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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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if you want my husband to sit around and wait for the senate to do my job. my husband and his colleagues did their job and you refuse to lauren: breaking news this morning. north korea will use nuclear weapons against the u.s. if it is provoked in over its nuclear weapons program. cheryl: u.s. stocks continued to hit fresh record highs. the dow hitting new record for nine straight games. futures pointing slightly lower. lauren: stocks under pressure. a live report from london on what's moving the market. we trade data from germany and china. trade to the google engineer who wrote a controversial anti-diversity memo has been fired.
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but it's not over yet. he's now considering a lawsuit. "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ lauren: tuesday, august 8. lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. cheryl casone. lauren: the reaction from silicon valley and the entire world is split. taking action. train to first-come our top story, north korea now threatening to use nuclear weapons against the u.s. is attacked by american forces. pyongyang says it will not negotiate on its nuclear missile program under any circumstances. u.s. spy agencies detected in north korea voting anti-ship cruise missiles onto a patrol boat.
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north korea not backing down in the face of the economic sanctions unanimously approved by the united nations. north korea tested to intercontinental ballistic missiles. lauren: nikki haley can u.s. ambassador to the united nations told dana perino on the story that america has the upper hand here. >> it was a gut punch to north korea to let them know the international community is tired of it and will fight back. every dollar of revenue that the north korean government gets come and they are not prepared people with. going up to the sanctions going up to their ability to build these missiles and something that needed to happen. lauren: north korea remained at the top of the president's agenda appeared more on that now from adam shapiro. >> president trump is a new jersey in late monday afternoon he treated the fake news media will not talk about the importance of the united nations
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security council 15-02 the intentions of north korea. sanctions on north korea getting a great deal of attention. sebastian cork outcome advisor to the president was on trish regan had this to say. >> we managed to convince everybody and now we shall see. we shall see what happens. very simple signals. rex tillerson just said if they stop this illegal ballistic missile test, we know there's a chance chance for peace and they are acting in good faith. rex tillerson this meeting with his counterpart in manila and the north korean parties in attendance. here is what tillerson had to say about sanctions. >> we are not going to give someone a specific number of days or weeks. this is about this. and they are ready to said they no longer conducting these missile tests. >> north korea isn't the only
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subject he's turning the president too. congress returns and gets back to work in september. back to you. cheryl: they are working. attorney general jeff sessions firing back at the city of chicago after it filed a lawsuit of the justice department tried to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities paid to refuse to cooperate to enforce immigration law. chicago says the trump administration's move would be illegal trade through the sessions issued this statement. no amount of federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own residents. this administration is committed to the rule of law and enforcing the laws established by congress. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says the city will not be blackmailed into changing its values and will remain a welcoming city. cheryl: garthwaite continues. also this very former attorney
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general beretta lynch gave a fake name for e-mails related to her tarmac meeting last summer with bill clinton. jay secular, was on hannity last night that the e-mails were included in 413 justice documents provided to conservatives watchdog groups. >> what is interesting here is this reaches out to be deputy attorney general united states commit chief of staff for the fbi, attorney general of the united states, although in this scene as she goes by elisabeth carlisle. that was her alias if you will. she meant by this name and for whatever reason they decided to do it. cheryl: documents show that inch used the alias. lauren: if not illegal however. google hasn't fired the employee who wrote the controversial memo criticizing the company's diversity initiatives. cheryl: tracee carrasco joining
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us more with that. good morning. >> good morning, ladies could the google member who wrote the memo claiming tech jobs has been fired. according to "the wall street journal," software engineer james moore, the author says he's considering legal action against google for firing him not be complained to federal labor officials said that executive pledged efforts to silence him. google ceo says the more violated the code of conduct in the memo had caused the land by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace. cheryl: no manifestoes against your company if you want to keep the paycheck. reporter: no, of course not. especially one like that one. cheryl: cooper has put basically to rest that travis kalanick is coming back. reporter: boo-boo will not be bringing trust have a knack --
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goober will not be bringing travis kalanick.. in a staffed e-mail reviewed by "the wall street journal," we are committed to hiring a new world-class ceo to lead the prayer. lauren: two companies with a culture problem. gruber and -- goober and down netflix. reporter: netflix make its first acquisition, the book publisher miller world which ranges from superheroes to science fiction. this is part of its broader strategy to create and own more original content. the same netflix evolve from licensing tv shows and movies from other networks and studios to funding original content and now owning intellectual property and production. financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed. another big move for them.
