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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 3, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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continues today. we're not sure if we have the jobs report tomorrow. 22,000 is the bit level. since the election. 4000 dow points to the upside. cheryl: it's a party last night in a party this morning. i'm a guy everybody just. maria: we sure do. $4 trillion in value. pretty significant. happy thursday, everybody. good morning to you. i maria bartiromo. thursday, august 3rd. stories at 6:00 a.m. berlin on this morning, apple driving the dow to 22,000 for the first time ever yesterday. this is the 302nd record close of the year. looks like a continues this morning. the rally a bit early with the nasdaq in negative territory said to open up another 50 points further in uncharted territory. european indices look like this. investors weighed in on the bank of england decision. the markets they were mixed.
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ft 100 up a fraction. the dax index down one quarter of a percent. in asia overnight, markets closed lower across the board. the nikkei average in japan for hong kong and the hang seng. overhaul immigration in america. unveiling sweeping new plans to fulfill for "the new york times" and cnn clash at the white house stephen miller yesterday. we'll tell you about it coming out. explosion at a minnesota school killed two and injured several others. >> we heard the explosion and got out as quickly as possible. it sounded like a large door slamming but the lights went out and the ceiling collapsed. we need to get out. maria: details on what caused the blast coming up this morning. tesla said to be one on wall street today. beating expectations last night in ramping up production which has the stock up 6% right now. aetna also beating estimates.
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the hbo hack may be more than initially thought. hackers stole internal company documents. it is tom brady's big day. he is turning 40 years old. not all celebration, though. a new statue honoring the quarterback is going viral for all the wrong reasons. joining us to talk all about it, fox business network dagen mcdowell, guy benson and political analyst kirsten had witnessed here. good to see you. >> mrd grilling the guy in the green room. about what he thinks about a whole host. >> i know how you feel about russia, but i beg to get everybody's take on rush's press conference and what the president is trying to do with legal green cards. any thoughts? >> i think it is basic common sense to say if we are going to
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have people in this country as immigrants, let's put people at the front of the line who speak english, who have skills that can contribute to our economy. we'll be be self-sufficient and rely on welfare. this has not been a phobia. this is basic national interest and many other countries do the exact same thing. i'm totally on board for that tough, shifting to a merit pay system over basic migration makes sense. the other half cut in legal immigration and have economic implications for that could be not great. maria: the number of green cards issues has been rising consistently over the years. up until a million green cards issued last year and he's trying to say okay, let's come back and take a breather and look at this. >> that is quite significant. would that be mitigated by more lets a temporary job permit to come on in and work low skill jobs and then that's different
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from a green card. there might be a cop tale policy that would have a different effect than this one thing. >> we've got a whole stream of video from yesterday. stephen miller did a good job articulating it, but really clashed as jim acosta wanted to put on a big show. a heated exchange. coming up this morning, lieutenant colonel allen west to weigh in. pennsylvania senator pat to me is here, the cofounder and chairman ken langone is here. texas attorney general ken paxton ways on the immigration debate as well. stay with us. we've got a big show today. a market milestone for the dow industrials closing about 22,000 for the first time ever showing no sign this morning. the blue-chip index up 11% for the year better than 20% since president trump selection. joining us now is the chief investment officer wayne wicker.
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good to see you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. of course. maria: this market on fire. >> the rally is sustainable. the good earnings right now. first quarter 14% growth. we would now have 11% growth this quarter. stock rises typically follow for earnings. >> ui technology can the financials, what? the immaculate financials for different reasons. they have an earnings momentum, but they also benefit from a weaker dollar. there is a real positive here. financials deregulation is in place going on in washington right now. they should really benefit an industry like financial banks. dagen: what looks inexpensive here just in terms of sectors? the market doesn't look wildly overvalued. the price tags are high, so what sector looks undervalued? >> right now i don't know if you
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look across at her as if anything looks undervalued. some are down like energy because energy is obviously experiencing negative numbers in terms of oil. having said that, the way to look
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whether it's in the labor department, whether it is about tracking and oil production in this country. the regulations on financial firms.
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there is another incredible statistic not just rolling back but in terms of rulemaking they are down 40%. this is in the first six months president trump been in office. maria: such a huge important point. >> they talked about the fact that with these great numbers, only 50% of americans can really even benefit from now. dimension with incomes that are $30,000, only 21% are in the market. can you debunk those minutes because of course you are going to try to paint this into a bad picture. can you kind of debunk those minutes that these numbers don't really affect normal everyday americans? are we finally going to see wages go up for workers as a result of this market for what is the impact on the everyday american? >> the way i think about it as earnings are growing higher and you see more and more jobs come
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to the market, we saw that again yesterday with the change in the june employment number up another 35,000 from the revision. that is benefiting everybody in the united states. as corporate america have become stronger from provides the opportunity for more jobs and possibly more wage growth as we move higher. maria: there is a ripple effect. first of all, talking about 401(k) retirement plan and pension plan. you have to have a triple effect in terms of the impact of a 22,000 dow jones industrial average has. not just people who own individual stocks like the institutions. you agree with that? >> had slowly agree with that. maria: 183,000 jobs of the unemployed -- unemployment rate down. do you think we would see a good number tomorrow and is fed into the market or will we have a good reaction for the stock market? >> i don't know if it's priced
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into the market or not, there reappeared the secular trend is higher. i would anticipate if it is not beating consensus, it will be very close. by the way, nikki provides the numbers up after the fact when they get a little more time. the secular trend is higher and you will see print tomorrow. maria: the expectations are 183,000, but we talk all the time about wages. dagen: average hourly earnings are expected pickup pretense of 1% which will be faster in the month of july than it was in june. again, wages are struggling. in terms of year-over-year growth that we can get to that kind of 3% mark. maria: how do you move wages? >> that's a good point. if i'm a bond investor, i like where inflation is. you have wage growth down. that means it is a basic
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environment for continuing margin growth and bond investors. that's a pretty good deal. i guess for corporate america, you know, they are able to manage modest wage growth treated as when wage growth gets out of control, which i think that hurts the market. maria: connect the dots in terms of what's going on with wages in the immigration story. that's what the president was talking about yesterday when you have so many foreigners in the country. of course you have pressure wages have more competition for jobs. >> that the case the white house will make. it is a pre-labor market. good thing for the economy, but what we might see his interest in bedfellows in this debate where you have democrats opposing policy, free-market opposing policy and on the other hand come the union saying we like what the president is saying. dagen: there is pushback coming out because their 6 million job openings, unfilled jobs, a
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record in our country. businesses need skilled labor so we can talk about that is the show rolls on. maria: let's do that. good to see you. great conversation. a reminder tomorrow 8:00 a.m. eastern be here. looking at jobs in america identifying where the opportunities are a special programming as we await the jobs number tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. community in mourning this morning after two people died in a gas explosion in a minnesota school. details on the investigation that followed. revenue production of its model three-car. breaking down the earnings straight ahead. back in a moment. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage.
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maria: welcome back. two people dead this morning after an explosion in a minnesota school. cheryl casone at the details. cheryl: good morning, maria. two google.after a partial building collapse according to authorities. the school with their students from prekindergarten through the 12th grade says all students are safe. one witness of multiple students as they were visibly shaken.
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>> they were kind of scared. they didn't know quite what happened. i thought sending collapse. and they came out, they learned it was an explosion. cheryl: none of those kids were hurt. contractors doing work on the building at the time of the blast and seven people hospitalized due from injuries from the accident. tesla reported the next earnings yesterday. earnings per share were $1.33. revenue to .79 billion. here's the thing. ceo elon musk reassured investors saying that people should have zero concern about tesla's ability to increase production. also reveals 63,000 people have canceled orders for the model three due to production. the cars averaging 1800 new orders per day. that's a stock to watch today. finally, carter airways will not take a stake in american airlines. "the wall street journal" this morning. qatar airways dropped its plan
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to build a .75% of american airlines ending to push into the united states market. qatar airways says the latest financial results as part of the reason for the decision. dirk reporters so 1555% in the second quarter we should say american airline executives were not exactly excited. finally, starbucks giving away free maki autos today. all you need is a friend. just one friend. customers who buy one at a participating starbucks get one for free. the deal is good between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. they are calling it beat me up for a maki autos. maria: i like it. okay. sounds like something you would do on a tender date. >> like getting up at 5:00 a.m. for morning said maria. i could use a free maki had appeared the problem is i need a friend. the middle of day pick me up.
