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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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new book, "putin's gambit." it's available online and in bookstores everywhere. lou has a great lineup tomorrow. train to breaking news this morning. president trump and his new chief of staff, john kelly, pushing the economic agenda after the communications director anthony scaramucci in a surprise move. lauren: schottenstein sparked another rally on wall street. today could be the day we had doubt 22,000. help them push stock futures higher. dow up 118. cheryl: we are watching of course the u.s. open. following the dow with a new high last night as you can see also some good news on the british economy.
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all the indices are in the green. lauren: stocks and issue her clothes. they were boosted in japan the nikkei gained a 31% in china. shanghai composite of two thirds of 1%. dream to debate today from apple. will tim cook revealed details about the iphone, iphone made. will it cost more $1000? what about plans happening in the united states? "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york. tuesday the first of august. cheryl: i am cheryl casone. apple going to be a big market. lauren: a lot of people are not upgrading ipads because they are waiting on the new ones.
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train to $1000. we are talking about that. following also the breaking news that happen yesterday. white house director anthony scaramucci was ousted yesterday after marine corps general john kelly was sworn in as president trump's new of staff. the president tweeted about it. a great day at the white house. adam shapiro from washington with more. reporter: good morning, ladies. that's right. this time anthony scaramucci leaving after 10 days on the job which he hadn't officially started. it was supposed to start august 15th. there is a question as to whether scaramucci made this decision on his own. there is also the issue of the new chief of staff, john kelly, wanting mr. scaramucci out that the president not been happy with mr. scaramucci is use of
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words. here's what terry sanders had to say about it. >> the president felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly also at that line of succession. as they think we've made clear a few times over the last couple days, general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house window. all staff will report to him. reporter: when asked if he would advise the president or have any role in the administration committee answer was no. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. the president scheduled to attend an event with small business at the white house after 3:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll see if he makes in the comments what happened in the white house. lauren: white house correspondent david jackson is joining us now to talk about what adam just reported. what is going on in the white house?
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11 days ago today, anthony scaramucci with announced as the white house communications here. does this suggest general john kelly has power from the president to act as new chief of staff? >> it's hard to remove anthony scaramucci and that was one of the requirements for taking the job. it's a good way for the general to lay down his marker. general kelly says everybody will report to him and he wanted to emphasize that by getting rid of scaramucci. lauren: everything that reports to him includes iphone for trump. you all spirit >> ivanka trumka matured kushner and presumably everybody. a lot of question as to whether that will stick. the president gets a lot of advice from his own family. also a large group of friends they like to talk to on the phone. i don't see how general kelly will present. lauren: do you see any other staff changes? with a seven in the next six
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months and is ration. do you see anything else happening or what about sean spicer staying on now that scaramucci is gone? >> there will be at least one staff change. sean spicer's name has been mentioned for that. kellyanne conway's name. kellyanne conway's name has been mentioned by the contents about bringing back jason miller, communications to during the trunk campaign. they are desperate for the white house staff. in their minds we won't be hearing too much news in the future. lauren: quickly want to ask you committee think jeff sessions is back in the good way for the president? at a cabinet meeting yesterday he sat across from president trump. how is everything going? >> i'm not sure he's in a good place. senator sanderson president has been 100% confidence that that presumably was jeff sessions. there sessions. there's a rumor they may try to move sessions to homeland security, but i don't think that
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will happen. he's made it clear he's not going to quit and i don't think president trump will fire him. lauren: thank you so much for your perspective. cheryl: president trump threatening to end federal payment is the hard life efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. the president tweeted about it. if obamacare is hurting care is hurting people and it is why shouldn't hurt the insurance companies and why should congress not be paying with the public pays? insurers receive federal payment to cut deductibles for low income people. triggering polysemy spoke with the president about association says the credit unions to offer group insurance plans. >> i'm still very excited about trying to have people join associations across dateline anything she can act by executive order to do this. we've talked to the secretary of labor and i'm hoping president
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trump will move forward with doing some of this executive action. train to republican senator orrin hatch says the senate is too divided to restart another health care legislation, but there is a commitment from the white house to get health care done. chewing through the senator is talking about health care reform yesterday. they got two big things to talk old. cheryl: we should say the trumpet minutes ration continues to push for this very aggressive timeline for tax reform. mark short, white house director of legislative affairs saying work on the legislation will happen next month ahead of a houseboat that should happen in october and hopefully november. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin saying the tax reform effort continue to move forward as planned. >> this is hard and we are proud of the fact that we have the group of six representing the house of the senate and
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administration on the same page for fundamentals and we will come out with a bill through the tax writing committees that the fundamental principles have been agreed to. i think that it's critical to getting this done this year and it's going to get done this year. train to the white house pushing the corporate tax rate to 15%. currently at 35%. lauren: breaking news this morning could the life of venezuela later lopez has been taken from his home by authorities. that is coming after the u.s. imposed sanctions after venezuelan president nicholas maduro appeared to look at the ruling party virtually unlimited power in what seems by many as a power grab. here's treasury secretary stephen mnuchin.
