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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 25, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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values. who love our people. and who always will love our people. we don't want people coming into our country who have bad intentions, even before they start. we also believe those seeking to immigrate into our country should be able to support themselves financially and should not be able to use welfare for themselves or their households for a period of at least five years. as we speak, we are working with two wonderful in the ordinary course of business, tom cotton, to create a new immigration system for america. instead of today's low-killed
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system, it's a terrible system where anybody comes in, people that have never worked. people that are criminals, anybody comes in, when want a merit-base the system. one that protects our workers. one that protects our economy. we want it merit-based. we want people who worked hard in their country and are going too come into our country and work really hard. we don't want people to come into our country and immediately go on welfare and stay there for the rest of their lives. we are not going to do it. [cheers and applause] we are working every single day to move the legislation that serves the interests of the american people.
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as we discussed earlier, at the very top of the list is healthcare reform. with obamacare, the washington obstructionists, meaning democrats, made big promises to the american people. and every single promise they made turned out to be a lie. you can have your doctor, you can have your plan. do you remember? 28 times. you can have your doctor. you can have your plan. i know democrats that heard that and they would have never voted for it. but they voted because they believed the lies of president obama. for seven years, every republican running for office promised to repeal and replace this disastrous law.
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now they must keep their promise promise. [cheers and applause] the senators working not only to repeal obamacare, but to deliver great healthcare for the american people. any senator who votes against repeal and replace is telling america that they are fine with the obamacare nightmare. and i predict they will have a lot of problems. in west virginia recent premiums have gone up 169% since obamacare went into effect. in alaska over 200%. and the deductibles have gone through the roof. you will never even get to use it. in missouri premiums have shot
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up 145% under obamacare. in pennsylvania the cost of obamacare insurance has more than doubled. and the coverage has become horrific. it's time for democrats to stop resisting. that's their term. resist, resist. they have to do finally what's right for the american people. but probably we'll do it ourselves. because today we won 51-50 and didn't get one democrat vote. think of that. my administration is working every single day to heed and honor the will of the voters. that includes work on one of the biggest tax cuts in american
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history. and actually if i get what i want, it will be the single biggest tax cut in american history. we have the highest taxes anywhere in the world. and this will really bring them down to one of the lowest. and we really have no choice. we'll have growth, we'll have everything that we dreamed of having. it's time to let americans keep more of their own money. it's time to bring more companies to our shores and create a new era of growth, prosperity and wealth. we want millions of americans to be lifted from welfare to work and from dependence to independence. one of the ways we'll put more
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americans to work is by rebuilding our nation's crumbling infrastructure. that's why i have called on legislators to pass a bill that generates $1 trillion in new infrastructure investments. we are going to fix our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our airports. we'll fix all of the things that once made us great and we are going to use american iron, american steel, american aluminum. [cheers and applause] we'll buy american and we'll hire finally american. we want once again to have the best infrastructure. the best schools, the best jobs,
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the best factories, and we want products that proudly carry the label "made in the u.s.a.." we want this country that we love so much america, to be strong, proud, and free. which means america must also be united. because when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. all thee you'll be totally honest with you. even if it's not united we are unstoppable.
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so don't worry about it. we are going to be unstoppable either way. but it would be nice, wouldn't it? our small differences are nothing compared to our common history, common values, and common future. we share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny. now it's up to us to preserve the birthright of freedom and justice, the birthright of prosperity that our ancestors want for us -- won for us with their sweat, with their blood, with their work, with their muscle, with their brain. they point for us and we'll make it bigger and bert and stronger than it ever was before. it's time to look paths old divisions. the tired, really tired
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politicians. and the stale debates of the past, and to finally come together as one nation under god. [cheers and applause] we have no choice, we cannot and never will back down. we'll never ever give up. we cannot fail. and if we remember what unites us, then i promise you we will not fail. we cannot fail. we'll make america strong again. we'll make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again
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again. we'll make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, god bless you, god bless the state of ohio. [♪] lou: quite a speech, and this president with a very strong message. much of that message not only directed at his supporters and the american people, but specifically to a lot of the democratic leadership, i believe, demonstrating that sitting there in youngstown, ohio -- he lost youngstown there in the election by a few percentage points. it's a county that president trump won by 27 points.
