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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  July 30, 2017 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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we've got the washington examiner, emily, and wendy, lee, we were talking during the break here about this idea that this is-- this would give discipline here. in the meantime, i'm thinking of the new york post cover who is next voted off the island. next, who is the next to go. reince priebus is out because he's first off the island. what now? >> it's really hard to say, if i were advising them, this is not the direction that i would have gone. if we knew that reince was going to go and spicer was going to go when anthony scaramucci came in, this could have been an orderly process. bring somebody in to take charge because clearly no one has. we failed on health care and here is our five point plan to move things forward and that hasn't happened. one by one, people have been crumbling and falling down so i don't think that really conveys confidence to the people.
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i'm interested that the markets are not reacting to this. neil: they're not at all. one of the things, emily, in this, you can argue this is a president who came to drain the swamp. i don't think he envisioned he'd have to do that within his own administration, but he is. part of that is to stop once and for all to stop the leaks. we don't know if they were pr reince priebus, but they were rampant and everywhere. normally leaks happen in a government where people are gunning for each other and is that for general kelly not only to clamp down on that stuff, but to make it an environment where you're not even tempted to do it? >> absolutely, i think they're looking for discipline. a figure that will impose, be an authority and neil, you mentioned the new york post cover. i don't think that donald trump loves anything else more than that. i think that's his management style. we heard that from sara sanders this week. he encourages competition. at the end of the day, i don't
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think that people voted for the white house to be run like the celebrity apprentice. and hanging the dirty laundry, airing the dirty public through the media is not a good look and even over the years it's not going to play well with his base. he needs to be careful and i think he needs a fresh start and that's how he should use the shake-up. neil: we do know this, wendy, if you accept press reports and i do so cautiously, this is something that the president had been kicking around, with general kelly for a while now to be chief of staff. he obviously wants that and wants to get in focus on on message and the media is often times not fair to him in that regard. will this do the trick? what do you think? >> i'm not sure whether this will do the trick. what we know is this is unequivocally a white house underfire. if we would say the impetus to fire priebus is the lack of
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wins. that's not the case. neil: what do you think precipitated this. was it the scaramucci dustup that brought it into focus or was this well-telegraphed? >> i think that's a great question. for me, i feel like this president is one that does not trust the republican establishment. if you look, the three rnc politicals that were once in office and no longer there, katie walsh former deputy of staff, spicer and now priebus. when we look at 2018 down the line, this is really going to hurt him. so he has to be mindful how he's playing this game. right now, it looks like he's directly attacking the establishment. neil: well, that might not hurt him. >> it might not hurt him. i think what he was expecting when he put these people in place, they were going to help with the establishment not hurt him. neil: that the establishment would help deliver the goods. >> right. he thought this would be the mediator between him and establishment and it hasn't happened. i think he's disappointed, frustrated. neil: and all of his tweets today reflect that. these are tweeting on message, i should point out. one of the things with the
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tweets, the consistent theme we'll be rifling through, the best six of them today, but they're very much on topic about how you get over this 60 photo filibuster thing, that it's hurting republicans, they should have a simple majority, and dirty little secret in reality is, the skinny repeal measure fell with a simple majority. so, it doesn't always go, but the president's obviously impatient with the pro is he is, that the establishment sort of dumped on him so he's frustrated, right? >> yeah, i think that was always going to be the case. when you come sort of from a different background and you try to plug yourself into the washington establishment, the swamp is going to be fighting back and not drained so easily. so i think that's always going frustration for him. we have to remember we're six months into this administration. we're experiencing growing pains. it's possible that the president learns how to work within the establishment as we go along. i wouldn't rule that out.
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neil: well, he might have no choice. they've got to get a hail mary pass, right? and that might be on the tax cut thing. and somebody said, might have been lee, a legislative victory could change everything. like when the yankees, my team, was going through a streak and a couple of wins and people got off their back. what do you think of that? >> i agree. i think he needs a legislative win. right now i think i feel like i'm watching "meet the parents" and de niro says i must have trust. anyone who doesn't get that trust is outside the circle of trust. [laughter] >> and like that-- touche', that's actually very, very good. >> thank you. neil: how do you do that, lee? that's easier said than done. i can understand the president's frustration, he came from outside the system. he has to work within it. he wouldn't be the first businessman turned politician at the presidential level who has expressed frustration with that sort of thing and even when they come ahead in the
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cabinet, rex tillerson as secretary of state. you've got to change that now? >> you do have to change that. it's a having point about trust and loyalty. the problem he has, it's got to go both ways. the way that he treated jeff sessions, he was one of the first establishment supporters, questions what his loyalty and trust is. if you want to run an organization it's got to be built on trust shall the underlying fundamental thing-- >> they've got to feel that you have their back. >> absolutely. i don't know if people can feel like that. if you're looking at the new york post cover or survivor cover. 's calling for loyalty and look how he's treating other people. there is a question about how it's going to play out. neil: if john kelly can be john kelly, and his pedigree and background and losing his son, he screams gravitas. that might be enough.