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cheryl: it makes a lot of sense. analysts have been saying they are concerned about what they are spending for original content. millions of dollars for hollywood directors. the stairway to maybe pull that back i'm assuming. reporter: we will see what cable companies respond with. cheryl: thank you very much. watching right now shares hitting an all-time high of nearly 7%. united technologies may be considering buying the company. they made an initial offer of less than $140 per share. takeover deal between the suppliers could exceed $20 billion. of 28% so far this year. lauren: this summer, but car sales in the u.s. in the deep freeze for gm auto sales. jeff flock with the latest from illinois.
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>> this morning i managed a room of woody gmc out side of chicago. maybe you can tell i'm surrounded by suvs. in front of me, this is the only actual sedan in the show room here that is because people are just not dying mahler cars. take a look at the numbers. smaller the car, worse to fail some most. chevy sonic down 47%. the lacrosse you saw down 46%. that meant that last month 80% of the sales for gm were trucks or suvs, not cars. is the car dead? >> you've got to sell what the customer wants. right now they want the suv. there is some demand for the smaller vehicles, but not that much. as far as this caring inventory, we will sell what sales.
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reporter: gas prices have to play a big factor in that. in terms of cars on the lot, 76 days, lot ticket sold. that is the highest since 2009. do you have any concerns we are getting into a bubble again? >> i'm in that bubble. i've got over 100 day supply. come on income you'll get it. >> that's the thing. is there an opportunity for deal. all these suvs are popular. no incentive to put money on those. >> there is a multiple amount of models. everyone has a different hotspot. right now i wouldn't be waiting for a great deal. i would be coming in and getting one. the deals are here. reporter: go to suburban chicago naperville, illinois. woody will make you a deal. always good to have you. cheryl, lauren, that is the latest on the car sales. back to you. lauren: what could hurt suv
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sales are car sales even more is tesla lowering the price. cheryl: he can sell me a car. what a sweet man. coming up, we are going to have more details on the big story. north korea threatening to use nuclear weapons against the u.s. is the only option left military? we are going to discuss that one. i've tesla rent $3 billion of cash, elon musk types this market to push the model three electric car. is that a smart idea? you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. the pitcher caught up on what's happening now. a manhunt underway underway after rookie police officer shot and killed at a traffic stop in missouri yesterday. officer gary michaels pulled over a vehicle for driving with a pet but not in the same shop by the driver. he returned fire, but it's not known if the driver was paid. police looking for 39-year-old ian mccarthy as a person of interest in the shooting. three u.s. marines are missing in the crash of an osprey
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aircraft on saturday that have been in australia have now been declared dead. the pentagon asked first lieutenant benjamin kross of oxford, maine. and psc of los angeles. the wreckage yesterday. finally, this tesla plans to raise about 125 billion for its first-ever offering of junk bonds could electric carmaker looking for fresh sources of cash to boost production of model three sedans. lauren, we'll see if that's a good thing for tesla. lauren: thank you commissioner of thank you commissioner appeared there was taken action to punish north korea for two missiles capable of reaching the u.s. the sanctions not sitting well with the leader kim jong un. now threatening harsh retaliation against the united states. how should we respond? joining us right now i'm a member of the independent women's areas and member of the
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donald jay trump for president advisory board. good morning. >> good morning, lauren. a political of the jury. the u.n. unanimously voted on north korea to have the entire international community behind us including russia and china. i have to ask you, what are the chances for enforcement? >> i think the key is going to be china because clearly north korea depends economically to name the kim jong owned depends for his success in largest measure on the way china trade 10. clearly, he is speaking when he makes these threats rhetorically following the sanctions, he is speaking to the potential opponents he has within that regime. but it will be up to china and that depends on the relationship with china and how important the people's republic of china sees its relationship with the united
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states. the china economy united states, russia and every other sensible power in the world understands that we do not want to get into a nuclear war. but kim jong un cannot be relied on to have the same understanding. it's very important that we as a nation, we the united states are able to press the importance to china continually of having a successful and was hopeful relationship with us. >> you just brought up the military option there. we continue to hear from rex tillerson secretary of state comaneci haley u.n. ambassador that we are willing to talk. the ball is in north korea's court to stop the nuclear missile testing figure something out. but yeah, we continue to see the north said there ought to open up for negotiation in response to the sanctions.