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what's the message? these are trump democrats, and there will and lot more of them come 2020. play very carefully. this president plays to win. we are joined by ed rollins. he served in three presidential administrations. the dean. what do you make of the speech? ed: extraordinary speech. it was a great day. on thing that could make the day greater for donald trump is to get a big mac, an order of freeze and a coke and be happy. lou: this is not a man to mess with. and they have been messing with him, whether it's speaker ryan holding forums on his states about the attorney general or robert mueller. there is some overinflated visions in the heads of some of the gop leadership that i would
11:12 pm
think this would begin to at least quiet. ed: there isn't a one of them who wouldn't like to have an audience or enthusiasm like that. this guy is getting stronger. he's getting more confident. he so hammered the free media to the point now where the people describe them as the false media. he's now hammering the congress. he's forcing his will and making people do things they don't want to do and what they should do, and what the country wants. lou: you have got to love the fact that he was introduced tonight by the first lady herself. that suggests to me this is going to be a very important part of their strategy going forward. she is, if you will, the president's big gun. ed: she is an extraordinary woman. when she basically visited a hospital in france and went in with those kid, her approval
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numbers went up and spoke to them in french. she is a classy lady, a smart lady, and a great role model. anybody who had hesitation about trump will say we can't get rid of trump because we need the first lady. day by day this guy is getting more confident. it does him wonders when he's out there with the crowds. lou: you have been particularly painstakingly observant and have never detected any lack of confidence. i have not seen it at any stage of the campaign or its presidency. y where did you detect this perhaps lack of confidence. ed: he gets up every single day no matter what. lou: it's remarkable. ed: i worked with presidents. i lived through watergate and reagan, good days and tough days. you talk about all the things he
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accomplished. reagan accomplished a lot in the first six months. but he got shot in the process. this president is forcing his will which is not the will of the washington establishment down their throats. lou: he said it tonight. it's us, it's "we." he's talking about the will of the people. he's talking about representing them and the things he pledged to them on the campaign trail. this man is -- i loved his reference to there are folks who don't think i'm presidential enough. in my opinion those folks aren't paying a bit of attention to what he's accomplishing and who he is. ed: he's going to redefine what presidents are all about. he's going to get a big agenda through here, i think. today was a gigantic within for him. a week ago we both thought we won't get the votes to move
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forward. he called us, he's taking his case to the public. and if i was involved in his campaign in the white house i would have him on once or twice a week. it reinvigorate him and sends a loud message to those back in washington. lou: the president has to be further energized by the love he feels in the room. bringing 7,000 people together on a tuesday emergency youngstown, ohio to hear the president of the united states to talk about healthcare and policy? he did. it was about substance, foundation values of the nation, and the people he was speaking to. not only in that room, but across the country. ed: i was reminded it was like a convention crowd. convention crowds are the most of partisan people of all. if you put mrs. clinton in that
11:16 pm
crowd tonight in would be no enthusiasm. his enthusiasm among his diehard supporters are not diminishing. lou: the president touting the that's vote to open debate on healthcare. we are coming right back. >> we are one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. [cheers and applause] and delivering great healthcare for the american people.
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lou: we are joined by chris farrell, the director of investigation at research at judicial watch. i just heard the president give a terrific speech. a friendly crowd of supporters who are trump democrats sending an important signal back to the dems, particularly in leadership on capitol hill. but i think we have to go to the issue of what the democrats are doing.
11:21 pm
john brennan, obama's cia director openly calling for government revolt if the president were to order special counsel robert mueller fired. what is going on? i understand the deep state, its efforts to delegitimize, to you vert this president. this is -- to subvert this president. this is over the top. at what point does john brennan is he engaging in sedition itself. >> brennan should be the subject of an investigation based on his performance as cia director and certainly with theout ray just comments from the aspen institute. lou: these are the same people who provided the security, so-called, at benghazi.
