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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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"strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. cheryl: breaking news this morning. president trump in the senate on notice to not give up on health care and get the job done. cheryl: japan prime minister abe about the grave and growing threat from north korea after its latest missile launch. train through the final day of trading for july. the s&p 500 on track for the fourth monthly gain in a row. future's looking good. our 45. nasdaq up 10. train two stops opening next to the cac barely in the red. lauren: tesla ceo elon musk rose that is mass-market electric
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car. we are going to take a look at it. "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ trained to eight as 51:00 a.m. in new york trade monday, july 31st 2 good morning, everyone. cheryl casone. lauren: hi, good to see you. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: test for getting a little average american. lauren: although i like to read first and that's $1000 more. president trump not giving up on repealing and replacing obamacare. he treated this. don't give up republican senators that the world is watching. repeal and replace. across state lines and more. cheryl: sources are telling sources that lindsey graham has an preventing the states as
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funding in the form of block grant. obama carry key topic personally in yesterday's news morning shows. >> the president will not accept those that say it time to move on. you want to help millions of americans who have suffered with no coverage. they were lied to by the last president. they couldn't keep it up there, couldn't keep their plan. >> we need to go to the normal process, identify the problem, have the hearings come here from the experts and stakeholders and produced a series of bills to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care act. >> i think there is and senator mcconnell's, one of his bills, repeal and replace, he had a provision we a provision we can all embrace and it was a provision to cover the cost sharing, cost sharing reduction, extend the reinsurance which is important.
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>> the white house if they can't move on in the senate. they should stay and figure out a way to solve this problem. cheryl: so much reaction on the show. senate democrats do want to work on solutions to obamacare, but they have not participated in the process thus far. they are welcome to get involved at any point. lauren: president trump in the japanese prime minister abe agreed to take action against north korea after it launched the second intercontinental ballistic missile on friday. reporters that trump flushed to take necessary steps to protect japan. the later spoke hours after two b-1 bombers after the korean peninsula yesterday in a show of force against north korea. cheryl: senator dianne feinstein: north korea's latest move a clear and present danger to the united states. >> i am convinced that north korea has never moved up to speed that this leader has to
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develop an icbm to put solid fuel, to have an interesting launch device and to have a trajectory, which as of the latest analysis would show about 6000 miles. cheryl: the missile could have flown as far east as chicago. lauren: unbelievable. russian president vladimir putin issuing note time against russia. putin ordered the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in moscow by 755 by september 1st. vice president tends in estonia for a tour of europe's three baltic nations says he hopes russia will change its attitude. >> the president and i remain hopeful that we will see different behavior by the russian government with regard to supporting regimes in iran and in north korea and we
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continue to believe that if russia will change its behavior, our relationship can change for the good. >> pence will discuss regional issues with estonia, latvia and lithuania. cheryl: venezuela's national tour council has announced turnout in yesterday's very controversial vote with 4125% election officials there with 8 million people voted to grant the country's president virtually unlimited power for a constitutional assembly. the opposition claims between two and 3 million people voted. lauren: meanwhile, a powerful explosion injuring three police officers during an antigovernment protests yesterday a police motorcycle appears to have detonated. more than 120 people killed. protests in venezuela since april. cheryl: basically a dictatorship now.
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we will keep following that story. also following big business for you. the drawing board for sprint does one company says it has no interest in buying the wireless care carrier. lauren: tracie carrasco in the headlines this morning. happy monday. good to see you. reporter: charters had no thank you after prince had proposed a merger potentially ending weeks of talks according to "the wall street journal." charters that he would stick with an existing wireless agreement with verizon communication the struggling phone network is now free to resume talks with rival t-mobile which it held earlier this year. lauren: next time you're driving you may see tesla model three on the road next year. reporter: yes, they are in the market. and elon musk fashion, tesla rolled out its highly anticipated model three and hand delivered the first 30 cars to
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employees who will serve as getting picked for the production team to work out any issues. the model three starts at around $35,000 will make electric vehicles more mainstream. right now, tesla produces 100,000 vehicles between it model s. and model acts. with the model for it hopes to increase the number to 600,000. about 500,000 people already put $1000 deposit for one of these cars. customer car should be rolling out by the end of next year. cheryl: this is a big gamble. they are running out. even the government subsidies looks attractive maybe. and lauren: they are elected for the first 200,000. cheryl: kubler is rolling out kind of a credit card. >> similar to the ones we have for airlines and hotels. read showing rival uber and lift may take to "the wall street
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journal." too personal in a a credit card for u.s. customers. we don't know all the details of the uber credit card or potential rewards, but it will be available in the fall. lyft also work in a credit card of its own. to use to its bride. cheryl: the more you spend, the more free rides to get. tracee: that is a lot of them want. maybe they are traveling as much of the airlines can assist is the best thing for them. lauren: good for loyalty, too. more workers using their smartphones on the job, but not for work. a new survey says workers are using their personal devices five hours a week at work. they are going to cite that the are shopping online. they are watching sports.