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you need somebody -- >> i'm not surprised they are investing in american airlines anymore. that whole idea comes in the middle of the other countries in the mideast same qatar is in and supported terrorism and tesla working to calm investor fears saying the orders for extensor vehicles accelerated lately does i do news column this morning. dagen: they are going to have to walk the talk, but clearly that has sued to send fears to stock up 7% in premarket trading. again, execution in terms of delivering this generally went into production, the lower-priced model, but
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maintaining the aura of the superluxury electric automobile. apple has been able to do it, but apple is very different from catalog. >> with gas prices low, how much appetite is there for electric vehicles. suvs and larger cars are selling at an all-time high. a new pickup truck we discussed last week. so long as gas prices remain low come is the appetite going to be there? dagen: the cars are cool enough. it doesn't have to be electric anymore. maria: behavior does change when gas prices go down. >> it definitely does. a big difference between what's popular in cities where new yorkers see this is amazing versus people living in south dakota and nebraska were like i'm fine. >> at the entire five and north
6:21 am
carolina all the time. >> i went into tesla dealership to look at the suv with doors that open mic back to the future. this is awesome. maria: to shake up at the white house. a look at chief of staff john kelly's plan for jeff sessions. that is next. ♪
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maria: welcome back to the hbo cyberattack could be worse than anyone thought after senior executive information they been compromised. tracee carrasco the details now. good morning, tracee. >> we will be following this for a while now. we just added it got a episodes of room 104 along with the "game of thrones" script for an upcoming episode. ♪
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>> yes, i need to speak to him. >> according to variety magazine coming security company hired by hbo to scrap for hack files from search engines has told google that hackers stole thousands of hbo internal company documents like employee names, e-mail addresses. also gotten away with copyrighted documents of images, videos and sound. any mail sent to hbo staff said at this time we do not believe that our e-mail system as a whole has uncompromised that the forensic review is ongoing. the company also says data protection is a top priority at
6:26 am
hbo and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold. this seems like hbo is in damage control mode right now. maria: wow, this also brings up memories of what happened with sony back in 2014. that caused amy haskell to be ousted. >> this actually might be bigger than the sony hack. they are saying about 1.5 terabytes of data was stolen, which is significantly more than what we saw in sony. hackers can slowly release of hbo information as far as the employee in e-mails come in names or memos. we don't know exactly what they have, be you can see it being released. dagen: size is not what's important in this. it's how dramatic it in the case of sony with exchanges about the very stars appearing in these films. remember we found out the inequality in pay in the female
6:27 am
stars in the male stars. again, it is ultimately not how large it is in terms of the data, but how embarrassing the details are. maria: do we know what time warner is doing about it? and the response so far? >> just what we saw appeared to security firm is working with law enforcement as well. dagen: sony was particularly horrific because they had the playstation hack a few years prior and then they turned around and had not improved their security whatsoever in the e-mails got hacked. that was the second punch to the other eye so to speak. >> you know what is interesting that so many markup in his likeness legs introduce subscriber services for people to pay for content, detailing the content or popular shows like in defense, et cetera tennessee in early content would get people out of money if they were just saw that. another file format.
6:28 am
maria: will take a break. overhauling the legal immigration is a heated exchange from the white house that is making waves. >> the whole notion of they have to learn english before they get in the united states. are we just going to bring in people from great brilliant and australia? >> it reveals your bias to a shocking degree. maria: more of that exchange in the fallout coming out. in the eye of the shark nato, the very famous business and was the president of the science fiction facilities strata had. -- straight ahead. ♪ become a professional soccer player, but i never imagined that i'd be playing in kansas city. when i was first elected mayor, they would talk about kansas city, kansas like... i can't wait to get out of here.
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tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures... ...and before starting xarelto®-about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. maria: good thursday morning. welcome back, it is thursday august 3rd, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. 22,000 and counting. record drive continues. today we are looking in the mixed market. dow industrials had been up 50 points. now dow is down 10 points. little back and filling right now. the other averages lower. in europe investors are waiting on bank of england decision. no change in interest rates and markets there are fractionally moving.
6:32 am
the dax index down a quarter of a per can he be the. in asia red across the board. declines with worst performer in korea. investors are questioning the tax referendum in korea. president trump unveiling a new bill yesterday to transform legal immigration into the u.s. steven miller heated exchange with mainstream media reporters though grabbed the headlines this morning, listen. >> i asked you for a statistic, can you tell me -- >> maybe we will make a carve-out in the bill that cnn can hire low-wage and low-skilled -- [inaudible] >> chemical leak at ymca that sent dozens of kids to the hospital. the latest on their condition this morning.
6:33 am
earnings driving the action among top names. aetna is up a fraction. we will tell you more details coming up. mean while president trump stormed into sharknato, how his plans to run in the white house got in the way. the statute that has the internet in a frenzy this morning on, yes, tom brady's birthday. fight for comprehensive immigration reform. president trump joined two republican senators yesterday to unveil system that could cut number of green cards in half. he's looking to cut to 500,000. would favor favored immigrants that speak english while
6:34 am
low-unskill. >> do you really -- i want to be serious. do you at cnn -- >> he came to the country in 1962 before the cuban missile crisis and obtained a green card. , yes, people -- >> jim, as a factual question -- >> do obtain a green card at some point. they do it through hard work and they may learn english as a second language in life, well, they have to learn english before they get to the united states are we just going to bring people in from great britain and australia? >> i can honest i will say i'm shocked at your statement that you think that only people from great britain and australia would know english.
6:35 am
it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree that in your mind -- no, this is an amazing moment, that you think only people from great britain and australia would speak english. it's so insulting to millions of hard-working immigrants that speak english from all over the world -- >> have you honestly never met an immigrant from another country that speaks english outside of great britain and australia. that's not what you said. show your cosmopolitan bias. >> you're trying to engine the racial and ethnic flow into the country. >> the most outrageous, insultings, ignorant and foolish things you wouldn't say that speaking english in immigration system would be ahistorical. the statute of liberty is a symbol of lighting the world.
6:36 am
the poem that you're referring to was added later, it's not part of the original statute of liberty. more fundamentally -- i'm saying the notion that -- [inaudible] >> i'm saying the notion. >> that sounds like national park revisionism. the statute of liberty -- [laughter] >> hope to the world -- they are not always going speak english and high-skilled. >> jim, i appreciate your speech. i appreciate your speech. let's talk about this. let's talk about this. in 1970 when we led 300 people a year was that violating or not vailt -- violating the statute of liberty law of the land in. maria: and, of course, now we
6:37 am
are know we are up to a million green cards issued a year. joining us right now lieutenant colonel allen west. colonel, good to see you. your reaction to the president and senate's bill here and what you just heard? >> a grand standing opportunity from one to have reporters from competing cable news network and you have to understand that everything that's coming out of the trump administration someone from some of the other networks are going to try to castigate as racism or what have you because they are not looking at the actual policy, how can we get americans back to work. when you look at inner cities, you're talking about lower-skilled type of jobs and positions, we need to get those americans back to work. unemployment rates for blacks and black teenagers is astro nom
6:38 am
a astronomical. they need to have god -- good messengers. maria: you have to look what the economy requires in terms of skill sets, in terms of workers, where are the needs to come up with the right number. who is to say that the right number is a million green cards issued a year or half a million green cards issued a year or 300,000. how do you know what the right number is? >> well, i think that's one of the things that the private sector help to drive. when e look at the policy that they attempt today rollout, the new legislation. we want to set people up for success to come to the united states of america to be able to assimilate and be part of economic growth, you're celebrating the 22,000 number
6:39 am
for the dow jones. i was helpful to get interpretive translators to afghanistan here in the united states of america, they understood some things they had to do to be successful as they could and quality as far as application. i think that this is something that we need to have here in the united states of america, we need to work with the private sector to understand what type of people we need to have in this country to ensure that we are fulling the right positions. maria: right. journal writes it like this. david perdue of georgia and tom cotton are basically saying they are going to maintain the existing number of employment-base green cards, employment-base green cards but would sharply reduce immigration based on family ties. it would end the lottery that gives people from underrepresented countries a chance to immigrant to the united states. again, what the number is should basically be based on the needs, right? >> absolutely.
6:40 am
maria: goal to make sure to be fair to american workers, you to look at what america needs. >> that's correct. when you look south of the border in méxico, some of the policies they have for people immigrating in, the ability to come and have a job that there's for you, the ability to have money so that you can have a bank account. they're not looking for people to become part of welfare social welfare, why should we have similar policy here. maria: unemployment of african americans is 13% which is very high given national average is 4%. despite all criticism from the president, the same may not be true of commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan during a meeting last month the president reportedly voiced frustration of nicholson over progress of war
6:41 am
in afghanistan, what's your take on this, colonel? >> well, i tell you that one of the key things the president in commander in chief needs to issue guidances to what needs to happen in afghanistan. he turned over the decision to the secretary of defense to add additional troops, 8,400 troops in afghanistan right now, that's probably not the right number to push back taliban in outlining areas but more importantly you have to do about enemy sanctuaries across the board in pakistan. the president turned over the decision to use bomb to general nicholson and he successfully implemented that. i think we need to understand what is president trump's guidance and what does he want to see happen in afghanistan and empower his general to be able to do it. you know, i don't think firing someone after you just being as commander in chief for seven months. give him the resources he needs and let's see how he can produce.
