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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's quickly becoming a reality. dr. kaku, thank you so much. you can follow me on facebook and twitter @kennedynation and >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump making clear his frustration on the russian colougz investigation that produced no evidence of wrongdoing and in the president's mind a witch hunt and a language witch hunt at that. with the fbi investigating the issues, since juvenile last year, it is a year long and the house and senate and intelligence committees since january. in a wide ranging interview with the new york times, president
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trump aim took sheer ineptitude of the justice department and blaming the doj for sensationizing the hysterical charges of the left wing media and left wing that the president's white house colluded with the russian. he clearly frustrated that the doj and fbi is not defending the defendant. he would not have hired sessions if he known sessions would have recused himself. and lashing out at deputy attorney general rod rose epstein.
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and the president left open of firing special counsel robert mueller who is running an office rife with contrast of intchlt and warning mueller against expanding the russian collusions investigation if he were to include his family's finances. mueller may have already crossed that line. john roberts has our report. >> reporter: the president has no intention of firing jeff sessions, but he beat the stuffing out of him in public. at highlighting american manufacturing, the president ignored the questions of believing in the attorney general. and the daily off camera
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briefing sarah huckabee considered for her boss. the attorney is disappointed with attorney general sessions recusing himself. but he has confidence in him or he would not be attorney general. >> he said in the interview had he known sessions would have bowed out of the russian investigation he would not have named him as attorney general. >> if he was going to recuse himself he is have took the job. how do you take a job and recuse yourself? it unfair and that is a mild word to the president. >> reporter: the white house said the president was candid about what sessions d. in doing so, he stepped over his forceful mess amg of health care reform.
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and announced the takedown of website and traffic and guns was an embarrassing inquiry as to whether the attorney general would resign. >> i have the honor of serving as attorney ynl and that goes beyond combh thought of myself. we love this job and department and i will do so as long as that is attorney. >> reporter: the president was critical of rod rosenstein. he was irritated when he worked in bament balt saying there are very few republicans in baltimore if any. rosen stein brushed off the criticism. >> i am proud to be here today. >> reporter: and the president issued a tern warning to rob mueller to keep his nose out of
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his family's business dealings. >> that is a breach and i would say yes. >> reporter: mueller was looking into the president's finances but it was limited it business deals with russians which the president seemed okay with. >> i don't have business in russia. >> it is now including the finances. the president has no intention of firing robert mueller. whether the jeff sessions feels his relationship with the president is so damaged is another matter. >> lou: our first guest, whether mueller has moved why notted the scope of a special counsel
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mention and joining us former defense attorney gregg jarret. good to see you. start with attorney general sessions where the president put most of his focus. he was upset when he recused himself and festering awful this time with the president. >> one thing is donald trump talks openly and openestly. and he made legitimate point. that sessions doesn't have to recuse himself but did anyway. and i think he did wrongfully. the president is right. if you look at rules of the department of justice, a person may recuse himself if a reasonable person thinks that his impartiality is in question. what is reason to one person and
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unreasonable to another. >> lou: that yard stick is not available in washington d.c. >> sessions didn't have to recuse administration the president is correct. >> lou: and i think jeff sessions understood he had when he went back to at this time senate judiciary committee after being attacked viciously and defended himself. this is a man of great integrity and stalwart for donald trump from the beginning. i don't know if it can be mended between the two men. there is a clear message to the justice department. i am the president of the united states says donald trump you better danl well defend me and prosecuting those who are
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carrying out injurous whether clinton and the fact that james comey didn't investigate the clinton foundation and didn't choose to recommend or go ahead with a corrupt and politicalized justice department in the history of our country means that there has to be changes made by the justice department. >> that may have been the reasons for the president's words. >> it looks like a gentleman's club. it is sickened to watch the inactivity and passivity. they are innerivated and unfocused and unmotivated and don't have targets. >> on the campaign trail, the president said he would have
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a prosecutor to appoint the opening of e-mail controversy and it hasn't happened. um have an attorney general who he appointed and he sand bagged him and resulted in robert mueller appointed as special counsel and has a glaring conflict of interest. and the withdrawal and recuesal and easy pass to special counsel and a free reign to run amuck. >> you are correct. not only does robert mueller have a conflict of interest that is mandatory, but you have rod rosenstien. he engineered the firing of
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james comey. and mueller is supposed to man who did the firing. there are so many conflicts and the president made it clear last night, he will make a public case about these conflicts of interest. >> and there ought to be people who are fair and unbiassed heading up the investigation and not the people who are the opposite. >> lou: and the left wing is look being at the trump/russian collusion without finding one sen telea of evidence. that means one scin telea of
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evidence. it is absolutee on the day which the president is serving six months as our president, today they are complaining about his public statements of precisely as you alluded to what is in his heart and mind about each of these figures and his dissatisfaction of combf them. >> is that because the media doesn't like donald trump and their allegiance is elsewhere? the left wing media is scared to death with the truth and this president is showing what the left wing media is made of. it is complicated in so many ways. but it is simple. as always great to see you. we'll be back with much more. stay with us.
