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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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if you want my husband to sit around and wait for the senate to do my job. my husband and his colleagues did their job and you refuse to . lou: good evening, everybody, north korea tonight viewing to take revenge against the united states for what it considers the most important foreign policy success of the past 25 years. the united nations saturday voting unanimously 15-0 to impose new sanctions against north korea for its testing of two intercontinental ballistic missles last month. a major diplomatic win for the president because russia and china have long opposed taking tougher action against north korea. those sanctions also the harshest to date, slashing a third of the country's $3 billion in export revenue,
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president trump this afternoon touted the victory tweeting this -- that was one of a number of tweets from the president today. he also took special aim at senator richard blumenthal. fox news correspondent kevin corke, live now in washington with our report. >> reporter: the twitter takedown came after senator richard blumenthal of connecticut while talking about alleged russian collusion accused of trump administration of politically weaponizing the justice department. he told stories about his victim battles and conquests, how brave he was and it was all a lie. now he judges collusion? blumenthal, who has apologized for lying about service record fired back at president's comments. >> they are slurs, and i'm not going to be distracted or bullied by them, and they
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simply reinforce, in fact, the need, in my view for special counsel legislation. >> reporter: on "fox news sunday," republican north korea senator thom tillis defended his bill that would let special counsel challenge his firing in court. >> is some of this directed at president trump? >> there's no question that it is because of clearly the date that we've made the bill retroactive to. this is about the department of justice. >> reporter: the president blasted the media on twitter showing. trump base he tweeted is far bigger and stronger than ever before, despite some phony fake news polling. indeed, since his inauguration, the president crisscrossed the country, energizing and arguably reassuring base by the thousands including stops in key battleground states like iowa, florida, ohio and pennsylvania, the rallies are a
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far better barometer of the electorate than unfairly weighted polls. the latest "fox news poll" shows the support among the base is very high with 88% of voters approving of his job performance. a performance presumably enhanced by new chief of staff general john kelly who expressed a desire to push the president's use of social media, twitter in particular, in the right direction. no small task say experts. >> i think the president's a lot smart or this than the smart people. he knows when he tweets who's chain he's trying to pull or trying to buck up. >> reporter: this as the white house continues to push back on a "new york times" story that accused vice president mike pence of leading a shadow campaign for 2020. >> it's absurd, have you speculation, conjecture, half truth masquerading on the front page of the ever trump "new york times." >> reporter: lou, that report really, really got the folks at
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the white house worked up. the vice president, you may have read this over the weekend in a statement actually, he posted that on twitter as well, called that report in the "times" disgraceful and offensive. a lot of people here incredibly upset by that speculation by the "new york times". i should also add, we've been following this story out of washington. you may not have heard this over the weekend. the senate judiciary committee chair, chuck grassley of the great state of iowa aggressively moving forward with the russia probe. we're learning he's possibly interested in issuing a subpoena for donald trump, jr. and paul manafort, the former trump campaign chair to get them to produce documents and other information to move along with the investigative process and, of course, we'll keep an eye on that for you from our vantage point right here. back to you, my friend. lou: kevin, a lot going on in that town even when no one is in town, and senator grassley, the chair of the judiciary, the house judiciary as well. they had better start thinking
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about the impact of what they're doing here, senator thom tillis of north carolina putting forward legislation to protect the special counsel from the president of the united states. i mean, you've got raving idiots who have been reluctant to raise their head in public since they were elected to the senate. suddenly, they are defending the special counsel who, as best i can tell, frankly, you know, the president would require some effort to -- on the part of the legislature to balance his initiatives. >> listen, they have an old saying in town my friend, the most dangerous place to be is between a politician and a camera. and i'm not suggesting that this particular person, thom's an honorable person, there are people who speculated as much, this is grandstanding and getting your name out there, out a time, by the way, this is important, lou, they're playing with fire here. this isn't just about what's happening in this
