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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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22,000. the 47th high for the dow since the election. all major averages in the green. watch for your money. this is a good time for the markets. cheryl: good evening, i'm cheryl casone, you are watching "making money." anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director at the request of general john kelly who began his first day as chief of staff. all this has the white house is pitch oughting to tax reform. the dow jones inching closer to 22,000. we'll have more on that in just a little bit. but first to that major shakeup.
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the white house announcing anthony scaramucci is out, 10 days after take the job as white house communications director. the move, to quote, give general kelly a clean slate. adam, good evening. reporter: when you talk about a clean slate, it's not the first time they had to clean the slate at the white house. but in regards to anthony scaramucci, not only is he out as communications director. he was escorted from the white house. when asked if he was going to be part of the trump administration as an advisor or work in some other capacity, the simple answer is no. here is a what sarah sanders, the press secretary at the white house, said about it. >> the president felt anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position.
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he didn't want to burden general kelly with that line of succession as when made clear a few times over the course of the last couple days to several of individuals. general kelly has the full authority to operate in the white house and all staff will report to him. reporter: there were a series of questions at the press briefing. does this mean everybody has to go to chief of staff john kelly. because a lot of people like to brag they have the ear of the president. scaramucci was saying he had the ear of the president an answered to the president. he doesn't answer to anyone now, he's gone. staff will answer to john kelly who will be work for president trump. cheryl: the pecking order clear. reporter: do not blink.
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what you will miss when you blink. cheryl: let's bring in our panel,. shelbypanel,shell -- shelby hols here. and ford o'connell, good evening to all of you. where to start, ford. this was quite the day. i am curious if you were surprised he is out and if you think this will right the ship and the white house will start to look a little more organized. ford: the story is there is a new sheriff in town and his name is john kelly. i am not surprised because it's basically john kelly's job to right the ship. it can be a game change. but chiefs of staff are only as good as their president allows
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them to be. cheryl: when you look at what's been happening the last couple weeks, particularly the evenings over north korea. you have got a military professional in there who can deal with north korea and manage the staff at the white house and he's also got to work with congress. of those three items where does his strength lie? >> he was a legislative liaison between the marines and congress. he knows the halls of congress. but the foreign policy point is something that should not be overlooked. you have north korea, russia, syria, you have foreign policy challenges bubbling up. he's a sounding board. he will be able to provide president trump with the information trump needs to make these decisions. i was just speaking to ari
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fleischer and he said today is a good day because general kelly asserted his authority. everybody inthe white house now knows who they answer to. he is on the same page as trump. he hates leakers. they are on the same page with a lot of things. but general kelly also respects the intelligence community and respects the institutions. so a lot of people see him as a good balance to trump's approach. cheryl: i wonder if the white house -- i'm sure they are looking to move on and recover. chris wallace on "fox news sunday" said this was by far the worst week of the trump presidency. does the white house begin to recover from ended up being quite a scandal with the
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interview with the "new yorker," the vulgar laced. >> i think they are about to get back on their footing. i think the headline is scaramucci scares no more. i know general kelly. his sense of calm, command and control will redirect a lot of things. but the major problem the white house has had from the beginning has bent messaging. compellingly, precisely clear to the american public about making sure we deliver on being stronger abroad, safer at home and have an economy that lifts all ships. that's where he will bring a sense of calm and clarity. cheryl: there have been reports that the president approached
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him in may about the chief of staff position but he was hesitant to accept the job. there are reports he insisted scaramucci be gone if he was going to take the chief of staff position from reince priebus. >> i don't have any information on that. if you look for someone as an antidote to a chaotic week and messaging blunders, general kelly is your guy. he knows how to marshal the talent of people. ford: essentially it's all about john kelly being an effective gatekeeper going forward.