6:42 am
maria: you're right. the mother of all bombs was very highly praised and the way that they instituted was very highly regarded when it first happened. colonel, good get your thoughts, thanks so much. we will see you soon. lieutenant colonel allan west there. a chemical leak in north carolina sending children to the hospital. scientists successfully edited a pay tale gene mutation out of dna. this is a breakthrough but this is raising concern for designer babies. straight ahead potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck.
6:43 am
potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame.
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6:45 am
maria: welcome back, markets once again looking toward unchartered territory. dow industrials had been up 50 points, 40 points. we are well off. the market is unchanged on the
6:46 am
dow. s&p is negative and the nasdaq up 7 points. we will see if the record run above 22,000 this morning continues. a couple of names on the move we are watching, yum brands, also looking for earnings of 61 cents a share. stock is up 1 and a half percent going into the numbers. we are watching shares of go pro. it could be another rough quarter for the company with analysts expecting a loss of 25 cents of share. shares of go pro have lost 40% of value over the last year as you can see from that chart. dozens of children charge intoed the hospital after chemical spill in north carolina. cheryl: 43 people including children taken to the hospital after spill in, where nca. six of the kids were serious but not life-threatening condition.
6:47 am
chemical disinfectant that was used in the swimming pool. a big development, major news the world of medical research. scientists have edited viable human embryos to correct disease causing defect. successfully deflected mutation, obviously they involve changes to either the genes, sperm, eggs or embryos. a lot of controversy but still a breakthrough there. wnn -- wynndah worldwide, 37 so far this year. came with better than expected earnings after the bell. stock to watch is wyndham.
6:48 am
president trump was set to get this, play a fictional president in sharknato, this was happening in 2015. agree today play the role in the movie franchise but later he changed his mind so he could go for president. role as president was played by cuban, a friend of maria. maria: forget it, i'm going to run for president. got it. [laughter] , thanks, cheryl. coming up college football player's dream come true. texas honing horns stunning locker rooms. wait till you check this out. back in a minute.
6:49 am
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maria: welcome back, football fans have been waiting a long time for, jared max is here to explain why this is such an important date, jared max. jared: good morning, maria, today is august 3rd. not only landmark birth of one super star but birth to 2017 season in ohio. tonight's game between the dallas cowboys whose owner jerry jones gets into the hall saturday and cardinals, now tonight's game is going the kick off 8:00 o'clock eastern time at newly named and refurbished tom
6:53 am
benson hall of fame stadium. the hall of fame says this it is nicest small venue nfl stadium in the world, only 23,000 seats. some fans get worked up if their team loses exhibition game. all that really matters is stay healthy which some players are having doing just at practice. new york giants wide receiver shepherd off the field because of sprain ankle, houston texan fuller broke collar yesterday. all right. question for the fellows out there, if you can change places, live the life of any other man in the world, i predict most would say tom brady. even if you hate the patriots, today america's quarterback, should i say over the hill, happy 40th tom brady, tb12 or tb40. new wax figure.
6:54 am
a lot of critics on social media calling it creepy looking, along with all 45 u.s. presidents. from the super star athlete most men would love to be to a football locker room, anybody would love to call home. check out the texas longhorns new digs, players have 43-inch monitors above every single lockerment anything -- locker, anything you could wish, leave it to the t's to -- maria: do you want to explain? >> the texas a&m aggies.
6:55 am
that's how they insult the other. they are back in texas sipping tea. >> arms race of spending and no one will be in the university of texas in that run-up. that's a boofl facility. i'm not a texas longhorns fans. labor day weekend, go bobcats. maria: brazilian socker star neymar will be switching teams from fc barcelona to paris st. germane. could reportedly cost paris, st. germane a hundred million dollars. jared: i thought about a year ago e we covered a story and
6:56 am
last transfer fee. 160million. this goes to 260 million. maria: team owned fbi quit ore investment group. they have the money. jared: sometimes will go out and spend and give the ridiculous contracts to players who don't necessarily deserve it because they have the money. >> i went to fc barcelona stadium last year. it's sort of the yankees of europe. dagen: that's not cool. [laughter] >> watch it. maria: stadium could be cool. look at all the championships. that's nice. i don't care. soccer is not my thing. dagen: i can tell you when soccer was my thing, i was walking dogs late last night and soccer league and adult men and it was so -- it was men from around the world who were playing each other and it was just -- it was like probably people from that live here in the united states but from
6:57 am
probably 12 different countries, it was awesome. jared: is there anyone else? >> he's 40. i'm like he's 40. if i'm looking remotely anything like that at 40, i won at life. >> 40 is the new 30 anyway. dagen: wax figure isn't any creeper than in real life. >> or ronaldo statute. maria: good stuff on football. jared max, thank you. catch jared 24/7 or siriusxm 115. we will take a break. a plain white t-shirt gets serious star power. the celebrity is teaming up can hanes for shirt for $30, yeah, white t-shirt ou totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance.
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i've discovered incredible bladder leak underwear that hugs every curve. can't tell i'm wearing it, can you? always discreet underwear. for bladder leaks. maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, thursday august 3rd, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. record run on wall street taking a pause this morning. futures are edging lower after the market crossed the 22,000 ever yesterday. president trump counting the gains tat white house yesterday. listen. >> the stock market hit an record high over 22,000. we picked up substantially now more than $4 trillion in net worth in terms of our country, our stocks, our companies. we have a growth rate, gdp which has been much higher than as, you know, anybody anticipated
7:01 am
except maybe us. it's going to go up, it's going to go higher. maria: european indices are mixed. ftse turning around. dax index in germany down a quarter of a percent. in asia declines across the report. take a look as you see there. president trump's approval rating has hit a new low but not a concern to the republican party which you're seeing record fund raising in the first half of the year. we will tell you about it. malfunctioning fair ride. three people rescued after hanging upside down in a bunjy ride. incredible. elon musk tries calming investors over orders. skipping the lines to buy a t-shirt, selling clothes in vending machines, will it work? bieber going basic, he's getting
7:02 am
into the fashion industry with a plain white t-shirt, but telephoning it's justin bieber so it'll cost you. all the stories and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, guy benson, author of the end of discussion, we have the book here, talked about new chapter, guy benson and political analyst kristin haglund. congratulations on the new chapter. you published a couple of years but you decide today update. >> the book about how the left in particular is shutting down debate and silencing people that don't agree with them. the book came out two weeks ago literally one week after donald trump ran for president, we argued at the time that there was going to be a backlash. president trump whose rise was in large measure attributable to punching back against political correctness. we have updated the book reflecting his rise, early presidency and the left's response to it which has been
7:03 am
mostly unhim. maria: more shut downs on conversations. >> end of discussion. exactly. maria: i want to bring you the breaking news. bank of england has left interest rates unchanged as crossing the red tape right now. not a major reaction in markets. we know ftse was negative and now now trading above. chairman ken is here. texas attorney general ken has a thing or two to say about the immigration news this morning and dr. mike, you don't want to miss a moment of it. our top story right now, despite markets edging lower, the dow reached 22,000, president trump took notice, watch. >> it's going to go up, it's going to go higher too. we are doing the job and you are going to see jobs pouring into
7:04 am
the country, factories, plants are coming back into the country , today the stock market hit the highest level than it has ever been and the country is doing very well. maria: despite that a quinnipiac poll shows approval rating is at lowest yet with 33% american voters in favor of president trump's performance while in office. 61% disapprove. guy, markets hit an all-time high but american confidence in the president according to that poll not, what do you make of this? >> i would pull out that the quinnipiac has been uncharitable to donald trump throughout the last two years but there's other polling showing that he's in the 30's. long way to go. the dichotomy that i'm seeing in the poll and that's really interesting that i think probably is relevant to your viewers is his numbers on the economy are much better than his overall numbers.
7:05 am
a lot of his disapproval comes to personal disapproval. people don't like him, they don't like the way he's conducting himself as president but you ask them about the economy, they're feeling good about it. you ask them about his performance on the economy and it's pretty -- it's better by double digits. >> what's so interesting is there's a difference when you talk to people in polls and when you're having anecdotal conversations with people. the difference between what the number shows and people's feelings, let's look at just the unemployment numbers. they're been steadily decreasing, but before he was president donald trump said, those aren't the right employment numbers and now that he's president he's touting the unemployment numbers. same with the dow. he's hitting on the number. he's saying it's great and reflection of policy but in -- if it falls the number doesn't mart. you have -- matter. you have the way that people feel and that's driven by their opinion of the president.
7:06 am
dagen: i've always have pushed back whether it was people who were republican or democrat right or left when they say these numbers are fake. i've always pushed back on that. the numbers are -- our best gauge of employment and unemployment in this country and the census bureau tries to do adam: -- admirable job. maria: that's what i was going to say. you always bring up the number. if you're always looking at the u6 number -- >> you can't say that the number is fake before you're president and after your president -- dagen: i agree with you. we've talked -- >> labor participation rate. dagen: we talked about it on fox business for years and years that was the gauge of the sense of malaise in this country because people want to work more hours. maria: so you think 4.3% is fake.
