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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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brett baier on a big night. i will see you on fox channel. . lou: good evening, a big win for president trump and republican leadership after the senate voted to begin debate on repealing obamacare, president trump will take something of a victory lap any moment now with a make america great again rally in working class city of young town, ohio. it is billed as rally in the valley, we'll bring you the events as soon as the president takes the stage. we understand he is running just a few minutes late, president has the wind at his back.
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with a major step forward in repealing obamacare with a procedural vote today. >> senator mccain, returning to washington d.c. to cast the crystal 50th vote. infamous rhinos, susan co collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska, breaking ranks. forcing vice president mike pence to break the tie. president trump reacting in a news conference at the rose garden. >> i am extremely happy that we got this vote. this is -- they say, if you look historically, this is the tough vote to get, now we're going to sit together and try to come up with something that is really spectacular, we have a lot of options, i want to thank some of the republican senators who were really
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fantastic in getting us here, particularly john mccain for making the trip. i think we'll have a great health care, this is the beginning of the the end of the disaster known at obamacare. lou: kevin corke travelings with the president in youngstown ohio, reporting to the president's busy day. include a sharp rebuke of attorney general sessions. >> we'll see what happens, time will tell. reporter: president trump was unwilling to put a timeline on when or whether he would fire attorney general jeff sessions. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies. which are leaking like rarely have they ever leaked before. at a very important level, we
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cannot have that happen. reporter: today, from the hammering his a g on twitter, writing sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton's crimes. clear indication that president, now wants him out, telling the times when he told reporters. >> sessions had have never recused himself, if he was going to it he should have told me before he took the job, i ul have maked someone else. >> wasted little time weighing in. lilindsey graham, tweeting today -- >> i think that the attorney general is doing a fine job,
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he made the right decision to recuse himself from the russia matter. >> it is clear that president trump is trying to attorney his own attorney general out of offers, how can anyone draw a different conclusion. if president trump had serious criticisms about his attorney general, why not talk to him in important. he wants him out. >> white house officials acknowledged the president's disappointment. >> i think that is a decision that if the president wants to make he will. and he can continues to move forward and focus on other thing, the frustration has not gone away. you know, i don't think it will. >> the cone versey come as white house deals with increasing internal friction, but officials tell fox news they are concerned about losing their job now that anthony scaramucci has taken
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on role of the administrator director. michael short is a first staffer to say he will be leaving the team. this evening a big rally for the president in young youngstown, ohio, a chance to celebrate in the buckeye state. i'll have coverage for you this evening. lou: thank you, kevin, we look forward to your coverage of what promises to be, if this rally holds true to others, it should be exciting. >> first guest said that president trump should not fire jeff sessions but the clinton ties to russia should be investigatedded. here to talk about what all is happening in washington d.c.,
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former speaker of the house, 2012 presidential ca candidate, newt gingrich. also author of understanding trump, now on "new york times" bestseller list for the last 5 week, congratulations, good to i have with us. >> thank you. >> let's start with greatest. that is president. going after jeff sessions, some of his open staff, and scaramucci among them saying, i would advise the president -- excuse me robber mueller, we getting some of the leaks out of the white house. we're getting some public statements now that are irritating and unusual. >> i think this is a very
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unusual administration, have you a businessman who never participated in electionive office before, he has assembled a team that is still getting to know ea each other, and i think that scaramucci is a good step, i think gradually you will see trump get less aggressive. scaramucci will be so aggressive he will take up some of the burden. lou: already threatening to fire everyone in the communications department. >> well, that is -- you know, this is much more of a nondiplomatic operation. >> and good for them. >> entrepreneurial system, you talk about -- not fantastic. >> that is president-elected to be disrupter he has been.
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he is making moves, we have consumer confidence in this country at a 16 year high as of today. we have a market that is 4 trillion dollar since he was elected. we have a different psyche, a tom at salem broadcasting sending me a picture of a hotel he was staying in, there was a giant american drag draped. we're looking at change occurring before our eyes. it is being boil down between the media release according to me. this president is taking on the system could so far beating all of the averages and odds. >> you sthawed it, it is clear when the house failed to pass health bill, trump stepped in.
