell you, i was intern in the bush administration in the communications shop. the communications director is a very big job that usually is not that public. it involves a lot of moving parts. i suspect that anthony scaramucci will be a very different and unconventional coms director in very unconventional white house. melissa: showed us his strength is at podium. i've been on television with him before obviously. he worked here as well. i didn't expect him to be that smooth up in front of the whole crowd. seems like maybe that is his strength. maybe that is where they should have him out front? >> it would be crazy not to. melissa: yeah. >> i think reason he was hired because he is good on tv. so not putting him on tv, in front ever the cameras i think would be a mistake. part of the scuttlebutt why sean spicer stepped down was he thought exactly what we're talking about was going to transpire, where scaramucci would get the big title, out there very publicly but a lot of
4:30 pm
tough work that the communications director has to get done, logistical stuff, checking boxes, spicer feared that would all fall on to him. whether that is true -- melissa: what happens now do you think? >> that is a good question. maybe some indications some of spicer's loyalists in that communications department are also going to leave. i talked to former rnc aide who is very close to spicer who thinks there are some people on that team who are loyal to him, loyal to reince, loyal to the party. not necessarily team trump. so scaramucci might be doing some staffingp early on in hess tenure here. melissa: so net-net, i wonder what that means for the stuff right on the horizon right here? for example, they will try to tackle health care next week. on one hand you have a kind of a clean slate. turn the page, change the story, put somebody out there who defanged the press. cnn what do you think about fake news. will you keep with the fake news? no, you guys had fake news i forgave you. we're good now.
4:31 pm
he really put it right, so -- >> that was low-hanging fruit because if they're going to try to play gotcha with anthony scaramucci about fake news, cnn wronged anthony scaramucci. melissa: big-time, big-time? >> they published a story that different live up to their editorial standards. they apologized. to their credit they rescinded story and ended up firing three people. he is probably not the right guy to go after that front. he personally was targeted by actual fake news by them. melissa: so he is very good at turning the page. then on the other hand like you said, it is going to be staff with loyalists to spicer no matter how much they put people out there saying they're one big happy family. we know that is not true. >> they will say that tonight. hannity has folks. spicer and priebus will be there together. they will put on a happy face but there was, i think inciteful question during that press briefing, okay how much is just a communications problem and how much is this a political or
4:32 pm
policy problem? that is a legitimate question. some of these issues that are flying around the white house, they're not going to be solved with an attractive, articulate new spokesperson. the issues go deeper. but i think trump is probably very pleased what he saw today. now we move to next week. i want to make one point on health care quickly. melissa: please. >> the president has been all over the map in terms of what he is saying about health care, what he wants, doesn't want, changing hour by hour. one of the consistent points he made, he is right, obamacare is failing. the republicans finally have an opportunity to do what they have promised. if they fail to do that. that is a disaster for the party. he is right. and they need to pay attention and get this done. melissa: yes. don't go home until you finish your work, you will have a lot of angry people on your front lawn screaming at you. guy, thank you. >> happy friday, melissa. melissa: absolutely. david: so right about that cnn comment. they had split screen, so you could see the cnn reporter and scaramucci together.
4:33 pm
and she looked so contrite -- melissa: he was so gracious. i'm good with that. you guys had fake news and you apologized. i accepted. we're good. so, it was gray. david: knows how to deal with the press. bringing end to north korean travel. u.s. government taking stand against the regime, restricting americans stepping foot into the country. that is coming next. melissa: plus bigger, stronger, better. president trump's message about our militariry during his emotional meetings of the last survivor of the ship attacked in pearl harbor. ♪ experience advanced safety technology at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends.
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david: again with breaking news. secretary james mattis told reporters at the pentagon he believes isis chief al-baghdadi is still alive. this following weeks of speculation about his death. joining us marine gun any sergeant jesse jane duff. guney, first of all this information he was dead came from russians. they don't do their research too well, do they? >> absolutely not. secretary james mattis makes me thrilled to be a marine every time he speaks. they simply stated this man declares war on us. we will make sure he reaps that benefit. that is very coy way of saying we'll hunt you down and kill you. in marine language, this man
4:38 pm
essentially increased presence of isis around the world. they are in 42 different countries. they are one of the single greatest threats to national security. taken thousands of people hostage and decapitated christians and muslims. who would not follow their caliphate this is brutal man. david: death of otto warmbier death after being in north korean prison that proves how does that nation can be. u.s. is trying to prevent americans traveling there. this is good advice, jess. >> my goodness, any american traveling there in the first place you're dealing with brutal regime. i feel sorry for otto warmbier, he was with a tour group that he would be protected. reality we can't protect them once behind the borders. there are three americans in prison over there, and they were not tourists. they were teaching at university in pongyang. and they were too muching the elites. so you can rub them the wrong
4:39 pm
way and it is over for you. david: some places you just can't go to. >> absolutely. david: president trump, meeting today with survivors of the uss arizona. if you saw it, wonderful. that ship was sunk 75 years ago at pearl harbor. tomorrow, the president is going to be no norfolk, virginia, for commissioning of the uss gerald ford, the navy's first new aircraft carrier design in 40 years. guney, the military really is the president's strongest suit, isn't it? >> yes. under the obama administration we've lost $100 billion between 2005 and 2011 due to sequestration. our military was incapable of readiness level to allow us to fight wars on two different fronts. david: gunny, it was more than that, with president obama you were never exactly clear how strong the commitment was to the military. how well he understood military ethos, right? >> there was no understanding of military ethos.