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>> of course. that is kim jong grunow is clearly a narcissist and a "mad men," but he stands at the helm of the dictatorship. so we can't rely on him not to go further with this. the only partner that can actually really put his hands around his throat and constrain him fully as the people's republic of china. let's bear in mind that john bolton, ambassador bolton said it many times. but when the united states and president obama pursued to deal with iran, we gave iran billions of dollars that it has proceeded to use in trade with north korea. so, we have funded a lot of this nuclear development. when president trump talks about the iran deal, he's absolutely right. dreadful for the united states and national security and now
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it's incumbent on us to make sure we have our economy in order so that we have the kind of leverage that we need to make sure that they will exert the leverage they have over north korea. >> clearly a new sheriff in town and no more appeasement as a strategy. 20 seconds here. north korea moved anti-ship missiles to a new location. what does that say to you? >> there will feel until kim jong un sees an existential threat to his regime. they continued the pressure on our partners in the sanctions agreement and i think we've got superb hands at the home of our department of state and u.n. ambassador nikki haley and rex tillerson. lauren: we will leave it there. thank you so much for your perspective this morning. cheryl: coming up, wild weather in maryland yesterday as high
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winds flipped cars like toys. these heavy soaking rains are finally moving out of the northeast. franklin is now threatening mexico. a lot to talk about with janice dean. check in u.s. stock as we go to break right now. we are talking of course about records for the dow and s&p last night. i'm just thinking about him. i can't wait to see him. there you go. it's a quiet start to your tuesday. "fbn:am." we will be right back. ♪
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trained to do sometimes write a science-fiction paid researchers say idaho is the university can start killing organ than a fraction of a second. they say the technology has the potential to save the lives of car crusher and come even those deployed soldiers injured on site. the silicon chip that injects a genetic code into skin cells and then turns the skin cells into other types of cells required for treating disease conditions. why bother to tell you about. powerful storm direct to the northeast yesterday. take a look at this video. tornadoes in maryland flipping a car in a parking lot like he was a toy car. no injuries reported, though. lauren: heavy flooding is a major concern most likely this morning. fox meteorologist janice dean my been the weather center with what we need to know about today.
5:25 am
happy tuesday, janice. cheryl: destroys the flooding in part of the reason we have a poll front that sunk as far south as the mississippi river valley. look at these temperatures. 60s in a lot of cases across the northeast and cooler temperatures for the next week, week and a half. there is a cool front-end with it, potential not only for cooler temperatures, but showers and thunderstorms with a lot of gold wisher working its way up towards the mississippi river valley, southeast, mid-atlantic and the northeast. part of the reason was that the gusty winds as you have the powerful front that this kind of stationary right now. also watching tropical storm frank lindh expected to rank them as they travel across the yucatán emerging into the gulf of mexico again and perhaps flirting and making a second landfall across mexico. not the u.s. directly, but we could get moisture from
5:26 am
franklin. showers, thunderstorms along the gulf, gold coast as well as rockies and along the frontal boundary with cooler temperatures with record-breaking temperatures across portions of the country. >> it seems like a cooler summer. it looks like the pattern will continue for the rest of the country. >> thanks for the update. lauren: fall came early. more bad news for hbo and "game of thrones." >> if we don't win together, we will die. now demanding millions turned hbo threatening to release the new episode of the popular series. chances to win $300 million that those chances just devil. the mega millions that pot in the powerball now topping 300 million apiece. you are watching "fbn:am."
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what you're trying to say is from way downtown? i am still learning. i can see that.
