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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 31, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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on the businesses that are doing business with north korea. >> well, it's a topic we're going to continue to cover. and i thank you both for being here tonight. >> pleasure. >> that's it for me. i'll be back 6:00 p.m. eastern time. lou dobbs is next. >> good evening, everybody, i'm david asmand in for lou dobbs tonight. president trump today ousting anthony scaramucci as white house communications director after only ten days on the job. scaramucci removed at the request of general john kelly who was sworn in as the new white house chief of staff this morning. the president himself summed it up in this way tweeting out quote a great day at the white house. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts has been following all of the staffing changes and has our report. >> david, good evening. ten days ago, the press secretary sean spicer said he
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was going to step down to clear the decks for anthony scaramucci to build a communications team. today, the white house cleared the decks again. >> it ranks the shortest ranks in white house history. after ten days on the job, anthony scaramucci is out as white house communications director. it was john kelly who asked for scaramucci to go after a profanity-laced interview scaramucci thought was off the record became public last week. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a position in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of concession. >> scaramucci's removal is a sharp indicator of how much power he will have as staff. swearing in kelly this morning. >> i predict general kelly will go down as chief of staff one of the great ever.
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>> as a senior military assistant, kelly is well versed in the ways of washington. president trump is banking that kelly's military discipline can bring some order to a west wing by competing power centers. trump: what he's done in terms of homeland security is record shattering. you look at the border, you look at the tremendous results we've had, and you look at the spirit. and with a very controversial situation, there's been very little controversy, which is pretty amazing by itself. >> in a tweet the president dismissed the idea of a west wing in crisis saying there is no white house chaos. insisting all the markers have been a successful administration are there. >> you look at stock markets, the highest it has ever been. unemployment lowest in 17 years, companies are doing tremendously well. >> still amid setbacks and foreign policy challenges. among them. north korea's latest show of defiance firing off another
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intercontinental ballistic missile. >> we'll handle north korea. we're going to be able to handle them. it will be -- it will be handled. we handle everything. >> and now another foreign policy crisis as venezuelan president maduro consolidated power in an election u.s. officials consider a sham. today the national security adviser and treasury secretary slapped new sanctions on maduro himself. >> we hope that these sanctions will make all maduro regime officials reconsider how their actions have asked affected the country. >> his predecessor reince priebus never enjoyed. under priebus' regime, several senior staffers had a direct line to the president and around him. under kelly's management, everyone in the west wing, including ivanka trump and jared kushner will report to kelly. david: thank you.
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president trump insisting that the north korea will be handled. with displays of our military, but is it enough? fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent has our report. >> the pentagon is now calling north korea's latest launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile its longest test yet. and thaticity it is prompting a u.s. military response. two new capable b-1 bombers escorted by japanese and south korean fighter jets flew from a u.s. base in guam over the weekend to just south of the dmz from north korea. and successfully tested from a u.s. based in alaska, the antiballistic missile system set to be deployed in south korea. short of launching a war, important moves to move against north korea threatening the u.s. >> we have got to focus on defense. >> the actions of kim jong-un also triggering a global war of words during his current european trip, vice president
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pence let go of this, though. >> the president of the united states is leading a coalition of nations to bring the pressure to bear under at times north korea will permanently abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programming. >> one of those nations threatened by north korea missiles following a phone conversation with president trump today, japanese prime minister abe also banged the drum. >> under the strong unity of u.s. and japan, we all have a tangible action regarding military measures to improve our capability and take every caution in the face of north korea's threat. >> and as china rolled out its military this weekend for the army day parade, also defending itself against charges it is not reigning in north korea. u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley tweeted. done talking about north korea. china is aware they must act. japan and south korea must increase pressure, not only a u.s. problem.