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>> if that's not a call to order, i don't know what is. neil: ladies, very thank you, very very much. and the white house looking different than what it did six months ago. does a transition to a new team change the team if the guy heading the team refuses to change himself? signs that donald trump is changing, after this.
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>> all right, a new chief of staff can make a difference or can just keep things as they are right now. former trump transition team member ken blackwell how this will fare. what do you think, all the people who say donald trump won't change. but the very fact that he made these changes shows he's changing. what do you think? >> absolutely, absolutely. i think that the model that you will see put in place will be everybody's comfortable with the fact that the president leads the country and he's going to let john manage his
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team. to stay with your baseball analogy, steinbrenner actually led the yankees, but the coaches on the field managed the team and they got it done. you know, you had on the vicar of politics and the white house, pat buchanan and he laid it out perfectly. this is about some order, some discipline, and a clear understanding that we're -- that they're there to, in fact, carry out the agenda that the president won on. there's not going to be any contest between john and the president. john is very comfortable as the general. he understands that his job is to keep the herd moving west and on message. neil: when you were an advisor, of course, donald trump thinks a great deal of you, who wouldn't, by the way. if you had to be frank with him
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and tell him, sir, i don't think this is a good idea. were you ever able to do that and secondly, did he hear you out? >> one of the things, the answer to that is that we worked within a system. the vice-president was leading the transition team. neil: right. >> i worked very comfortably with the vice-president and i think my advice got a proper hearing. look, at the end of the day, this is about getting the job done for the american people and putting the whole apparatus, the party, the senate, the house back in a position, along with the president, to be reelected for a second term, to play the long game. a lot of the changes that we're seeing right now are responding to the short game objective. but, to change the culture and to change the direction on a sustained basis is going to take a real good team effort
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and i think that the general is in a position to do that for the president. you've said it time in and time out, neil. this is about sustained economic growth, job creation, lifting people's income, and making sure that we are a safe nation at home and that our interests are protected abroad. and in order to get that done, you have to have a team operating on the same-- from the same principle. neil: and loyalty and that you bring that loyalty back. some members might think that the president doesn't reciprocate. how much does he have to work on that? >> well, i think, again, as i've told you before, there are a couple of models. this president has led a tightly held llc, family dominated operation.
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he has not led a publicly traded company where he's had to deal with shareholders and the board of directors, and so-- >> a good analogy. >> as a consequence, there is a learning curve for the president. i think that he's open to it because, at the end of the day, he wants it win. and he wants to deliver for the american people. neil: very well put. ken, great seeing you again. thank you. >> and let me just say, neil, my wife said the-- they're together again. neil: much of the last week, a surge in diatribe by anthony scaramucci, and worried about new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey
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>> welcome back, everybody. i don't want you to think i'm a prude or anthony scaramucci, wall street smart is beyond debate. the back and forth with the new yorker reporter and comments he's made or reportedly made to and about reince priebus. well, it hurt my otherwise good italian-american senses and apparently. i'm not the only one. comedy and actor joepistco wonders. and even you. >> i thank god for anthony scaramucci, rip it up, anthony, i love it. i love it. it's like manna from heaven. and clean up the leaks, absolutely. so cut to-- cut me off, i'm so fired up this morning and you're doing
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live from new york. neil, i love you, man. it's great. what happened when i was campaigning with rudy guiliani down in florida and rudy and i took florida for donald trump, we took it, i'll take full credit, thank you very much. neil: rudy who? >> i saw reince was down there, rhein was nice he was and see him on election night at the hilton across the street and he was joe-- nice, nice, into nice, cut to tuesday. then cut to the white house day. neil: that's right. >> and hey, me and morano are down there. it's great and anthony comes around with the shades. i love this guy. neil: scaramucci was there. >> will you jump on the air. he jumps in with me, he is a funny guy. neil: when was this? >> tuesday. and he saidpi pisani--
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piscopo, you better not do me on "saturday night live." neil: this was before the-- >> i love the whole thing. and if you have the privilege of working in the white house and you're in my office, this is anthony scaramucci talking, and you're going to leak you'll be selling postcards outside of the white house. neil: apparently he upped it with the language. well, cut to literally a half hour later. reince shows up, my buddy from florida. neil: sure. >> so i go, reince, like-- he was like, oh, my god, another italian. [laughter] >> that scaramucci and piscopo, and the body language was, please don't hurt me, okay? don't hurt me. neil: do you believe they came to verbal blows in the white house? there's that famous picture of the two of them that looks awkward. >> it's scaramucci saying to reince, i heard some things, i heard things.