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the survey says that adds up to get $15.5 billion in lost productivity every single week. pretty phenomenal. cheryl: i never do anything on my smartphone that's not work-related. lauren: all the time. cheryl: coming up, how will president trump respond to the latest missile test from north korea? the healthy united states fight kim jong il regime. we are going to have that story for you. shocking video shows an airport worker punching a man that was holding the baby. we will tell you why and also what happened to the worker. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ feel the rain on your skin ♪ no one else can feel it for you this not only you let it in ♪ no one else, no one else can
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cheryl: and welcome back. welcome back. a pitcher caught a four-month happening now. officials in mexico rescued migrants who apparently wrote after being in a trailer
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400 miles from the u.s. border. it readies attempting to return them to their home country. the rest of week after undocumented immigrants died in an overheated trailer in san antonio, texas. for inmates still on the list in alabama after a dozen broke out of jail. this happened in walker county last night. it is the inmates recaptured overnight, but officials have not said how they were actually able to escape in the first place. authorities urged residents to stay off the streets. here is a very disturbing picture posted on twitter by traveler at the airport in nice, france. the women who took the pictures is an airport worker was punching a passenger holding a baby. the mental image i've complained about a 13 hour delay and easy jet flight. we should also read on this when the airport worker has been suspended. lauren: that picture on social media is not good for that airline. even though it wasn't one of
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their workers. the president trump prime minister spoke earlier about the escalating threat as u.n. ambassador nikki haley says she's done talking about the regime. how should the u.s. deal with kim jong doing. orton chang, austere of nuclear showdown as well as paul botticelli, former policy advisor to president george w. bush. good to see both of you. we will begin with you, paul. is this the one window of opportunity for sanctions to make a difference here? >> , but not, but the president will try -- the president will try them. he would give it at lash out. at the same time, unlike her previous president, her previous president, he will be forceful militarily. this is three administration said it had to deal with this in president trump has left a day. whenever tim l. of edmonds nation can we never did and not
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to hurt her career and china and we never frighten them enough with what we were willing to do. that is changing now under this president. cheryl: how do you get china on board here to do more? the president spoke with the chinese minister and they agreed it's not united dates in south korea to put pressure on north korea, but also china. >> a couple things. first of all, we need to start unplugging banks in the global financial system. we started on june 29th, but that's a small institution. the larger chinese banks have also been laundered money from the korea appeared more important, president trump things to say to the chinese, you can support north korea's or do business with the united states, but she can't do both. if the chinese think he is serious, we're a long ways towards a solution. the sanctions has to be severe because we don't have very much time. sanctions can work if we have
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the political will to impose the severest of them. lauren: the u.s. approves sanctions on that country. do you think putin will try to use this as a bargaining chip, remove or lessen the sanctions and will do more to help you. you see that playing out, paul? >> i can see that playing out. putin is desperate. what he's complaining about is hurting his own pocketbook in his own ability of control. i wish of the forest for machines that the chinese, russians, but behind the scenes they are desperate for donald trump's administration to find a way to help them back down. i don't think we'll see then in the next month or two, but in the next six months to a year, you'll see that work out in the trump administration will be smart enough, particularly with general killian charges chief of staff. lauren: this is general kelly's first day on the job as chief of staff chief of staff.
