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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 22, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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there's also plenty more information and videos on our website... lou dobbs picks up our coverage next on fox business. [♪] lou: good evening, the hostile, sometimes hateful white house press corps may have finally gotten the communications director they deserve. white house press secretary sean spicer resigning after wall street financier anthony scaramucci was named white house communications director. sarah huckabee sanders taking on the role of white house press secretary. the shocking shakeup coming after spicer gave the president an ultimatum saying it's
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scaramucci or him. steve bannon said scaramucci would only get the job over their dead bodies. as for scaramucci himself, he seemed to be more interested in sarah sanders job. scaramucci seemingly reluctant to let go of the microphones and cameras at one point. john roberts with our report. >> it's been no secret the president has been looking to shake up his communications team. but what happened today was more like an earthquake. the speed and tumult that marked this transition was a surprise. former helping fund manager and fox business network director resigning. >> after reflection my decision
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was to recommend to the president that i give anthony and sarah a clean slate to start from. reporter: the transition happened in less than 24 hours. scaramucci talked to the president yesterday who who said he wanted him to take over white house communications. scaramucci came to the white house this morning and the president gave him the herculean task of rieght a badly listing ship. >> the ship is going in the right direction. i'm an incrementalist. to say something overly bold is unfair. good entrepreneurs start the date and go through the process. navy seals will tell you if you want to eat an elephant, you have to eat it one bite at a time.
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scaramucci and priebus who feuded at the beginning of the administration appear to have buried the hatchet. priebus saying he's 100% on board with scaramucci's nomination. >> we are like brothers. and sometimes we get ruffled, but he's a good friend. reporter: the commander-in-chief keeps stepping all over his own message with tweets and interviews. on russia, a source close to trump's legal team denied a report that he's been asking about pardons for himself and his family. the president has the plenary power of pardon. you can pardon whoever he likes. attorney general wouldn't talk about it. >> have any department of justice officials been involved
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with conversations about any possibility of presidential pardons about any of the individuals involved with the russia investigation. >> mr. chairman, i'm not able to comment on conversations with officials within the white house. reporter: the source strongly disputed a report that the president and his legal team were working to undermine and discredit robert mueller and his team by looking for conflict of interest. but the president told a different story in an interview casting doubt on the mueller investigation. >> the people being hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. the whole thing is ridiculous. reporter: scaramucci's appointment and sean spicer's departure may be the first in a chain of setbacks.
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lou: john roberts from the white house. outgoing press secretary sean spicer telling our sean hannity why he resigned. that interview airs tonight. he started sharing the podium with sarah huckabee sanders, anthony scaramucci comes in. did you feel this was against you? did you feel you were pushed out in any way or was this totally your decision? >> the president wanted to add to the team more than anything. i just think it was in the best interest of our press organization not to have too many cooks in the kitchen. lou: you can watch sean hannity's interview with sean spicer and reince priebus
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tonight at 10:00 on the fox news channel. the. fox news chain of tell jones correspondent catherine herridge has our report. >> they love to stick it to america. reporter: mike pompeo said russia is work against the u.s. he also cast doubt on russia's commitment to crush isis in syria. >> do you see evidence that russia has worked to crush isis. >> only minimal. reporter: he was a staunch critic of the nuclear deal with iran. now pompeo's position has not shift, likening iran as a