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it will require an impartial solution. >> we just hope that the other countries can see that they also need to take up their responsibilities in comprehensive the relevance security counsel resolutions. >> if it's any consolation, newly analyzed video shows the nose cone of the icbm burning up, not surviving reentry. experience, however, pyongyang will keep trying. david: thank you very much. well, russia continues to fire back at the u.s. for stepped up sanctions. russian president vladimir putin announcing he will force the u.s. to cut 755 people from its diplomatic staff. the move coming as the white house prepares to sign another round of sanctions into law. fox news correspondent kristen fisher has our report. >> vice president mike pence delivering one of the strongest yet against russian
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aggression by someone in the trump administration. >> no threat aluminums larger in the baltic states than the specter of aggression from your unpredictable neighbor to the east. >> it was a message made stronger by his location and audience. the short drive away from the russian border, and he was speaking to a few hundred nato troupes. whose mission is to deter any russian aggression in the sign of ukraine. >> very soon president trump will sign legislation to strengthen the united states sanctions against russia. that bill passed by congress last week prompted russian president vladimir putin to retaliate. organized the removal of more than 700 u.s. diplomats from russia. >> we have waited quite a long time and that something might change for the better. we had hoped that the situation will somehow change. but apparently, if it changes, it won't be soon. >> this fight the diplomatic today the vice president said that the trump
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administration's preference remains a constructive relationship. russia. >> america is open to a better relationship with russia. but the president and our congress are unified in our message. a better relationship and the lifting of sanctions will require russia to reverse the actions they cause the sanctions to be imposed in the first place. >> but the presidents remain aware that russia will ever reverse course and worry moscow will make a move like it did in ukraine. on this trip, they wanted the vice president to reassure them that the u.s. was still committed to nato's article five, the mutual defense pledge. and today, that's exactly what they got. >> the united states is now and will always be your greatest ally. >> tonight the vice president is in a country that would like to join nato, georgia. in fact, right now the country is holding military exercises alongside u.s. troupes and tomorrow, the vice president will be speaking to those troupes before heading to
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montenegro, nato's newest member and the final stop on the vice president swing through eastern europe. in georgia traveling with the vice president, i'm kristin fisher, fox news. david: and we are coming back with a lot more. stay with us david: president trump removing anthony scaramucci as communications director after a scandalous interview with the new yorker. >> kellthe president thought his comments were inappropriate. david: we'll discuss it with the dean ed rollins. and the republicans are eager to move on from the health care failure to tax reform. >> the president behind this approach, much different than the health care. david: so will the republicans be able to come together to get meaningful tax reform? we have a full report on that next. stay with us.
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secretary sarah huckabee sanders today making it clear all roads to president trump go through kelly. >> general kelly i think will bring a new structure to the white house and discipline and strength, and we're all really excited to work with him. general kelly has the full authority to carry out business. >> all staff will report to the staff. does that include jared kushner, does that include that everyone reports to kelly? >> that includes everyone in the white house. david: he's the general. joining us now to discuss health care and a lot more. ed rollins who served in three presidential administrations, chief adviser of the house republican leadership, the dean, and winning columnist. both are fox news contributors. so, ed, what a difference. today the weekend to just yesterday on the sunday talk shows, kellyanne conway was on saying she wasn't concerned
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who was reporting to whom, et cetera. it was so loosy-goosy, you can't get anything done in a white house like that, can you? >> i've served in three white house, i had access to the president whenever i wanted to, but i had to tell the chief of staff i wanted to have access to it. and the one reason is if they're debating korea you don't want ed rollins, the political guy walking in right after that and saying don't worry about that. you have to have a consistency. i think general kelly will basically bring that discipline, you're not going to keep people out, but he basically will have an order and a process. david: let me just ask you because you've been involved in hirings and firings inside the white house. do you think there was -- this was a power -- was this all based on what scaramucci had told the new yorker? or was this kind of a power move on the general's part to say i am in charge? >> well, it's both i think. i think, first of all, scaramucci is a friend. he basically was playing
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russian roulette with five shells in the gun. it wasn't a one-incident, it was several incidents, and i think at the end of the day the president had the religious right and others were very unhappy about this. i think walking in today saying this is unacceptable to me. you told this guy he could report directly to you. but just finish it off, and he finished it off. david: michael, this is a genuine question. could it be a turning point? >> i think it could be. i think getting rid of anthony scaramucci was no doubt one of the conditions. under which he would take the job. but i think it works as a turning point -- first of all, i mean, there's the question of leaks. and i suspect that that problem will be solved now. i mean, there will be firing squads at dawn if you don't have leaks. and i think secondly, just the order. the sense that there is a purpose and a distinct process by which things get done. i mean, we've heard all of
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these stories of an open door oval office. people hanging around the hallways waiting to see the president on golf or something. so it's got to be an orderly thing. it's a serious business. david: and, by the way, the one word i hear over and over again with the general who of course not only liquidity himself brilliant as a military tactician in the field, but he also lost his son in afghanistan. he was killed there. also a marine. he has gravitas. personal gravitas. and so does the president at times. but at times, he's the opposite of that. i mean, is he going to center more on presidential demeanor? first to michael. >> well, i think donald trump wants to be a successful president. he is right now on a course to be a failing president. and i think this has gotten his attention. i think he recognizes the severity of the pinch he is in with members of his own party in congress. david: okay. i cut you off.