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how do you expect him to respond? this missile could actually hit chicago. >> yes, there is also a suggestion that missile can also hit boston and new york and if they can't do it this way, they'll be able to do it a couple months down the road because they have even longer range missiles that they haven't tested. i don't know how much policymaking john kelly will be doing, but we have seen the policymakers in the trump administration, including the president himself expressed his frustration with nikki haley said we're not calling a security council meeting because that's worthless. i think it's a step we are going to have to pursue in the future. note diplomacy. a lot of pressure. lauren: paul, think ely says the time for talk is over. what is the next step confronting north korea? >> one thing you do is say the time for talking is over but jurors are willing to talk
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behind the scenes. it's that the administration is trying to do. get the attention of world states that we are not interested in they were broke we will have one if we have to. as gordon said, with the chinese, with the russians as well, that kind of stuff can happen in the background, but you have to show the forcefulness. you have to show we are serious in its unlike the previous three administrations. we will not tolerate it. lauren: this is an issue that many people around the world are very concerned about. something escalating. a crisis really escalating north korea. >> yes, it would be horrific as the casualties in the first hours of conflict on the korean peninsula could number in the hundreds of thousands. talking perhaps the world's first nuclear exchange in china might be on the other side of that exchange. the trump administration has a moral obligation not just at the american people and people in the region, but everybody to do everything possible short of the use of force.
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eventually there will be diplomacy, but it should be at the end when the north koreans know they have to give up their weapons. we have the elements of national power to do this. we just need the political will and i hope trump has it. >> gordon, paul, thank you for your time this morning. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up. another big weekend at the box office. dunkirk's sending off its rivals, including a good animated movie starring -- it's been a hit. amo g. >> i am supposed to be -- i promise i have more than one emotion. >> please tell me you weren't laughing just now. trade to have more than one emotion. we'll talk about the weekend winners at the box office. winner of the day sure the northeast. moderate temperatures. meteorologists to have the fox
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forecast for us. u.s. stock index futures as we go to break in the last trading day of the month. another director for the ballot friday. s&p, nasdaq a little bit higher as well. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ and were trying different things ♪ and we were smoking funny things ♪ mickey locked up at the lake to our favorite song ♪ drinking whiskey out of the bottle, not thinking about tomorrow ♪ singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ where to get in... where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> there is no hiding from this. we have a job to do.
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>> eight printed beaches. right fight on the landing ground. we shall never surrender. cheryl: well, it "dunkirk" topped the box office for the second week in a row could their work risk of entire army pulled and $28 million over the weekend. while generated some pretty bad reviews, the 79 movie with 257 million in its first weekend. gross trip starring queen latifah had a good weekend with $20 million coming in at 18 million rounding out the top five this week, spiderman but her 10 million. i heard dunkirk is actually amazing. a cool weekend in the east coast. a reason to go to the movies, but we hear another heat wave on the way. fox meteorologist adam klotz.
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>> i saw it this weekend. a really good movie. maybe folks in florida the next couple days. here is sunny gorgeous, probably the next couple days. temperatures across the country. and i think we are out there, but the story going forward in the next couple days, at least on south talking about some very heavy rain. the sunshine state, not a lot of sunshine as we talk about a low pressure and that is going to hunger. going to hover. we'll be talking about really impressive rainfall totals here over the next 24-48 hours. these are radar indicated independent tout the thunderstorms move along. you get some ideas of up to 12 inches of total precipitation south of the area. we could be seeing major flooding in these areas. something we watch closely in the next 24-48 hours that the
5:26 am
system continues over central florida. the story across the country come here high for the day. temperatures around the upper 80s or 90 degrees. on the west coast as august still very far from over. he not been the triple digits. only hotter, especially in the pacific northwest. temperatures in seattle getting close to triple digits. it is going to stay hot for a little while longer. cheryl: july has been such a crazy month. so trillion parts of the northeast. it's very weird. >> it's been a roller coaster looks like it will continue for a little bit. cheryl: adam, thank you for the forecast. lauren: john kelly starts his job today. the challenges he faces on day one. martin chuck riley after prosecutors say he believe he is above the law. keep it here.
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♪wooooo oo waa ahhh ♪it's a beautiful mornin' thank you ♪ahhh, ah ahhh ♪each bird lauren: welcome back. 5:30 a.m. the kitchen, the global market action overnight. cheryl: today u.s. stock market futures i can hire. dow closing friday. we do it today? s&p up three and three quarters. that figure 13. lauren: unemployment to the lowest level since february 2009. check out the flip df 42 points. the cac now higher by four in the dax in 24 points. cheryl: in asia, the nikkei up with a lot more fractionally to the upside.
