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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 4, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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general jack keane, lieutenant tony shaffer and stove forbes among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: i love that lou dobbs. tonight we are live. president trump in the heart of coal country for a rally with his supporters and the crowd ate up every word. jeff flock is here with much more. the president makes a big pitch to fix healthcare for the nation's veterans. we'll new distractions back in washington. a grand jury on russia and potentially damage new leaks. can the white house overcome this drama? i will ask judge andrew napolitano. president trump just wrapping up a boisterous rally in hunting on, west virginia in front of a
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packed house of nearly 9,000 supporters. and he hit hard on a lot of topics. watch. >> we want to reduce taxes and increase wages for all of our people. we want to bring back our plants and our factories and our manufacturing. and that's what's happening right now. and you see it and so does every other state in our union. we are protecting american workers and we are protecting american industry for the first time in many, many decades. kennedy: the president had a lot to talk about. jeff flock was there for every moment. jeff, let's talk about that phone conversation the president had back in january. that call and the transcript were leaked. what did the president have to say about that tonight? reporter: interesting, the leaked phone conversation he
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told the mexican president, hey, you can't keep saying you are not going to pay for the wall, i'm saying you are going to pay for the wall. tonight he did bring up the wall. but listen to what he said and what he didn't say tonight. >> we are cracking down strongly and sanctuary cities that shield criminal tailiens. tailiens -- criminal aliens. in order to stop the drugs, gangs and traffickers. we are building a wall on the southern border. reporter: no mention, -- at every other rally he said mexico is going to pay, and everybody repeats it. tonight no mention of month is going to pay. kennedy: mitch mcconnell said they are moving on from healthcare. did the president have any
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comment about that process? reporter: he's not moving on. he mentioned healthcare specifically. hing angry everybody left town. the house earlier and the senate adjourned today. he said we are not done filing this battle yet. >> congress must get to work and deliver americans the great healthcare that they deserve, the great repeal and replace that they have been talking about for 7 years. one vote, incredible. but we'll get it. we'll get it, folks. they can't give up. call your congressman, call your senators, call everybody. get them to have the guts to vote to repeal and replace obamacare. reporter: he's not done yet, not on that one.
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kennedy: that is sticking in his craw. he also made a lot of promises about bringing back the coal industry. i wonder how that plays in west virginia. reporter: west virginia -- as the president said earlier in a speech, he brought 5,000 jobs back to the coal industry. if you look at the bureau of labor statistics he brought 800 jobs back. but despite that the folks here in west virginia are cheered by the relaxing of some regulations. the president hit it tonight and he got a great response. >> as president we are putting our coal miners back to work. we ended the war on beautiful clean coal. reporter: and you know, that's all going over big here. the president in some ways was restrained tonight.
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he hit all the point he always hits. he got great reception. he didn't attack the special prosecutor or do anything weird. i think it's a win-win tonight. kennedy: do you think jeb kelly had an influence already? the president had a reserved tone where he may have been on the attack before. reporter: he made his case but he didn't say i'm going to fire that guy or go off the reservation. on the wall, not trying to ram that down somebody's throat. i think it was a more reserved president trump. it was a trump everybody loves without the trump everybody is frustrated by. kennedy: jeff flock, thank you so much. and it has been a dramatic week in the white house. the president turned democratic
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governor jim justice into a brand-new republican. >> jim is going to say a few words, and these words have not been spoken. meaning governor or senator in our country for a long time. kennedy: the governor rose to the occasion introducing himself to the nation. check out the governor. >> today i tell you as west virginians, i can't help you anymore being a democrat governor. so tomorrow i will be change my registration to republican. kennedy: that's a big announcement. and it appears this is meant to send a message to joe manchin
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that his state will embrace him if he switches parties before next year's senate race. with this commander-in-chief there is always more than meets the eye. the president went big tonight with a theme. american redemption. >> we are the nation that put a man on the moon, that dug out the panama canal, and that won two world wars. we can do anything, we can build anything, and we can dream anything. kennedy: remember it's sweeping things like this that helped him win the election. he called on congress to pass legislation on healthcare, tax reform and infrastructure. but with congress on vacation,
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the president has the juice and the spotlight. joining me, dana loesch. this obviously an important night for the president to redirect the conversation to a more favorable zone for him. definitely switching lanes with the help of a governor switching parties. what rest hated most of with you from the speech? >> i think almost all of it. i think the strategy behind it. this speech was interesting to me for a number of reasons. it was one of the most of positive speeches the president has ever given. the republicans showed their cards a little bit with this speech. because you have the governor who is flipping from being a democrat to a republican. and he named certain other office holders from the stage. this goes to show in west virginia, this is a shot across