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go ahead. >> no. no. no in the marine core. >> my son's a marine, so i know it well. >> when you get a star in the marine core. you get a star in the marine core, you have to go to combat, you have to be able to walk on water. you get a second or a third. and if you get the fourth, you really are an all-star. david: i have to speak my son was just promoted to mastery sergeant. a gunnery sergeant is one of the marines that can tell a colonel they're making a mistake. it's that kind of addressing of the commander-in-chief that we need right now, isn't it? >> look, i think that what so many good things are happening in this white house. but they're often overshadowed by th the president's tweets by chaos. i mean, scaramucci hijacked the news flow for two days.
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david: but false scandal is being uncovered. and real quickly. there's nothing there when democrats can't attack the president for it. and we had this tremendous testimony last week showing that fusion gps had been used by donald trump's associates, or assumed it was, in order to attack donald trump. doesn't look like collusion between trump and russia now. it's between democrats and russia. >> all the chaos going on in the world today, you watch the news, and you see pakistan falling apart, you see venezuela falling apart, you see the north korean situation, you see the middle east always in terror. i want us to focus on those things in the future. what happened in the last election, i just want to make sure it doesn't happen again. and democrats and republicans, all of us should move on. david: well, the charade is being uncovered right now. and be sure to vote in tonight's poll.
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has president trump chosen the right chief to staff to take his presidency to the right level? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like the show on facebook and instagram at lou dobbs tonight and be sure to buy lou's new thriller. it is filmed with geopolitical intrigue and his viewers are loving it. mike wrote on facebook "long time viewer of the best news cable show on cable. and border war. need to hit the trifecta. viewers whose comments are read on the show will receive an autograph copy of putin's gambet. wall street stocks closing mixed. the dow up 61 points to close at a new record high. the nasdaq down 27 points. volume on the big board, 3.4 billion shares for the month. the dow up 2.5%, the s&p up nearly 2%, and the nasdaq up more than 3%. s&p 500 companies set to post double-digit profit growth for the second quarter in a row.
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the first time that has happened since 2011. and discovery communications acquiring scripts networks. the deal valued at nearly $12 billion. a reminder to to listen lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. coming up next, attorney general jeff sessions vowing to stop the criminal leaks against the trump administration. take a listen. >> i have not been happy with the past prosecutions and investigation of criminal leaks. we're stepping up those cases cannot continue. some people need to go to jail. david: we take up the war against leaks with legal scholar jonathan turley. he's here next. we're coming right back you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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david: attorney general jeff sessions turning his attention this week to curtailing leaks. sessions finalizing numbers today, which are said to show a jump in the number of leak
7:26 pm
cases pursued this year. and announcing those findings will take place later this week. joining me now to discuss white house leaks the russia probe and the possibility of a second special counsel. george washington university law professor jonathan turley. jonathan, good to see you. >> thank you. david: before anything really happens of determining nature regarding these leaks, i think somebody has to get arrested. i mean, every kind of motivate that you have for leaking could be stopped if people are really afraid that they're going to be arrested and go to jail. what do you think? >> well, i think that's true. in the law, there's always been this belief, the deterrence that's really determined by the rate of detection or the severity of the crime. as the rate of detection goes down, you have to increase the severity of the punishment. and here we have a very low detection rate, and i think that's obviously contributing to much of this. what is quite clear is that
7:27 pm
this is going to be an emphasis of the trump administration. they're going to put a lot of resources towards this. david: well, a big question is whether jeff sessions will be the one that follows through on this or whether somebody else will be appointed. we have today john kelly asserting himself as the new chief of staff. he has to be replaced as part of homeland security. some people said they could move sessions over to replace kelly then appoint a new attorney general. who may then do something about the mueller investigation like maybe fire mueller. >> i wrote a column about that that called it the doomsday scenario, and i didn't put that title in lately. people in congress have clearly signaled that they will not tolerate. these are republicans. determination of mueller could very well trigger the independent counsel act being brought back. it would prolong this investigation. many of us still don't see the crime here.