5:31 am
>> oil prices up for the first time since may 49.81. the trump administration not giving up on repealing and replacing obamacare. don't give up republican senators that the world is watching repeal and replace it one votes. across state lines and more. sources say lindsey graham has a new overhaul plan that would keep most of the obamacare taxes in the form of block grants. the future of obamacare a key topic on the new shows yesterday. >> the president will not accept that it's time to move on. he wants to help millions of americans who have suffered with no coverage. they were lied to by the last president. they couldn't get there.her, couldn't keep their plan. >> we need to go through the normal process, identify the problem, here from the experts, all the stakeholders and produce
5:32 am
a series of bills to fix the very real flaws in the affordable care at. >> i think there is in senator mcconnell's, one of his those that he had come a repealing replace, he had a provision we can all embrace and it was a provision to cover the car sharing, car sharing reductions, extend the reinsurance which is very important. >> in the white house view, they can move on in the senate. they should stay in work and figure out a way to solve this problem. lauren: senate democrats say they want to work on solutions to obamacare but they have not participated in the process thus far. four-star general john kelly preparing for his first day on the job as the white house chief of staff is sworn in in just a few hours. he faces a crucial week i had.
5:33 am
after a team of thorns, doug wead. >> hi, cheryl. hi, lauren. cheryl: i have to tell you something. or on chris wallace called it the worst week in his presidency thus far. can he create order in the white house and will everybody on this staff still not getting a clear answer including anthony scaramucci report directly to kelly? >> i disagree a little bit with that. the mood to kelly may also indicate something more ominous than that is the korea is going to be a bigger problem for donald trump than political. this is the first chief of staff is not political. normally need a political person and not positioned throughout history. that is the secretary to the president church adams, john adams the second. always the president then martin van buren junior and lincoln had his two secretary. chairman mao dems, the first chief of staff. they almost always has been
5:34 am
political animals. he's going to a general. it is more than just discipline in the west wing. if john sununu can do that, james baker, but they can also get bills passed. this is a general. that tells me something. cheryl: at the same time it's been well documented the trouble president trump is tied with messaging mother of his through previous or sean spicer, both who are now gone. the surprise announcement that reince priebus was departing. some critics saying it doesn't matter who they chief of staff is because it comes down to the president and how he would handle things. you think kelly can possibly bring him in? >> i don't think the president wants to be reined in. i don't think that will be john kelly's job. he's a soldier. he's going to take orders, but he may bring discipline to make
5:35 am
further down. that is part of his job is to get those bills through congress. reince priebus may have been underestimated a little bit. the trip to the middle east. a lot of credit goes to jared kushner. i was a high wire superb back visiting saudi arabia in the same trip in pulling it off superbly that the chief of staff, the republican chief of staff has a different skill set than a democratic chief of staff, leon panetta because they get a break with the media, republican doesn't. kelly will have a tough job, but a different role than the chief of staff has had in recent years. >> the reports cover was hesitant about taking the job. do you think they've gotten assurances from the president that is going to have some control and maybe that would've changed his mind? we are told he might have been offered job back in may to kind
5:36 am
of hold off a little bit. >> i think he has gotten those assurances. i said earlier there is something secret going on here that we don't know about the president is saying look, this north korea thing. forget health care and tax bills. survival is at stake is the preeminent crisis and problem than any that position. train to thank you for the historical data. appreciate it. >> a story in the case of badly martin shkreli today. cheryl: tracee carrasco joining us without another headlines. >> set to begin weighing today. the prosecutor and legal arguments that he is mistakenly calculated above the law. he allegedly defrauded investors into health care focused hedge fund senate convict did could
5:37 am
face up to 20 years in prison. a national attention and 2015 at the pharmaceutical ceo who imposed a 5000% price tag on an hiv medication. >> everybody made money. no harm, no foul. cheryl: the prosecutor is saying he's a fraudster. we will be following that today. the big merger here to talk about the company. tracee: staples which was recently acquired by private equity firm sycamore partners had apparently been in the talks with 1500 retail stores, two long-time rivals reporting to "the new york times," in a public filing last week that back on june 5th 28 offered to 2600, $25 million for north american retail locations. rumored to be, you guessed it, office depot. staples had originally turned down the deal, the processes they sycamore partners may be a
5:38 am
willing seller. a deal could create the big box office supply chain with thousands of locations coast-to-coast. >> so many people go online which is why it doesn't matter is the question. mtv finally bringing back the music. >> piggybacked to their roots in playing music as an attempt to boost ratings to relaunch derek hynek countdown show total request live. building a massive studio in times square to launch in october. the show will be an hour long and feature five cohosts. carson daly come the original host is not one of them. that was a huge show. cheryl: that made carson daly show, by the way. they had this huge party in times square. i guess that's all going to come back. tracee: we will see. they want to revive mtv. i guess they've reached all of their real-world destinations. nowhere else to go.