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lauren: sorry about that. violent protests continue in venezuela. demonstrators battled government forces. 100 people more than that have died thus far. we've seen inflation soar, supplies and food and medicine continued to decline. this is a scary situation. cheryl: we should also read that stephen mnuchin, we don't have the soundbite, but they put sanctions on maduro himself, seizing all assets. again, allegations he is stolen billions of dollars from the venezuelan people. we've got some corporate news to tell you about. apple set to release its third order earnings report today. it's like christmas. we are expecting to hear more. lauren: it might come out in time for christmas. tracee carrasco with that in any other headlines making news. >> good morning, ladies.
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really going to be looking at iphone sales and whether there is any positive purchases cost by anticipation for the iphone made. most estimates suggest apple pulled about 40 million foes during the quarter. speaking of the iphone it, we are working to redesign but it's still at clear when. hoping the revenue guidance for the next quarter gives a few hints. >> here's an interesting story. they are causing major problems for tourists. >> this has been an ongoing problem for many years. mickey mouse costume from the characters in times square who cares can pose for pictures with for a little tip. there are the mostly women coverage strategically with body paint you are looking at there. law enforcement told "the new york post" that past proposals to license the pushy panhandlers went nowhere because most of
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them are illegal immigrants and wouldn't register anyway. although the n.y.p.d. says they make frequent arrest when the characters duke it out of line. cheryl: definitely bring the kids to times square this summer. kim kardashian and is facing a lawsuit over one of our products. tracee: that is right. keeping up with the lawsuits. kim kardashian and and her company, kim is a princess inc., a company claims to have patented a product in 2013 of an integrated lighting accessory in case for mobile device. that sounds familiar. the lawsuit says this is the same product car -- and had been pushing called the leumi. snap might want a push of the prophet. it is just another attempt to shake down. lauren: it does take beautiful southeast. tracee: and of course it does.
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kim kardashian, the queen of southeast made delay. cheryl: we have a lot more coming out. you are going to want to stay with us. what happened to health insurance premiums that the president follows through on cutting obamacare payments to insurers? we left the first female physician to serve as a member of congress. dan hayworth will join us. how did they use peanut butter to escape from prison? we are going to tell you. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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lauren: welcome back. police still on the hunt for a prisoner or broke out of an alabama just sunday night, one of 12 inmates who used peanut butter to trick a young guard could the opened the door thinking it was a folder because the number had been covered with peanut butter from the inmate's images. the peanut butter is the same color as the pain. other inmates have been captured. new jersey governor chris christie's trip to the beach
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barred from everyone else. christie was widely criticized when he saw the photograph of him and his family after he shut down new jersey beaches during a standoff. the bill must also pass the senate. no word on whether christie will sign it. google's parent company alphabet taken an idea to store power from renewable energy. google wants to use salted anti-freeze. it's working on the idea which should be actually working out. training a cost effective way to find solar is both in power during time of surplus to play it when needed is considered the holy grail in the power industry. there you have it. that's what's happening now. that's another group with the insurance companies. president trump issued an ultimatum to congress. no more personal perks. it's also putting pressure on the insurance companies starting
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to cut off obamacare payments. if it's enough to get republicans back to the table to, but the new health care plan? former congresswoman nan hayworth, member of the independent women's forum board of directors of the donald jay trump advisory board. so many questions. the president has threatened to cut obamacare payments to insurers. he said if obamacare is hurting people, and it is and why shouldn't hurt the insurance company? what is quite happy to help premiums if he follows with this threat? >> insurance premiums could definitely go. the insurers have not been able to live under the terms of obamacare. it would basically provide a trillion dollar gift to the insurance industry and the bureaucracy. they're more expensive than most people can afford.