7:07 am
that's what the president said. dagen: 6.8 million people in the country. i mentioned job openings, that's a record high. 6million people roughly who are unemployed. and it's even higher when you look at people who want to work more hours. to the president's point, because i said this and i want to be clear because i get a lot of hate on twitter about it, but when you talk about the market constantly and it's not just the president, he's talking about the stock market kellyanne conway is talking about it and when you start owning that, then you own the decline. the economy is one thing, the economy you can take greater credit for that but when it's the market, there's so many factors that play, particularly things that happens overseas, big geopolitical events. >> it is like you're cutting a potential attack ad against yourself because if the market comes down they'll dredge up exact clips, look how great things are because of this, if
7:08 am
it doesn't, it looks like he was wrong. maria: one thing i agree with 10%, i don't think he should be talking about the dollar or calling companies out or making predictions, it's not his role. having said that, can you really say that this rally which began on election day is not attributable to president trump's policies and the anticipation of what the impact of those policies will be? i get it, after inaugurated there was a lot of disappointment, we saw stuff wasn't going to get stuff, those earnings, you're seeing a loosens of the strings on business, why, why? because of the anticipation. dagen: and it's even just the simple fact that businesses know that they're not going to have more regulations layed on them over the next four to eight years, they know that there's
7:09 am
already a dial back, roll back on regulation that is put a strangle hold on them. maria: right. dagen: they know -- i think individuals know, hey, at least my taxes aren't going up. at least the government is not going to shove some health insurance mandate down my throat. maria: where were the jobs over the ten years, compliance, lawyers, legal people, companies were lawyering up because they didn't know what was coming at them with the regulations and all the new rules. >> the regulations is key to these earnings increasing and companies having more confidence. what i hope that the administration does long-term is we really are seeing a shift in the base of our economy, right, we are not going to be able to go back to where we were 40, 50 years ago. so how can as we continue to see investor confidence and corporate america doing much better, how do we also then equip our workforce to transition into a more technological economy, right? that's where we have to focus on educating --
7:10 am
dagen: politically people are tired to hear that. >> you don't need to hear it, they need to do it. dagen: since the 70's. every president that took office, every politician that run for election has preached the same thing and they have never really done anything about it, anybody. >> the discussion that we are having underscores urgency for republicans in congress to get tax reform done. maria: we agree. even with these record low approval ratings, the republican national committee has raised $75 million in the first six months of the year. more than double what the democrats raised during the same time frame of obama's presidency. what do you make of the support of the party despite opposition of capitol hill to push forward the president's agenda? >> shows that the grassroots love president. they continue their support.
7:11 am
it'll be interesting that reince priebus, link to rnc, chairman, sean spicer and reince priebus now if they can maintain those relationships. they'll need them. maria: good point. >> dnc numbers, dnc is just a mess. i know democrats are riding high with trump's approval ratings sort of in the tank, they are not raising money, they don't have an agenda. the democrats are more unpopular in a number of polls. 61% disapproval rating, that's really bad, let's not forget on election day last year disapproval rate was 60% and he won. maria: no kidding. the party has been hijacked. dagen: you know what their problem is, the dnc news networks, not where we work, all they talk about is russia. if you turn some of the other stations, they are talking about something that no american cares about.
7:12 am
>> they don't have vision. dagen: talk to me about better job, better employment, higher wages. maria: isn't it a better plan the new dnc plan? dagen: they roll this out and talk about better wages, 15-dollar minimum wage not buying it. people don't want to earn minimum wage. maria: second time they rolled it out and it's all about trade, sounds exactly like donald trump's campaign, wage is up, we have to protect the american worker, that's what the better way is. they just changed a couple of words. it's donald trump's speech. >> yeah, the point specially on wages they want to bump it up to $15 an hour. seattle did it and it's crushing people and crushing jobs there sort of like basic economics suggested it would. dagen: it happened in san francisco and all the other cities. maria: how many small business owners have we had own and we said to them if you had to pay $15 minimum, i'm going to have
7:13 am
to cut workers. dagen: automate. >> a lot of companies are offering $15 or more. a loot of great organizations and corporations in this country that are offering that. maria: we will take you live. coverage of the president's rally in west virginia. stay with fox business network, we will take you there live for special coverage. first coming up abows and fraud, words being tossed around in a new lawsuit against wells fargo. half a million customers say they got car insurance they didn't need and couldn't afford it. the outrage coming up next. the japanese retailer taking pop-up shops to a whole new level. back in a minute
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back authorities in venezuela accused of tampering with sunday's controversial election. cheryl casone with the stoirl, cheryl. cheryl: maria, london based company that provided voting software and electronic machines for venezuela's election said the figures were manipulated and vote tole as were off by about one million. sunday's election to pick 550-member body to rewrite the
7:17 am
country's constitution. meanwhile fear that is venezuela may default on billions of dollars of bonds as the economy there collapses. more legal trouble for wells fargo to tell you about. at least three lawsuits filed by customers after wells fargo revealed 600,000 were signed up for car insurance they didn't need. the bank is still trying to recover from last fall's fake account scandal. wells fargo shares down nearly 3% so far this year. have you ever been have you ever gotten to the airport and realize that had you forgot your jacket or jacket, you can buy clothes at the airport from a vending machine. first one is oakland international airport in california, they have shirts, they are going to change the clothes with different seasons, nine more of vending machines come to airplanes and malls.
7:18 am
and then this, justin bieber getting into the t-shirt business. plain white t-shirts, sold by hanes, $30, maybe they'll be at the vending machine at the airport. maria: all right, thank you very much. cheryl, coming up energized by earnings, tesla shares are trading up this morning. premarket, up 6%. the company ramps up production of the model 3. former fbi director turned author, eye-popping deal for book, he got a good deal. next. hey. pass please. i'm here to fix the elevator.
7:19 am
nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass.
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track your pack. there you go.
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maria: welcome back, power of elon musk. tesla reporting earn earnings last night. revenue came at $2.79 billion. that was better than expectations. the stock is on a tear this morning. it's up 6%. i want to bring in tasha and fox news headlines 24/7 anchor bret larson. it's top holding of 3 of actively managing etf's tell us your sense of earnings report? >> we are most excited because the model three is the first massive market car with hardware that makes it capable to become autonomous. this is a huge advantage for
7:23 am
tesla. the furthest ahead in the autonomous industry. here is why, because with hardware tesla can create hardware and that makes autonomous system, basically advances it sooner than other competitors so tesla is really putting out there to collect massive data set and we think they can launch autonomous in two years that market opportunity is worth trillions of dollars. that's the biggest opportunity that tesla has ahead of it. maria: do you think that the market will look more autonomous within what, how many years? will we all be in autonomous cars in the next five years? >> in the next two years you will see launch. and the real benefit with the autonomous taxis we think they'll be very cheap. price per mile will be about 35 cents, roughly half of what you
7:24 am
pay to drive your personal car today. tesla is going the launch uber-like network and bring people and it's going to be a really monumental change. maria: interesting. >> i think that this is the wave of the future, i believe it completely but there's a part of me in the back of my brain, isn't it wart part of the american dna to want to have a car and drive and is there widespread resistance that it might take longer than the technology would allow in. >> yeah, so you know what's interesting is we are actually seeing less teens getting their licenses than previously. the new generation doesn't care much about driving. for adoption, we really think the main driving factor is going to be the costs, it's going to be so cheep, -- cheap. dagen: lines are being blurred
7:25 am
today not just in a tesla but a lot of the newer automobiles so people are becoming accustomed to basically a car that helps you drive and so the adoption is organic and natural. you see that in the entire generation. >> that could be argued right now. there's cars that know to stop before you hit the breaks, there's cars that parallel. lexus has had car that is parallel for a long time. there's definitely going to be a comfort level, how people -- how comfortable they are going to be and getting hands off the wheel. tesla had some success with that. as you mentioned, driving is very much part of dna. we have great interstate system, but younger people don't want to drive and tesla has done a great
7:26 am
thing where they have made cars less of a car but sexy gadget like apple did, i have to be around this cool technology. maria: depends on where you live. in the suburbs you might want a fast car. isn't that part of this? everybody is not going to be in a city where it's better to get in an autonomous market? >> that's a great great point. maria: i can see that. >> that's most of where miles travel and u.s. happens today in urban areas. they are dominating the transportation market. dagen: these cars are cool. the x and the s that are the model s sedan and x is the sport
7:27 am
utility vehicle and now the 3. i had this conversation years ago with the head privately on airplane, one of the big auto parts manufacturer about the technology industry is going to take over the automobile in this country and the standard auto manufacturers are going to be caught flat-footed. tesla is giving a reason for people to be excited in buying car again. >> they didn't go to middle-end consumer, they went to high-people first. think went to people that are okay to pay 80,000-dollar car. when it goes by you stop and watch and doesn't make any noise. it got comiet -- excitement.