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nightmare rental. >> it's like a bad tenant. they don't pay their rent. then they send the money. then the next day there is an old tired sofa in the front yard and you tell them to take it away. reporter: director pompeo says the u.s. and its regional allies cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes as the obama administration. >> i don't know what will push them back, but i can tell you what won't. continued appeasement, and it will mean some air cans taking risks. reporter: it's a different story poll d pompeo says when it comes to iran. director pompeo delivered the
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intelligence briefing to president trump almost every day. and he says the commander-in-chief constantly presses him for options to deal with a rogue north korea. lou: the deep state judiciary continuing its war against the trump administration. an obama-appointed federal judge in california has refused to reinstate president trump's executive order to cut funding to sanctuary cities. in response to lawsuits from snrans. he raised funds for former president trump, the man who appointed him to the bench. we contacted the department of justice for comment and what will be their response, and so far no response. breaking news. "the washington post" reporting tonight that attorney general jeff sessions discussed trump
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campaign-related matters with russian ambassador to washington sergey kislyak. that, according to the "washington post." if true, that conversation would be contrary to public assertions by the embattled attorney general. ambassador kislyak's accounts of two conversations were intercepted by u.s. spy agencies that monitor the communications of senior officials in the united states and in russia. session would know that, understand that, nonetheless, the post reporting that he initially failed to disclose his contacts with kislyak and then said the meetings were not about the campaign. sessions reportedly discussing trump campaign-related matters
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with the russian ambassador to washington. , "washington post" reports tonight. the whole thing starts for the white house communications director who once called president trump a hack politician. >> i never should have said that about him. i apologize for the 50th time for saying that. is scaramucci the right person? the senate is hurtling towards an obamacare repeal vote next
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lou: the senate judiciary committee just announced it will not seek subpoenas for the appearances of donald trump, jr. and paul manafort. they are scheduled to testify next wednesday. attorneys for both have agreed to negotiate to provide the committee with documents and be interviewed by committee members and staff prior to what will be the public hearing on wednesday with their testimony. the senate judiciary committee saying it will not subpoena
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donald jr. and manafort, but is reserving the right to do so in the future. apparently considerable progress made in their negotiations. this just in. the co-founder of the opposition research firm behind if the fake trump dossier will not appear before the senate judiciary committee next week. we are told the attorneys for fusion gps saying his client will not appear next week. it is the one firm that hired british intelligence agency christopher steel to create what is now the discredited dossier on donald trump with all of the obscene accusations that it contained which ultimately was passed along to the fbi by senator john mccain.
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joining me now to discuss all of the upheaval in the white house, the executive editor of the weekly standard, fox news contributor, fred barnes. the dean himself. fred, let me start with you. scaramucci is in, reportedly reince priebus the chief of staff opposed it. steve bannon opposed it. sarah huckabee sanders opposed his entry. what do you make of it? fred: donald trump must like him a lot or he wouldn't have put number this job over the objection of others. reince priebus says he was behind scaramucci 100%. the question is what -- lou: i just looked at what happened afterwards and what happened before. that's what happened after he
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was announced. fred: and that can be very telling. but the point is scaramucci does not seem to have the skill set to be the communications director. that doesn't mean he can't do it. there is a lot he can help the president do. starting with healthcare. the republicans on the hill have not been able to sell their healthcare plan. they squeak by in the house and fail in the senate. but the public is not in favor of it. maybe scaramucci can get the president to sell that plan, not just talk about it. but sell it. donald trump is the only one left. lou: that's a pretty good one to have left. your reaction to bringing in scaramucci and the resignation of -- of sean spice were.