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administration. this is about what could happen the next administration and the one after that. people have to be careful how they're handling this circumstance to say the least. >> i think the folks, kevin, who have gone home for the recess, who works as hard as president trump? not a one among them. but for them to be gone for five weeks at a crack is laughable in and of itself, and to be taking on this president, i think they're hearing right now from their constituents and the trump base about just how well they're doing. again, senator thom tillis, really? we haven't even heard his name since he was elected. kevin, thank you so much. and you were very kind and generous, i thought, with your appraisal of him. good to have you with us. joining now, to north korea, u.s. spy agencies detected the communist regime loading two anti-ship cruise missiles aboard a patrol craft
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on the country's eastern coast. here now to discuss whether this may lead to another missile test in the days ahead, my first guest form u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador, great to have you with us. first, your reaction to what's going on in the great district of columbia. i mean, these people are amazing. you can't get them to work while they're there, once they're gone, there's nothing they seemingly won't do or say to get their name in ink. >> honestly, what congress needs to do is pass a tax cut, tax reform bill. the obamacare debacle, i think, will haunt them in districts as i believe you were saying. but honestly for the sake of the economy, this tax cut is critical. we've spent nearly seven months before abandoning the terrible idea of a border adjustment tax. lou: now we've got geniuses, by the way, so you know, there are
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other geniuses who want to raise taxes on other forms and dismiss the deductibility of mortgage interest payments. you've got -- you've also got this happening within the administration itself, if -- if, fake news is to be believed at all. >> i'd hate to sound political, but it's not just the kick we need for the economy, if, in fact, you had a real stimulus, it would also have a stimulus for the republicans in the house and the senate next november. i think the normal off-year election tendency for the party the president to suffer, particularly in the house, is an acute danger for the republican party. i sense it around the country, and they don't seem to be awake to it or not sufficiently. lou: is there any chance in the world, in your judgment, that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan are going to get -- are their heads going to be anywhere near daylight on these issues and the impact on the 2018 elections?
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>> honestly, i do think, and again, i have a pac and a super pac, i talk to people all around the country, i give speeches. the republican base is very upset with congress and the white house, they're upset with everybody in washington for the failure to repeal obamacare, and those who understand -- lou: that sure wasn't the president's fault. i mean, that's mitch mcconnell! >> i'm just saying, there are people who will point different fingers, but i'm afraid the generalized impression is washington can't do what they said they're going to do, they're not ready for primetime. the effect in an off-year election on the republican base is they'll stay home. they're not going to vote for the democrats. instead of coming out in the numbers we need, i'm afraid they're going to stay home. i hope particularly in the house which is more vulnerable because of the seats up for the senate, you know, we don't need to lose many seats before we'll lose a majority. if that happens, if the democrats gain control, item
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number one on the agenda will be to impeach trump. lou: yeah, well, if that is really the choice, think of the madness what you just said. >> this is the democratic party we're talking about, lou. lou: it is the democratic party, and it's a democratic party right now, as it's measured in congress, has a 10% approval rating by the american people. i like to kind of be empirical here. president has nearly four times that approval rating, and there's a reason that congress has -- has that rating, because they've earned it. let's turn to north korea quickly. >> a more pleasant subject. lou: isn't it? it is a pleasant subject in that the president achieved something people said weeks ago it would be impossible for him, to which is a 15-0 vote in the security council against north korea and placing sanctions against them. with russia and china voting with the united states. >> yeah, look, i certainly supported the resolution, it