7:28 am
dagen: i know race cars, they own and love the automobiles. maria: looks like that's where it's going. we will see how long it takes to get there. great conversation. very much. coming up tackling tax reformment what one congressman says a bill needs to be on the president's desk by thanksgiving or tax reform will not happen in 2017. talk about a loud fashion statement. you will never lose apple airpods again, back in a minute with that 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots.
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maria: good thursday morning everyone. it is thursday, august 3. your top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. they are now pulling back at their negative territory. this after the market closed above 202000 yesterday. it send it about 202000 and futures today indicating a mixed opening at the opening of trade markets rallied on the news. there up half a%. have a%. up 37 points. the dax index is down this morning by a third of a%.
7:32 am
in asia overnight declines across the asian market. renewed focus on the agenda. the white house pushes for tax reform. healthcare is still a concern. working with the staff in the cabinet to find the issues raised by the payments without congress fulfilling its voters. they will continue to flee the failing system. we need real reform that actually lowers cost. select the very latest on the are swirling around. we will take a look is he running for president the new concern after three people are rescued from the bungee ride in california. the company helping you take the flight.
7:33 am
the new shirt that is helping you keep track of your air pod coming up. mark meadows is endorsing a timetable. if we do not had a bill that we are actually debating in september who hopefully hopefully gets a vote by october it will not get to the president's desk by thanksgiving. if it doesn't get there by thanksgiving and second happen. the president is president is at 15%. join us right now to weigh in. he serves on the senate finance and banking committee. thank you so much for joining us. what you make we make of the timeline there. he certainly close.
7:34 am
i don't know if it's a hard and fast deadline but that that's the right timeframe generally to bring onto the floor of both the house and the senate. that can be time-consuming. if we follow that approximate timeline we get it to the president before thanksgiving that doesn't dramatically improve our chances of getting it done. can you take us through some of the meetings and hearings and whatever you are doing behind closed doors that will take you to a bill to the president's desk by thanksgiving. have you been doing enough in terms of meeting to come together and find common ground. the answer is yes we had been doing a lot of work. with members of the house ways and means committee.
7:35 am
we had been narrowing differences. we won't had three separate proposals. he saw a significant step in that direction. it will release a statement. it acknowledges that it will not be there. it is an important step towards consensus. we need a new budget resolution to pass that will give us the tools to do this right. i do think this is a timeline we should shoot for. it announced it is pulling up to estates and raising premiums elsewhere by 55% a midge --dash -- amid major losses. the healthcare pushes that an over is that responsible
7:36 am
government. how you will. we can't walk away from that commitment. we've been making that for seven years and for good reason. it continues to fail. it is getting worse not better. it was a terribly disappointing blow and a big setback for us last week. they are continuing to work on this why -- while we move on. we have to do both things at once. some insurers are seeking premium hikes of 30% even more. in obamacare markets and i have to do a budget texture from and keep the government running.
7:37 am
even debt ceiling. i think the children -- a children's health insurance has to be extended. essentially had you not wasted taxpayer time and money since the start of the year by getting nothing done. >> to get very close to one of the most important reforms that we've have in decades that was not a waste of time. it is true we do not get across the goal line but i think we have a very granular understanding of these issues where members are on these issues and morgan had to use that to inform our judgment and how actually get something done. i think at this point it's quite likely that it doesn't happen all in one gigantic bill and might very will happen in some criminal fashion. either way it's going to happen. we all know that you and your colleagues painted very
7:38 am
clearly that you need to do healthcare first. and you need to make sure to overturn all of the obama care taxes. what some of us said is it would be better and easier to do healthcare first but it's not necessary. we can't let that stop us. we are moving ahead on tax reform at the same time there are groups that are working on getting some kind of agreement on healthcare i think something is probably likely to emerge. these things are two important to let them slide. we just had to make progress on this. do you think that the trump administration is going to actually not pay the subsidies or that they will possibly force congress to abide by the obama care legislation which he has so demonized. and so many of them head for many credible reasons.
7:39 am
those threats in the recent tweet about that do think it's actually going to happen or it's just an empty threat. we went to court with the previous administration because they made these payments unconstitutional. the law authorizes the payments but requires that they actually be appropriated by congress each year. we should sit down with the democrats in the administration and say it for you to do these payments and they have to have conditions. for instance we need to get some progress on listing of the mandates and regulations that drive up the cost so much that we need all of the subsidies. the administration is urging congress to raise the debt limit with no strings attached by the end of september would
7:40 am
you vote to pass a clean debt to ceiling increased right now. we tie that to some kind of fiscal reform as we have done many times in the past that was my argument in the previous administration. i'd be very open to a wide range of possibilities. others could be direct mandates. i think the only responsible thing is to at least include something that is content curve the growth of these deficit. do you worry that they have so much leverage. he is saying that the republicans cannot govern on their own. you could say we need reforms here and you don't have the votes here get a need our people so we get what we want. that is what conservative voters are worried about.
7:41 am
that is a dynamic that we need to be prepared for. i think that is the game plan on the other side. and part of our job is to make sure that we communicate. if we do offer some kind of deal where we won't make some of these payments to insurance companies i think most americans would think that is a pretty fair deal. that's pretty reasonable. at the democrats decide to turn that down so that the problem is ours i'm not sure that's a good political position for them to be in. i know that he kept the senate here. do you think you're going to produce a bill on healthcare before these two weeks are up. i don't expect a bill to come that quickly but i wouldn't be surprised if a belt emerges over this. our staff and our individual members will continue to try to find consensus on something
7:42 am
like the urgent need to deal with these. what is going on. no -- more video. is he getting political. the poster he hired. it used to work for hillary clinton. back in a minute. so we need tablets installed... with the menu app ready to roll. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations.
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fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver.
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welcome back. a ride malfunctions. after a deadly accident and it ohio state fair. you should see this. three people rescued at the ventura county fair. one of them was hanging upside
7:46 am
down for about 40 minutes from a crane. 30 feet hanging above the ground. it killed one person and injured seven others. at the ohio state fair. the former fbi director james comey has written a book. it will come out in spring of 2018. is a multimillion dollar deal. here's another question for you. they had hired the democratic strategist to work for their terror charity organization. the couple has hired two other democratic consultants that
7:47 am
include the former campaign manager and then they have the money and then finally apples air pod may have helped start a new fashion trend. they are designed to hold the earphones. yes it for $500 at one one shirt in your air pod right in front to say how cool of my. or i'm just a total dork. would you want these air pods without the cord the air pod just sticks out of your ears.
7:48 am
it's just how visually hideous they are. i thought someone with them the other day and i said that just looks dumb and dangerous. i'm not sure which one is dumber. the 30-dollar white t-shirt brought to you by justin bieber. you know what tops that. i saw a pair of 900-dollar but dazzled diamond shorts. they were made without the dazzling machine. they were inappropriately short.
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welcome back. luxury for less. they are changing the online industry. from $109,050 a month you can enjoy unlimited private good to see you. how are you going to keep prices low and what kind of demand have you seen so far. we focus on that ticket or customer. and the way we operate as a combination of a very fuel-efficient airplane where we go up and down bit between those private fpo's. it allows us to do it for the price that we do it. that is a sweet spot. where are the destinations that you have currently.
7:54 am
we do weekends. san diego et cetera. those are really good business spots. we just launched in london. and we are going to open up a number of european short hole. you're actually on the plane sharing with other members of the club. up to eight people on the plane. if you can come up with a reason to go to these destinations. it's a utility for people that have a home in one place. in california for example. they do about 75 to 85 flights per day.
7:55 am
you can book in less than 30 seconds. it's kind of like a blade. these are doing short flights. you see a list of flights. on any given day. you will see 25 to 35 flights per day. and you just press a button and add yourself to the flight. you recently acquired this. how do you expand why that firm in texas. it is a very similar model. it's a natural next model for us.