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cheryl: breaking news overnight. tensions escalate. north korea warns it will use nuclear weapons against the u.s. as it protects and evokes nuclear projections. lauren: the dow and the s&p 500 each had enough time has yesterday and corporate earnings and acquisitions. dow futures down for. a little bit of a breather if you can call it that. >> pressuring europe as well. the ftse down fractionally. new stolen hbo and millions of
5:31 am
dollars in ransom for the release more episodes and serious a "game of thrones." "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: it is tuesday, august 8th. good morning, cheryl casone. lauren: thanks for joining us good lauren simonetti. north korea now threatening nuclear weapons against the u.s. if it is attacked by american forces. pyongyang will not negotiate under any circumstances. the u.s. spy agencies detecting north korea loading and bishop cruise missiles onto a patrol boat for the first time in three years. define shows the north not backing down despite new and crippling economic sanctions that would unanimously be approved by the u.n. for north korean testing it to intercontinental ballistic
5:32 am
missiles capable of hitting the u.s. cheryl: nikki haley, ambassador to the united nations that america has the upper hand. >> it was a gut punch to north korea. we are going to start fighting back at every dollar of revenue that north korean government can't come and they are not saving their people with it. they are using it for their weapons system. going after the sanctions is going after their ability. train to north korea remains at the top of president trump's agenda. more now from our own adam shapiro. >> president trump is in new jersey as part of his two-week working vacation. he treated the fake news media will not talk about the importance of the u.n. security council 15-0 vote in terms of sanctions on north korea. sanctions on north korea getting a great deal of attention.
5:33 am
for instance, sebastian gorka was on trish regan and had this to say. we convince everybody that now we shall see. we shall see what happens. these illegal ballistic missile test, we know there's a chance for peace in iraq and in good faith. reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with his counterparts in manila and the north korean counterpart is in attendance, also. here's what he had to say about sanctions. >> will not give someone a specific number of days or weeks. it's about this. of these talks. ready to sit with the spirit of finding a way forward in these talks by no longer conducting these missile tests. >> north korea isn't the only subject the president is turning his attention to. when congress returns and gets back to work in september. back to you.
5:34 am
lauren: attorney general jeff sessions fighting back of the city chicago after filing a lawsuit over the justice department threatening to withhold money from sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with the federal government to enforce immigration law. chicago says the trump administration's move would be illegal. cheryl: sessions issued a statement saying quote, no amount of federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own revenue. the administration is committed to the rule of law and enforcing the laws established to congress. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says the city will not be blackmailed into changing its values and will remain a welcoming city, meeting sanctuary city. >> with very high rate. the former attorney general loretta lynch used a fake name for e-mails relate to and from his tarmac meeting with former president bill clinton. the e-mails were included in a 413 pages of documents provided
5:35 am
to conservative watchdog groups. >> this reaches out to the deputy attorney general of the united states, chief of staff for the fbi and attorney general of the united states although in this e-mail goes by the name of elizabeth carlyle. that was her alias if you will. she went by this name for whatever reason they decided to do it. lauren: lynch used the alias to respond to clinton. cheryl: well, health insurer anthem has announced it will no longer offer obamacare plans in two states next year. lauren: tracee carrasco joining us with more on that and the other headlines this morning. >> good morning ladies. obama drama support after they announced they would not offer plans to give him a care exchanges in nevada next year. in a statement, and then says planning and pricing for health
5:36 am
plans has become increasingly difficult due to a shrinking and deteriorating individual market as well as continual changes in federal operations rules and guidance of putting posher and reduction subsidies and the restoration of taxes on fully insured coverage. they will also scale back its offerings in georgia. lauren: hackers demanding millions of dollars in big coin from hbo. >> we've been watching this story. a group of hackers which claims to still claims to sell and give a friends episode send confidential corporate data now pay up within three days or we will post all of the data online. the hackers demanded our six month salary and big coin. they earn 12 million to $15 million the year for blackmailing organizations whose networks they've got named to. cheryl: a lot of companies under
5:37 am
pressure. 15 million. 12 to 15 million. cheryl: you pick the right career, lauren. i've got to admit, i love the lottery. i think it's always fun when they had this huge jackpot. lauren: this one is pretty big. you might want to buy a ticket for the mega millions in powerball. the jackpot which will be drawn tonight is now $346 million. that is the seventh largest jackpot in the game's history. meanwhile, powerball is at $307 million. cheryl: i'm getting my ticket. you can't win if you don't play. if you buy the ticket, we go in on it and have to split your earnings with me. are you contributing to reduce go get the ticket. cheryl: is going to be a transcendent ticket.