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a couple weeks later they got to a formula that would past, when senate failed, on first vote on healthcare, he problem delivede. deyou have a entreprel aggressive personality with huge levels of energy and he is a good salesman. you look at 40 thousand people last night in west virginia, crowd tonight in youngstown. this is a president who and i think, if you are not a hard-line left winger, this is a president who is intriguing and attracting a lot of attention from every day-americans, you see it happen in terms of the economy, if they can get a rail good tax cut this fall, i think you could have a boom electric year that would guarantee republican reelection in 2019. trish: there is a view that the trump trade is over, people they were counting on a
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tax reform bill to come law. basically could looking at the leadership of senate and house, and said, we don't think we'll keep that trade. what they are betting on right now is donald trump, they have been rewarded to this point, handsomely. >> look at increase in federal revenue because of the market, and you add 800 thousand more jobs to the embassy. i think we'll have a very substantial tax cut, signed into law by thanksgiving. lou: i hope you can stay around, sustained if you can't. but we're delighted to talk with you, see you best, newt gingrich. >> good to see you. >> at the stage where melania trump, first lady with the
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president by her side, she will introduce president trump tonight in youngs town, ohio, this make break great american rally 7,000 people held in the venue there. let's tune in, listen in and one thing we can say, we'll find out what is going to happen, at a trump rally.
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♪ hello, ohio. good evening. it is a truly great to be back in ohio. this state means so much to us. we have been here many times. and my husband and i are always overwhelmed by the incredible people. it was just a year ago that we came to this state where my husband accepted the republican party's nomination. and its candidate for president of the united
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states. what a year it has been. because of your support and support of millions of hard working americans in the country, last fall we defied the odds and reclaimed this country. you voted for a man who has pledged to renew the american dream. as president my husband will continue to fight each and every day to ensure our security, defend our lively hood, and rebuild the foundations of fortunes that have made the united states the land of opportunity. washington has taught him every step of the way, but i
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-- my huz ban husband. he will never give up. you can always count on him. i know you will always support him and stand with him. so please stand with me now, and welcome my husband. president donald trump. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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thank you melania. america loves our first lady. i thank you. i am thrilled to be back in the great state of ohio, right here with the incredible men and women of youngs town. what an amazing few day its has been, saturday, i was in virginia with thousands of brave men and women, of the united states military. do we love the u.s u.s. military?
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we commissioned newest, largest, most advanced aircraft carrier in the history of our nation, the uss gerald r ford into the great american fleet. yesterday, i was in west virginia with almost 50,000 of our most impressive young americans, they are young men who learn to cherish words like duty, honor, god, and country. the boy scouts. [applause] then only a few hours ago the senate approved a vote to begin debating the repealing and replacing the own b obamacare disaste disaster.
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finally, you think that's easy? that is not easy. we're now one step closer to li liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. and delivering great health care for the american people. we're going to do that too. now tonight, i am back in the center of the american heartland, far away from the washington swamp to spend time with thousands of true american patriots. [cheers and applause]
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we have spend the entire week celebrating with hard working men and women who are helping us make america great again. i am here this evening to cut through the fake news fille filter and speak straight to the american people. fake news, fake, fake, fake new news.
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>> boy oh, boy. is there any place that is more fun, more exciting, and safer than a trump rally? [cheers and applause]
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>> trump, trump, trump, trump .
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[applause] where the hell did he come from? [ chanting ] >> this has been a difficult week for the media, i force them to travel with us, and spend time with tens of thousands of proud americans,
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who believe in defending our values, our culture, our borders, our civilization, and our great american way of life. [applause] everyone in this arena is united -- they are loved, you know that. everyone. united by their love for this country, and their loyalty to one another, their loyalty to its people. and we want people to come into our country who can love us and cherish us and be proud of america and the american flag. [cheers and applause]
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we believe that schools should teach our children to have pride in our history and respect for that great american flag. we all believe in the rule of law, we support the incredible men and women of law enforcement, thank you, thank you for being here. [cheers and applause] we celebrate our military and believe the american armed fores are the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of the world. by the way, they are getting a lot greater. fast, a lot greater. you saw our budget, we're ordering billions of dollars of new ships and new planes, and equipment for our great
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soldiers, we're building it up. there has rarely been a time where we needed the protection of our incredible military more than right now, right here. that is what we're going to do. [applause] we believe in freedom. self-government and individual rights, we cherish and defend -- thank you, it looks like it is in good shape, our second amendment, congratulations. [cheers and applause] yes, our second amendment is very, very sound again. that would have been gonzo, gone. but i never had a doubt. we support the constitution of
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the united states and believe that judges should interpret the constitution as written, and not make up new meaning for what they read. finally, we believe that family and faith, not government and bureaucracy, are the foundation of our society. [cheers and applause] you have heard me say it before, on the campaign trail, and i'll say it again tonight, in america we don't worship government, we worship god. [cheers and applause]
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tonight we're going to set aside the cynics and critics. we know why they are so angry and so bitter. day-by-day, week by week. we're restoring our government's allegiance to its people, to its citizens, to the people that we all love. we are keeping our promises to the people, and yes, we are putting finally, finally, finally, we are putting america first. [applause] [ chanting. ] usa, usa, usa.