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president trump makes it clear to senate republican, failure is no longer an option. >> my message is simple. we should hammer this out. >> lou: did the republicans get the mess amg. we'll join kelly ann conway next. >> and the postal service feeling the heat and allowing the employees to violate the law and work for the crooked hillary clinton campaign. how is that permitted? is somebody going to jail? much more straight ahead. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> here now to discuss the failure of senator mcconnell and will paul ryan on health care. and the insistence that the president rise above it. here is kelly ann conway. great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: the president said this failure is temporary and success is within reach and he intends the leaders deliver? >> look the president sits right
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behind pen in hand ready to sign a true repeal and replacement of the health care. donald trump is here for six month and they have talked about is seven years. this should be easy lou. they know the sucker is collapsing. 83 similarers are leaving and premiums up close to three this happened and 40 counties without no insurer and over 1300 counties that is not a choice at all. and what this bill would do under the president's leadership would use free market and health such aings accounts. the insurance card is not worth the paper it is presented on. the premums are too high. the president is stabilizing the market and the gafl governors more flexibility. these guys ran on repealing
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obama care and if they are vote on now is vote on yes to bump bum care. and they will have to face a hail of fire back at home. >> lou: as we watch the president host the 49 senators and hellier sitting there and jabbing him all the way and pointing out when he does go home, it is going to be hellfire if he is not on board. the president looks relaxeded and command of that moment and this president is six months as president of united states and he looks more comfortable and assured and more reassuring in that role than the national left wing media will acknowledge and
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admit and every other american will acknowledge. he is truly and even in the face of all of the strife of mccon and he will the gop. he is certain of himself and the direction we are directed. >> for two hours it was clear that the president is holding forth in conversation. he is in command and control. even in the six months here in office. most of his accomplishments which are considerable are done outside of the legislative process. and you are talking about tpp withdrawal x. mexico city policy and unleashing energy and three percent plus dproeth. we had that from the 1940s to 2007 and seltzed for two percent or less since then. this is crazy.
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this president is putting us on 25 record highs for the dow jones and stock market loves him and consumer and home builder and manufacturers. and the president knows there is news that people are see nothing 401 k statement and businesses are expanding and he noise the nonsense around him. they were done by him outside of the legislature process. and it is time for the legislature to put on his desk the process this they ran on. it should be an easy one. >> we all expected it would be beginning with health care legislation in the house. but there speaker ryan and his leadership team made it far more complicated as you said. this should be easy processing to repeal the obamacare law and
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suddenly, a handful of people. three are wilting before the very prospect of standing before their constituent and i actually made health care better and saved health care from obamacare. >> or there will be a vote that sunk it and they will have a lot of explaining to do. the president said there are two great opportunities for them. and he's willing to lead here. one to do a great thing for the government by getting the government out of the patient/doctor relationship and forcing 6.5 million americans to fork over billion to irs. and opening up choice again and access and he said it is it a great thing for the party. country first and then party. democrats were seens invincible and voted for obamacare and government programs and lost.