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lauren: thank you. your earnings today in the number to watch will once again be describe her growth. what to expect fair. plus, wells fargo in more hot water. this temper with enough small businesses with credit card fees. we will have that story. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™.
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lauren: welcome back. let's get you caught up in what's happening now. a nationwide manhunt for an escape chilled manhunt in iowa. committed suicide during a standoff with police last night. overpowering a sheriff's deputy on friday from a psychiatric hospital. officers say they attempted to get powell to surrender peacefully, but he was found dead from a gunshot wound. well, a brief prison takeover in arkansas yesterday were six inmates took cues from correctional officers at a maximum-security prison near little rock and hauled officers. the officers were released with minor injuries. more problems for wells fargo. the unit provides credit card processing services has been hit
5:42 am
with a class-action lawsuit, accusing it of using misleading sales tax but over billing for services. dealing with a nationwide scandal over unauthorized accounts opened by employees in consumer banking division. many lawsuits oversell practices. that is a look at what is happening now, cheryl. cheryl: obviously with the numbers came out, we saw a piece of the puzzle. a lot of the earnings today as well. walt disney reporting latest earnings after the closing. certified financial planner and cofounder of capital management with us to go through things. starting with disney because that is the story today. we will talk about these results still focused on espn and the loss of subscribers. whether you expect dean? >> the whole thing is based on how they stand for cord cutting going on. they've got a lot of increase cost of the nba deal. really contingent on how they do with that. they will come out $1.56 or so
5:43 am
of earnings. estimating $1.53. you could see some movement here, but the stock is basically flat the entire year. >> you have a negative expert patient for the espn component of disney numbers as well. >> i am hoping at some point they could turn it around and i would do well for the stock returned because it's such a widely held stock. if they continue to have problems, who continue to suffer this talk. cheryl: we will see. potentially getting onto skinny bundles that could help espn, whether it's television or directv now or playstation. i am hoping for a bright spot with these numbers. i do want to talk about overall the market. looking up what we got last night obviously which was another record close for the dow, s&p. we've had 52 record closes since
5:44 am
the election for the dow in particular. the question keeps coming up, is that in jeopardy if washington can't move forward on the agenda. where the saddam not? >> i'm in the camp about when every of washington doing that because it gives uncertainty in the fact you can rely on earnings and earnings have been driving the market. when you do a deeper dive into the market and look at the growth first in value and growth stocks versus value stocks, growth stocks are up 20%. value stocks only have five. the market overall puppy love in. there is a lot of room there and earnings, even though multiples are a little on the higher side, they are not so outsized. it looks good both in the u.s. and internationally. company is reported the s&p 500 either on revenue. let's talk about in particular sectors we are watching.
5:45 am
technology is interesting right now. besides consumer staples, it was technology. so many analysts and naysayers have come on that the group is overpriced, overvalued. what you say about that? >> the bank stocks and tech stocks have been outside and that is where the technology and growth stocks have run. that runs for a period of time. i don't expect a big downturn, but i do expect a more normalized in return. you can add 20% year-to-date returns continuously. other stocks will catch up. buster value stocks outperformed growth. so they will run. but again, comes down to earnings. >> one of the things we haven't seen in the market with these new records as we haven't seen volatility and that seems to be a good thing. we've seen this market in 2017. >> that is more concerning to me
5:46 am
than anything. you want to have some volatility. there are people that were afraid of chomping got out of the market. still waiting for the entry point to get back in and that is completely passing us by. waiting for an excuse to get back in the market with a lot of money on sidelines. 5% corrections we haven't had in a while. 10% correction for help he can read thousand people and gives people an entry point an opportunity to get the money to work. i would hope would have a 5% or 10% correction. >> you are right. people are still their wounds from the great recession obviously. thank you for your respective. >> absolutely. lauren: make trout turns 26 and celebrates by jordan in the 1000 club. in football, pro bowler in houston texan hanging up his cleats. in the markets, the u.s. dollar suffering one of its worst stretches in years.