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as for anthony scaramucci, he pretty much cooked his own goose on this one. john kelly is in charge. cheryl: someone who has been on the trading floors in new york city. whether it was on the record or not we don't know. shelby, aside from that scandal, the next question has to be as we move forward, the structure of the white house. that's key. that seems to have been a problem. a lot of cooks in the kitchen. whether it's reince priebus or jared or ivanka. can kelly fiction that and streamline that management process? >> management is the word. when you talk to people in the white house, they say competing views are a good thing. but they can't happen in the
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wrong setting. you can't have leakers leak everything out to the press. it undermines the whole process. he needs to figure out who he can get in the room when it's critical and the president needs to make a decision. he need to figure out who should have access and be able to walk into the president's door without asking permission. scaramucci, you do something wrong and you are gone. ari fleischer said you can't tell the president's daughter she is gone. cheryl: . thank you very much. we appreciate it. all of these breaking news out of the white house. speak of the white house and top republican lawmakers are working hard to try to pivot to thanks reform.
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cheryl: communications director anthony scaramucci may be out. but the white house is focused on sending out a clear message on the president's agenda. gary cohn said the president is committed to getting a tax reform bill this year. joining me, americans for prosperity director, tim phillips who sat on a panel today with treasury secretary mnuchin.
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what did you shear from him? >> he reaffirmed the blueprint which the administration laid out that lowers rates across the board, simplifies the code and gets rid of some of the coffer-outs in the code that favor the politically connected. he made a point that they are determined to get this done this year. we are pleased that the joint the same from last week did not include this border adjustment tax. we think this is a great blueprint and we are ready to move forward. cheryl: did the question of corporate taxes come up? the administration pitched 15%. did he address that? >> he said the corporate rates in the blueprint that calls for 15% is the goal.
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it's important to go big. if you nibble around the edges, it won't get this economy going and give the growth in this economy that we need. we are urging them to go big and the blueprint is 15%. cheryl: i want to bring in gillian me melchoir. there will be repercussions politically if they don't get tax reform. >> democrats have been able to get out with obamacare making the message that this benefits the rich. that republicans are for the rich and hurting the little guy. this is something they desperately need. voters are going to be furious,
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they gave republicans everything they needed to pass and repeal obamacare and didn't accomplish that. cheryl: we have got the budget. here is my question. the president talking about we are going to be bringing this up later in the show. he wants the senate to keep fighting the repeal and replace. but you have got budget. they need to fund the faa. you have got tax reform. all of these things are coming to fruition with two only weeks in the senate and the house is gone. >> mark short and secretary mnuchin talked about the calendar. you are exactly right, it would have been better to have gotten that completed before they wrapped up for the august break. but they didn't do it. i think they know the stakes are so much higher on tax-free form because of the failure on healthcare.
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but the republican party is far more united coming out of the chute on tax reform. a lot of rank and file members reporting and agree to principles that are wide ranging. we pivoted on tax reform. healthcare was disappointing. cheryl: when you get into the weeds and start to have this debate. you have the house debating, and they pass something, all of a sudden everyone's state has a different attitude. let's have three tax brackets, great. but at the same time at the end of the day you know you can get bogged down in amendments and special interests. >> you saw our elected officials acting every man for themselves
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on obamacare in a way that i think was disgusting. i can't believe this will play out with tax reform. but the one saving grace, they need this. and i hope they will have the clarity of thought to see this is important for themselves. cheryl: if that's true, then what can they agree? what is the easiest thing for the republicans to agree on when gary cohn and mnuchin's pass and comes down and we get to look at it. >> lowering rates across the board. specifically starting with the corporate rate. and beginning to unrig the economy. that means doing away with some of the some of the carve-outs in the code.
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the state tax deduction needs to be done away with. there is unity on lowering rates as much as possible. i think republicans understand that they are in a tight spot after the failure of healthcare. it tends to bring them together. we are even couraged with where they are right now. there will be a lot of special interests digging in and demanding their piece of the pie. but this is a chance for republicans to go straight to the american people and talk about a fair, simpler tax code. if they do that they will have support to get this done. cheryl: we thank you for your perspective and sharing your thoughts. we have a lot more coming up. president trump has a message for congress when it comes to healthcare, and it's not on the front of a hallmark card.