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the bow for the democrat party. trump is look ahead to 2018 and further than that. i saw this speech. i saw the president bring a democrat governor on the stage. and seemed to take credit for him becoming a republican governor. he said i went after your voting base, now i'm coming after your elected officials. kennedy: the give talked about the personal relationship he has with the president and hunting with the president's son. do you agree with me, this is a message and signal to joe manchin that it's okay to switch parties and he might do much better running as a republican and that would help the president? joe manchin says he welcomes the president to west virginia and wants to work with him on tax reform. >> i think you are right with that. joe manchin seems popular in west virginia. trim really carried west
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virginia. by 41 point he beat hillary clinton. joe manchin is a moderate democrat, but he's a democrat at a time when tribalism is at an all-time high. switching may actually endear him more to voters. it's great strategy for republicans because that gives them someone else in the senate they could easily slide in and vote for republican agenda items. it makes sense. kennedy: there is a lot of breaking news this week and certainly today out of washington with that grand jury leak. what does the president have to do tomorrow to keep the conversation in this west virginia stadium? >> not tweet. he needs to not tweet. not tweet about this impaneled grand jury. he need to keep the -- the positive of this speech going. i think it would be great to
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have some pointed tweets towards joe manchin. talk about hi *, we support a lot of the same things. continue to build on the platform of this coalition he's building right now. whether people are critical of the president, he's building a coalition. all he has to do is be laser focused on that and stay away from the russian stuff, stay away from bob mueller, not get into a fight with people. and i think that would help push that down below the fold in the media. kennedy: we'll see if general kelly's influence takes hold. someone like a general would advise him to stay off social media in regard to this investigation which took a crazy turn today. >> he needs a general to help keep his staff focused and tamper down any leaks. but this is a great move tonight by the administration.
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it shows focus. they have a cohesive message and they need to keep it. kennedy: what would a trump rally be without one of his most of popular campaign catch phrases? >> we don't need advice from the washington swamp. we need to drain the swamp. kennedy: vintage trump all night long. let's talk about this. let me bring in my muscle-flexing party panel from the fox news specialist. she is the co-host, kat timpf is here and host of the fifth column podcast, kmele foster. and republican strategist and author of "gop gps" evan siegfried. welcome, panel. boys and girls on a beautiful live thursday night.
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evan, some of the economic messages he was relaying to this eager crowd in west virginia. this was an important state for him, and this was one of the battleground state, ebb though he won by 42 points. how do you think that economic message that resonated with the crowd resonated with the rest of the country. >> we are seeing economy booming. main street is doing well. but the president talked about how he's created or gotten close to a million new jobs created since the elect and there are many different things. he talked about how he's trying to bring manufacturing jobs back here. this was red meat for republicans and people who want jobs here in the united states. it only helps him. kennedy: were there any sound of liberty that resonated with your joy bell?
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>> re torically yes. and substance matters. since the elect he has been talking about jobs he helped create. that is obscene. the truth of the matter is presidents oftentimes claim credit for things they don't deserve credit for. kennedy: what he's saying is the dow just hit 22,000. unemployment is going in the right direction. so does president obama take credit for these things or are they independent of politics. >> often they are independent of politics. what is important is what is likely to happen with the policies he's articulating to the immigration policy and various other things. i'm not so certain most of of those things are consistent with thing that will get you greater economic growth. what he's pursuing is a policy of protectionism and i don't
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think that's a fundamentally sound path. kennedy: republicans get barbed for being so fractured. but one of the things i like is jeff flake comes out and writes a critique of washington and the administration. and basically echoes what kmele just said. kat: the two party system is a joke. the part that you are not a conservative if you don't follow what president obama says. and his views are changing all the time. kennedy: this level of populism, though it feels good. kat: there are people who don't care. if you watch that rally. i have never been as excited as any of those people i have seen. you know people who only wear trump clothes and only identify with i support trump.
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that's a powerful thing to have behind you. but he's not conservative or liberal. he's just trump. it's the party of trump. i would like to see the two-party system crumbling. kennedy: he's blowing it up from the inside out. some of his most of pointed criticisms go towards republicans. he has congressional republicans in his rhetorical crosshairs. >> when obamacare repeal and replace failed, the white house announced they were going after republicans. you can hear it in the president's rhetoric that they are the ones trying to stop him and stop his agenda. a lot of the republicans worried that he will turn his base against them, there could be real problems come 2018. kennedy: the panel is returning later.
