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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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undermining the investigation of hillary clinton. lou: at least in part that is what was occurring. we know thanks to james comey the aty general, loretta lynch, insisted he not refer to the investigation of hillary clinton as an investigation, but simply as a matter. this man of such moral -- gregg: and leaking government property to somebody unauthorized for the sole purpose of his long-term friend and partner robert mueller who refuses to recuse himself even though the special counsel statute requires it. lou: speaker ryan, the house leadership has simply -- the
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house intelligence committee, in the case of the senate intelligence committee where richard burr has turned it over to senator warner, the ranging democrat, and it's a travesty. first against the president of the united states and the will of the american people. but on the entire nation now. greg: i think it's up to the house judiciary committee. 0 members signed a letter to the department of justice demanding a second special counsel to investigate susan right and loretta lynch. lou: it takes the fbi a year to get to what is obviously true on the front pages of newspapers and the lead broadcasts, that
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hillary clinton foundation was corrupt. gregg: there is a lot of explaining that needs to be done. and hoik ought to be required to testify under oath, and not just before congress. and answer all the questions that emerged since she last testified. but she probably need to be investigated by a special counsel. i say this as a lawyer of 35 years. there is plenty of evidence to want a serious investigation that would involve a grand jury. lou: why in the world can't the attorney general of the united states, the department of justice impanel grand juries to get all of this done? we elected this president and he put in place his government. why do we need special counsel? when i watch mueller i think i'm watching a train wreck.
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a man of no character and a man immense conflicts of interest. gregg: the attorney general jeff sessions not only recused himself from any russian-related testimony. he also said he would recuse himself from anything related to hillary clinton. lou: can he unrecuse himself and roll the clock back? they were terrible decisions. the president is exactly right. they should have been discussed with the president. if before he was appointed he intended to recuse himself he should resign. but either way he should roll back the clock. gregg: when he raised his hand in the oval office and took the
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oath. he knew in his mind that he was going to recuse himself from the russian investigation. he never told the president. that's an important material fact that he concealed from the president. no wonder mr. trump is angry about it. and at this point, can he unrecuse himself? >> it's a little bit like trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. it's a hard thing to do. there would be a course of howls by the press. >> 6 months of howling. i think it president is probably willing to put up with a little more. gregg: you could always unrecuse yourself. but the better course is to select a fair, impartial second special counsel. but impanel a grand jury, swear people under oath. subpoena witnesses and evidence. and let somebody other than
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james comey decide the fate of hillary clinton. comey laid out this compelling case of how she violated the espionage act. then he leaped to an erroneous conclusion that no prosecutor would bring this case. that's absurd. lou: we are talking about a president hospital staff is under investigation for collusion with the russians. >> which is not even a crime. lou: but now has 16 attorneys attached to a special counsel office investigating. half them clinton donors. we have only one donor to the republican money amongst them and that person donated to the republicans and democrats. gregg: it's a complete abusive
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charade of democratic donors. lou: what in the world will it take to disband this mess? gregg: where was rod rosenstein, the boss of bob mule per and say what are you doing with your staff selection? lou: what is he doing period. this is a guy who goes back to the senate to take umbrage for calling for the firing of james comey when he wrote the memo that was the foundation for the firing of james comey. gregg: trump has several regrets. the other is allowing jeff sessions to appoint rod rosenstein. two enormous mistakes that have come back to haunt the president. lou: and the president is doing just about everything else right.
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the markets are roaring and a million jobs plus. let's talk about bob mueller. gregg jarrett. thank you, sir. i finally agreed with you. we'll have a second special counsel. thanks so much. up next president trump moments ago slamming the russian collusion hysteria led by robert mueller. >> most of people know there are no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that i can tell you. lou: those folks in west virginia and folk all over the country. congressman trent frank said, lisping to gregg jarrett, for
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russia to resign from the probe. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou: two pieces of legislation up produced today. you will learn something about the republican party, and the dems driving the special counsel robert mueller and the assault, 360 degrees of political assault against our president as they try to subvert a legitimately elected president and his administration. one bill sponsored by republican senator tom til lirks s. and democrat chris kuhns would allow mueller to challenge the
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president if he is fired and challenge it in court and have it decided by a three-judge panel. a second similar bill providing mueller cover introduced by republican senator lindsey graham. no need to discuss him or his background. and democrat cory booker. also not much need to discuss who they are or what they have become. our next guest has called on mueller to resign. he says mueller is in clear violation of federal law on conflict of interest. and congressman trent frank it's great to have you with us. let me go straight to the point. is it possible politically -- i know legally it is. politically, is it still possible for the president to fire bob mueller?