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ed: i like scaramucci, i think he's very bright. the first time i joined the white house administration was back in nixon days, bob halterman said this is the national football league. the white house is full -- lou: there is considerable irony. ed: i never forgot that and i thought that when i hired my own people in the white house. at the end of the day we have a bunch of amateurs in the white house who learn slowly. i think scaramucci has -- exceeds the ability to go to the president and tell him what he needs to be doing and help him get on the track and have a better communication program. but i don't see anything at this point that convinced me. a nice interview today, but it's probably the best day he will
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ever have. lou: let me turn to the announcement that donald trump, jr. and paul manafort will not be subpoenaed by the judiciary commit. >> i, have agreed to turn over documents. this will not be testifying under oath. what kind of watered down process has this become. fred: i'm not so sure they are not going to testify under oath. it just says negotiations will continue. they will hand over some documents and decide later whether they are going to come and talk. i think it's more dangerous their talk tpg off the record to the staff and members of the committee than it is to speak publicly because you never know. those documents and the transcripts of what they say can be leaked. watergate, the senator was
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handing out transcripts of what people supposedly said off the record. lou: what about gps fusion? we learn the co-founder won't be testifying at all. fred: subpoena shim. lou: apparently they didn't think of that. this is getting bizarre. the house and senate committees, oversight committees, judiciary committees both are acting very strangely and it doesn't make a lot of sense. it's one thing to be bringing people in, but to be acting like it is a campfire roast is to me just asinine. ed: if they are not going to do it right and add something to the format of getting to the bottom of this story, don't play the game. lou: watching this kind of
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behavior -- first all, it's a terrible distraction from his agenda and administration. they are trying to subvert his administration outright. it's time to bring the leaders of the house and senate together and say stop this. ed: i couldn't agree more. lou: there is no bottom and no top. we can't get to the bottom if we can't find the surface. ed: you need someone to say we started these investigations. lou: "the washington post" reporting jeff sessions according to intel intercepts talked about the campaign with the russian ambassador. there is no there there. there is no meaning to it. there is no statement of what they did talk about. but the implication, the
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innuendo is typical of the deep state. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think the white house should be doing more to disqualify the special counsel because of its obvious conflicts of interest. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. "lou dobbs tonight." twitter followers reading my new thriller with jim born, putin's gambit. susan tweeted, lou, love your show. you speak for many of us. we would love a signed copy. you got a deal. keep tweeting our emails and you receive an autographed copy of "putin's gambit." volume on the big bored 3
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billion shares. g.e. posting a drop in profits. g.e. finishing down 3%. a 60% decline in earnings. g.e. til met it earnings target. manage that. markets mixed. the dow off a fraction and the nasdaq weekly gains of more than 1%. we are coming right back. anthony scaramucci end his first briefing with a kiss to the press corps. we'll have the highlights coming up here next. here's something we bet you didn't know.
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lou: the senate judiciary
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committee has seen a -- has subd the founder of fusion gps. the move came after simpson the co-founder of fusion gps declined to speak before the committee wednesday. a few thoughts now on the newly arrived white house communications director anthony scaramucci and the shakeup in the white house press office that preceded it. scaramucci talked to the white house press korns today for 35 minutes. we thought would enjoy listening to the communication direct yoorps record. here is scaramucci. >> i think you will find in my background and career, i have a lot of communications experience, and i spent a lot of time on television. i had a series of set tbhaks my life which i have written about. i wrote a best selling book. i took trial advocacy at harvard
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law school with i have a lot of family members who served in the military. my generation, 1964, i did not serve it's one of the regrets of my life. if the president says it, my guess is there is probably some level of truth to that. the president is the most of competitive person i have ever met. i have seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. i have seen the madison square garden with the top coat on, he sings 3-foot putts. thank you. lou: there you have it, a new era under way in the white house communications department. the communications director. carley: *. director. anthony scaramucci.
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this from thee tore roosevelt. if you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most your trouble you wouldn't sit for a month. cia director mike pompeo suggesting the united states. we take up the administration's efforts to denuclearize north korea. this crazy man can't resist sharing his hot dog with allocators. that's right. sharing with allocators. call it insane. call it what you w w w w w
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lou: joining me to discuss north korea, retired four-star general jack keane. general, glad to have you with us. the president comes word that he sent back his national security advisors and generals to come up with a new plan for afghanistan. he didn't like what they produced.