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the insurance is too expensive for most americans. 40% of counties across country and across the countries have only one to choose from and 40 have no insurers that the president has actually like. going to motivate congress, put the heat under to get this bill done. cheryl: he also said, to be fair, and another to eat, let obamacare field. is going to be dead anyway, what is the better option? we've heard those ideas. what did you think? >> i would kick taking action and make sure americans can get the care they deserve with the insurance they can afford and it can be done. there are senators now as he
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pointed out senator paul is working on different types of maneuvers the executive branch can do to provide more affordable insurance. senators graham and cassidy working on an option based on the tremendous work to try to open up the insurance marketplaces and make insurance more affordable and get the federal government will appropriately manage. it would be much easier to pass any of these plans of the senate gives up its perk with it to block legislation from coming to the senate floor and have 60 votes. the term of reconciliation that used for this skin a bit of a too narrow. it's going to be very hard to get 50 to even among republicans with the 51st vote by the vice president to pass legislation. but they can craft a much better bill. the grand cassidy bill an even broader terms that would empower the marketplace and also assure
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that those who depend on medicaid will get better value for the federal dollars under dollars put into it. cheryl: we were showing the viewers that different assets of the bill. it is another option, another idea on the table. great to have you on the program. appreciate you getting up early. it's been agreed to be you. thank you. lauren: when they come back, while tropical storm emily has began. the dog days of summer are about to hit the north peace. let's face it, you're hot and humid for test coming up. to get through the heat from you might want to consider one of these. a smart water bottle. how smart are they and how can i help you hope with the heat? record closes for the dow could be a number five and it could also be done 22,000. dow futures surging 107 points. keep it here.
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drain cheryl: just when you thought you'd seen it all. mark speakers, smart houses. here's the next trend. smart audibles are the same way you can use if it did, smart water bottles track your daily water intake. most of the bottles to send you reminders to drink water. the app automatically updates every time you take a sip and makes it easy to stay hydrated
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and how much water you are drinking. this is a cool new way to get the safe classes a day. and i kind of like the idea. lauren: or just count eight classes. cheryl: my watch yeltsin made a move. can somebody help me to drink water. lauren: then you have different devices yelling at you to do all different things during the day. we could be very productive people. many folks need the smart water bottles, janus, because the dangerously. >> i promise i won't know the forecast at you. the high today is with the 89 daytime high. we are dealing with tight indices where it's going to feel, in some cases well over 100 degrees. he devices from california towards washington and oregon. portland and seattle where temperatures are close to 90 degrees, but with the heat
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index even hotter than that. forecast on the west coast of over 100 degrees for the next couple days into the weekend. the area of high pressure. tropical storm emily has been downgraded to a depression across the sunshine state and we expect more enhanced rainfall as the system moves offshore. they will just be deemed the fish out of the atlantic. it won't make landfall anywhere else. back to you ladies. cheryl: you can yell at me all you want, janus. lauren: thank you very much. cheryl: a lot of stories coming out. this one look at a lot of folks attention. fans of "game of thrones" need to watch out. >> we will defeat it. cheryl: okay, they may not be able to be anonymous hackers is to not taking full episodes of the hbo hit series.