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did send an important political signal. after voting for the resolution are likely to ignore it, and i think this is a real test. i think the president's proceeded on an optimistic basis with both china and russia dealing with the north korean nuclear program. lou: don't you think he should? >> i think he's already seeing china not delivering in part, and i think his reaction to what i expect will be their nondelivery on this part is important. we are rung out of time with north korea. lou: all right, two cruise missiles being loaded aboard a patrol craft on the east coast of north korea. that clearly, from the imagery developed by our satellites over the region, what will be, what should be the u.s. response? >> well, i think this is something probably that was in the works to test, but i'm sure it was brought forward because of the states of resolution. lou: are there missiles launched or any of the missiles
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loaded? are any of the warheads tested that they weren't scheduled months in advance, and it's like an operetta playing out ever so slowly? >> let me put it this way, if i were a north korean rocket scientist i would want to produce success, i wouldn't rush to do any of the tests. reason this deployment is potentially significant is these appear to be anti-ship cruise missiles. so if the north koreans fear a military expansion of u.s. military activity in the sea of japan, in the yellow sea, potentially threatening the regime, they're trying to show they have weapons that can endanger our carriers and other major capital ships. it will be very interesting to see if they carry through on the test and whether or not it's successful. lou: and where they send the patrol craft, because we have seen other provocations in which the united states, whether it be in the gulf of
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hormuz or in the persian gulf come within 150 yards of a u.s. ship, hopefully that won't be the case anywhere near the sea of japan. >> yeah, and let's be clear, north korea's experience after eight years of obama is they pushed the united states and we accepted. they may be willing to test the trump administration here, and i think we need to, in this case, take seriously when we see a physical deployment of a military capability as opposed to the usual north korean rhetoric. lou: yeah, putting the missiles even aboard a patrol craft would be sufficient for me to get my ire up, but then i'm just mr. citizen. ambassador, good to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: ambassador john bolton. coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. vice president pence knocking down reports by the "new york times" that he's preparing for a 2020
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presidential run. >> that is complete fiction. that is complete fabrication. it is absolutely true that the vice president is getting ready for 2020 for re-election as vice president. lou: we take up "the new york times" fake news and that of others trying to subvert the trump presidency. the dean, ed rollins with us next. and chicago's mayor rahm emanuel suing the justice department for threatening to withhold sanctuary city funding. now that is the same justice department trying to work with the mayor to end the record number of murders in his city. it's time to rethink what's possible. rethink the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief.
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. lou: some folks getting a little annoyed with team pence, following "new york times" fake news story about the president's, quote, shadow campaign for president in 2020. the vice president himself firmly denied the story calling it disgraceful and offensive. but press secretary wasn't nearly as resolute or definitive in an interview with fox and friends this morning. >> it's absurd and really what you've got here is speculation, conjecture, half truth, masquerading as news on the front page of the never trump
11:19 pm
"new york times." lou: joining us now to talk about the pence ambitions and that of his staff, the administration's 200 days, its accomplishments and much more. ed rollins, served in three different presidential elections, the dean himself. great to have you here. >> thank you very much. lou: what do you make of that? i mean, i guess lotter thinks he's being cute here, but what he talks about conjecture, speculation and half truth masquerading as half fake news, that's not too reassuring to anybody. >> well, there's a lot of rhetoric going on by his staff. the vice president's staff, that there's sort of a presidency in waiting, and i don't think that's a good place to be. i think the reality is his job, and i'm not criticizing the vice president. lou: why not? if he is running for president. >> he's not running for president. lou: then what's he doing? he's got a staff that certainly act like they are.