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>> the russia story is a total fabrication. democrat lawmakers will have to decide, they can continue their obsession with the russian hoax or they can serve the interests of the american people. kennedy: there you go president trump's words responding to the ongoing rush investigation but "the wall street journal" is reporting and the special counsel robert mueller is using a grand jury to help with the investigation into the trump administrations alleged ties to russia. that is according to "the news york times". as you recall mueller was appointed special counsel following the firing of the di director james comey. it doesn't mean anything illegal has happened. some investigative tool but it's a huge headache for the white house which saved the
12:22 am
investigation is going in the direction the president hoped. andrew napolitano joins me by phone. hey judge how are you? >> i am well kennedy. kennedy: when i heard the news this afternoon the leak that there was in fact a grand jury convene you are the first person i thought they were over your first thoughts? >> my first thought was that this is same mature serious investigation because the fbi and the independent counsel did not have subpoena authority absent a grand jury. one of your and my great criticisms of the hillary winds in investigation was that they never convened a grand jury meaning all the evidence that they obtained they obtained voluntarily. apparently bob mueller has obtained some things voluntarily enough to persuade a grand jury that it's time to give the fbi agents and prosecutors working on it the sting of the tool for
12:23 am
a subpoena which will compel testimony before the grand jury for the production of documents or tangible things whether a person wants to testify in produce them or not. it doesn't mean donald trump is keeping down from jr. or paul manafort or anyone like that in his crosshairs. this means they have enough of a basis to move forward and they have gotten to the point where they have met resistance from witnesses and they need that tool. kennedy: and judge how will this influence the investigation, mueller's investigation of the grand jury in some of the deals that might be made so he doesn't have witnesses taking the fifth? >> well, i mean he can bring anybody before the grand jury that he wants. fbi agents will testify once
12:24 am
they discovered he can indict people for crimes that are unrelated to the folks he's investigating so that indictment serves as hanging over their heads and they have an incentive he can bring all kinds of extraneous material before the grand jury to fill in pieces of the puzzle. the frustrating aspect for you and me and those of us who are watching kennedy is that it all happens in sync. we don't know what he knows and we don't know what the grand jury knows but we know that this is now a serious mature investigation, one which even the new director of the fbi has said is not a witch hunt and is a serious investigation. kennedy: let me ask you this. is this mean it's more serious than the hillary clinton investigation never was or is it just the special counsel is using different means to come to his own and?
12:25 am
>> i think the special counsel is using the traditional means of a -- acquiring evidence. an fbi investigation without subpoena power is toothless and it means the fbi is not getting to the bottom of the matter which is probably what happened in the clinton case and as far as we know there was no grand jury and there were no subpoena served. it's taking a far more serious approach. we all know who he is pursuing and we don't know who is in his crosshairs but we know he's doing it by the book. kennedy: judge thank you so much for joining me tonight. i really appreciated and i will see you next week to discuss these matters further. thanks again. the panel returns later but first president trump with the new immigration policy which urges high-skilled workers to come to the u.s. and the new plan will in turn help job growth for america.
12:26 am
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kennedy: there you go, beautiful live shot from joint base andrews in the presidential dispensary where the president just arrived following his massive rally in west virginia.
12:30 am
he's on that plane somewhere. it's going to be to sparking and he'll wait to the crowd. the wearing a presidential tie. that is not the plane, that is a plane. many of you have been in planes and you have written me and told me her stories about them in the cremated bodies which is sad for all of us. talk to the president. tonight he spoke not on this plane but his new plan for immigration into the united states. >> for many years, america has issued most of its green cards to lower skilled immigrants and people that had no hope of getting a job, undermining blue-collar workers in wages and costing taxpayers billions and billions of dollars here. the rays act switches to a merit based system. kennedy: wow, cut legal
12:31 am
immigration and half and to put the focus on high-skilled workers. in other words it not just an immigration story, it's also an economic one. will he get the economy chugging or could it slow things down questioning me now is arizona state treasurer and warmer chief operating officer for donald j. trump for president just -- josh dewitt and hedge fund founder and "fox news" contributor jonathan hoenig. jeff i will start with you. is this great news for making america great again and? >> of course it's great news for making america great again. right now our country brings an over 1 million immigrants to the country more than the population of san francisco. only one out of 15 of those people come because of their skills and over half of immigrants go onto welfare so we are going to bring in people who are skilled workers who can add
12:32 am
to our economy and help with the growth. i think it's fair for everyone. it's a very similar modern system to what australia and canada are ready do. kennedy: i don't why that whole canada and australia thing. i'm sorry but because other countries do it doesn't fly on the kennedy show. let me bring in jonathan hoenig. jonathan i have read some economic treatises that actual robust immigration adds to the economy. am i reading falsehood. >> the frame work, we're going to bring people in, our economy. what jobs, this is the regulation on immigration, the g.o.p. attempt to control the economy. g.o.p. wants to restrict legal immigration to prop up
12:33 am
businesses and score points, this is a disaster for the economy trade is good, low skilled trade, americans get better paid, better skilled jobs. jobs. >> on your screen you see president's plane. president full of vigor and perhaps some light snacks-as a flight back from west virginia, to arms of our nation's capitol. to you, jeff, i think that distinction is ridiculous between low-skilled workers and high-skilled workers. >> well, in this sort of a system, you have skills that the economy needs, you look for immigrants with skills. kennedy: what about jobs that americans don't want to do.
