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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 2, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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lou: how does this work with general kelly, steve bannon and the president. >> kelly i agree with is going to i discipline. bannon loves kelly because he follows the letter of the law. kennedy: identity crisis in washington as republicans and democrats wage an eternal war on themselves. plus one powerful senator gave a tax warning to north korea. showing the president is not afraid to act. a student university chairman said trump supporters aren't welcome on campus. does he know what diversity means? general kelly takes control of the west wing front, all is not quiet in d.c. as chaos reigns in both parties.
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both parties are an active revolt over the ongoing identity crises. republican senator jeff flake warns his party and congress should not cede power and rationalize their powers away. he's calling on fellow legislators to buck up and defend such branch. he want them to resist populism and protectionism. and also keep the filibuster. flake's frustration is the latest interparty risk. democrats can't exactly capitalize on the chaos. they have their own disgruntled condis to corral. howard dean is promising to with hold support from pro-life candidates.
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the party cannot couple with a cohesive message on social issues and they are a mess on economics as chuck schumer and nancy pelosi's better deal sound more like a walmart coupon than a red state roadmap. the point is, the parties are wound and dying and they suck. you have to make your own choices about individual issues and educate yourself without relying on these party behemoths who want to preserve power. welcome to the show, i'm kennedy. when boat major parties are dysfunctional, we all lose. is there any chance either could get it act together for the better of the nation? let me bring in my extra spicy
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panel tonight. marie harp is here and peter suderman, and fox news anchor in the flesh, julie banderas. since you are decidedly non-partisan in this affair, i will start with you. each side cheers whenever there is chaos and infighting, but they are both going through it. >> one of the reasons is because neither party has a strong policy agenda. the biggest reason for that is we are out of money. doing stuff in congress. doing the bipartisan wills we have seen congress come together on get us in debt and we don't have enough money to do stuff. obamacare in particular spent a lot of the last pay forward congress had to put together a lot of money for a big package.
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now all there is to do is fight over the scraps and say i don't like the other guy. >> for the democrats, the guy on the inside. people like howard dean saying we'll with hold funding for pro-life candidates. and it seems like a lot of people like joe manchin aren't truly excited about the better deal and the national agenda that democrats crofted. so what should the party be doing at this point? >> i strongly disagree with what howard dean said. if we are going to win outside of the coast and move back to states like ohio. we need better candidates. kennedy: do you feel the same way about the national agenda? resistance alone isn't working. at least it hasn't since president trump was elected.
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a lot of people have said, myself included, if you want to win, you need a policy roadmap. >> in each district. in 2018, there is not a national race. the democratic party needs to find candidates who take the broad democratic national ideals who can taylor them to their districts. i have jeff flake's book right here. i wish a democrat would take a hard principled look at our party. and say here are principles we set for decade. where are we going with all that? i would love that. kennedy: hillary clinton writing "a happened?" which should be enticing.
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>> i think there is chaos within the democratic party because they are trying to figure out how did they get to donald trump being president. of course, there is chaos in the white house, someone gets fired every single week. i think general kelly will restore order. as far as the slogan is concerned. i don't think a slogan, you compared it to a walmart coupon. i don't think a slogan will fix the democratic party. they will need a message that they are going to make a difference to win back in 2018. kennedy: you need someone with a transformative politician that gets people's attention who also is print and has a message. mean type the white house signaling it's ready to move
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ahead with a major push for tax hee reform and it appears the administration wants to revive the tax overhaul. many of those same lawmakers say they don't want to waste any more time or political capital on the healthcare battle. suderman, you are one of the nation's most of foremost healthcare experts. should they just let obamacare die on the vine and move on to taxes? what's the best way forward. >> republicans didn't really have great options going into this year and they still don't. what they need to do now is step back and regroup and start thinking about what they want from the healthcare system. this is the fundamental problem for republicans that they don't have a broader and bigger picture vision of what they want from the healthcare system.