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lauren: where is -- it is in your starbucks coffee. we'll tell you about the latest at 5:30 in the morning. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: president trump in his new chief of staff john kelly pushing economic agenda one day after ousting communications to anthony scaramucci. cheryl: we've got some good news on global growth spurt in another rally on wall street. take a look at u.s. futures. growth in manufacturing how pushing our futures higher. right now the dow climbing higher at the open by 110 points. another record last time for close to 22,000 now. s&p nasdaq higher as well. lauren: european stocks opening higher on news that the british
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economy are expanding as well. cheryl: stocks in asia following the lead also boosted by chinese manufacturing data in japan. the nikkei appoint 3% of the shanghai composite of more than half of a percent. lauren: what apple ceo tim cook give details about the new iphone? when will it be released on how much will it cost? what about those new apple plants being built right here in the u.s. we will see. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york here tuesday, august 1st. good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. thanks for joining us. cheryl: do you want to spend a thousand dollars a night? thinking about it. right now the white house communications are anthony
5:32 am
scaramucci house did shortly after marine corps general john kelly was sworn in as the new chief of staff good luck to them in the west bank of the president treated this. a great day at the white house. ivan schapiro. >> distain anthony scaramucci leaving after just 10 days on the job which hasn't officially started. starting on august 15th. there is a question as to whether scaramucci made the decision on its own. that's at the white house press release seemed to indicate. also the issue of good chief of staff john kelly wanting mr. scaramucci out and the president not been happy with scaramucci's choice of words in an interview last week. here's what white house press secretary terry sanders had to say about it. >> the president certainly felt the comments were not appropriate for a person in that
5:33 am
position and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession as they think we've made clear a few times over the course of the last couple days. general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house. reporter: when asked if scaramouche you would advise the president or have any role, and the answer was essentially no. that view. lauren: and schapiro commit thank you. today president trump is scheduled to meet with small business leaders at the white house as they continue to get the economic agenda on track. cheryl: overseas who got some breaking news to bring to you this morning. the wife of venezuelan opposition leader leopold lopez says he's been taken from his home by authorities. that is coming after the u.s. imposed sanctions against venezuelan president nicolas madero. the country out of economic shin
5:34 am
that will give unlimited power. it is seen by many as a power grab that can destroy the constitution if they want. treasury secretaries even mnuchin address that. >> i think in madero company made its makes clear the opposition to the policies of the regime and the support for the people of venezuela. we hope that the sanction to reconsider how their actions have affect their country. cheryl: well, violent protests continue in venezuela. government forces, more than 100 people have died so far. the food and medicine have grown incredibly scarce in that country. lauren: from venezuela to north korea, the north korean improving despite sanctions. from the south korean government. showing into the country
5:35 am
actually improved from 2002. the picture on the left side of your screen to 2012 on the right side. it's a much brighter picture. images also show more like an area surrounding the capital city of pyongyang. all of this coming as china lashes out at the u.s. over north korea and is very disappointed after the latest missile test by north korea. china standoff threatening to work together but we've been working for a solution for decades. cheryl: we've got to work with the u.s. and russia at some point. "the wall street journal" reported in the pentagon and state department have a plan. they'll are in ukraine with antitank and other weapons. the development comes as ukraine battles russian backed separatists. the journal also says president trump has not been briefed on
5:36 am
the plan. it's not known if he supports it yet. just remember signing the sanction bill. russian invaded and annexed ukraine grammy in peninsula and ordered hundreds of u.s. diplomat for moscow after congress approved those economic sanctions against russia. they approved it last week and we will see now if the president is going to sign the sanctions bill. lauren: tessa shares falling three by 5% yesterday after elon musk said the company will face manufacturing how after the launch of the test model three counties that electric carmaker will have to contend with production challenges to meet demand for this new mass-market affordable electric car. must said customers must face half a million advance reservations for the model three. tesla has spent $2 billion thus far ahead of the launch. they report quarterly results tomorrow. however thing is going.
5:37 am
teslastopped so far this year is that. it's up more than 50%. cheryl: president trump keeping his campaign promise to get the economy back on track. lauren: tracee carrasco joining us now with more on that. >> good morning, ladies. even with health care and tax reform yet to be worked out, the president says he is committed to working with congress on a massive $1 trillion infrastructure built pointing to a strengthened economy as he looks to move forward with this agenda. >> we have the highest stock market in history. we have gdp on friday. two points fixes a number nobody thought they would be for a long period of time. unemployment has spent 17 years. business enthusiasm is the highest they've ever seen it. reporter: some gop leaders say the infrastructure package will likely slip to next year.