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>> what's being talked about in washington is just that. the plan seemed to reflect the old policies in afghanistan and the president's instincts, i believe, we need something new and dramatic. we have got to deal with pakistan because that's where the afghan sanctuaries are. if we don't deal with that we just protract the war. lou: there is speculation in the national left-wing media, the fake news, if you prefer. that h.r. mcmaster, the national security advisor has gone for a walk-about and the implication is he's thinking about his career and perhaps this is a moment in which you will see possibly a new national security advisor because the president by all accounts is very upset with him. >> i don't know if that's true
4:36 am
or not. lou: i don't either. >> i talked to a couple of people who worked with him. one last night and one today. i know h.r., he's a friend and i care about him. i said what's going on here. they said a lot of that is disinformation leaked by his rivals. unnamed who they are. lou: i don't know how anybody thank that white house has time to get anything done because one is leaking about the other, it seems in significant volume day after day after day. isn't there any way to get a handle? is there any magic here, any panacea to this kind of pervasive leaking in the white house? >> most of administrations have some kind of rivalry going on,
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and the media feeds on it and enjoys talking about it. what is taking place in this administration is unrivaled by anything we have seen before it's a total injustice to a president who is trying to get a job done. lou: i take it there is no easy solution to this. you just have to find them and lead them by the napes of their necks from the white house grounds. >> there are ways to go after this if you are dead serious about this. you can slap lie detectors on people and fire them in full public view. lou: do you think anything else will work here for the president. >> until he fires some of them, probably not. they will continue, sadly to say. lou: let's turn to the idea the
4:38 am
cia director would be willing to absolute regime change for denuclearization of the korean peninsula. is that a realistic possibility or is that a man who is facing a lot of difficult choices in the way of the director of the cia mike pompeo. is that just a yearning as it were? >> i think it's an instinctive reaction to the question it's aspirational. puvment s. public policy is unequivocal on north korea. we are using the international community, sanctions are the driver to get after this thing, and they are going all in on this in a way no administration has before. we'll see if they are able to get some results. lou: general jack keane, good to have you on the show. please roll the video with an
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lou: top allies of pope francis attacking religious supporters of president trump. in a vatican reviewed journal the papal confidantes are
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accusing them apractice apocalyptic gop politics. they are cite sizes the president over his call for a border wall to enforce border security. my next guest says after six months in office the president has exceeded evangelical christians' expectations on religious liberty. the pope in some of his top advisors inserting themselves directly into the deep state and left-wing anti-trump politics that are working to subvert president trump and his administration. >> this is more garbage from the religious left. talking about embracing an apocalyptic world view in order
4:45 am
to establish a theocracy. i think if we knew what president obama knows about what's real i going on in north korea, return and china, we would all have an apocalyptic view. we live in a real world with real conflicts. fortunately we have a president who understands that and is trying to protect us from those threats. lou: and is doing so precisely along the expectations when you first support him and his candidacy for president. it's to me extraordinary that this white house maintained its best relationships from all appearances with the evangelical community, the faith-based community. and it has been a done assistant source of -- a constant source of strength and support for the president. >> it is. i said in my introduction of president trump a couple weeks
4:46 am
ago. he exceed our expectations in just six months in protecting religious liberty and appointing conservative justices and judges and reinvigorating the economy. for this president to continue to make progress, we who are conservatives will have to destroy and this axis of evil that is destroying the trump presidency. we cannot allow that to happen. lou: those people who are confused by the efforts to subvert this president. all they have to do is looking at the major donors, the people who fund politics of every stripe. they are after he lined for the most of part against this president and their media enterprise, the left-wing media attack dogs, but they are the ones actually calling out the
4:47 am
president and they could change all of this just by simply by calling off the dogs, if you would excuse the expression. pass for robert jeffress, thanks for being with us. six months as president and he has made real progress against presidenagainst -- against prest obama's disastrous statistics. the number of americans on food stamps as fallen to a 7-year low. in 2013, the obama administration was sending $40 million a year advertising trying to recruit food stamp recipients. anthony scaramucci taking the podium praising president trump. >> i don't see this guy as a
4:48 am
good siege. he's a competitive person. there is a lot of incoming that comes into the white house. but the president is a winner and we are going to win. lou: we take up today's developments in the white house. it could be the next big thing i should totally get that domain name... get your great idea online too... get your domain today, and get... ...a free trial of gocentral from godaddy
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sfx: loud poorly played electric guitar that sounds awful but a lot better than last week ♪rock guitar music ♪we weren't born to follow lou: in our poll last night we asked, do you believe president
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trump will fire senator jeff sessions. 73% of you said no. we haven't seen much of democratic national committee chairman tom perez and perhaps with good reason. the latest fec filings show the dnc is going broke. rnc is debt free, $45 million cash on hand. tom perez just goes around using vulgar language swearing at everybody. the dems are finding out it doesn't work too well with most of people, particularly the people they raise money from. matthew dowd said this, what is funny, trump folks say they demand loyalty. scaramucci raised money for
4:53 am
obama in 2008, romney co-chair 12, support walker, then bush in 16. crystal maintains a constant monitor on the condition of the democracy. jonathon carl writing, more strange times. i went to ask sean spicer a question about scaramucci and he slammed the door in my face. what did he think would happen. joining me to discuss the massive shakeup at the white house, the executive editor of the weekly standard fred barnes. the dean himself, ed rollins. let's start tammy with you.