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>> i think it's possible. i guess i think that that might be -- not be in his best interest. but i believe this counsel should never have been appointed. even though mueller cultivated a pretty good reputation. most of of these special counsels go off the rails and certainly this one has. i think mr. mueller is hurting his reputation. the partisan way he has gone forward with this, he's not been an arbitrary justice. just fact that he is looking at the statutes that require him to disqualify himself and ignores it under mines his credibility as someone ostensibly upholding the law. i feel that i hope he has an epiphany because even if he gets away with it, it's undermining
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his ultimate credibility. lou: the expression you use, "getting away with it," tells it like it is. this is a man trying to get away with something he knows is illegal. he's ignoring the language and spirit of the statute and as with all of his conflicts of interest with his personal relationship or director james comey, or the man he's investigating fired or whether it be with his checkered career as a prosecutor himself and later the fbi in all of those cases that did not resolve the man has a checkered background. i don't understand the claim of special counsel because i think it's a highly questionable record. >> public opinion is what
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everyone else thinks everyone else thinks. he cultivated that reputation. but let me suggest to you that if he were trying to be on the jury of a case like this, he would summarily be dismissed immediately because he had an obvious conflict of interest. i believe he is in legal breach of the statute conflict of interest. but there is no reasonable or unreasonable person in the world to suggest there is not at least an appearance much conflict here. that alone, according to the interpretation of the statute is enough to disqualify him. it doesn't say may, it says shall. lou: why aren't we hearing from the judiciary committees? why aren't we hearing from those chairs. why aren't we hearing from mitch mcconnell and speaker ryan and demanding this be straightened out and made right
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now? >> first let me say something about the members on the hughes judiciary committee. it seems like my friends on the left are willing to dismiss the best interests of the country in their quest for power. my friends on the right are willing to dismiss the best interests of the country in their quest for respectability. they are so wanting to make sure they are mainstream and not in an area where they are exposed politically, they are willing to dismiss the truth of it. neither side has the right to go against the best interests of the country. lou: the speaker and leader are so affixed to the donor class and k street and the lobby yefts who saturate the swamp that they can't find tonight their will to
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separate themselves and actually act out of principle and the interests of both oney -- the cy and their party. >> somehow there is a psychological need not to look like you are rocking the boat and you are standing up and willing to fight if that's what's necessary. that's why people elected us. it doesn't mean we don't respect each other. but we don't hold ourselves from the truth for respectability. lou: let's examine this closer. are you saying these congressmen don't understand that the president of the united states was elected to drain the swamp. to disrupt the comfortable cult of corruption in washington, d.c. that these congressmen are
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so connected to that they simply can't let go? >> well, i think that's partly true. we have become so civilized that we have forgotten that sometimes the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. you have to be willing to fight for it. i think we have gotten too comfortable. i think this president may just be uncivilized enough to save this country. lou: or he may care enough, love this country and the american people enough to sacrifice a comfortable life and a good measure of his stomach lining that he will do what's right. >> i believe he cares enough. i think a lot of republicans care, they just like the comfort zone more. i think it's kind of telling if
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you look getting back to the main subject that they just impaneled a grand jury. and if you look at where that was impaneled from, they will say it was convenient to the -- but the fact was that was out of a jury pool in washington, d.c. that voted for hillary clinton 96%. if mr. mueller is aware of this statute you would think there would be a little bit more effort on his part to avoid a conflict of interest. lou: i believe mr. mueller has shown us as clearly as he can what he is and who he is. and he's willing to advance a special counsel as you point out i think tells us all we need to know about the man. what we are learning about him. two political parties and some of them representatives.