11:20 pm
>> first of all, you need to break some of the people up and put them in place. they put a super pac together, they have a bunch of people who want to -- lou: get rid of the super pac. >> or make it the president's super pac, if you have a super pac. lou: that would be nice. >> has to fulfill the president's path. lou: who does the vice president think he is that he can amble off on this lane that leads to nothing but just hell, fire and brimstone for him? >> his job is to break the vote when they have 50 and his job is to go to -- lou: you and i know what his job is. >> his job is to go funerals and be in wait. i have seen a veteran staff, a chief of staff who's been around politics for a while. lou: should he survive? >> i would be very careful. i would watch, if i was mr. kelly, watch the white house, i'd watch these people
11:21 pm
closely, and the reality is you don't want conflicting. this is a team. lou: can i say this to the dean? >> yes, sir. lou: you're the expert, but i gotta tell you this is arrogance, it's ignorant and it is really bad behavior on the part of a man who owes his current political position to the president of the united states. and every one of those little fellows running around acting like big shots with the pacs and talking about half truths, you know, they need to come up and seems to me straightforwardly. >> i think you are absolutely correct. lou: oh! wait a minute! [laughter]. >> because i'm the dean, just means i watched it for a long time and i sort of know what's going on. i think the reality here is every time anybody has asked this question, they say i want to serve the four years with president trump and if president trump chooses, i'd like to be on second term team, period. lou: what we get is something else. unbelievable. chicago, rahm emanuel. this is a man that the
11:22 pm
president is helping with federal resources to deal with a runaway record number of homicides in his city, and rahm emanuel is a man who seems utterly indifferent to the public safety crisis he has, the moral crisis he has in the city and yet talking about defying sanctuary city provisions under the new administration. >> no better place in the country to make an example out of than chicago. the bottom line is the president did offer to help him. he's a terrible mayor, terrible chief of staff. lou: he's a terrible son of a gun. >> big ambitions beyond being mayor. lou: like what? what is he going to do? after you kill 700 people a year, what are you going to do? >> that's the measurement you and i should both make. i think he himself has a burning ambition to be bigger and better than the job of mayor. the critical thing is the president has to enforce sanctuary cities. you can't allow as we're shutting down the immigration
11:23 pm
to borders the criminals to go into cities like san francisco, chicago, elsewhere and get away with it, and hide out and the idea dhau have somebody in prison in county jail who's committed a crime and needs to be deported and the city won't cooperate is absurd. lou: and right where rahm emanuel lives. thank you, sir, ed rollins, good to see you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is do you believe it's time to repeal and replace ryan and mcconnell and all of the rhinos in the u.s. congress and the u.s. senate? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight". stocks extending their records, the dow at a new record high. up 26 points on the day. a new record high, a ninth straight session. s&p up four, closing at a new all-time high. nasdaq up 42 point.
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. lou: attorney general jeff
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sessions tonight blasting the mayor of chicago after the violence torn city filed a lawsuit to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. sessions saying in a statement -- the lawsuit comes as democratic mayors working to resist the trump administration's sanctuary city crackdown. fox news correspondent claudia cowan with our report. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emanuel said it's illegal for the federal government to withhold public safety grants from sanctuary cities like his where local police refuse to cooperate with immigration agents. >> chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns. >> reporter: the chicago lawsuit followed similar legal action in massachusetts, washington, oregon and california, where cities say they're being harmed by the threat losing funds because they can't plan their budgets. chicago says it stands to lose
11:30 pm
$3.2 million by the potential federal action in san francisco, it's closer to hundreds of thousands of dollars. money that's attached to a promise to cooperate with federal immigration authorities which sanctuary cities refuse to do. in fact, san francisco is reaffirming its sanctuary policy by paying this illegal immigrant $190,000. [speaking spanish] >> why was i victimized? a victim to all this. >> reporter: 35-year-old pedro figueroa, a salvador an living in san francisco for ten years sued after turning him over to immigration agents, violating the sanctuary city policy. >> we work with the federal government agencies on criminal activity, gang activity, human trafficking and that type of thing. if that evolves into immigration enforcement, it is clear, notifications have to be made and we're not in the business of doing immigration enforcement. >> reporter: while the city
11:31 pm
leaders have publicly apologized. the head of san francisco's republican party says the six figure settlement is ridiculous. >> i think it's a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. here you have someone being offered a settlement that no jury would have awarded him. >> reporter: critics worry the threat of more lawsuits and big payouts will put an extra burden on law enforcement and disagree with city leaders who contend sanctuary policies help police fight crime. one reason sanctuary cities are doubling down now. the federal grants at stake are set to expire in october, and before they reapply for those millions they want to have the courts and public opinion on their side. lou? lou: claudia, thank you very much. claudia cowan. we're coming right back straight ahead. stay with us. . deputy attorney general rod rosenstein defends mueller's ongoing russia witch-hunt. >> bob mueller understands and i understand the specific scope of the investigation, so no,
11:32 pm
it's not a fishing expedition. lou: yet the special counsel continues to waste taxpayer dollars. former deputy assistant attorney general tom duprey joins me next. this cyclist isn't one to follow the crowd. we'll show you the phenomenal video of his high-flying ride you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does.