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>> after years and years of sending our jobs and our wealth to other countries, we're standing up for our workers and for our companies. [applause] after spending billions of dollars defending other nations' borders we finally defending our borders. [ chanting ] -- build that wall. build that wall. >> don't think about it. we will build the wall.
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don't even think about it. i watched the media as they say, well, he just had some fun during the campaign on the wall. that wasn't fun. we're building that wall, walls do work. we're going to have great people come into our country, but we're not going to put ourselves through the problems that we've had for so many years. after decades of rebuilding foreign nations, we are finally going to rebuild our nation. [applause] they are pointing to a protest or, honestly?
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if you don't point, nobody will know he is here. weak voice, weak voice. no worries. [applause] usa. usa. usa.
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these are democrats that voted for trump. so far in anything they have gotten even more committed. but they had a man on this they had a man on this morning who was a democrat his whole life. he voted as a democrat. but he voted for i say us. he voted for us in the last election, 2016.
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and they said to him, so if the election were held now again, what would you do? and he effectively said man, would i vote for trump even faster. [cheers and applause] his name is gino difabio. get over here, gino. , yes. you know, anybody who knows me,
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friend of mine, people who love me, it's worse for them. but they know how it's been since president trump started running for the election. how much i supported this guy, how much i love this guy. he's the real deal. everybody else says we are going to fight for you, we are fighting for you. this is also the teal valley. every -- the steel valley. every one of these people love, sir. and i don't want to sound silly, but i thought, what would i say to the president if i ever got to meet him? this is an over the top moment for me. i thought i'll tell him something. thank you for justice gorsuch on the supreme court. right?
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that started it all. then i apologize, i said, mr. president, thank you for melania. could we have a more outstanding first lady? i'm probably going to be in trouble with my wife. but god bless that woman. the last thing i said, i didn't think he thought i would take this much time. i said thank you, sir, for keeping the promises that you made to these 12,000 people and to the country. my recommendation, sir, look what you can do in the bastion of the democratic party. i don't think there is anybody more than cuyahoga county more democrat than us. i would go back to washington and tell the democrat and republicans. i'm going to do my rallies.
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you have got the agenda. those people are voting for me and mine. pass my agenda. we are going on the road. absolutely right. thank you, sir. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, gino. thank you, gino. what a man! i watched him this morning. i said we have got to find this guy. he's a great person. always a democrat, now it's gone. i rode through your beautiful roads and i was looking at some of those big ones incredible job-producing factories.
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and my wife melania said what happened? i said those jobs have left ohio. they are all coming back. they are all coming back! coming back. don't move. don't sell your house. don't sell your house. i got a lot of credit -- the press gave me a lot of credit because a number of years ago i said this is the time to buy a house during one of my speeches. i said get out and buy. they did this big story. i said don't sell your house. don't sell your house. do not sell it. we are going to get those values up and those jobs coming back and fill up those factories or rip them down and build brand-new ones. it will happen.
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we are going to have it so that americans can once again speak the magnificent word of alexander hamilton here the people govern. political correctness for me is easy. sometimes they say he doesn't act presidential. and i say, look, great schools, smart guy, it's so easy to act presidential. but that's not going to get it done. i said it's much easier to act presidential than what we are doing here tonight, believe me. and i said, with the exception
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of the late great abraham lincoln, i can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office, that i can tell you. it's real easy. but sadly we have to move a little faster than that. we'll never be behold on the lobbyists or the special interests. we'll never be silenced by the media. i want to protect america and i want to protect the citizens of america. your hopes are my hopes. your dreams are my dreams. i have had a great successful career, i built a great, great business.