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we'll explain coming up.
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cheryl: the senate extending their session for two more weeks, meeting for the first time since friday when a vote on the obamacare repeal bill failed to pass. in a series of scathing tweets, including this one, if a new healthcare bill is not approved quickly, bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for members of congress will ends very soon. if obamacare is hurting people, why shouldn't it be hurting understand companies, and why shouldn't congress be paying what the public pays?
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we have the former coo of the trump campaign. and fox news contributor deneen burrelly. i want top explain to our viewers what wee he was talking about. there was a special exem-shun president obama gave to congress where they were declared a small business and the taxpayers subsidize congress' healthcare on the exchanges. he can get rid of that with the stroke of a pen. >> all animals are created equal, but some are more equal thoonters. why does congress get treated differently. it's insulated from the consequences of obamacare.
6:25 pm
losing your doctor, higher premiums. all the lies that came out from the democratic party. americans are suffering and rates are going through the roof. why should congress have a special carve-out? they shouldn't. cheryl: the president tweeted, a great day at the white house. probably one of the shortest tweets the president put out on twitter. what do you make of where the president is sitting right now and the view from the white house. >> he made promises to the american people and what all lawmakers need to think about and remember, there is no one in the country who has his finger on the pulse of what the american people want as much as president trump. here in arizona we have seen the biggest premium increase and
6:26 pm
obamacare was sold on a lie. cheryl: it failed. i note president is frustrated. but he's got to understand that if we don't november forward to tax reform and the budget and oather issues on the -- and other issues on the agenda, he's going to end up with nothing. the house and senate showed they can't get much done. >> one of our republican senators came out and said she wants to hold more hearings with committees to find problems with obamacare. they don't get anything done. it's all talk, no action. congress needs to get it done. they all campaigned on it and raised money on it. >> for 7 years. and they didn't have a plan, deneen. and that's not trump's fault,
6:27 pm
that's their fault. >> you have a lot of republicans in congress who vote big government. too many ideologies and this what we are left with, this mess with obamacare and still there is no repeal and no replace. cheryl: jeff, what do you make of the fact that the president could take away congressional subsidies for their healthcare. do you have think that's a smart move? >> something else thrown out by mick mulvaney. this could be used to light a fire under them. this is what the american public wants. it's broken and obamacare doesn't work. if that's what it takes to light a fire, we need to get it done. cheryl: we'll see if the senate gets anywhere in the next couple weeks. thanks very much.
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now to some overseas news. chaos erupted again in venezuela as opposition parties are clash with the government and the u.s. hit the president with fresh sanctions. that happened late today. we'll have the details coming up next. a.
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cheryl: more violence in venezuela.
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opposition parties that out of the election claiming it was rigged and now the u.s. has sanctioned maduro. joining me to discuss this eric raymond of venezuelan immigrant and new waive capital partner and julia is back with us and present of as germanic and senior fellow at the policy research institute and i hope i said that correctly. let me start with you vanessa. i want to play everybody late breaking today obviously treasury secretary mnuchin and a charm that master announced sanctions against maduro. i want to play quickly what they had to say. >> the regime has recused to heed this call and its recent actions culminating in yesterday's outrageous seizure of absolute power through the sham election all assets of maduro subject to u.s. jurisdiction are frozen and u.s.