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and most of republicans just can't answer that question. until they can it will be hard for them to figure out what they want to do and how to get there. kennedy: i know you go over a lot of the policies day in and day out. the graham-cassidy idea block granting money for the states for medicaid, and the cruz-lee amendment which allows people to buy catastrophic plans and getting rid of the individual and employer mandates as well as. >> the big issue is it's working with the confines set by medicare. what republicans have been doing the past couple years is no, we don't like obamacare. and i agree there are lots of problems with that law. but republicans never stepped
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back and said see what we can do with this. kennedy: what is the function of government? very few people are asking that question. democrats are saying we are ready for this bipartisan arm in arm gal haven'ting. but that's on the road to single payer insurance. >> i think that's a straw man. just like there are extremes in the republican party, i don't think that's where most of democrats are. it's become clear -- >> state are looking at trying to get it done. >> it's clear republicans controlling the house and senate haven't brand-new able to do this. kennedy: they are working with governors in democratic states. >> the senate needs to go back to what john mccain said last week. lamar alexander, i think they
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will announce a work plan for getting this done in regular order with hearings. general kelly i think will bring to the white house some discipline. but my question is who is running for the administration their political strategy. kennedy: i'm going to ask charlie hurt about that in a little bit. >> on the question of whether the gop should move forward to tax reform. you cannot let the american people down. that's not fair. the republicans have to with hold and uphold this promise. these obamacare prices for look are going to skyrocket. you can't let that happen. kennedy: panel, thank you very much.
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we'll see you back later in the show. it appears the new white house chief of staff john kelly is ready to make yet another bold move by reaching out to democrats. kelly reachizes the administration needs help from the other side of the aisle and seems to think extending an olive branch is bert than the trench warfare we are seeing on capitol hill. he made a big splash his first day firing anthony scaramucci just 11 days into his tenure. does the general have what it takes to get the white house back on track? charles hurt joins me. let's talk about the expectations for general kelly in this white house. are we expecting to much of the new chief of staff?
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charlie: no, i don't think so. kennedy: you want him to bridge the gap between the kids and bannon and take the twitter devices away from the president. they want him to reach out to democrats and hug bernie sanders. and if all that fails he will be considered a failure. charlie: the turning point i think everybody is missing, donald trump did it the establishment way. he went with reince priebus at the beginning and all the experts say this is how you work with congress and operate in washington. he gave it a try and it hasn't worked it's been a disaster. what i see this past week, that 11 days of the mooch in the white house was the greatest white house career in the history of politics it was sudden and quick and he went out in a blaifs glory.
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kennedy: i feel goo -- i feel bo the guy. he sold his company to be part of this administration. he sacrificed his marriage and is in the middle of a public and messy divorce. and on top of that he's out of a job. charlie: at the very least it was spectacular to watch from the outside. we thought all that might have been with 3 1/2 years of anthony scaramucci in the white house. it could have been continued chaos and excitement. why do you think the general pulled the trigger. charlie: to rid himself of scaramucci? i think that was pretty obvious that was not going -- while enormously entertaining for you and me, it was probably not the best messaging for the white house going forward. with picking somebody like general kelly, donald trump is a
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trumpian choice. remember how people used to call bill clinton the big dog? bill clinton is a chihuahua when it comes to donald trump with being a big dog and alpha dog. and donald trump likes other alpha dogs. he likes his generals. the fact that he respects them. and it's clear donald trump's family respects them. steve bannon respects this guy. that means we could see a little bit more discipline out of the white house. kennedy: we have been promised a lot of shifts and i have on the and presidential beshave year. there is always something to talk about. but in terms of the country and i guess policy being the most of important thing, how soon will we see an effect?
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charlie: remember during the campaign the wheels were coming off. and donald trump turned to steve bannon and kellyanne conway. and the media went nuts. saying this is the worst thing you can do. these people are outsiders, they can't help you. and they helped him win the white house. kennedy: that was an important turning point in the election. we'll see if this an important policy turning point which is where it's most of critical. thanks for coming by. republican senators suggest the only way to deal with north korea's nuclear threat toys take them out completely before they potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup.
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kennedy: are we speeding toward a war with north korea. lindsey graham says the president will have to make a decision saint will get very ugly. >> he's not going to allow president trump the abit of this madman to have a missile to hit america. if there will be a war to stop him it will be over there.