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nancy pelosi lost the speaker ship and lost 14 and 16, based on this issue. and then the president is moving on to tax reform and we are working on that every district attorney. beef is now sold in china. and made in america here in the white house is extraordinary. >> renegotiating nafta in one month. week of august 16th. earliest you can to it by statute, they announced they will start it week of the 16th. >> lou: you are getting the hang of the washington thing. you have the details. >> we are draining the swamp. the place runs on inertia and he is friction and kinetic energying and some folks are working with him. there is washington speed and trump speed and they are very
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far apart. >> lou: that is it a gas in washington d.c. i have to let you go, but watching mitch mcconnell explaining the dull dreadful details compare it to the president and all that the administration accomplished to this point, it is it quite something to behold. the president moving ahead. you think that i am stay through the recess to get it done? >> they ought to. he said you should stay in town and that's what leaders and businessmen. to >> let them pass health care reform and get on to the nomination process. 23 percent of the nominees confirm would when president obama had closer to 60 percent plus. we have the stop gap. obstruct and resist movement wearing pink hats.
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>> let me give you my view on that. it's time to show senator schumer what street smart new york in brain and innovation is all b. and well, just move it on as it were. >> one last thing president health care. >> lou: how long is it taking. >> if you are a republican senator vote for the motion to proceed and offer a amendment. ted cruz went from no and yes to offer his amendment. >> lou: and they will do exactly that. kelly ann conway. >> thank you. >> lou: congressional investigator and deep state justice officials covering up crooked hillary clinton. and i will take up the need to
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>> lou: a few thoughts on profound questions that congressional agency and left wing national media should be answering and refuse to do so as they ignore the real collusion. dc swamp. why didn't for example president obama do more to stop the russian intervention once he learned of the russian hacking of the dnc servers? and why didn't they allow federal access to the servers and how in the hell of national security could they get away. and who unmasked trump transipgz official and why hasn't our
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intelligence agencies acted to hold obama officials accountable. and what about the clinton corruption and ties to russian and the pay offs to the clintions? and what about attorney general loretta lynch instructing then fbi director james comey to call the clinton investigation a matter. and the bill clinton/lynch tarmac meeting and the list goes on. the left wing media is indifferent to the special counsel and the obvious conflicts. in fact mueller was intervened to replace comey as fbi director, a man he's known since 2003. president trump turned down mueller to have that job. does that look like a conflict of interest.
6:31 am
comey and mueller are described as brothers in arms. mueller's conflects extenld to legal team democratic donor and nearly half gave money to hillary clinton and one staffer donating hallelujah to demand republicans and show up for money for the legal team. and as for rod robin stien he wrote a letter recommending firing comey. he's in denial of the massive conflicts that surround him. >> i made the decision to appoint director mueller. he had an excellent reputation and bipartisan support for his integri integrity. if there were conflicts that
6:32 am
employed by director mueller. we have a process and we will see if that do the right thing? >> we'll see if they do the right thing? and if there is conflicts, there is no hypothetical. they are on the face of this mess we call a special counsel. massive conflicts of interest and a deputy attorney general that is it spewing platitudes and denying that there is an apparent conflict of interest for the special counsel. i personally believe it is time for president trump to get rid of rosenstien. and mueller and clear out the obama left overs and appoint officials to investigate the real corruption, and the toxic collusion in the dc swamp. as deputy a g rosen stein said, it is it time to do the right thing. it is past time.