12:34 am
perhaps or construction. >> the argument that big business needs to use. but under cutting american wages. american wages for those without high school si diploma since 199 have dropped 17%. kennedy: jonathan, where is the data that shows immigration has led to a decline or a stagnation in wages? >> immigration is productive. the g.o.p. i guess now presented it as that immigrants come in here and suck off the teat. the problem is entitlement. kennedy: you are right. if people come here for entitlement, then stop them. absolutely, labor is a resource
12:35 am
back to you. >> thank you. i think you are on to this, immigrants, they produce, they are from productive, an american can get a job being a greeter at walmart, that picks doing a lot of jobs that immigrants do, the money saved invested in new wealth and new jobs. that is why an encyclopedia cost $1,000 in 1980, ands iphone. >> this is a enlightening conversation. that americans across the land will continue to have. those who are glued to their scene right now for the best hour of their day, watching president and his family members getting ready to disembark from air force one, returning from west virginia rally, today president doubled down on his promise to eradicate the drug
12:36 am
games he claims are poisoning the country. >> last week i visited long island. where ms-13 has brought terrible violence to a once peaceful and beautiful neighborhood, right where i grew up. we are liberating american communities from these vicious, violent gangs. one by one, we are finding the drug dealers, the gang members, the predators, thieves, criminals and killers and throwing them out of the country, and once they are gone, we will not let them back in. >> that is right no question, we should get murderous drugs begans off the street, but the war on drugs that is a different story. party panel weighing in. cat some of the murderous bastards who align themselves
12:37 am
with ms-13, they need not be taking life, but a lot of this, don't deal with the demand issue here event if you build a wall you will have a demand for some of the substances. >> i am antimurderous people and ganging murdering. kennedy: you heard is right here. >> there is president of united states to the left of your scene. >> very bold of me, very nice, hi cat. >> if drugs were not illegal, we would not have to have gangs selling them, we had people in mexico gangs in mexico drug cartels they have this marijuana they don't know who to do with. kennedy: what do they switch to? >> hero gli heroin. >> right. kennedy: seriously, they are
12:38 am
pumping cities full of it, they can't make money off weed. >> there are ideas that people have that seem good. right, drugs are dangerous, we should make them illegal, that will make certain no one can get drugs, alcohol can be dangerous, we tried that. >> people have died of alcohol poisoning. >> this is not dissimilar from other thins that seem like a good idea to keep immigrants out, and all americans can get jobs, then immigrants come in. kennedy: prohibition does not work, whether with people or substances it creates black markets. last word. >> well, i think that it is actually not a bad thing to talk about legalizing marijuana, and look how colorado is performing budget surplus, but we talk about harder drugs, i draw line, with -- i don't think that there will be corporation who is really going to say, let's sell cocaine, and -- >> they do, they call it
12:39 am
aderall. >> right, i was saying legalize all of them. >> that way you would know who is in this, you would not have fentanyl in overdoses, people don't know who is he inn heroin. >> i don't do heroin because it not because it is illegal, i don't do heroin. kennedy: and i don't eat dairy either, that is legal. i don't do drugs, people say i am missing out. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> look at what a handsome and beautiful panel. today president trump announced service changes to v.a., veterans will now be able to make choices and compare and pick from competing health facilities, what a concept. nan hayword, is joining me next. ♪
12:40 am
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kennedy: quick welcome back. >> today we announced new he'llh services to help our veterans get the care they need, when and where they needed, it is so
12:44 am
popular. this state has membership retired military members. we thank them. we thank their families and spouses, for the patriotic service. they have been incredible. kennedy: president spoke about importance of giving veterans choices when it comes to their healthcare, when a wonderful yet novel concept. joins us nan hayworth, thank you for making time tonight. >> delighted. kennedy: you know medicine inside out, you worked at v.a., you say it brings out the best and worst in this country. >> well, v.a. represents the best, of our country because -- there are a lot of dedicated who work in the v.a. butt our veterans deserve the best this country has to offer,
12:45 am