7:28 pm
i don't -- i think this is a scandal in search of a crime as we currently know it, at least a major crime. and certainly no crime we've seen connected to the president. so in many ways, you know, the president has a lot to gain by completion of an investigation that clears him and his administration. thus far, we've only seen relatively minor and marginal crime. things like violations for foreign agent rejections or omissions from fs86, which are generally prosecuted. david: if i could interrupt for a second, it goes even further than that. even the suggestion have crime has taken a totally different twist based off what happened last week. when you hear testimony suggesting that democrats were working through an organization called fusion gps with some members of the russian government to put out bad information on donald trump. so the -- there's been kind of an equalization of the collusion charge, if you will.
7:29 pm
whereas now you have a good amount of evidence that it was happening between putin and the democrats. >> i think there may be some buyers remorse that comes out of this. when you start to peel back this cover from washington, you're going to find, first of all, russia money in this town is a torrent. there's a lot of russia investment. a lot of russian money, a lot of russian connections. but when you start to get into issues like collusion with foreign governments, that's really going to involve a lot of democrats as well as republicans. and i think what we're seeing now on capitol hill is a lot of people saying this could really end up causing a lot of broken china on both sides of the aisle. david: by the way, speaking of broken china, there's a perso person, he had a very cosy relationship with pakistan and, in fact, his wife and other members of his family
7:30 pm
when he was arrested for bank fraud, it turned out they had earlier escaped, if you will, to pakistan and now it appears that the congressional federal credit union, perhaps the most important credit union in the country because it deals with congress was at least a part of this. probably an unwitting part of this bank fraud, having given a far too generous loan to this guy. and then sent money over to a banking institution in pakistan, which could have been corrupt. so this is a strange case, is it not? >> no, this is one of the strangest news scandal. there were a number of these like world wars because i'm getting confused. this one is really a doozy. first of all, this entire family was in the employ of congress for people like debbie wasserman schultz and received millions of dollars, and they're now accused of double charging, even stealing equipment. but also having a rather
7:31 pm
impressive array of crimes extending beyond congress. and these are people who are working on the personal computers and laptops of people like wasserman schultz who are on sensitive committees. i can't imagine how this ever happened. and a lot of people as they dig a little deeper are getting more and more questions about how could possibly this individual and his family remained on this payroll? remember, back in january, there were people writing about this scandal. and yet, he remained on the payroll. remained on getting access to these -- david: and this cozy relationship he not only had with pakistan but also with the congressional federal credit union. what is that all about? it may be a big scandal there. we have to leave it there. jonathan, thank you very much. >> great to see you. david: we're coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. the trump administration hitting venezuelan president maduro with new sanctions. >> maduro is not just a bad leader. he is now a dictator. >> we'll take up the crisis in venezuela with former un
7:32 pm
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dave rsh i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. protesters were back in the
7:36 pm
streets of venezuela calling the vote a sham. u.s. sanctions freeze venezuelan assets in the u.s. a recent study showed sanctions achieve their political objectives only 30% of the time. will sanctions alone work to curb the totalitarian instincts of this regime? >> these sanctions announced today will not. but it does sends a clear political significant ma'am that the chavez-maduro regime went beyond the line of her t -- thef authoritarianism a long time ago.