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and now the quotation of the evening from henry kissinger. corrupt pomititions make the other ten percent look bad. we're coming right back. president trump has been six months in office and the economy is thriving and country is moving. >> americans are going back to work in construction site and mines across the country. >> lou: we'll give the president a report card. and assistant attorney general tony sa eq joins me. and these are not the regular bike ride. you don't want to missing it. stay stap. we'll be back with that and much more. ♪
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or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> lou: it has been six months since president trump took office. and the economy is booming and markets are flying and nasdaq at an all- time high. major since inauguration day. 4 trillion in market cap. almost 900000 jobs have been created under president trump. and the unemployment rate dropped 4- 10ths down to.4
6:38 am
percent. that is not a bad six months. ed rolins didn't want to give him a grade. i give him a plus. there is still work to do. no down the about it. the treasury department assistant secretary for public affairs. >> great to be back with you. >> lou: i am serious. think much the hell we would be as a country if hillary clinton had been elected. the markets would be in a trash heap and the economy would be locked in place and growth rates are talking about the new normal as 1- 2 percent again and instead where things happen in the third quarter. >> with the economic growth and raises wage and creates good paying job and includes revenue
6:39 am
to the government. >> lou: you didn't think i was going to answer your question. >> no. you see what the problem is? and go to the most important issue. jobs. 900000. 821000 are private jobs. and 72000 construction. and 41000 are manufacturing jobs. he's creating the economy for a decade was nearly eliminated by bad economic policy. >> lou: and the national left wing media will not give him credit. and the difference in the leadership tone of president trump versus the his predecessor. and everything he can do to slow down the engines of growth. and now we are talking about energy independence and we were
6:40 am
told by obama we can be exporting. but we are talking about energy independence, folks. this count reap is taking control of its destiny under this president. >> they are leveraging the power that was thwarted for eight years by bad economic and domestic hells policy. we have chaefrnged the reinstruction of government control and democracy growth and empowerment of people to make decision. when you talk about tax reform. that's what is. > lou: what is happening right now is tax reform and it is uphill work for the president and team and treasury. i mean. this is tough stuff especially when you have a congress and senate and confused leadership
6:41 am
in both instructions. >> i will happily report to you. >> i am telling you the facts and you decide what you think much them. >> you have a report. >> and the viewers will decide. we have had a group of six and representing the administration and working on tax for a very long time. they meet with kevin brady every week. >> lou: what about the board adjustment tax? >> we negotiating with them. >> lou: or are we going to follow the president's agenda? >> our plan was based on the campaign plan that the president campaigned on focused on growth and jobs. >> lou: this would be's facts plan. >> it is it on job creation and
6:42 am
economic growth and helping main street reclaim economic destiny. >> lou: and trillion in infrastructure spending at the top of the president's spending. >> i continuing is it a separate matter than tax. >> lou: i would put. >>oose your number. >> lou: i used the president a number. >> two parts of it. individual side is squarely focused on giving middle income tax relief and simpleifying the tax code. and you get 95 percent of the americans potentially doubling the standard deduction. >> they will save on postage, too. >> bullet business side we are focused on as well.
6:43 am
>> lou: when does that happen. >> we'll get a business tax rate. and i would say sacramento looks good to see what we are working on. >> lou: you are working the might thing mr. secretary. roll the video. and drivers on a busy road in rush. ia two device and a bear in russia. i wonder if that is anyone from the trump administration. no, it couldn't. a two 50,000 bear. it is it part of a traveling circus run by a motorcycle club. and growing economies of robert mueller's investigation of investigating on colaugz. presidential historial doug
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>> lou: joining us is author and historian doug wealth. thank you for being here.
6:48 am
these calls from congressman and chris flores republican from texas asking the.'schildren to leave the white house. what is your reaction to that in >> before we get started, lou, i read your book putin's revenge and it was great. i haven't enjoyed a spy thriller leak that since the smiley's people trilogy of joefrj smiley. it was great. >> lou: appreciate that. it is kind. let's just talk about my book. >> well, you know, you have a scenes in there where you have putin himself. i didn't think that could be pulled off. i have written's thousand pages of memorandums to presidents of the united states and i get spy thrillers and i think they could never happen and i can't finish it.