4:40 pm
readiness was down. personnel morale was down. those on active duty i should say was he depressing, it really was. many of the members i have spoken to got out under that administration because they felt they couldn't see an end to the light at the end of the tunnel. president trump has invigorated the military with a shot of adrenaline to say the least. they know there will be revenue coming in to upgrade equipment, upgrade, everything about the military now has a high morale. they feel they have strong commander-in-chief with their best interests at heart. david: marine gunny sergeant, jesse jane duff. great to see you. >> semper fi, david. david: semper fi. i will host special edition of the "cost of freedom" at 10:00 a.m. on fox news. special look at commissioning of the guard ford. don't want to miss it. we'll see you there. melissa: democratic party is looking to rebrand but did they steal their new slogan from a pizza chain? the laughable details next. david: attorney general jeff
4:41 pm
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melissa: giving up the resistance against president trump for a better deal. democrats are preparing to unveil a, unveil a new campaign slogan next week. ready, drum roll? it is called, better deal, better skills, better jobs, better wages. they are listening to me when better is better. according to a new report from vox. it sounds a little familiar to us. >> better ingredients, better pizza, papa john's. [laughter] melissa: i mean not that there is anything wrong with papa john's, but ripping them off for the new political slogan. we're not only one making connection, "newsweek"'s headline, democrats stealing papa john's slogan for sift
4:45 pm
sifter. "washington times," democrats shun resistance to become party of pizza. not about ideas. peas is winner. gq, democrats unveiling new slogan and unfour ratingly stupid. nothing brings people together like pizza. jonathan hoenig from capitalist pig hedge fund. also a fox news, here he is. do you -- >> you said it. you said it. melissa: pizza is better is better. better is, jobs, something, more cheese. more baloney. >> what can unify americans like love of pizza. i think this slogan, melissa, i think it is actually rather brilliant. beyond the fact that people love pizza, is papa john's is well-known brand name they're capitalizing on many democrats what is their shining moments new deal. this whole idea of a better deal resonates more with a lot of americans on both sides of the aisle.
4:46 pm
melissa: i think they did -- making me jealous with the pizza, killing me. having hard time focusing here. i think they did some very advanced research. they hired one of those firms, that makes up the name like half one thing and half the other, in the end it is nothing. so they hired one of those groups. they're like, like you said, get new deal in. we have to get better in because everybody wants better. we should associate it with something subconsciously people love. so they rip off the pizza thing. the only problem is, they say better jobs, better wages, they don't actually deliver any of those things. in fact they imhe pea them. >> but even if, even if they just, you know, if they were ripping off papa john's, not a bad strategy. melissa, remember 1984 when walter mondale famously used where's the beef, wendy's slogan in debate with mondale and dukakis. he won the nomination.
4:47 pm
with pop culture cachet is not bad why. the current president proves that more than any other example. >> i didn't hear anything you said, i was smelling melting cheese. >> do you want my crust? melissa: i would take anything at this point. is there anything else in the box? what else do you have in there? do you have another slice? >> more pizza. melissa: send some our way. >> don't discount this idea from the dems. they're out of ideas now. but this has some choosy merit in my opinion. melissa: you're the best. rest of the day. david: you can tell it was chicago pizza too. special crust of chicago pizza. biggest event of the year, fans of comic books, sighness fiction, superheroes, pop culture, "comic-con" is underway in san diego, california, hillary vaughn is standing by with must-see events moments. hi, hillary? reporter: this is not your typical costume party. this is comic-con. fans come dressed to impress.