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>> this will be a good test for it. lou: we commend you for standing up. >> thank you, sir. i enjoyed your conversation earlier with gregg jarrett. i think he's one of the brightest minds in television today. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should we give congress and senators bonuses to stay out of washington? follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram @"lou dobbs tonight." the s & p lost 5, the nasdaq down 22. aetna shares up 22% after it
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exited obamacare exchanges. listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next. president trump urging investigators to go after hillary clinton scandals. >> what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. lou: charlie hurt, mercedes schlapp. they join me after the break.
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sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why! lou: the trump administration set to crack down on leaks. this comes after leaked full transcripts of the president's conversations with the leaders of australia and mexico published today on "the
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washington post." here is a sample of some of the headlines. trump berated australia's fell over a refugee policy he barely understood. does trump actually know what happened last november? that doesn't even include the paper's opinion page which is almost entirely anti-trump. i kid you not. you have got to read "the washington post." you cannot imagine such banality they spew saying democracy dies in darkness. do you ever read the "post"? >> i read everything. i have to. it's my job. lou: how can you read that
11:28 pm
tripe. >> you always have to understand what the other side is thinking and what message they are pushing along. lou: the obstruction of a legally elected president. what about subversion. >> remember it's the east coast elite reading it. the west coast elite. lou: you are taxing my intellect to the utmost. >> i don't think the amazon buyers are reading "the washington post" that much. it is what it is. it's what we are faced with. a very aggressive media. lou: the new normal? is this mercedes schlapp's talking point. >> i give up. charlie, can you take over? charlie: i'm enjoying this too much.
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lou: straighten me out. charlie: there is nothing to straighten out. i have to commend mercedes to continue to right. i am not that good a report any more. i have given up reading that and the "new york times." and they don't make any sense. i -- they gave you have trying to be balanced or fair. if you read the transcripts, it basically sounds like a guy who has never been part of politics trying for the first time engaging world leaders who are politicians and being frustrated with them and being mean to them. if anybody is surprised by that, then they didn't pay attention to the general election campaign campaign. >> i wouldn't say mean, i would say tough. but i think these leaks are incredibly damaging for the
11:30 pm
national security perspective. lou: you think putin reads that crap? what are you talking about? how more damaging than a national security advisor who keeps firing trump loyalists? what are you talking about? charlie: can i say one thing? what i do think is damaging is the leaks reveal how much people even inside the administration december spice this president and what he stands for in terms of changing the way things are done in this town. lou: the transcripts i read, he talked exactly -- i want him talking about you are killing me, you are making me look
11:31 pm
terrible. you can't talk in public like that. just accept the wall. can't you just see nieto, just accept the wall. it will be okay. you will love the wall. charlie: if we sat down and had written out ourt from our imagination what the first conversations would have been, this is exactly what we would have come. the transcript is what we would have written. >> it's the way president trump talks he's very out spoken. this is why. because of the fact you want donald trump to have these conversations with foreign leaders, where they are able to have these times of conversations. it does haven't to go out to the press. there is no need for to it go out to the press. then you have all the liberal
11:32 pm
media -- lou: weren't people saluting barack obama because he was going to be so transparent? >> you are fine with the leaks? lou: i'm not fine with the leaks. i would fire every damn one of them i even suspected of leaking leaking. the president talks like he does and some fool thinks by leak this nonsense that they are hurting him. >> they are hurting him. they are basically take it out of context and making the president -- lou: you didn't ask me if i ride the damn thing. >> i don't know, you jumped on me for reading the washington post. lou: i jumped on you baits was tearing up national security to have something in that rag.
11:33 pm
>> if there was something of national security it would have come out in the transcript. lou: how many icbms do you think australia has. sorry i caughtn you in a tirade tonight. we are coming back with more. stay with us. president trump keeping his promises, throwing his support behind rational reform our immigration system. >> this legislation is about helping the working class in america get the pay raise they deserved for a long time. lou: the dean ed rollins joins me here next. and tensions rising between the united states and russia. president trump blaming congress. we take that and more. stay with us. it's time to rethink what's possible.