11:22 pm
>> i have been up to mount olympus. the rarified air of aspen. i can tell you that's the sort of place where james comey stood around and kept referring to terrorists as troubled souls. so i mean, it's a fantasyland. lou: you have got a set of officials, james comey, john brennan. and others from the intelligence and counter-intelligence community. they are beside themselves by the fact that president trump is taking this nation in a direction theyer in dreamed possible because they lacked the guts, the principle and vision to do so. >> they are actively undermining his presidency. the kind of speech the president delivered drives them out of their minds. it is the antithesis of what they believe in.
11:23 pm
lou: the founding values of this nation and shared heritage and culture of all americans. it does drive them mad and good for the president. i think he talked about what we share for 15-20 minutes before he got to any issue anybody could consider divisive or controversial. and those people would all be on the extreme left. >> even the republican leadership needs to pay attention and snap to when it comes to the message the president set it's very powerful imagery. lou: this is a president who says he's disappointed with jeff sessions, the attorney general. jeff sessions has disappeared for weeks. he has recused himself in one of the most of difficult and controversial and what has to be surely the most of frustrating issue this president is facing.
11:24 pm
that's an investigation by robert mueller, a special counsel who was -- whose job was created by the man he fired as director of the fbi. and the congress was played for fools as was the justice department, and did the bidding of a man who should never in my judge the have held the office of director. >> let's cut through all the double talk and the russia craziness. no one can name the criminal predicate. we do not conduct criminal investigations of people -- we conduct investigation of crimes that occurred and identify suspects and subjects. they turned this entire process on its head. lou: they who? >> some people like rosenstein and mueller and comey. lou: and the chairman and ranging members of the senate
11:25 pm
and house intelligence committees, the oversight committees. these are people behaving ignorantly and outside the law and outside the traditions of this country. we have created, allowed to be created a force within our government, the special counsel that is outside the law, outside our traditions, and outside the scope of the people who are supposed to be governing this nation through this election of the congress, the senate, and the president of the united states. >> mueller is disqualified just by his association with comey. and we don't investigate people until we find a crime. it's not the way we operate in this country. no one has been able to name a criminal predicate. lou: do you believe that the attorney general sessions opens up the investigations on the
11:26 pm
clinton foundation, the clinton emails, the clinton corruption, and the actions of certainly the attorney general of the obama administration, would he keep his job? >> that's what he needs to do. if he doesn't do it that's when he needs to go away frankly. lou: we are coming right back with much more on jeff sessions, the attorney general, and our president.
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lou: joining me to talk about the rift between the president and his attorney general and why there are no investigations of the clintons.
11:31 pm
the writer and producer of "clinton cash." why do you suppose jeff sessions will not open an investigation into hillary clinton, the obvious corruption of the clinton foundation. the obvious corruption of the obama justice department, including his attorney general as well as the fired director of the fbi when they were investigating quote-unquote the matter known as clinton emails? >> there was a lot of investigation going on at the fbi. my understanding is the f.b.i. continues to investigate those things. where it's been log jammed -- lou: they have taken way too much time and i think that f.b.i. appears to be as politicized as it possibly could be.