6:33 pm
persons are prohibited from dealing with him. maturo is not just a bad leader, he is now a dictator. cheryl: you know that's my initial question when this was happening in real time today what are those assets into we have assets and how much do they have the united states who we can freeze them? >> there to object is basically for sanctions one is the season of assets. i'm not privy to exactly much money he has been united states. a lot of this money is also held in switzerland or panama by a lot of these regime leaders but we know for fact for instance his predecessor's bodyguard had $16 billion in an hsbc bank account in geneva so we can assume that maduro is somewhere in that round to the other thing is also because he's the president people are less likely to now signed deals with the venezuelan government. sanctions government and supreme supreme courts of the ideas if
6:34 pm
you want to do business with then israeli have to get rid of these guys. cheryl: eric i want to show you the viewers as well a vigil this happening right now. 10 people killed in those protests against maduro in this latest round of protest. that's on top of the hundreds who have already died over the last year and it really has erupted into chaos. it's become eric a humanitarian crisis. your response? >> obviously this is very personal to me. i have family in the country and as the country were i was born and grew up. it's a tragedy and a humanitarian crisis but it's also not just a problem for venezuela through what's going on there this power grab the players behind the scene the oil that is at stake, this is an issue for united states to take very seriously. i'm happy to see some of the moves the administration did today. i celebrate them and i think they have to keep going because the timing is right. the government is fragile at this point in time.
6:35 pm
they should keep pushing forward. cheryl: you now have to tell you i was again a quote from maduro. he told the crowd of supporters, he said they won't recognize the results of this constituent assembly election and then he said why the [bleep] should we we. >> i don't think they care. i'm of venezuelan dual citizen and i just got back from there in may and yeah they are sticking to the line because this is some kind of tribal warfare the revolutionaries against the yankee imperial to call it the evil empire because that's your only thing that garner support is sort of this tribal warfare. we knew the election was rigged. we saw, my friends were down on the ground the day before the election saw that they were opening the elections and people got phonecall saying the voting has started and we knew that it was going to berate.
6:36 pm
they had to vote but more people voting than against the constituent assembly. the real estimate seems to be closer to 2 million. they exaggerated by a factor of three. cheryl: joe and i want to give in here quickly. there's so much chaos around the world but can the u.s. really do anything? >> i think we can predict you look at what's going on in venezuela that's a big piece in the puzzle and that's one potential way for trump to come down harder with sanctions and pressure because they really are behind them. truly important to bring up the dissidents in the situation and william ortega the violinist was taken over the weekend. he can no longer here in his right year and if you want a snapshot of the cruelty of this regime this is it. cheryl: eric what you want to see the u.s. administration do besides sanctions?
6:37 pm
what else you want from us? >> first of all i agree paying closer attention to cuba is a critical leverage points but let's remember the united states is the biggest buyer of venezuelan oil. think that's a very important leverage point for country was running out of cash in at the u.s. wants to take a position of stock in the purchase of venezuelan oil that would be a blow to the venezuelan people are hoping for. cheryl: you hit the nail on the head. thank you so much for being with us eric and jillian and vanessa. a really important topic. appreciate it. we are going to switch gears now. we are going to talk about your money. a record day on wall street today printed towel at a new high despite all the chaos we saw. we will get a breakdown on how much money you made coming uptu. next. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling.
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cheryl: hbo reports hackers may
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cheryl: just a short time ago jurors in the fraud case of martin shkreli wrapped up their first day of -- deliberations. >> day one has come and gone of these deliberations of no verdict has been reached. mr. shkreli faces the possibility of spending up to 20 years behind bars on these fraud related charges he is now facing. we have video of him that we shot an hour ago or so with mr. shkreli and his legal team walking out of the federal courthouse in part and. shkreli himself just kind of stares at the photographers and reporters as we all shouted questions at him. even for his high-powered offense attorney benjamin
6:42 pm
bratman not much to say leaving court. >> i'm really not supposed to talk until the trial is over general money ladies. >> what you going to do tonight? >> i really don't think i should be commenting. >> retry their best. did speak to him privately and he told me as soon as there is a verdict he will come over and have a more extended conversation with us but we shouldn't hear much from him before then. as for shkreli during the day in court he saw how stonefaced he was on the way out. we saw him late in the day and he appeared to be laughing and maybe joking around with his legal team before the jury came back and said they were unable to reach a decision so he will be back at it trying to reach that decision beginning 9:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow morning. a stroke with the and bolts of this case for those who've not been following it closely
6:43 pm
mr. shkreli faces three counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, three counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud two counts of securities fraud and the basic accusation as he used investment fund he was managing to defraud investors essentially by stealing from his own pharmaceutical company to pay off those investors for money he had lost. the defense argues there was no crime committed and that they say in many cases he made money. we will be back here tomorrow. cheryl one quick point for people not following this so closely. this case has nothing to do at all with raising drug prices. you will remember that the relearned mr. shkreli in the first place rising the prices of each word -- hiv drug by 5000% nothing at all to do with this fraud case. we will see what happens tomorrow. cheryl: he certainly is a colorful character so we will definitely be following this as will you. connell, thank you really appreciate the deliberations continue tomorrow as he said.