5:39 am
lauren: devos to revise times square. >> absolute need. no more teen mom. thanks, tracey. this is an interesting story. remember the obama era when everything moved to led light and was supposed to be eco-friendly? guess what? the led light bulbs may actually be causing health problems. led bulbs which flickr 100 times per second can cause headache, feeling the pain and dizziness. this comes after the federal government under the obama administration, remember they were pushing consumers away from traditional light bulbs. as part of the energy independent security acts. led lights have become the most popular alternative in many u.s. homes. if you got a headache right now, look around your house. lauren: you may see the reason. a busy week for investors including earnings from apple.
5:40 am
we will find out the launch date for the upcoming iphone eight. president trump with his first medal of honor to a vietnam veteran today. we will tell you all about it. you are watching "varney." -- "fbn:am." ♪ where's jack? he's on holiday. what do you need? i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy. the new guy? jack trained him. jack's guidance would be to maintain the temperature at negative 160 degrees celsius. that doesn't sound like jack. actually, jack would say, hey mate, just cool it to minus 160 and we're set. good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack.
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lauren: good monday morning. let's get you caught up in what's happening now. president trump will work his first national medal of honor. the highest honor a 71-year-old farmers -- a list chief nick lowe and a vietnam war veteran. a credited with saving the lives of 10 members of his platoon during two days of combat in 1969. congratulations. they then plowed into a crowd and a dining area of the restaurant. yesterday enough angeles injuring nine people. it is in a taken to the hospital. one in critical condition. three listed in serious for the driver was arrested. police say he ran a red light and tried to flee on foot. this is considered an accident and not an act of terrorism so far. living in an area where a total
5:44 am
eclipse of the sun will be visible next month. be sure to watch the eclipse through a special eclipse viewing glasses. nasa says there are counterfeit passes being sold. it will release more information about the eclipse which is august 21st, including the names of approved vendors for the classes. you want to get the right ones. >> remembered -- i'm with you. let's do it. cheryl: all right, a lot of companies coming out with earnings. a busy week now. 125 companies in the s&p 500 reporting to break down names. apple incisor up tomorrow. anthony chan, chief economist at chase. good morning. i'm curious what you're looking for the results certainly one of the biggest companies we will see for the entire reporting season. >> it really is.
5:45 am
the markets will see whether or not they get color in any possible production delays are things like that. the earnings much better than they were last year. you can get a little bit about the consensus running around $1.67 per share. the big focuses what can go wrong. this quarter usually assumed the quarter and given the fact a lot of people will be postponing. cheryl: the dow, s&p, four straight month of gains. it is largely ignoring all this news. markets in the election have been on fire. re: missing the bigger picture story? >> the markets are focusing on earnings. very strong in the first quarter, coming in pretty strong in the second calendar quarter. as long as earnings are good and the expectation is better to happen, maybe not even this year, but next year, markets
5:46 am
continue to go. >> they will really start to focus on the numbers and kind of ignore the chaos in washington. there have been some volatility based on the health care reform. >> there have, but so far a few cage of volatility index has been low. it has picked up in the last couple days. nonetheless, way below the historical average. markets are going to be very excited about this report. cheryl: let's talk about the jobs report on friday. what are your expectations? >> will give 185,000 genes. people won't focus that much in jobs. they will focus on earnings report. we'll get a little bit of a bump on the month over month change in the average. 2.4% year-over-year, little bit slower than last month. cheryl: wage is what you will be looking at.
5:47 am
i think you are right as well as participation rate always a key figure. anthony, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. lauren: coming up in sports comes slugger adrian bell tray. in japan, traders close out the first monthly loss since march. live from london coming out. you are watching "fbn:am" ♪ she's so high, high above me, she's so lovely ♪ who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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lauren: is a big day today major league baseball. several teams not waiting until the trading deadline. cheryl: garrett maxes you with garrett maxes you with all the sports.