7:37 pm
do you think he's foolish enough to have any assets in the united states worth freezing? the pin prick approach saying this business we are not going to allow to do business in the united states or this individual. it simply allows those who are targeted to set up cutouts. they need to be made more sweeping in their effect. the united states should finds ways to go to the opposition in venezuela. offer our assistance. i think our objective should be the overturning of this regime. it has no democratic legitimacy. and the opposition is very disorganized and needs alled the help they can get. >> that led some critics who say we don't want nation building. this is different than nation building because you have a well-organized opposition in venezuela.
7:38 pm
they are well organized. they are structured politically. it's like when reagan gave help to eastern european organizations back in the days of the soviet union which lid to retch -- which led to revolutions there. >> i don't know how you can call this nation building. this regime change. it's another thing people don't like. we need to help the opposition if they are willing to accept the help, to get this regime overturned. then they have a difficult as to be reconstruct the democratic institution venezuela once had. i don't think that's our role, that's their role. david: the president said it will gulf coast become another cuba.
7:39 pm
by the many already another cuba. venezuela gave to cuba all of the authority to give out passports and national i.d.s. so cuba has extraordinary power. it could be argued venezuela is a satellite. >> if you look at the advisors around maduro, the senior official, this has been critical to the survival of raul castro and the leadership in havana. these are two tottering regimes leaning on each other. if if maduro fell, it would impact cuba as well. david: north korea, it's clear that that missile they tests out the other day has the capacity to go all the way to chicago.
7:40 pm
i know we are getting thaad missiles into south korea and japan. don't we have to take offensive measures to keep them from hitting the u.s.? >> the job of the president is to protect innocent civilians from this kinds of attack. no one wants to see a show of force. but we have just about run out of time. we have followed mistaken policy for three decades. chickens are coming home to roost. david: one adventurer bringing extreme yoga to the mountains of switzerland. watch as he balances on a cable
7:41 pm
6,500 feet in the air. he does handstand. he currently holds the record for the world's longest slack line walk. a number of republicans calling for a special investigation into hillary clinton, scales comey and loretta lynch. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change,
7:42 pm
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david: judicial watch filed a lawsuit seeking information about form president obama's cash transfer to iran. at the same time five american
7:46 pm
whose tanks were released. the obama administration insists payment was not a ransom. chris farrell, the director of investigation and research. what evidence have you discovered that it was a ransom. common sense tells us it was. but you are looking for evidence. >> in this case we are look at things as simple as flight logs for aircraft. departing and arriving in iran. the actual movement of the cash that was in shrink wrap bundles. and the obvious statements of the people themselves who admitted to the press that we weren't allowed to leave until the plane arrived with the cash. president obama went on television and essentially lied to the american public saying we didn't have a mechanism of moving money to iran because of the sanctions.
7:47 pm
this stuff is laughable. anybody in the financial industry knows money can be cabled at the press of a button. when purchase flying cash on a private jet into tehran. all this needs to be ex posed and peeled back. we want all the documentation and communication. we paid ransom for hostages to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. there has to be accountability. david: for history's sake and also because it could happen again. if word gets out that we are an easy touch and we can be ransomed successfully. it will happen again. you mention the transfer of money. i try to do it myself, follow the money. there is a case of even i.t. guy
7:48 pm
work for debbie wasserman-schultz. he was arrested for blank fraud before he tried to flee to pakistan. his wife already left for pakistan. and they were sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to pakistan, lord knows how, but some of it came from the congressional federal credit union. that's a very important institution. for them to be involved in an illegal transfer of money is a problem be is it not? >> it was a family operation. a brother and his wife involved and another. you have 5 or related pakistanis running an information technology operation not just for debbie wasserman-schultz but also for a number of other democrats. they had access to the intelligence committee and the foreign relations committee servers and all the communications, their email as
7:49 pm
well. david: that includes very secret stuff. this guy had inside dealing with pakistan of some sort whose family fled to pakistan. was about to flee himself before he was arrested. he had access to the most of secret information and emails manageable. >> when you are moving hundreds of,000 of dollars from a credit union on the hill and you know you are under investigation that's a clue. we have seen debbie wasserman-schultz deny, deny, deny. stonewall, become indignant or being questioned about it. talking about the need for a special counsel, she is living proof. she was questioning the chief of the capitol police during a
7:50 pm
committee hearing and became very frustrated and upset with him and essentially threatened him and said i am not going to turn over my equipment. this behavior is out of control. the fact that she kept him on the payroll, the chief of the family operation until just before he tried to flee the country, this is a bad spy novel. no one would believe this. david: may i suggest this be the source of your next investigation. it's a great mill through which you get a lot of gris to send a lot of people away. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. coming up next. anthony scaramucci out as white house communications director.