i think it is appropriate for federal government constitutional to take a role in providing for their care and honoring their service. kennedy: a lot of politicians pay lip service to, that but then those promises fall short. >> well the previous administration, with what was going on with the v.a. is the worst. kennedy: and bernie sanders. >> right, and federal government cannot perform, single payer, federal government, forget it thank god that trump administration passed with congress, bipartisan support the v.a. account bill tie bil bill h we needed, they are actually firing peep wh people who are nt performing in the v.a. and they deserve choice, choice and competition will compel those who provide for our veterans to do better there are them they deserve it. kennedy: unfortunately the v.a. has been a laboratory for
12:46 am
destruction, we have seen how baue--bureaucracy is under servd destroy people who wear the uniform. i don't always holal hold great, hopefully this is a new experiment and how the private sector can be infused to make care better and get it to veterans faster. >> watch word is account bill tie, and this nation has poured, the v.a. has not failed to function for lack of money thrown at it, but, while, many contractors were enriched by building facilities, over bottom budget, and overtime. our veterans were not being served, to force them to be accountable for what they do for getting full value of every dollar spent on -- for our
12:47 am
veterans care. >> nan i appreciate your expertise and your perspective. >> coming up. president on his way back to the white house after holding that big rally in west virginia tonight. administration has been trying to put a stop to stream of leaks coming out of the west wing. but a new leak revealed today could have an impact on the president's ability to work with other world leaders. we stay right here. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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>> attorney general jeff sessions the speak tomorrow about leaks in the administration. today, releasing a pretty big meat ball, transcripts of transcripts, the president seemed to admit that wall was not at top of his agenda. but how the new leaks gone a tep too far. will they inciden, en endanger e
12:52 am
president's represents with world leaders, are world leaders saying, i'm not going to have a conversation with the president. >> there are a lot of secondary affects that come from this other than embarrassing the president, which is why it was leaked. trying to make the president looked bad, it could have been worse. i read through it he is actually pretty much pushing on things said he would push for, he has his own way and style, there was nothing in those conversations that was surprises. it was a look behind curtain, but if you are a foreign leader and or donald trump, you can't trust there anyone secret conversation or private conversation, they are bad, i finally saw democrats who hate trump who say that was not okay.
12:53 am
kennedy: a step too far. who looked it? it could be from two camps, jeff sessions having a big press conference tomorrow, say he is still attorne attorney general g service work. it could be someone within intelligence community, saying, we'll leak whatever we want or there have been pretty high profile exits in last couple we'll bees from white house, -- could it be one of those people, reince priebus? >> i think it is unlikely if it was anyone recently in white house. people who jump to mind it would be stupid to leaking and specific that would be illegal right back to them. there are two different leaks, people are being dishonest about it, there are palace entries leaks, donald trump orders his stake well done. and then there are the you know
12:54 am
this is a conversation had in a classified setting that should not have been ever leaked, those are a problem. kennedy: that is you know -- >> that is what sessions will look at. >> you hear people talk about leaks, like you are fired then the leaks like you are going to prison, they are different. >> let's discuss the other leak that happened, grand jury leak. what -- where does that fall -- scale of outrage for you? that we know that robert mueller has convened a grand jury, which is note a positive stop for the kennedy: you mean special counsel and workings of somewhere counsel are finding their way to public to domain, when they are as a matter of law are not supposed to to, i knew it would be happening. i have been saying, this will continue to happen because, this is somebody that would be very hard because even people in the
12:55 am
grand jury, could be one that have leaked this, there is a lot of different people. you will see a continuation throughout the special counsel operation, and investigation. problem with that even if at the end there are no prosecutions, there will be a lot of speculation and slowing down of the administration just with the accusations and allegations. kennedy: can president fire robert mueller. >> not politically, but technically he can. >> there you go buck. with america now. >> attorney general gref jeff sessions will speak about the administration effort to stop intelligence leaks tomorrow 11 a.m. eastern, 8 in the west, tune in to fbn, tomorrow 11 a.m.
12:56 am
eastern. >> we're waiting for president to arrive back in washington following his big west virginia rally. hold on to your hats, it's go to get crazy, we'll be right back with everything you need, ever. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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