4:48 pm
we gathered together greatest cost players we could find. show you how intricate the costumes are. this is not just a chance to dress up and nerd out, this is million dollar operation. over 130,000 people will attend san diego's comic con through the weekend. bringing $143 million to the revenue to the city. its fan base is bigger than ever. >> a lot of it is like mainstream, with tv shows, people watch, "game of thrones," walking dead. everyone has same interest, can mingle with each other. reporter: here is look at some of the numbers. comic gone veriers $84 million. 17,000 hotel nights booked. 18,000 hotdogs will be sold. 28,000 cups of coffee. can be a make-or-break moment for multibillion-dollar franchises roll out the latest book, game or show. here is run-down of some of the biggest announcements.
4:49 pm
fx hinted they have a dr. doom movie in the works. d.c. confirmed chases sam will be next live action superhero movie -- shazam. we got preview what is coming up in walking dead. spoiler alert. there may be a time-lapse involved. one major character rick grimes, may not make it to the end of the show. david: wow, silver surfer behind you, hillary vaughn, thank you very. melissa: those were adults in costume walking around. david: if you're painted entirely in silver, don't you die? i think so. melissa: i don't know. david: maybe hillary can help. melissa: baffled by all of that. white house cracking down on sanctuary cities. one city refusing to abide by the law. fallout is coming up next. ♪
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david: sanctuary cities keep striking back, refusing to comply with federal law. >> some jurisdictions in this country refuse to cooperate with the federal government when it comes to, and immigration authorities to turn over illegal aliens who commit crimes but they are giving sanctuary not to law-abiding citizens of our community. they are providing sanctuaries to criminals. david: that is the problem. now a federal judge in san francisco is refusing to implement president trump's executive order to cut funding to sanctuary cities. fox news's william la jeunesse is in l.a. with the very latest on all of this. william? reporter: david, this is another throw-down by a federal judge blocking the administration use of executive authority. this case stems from an executive order issued by the president back in january said sanctuary jurisdictions that
4:54 pm
fail to comply with federal immigration law will not receive federal funds, unquote. well today the attorney general, jeff sessions, reiterated that warning. >> most cities and states do not have sanctuary policies because the vast majority of the american people are opposed to it. so i urge that the city of philadelphia, and every sanctuary city, to reconsider carefully the harm they are doing to their residents by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement. if we're going to stop the rise of violent crime, let's work together. reporter: two california cities sued that original executive order they say was too broad. sessions had argued that the order really only applied to specific and limited federal grants but federal judge, obama appointee, who raised $200,000 in campaign funds for the,
4:55 pm
president, didn't buy session' argument. 10 sanctuary cities on the blacklist, risk losing their federal money like philadelphia and san francisco, they're elated. they're not backing down. san francisco sued. l.a. providing illegal help to hair illegal immigrants. chicago told i.c.e. arresting these immigrants doesn't help crime rate. experts they don't see an end to this standoff. >> this ruling does impact the ability to get cooperation in certain cases from these local jurisdictions and their police and jails for detaining people who are here on immigration violations. reporter: so the administration has three options. number one, rewrite a more limited executive order. number two, appeal to the ninth circuit court in san francisco. get a house bill passed by the senate, gives the administration specific authority to withhold money from sanctuary cities. david, as you know, neither one of the options are quick or
4:56 pm
easy. david: amazing. where kate steinle was killed too. thank you very much. melissa: sean spicer leaving the white house. one person on "saturday night live" might be very disappointed of the. david: that is not sean. ♪ we recently had a heart attack. but we are not victims. we are survivors. we are survivors. we are survivors. and now we take brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. we take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams... it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study brilinta worked better than plavix®. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor,... ...since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent,...
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potsc(in unison) drive russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
4:59 pm
hit could be the next big thing i should totally get that domain name... get your great idea online too... get your domain today, and get... ...a free trial of gocentral from godaddy . >> i'm not here to be you're buddy! i'm here to swallow gum, and i'm here to take names! [laughter] >> okay! now let me wave something shiny in front of you monkeys! [laughter]. >> she's got a lot of it right, melissa. melissa mccarthy, of course. >> what was the gum thing? did he swallow gum? >> i don't know, it did fit the character. the amazing thing is that there
5:00 pm
is a possibility that sean spicer, i don't want to direct too many people to a competing network, but he might be on "saturday night live." >> i think he should. do they have somebody playing anthony scaramucci saturday? >> they'll have to wait and see. >> don't watch. we'll tell you about it later. >> "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: a big shake-up in the west wing, sarah huckabee sanders replaces sean spicer as press secretary after sean spicer resigns over the president naming wall streeter anthony scaramucci as white house communications director. so can scaramucci and sanders get the white house back on message with its pro-growth agenda? can they handle growing controversies including the widening russia probe, welcome to "risk & reward" i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. ge reported a nearly 60% drop in second quarter profit. stock ended down more than 2%. now after a tumultuous six months marked by frequent s


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