7:51 pm
john kelly sworn in as cleave of staff. >> he will do an incredittibility job as chief staff. what he has done as director homeland security is record shattering. ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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david: in our online poll we asked you do you believe the
7:55 pm
white house shakeup will stop the leaks? 66% of you said yes it will. joining me to discuss is mollie hemingway and mark simone. mollie. sarah huckabee was asked an interesting question. will there be a communications chief? there may not just be one after anthony scaramucci. >> i think there has to be one. even though this administration has shown it's willing to do things differently from previous administrations. getting the right person will be a challenge. you need someone who understands how things work well enough to be part of the establishment and understanding that this president communicates differently. he will never change in the way he communicates. this is something his voters consider a feature, not a bug.
7:56 pm
david: still on the payroll is mr. spicer, sean. >> it was just 10 days ago he stepped down. i don't know if he's officially still on the payroll. but in retrospect people are realizing he had a challenging position and he handled it well. but he might have had enough in that six-month period. but he might be able to help figure out the transition. david: let's talk about general kelly. will he have the discipline to organize thing so that the president has more impact on what happens in congress? >> i think general kelly is a brilliant choice. he's a field general and they don't like loose ca loose canno.
7:57 pm
counting votes is an important thing and that wasn't even done right. that's the kind of stuff general kelly will do correctly. david: specifically on healthcare some people say it's not dead yet. but they may give it another shot. is he the guy to do it? >> nobody is the man to do it. government can't get healthcare done properly. it's not going to happen. you have to get the cost down and pull the understand subsidy away from congress. how much do they get? david: 74%. rush limbaugh brought it up on the radio. back in 2010 congress realized they looked like hypocrites that they pass laws they don't have tee bide by.
7:58 pm
so they were forced to accept obamacare. so president obama under part of his own budget was able to give them this 74% subsidy which gives them a royal plan so they don't have to pay any deductibles at all. >> the entire democratic approach to keeping obamacare is to subsidize it where it has failed. there is major bailouts of insurance companies that federal courts have ruled are unconstitutional. president trump should have removed some of these subsidies because they are unconstitutional. there are other subsidies the government account built office said are illegal. general kelly used to handle the legislative shop for the that reasons. so we might see some leverage and pressure happening now. david: mitch mcconnell and
7:59 pm
speaker ryan both use the carrot much more than they use the stick. granted trump is not as well liked as the general is, but the general is just as tough as donald trump is. they may get somewhere using the stick. >> i don't think they should use paying for congress' healthcare as leverage. they should just pull it. let them go on obamacare like everyone else. david: 2.6 mill americans are out of market this year. it's democrats doing the damage. >> there are winners and losers under obamacare. we hear a lot about people who have won, but we don't hear about people who have lost. middle class stories. the media need to highlight them. david: please check out lou's new book, "putin's gambit."
8:00 pm
it's available online and in bookstores everywhere. lou has a great lineup tomorrow. judge andrew napolitano. melissa francis. kennedy: there is a new chief of staff in the white house and scaramucci is out. are the shakeups over or will john kelly continue to clean house. judge andrew napolitano takes the case. third grade news is back. so what do the kids have to say about the nonsense in washington. grab your lunch box because it's time to feast on freedom. there is a you are in sheriff in town, a four-star marine general who doesn't take any lip. in a post-priebus white house


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