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restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at . lou: former attorney general loretta lynch used an e-mail
11:36 pm
alias when she plotted a response to press inquiries about her now infamous tarmac meeting with former president bill clinton. lynch went by the alias, are you ready? elizabeth carlisle, in documents obtained by legal watchdog groups. now why would she want an alias? do you remember the old days when it was the bad guys that use the aliases? i see your point. for more on the legal questions now surrounding lynch and other democrats over their activities and aliases during the 2016 election, we're joined by tom duprey, former assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. tom, great to have you here. >> good evening, lou. lou: so as i'm saying that, it's really true. bad guys had aliases. you would see their names up on the post office. they were the most wanted, also known as, alias, and now it's our attorneys general who seem to be most often in need of an
11:37 pm
ali alias. what's going on? >> it is a good story. fairly high-level officials, former attorneys general will use aliases for e-mail hands because people can figure out true e-mail by typing their name at .d.o.j., it does make for a pretty interesting story. lou: it is interesting and seems to be, eric holder, the former epa administrator, and loretta lynch. those are the three names that come to mind. others may have done it. those are three prominent figures, you think it's for convenience, and perhaps security. >> anthony weiner operated under the name carlos danger. lou: let the record show you that included the name anthony weiner along with loretta lynch, eric holder and the former epa administrator. let me -- i'm just kidding, of course, i just want to turn, if i may, to what is going on
11:38 pm
here. we have a special counsel who's ratcheting up, obviously, going after this administration, there seems to be no constraint, obvious constraint on him. he heard today from the deputy attorney general that this is not a fishing expedition. why am i not assuaged by those words from the man who put him in the job? >> the way this works, lou, you're right, that a mandate for a special counsel can be a bit pliable. meaning there is certainly room for interpretation about how broad his investigatory mandate is. but the way that it should operate and as far as we know it's operating is that in the event bob mueller wants to expand investigation to look at different issues outside the scope of his original mandate, he needs the deputy attorney general's approval to do so. that's how it's supposed to work. lou: here's what i don't want tom, i don't want him one inch
11:39 pm
outside his mandate. and don't want one dime spent extra, and don't want it to take one month more. everywhere i turn, there is another story, another public report, another former official saying it takes a year, two years, three years, and meanwhile they subassume the legitimacy of government turning attention away from the responsibility and the president we elected to fulfill that office. >> you know, you're right in that if you look at history, there are many examples. going back to iran-contra, independent counsel who basically takes the ball and runs and a decade later is going down rabbit holes. what that underscore says it is incumbent on bob mueller and the deputy attorney general to keep a close watch on this. because i think it's in everyone's interest. the prosecutors, but also
11:40 pm
frankly the white house, the american people, are in thing to move forward quickly. see what's out, there talk to the witnesses, get the documents and let the chips fall where they may but get this over with. lou: well, i would be more sanguine about those prospects if indeed senator chuck grassley was making a lick of sense at all over on the senate judiciary committee, as he starts talking about himself broadening the discussion, and if you will, the portfolio. instead of constraining the special counsel. so you have two judiciary committees with a ranking member and the chair of those two committees who i can't for the life of me see doing anything productive or working in any way as an overseer of this process. we have a house and senate intelligence committees that seem to be completely and utterly off the rails. richard burr, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee doing exactly what mark warner, the ranking member
11:41 pm
of the committee tells him to do. i mean, this is -- this is hell of fire. it's a mess. >> i will agree with you that it can get messy. and look, this often happens when you have a situation of d.o.j. investigating one aspect of it, and you've got congressional committees with vague jurisdiction, and have you people on the hill trying get a piece of the action. it happens before. all we can hope is that sober heads prevail, let bob mueller do the work he needs to do, and the congressional committees do hearings and look at what they please. let's let bob mueller do what he's going to do. lou: i would let him have the lane and if he's staying in his lane, everything we watch, whether it's the appointment of counsel to legal team, whether it is manifest insistence on charging ahead and looking at all sorts of financial issues that weren't within the