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lou: president trump taking a swipe at senators as they head out for their august recess. he tweeted our relationship with russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low. you can thank congress, the say people that can't even give us
11:38 pm
healthcare. joining us, the dean, ed rollins. let's start with these calls for mueller to resign on the face as we documented here for weeks now, there is no basis for the man with any integrity to stay in that job. >> as the congressman just said, he's a lonely voice. the issue i would make. i watched this rally. thousands and thousands of great americans basically cheering this president. whether the russians excluded in this election or not. but they got their way. this country is in a state of disarray because of their activities. the special prosecutor was appointed because attorney general was involved in some way in the campaign. he testified for hours and there is no evidence he was involved in the campaign. if i was him, i would say to
11:39 pm
sessions, come in my office tomorrow, i want the fbi director, i want the deputy attorney general, and i want sessions. and i want you to tell me what are you doing here and why are you bringing a grand jury and what case. bob mueller the special counsel. and i want him to make his case. if you have any objections to it you put them in front of me. if you can't make a case why you can't -- why i can't be involved in this, because you are acting with my power. there is no evidence i had anything to do with charges of collusion. you are now going to a grand jury in the district of columbia instead of fairfax country. lou: you know why? >> any time -- lou: mueller selected a potential grand jury that voted
11:40 pm
9% -- 96% for hillary clinton. >> i understand that. whenever they want to go after anybody else they go elsewhere. i what just argue -- i would just argue he has to answer to somebody. right now he's not answering to somebody. lou: you are talking about a rotten to the core republican leadership on capitol hill. speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell who don't have the guts to defend this president. >> nobody is defending this president. not even the ranging members of the committees. lou: richard burr has been revealed to be something less than even his worst detractors considered him to be. ed: at this point in time the
11:41 pm
president has a right to know what they are moving on. and if they want to exclude him because they think there is a charge there. then put it in the public and let somebody else make the judgment beside the special counsel. lou: the reality is the president does not have the fire power in his legal team right now. he needs, as he used to put it during the campaign. he needs a group of killers that he can set in motion against these powerful forces. ed: i could not agree more. i went through nixon, the iran contra deal. i watched weinberg get indicted. i watched this over and over again. these things run amok. once they get started, they
11:42 pm
never stop. talk about the team, he has the option to put an all-star cast of people together and they want to prosecute. if they think there is evidence there put it before somebody and let somebody else make the judgment at a higher level. the attorney general is at a higher level. lou: the president of the united states kiss at a higher level. ed: mueller is operating with the power of the attorney general. now i'm saying put himself back in. lou: what does he do with mueller. ed: he makes mueller make his case. if he can't make his case, ask him to resign and then you move forward. lou: if he doesn't? ed: the attorney general says i have seen the evidence, there is
11:43 pm
no evidence to move forward. we are diminishing this president by the day. it will have a big impact on the country. and i just think we have to bring it to a halt. lou: the american people i think know that in addition to the dems led by chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the deep state, that there is an absolute corrupt republican leadership on capitol hill. and if they won't stand up, the american people have to hold them accountable. i can't believe that he can carry that rally as he did drawing great energy from him and they from him. i think he ought to be on the road every week. ed: the good americans who turned out tonight and turned out in the last election to vote. if for some reason this president is disabled. right now he's being disabled.
11:44 pm
that's the path we are on. even if it's another five months, six months, two years, they will be up in harms. that's how civil wars and revolutions break out. we have a democratic system. the russians are winning. this is exactly what they wanted to do. lou: they are winning because of collusion between a corrupt political leadership on capitol hill and the russians. ed: and they are creating chaos. lou: ed rollins, thank you so much. ed: see you next week. lou: president trump bringing down the hammer on congress. >> i will repeat again tonight that congress must do it job, keep it promise, live up to it word and repeal and replace obamacare. you have to do it.