11:32 pm
the f.b.i. investigation is in a logjam. they asked for subpoena power and wiretap capability as it related to the investigation, they were not grarnted that by the obama justice department. it's now a trump justice department. it's not good for the president to be airing these questions and publicly brow beating the attorney general. lou: may i take an opposite view and try this out on you. this is a president who is extraordinarily frustrated. he's looking at a justice department that's still in the hands of his political opponents and some would say the enemies of this country because they are trying to subvert the president and his administration, while he has not had the benefit of the slightest evidence presented that any of this people did anything wrong. we know collusion is an impossible crime to prosecute
11:33 pm
since it isn't in the statutes. >> that's where i think the mueller investigation is change. i don't think it will be about collusion anymore. i think -- lou: he needs to get a new charter. >> this is the problem with independent kownls. you can have a situation where it expands. it's clearly moving in the direction of look at issues related to money laundering and the fact there was a lot of russian money flowing into new york real estate in general. lou: where the hell was the obama justice department. >> that's really not what the independent counsel is suppose to be investigating. lou: why is he being permitted on his own to change his charter and the direction of what is an illegitimate investigation and
11:34 pm
usurpation of a president and his administration. >> it's a huge problem -- lou: you say it like we have to accept it. why in hell should he the dully elected president of the united states have to tolerate this kind of nonsense from a sold out chairman of the senate intelligence committee, richard burke. he turned it over to the ranking democrat on that committee. >> there are two options here. one is that mueller continues and you create a circumstance where you could have charges or allegations made in this area. or trump would fire mueller and then you are going to have a major crisis because you have a lot of republican senators saying they would resist that. it's a terrible situation. i think the president --
11:35 pm
>> one of the reasons he's out there talking to the american people going over the left wing national media, fake news media as he calls it. he wants to talk to the american people. put him in that office. not a bunch of sold-out senators on capitol hill. >> if you had the trump foundation take $145 million in exchange for selling uranium to the russians. and melania trump taking huge speaking fee s from the russians. you would have a massive investigation with the trumps. you don't have it with the clintons. lou: do you think jeff sessions has the gets to open the investigation that is so urgently required. but by the president saying this publicly it creates the
11:36 pm
impression of the attorney general being bullied. i don't think publicly is the way to do it. lou: i grant you that's a fair view. but this is a president for the first time the american people don't have to ask ways on his mind. you remember a guy by the name of barack obama promised to do and failed to do precisely the same thing. this president succeeded. peter schweizer. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the president wants the attorney general to investigate the children tons. do you agree sessions should take on the clintons? up next, new threats from iran and north korea the house votes to impose new sanctions on the
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lou: former ambassador to the united nations within fox news contributor, john bolton. the president going after sessions. he gave him some room today saying if he got himself straightened out, things could be worked out.
11:41 pm
the reality is jeff sessions disappeared here. john: i think sessions should go see the president. i think they should sit down and work this out. i think if the president is dissatisfied with somebody, he has a perfect right to replace him. lou: chuck schumer said they ought to talk about it. he would be the first one to scream that the president was intervening in the process. john: i think this is a matter between the two, trump and sessions. and i think the sooner they sit down we'll have a resolution. the president is the embodiment of the executive power. the supreme court said the attorney general is the right
11:42 pm
hand of the president in taking care that the laws be faithfully executed. this is presidential decision making and it's entirely appropriate. lou: i'm going to clean this up. i was about to use a bad word. what in the world is this country doing forgetting about loretta lynch, eric holder than air independent even from obama. they would have fought tooth and nail to the death for that president and his policies and political interests, and as we learned, they did so. john: i served in the justice department under ed meese who defended the president in the iran contra affair. he came out with his integrity. but going through an experience no one deserves. that's how the opponents deal
11:43 pm
with a republican administration. lou: the left in this country are repugnant on every level. their goals and objectives are not partisan politics. they mean to reconstruct this government and recommit this nation to a vision that the rest of us know very little about except on the left fringe. >> i think the stakes are very high here. and i think republicans are not used to this kind of combat. i don't know what the problem is in terms of getting them energized. but the fight here will be to the bitter ends. lou: this president i think now understands it better than his people. they need to be brought along here. anthony scaramucci, the new communications director. i love watching the man come out screaming. he's going to fire people if he can finds them.
11:44 pm
he's a street brawler. and that's good stuff. john: the line the democrats are putting out, trump's deep involvement with russia. i'm still waiting to hear what the deep involvement is. lou: the democrats need to blame themselves and forget about the damn russians. ambassador, great to see you. thanks so much. up next, president trump celebrating a healthcare victory in the senate. we take up the president's new momentum after the break.
11:45 pm
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lou: joining me with reaction to the president's rally in ohio and the healthcare victory today, olympic media managing editor and editor of the daily caller, katie frates and charlie hurt. that was a terrific rally as we are accustomed. the president has served loud notice that his attorney general has disappointed him.