5:51 am
>> good morning cheryl, good morning, learn. 4:00 eastern time marks not only the closing bell on wall street or "after the bell" here on spn. today is the major league baseball deadline. 4:00 eastern. chicago cubs stock soaring of late. the world series champs have won 13 of 16 games since the all-star break you're in first place by two and a half games. they bolster their bullpen. cubbies make a trade with detroit. they also had catcher alex with 271. tigers come in detroit gets a trio of mike minor leaguers. last year's trade deadline from milwaukee to texas. traded last night from the rangers on the colorado rockies for a player to be named this year. cardinals to brace last december then traded last monday from the brace to the twins. garcia switching again. set to make his debut this
5:52 am
thursday, thank yankees sent a f minor league pitchers to minnesota to get garcia. bucky cabrera hit 295, 13 number for the white box for now kansas city royals for the second time. delivered to kc in exchange for a pair of minor league pitchers. 4:00 eastern time today is baseball's non-trade deadline. a lot of this already. the defense team in baseball keeps getting better. dodgers down to run to los angeles. kyl farmers first time to bat in the big-league since the game-winning walkoff two-run double. that whatever san francisco. 74 wins in 31. congratulations to texas rangers. all trade with yesterday became the 31st player in big-league history to collect the 3000 hit. yesterday, one of the more fun days in baseball. action at the hall of fame in
5:53 am
cooperstown, new york as we salute these fellows. tim raines and her with 13 years of mantra. jeff bagwell with the houston astros. i found gets 13 all-stars, 14 gold clubs, most are catchers in baseball history in executive john cher holds 26 years of brazen rails and former baseball commissioner hall of fame. >> interesting choice. >> unicef for a long time and have a lot of contributions to the game. new york yankees aaron judge and 158 since the all-star game. yesterday, judge was money. in his first major league game sold at an auction for $157,366. sports collectibles at the highest price for any jersey in our four major sports leagues in the last 15 years.
5:54 am
i guess the way prices escalate, what if this guy turns out to be the next babe ruth. they are the giants. maybe they bartered here will give you this jersey. that is a lot of money. >> if elected is a gigantic poker game for baseball. all these traits that are going down. this is kind of the biggest day of the season. >> a lot of teams can make a certain move and pick up a picture to kid me in the bullpen in the playoffs. october we'll be seeing her member before the trade deadline, tmax required such and such in today's the big day for that. 4:00 eastern time, a lot of trade between now and then. cheryl: we'll see tomorrow with an update. make sure to catch jerrod maxey run fox news headlines on sirius xm channel 115. he said this every day.
5:55 am
lauren: when they come back, japan's nikkei a big deal because it is the first down month since the month of march. a live report from london in just a bit. you're watching "fbn:am." you're watching "fbn:am." ♪♪ sweet emotionro ♪ generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi® got involved very early on, and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it.
5:56 am
you have the opportunity to say, "i've been part of the creation of over 27,000 units of housing," and to replicate this across the entire african continent.
5:57 am
lauren: investors wrapping up the month of july.
5:58 am
the spring in reno called to talk about it. good to see you. happy monday. >> good morning, happy monday. a little bit less happy for the nikkei's first monthly decline in a little while. granted, the moves are not very big, but i think a lot of what is dragging it down are the weaker dollar. the index climbed in response to very export sensitive index and when it translates earnings back, it's taking a bit of a head from the weaker dollar this month as well or not having some of the big tech companies that have led a lot of recent events. riva the lowest close since april. the binding europe right now. >> this morning in europe is being driven by a couple of things. mostly from asia to be honest.
5:59 am
you have mining companies if they spend a lot this morning. that came after some of the china construction data with a copper prices, in to boost some of the mining giants and you also had better results which has helped the banking sector climb across the board. >> we see the miners up, banks upon the heels of the hsbc. are you guys looking forward to the jobs report in the u.s. that comes down on friday? >> jobs report is always an interesting day of the week. closely watched this time around. people are really curious to see if it holds up, see what it means whether it can start a balance sheet adjustment of whether you can get a great price at the end of the year. always a fun indicator to watch. lauren:.a. riva, thank you so much. cheryl: dataset caress. let's turn it over to ms. dagen
6:00 am
mcdowell with "mornings with maria." dagen: good morning. i am digging the towel and for maria bartiromo. monday, july 31st hairdo top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the secret docs we haven't seen in six years. gearing up for another big week with apple tomorrow. comes as investors look to wrap up the month of july in a high note. teens across the board. dow futures up 47 points right now. the dow, s&p 500 on track for the fourth straight monthly gain. again in july of roughly 2% and the nasdaq to stand out of nearly 4% in july. checking the action overseas in europe. gains across the board as well. a modest gain. in asia overnight, markets mostly higher as well. the nikkei being the sole loser there. back to


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