12:20 am
if thousands die they will die over there, they are not going to die here. he told me that to my face. kennedy: the fear is that they could hit the u.s. with a nuclear warhead. and they are stepping up their submarine activity. does this mean the threat of wares on the rise? gordon chang, welcome back. obviously they are on an accelerated schedule. it look like it will be sooner than a year. >> it could be. missile they tested july 28 could go as far as chicago. even if they can't at this very
12:21 am
moment, we know they have longer-range missiles they haven't tested yet. if you are living in florida it will be pretty soon within range. kennedy: that's why they are testing the thaad in alaska and hawaii. >> the only thing the north koreans haven't been able to do is have a reliable heat shield to bring the nose cone back inned to the atmosphere without burning up. the one friday was not successful. we saw that from the japanese video. but they are getting close. >> that most recent launch hit where it was suppose to. you and i were talk being the break. they don't adhere to the
12:22 am
traditional rules of detente. this could escalate. the idea that kim jong-un could sacrifice millions of his own people. that's not something that stopped someone from engage a nuclear war. how does this end? >> in the great examine of the 1990s. kim jong-un let 3 million people die when they had the means to save them. the way this ends, there will be a crisis. kennedy: what does that mean? does it mean we are going to invade north korea? >> we would threaten to invade north korea. fit was something like 1994, and people say washington you are starting to hear this in the policy community, this is where we are going to get to. we are going to be on the brink of hostility. then we might pull back because
12:23 am
people will realr realize how bad this is. 's lindsey graham -- lindsey graham talks about thousands of people dying over there. we have a lot of people straight ahead throughout region. so there will be american casualties, even if all the fighting is over there. and eight may not. this could be history's first nuclear exchange. on the other side you could have china. china came in on the korean war. they can surprise us as well. kennedy: china is surprising in their reaction to this because it has been so subdued. with 92% of the trade, that's from china to north korea. you would think they would have more invested in stopping them from moving forward. but they are just not.
12:24 am
>> china says it is nothing to do with us. this is a u.s.-north korea problem, china is out of it. kennedy: i don't believe that. when they say they have no part in north korea's nuclear program, i don't believe that. >> and you shouldn't. the missiles that were sent friday were carried to the launch site by china. there is a lot we have to start asking. kennedy: general kelly has a lot on his plate. gordon chang, thank you very much. coming up. hall of fame quarterback brett favre says the risks of football are not worth the risk. will football disappear?
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tonight's trivia. how much revenue did the nfl generate last year? the answer after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[♪] kennedy: before the break i asked you how much money does the nfl make last year. a whopping $13 million. it could be $25 billion by 2027.
12:29 am
could recent controversy over concussions see those figures eventually go down and destroy the nfl? the league is ending its association with the institute of health after a researcher was critical of the league. brett favre said if he had a son he would be reluctant to let him play football. scott, let's discuss. it seems. if the league dissolves it would be because of lawsuits at the high school and college level. what do you think about that? >> i think it's entirely possible.
12:30 am
one thing that will happen, the game will change. i think depending on how you look at it. it will get more boring and there will be less conduct. you note big nfl fan that you are, i think jets on your side. i'm vikings. you know what's funny. now the game is boring to watch. there are penalties and flags, the referees get involved in all these hits. the -- the advertisers are going to start pulling their money away. kennedy: viewership is down, and espn admitted that. part of it is reaction to concussions and part of it is colin kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem.