11:49 pm
he gave him to leeway but said he has to step up on all the issues, the clinton investigation, the investigations that need to be carried out against the former president and the secretary of state his wife. >> i do disagree with the way's expressing it. jeff sessions has been nothing but loyal to the president since the beginning of his campaign. lou: i think that's a fair comment. i have the greatest respect and admiration for the former senator and the attorney general. but he's disappeared for weeks. this is not acceptable. >> it's essentially sugar coating an insult. you can't sprinkle a dmnts there and then turn around and sucker punch someone. lou: i can do whatever the hell
11:50 pm
i please. but i'm speaking sincerely to you. i have great respect for senator sessions, period. i admire the man, period. the fact of the matter is he also disappeared for weeks on end as attorney general. why? katie: i'm not sure why and i'm not sure i am the one who can answer that. he has been absent and he needs to have more of a presence. but i don't think trump brow beating him on twitter is the way to get that from happening. lou: i'll put you in the same camp as the media. you have got a better way for the president to behave. charlie, your thoughts. charlie: i don't know that i think this strategy of going after jeff sessions is a smart one. the problem with it is what is he going to do if he gets rid of jeff sessions? lou: he hasn't said he's getting rid of them.
11:51 pm
he says the attorney general recused himself from the most of important frustration facing him as president and his administration, and there are grearpt examples of -- greater examples of collusion more prominent and substantial than these delusions about trump and the russians. all we are asking the attorney general to do is investigate them. charlie: i agree with you on all of them. i'm get together point and i can't believe i'm going to say this. i'm get together point where if you could find a way to fire, mueller or get rid of bob mueller and end this ridiculous stupid investigation, i would be completely in favor that. we have an election by people voting. we don't elect presidents by getting the fbi to determine whether we can have a president or not.
11:52 pm
lou: this is a fraud being perpetrated on the american people by the republican leaders of the u.s. senate a u.s. house of representatives. they are gutless cowards and they are serving the interests of k street and their billionaire donors. not the interests of the american people, the very people this president campaigned against. charlie: in terms of fixing that problem, to what end does going after jeff sessions help that? it doesn't help that. he needs jeff sessions. any replacement for jeff sessions will be worse. lou: i think the president in his own unique style is asking him to do his damn job. katie, thank you so much. we are out of time. thank you very much. that was interesting waiting for to you get to that point about firing mueller. we are delighted you have gotten
11:53 pm
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lou: joining us tonight, joe concha and rachel campos-duffy. what do you make of this liberal
11:57 pm
procedural success. >> everybody thought it was dead. a lot of trump supports and republic base people don't like to john mccain. he was the hero of the day. he flew all the way back and kept this thing alive. it's a little bit of momentum. hopefully we'll get it across the line. lou: they said it's a procedural vote, but mike pence the would be make the deciding vote and they were correct. and john mccain bravely coming back to washington for this said he won't be voting with them the next time. >> i know this is slightly going off in a tangent. in today's technological age. john mccain was just diagnosed
11:58 pm
with an aggressive kind of brain cancer. lou: the same brain tumor ted kennedy was diagnosed with. >> he couldn't be sciepped in? he had to be flown to washington to cast the vote. >> when i had my baby, my husband was with me. you have to be there in person. he missed the vote. then everyone would just call it in. lou: it would be virtual representation. it would be awkward. >> it would open up a precedent. i can buy that. what did you think of the rally tonight? lou: they are always entertaining and informative. this is the trump era.
11:59 pm
that's what we'll be watching for 8 years. >> do you think people will be taking people up on the stage like gino difabio? lou: i loved the guy. he brought great energy, intellect and america. >> the t-shirt. he said trump won. trump said for instance with the exception of the late great abraham lincoln, i can be more presidential than any president who ever held office. lou: in large measure he's the most of successful in six months into his tenure. he has momentum, joe. >> only in the beltway do they think he's not succeeding. lou: the beltway doesn't think much. >> elections come down to ohio,
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michigan, north carolina, wisconsin, florida. the other states don't mean anything. he carries four of them he wins the electi kennedy: republicans scoring a potentially major victory on healthcare. president trump is doing a victory lap but the battle may just be beginning. president trump tonight is letting the military have it. a big celebration after a nuclear threat from north korea and a standoff with the iranian navy. and attorney general jeff sessions back in the hot seat. are this days in the white house numbered? it's time to rock it was one of the busiest days in d.c. history as healthcare resurrected itself.


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