6:49 am
>> lou: getting back to bill flores and asking the president's children to leech the white house or the punish to shush them out of the white house your reaction? >> i think the left for sometime is trying to isolate the president and that was part of the fling thing. he had a long time to get the people. he trust his son-in-law and they are brilliant and competent. that trip to the middle east was superb x. that was jared kushner and ivanka is superb. >> lou: they are supporting their dad, the president of the united states. and i think it is it a terrific thing. you know, you can find points where maybe yes or no they should or not have done
6:50 am
something. but the reality is, president has the opportunity people that he knows with him and it is his family and it is important to have that in the white house. sdmshgs they know each other and can reach each and they are competent and loyal. and they invest your time with the boss and then he's out. but if you are a son and daughter you will go to the end and if you tell them something it is staying power. and that's why 18 sons served their father combening with john adams who appointed his 30-year-old son minister to prussia. >> he became president. >> lou: turning to senator feinstein talking about robert mueller and saying he will not
6:51 am
object to public testimony by donald trump urine or paul manafort. that is it a form of exculpation. i don't believe mueller would checkoff on that if he felt anything meaningful would be compromised. that is depend news for the administration. >> i do, i am troubled that mueller is following around like a puppy dog the national media. i hope he pursues ho his own. na pollian said you shouldn't go to battle too often with a certain opponent because they will use your strategies against you. democrats and republicans have been so obstructionist to each other. the investigation is stumbling in to things that temdems have done and russian colugsz on their side.
6:52 am
>> it is it far more collusion from the democrats and russians than any republican in any russian. thank you for being here and by the way, what taste he has in books, my gochltd doug, thank you so much. up next, president trump marking six months of incredible achievement in office as president of the united states. charlie hard, ebony williams joins me now and we'll see what it takes to be a a plus on the president. stay with us. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one.
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i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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>> lou: our on line poll, dew believe that the senate will stay through the august recess and get something done on health care. 76 percent of you said no. little negative. joining me is charlie hurt and ebonnie williams. look at that. >> what a doll you are. another great bookment lookament that. look at that. >> where is my book. where is eboni's book. >> you are looking proud in the
6:57 am
seersucker. >> it is 9000 degrees here in the swamp. none of the nicest things i heard about washington. >> the reason they built this here, is that no one would stay here. >> charlie is giving me a historical tour of the swamp. good to have you both here. let me start with the president. he's had it obviously and making it clear. sessions is got to start performing and mueller has got to get out of the conflicts of intlchlt nthe president was very, very clear. he did not appreciate a g stegzs recusing himself. >> lou: you made it at it? >> it was honevaporashonest. i am ready to sign. he's letting but where is the
6:58 am
follow-through? >> lou: charlie, where is the follow-through? it is going to fix this thing, president has to get donor and either dry up the wachl in dc, and mcconnell and will ryan and stop the nonsense and get this country moving again. >> i think that the president needs to spend more time talking about i have a pen and ready to sign and hectoring of republicans yesterday was the greatest political anything that we have seen in a while around here. i want more of that. and less going after jeff sessions. jeff sessions, i agree with donald trump he shouldn't have recused himself. but jeff sessions is not the problem here. >> lou: i understand the view which is absolutely, rational. but i think there is a larger message that it is president is sending. it is time to go justice
6:59 am
department to go after the perps leak the clinton and loretta lynch and those who are trying to subvert the government of the united states. >> that is not jeff sessions. >> lou: he has to do it. >> i agree with that. but jeff session size committed to that. and i want donald trump to put every lead on the target every day and focus on that. and not get slyped by this story. and in any interview that you give to the new york times, he has to know it will not work out to his advantage. >> i disagree with that. i think the president knew what he was doing. he didn't. to talk about health care and unfortunately mitch mccon excel paul ryan failed him and the american people. and sessions was a sis traction.
7:00 am
>> i pray you are right and it was part of the plan. >> lou: we are short on time and we thank you. jim bourn andin wrote "pitun's gamit. ". good night from new york. lass collector. >> [ imitates sword whooshing ] >> he had a love affair with these items. >> that's smart. >> and speaking of love affairs... >> what's this gun? >> this is a sawed-off shotgun that was carried by the barrow gang. >> the barrows? like bonnie and clyde barrow? >> like bonnie and clyde. >> their violent exploits spawned a legend... >> those images of these young outlaws shooting up the highways of america... [ gunshots ] ...somehow touches people. >> ...that may yield a fortune. >> the place is packed. people on the telephones are bidding. there's intense interest in the bonnie and clyde story. >> it was a mind-blower to watch. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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