5:38 am
lauren: jampacked agenda. netflix has this problem. hbo does, too. hackers getting their most popular shows. lauren: hackers broke into its network send leaked unreleased episodes as well as the script for next week's "game of thrones" in a statement to variety magazine, it is working with law enforcement and outside security firms and data protection is the top priority. it is not clear who was behind this attack. cheryl: or what they want and demand of payment from hbo. let's talk about starbucks and another new drink they are debuting. people are scratching their heads about this. train for this one is very interesting. starbucks spilling a drink topped with beef jerky. it is peppered nitro with a beef on top. cracked peppercorns and a skewer
5:39 am
of beef jerky. right now it is only available in seattle rose to read. lauren: and hope it stays that way. tracee: is a dream tracee: is a dream come is this not? cheryl: it's obviously further out turning for a that this must be like that. i think it sounds good, but i'm the only one in this video who feels that way. tracee: sometimes worse to read snake their way nationwide. there is hope, cheryl. thanks. we do have a quick programming note for you. for one to discover script, make sure to tune into morning took maria today. she will have discovery communication ceo david -- and can allow at 7:00 eastern this morning. cheryl: will tim cook tell us about the next iphone eight? a thousand dollar price tag on it. what to expect from the earnings
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call. you won't believe how one pilot landed his plane in a health storm -- hailstorm. we're going to show you. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ but we're stuck here catching up on claims. but we just compared historical claims to coverages. but we have those new audits. my natural language api can help us score those by noon. great. see you guys there. we would not miss it. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint. i love to learn.
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. a power outage at the evacuation of two of north carolina's vacation island during peak travel season threatening the local economy. tourism a billion dollar annual business there. crews out in a three-mile bridge and accidentally cut off electricity thursday when they hit underground cable. it could take up to two weeks to restore power there. president trump's commission on drug addiction is great the opioid epidemic. the commission led by chris chris he says the order is needed to force congress to beef up funding an alert families to the growing danger. of the crisis. ukrainian pilot being held a hero today. the pilot safely landed a passenger aircraft that was damaged in a hailstorm over istanbul, turkey. the pilot had no choice but to turn to play around and blind
5:44 am
landing at the airport in istanbul. he used him in the plane's instruments to guide him. photo showed the damage that he'll actually cause. that is what is happening now. lauren: those pictures cause a reaction when you look at them. hail mary, right? the latest earnings from apple in the market closes. looking for higher result. investors want to know a couple of specific things. when is the iphone eight or whatever they call the new iphone coming out, the managing your digital risk. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. lauren: is all the hype about what they will say going for them they can expect to see the newest iphone? >> it really is. for the most part, this is more like a lame duck query them even though we are expect in a 10% jump earnings-per-share in the
5:45 am
6% revenue per share. people were even thinking many who have the iphone is asked to have been holding off it's all about the iphone eight, additional functionality in the more we rely on our phones, while the use of order. cheryl: roosting lakes that would basically be a display that covered the entire screen. the home button disappears. based on blocking technology. what are you hearing? >> hearing all the same things. if you think about how much we're on our phones or personal finance, buy a car, all those will make it that much easier and much more. >> this is a huge week for earnings. we hear from pfizer, sprint today. it's been a good earnings season. the second one in a row of double digit growth. is this going to push a two.22,000 today? we were 109 points away.
5:46 am
>> i'll tell you why. it looks like it as they have a hours before the market open. if you look globally right now, a great economic indicator across the globe that many are heading. lauren: global growth is looking good. manufacturing activity in the u.k. forget the u.s. numbers today. >> it unfortunately had been a little bit static compared to the growth re-signed china, u.k. and this all keeps coming back to the gridlock in washington. president trump talked a lot about wanting to see what he would do for a trade as far as u.s. companies. he is still not able to get a lot done right now. lauren: we talk about tax reform and hope for a tax refund this year would not only help can tumors feel richer, but certainly help as mrs. biggins fallout there.
5:47 am
do you think tax reform is already in these numbers are what you think the market will express when we see a package? >> i think the market may explode. until he gets health care, we cannot move on to tax reform. tax reform has got to done. republicans need to get a win this year and that will come in tax reform i think. i think we'll see some upside when that does happen for the american people. lauren: that's unbelievable. the market grinding higher. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: coming up in sports news, the winners and the losers of the trade deadline. los angeles cutting a deal to host the olympics. plus jared max will be here. also report that manufacturing gains in china, good news on the u.k. economy out. look at this right now.
5:48 am
as you can see, we could potentially open 22,000 today. the dow futures showing a gain of 113 points. reposted 21,891. but now feature showing 21,954 could really hit a milestone today. you are watching "fbn:am." we will be right back. ♪ the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi® got involved very early on, and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence.