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this is the only thing that matters. this is the on thing that matters. there is nothing left. your future is what i'm fighting for each and every day. here is just a small sample of what we have accomplished in just our first 6 months in office. and i'll say this -- they always like to say, well, i don't know. but i think that with few exceptions, no president has done anywhere near what we have done in his first six months. not even close. [cheers and applause] but they don't let you know. they don't want to write about it. unemployment last month hit a
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16-year low. since my election, we have added much more than 1 mill jobs. 1 -- 1 million jobs. think of that. and remember i came in and some people said don't say that. i said what do you have to lose? i talked about the inner cities. i talked about the crime and problems and lack of education. i talked to my african-american friends. and i said vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose. remember that? [cheers and applause] the hispanic, the african-american, the inner cities. so now it just came out, african-americans and tine agers
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are enjoying their lowest unemployment since just after the turn of the millennium. that's pretty good. right? [cheers and applause] we have eliminated burdensome regulations at record speed and many, many more are coming off. and boy have we put the coal miners and coal back on the map. and all other forms of energy. we achieved an historic increase in defense spending to get our troops the support they so richly deserve. we signed new legislation to hold federal workers accountable for the care they provide to our great, great veterans.
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[cheers and applause] veterans accountability act. they have been trying to get that done for many, many, many years, even decades. and you understand why it was tough. but we got it done. our secretary is with us tonight, david shul shuhke. not having to wait online for days and days and days and getting sicker and sicker where you can be taken care of immediately. now, you go out and you see a doctor. [applause] to protect american jobs and workers i withdrew the united
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states from both the trans-pacific partnership potential disaster. and the job-killing paris climate accord. believe me. and if we don't negotiate a great deal with mexico and canada, we'll terminate nafta and start all over again. you remember when i was in youngstown, i said we'll either renegotiate nafta or terminate it. so let's see what happens. we are right now negotiating with the heads of mexico, good man, the president, and the prime minister of canada.
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good man, let's see what happens. we'll no longer be the foolish people. we'll no longer be the stupid people that can taken care of so badly by our politicians because they don't know what they are doing. we'll always work with our friends and partners, but we'll never again sacrifice ohio jobs or jobs from any state in our union to enrich other countries which has been what is happening to this country. [crowd chants "usa!]
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by the way, while we are on it, the iran deal which may be the single worst deal i have ever seen drawn by anybody, if that deal doesn't conform to what it's supposed to conform to, there is going to be big, big problems for them. that i can tell you. you are going to see that. believe me. you would have thought when that deal was made by secretary kerry, he may be the worst negotiator i have ever seen. you would have thought that iran would have said thank you, united states, we can't believe you gave us between $100 and
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$150 billion when they are ready to fail. we can't believe you gave us $1.7 billion in cash. do you know what that looks like? you would have thought they would have said, thank you, united states. we really love very much. instead they have become emboldened. that won't take place much longer. [cheers and applause] the great president from the state of ohio william mckinley. does anybody know hot hell he is? william mckinley understood that when america protects our workers and industries we open up a higher and better destiny for our people. we don't protect our people. we don't protect. trade comes in, goods come in.
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i was with harley davidson, a great company from wisconsin. who has a harley davidson? they came to the white house. and they said to me, yeah, it's tough going outside of the youth. we are doing great in the united states. but which we sell a motorcycle to certain countries, we have as much as a 100% tax event. i said tell me, when they sell back to us, mooning reciprocal, what tax do we charge them? the answer is zero. [crowd booing] those days will be over very soon. unfortunately like everything
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else, there are so many retricks on doing what's right -- so many restrictions on what's right for our country. wouldn't you think you could say, hey, you charge us 1. >> us -- you charge us 100%, and we charge you 100%. we can't do that. we have to go back to congress who by the way has made some very bad healthcare deals other than today. we'll be fools no longer, folks. we'll be fools no longer. [cheers and applause] every single president on mount rushmore -- here's what i do -- i asked whether or not you think i will some day be on mount rushmore, but, no -- but here is
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the problem. if i did it, joke, totally joking, having fun. the fake news media will say he believes he should be on mount rushmore. so i won't say the, i won't. but every president -- they will say it anyway, you watch tomorrow. trump thinks he should be on mount rushmore. isn't that terrible. what a group. what a dishonest group of people, i'll tell you. and you note funny thing is that you would think they would want to see our country be great again. you would think so. but they don't. some day they will explain it to me. every president on mount
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rushmore believed in protecting american industry. we have to protect our industry. and now we are going to start. we are reclaiming our heritage as a manufacturing nation again. [cheers and applause] bob kraft, the owner of the new england patriots. he came to the oval office and he brought with sheet with hip that just came out. manufacturing enthusiasm in the united states is at an all-time high. isn't that great? to me that's so great. because we are going to bring back our jobs, bring back our wealth, and we are going to bring back our dreams.