12:31 am
but it's losing it luster because football is so american and it us a very important part of our sporting society. >> record tv revenues for the nfl despite the falling viewership. you saw twitter and some of those other mediums competing for nfl games because that's what they think people will want. it will be a shame if colin kaepernick leads to a falling of the nfl. parent are putting their kid in other sport like soccer. kennedy: i actually talked to a lot of parent. i have two children 8 and 12. i talk to their friends' parents and there is more hesitation to
12:32 am
put kids in football in middle school and high school than i have ever seen. it was a no-brainer. but now with brain jierps parents are second guessing that. do you think it makes the nfl look bad for severing that big donation from the nih? >> it's a no-brainer on the brain injuries. not only is it bad what they did with the nih. it's like the nih is getting too close to the truth. but also look at some of the players coming out now. a guy from the giants says he doesn't want to play anymore because of a risk of injuries. a lot of players are starting to pipe up because of concerns about their own health. kennedy: a lot of players under 30 who have have not had
12:33 am
significant losses. the higher minimum wage is causing people to lose their jobs or take homeless money. seattle's mayor's office collude with the university berkeley to come out with a study that the minimum wage would help the economy. it showed the massive wage hike was costing entry-level workers almost $200 a month. they will have to say something. berkeley can't just make them go away like a conservative speaker. marie, sllt has an economic bright spot but that's because of the billion dollar corporatism and not necessarily because of the minimum wage hike
12:34 am
for those entry level workers who are now losing out. >> i'm going to seattle this weekend to visit some family. they are trying to do some interesting things there. but what they are grab'ing with, how do we raise the standard of living in a way that doesn't hurt them and benefits the economy. i don't know if anyone has couple with a perfect solution to that. i want both parties to come together and talk about how to help these lower income workers. kennedy: it seems as though raising the minimum wage even in a city that's had an economic boom like seattle, the results show it might be the worst thing for them. >> it ends up cutting people's hours because employers are not willing to shell out at that
12:35 am
high rate for more hours. low-wage workers are working less and earning less. this was not $15. this was $13. all this goes back to -- the democratic part crane politicians have spent the last decade convincing themselves that there is no cost to raising the minimum wage. so they grappled with -- they latched on to a couple of studies from 1992 that showed a raise from $4 to $5. and this new study from the university of washington is one of the best and most of robust studies. what we are seeing is there are costs. kennedy: the mayor's office specifically told the berkeley researchers, do not mention the university of washington. >> how can you use bipartisan
12:36 am
and berkeley in the same sentence? that's just a joke. the study is also a joke. you can't rush a study like this. politics and getting involved in the minimum wage, 2016 they raids it to $13. but the mayor's office needs to stay out of it. kennedy: thank you so much. julie and peter. coming up, the guy in charge of diversity at a major university. the guy whose job is to make sure everyone is represent at the school says trump supporters the school says trump supporters are not welcome e e e e ♪ ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me.
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kennedy: welcome back. if you support donald trump, we don't want on campus. that's not from some lefty activist group but from the university of north carolina's university chairman. he said they are sexist and racist and not welcome on the campus. he obviously never took a class on actual diversity. but his resignation does not
12:41 am
change the fact that things like this are happening on campuses across the nation. i have guy benson, the coauthor of the book, "ends of discussion" which is out in paperback. beautifully written. you have cataloging the malarkey shenanigans on college campuses across the country. has anything changed for the better in some of these safe spaces? ben: overall the trajectory is bad. but there has been pushback that is hopeful. a university profess years drifting towards the center because he's alarmed by the left and their efforts to shut down speech they don't like.
12:42 am
he started a an academy with hundreds. professors signing on to this. this is coming from the left to kinds of self-correct so i have got to give them some credit. but overall, what we saw, the example you just gave from ucf. berkeley terrible, yale. kennedy: riots at nyu. colleges across the country where what used to be bastions of free speech in the 60s are now shuttering it. evergreen state college in washington state it's unbelievable what students do there to their leftist progressive professors. shouting them down. ben: it's crazy bananas purging. it's frightening if you watch
12:43 am
it. one of the things we recognize and talk about is what the left -- the hard left is doing here is conflating speech that they don't like with violence. they are saying speech is violence. hate speech is violence and therefore it is appropriate to use any if means necessary. kennedy: including violence. ben: your speech is violence so therefore, punch. kennedy: i'm going to hurt you. words like truth and liberty are any sort of search for objective truth is now seen somehow as being racist. none of it makes sense anymore. i don't think there is anything to be learned in places where those ideas are banned. ben: it waters down the true meaning of those words. there is racism and homophobia
12:44 am
and sexism in this world. to overapply that to everything as a means to shut people up from mainstream positions is insidious. we were sitting at this table two years ago with our dear friends mary katharine ham who is off on another network. some people call it fake news. we wrought original edition of this book two years ago and it was sort of out of its time. it's back in paperback. we did not recognize how intents backlash would be and how it would take the form of a giants orange middle finger called donald trump who is now the president of the united states. we open the new book saying donald trump is president and berkeley is burning. maybe we should revisit our
12:45 am
subject and we do. kennedy: great summer read. it will give you lots to think about. thank you so much for being back here. talking about this stuff. i encourage every one to go buy the book immediately. coming up. move over reince priebus and o.j. simpson. where to get in... where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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kennedy: on this day in 1968 first exhibit opened at the cleveland park zoo. animals would only stay for 10 days at a time it was known as the scaramucci rule. topic number one. we begin with a story about snakes inside a news room. and for once it doesn't involve cnn. this takes place australia where a woman found an unexpected visitor at her desk. most of people including myself would have called pest control and run for their lives.