4:54 am
the white house shakeup, it's a strange reaction as you heard in the twitter-verse. they don't seem to ever approve of anything president trump does. tammy: if people like bill kristol like the, i worry. you want to see these usual suspects upset. lou: kristol decide it's a third worldization. i don't quite get the third world reference. tammy: the bret stevens column in the "new york times." it's an anti-intellectual. scaramucci goes to harvard but he's italian and there are issues regarding that. it was remarkable.
4:55 am
but giuliani being the mayor of new york then running for president? there is still an issue. lou: resurrected bigotry in america. tammy: anti-intellectualism. you didn't go to the right schools or you just like donald trump. that's the new dynamic that sets you apart. there must be something wrong. lou: you think bret stevens has a snooty establishment way about it? tammy: these individual, they like having the dynamic they enjoyed and they don't want to share it. fred: i'm not going to name any names. but it's certainly out there, and we see it in the so much of the mainstream media that wants to do something that has never been done by the press, and that is to drive donald trump out of
4:56 am
office. lou: i think we can be even more inelegant than we have been to this point. president trump ran against the establishment of both parties, the business establishment. the social establishment. and now he's beset from he quarter by the establishment. throwing billions of dollars at subverting his presidency. it seems to me that straight forward. >> absolutely. as a guy who is totally -- i think trump is shake it up. i hope. carley: can perform at the level he needs to. and i hope he can give the president the advice and counsel. lou: let's show how much threat they represent to this great
4:57 am
constitutional republic. they have a new slogan point's a beauty. are you ready? have we got a full screen for this? hello? i'm sorry? we have a commercial, even better. i'm not used to seeing live video. roll it if you will. >> better ingredients, better pizza, papa john's. lou: better skills, better jobs, better wages it's a lot like that papa john's thing. tammy: paul ryan's better way. we decided we wanted the better jobs, and better way. we did that with donald trump. we agree this no brings up if you have been in washington for decade and you are suggesting there is something better, why didn't we get the better at the start. lou: let's get to the other part
4:58 am
of this. get to the nub. that's out of date. i want you to weigh in on this. why not just say to hell with healthcare and let the democrats eat it? crush them, and get it out of donald trump's way. get it out of the way of a gop leadership in both houses. let's just move on and let the democrats live with the death spiral and the consequence. fred: i'll tell you what i think happened. republicans would be forced into bailing out obamacare. that's why it's so important to pass this bill in the senate. lou: you republicans always have an excuse. you guys are being pummeled. fred: i'm not giving them an excuse.
4:59 am
they have acted ridiculously. and they haven't been able to put together a team. there are conservatives and liberals who don't backed the team. the republicans are the problem at the moment. ed: we are going to vote on something next week, we are just not sure what we are going to vote on next week. tammy: after five years. >> go make your run and get a healthcare repeal. i think you are going to lose at the end of the day. law of the land. obamacare will remain until it crashes and burns. lou: and donald trump will be proved right. get the heck out of the way and let the democrats have their way and destroy themselves. tammy bruce, fred barnes, ed rollins. havhave a great weekend. be sure to buy my new political
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thriller "putin's gambit." they love it. and we love them. so get your copy of "putin's gambit" at a bookstore near you. that's it for us. recommend, jim born fan i wrote "putin's gambit." kennedy: the president calls out attorney general jeff sessions and robert mueller. o.j. simpson granted parole after 9 years in the slammer. are celebrities the only answer for democrats in 2020? we'll look at the ridiculous field of potential candidates. a "new york times" interview with the president produced gobs of red meat. the president didn't hold back and


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