7:56 am
it made sense. your average guy has not flown privately. are you seen this expanded to a broader population whereas people who did it fly private are actually considering this because of the prices that they can do it. 90% of our clients had never flown private before. our customer is someone that is flying last-minute southwest. they were doing it two or three surf fair. it's really fascinating. plus they save three hours of time. my doing the daytrip. we will be watching. i think you so much. congratulation to you. one child's dream is coming up. after president trump mowed the white house lawn.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
overseas weakness take a look how stocks holding up weakness in germany down less than two-tenths of a percent gains in england and france in asia overnight, however it was declined across the board. the biggest loser there the kospi south korea off more than 1 1/2 have a percent, overhauling legal immigration in america the president invailing a sweeping new plan mainstream clashing with administration making headlines. >> this whole notion of well they can they have to learn english before they get to united states, are we going to bring in people from great britain australia. >> reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree. dagen: fallout ahead. explosion minnesota school killing two injuring several others details what on caused that blast ahead. we are on earnings watch young
8:01 am
brands reporting earlier under pressure after same-store sales rose less than expected. forget smoothies clenses newest superunion if you'veed water a close look at benefits later. >> a 10-year-old asking to mow the lawn at 1500 pennsylvania avenue, how the administration responded all of that so much more coming up this hour. there is guy benson offer of end of discussion, there is maria bartiromo. >> look who is here. >> home depot cofounder chairman joining the conversation as well great to see you. >> nice see you thanks for having me. >> wrem to program. >> nice to be here. >> so much to talk about. >> we sure do. dagen: what is about it you two makes you smile. >> we like each other. dagen: you know hallmark of working here we all really, reallyed a mire, like each other. >> you are right what is more
8:02 am
important to you as a businessman, is the health care and tax reform critical, is the shake-up and sort of noise going on most important? from a business perspective, we want to see happen out of the white house. >> not whigs so much as congress. it is up to them. telling seven years i don't know if a solution to obamacare. but i do know that the republicans congress look like fools. stumble bums don't know where they're going how to get there rough to talk that way but guess what you wanted to get elected you got elected told american people you are going to get something done, if there is ever an argument term limits is the way they are behaving now and their lack of ability to get anything done. >> term limits a good point, you bring up we are talking to senator toomey earlier he was confident. >> going -- get it done. >> going to turn -- stuff pat
8:03 am
this is going to be pat's last term going home like -- ironically wrong guys are going home, crist, going home after 12 years -- >> well, we will see about that this morning we are talking about, the agenda. >> yeah. >> obviously also immigration joining the conversation texas attorney general packs tonl host of "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in dr. mike will weigh in as well want to talk health care as well as tax reform. and top story right now despite markets this morning, dow reached 22000 yesterday president trump even took notice automobile watching this market up 20% since election day. >> the stock market hit all-time record high today over 22000. we have picked up, substantially now more than four trillion dollars in net worth in terms of country stocks or i companies. we have a growth rate gdp when
8:04 am
has when has been much higher as i know than anybody anticipated except may be us, but going to go up higher, too we are doing a job. maria: etse maria: it's going to go higher should president talk about markets do you think we should be saying yes, president trump is in office that is why this market is up 20% since election day. >> absolutely need to say where we are because of him only in power six months. that doesn't matter i know and i know politicians take credit for anything good whether they deserve it or not approximately i will tell you would i rather be lucky than smart trump positionings luck holding out. >> don't you think anticipation that he is driving an agenda that is going to be good for business, i mean initially you have to say that was attributed to him. >> look, i think the theme and tone is the best it has been probably, in 12 years, don't forget let's -- if we're going
8:05 am
to get things done going to be honest. that drug bill that pet bush passed is one of the snoost medicaid part d. >> think about cost of that, that was not good afghanistan iraq couple trillion dollars so far. look. i think the economy is going to do better over a o long period of time that said i am terrified of when we are going to address the issue of this debt, and rising -- interest rates have to go up if you do an simply calculation look what it is going to do to federal deficit. >> i am so glad you brought up the def we don't talk about it enough entitlement spending going to crush my generation one thing that i am worried about, is watching that health care debate over the last couple weeks they couldn't even do very modest medicaid reform how tackle social security and medicaid more
8:06 am
politically toxin snick they got themselves in a box you give away something, especially entitlement, don't expect to get it back. and i will be personal here. . what 2 hell is my wife and i do getting 4,000 dollars a month from federal government for social security? you are right, i am stealing from you, worse i am stealing from your children. >> you paid into it. >> that is nonsense i bought i buy car insurance, too i buy fire insurance i didn't get premiums back may be that is how it was sold 70 years ago, but your money getting back that is not so i've got more than my money back. >> should there be for those who don't need it cut. >> it absolutely. get rid of it i have a simple rule if you own two homes ineligible for social security. >> a good rule. >> that is politicians are lying to american people, we talk about this, you know whos do talk about medicare and
8:07 am
social security looming entitlement crisis we do on this very program it gets brought up -- more than once a week, i tell my parents, this, they are taking more out of medicare than ever put into medicare broken and busted that is why it has 50 trillion-dollar hole in it. >> nothing will get fixed understand the lifestyle of theo one purpose to get reelected if he takes a position detrimental to that goal that is why you need term limits. >> "the wall street journal" editorial page pointed out repeatedly, the republicans squander an opportunity for entitlement realism the first major entitlement realism since mid 60s with obamacare repeal squander it had ability to put medicaid on the budget.
8:08 am
>> you can't fix obamacare too late you can't take back from i don't know how many mills american people you can't take it back it is done it is over, move on. fry to get what you can get in the way of some practical solutions, but there is not much you can do. >> there are certainly senators and congress people do not want to cut medicaid right now basically saying, my constituents are on medicaid and i don't want to slow growth even though we know that they understand that this is an entitlement that is going insolvent. >> ghaus they had -- translation run risk of glorifying to constituents say here is my mind what i know what i understand this is what we have to do, and i am sorry whether me or somebody else it has got to be done. dagen: literally with -- pointed -- governor john kasich, always point to governor john kasich all they tried to do is slow growth
8:09 am
medicaid spending to manage money better prioritize most needed. >> so perverse the way set up less needy get more subsidiaries from federal government equalizing that -- >> under president obama -- >> i know the system so many perverse incentives the biggest is politicians saying this is popular right now with people i don't want to annoy them getting reelected long term solvency on back burner year after year after year demoralizing. >> jeff -- much lesser extent me, to universities to talk about generational theft it is
8:10 am
21 -- got a lot of energy 22, 23, passionate. idealistic if they can't get in trenches and say enough, isn't going to happen guess what they are going to be left holding the bag. dagen: strangely in other direction with that young generation they want they want -- right they -- exactly, they want to tax the rich more, and to pay for pay for benefits that are not necessary for able boyd working people. >> i want your take what is going on right now because the president is tweeting right now breaking news, the president says this, right now, business is looking better than ever, with business enthusiasm at record levels stock market at all time high, that doesn't just happen. so ken how would you characterize where we are in economy jobs out tomorrow you say what -- >> i say thank god he is attacking some insane regulations stuck, if he does nothing more -- this is people businesspeople the ones i know talk to all the time, they are
8:11 am
feeling better about an environment that is less hostile to them. we should celebrate people that create jobs not vilify them. maria: all about, you didn't build that you don't pay fair share all of that rhetoric last 8 years from president obama had people businesses sitting on cash. unwilling to put it to work. >> there they weren't sitting on quash they were buying stock back. >> are they una leashing -- >> let me tell you something pure and simple, 1992 jim carville put a sign up in clinton's campaign office it is a economy studio guess what if this economy continues to strengthen, over three years like it or not trump is going to win again. >>, by the way, with that tweet, i do worn if he is watching this show because we were having that exact -- >> we always say that we think he does watch the program. >> the fact goading congress
8:12 am
good the democrats republicans media he beat three dine asities obama bush clinton. >> the american people have spoken allowed and clear, like it or not he won fair and square. the american people are fed up. maria: yep. >> these people in congress get off their butts get something done shame on them. maria: shake it out join us tomorrow morning special coverage "mornings with maria" 8:00 a.m. special jobs' report in america. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, we are going to identify where the opportunities are right now. >> absolutely. >> you want the president to tweet again this morning? >> let him tweet as much a wants help him get elected, stop it. >> tweet it up president thank you. coming up support for secret service we are taking a break coming back talking drones how will they he protect president forget mowing a neighbor's lawn the ultimate gig mowing
8:13 am
the white house lawn he might get the chance after all. >> good for him. ♪ casper makes one perfect mattress.
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supportive and comfortable. premium foam layers. breathable for airflow. perfect rebound, plus perfect lift. pick your size, you get 100 nights to test it out. test the layers, be a layer, casper. this morning, once again -- here is moment ago i am continuing to get rid of costly unnecessary regulations mitch work left to do but will be great business and jobs
8:16 am
will grow, and i have a funny feeling president heard ken say that. >> i hope so because i believe it -- is on spot with that last tweet. >> spot-on for sure, because, that has been at a big success, and that is why partly why markets are rallying. >> they have gotten shackles off in the last six months meanwhile, at least two people dead this morning following a massive gas explosion on a private christian school in minneapolis cheryl casone with details. cheryl: yeah, maria officials recovered a second body from miniha-ha academy a reaccept shinist killed 81-year-old janitor who attended that school as a child is still listed missing this morning, in addition, four people injured one of them seriously investigation is under way we should note contractors working at the school the time of explosion several students playing in the school gym they were not hurt. >> 43 people, including 40
8:17 am
children, tan to hospitals in durham north carolina after chemical spill at downtown ymca six as i said initially in too serious condition at convene luckily did improve after medical treatment leaked chemical disineffectant in swimming pool at ymca officials say apple errs the cause in relation to mechanical issue. >> white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders sharing two special letters sent to president trump said this before, by the way, this letter is from 9-year-old boy dylan said mr. trump is favorite president also wondering why people don't like him, and in this letter from 11-year-old frank he offered the president to know mow the who is a lawn free president invited frank to meet with who is a groundskeeper you want to go to work not a bad place to do it. headlines. >> that is cute thank you, cheryl president trump getting
8:18 am
ready for first vacation since taking opposite of not before hitting the road one more time tonight holding a rally in west virginia we are going to be live, hovering heroes how secret service will use o donees to protect the president, back in a moment. excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that?