6:44 pm
well another new record for the dow today despite another shakeup at the white house. president trump has no problems taking credit for the rally. the highest.macwrite ever. that's economic numbers wages raising border secured no white house chaos. so there you go wages raising. isn't that rising? anyway let's bring in david nelson chief strategist. we probably don't talk about the facts that the market has been phenomenal since the inauguration of the record on the dow tonight. doesn't seem that anything is shaking investors away from these. >> is it. dangerous path that he's taking. he once owned the bull stock market he also asked on the decline in at some point that's going to happen. will be interesting to see what the treats are then at that point. i would have done that.
6:45 pm
i think he gets credit for certain things that write now we are still a 2% economy and i'm onboard with what speaker ryan just said. he said without tax reform are not going to get the 3% best critical and i don't mean just rolling back, 10% economic growth in 2% gdp. we have a 77,000 page tax code. that like to see it unwound and at the start over. right now with the tax code code that encourages corporations to offshore manufacturing and sometimes the entire company so let's tweet about that and get that back on board. cheryl: one of the dark side, not dark or little bit of ahead with technology. if you look at what has powered the markets overall its bank -- facebook and apple so are you worried about that sector at all? >> you see kind of big rotation here. nothing is really changed on facebook or google or amazon. some people have taken money off
6:46 pm
of the table at the end of the month. cheryl: really quick i love this one actually the deal is on $11.9 billion. no response to kark response occur cutting ineffective seems like a pretty smart merger. >> scripts is a name that i used to own and i guess i didn't get to participate in this. cheryl: well it's a big move but just really quick before i let you go we are so close to 22. are you going to celebrate and have that celebratory feeling were received 22,000 or do you think this nervous undertone is more of what marx at? >> i think the nervous undertone as part of it but 22 is hardly as exciting as 10 was years ago or 20. it's just another milestone and i think it will pass and go quickly. cheryl: we will see if it helps with confidence at nothing else. by the way the jobs reports, that's important.
6:47 pm
we will be watching that. good to see you. coming up the u.s. government is facing russian retaliation as congress forges ahead on new sanctions against russia and the world awaits the president signatures. we will be right back. usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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cheryl: russian president vladimir putin fires back at the u.s. ordering 755 workers be cut from the american mission in moscow. with the latest developments at the london center for and back with us -- thank you for being here again.