12:50 am
not necessarily in that order. judging by how calm she is i'm guessing this is a regular occurrence. it's the this tide this week, olivia. you should play the lottery. the video is only two hours old and it's been watched 1.2 million times. that's one for every excuse hillary clinton has given about the election. what happened? russia? what happened? comey? topic number two. is drinking heavily the key to a long life? if so, my staff is going to live to be a thousand. so is the queen of england who according to royal insiders con siewms four alcoholic drinks a day.
12:51 am
reports say her majesty starts the morning off with a glass of girks n mixed with wine and and slice of lemon. then she goes to lunch and washes it down with a glass of regular wine. afternoons are spent watching the real housewives of atlanta before going to dinner where she treats herself to two glasses of champagne. some of you will say, four drinks a day isn't that's. and it's not if you are work inside the white house. but four drinks is what they are admitting to. if i had to guess i would say it's 14. look at the way she waves to the public. she is not saying hello. she is trying to keep her balance. oh, dear, i'm falling to the left.
12:52 am
he is the head that wears the crown royal in her handbag. topic number 3. let's head out to tucson, arizona where a cop is dancing so well he might pull off the upset reince priebus might have seen on the next season of dancing with the stars. witnesses say he decided to bust a move after he started the morning drinking with the queen of england. look at that cop go said the distracted drivers as they drove off the road. this cop didn't cause anyone to drive off the road it's tucson. they have metaphor that. topic number four. the chicago cubs are ready to forgive and forget with steve bartman.
12:53 am
he famously interfered in a catch against the florida marlins. he had to go into hiding after receiving death threats from irate fans. the only person dropping the ball in chicago is roll man well. now it's all water under the bridge. the team's owner presented bartman with this world series ring. before bartman could take it a fan reached out and their hands got tabled, causing it to drop to the floor. here is something we haven't said in the last six months. there is a feel-good story out of the airline industry. look at this adorable 2-year-old boy decided to greet his fellow pass even jerts on a southwest flight.
12:54 am
you can see from the video, they couldn't get enough of them. he's so sweet. hi, everyone. what's up, fist bump. the flight wound up being overbooked and the kid got thrown off the flight. he was last seen fist bumping passengers on a greyhound bus. i'm just kidding. he made it through the flight fine. many people are questioning the decision to bring the olympics decision to bring the olympics to los angeles. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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it's so easy it's almost scary. let's get outta here! that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. kennedy: you ready for your last shot? i know in this era of vaping, it's not popular to love your country. but i'll be the traditionalist in the room. i love the u.s.a., the city of los angeles and the olympics, damn it. paris and l.a. excluded to give gay paris the 2024 summer olympics, while the city of angels will rehost since 1984
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which as you remember was one hell of an hip game. l.a. could have taken over for rio last summer if the hot spot choked. but now it will be formally recognized as the host in 11 short years if we are still alive then. americans exceptionalism will officially end along with our olympic doubt. i will have to settle for no medal and watch it with you on tv. how ordinary. thank you so much for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. facebook, instagram and facebook
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