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8:22 am
>> this is one of his problems, because, the last two tweets we were talking about focused on the economy, and some of the progress being made under his administration, good tweets important underreported stories now bringing up russia, by himself, and attacking congress for their overwhelming sanctions will that is what most media is going to focus on, the rest of the day. maria: . >> who cares. >> you don't care. >> who cares the media? they look -- front page "new york times" editorial page who really cares? this is this is what is going on. i asked i asked a woman one night at dinner about the russians in our election, give me a fact, were numbers changed penetrate machines tell me what they did. >> it was terrible. >> the problem president trump cares because he tweets about it all the time. >> got him elected leave it the american --
8:23 am
>> on a competitive show the other day wyoming 70% people in that community voted for trump. 59.something percent support him today. >> that is why he always goes to live rallies he wants to connect with the people who he voted for him the president is going to hit the road again tonight, president trump set to hold a campaign style rally in huntington west virginia tonight before embarking first extended vacation from washington adam shapiro with that angle good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as you said, the president uses rallies not only to energize his base, but to energize him, and the things he tweets about and the agenda that he is pursuing energies the agenda in his view, so take a listen what he said in youngstown ohio last week what he will probably do this evening in west virginia. >> i'm back in the center of the american heart landed far
8:24 am
away from the washington swamp, to spend time with thousands of true american patriots. >> i am here this evening, to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the american people. maria: back here in washington, d.c., the swamp, this is a lot going on hidden scenes for instance might call it fisticuffs between president and attorney general jeff sessions fox news confirmed saturday new a chief of staff john kelly called attorneys general sensations to assure him his job was safe the president upset with him for not -- well for recusing himself accepting job as fleernth in past what with miller said during questioned's tame calm press conference about cabinet appointees. >> president trump all cabinet expends them to performu guetz
8:25 am
honorably fully on behalf of american people. >> watching what president tweets that big rally that he will be attending, in west virginia. maria: yeah, it was interesting to get steven miller's take, of course, steven miller working with jeff sessions so many years when sessions was in senate adam shapiro at the white house, president trump arrives for vacation in new jersey new security maybe in place rioters reporting the secret service plans to test a drone, on the property as a new way to protect the commander in chief news correspondent lea gabrielle former navy fighter politely intelligence operator good morning. >> i think a great idea as former presidential tale secret service agent said natural technical evolution i
8:26 am
worked on surveillance teams current swaenz the secret service prides armed he z swaefrz all times they have assets on the ground they always have in air a lot of people may not know about, as a pilot, you know, there is what is called a temporary flight restriction national defense airspace basically a 10 nautical mile raid raid us around where his location is you can't fly up have to 18,000 feet without really special permission what is inside that airspace are assets that support secret service they are conducting surveillance now a drone to test out see how it works going to give the capability of using he electrical optical sensors coincident for a red see at night long range zoom in see what is happening, things like, ir sensors to compare temperatures so if something is hot or sold you
8:27 am
can see something in environment, that human eye wouldn't be able to see. maria: just about seeing different the drones cameras. >> drones are going to have sensors cameras like i mentioned things like forward looking infrared probability, did he seconding heat, basically what it does it gives autonomous meaning nobody has to be constantly flying going to be tethered to ground powered from tether constantly able to provide a who the of power to sensors to give a better view perspective of the picture around the president, if any threats are forge when you look at surveillance you look for things like patterns of people patterns of vehicles, is there a vehicle that is moving towards where the president is going to be aggressively things like that, so this will add to that surveillance picture, using it long term. >> fascinating great stuff thank you so much, coming up fight for comprehensive immigration realism ambitious
8:28 am
knew plan backed by president trump cut legal immigration level in half. yum shares down. we will break down the results, stay with us. thanks f
8:29 am
8:30 am
us. i'm maria bartiromo pap it is
8:31 am
thursday, august 3, top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, 22000 counting the record run on wall street looks to continue this morning dow industrials squeaking out gain right now has been up, down now up again apple drove roshth closed above 22000 first time yesterday apple up on earnings, and took dow to that unchartered level we continue this morning fractional moves nasdaq up 89 s&p down quarter of a percent three quarters of a percent dow up 2 points president trump tweeting on record run saying this morning, business is looking better than ever with business enthusiasm record lelz stock market all-time high doesn't just happen. in europe bank of england left rates unchanged ft 100 highs of the morning up 52 points three quarters of 1% cac quarante in par was i up a third of a percent dax in germany down 37 points that is a third of a percent lower
8:32 am
jobless claims 240,000 for the week the asian nikkei average down a quarters of a percent deadlines across the board in asia overnight, back in u.s. white house focusing on immigration reform president unveiled bill to transform legal emission into united states white house advisory miller heads exchange with mainstream media reporters grabbing headlines. >> i asked -- for -- >> can you tell us -- >> make a carve out the in the bill says "new york times" can hire all the low skilled less paid workers they want from other countries see how you feel about low wage substance institution that this is reality happening in our country maybe time we had compassion for american workers. >> boom, smack i do know more on plan coming up earnings the story on wall street, that is driving the action take a look at yum brands, missed expectations the company says seeing fewer diners at pizza hut restaurateurs, slicing up
8:33 am
yumearnings down almost 2% a winner this morning tesla results beat expectations details as the company is revving up production stock up 6 1/2% celebrities embracing h-20 with a twist, but the latest crazy hot air? what you need to know before pouring a glass coming up top story this half an hour to fight for comprehensive immigration reform president trump joined two republican senators yesterday to unveil new legislation, that would cut and establish a merit based system what it would do ultimately would cut number of green cards, issued, in half. from a million green koordz issued a year to 500,000. the system would favor jeetsdz immigrants that a speak english high paying job offers while lowering unskilled labor immigration putting people affront of the line the proposal sparked a heated exchange between steven miller and cnn reporter jim acosta during the press conference, watch.
8:34 am
>> -- >> talking about how border. >> do you really i want to be serious do you really at cnn not know difference between green card policy and illegal immigration. >> are you really don't know that. >> immigrant you at a i am to this country 19 -- >> right before cuban missile crisis obtained a green card, yes, people who -- >> eventually -- >> people who emigrate -- >> back, jim -- factual as a factual question -- >> do obtain a green coordat some point they do it for a lot of hard work, yes, they made learning english second large later in life. >> but this whole notion they can learn they have to learn english before they get to the united states, are we just going to bring in people from great britain and australia. >> i want to say i am shocked at your statement. that you think that only people from great britain and australia would know english, it is actual it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree that in your mind no this is an amazing
8:35 am
this is an amazing moment! this this is an amazing moment that you think only people from great britain or australia would speak english, it is so insult to go millions of hardworking immigrants who do speak enenglish from all over the world, you honestly jim have you honestly never met an immigrant from another country who speak english outside of great britain and australia is that your personal experience. >> that is not what you said it shows your cosmopolitan bias i just want to say -- >> you are trying o engineer -- >> ethnic flow of people into this country. >> that is one of the most outrageous insulting o ignorant foolish things you ever said the notion speaking english wouldn't be part of immigration him of actually ahistorial the statute of liberty a symbol of liberty lighting the world american liberty lighting the world the poem you refer to was not part
8:36 am
of the original statue of liberty fundamentally, in history. >> does not represent. >> i am saying that i am saying that the notion -- >> i am saying the notion that the -- >> i am saying the notion -- >> i'm sorry. >> no -- jim let me ask you a question. >> sounds like some national park revisionist. >> statue of liberty has always -- >> let me ask you -- >> to the world. >> jim. >> is for people -- >> jim. >> they are not always going to speak english -- highly skilled not always going to be -- >> jim, jim, i appreciate your speech, jim i appreciate your speech let's talk about this. . >> the modest. >> jim let's talk about this in 1907 when we let in 300,000 people a year violating or not violating the statute of liberty law of the landed? >> in 1990's was that violating or not violations statute of liberty law of the land? there you go what is the number quick you have a response to that. >> on this issue of speaking english, "new york times" story about public opinion on
8:37 am
the question there was skwens consensus strong important for immigrants speaking english 75% democrats, 959% republicans. dagen: skin a add one thing, this -- that issue resonates with every american because so many parents have children in schools being educated alongside children who do not speak a word of english, and to the detriment of all the students, that teachers resources get pulled in one direction and particularly an issue in states like -- >> bring in an expert, obviously on the front lines texas attorney general with us right now mr. attorney general good to see yyou. thank you so much for joining us. >> you are reaction to what you hear the president's immigration plan announced yesterday. >> i guess i look at it differently than reporter it is nice finally to have a tran a strategic plan what we're doing to do with immigration we have gone along decades
8:38 am