11:42 pm
original purview. and i am not comforted a bit, and i don't think most american citizens are by the fact that rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, is the guy deciding whether or not it's a fishing expedition or not. >> well, as far as mueller is concerned, lou. his history up to date is a straight shooter. i think he has bipartisan support as someone who calls it like he sees it. and my view is let's let him do his work and judge him by his actions. >> how about this? >> yeah. lou: how about this? the american people elected donald j. trump as president. he appointed jeff sessions as attorney general. how about we get back on track and let them run the country they were elected to rather than, you know, these rather mysterious forces that seem to be manipulating two very wholesome images in rosenstein
11:43 pm
and in the special counsel bob mueller. >> well, as long as the special counsel's investigation is hovering over this white house, i agree with you. lou: the investigation is not hovering, the fact is where the hell is the evidence? it's been a year. where is the evidence? 17 intelligence agencies, no evidence! we've got 16 lawyers running around acting like sherlock holmes. they're not! >> we'll see at the end of the day when the dust settles what bob mueller has. i think that until mueller is allowed do his job and give us a report as to what he finds, i think the administration is still going to be plagued by this cloud of uncertainty. lou: there's no cloud of uncertainty, it's certainty there. has been no evidence in the fbi has been on it for over a year. 17 intelligence agencies and they can't tell us there's collusion between the trumps and the ruskis? are you kidding me? what are the lawyers going to
11:44 pm
do? >> bob mueller hasn't been on the job that long. lou: i was just using an expression. let's see what he says. >> i don't think we have much choice, tom. lou: i want him to what are i have to say. that's what i want. >> always a pleasure, lou. lou: thank you, tom. one cyclist take the road much less traveled during a pro bike race in poland. he jumps, that's right, he's jumping the race and the racers and a 360 back flip just to impress his fellow cyclists, and i think if you're going to impress all those cyclists, this is the way to do it. yes, they did know he would be doing that right over the tops of their heads. and all's well and the landing was perfect. up next, north korea loading anti-ship cruise missiles onto a, well, a patrol boat, as the united nations unanimously votes to impose new sanctions, gordon chang joins
11:45 pm
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. lou: joining me gordon chang, expert on north korea and china, a forbes contributor, good to see you.
11:49 pm
let's start with two cruise missiles loaded aboard a patrol craft on the east coast of north korea, and those are anti-ship cruise missiles. should we do something about it? >> what we should do is that the united states patrol the sea of japan regularly. we should do what we ordinarily do not be intimidated by the north koreans, they're trying to scare us off, so definitely not permit them to do that. lou: what would happen if you lit them up? by that i mean destroyed their cruise missiles aboard their patrol craft because they were being threatening? >> i don't think the north koreans would do anything in retaliation, they realize american power is overwhelming, and kim jong-un -- lou: should we put up with the threats and the prospect he might carry through with threats? >> i don't think they're going to do anything because, you know, it would just be the destruction of the north korean regime. i think we should patrol there, show kim jong-un we're not going to be intimidated by this display, and i actually think
11:50 pm
this is important. lou: the president got 15-0, a vote in the security council. people said that couldn't happen. he did it. now we're being told by all of the experts that it's very unlikely that north korea will cave to the russians and the chinese because they don't think the russians and the chinese are serious people when it comes to the issue of north korea. who's right? >> i think the russians and the chinese are going to do what they want to do until the trump administration imposes costs on them. a lot of people say the chinese will never help us and the north koreans will never disarm. lou: you and i both know sanctions have never worked with any country no matter what. what's it going to take? >> i think it's going to take the chinese, for instance, seeing that the north koreans can threaten them as well as us, and i think that kim probably is going to threaten the chinese, and i think that's where the chinese will back off. the one thing we can do. lou: that's why the chinese will back off? >> i think the chinese will eventually back off.