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lauren: welcome back to baseball rosters looking iffy today, particularly starting teaching rotation. trained teacher at max, a lot of pilots go through. >> works for the trading deadline yesterday. los angeles dodgers have
5:52 am
deceived themselves to win the world series and not the world series for not telling the world series and not only is making it look like a one horse race. doctors made the biggest splash with clayton kershaw. several more weeks of the back injury. starting pitcher you derbyshire and the texas rangers did earlier yesterday believers named tony from the pirate. after the fourth time all-star dredging through the worst of five all your base eighth to nine record can you read about four. three of its top prize packs. at this site,, the dodgers to the one favorites to win the world series. the next closest team around five to one. the new york yankees have the second-best among american league teams to win the series between eight and 921. the staff greatly improved in the last week at first they got rid of david robertson. monday i make rca and ironed out
5:53 am
more kinks in the starting rotation and made it a sunny afternoon for the top trade deadline. over five seasons in oakland, 44 wins, 36 losses. era fantastic. 1.36. oakland gets a trio of prospects in return. the yankees made it to first place. half-game better than the red socks. aaron judge reclaimed the major league for the judge banged the gavel for the 34th year. yankees beat the tar cared 73. gonzalez started with a no-hitter against the miami marlins first inning. brian goodwin pretty sliding catch is just the first inning in the sixth. look at wilmer tivo keeps the middle hitter alive. top of the ninth, so why not then contact no, no for you. a clean single.
5:54 am
the national still won the ballgame by 100 at the chicago cubs done good. vilified by much of the cubs nation. got the greatest gift all from his beloved chicago cubs. the team presented him with a championship ring to commemorate astros world series title. blame for the cubs not making it to the 2003 world series because he interfered on this play with the cubs catching a critical fly ball. steve barth ever grateful to the chicago cubs as you mentioned yesterday same night received the ring not only has one of the most historic achievements in sports, but an important reminder for how we should treat each other in today's society. congratulations to the city of los angeles. l.a. will host the summer olympics in 2028 since 1984. biggio reached yesterday between city officials and the international olympic committee.
5:55 am
this brings the olympics back to the u.s. for the first time since 2002 and agreed to do this, los angeles kings the 2024 to paris, los angeles. >> a lot of backroom negotiating over this. >> it's hard to imagine not. but now you have to make sure they can handle the crowds in the best situations. they think it's going to be great. >> avera city that the makings before come equipped to do it from a very different than what rhea was looking at. to reno from italy, all of these that could belt. cheryl: they are already building an arena in l.a. thank you commensurate good good to see you. fox news headlines 24/7 on the sirius xm channel 115. lauren: coming up, positive economic data. a live report coming up on that. you are watching transcendent.
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>> economic growth in europe gaining some speed or "the wall street journal" join us right now. good morning. your zone gdp looking pretty good for the second quarter. his death was powering the market right now in europe? >> yeah, good morning.
5:59 am
it is contributed to the upbeat tone alongside some better-than-expected earnings. your zone economy grew pretty strongly in the first quarter and looks as though that continued into the second quarter of the year. but the ecb in a pretty interesting spout forth already had to revise this year and now it may have to do so again, even with inflation still pretty low. lauren: good economic data out of europe are good numbers out of china, too. the story of global growth. strong earnings in the u.s. and investors are hoping we see the doubt 22,000 today talking about that where you are? >> that seems to be in the cards. the kinetic dow futures. a lot of that will continue under corporate earnings at the major driver. you are seeing a lot of sales growth, revenue growth and propelling the dow higher in the
6:00 am
last couple weeks. train to thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll see you tomorrow morning i'm "fbn:am." as we turn it over to maria, the dow potentially could hit 22,000 today. another record push for the dow last night. lauren: unbelievable. maria bartiromo to you. maria: thank you. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. happy tuesday. tuesday, august 1st. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the third-quarter results after the close tonight. we've got a lot watching as we anticipate those numbers. we are looking at a rally on wall street. features syndicate markets will continue with the triple digit of yesterday near record 22,000 the dow industrials once again off the charts. dow coming up with a record high of that is the 30th all-time high for the dow of the


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