with no plan finally you've got an administration about potentially congress that wants to puts together a strategic plan that makes sense, to protect american workers, and still provide legal immigration so hey i that i it is great. maria: but the idea that they are going to be cutting the number of green cards, they want to cuts number of green cards issuing right now we issue a million green cards a year want to cut it to 500,000, and also, put into effect employment so if you have a certain skill set you go to the front of the line if you speak english you go to the front of the line, immigrants with high paying job offers go to front of the play on do you think it is reducing -- family ties. >> yeah i think part of the problem here trying to protect morning work issues people taking jobs from american works reducing wages i think you need to take go that consideration as you allow immigrants into this country how is it going to impact people that are here, i feel like that is what this is an attempt to do. >> you know mr. attorney
8:39 am
general you are absolutely right virtually every coincidentallying university in america losses money over on student they educate yes, it is we have laws on books that says somebody comes here gets a pi.s hd has a student visa, once they get the ph.d they got to go home before trump gone on for years all this talent that we are training at loss to us, and to send them o this agreement defining what we stand for how we're going to do i it. it is fair to everybody, there is no reason that we should not do what is in our best interests. >> absolutely. >> we are going to educate people from other countries, why should not we do our best to keep those educated people here we have been. >> absolutely. >> that is can when we allow them to leave it is not on -- why. >> required to leave. >> absolutely. >> how do you see it. dagen: this actually rather
8:40 am
than the talent that comes to america will make radio room for very people as you guys have been talking about because out of this one million green card number every year, it is less than 1/5 related to employment base we look at canada and australia they offer greater proportion of admissions based on on employment than we do in united states. we want to make room to keep most talented people, so they want to come here, and build businesses establish businesses create jobs. >> why out of one million green cards that we issue every year, two-thirds of those are tied to family ties whereas if an immigrant has a green card currently, their family gets an -- >> two-thirds? dagen: extended family it is not just the immediate family not just young children, and immediate relatives it is at the larger family two-thirds of that one million number is
8:41 am
-- >> my grandparents came to america when they died barely could speak english but my grandfather insisted that his children and grandchildren, me speak english my grandfather said we came to america, the language is english, we are going we want to participate -- >> i regret that my mother -- spoke to mother in italian spoke to us in english i wish i spoke better italian. >> the only time heard italian mother and father talking to each other didn't want me to know when they were talking about. >> final word for you here people do not think thinkings going anywhere not going to pass, this bill. but what is the fix you think realistic that could pass enormous of he immigration realism. >> it is hard to know what the is it senate operates what if anything can pass what i like about at least the thinking of this we are trying to figure out what is in our best interests. and it does seem like,
8:42 am
focusing on how does it impact jobs impact wages, what does it do for our country, is a good way to look at this. it is good as any way i can think of. maria: how else do you want to look at it you are president of the united states fighting for american work i get it. the oran attorney general good to see you. >> thanks so much for joining is. >> -- ceo told me a couple weeks ago four weeks ago that honeywell has thousands of jobs that can't be filled, because they can't find people with the skill sets high-paying jobs we are not talking about 30 or 40,000 dollar a year jobs talking substantially higher. dagen: that is a record six mill job options in this country right now can't be filled. maria: idea of having skill sets putting people at front of the line makes sense. >> common sense. >> common sense. >> those jobs will create additional jobs how the economy works. maria: yeah, all right quick break then energized by alternatings tesla on a roll up 6% after solid secretary quarter take a look why model 3 could drive shares even
8:43 am
higher. back in a moment. . >> welcome back to ten was i channel court report fox business. some of the biggest stars agency world tour and wta in action in nation's capital american enjoyed pigs win took out 17 lucas in straight sets, but former french open junior champion says tough making switch to the circuit so many talented blazer on tour. >> like to think that i can be the all of them, i mean i feel all of us can beat each other all top players are really good, so i mean, it is tough we will just see how it goes when we get there really i am not really focusing too much on that. >> don't forget tennis channel exclusive live coverage thursday 1:30 pm eastern.
8:44 am
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morning shares yum brands parents of pizza hut kfc take stag hit nicole petallides on o floor of the brands down 2%, missed estimates pizza hut the problem, that offset the strength of kfc taco bell in fact pizza hut four straight he quarterly declines same-store sales now saying they are going to be investing, 12 million dollars, roughly for initiatives boost drivers to try to get this going a loyalty program, then there is tesla jumping 6 halves% this morning, tesla from manufacturing production hell to now zero doubt elon musk said about production scheduled going forward so much will see 10,000 cars produced a week by end of next year tesla more valuable than
8:48 am
gm and ford as well a big win for tesla after the bell maria: incredible higher market cap than gm and ford thank you so much nickel on the floor we have ken with us a shaerld yum brands onboard several years thoughts 15 years on the o bored. >> pizza a tough category. excited about taco bell kfc plus, don't forget yum china now a separate and then a franchisee, yum america will be a franchisor a great company, down a couple points who cares stock has done very well trading all-time high yesterday give a little bit back. >> why is pizza category such you a tough category. >> a lot of pizza places,
8:49 am
people want varies from place to place to place, thick thin, thin dough. >> i am a thin girl differently ough. >> i am too look at taco bell its sales growth look at kfc comeback making kfc was tough category a long time chicken on the bone doing better china on fire, i spoke with guy ring it two weeks ago, they are doing very, very well. so look. this is an opportunity for those people that are looking for something cheap to buy the time buying yum in my opinion. >> president trump he joined two republican senators to unveil new legislation could establish a merit based system of immigration stuart varney of "varney & company" a few thoughts on that good morning. >> i am an immigrant i thought just let loose with my opinion on the plan, as presented yesterday first of all, maria obviously, i have to say that i am a privileged immigrant, i do speak english, i was well
8:50 am
educated on somebody else's dime i come from a country an ally of the united states relatively popular over here having said that, let me pass this judgment on the immigration plan, i don't think there is anything wrong with demanding that immigrants support themselves once they get here, nothing wrong with that at all i don't see anything wrong with america, choosing who it wants to come in. after all you get a knock on door house you let anybody in? now don't. you choose who comes in. there is nothing wrong with pushing a simulation fit in, please you don't want to be like europe multicultural totally divided i think a reasonable plan i've got reservations that minor compared to overall approval from the privileged immigrant. >> that was really good assessment stu thank you so much. >> hi to ken, great guy. >> how are you my friend nice to see you -- >> you are very generous with my daughter about a year ago i
8:51 am
introduced you to her you are a good man. >> thank you see you, begins 9 a.m. after "mornings with maria" i thank you for joining us. >> whoa. >> great to see you. thank you for fantastic insights. >> don't give up on america. >> we will be right back, right here. their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . maria: forget juice cleanse a crazy taking hollywood by storm hydrogen water, joining me dr. -- better known as dr. mike turnover million followers social media named sexiest doctor by "people" magazine good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> that made you happy. >> i can't complain patients enjoyed it. all right hydrogen infused water good for us or not good
8:55 am
for us. >> research is preliminary. and one thing i need to say about water is that we need to drink more of it lot of us walking around dehydrated not doing well when dehigh draitdz me tablism suffers the fact fwriefr people are drinking more. >> a powerful. >> to reduce inflammation. >> doctor has to give context in the lab, markers showed decreases does that show a better he effect on if a teeing does that show a instruction in metabolic syndrome no markers decrease doesn't tell anything about end results, preliminary research piqies interest.
8:56 am
>> what about fatigue, a study by national safety council finds 43% of the people failed to get at least seven hours of shut-eye i am there, 97% reported growingness led to increase in attention memory who have said they nod off at work a third safety incident due to lack of sleep that is big problem for employers. >> a huge problem, problem i am very familiar with, because i was a resident not long ago worked 24-hour shifts, what needs to be done is there needs to be some of the responsibility placed on the organization for the workers, they need to give employees an out. to give up an opportunity to employee to say i am tired i don't feel safe driving home maybe today bill have alternate way of transportation to get home, because drowsy driving is a serious problem. australian study found this is interesting, that if you are drowsy driving 24 hours no
8:57 am
sleep the equivalent of having a .1 blood alcohol concentration .08 is legally drunk this is something serious. maria: how do you feel of about naps two-hour naps in the day, four hours at night is that okay. >> fan of naps power naps are great two hours a little bit too long. >> keep them under 30 minute. >> 30 minute naps. >> dr. mick good advice great to see you thanks for joining us stay with us we've got powerful comments from our panel this morning next, back in a minute. one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
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map maria final thoughts, guy benson, gone grats on the new book. >> end of discussion. maria: dagen. dagen: trump tweeted more, we love it. maria: have a good day, here is stuart. stuart: i once called him pt bar numb -- barnum. elon musk does grab headlines and does live on tax credits but now emerged as a visionary and a successful one at that. what he has done a take a futuristic concept and turn it into reality. by the end of this year 5,000 tesla model 3 cars a week will roll off the production line at the plant in free month, california. 10,000 a week next year. advae


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