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and we are going to bring back once again our sovereignty as a nation. [crowd chants "usa!" ] since i took office we have cut illegal immigration on our southern border by record numbers. 78%. [crowd chants "built that wall"]
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record numbers. in fact the i.c.e. folks -- and the border patrol police, they are phenomenal people. they are working with general kelly. and just so you understand, we have already started fixing much of the good wall that's already there. we already started fixing. but we are breaking records and it was actually told to me the other day by somebody in mexico who is very high up, they say their southern border is getting very little traffic. nobody is coming anymore because they know they can't get through our southern border. so they don't even come.
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never again will america surrender the security our people. the safety our community. or the sovereign tough our nation. we are cracking down hard on the foreign criminal gangs that have brought illegal drugs, violence, horrible bloodshed to peaceful neighborhoods all across our country. we are throwing ms-13 the hell out of here so fast. [cheers and applause] you know, we are actually hard to believe we are talking about our great country. we are actually liberating towns and cities. we are liberating. people are screaming from their
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windows, thank you, thank you to the border patrol and to general kelly's great people that come in and grab the thugs and throw them the hell out. we are lib rating our towns and cities. can you believe we have to do that? [crowd chanting "build that wall"] earlier this we are immigration and customs enforcement conducted the largest raid on transnational gangs in the history our country. we are dismantling and destroying the bloodthirsty criminal gangs and we are not doing it in a politically correct fashion. we are doing it rough. our guys are rougher than their
10:54 pm
guys. [cheers and applause] i asked one of our great generals how tough where our people? how tough are they? he said, sir, you don't want to know about it. then i saw one guy come out, a customs officer who is a monster. and i said, so, general, you think i can take that guy in a fight? he said, mr. president, sir, i don't even want to think about it. i said you are right, actually. we have tough people. our people are tougher than their people. our people are tougher and strong and meaner and smarter than the gangs.
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one by one we are finding the illegal gang members, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, criminals and killers, and we are sending them the hell back home where they came from. [cheers and applause] and once they are gone, we'll never let them back in, believe me. the presented towards and criminal aliens who poison our community with drugs and prey on innocent young people, these beautiful, beautiful young people will finds no safe haven anywhere in our country. and you have seen the stories about some of these animals. they don't want to use guns
10:56 pm
because it's too fast and it's not painful enough. so they will take a young, beautiful girl, 16, 15, and others and they slice them and dice them with a knife because they want them to go through excruciating pain before they die. and these are the animals that we have been protecting for so long. well, they are not being protected any longer, folks. [cheers and applause] and that is why my administration is launching a nationwide crackdown on sanctuary cities. [cheers and applause]
10:57 pm
american cities should be sanctuaries for law abiding americans. for people that look up to the law. for people that respect the law. not for criminals and gang members that we want the hell out of our country. sanctuary cities legislation has passed the house along with kate's law, named for kate steinle who was brutally killed by a five-time deported illegal immigrant. we are asking the senate to vote on sanctuary cities and kate's law legislation. we have got to get it passed. the trump administration has the
10:58 pm
backs of our i.c.e. officers, our border patrol agents, and yes our great police officers, and we have their backs 1. >> backs -- 100%. we are going to protect them like they protect us. [cheers and applause] this month in chicago there have been more than two homicide victims per day. what the hell is going on in chicago? better tell that mayor to get tough. it's not working what they are doing. we are going to get criminals off our streets and make america safe again.
10:59 pm
[cheers and applause] we also strongly believe that our borders must always be closed to terrorism and extremism. we don't want radical islamic terrorists in our country. [cheers and applause] we have seen the total devastation in europe. and we have seen the murderous attacks from new york to boston to san bernardino. exactly one year ago last month i came to youngstown to deliver a major address on how my administration would protect our country from terrorism and radical islamic terrorism. we only want to admit those into
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our country who share our values. who love our people. and who always will love our people. we don't want people coming into our country who have bad intentions, even before they start. we also believe those seeking to immigrate into our country should be able to support themselves financially and should not be able to use welfare for themselves or their households for a period of at least five years. as we speak, we are working with two wonderful in the ordinary course of business, tom cotton, to create a new immigration system


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