6:51 pm
her view first and thank you for joining us for this talk about this. first off the president likely going to have to sign. >> president trump is going to sign this bill. it's also true that i think it's going to be done with great reluctance but there is no doubt that the congress bipartisan support in the congress has made this virtually inevitable. going to happen. the question really is what happens on putin's side. we see 50's -- 755 positions that will be lost but keep in mind sanctions so it's an equation that has pros and cons for their lots of things the russians could do including nationalizing many assets that are controlled by the united states. cheryl: you have to wonder sometimes your enemies to become your friend and i'm wondering if that's warrior with russia right now especially with north korea and if you look a what happening with syria. maybe we do need to kind of not fear to far off from the russians right now despite the election meddling. >> we should never take her eyes
6:52 pm
off the russians and i don't tank putin's diplomatic reprisal is a surprise to anyone. he doesn't like to get pushed around in public. row question is what the russians do next because yes expelling 755 diplomats hurt our intelligence gathering but understand something while russia's nuclear power we have strong military their economy is the size of italy and if they don't have u.s. investments bear no trouble back home. putin is to be very careful. cheryl: herb to that point it's all about energy at the end of the day. that's a putin cares about. >> of course it's an extractive industry. either natural gas or its oil and when you look at russia today because of mcdonald's and kfc. imagine the russians sang we are going to nationalize these industries. multibillion-dollar operation that would hurt the united states and sends a message to the russians that you can't lie and the americans. after all these americans aren't
6:53 pm
really friends of ours so putin has some cards he can play. cheryl: to think he can spark that kind of nationalism? >> they have got a problem with alcoholism. they have a problem with life expectancy. they have got all kinds of economic issues in the country to the only thing that works is the reestablishment of the --. >> he's going to try to spark that nationalism. i don't think it's going to work because i know one thing about people they don't like to go backwards. cheryl: and they like kfc actually. guys thank you very much. appreciate it. thanks to both of you. we have a lot more coming up next. the white house launching supersonic armors over the korean peninsula in a show of force to north korea and china on notice. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable...
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>> the u.s. is sending super sonic bombers over the korean peninsula and conducting a successful success of the defense missile system in the face of the most recent north korean test. president trump addressing the growing crisis today. watch. >> we have some interesting situations that will handle north korea, middle east, lots of problems that we inherited from previous administrations, but we'll take care of them. we'll take care of them very well. we'll handle north korea. we're going to be able handle them. it will be -- it will be handled. we handle everything. thank you very much. >> it will be handled. joining me now, former u.s. army special officer jim enhance as well as senior research fellow and former cia chief. gentlemen, welcome to both of you. bruce, i want to start with you and dianne feinstein has
6:58 pm
been very clear over the weekend. this is clear what the koreans are trying to do. should web worried? >> we should always be worried when korea advances their nuclear capabilities. people underplayed the july 4th launch saying it could only reach alaska. obviously, far greater than that. right now, the best estimates it could certainly reach los angeles, denver, chicago, perhaps even new york and washington, d.c. north korea continues to make progress on a wide range of missiles. not only the uscbm but submarine launch ballistic missile and refine missiles that can reach japan. >> it's interesting here because ambassador haley says the time for talk is over. has certainly taken a more harsh tone saying we're going to take care of it. what do you think this means?
6:59 pm
>> i think this means the time for talk is over and the time for talk has come. . lou: what do you think of that? >> i think we're going to take one more take at the chinese and i think at this point you have to send a more powerful message. it's time to break some of kim's military toys. whether it's one of his launchpads, his subtending units, whatever it is. we need to send a message that says we will not tolerate a nuclear-capable korea that can threaten the united states at will. . lou: but, bruce, is china going to agree to work with us? from what i've seen today on twitter from the chinese, the answer's "no." >> well, there's a lot of things the u.s. can do using its own laws. the president complains that china isn't doing enough, which is correct. but he continues to pull u.s. punches on using secondary sanctions against violators on u.s. law. so there's things that we can do unilaterally that impinge
7:00 pm
on the businesses that are doing business with north korea. >> well, it's a topic we're going to continue to cover. and i thank you both for being here tonight. >> pleasure. >> that's it for me. i'll be back 6:00 p.m. eastern time. lou dobbs is next. >> good evening, everybody, i'm david asmand in for lou dobbs tonight. president trump today ousting anthony scaramucci as white house communications director after only ten days on the job. scaramucci removed at the request of general john kelly who was sworn in as the new white house chief of staff this morning. the president himself summed it up in this way tweeting out quote a great day at the white house. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts has been following all of the staffing changes and has our report. >> david, good evening. ten days ago, the press


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