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you know? >> well, you know trump very well and-- or the president, i apologize. and do you think that he thinks that scaramucci went too far and maybe. >> no. neil: this set up the change? >> no, i think it's all concerted by mr. trump. neil: he likes that? >> exactly right. i follow it every morning on the radio and go by the listeners, and great, neil, for great guests on and allowing us to tell about the radio show. there's a contingency that loves it, drain the swamp. neil: they love it, i understand that, but is he moving beyond the base? >> no, the base will take him-- this guy could stay president as long he wants. i'm telling you this objectively. neil: moving beyond the base? >> i don't think he does. who does the other side have? i'm not saying this-- i'm not being a donald trump apologist. neil: do you curse on your
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show? >> no, i have clare's law. and use some slang, you know, italian, jewish, what's the difference. this lady clare called from, i don't know, brooklyn saying yowza, that was wrong, you used-- so we have clare's law, it's in the studio we don't use anything inappropriate so i understand the criticism of it, but i love the-- neil, the health care bill, the john mccain, and my friends, my friends, my friends, my friends. oh, give it up! you back your party, john mccain. my friends, what's that. neil: a lot of people said he did that in the end to stick it to the president. >> sure did and you need anthony scaramucci in washington d.c. neil: you can go too far with it, don't you think? you're an effective communicator, but i think when you get down that to level where it's nonstop and kind of-- appointed word here and there, fine. >> there's no loyalty here. did you see what barack obama said in his book audio version of his book.
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did you hear joe biden when barack obama is about to sign health care. neil: that's a very good health care. but that was-- >> this is a big blanking deal. he's the vice-president. neil: i know and you're quite right. if you read the full interview, i love anthony and i think he's brilliant. does it go too far, does it hurt your cause here? >> the point is well taken. i think it's much-needed. what happened-- >> you seem to be circling around your own, italian. >> it is, listen, where is loyalty? so donald trump, so, if he has his faults, okay, we understand it, but when i'm friends with somebody and in this case, friends with anthony scaramucci, i watch his back. look, if he uses colorful language, i accept that. it's time to drain the swamp. neil: they've got the swamp there. draining their own-- >> they're trying to nip at the president, they're nipping at the president. neil: this isn't white house behavior, that's what i'm saying. >> and can i--
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and when you walked around and said, this is not what a presidency is. neil: right. that's what it shouldn't be. >> you know what, it's the new norman we are a loving-- >> you're loving it for the entertainment value. >> thank you, thank you, i do. i really think we're okay. neil: did abraham lincoln ever do that? >> john kennedy did. you know what. neil: well, he did, he had his moments. he did have his moments. >> and again, really, you've got to stick with the italians. and 'cause-- you're regretting not running for governor. all of these opportunities. neil: joe piscopo, a pity he didn't run. >> my friends, my
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>> all right. that wraps things up here. marie is not satisfied e-mailing me. neil, why do i have to watch two more hours of you, when there are far more attractive personalities at fox to keep my
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eyes on. well, because you just do, all right? by the way, the fallout from all of this, john kelly's first day on the job will be monday. we'll be there to cover it. very big cabinet meeting planned that day. >> oliver: tonight, on war stories tonight on "war stories." legendary war crimes in tokyo. >> you'll meet the colorful prosecutors. >> he was very brusque, crude individual. he had a taste of drinking too much. >> we'll take you inside the courtroom dramas. >> it's a struggle for final justice. that's next on "war stories."


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