11:45 pm
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lou: you may be pleads to hear that our senators have left the d.c. swamp for a five-week recess. but the senate on the house defying president trump's call to work on this recess and work on a long-to do list. mike emanuel with our report. reporter: congress is done for august after a rare flurry of activity on the senate floor including confirming 35 nominations. >> the senate has confirmed more nominees this week than all nominees combined. reporter: if congress fails to deliver some government services will shut down. interest rates will soar and financial markets could drop due
11:50 pm
to a lang of confidence. the senate all he needs to pass a budget. the senate democratic leader fired this warning shot. >> the republican leader said the next big issue this body will take up is taxes. democrats were exclude from even participating in healthcare discussions from the first day of congress. so we made the first overture to show our republican friends we are serious about bipartisan process on tax reform. reporter: when senators return they are expected to hold hearings on at least stabilizing the insurance markets. today the senate gop whip was asked if funding for a border wall could threaten a government shutdown. >> we have a lot of things to do before the end of the fiscal year.
11:51 pm
what we need to do i believe in congress is not be distracted by the stories of the day. reporter: there are only 12 legislative days that the house and senate are due to be in session before the ends of the fiscal year. lou: thank you very much. are you scared yet? i'm starting to get that way. please check out my new book written with jim born, "putin's gambit." trump tweeted this. i read "putin's gambit." i would love to get an out graphed copy for my dad's 85th birthday. up next, a group of senators working to protect robert mueller from being fired. this as the special counsel
11:52 pm
reportedly impaneled a grand jury. chris farrell of judicial watch takes up the latest takes up the latest ♪
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♪ takes up the latest ♪ ♪ ♪
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i am absolutely grateful we all made it out safely. it's kind of one of those things you can't even... you cant even thank somebody. people you don't know actually care about you. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares lou: in our online poll we asked, do you support the president's decision to a base the immigration system on merit.
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86% of you said yes. joining me is chris farrell from judicial watch. >> i would say to mr. mueller he needs to be public with whatever crime he alleges he's impaneled this grand jury for, then i would appoint a panel with two members, a dremiate and republican. then dismiss mr. mueller and get it over with. he could have giuliani and leeb everyrerman. let them talk about russian collusion for six months and get over with. lou: talking with gregg jarrett earlier. you lawyers seem to think you need to find work for more lawyers. i'm trying to narrow the job
11:57 pm
opportunities for attorneys here. and just get to the honest bottom line. the fbi, filled with bright, capable people, yet they are led by some of the most of corrupt political characters we have seen in decades. we need to clean house and say to our investigators and counter intelligence in the fbi, what the hell happened? you are the investigative agency. why didn't you know? why did you let hillary clinton's democratic party and campaign tell you to go to hell when you asked to look for servers penetrated by the russians? >> if you gave me and one of my investigators 48 hours, we would find the leakers in the white house. i guarantee you.
11:58 pm
i'm ready to do it. give me 48 hours. myself or one of my colleagues will nail count leaker, guaranteed. lou: 48 hours would be record time it looks as though the intelligence services and security services are helpless to stop the leakers. it's got to be frustrating for the president it's frustrating for us as mere citizens. >> it betrays the idea of equal justice under the law. it makes security a mockery. this is a political vendetta against a guy they said was unelectable. they are willing to destroy the country to go after him. lou: this all about power and this is a man who said to everyone in the establishment of both parties, that he's going to
11:59 pm
raise hell and be a populist leader and he's doing precisely what he promised. he's take the status question and upending it. and returning this to as constitutional republic. >> it's terrify together left and they will do anything they to be stop it. lou: what else the smartest thing he can do right now to stop it. >> keep doing what he's doing. go over the heads of the media and the establishment. the people in his own party who betray him and keep talking directly to the american public. lou: chris farrell, we appreciate you being with us. i think it's time for the american people to make their voices heard. this is now becoming a serious subversion. chris farrell, thank you. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us.
12:00 am
general jack keane, lieutenant tony shaffer and stove forbes among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: i love that lou dobbs. tonight we are live. president trump in the heart of coal country for a rally with his supporters and the crowd ate up every word. jeff flock is here with much more. the president makes a big pitch to fix healthcare for the nation's veterans. we'll new distractions back in washington. a grand jury on russia and potentially damage new leaks. can the white house overcome this drama? i will ask judge andrew napolitano. president trump just wrapping up a boisterous rally in hunting on, west virginia in fnt


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