11:51 pm
the reason you saw the 15-0 vote is largely because they're starting to get concerned as well. the thing i'm --. lou: they'll still back off if kim jong-un threatens them. is that what you're saying? >> think they probably will. the one thing that concerns me is the chinese have supplied every ballistic missile. lou: given everything they can. >> the chinese military is supporting the north koreans, the chinese foreign ministry is not. the question is what is xi jinping going to do? lou: i don't care about them, and i don't care about the commie party, what i care about american citizens vulnerable to icbm carrying a warhead that has been engineered on chinese technology to destroy perhaps americans. >> right, and we also should be worried because we had two previous administrations, maybe three -- lou: given me reasons to wory
11:52 pm
and not many to relax a little. >> yeah, but i think trump has the right instincts. lou: i don't think he has the right instincts, i think he has the right instincts, the right judgment and the right approach. do you feel better? >> i feel a little scombroort with that, we have to say good-bye. gordon. pick up a copy of my new thriller, jim tweeted -- up next, the stock market hitting record highs, another $4 trillion bubbling up the nation's wealth and a million new job rates. we'll talk about 200 days with president donald trump. stay with us. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor,
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked should mueller shift his investigation to clear corruption charges on the part of the clintons. 85% say you can't do it soon enough. joining us from the hill, joe concha and rachel campos-duffy. the president of the united states has to be sleeping so
11:57 pm
much better now. congress is gone, the senate is gone. he's out of town for the refurbishment of the white house. getting things ready. the senate finance committee work. wait a minute. none of those things are happening. i'm sorry. why isn't the congress and senate doing any kind of work on tax reform right now? >> i think that' getting done. they are not in washington and not working. last friday my husband was here in our district with secretary perdue, the secretary of agriculture. they are working when they are home. the deals are getting home behind the doors. phone calls are getting done. lou: rachel how can you say behind doors.
11:58 pm
how can you say that? >> you know what i mean. they call each other and get on board. just because they are not inside their office -- lou: that's unfair of me, i admit it. that was unfair of me. joe, do you feel better knowing they are getting rested up for the big charge ahead? they have big days of legislative activity when they come back. >> you remind me of the trump supporter i see out there. lou: i take that as a cop plummet. >> it was a complimentary observation. let's say the failure on healthcare. you don't blame the president one iota. you put that on congress.
11:59 pm
lou: yes, i do. i don't know why i do that. i'm silly. lou: you wait a minute then i'll turn it over to you. geez, rachel. we can't get them to do i it once now. the senate also pledged to their voters that they would in fact repeal obamacare and they wouldn't do that. that's why i blame the up s. senate and u.s. house of representatives, your turn rachel. >> the house passed a repeal and the senate is not doing its job.
12:00 am
if you want my husband to sit around and wait for the senate to do my job. my husband and his colleagues did their job and you refuse to give them credit for it. lou: at this rate you guys will have this worked out by the the time we get going. kennedy: new chief of staff john kelly brought order to the white house, but will he be able to keep it? new york mayor bill deblasio wants the 1% to pay for the rotting subway system. grab your wallets because it's time to splurge on freedom. chaotic fever that has taken over the white house need something. the pain and congestion that spilled from the west wing to


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