5:47 am
we are going to show you i weak dollar could be good for portfolio. dow futures right now covering the breakeven line. we could see the 10th record close for the dow today unchanged. s.b. futures in nasdaq down a point. you are watching "fbn:am". ♪ i founded lendingtree 20 years ago, and i've never seen a better time to refinance your home, than this summer. why? because right now we're seeing our average customer save $20,000. but with the fed already talking about raising rates, this window will not last for long. lendingtree is the only place to compare up to 5 real refinance offers against your current mortgage - for free. are you sure you have the best rate? take 3 minutes and find out right now. because at lendingtree, when banks compete, you win.
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trained to only seven baseball games last night. one included a concert, kind of. lauren: jared maxes here too,
5:51 am
should we say, rock 'n roll. reporter: when i got to see the full concert the night before super bowl 50 at at&t park, i don't recall metallica playing this one. it opened a giant cubs game in san francisco last night. ♪ the fifth annual metallica night celebrating our national and done. to run inside the park home run. for the fourth time in his career, mike trout hit a home run and did so in a game where he recorded a double here in the fourth inning. the nationals price harper.
5:52 am
it was a different make her that also featured john carlos stanton at the major league home run. number 7% and ahead of aaron judge. it's been a few months since we learned the miami marlins are for sale. charlie gasparino reports major league baseball getting temptation with the lacking process. of the spokesman for mlb says it's inaccurate to describe presentation, one baseball executive told charlie gasparino the commissioner's office wants this to happen and you may see weak management say that at next week's meeting. major league baseball in the morning this week. one day after former phillies captured darren dalton died at age 55 to brain cancer, he began his 19th year, died at the age of 68 yesterday. he battled multiple myeloma 14 years. first manager the colorado
5:53 am
rockies also managed the cup seven times in his career. baylor had 338 home runs, seven times the majors. larger than life as well. as we get ready for the first full week of exhibition games, life without their best wide receiver. quincy has a bulging disc in his neck and will likely require surgery. doctors saturday night lead with nearly 1200 receiving yards last season. johnny mandel sees the writing on the wall. nfl teams not calling for services. speaking at a conference in coaster rescan asked about his future plans. he said he wants to be involved in sports in some way whether it's coaching, doing something like that. it would be my route. in his head. >> sorry, anyway.
5:54 am
>> pictures your area. if you could retire in any way, which you have this much? nfl veteran did patriots. >> moving on to smoked meats. peace out, i'm out of here. >> thought it was over, no, i'll be back. peace out. 13 years in the nfl. the tree into hip shaking. >> .the best part. playing a lot of years in the nfl. during his radio show yesterday, announced quote if i died tomorrow, my brain was taken and researched which most likely i have.
5:55 am
today's players are in a much better position because how much money they are paid and also because benefits are so much better now. one of the most famous quarterbacks in nfl history. all about piedmont show in seeing more and more players -- ex-players and current players retiring. last night i had an opportunity to see about the latest book, the cte and the movie and a concussion. some of the alarming comments he made last night really make you take hours. not only about football, but for starters a football helmet does not protect from concussions. it protects from hemorrhaging dying on the field. you wouldn't want kids playing soccer under the age of 12 to 14. cheryl: parents need to reassess and reevaluate if they want their kids.
5:56 am
>> how would you let them do this? cheryl: great stuff, thank you. fox news headlines 24/7. sirius xm channel 115. how the weak u.s. dollar going back to london for legalo ♪ with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this...
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lauren: the dollar has been suffering through one of it were stretches in years. actually helping to fill stock market rallies. let's bring in riva gold friend "the wall street journal" talk about it. good morning, riva. >> good morning. it seems the dollars had only one direction to move in for a while. i want that's really good for a lot of u.s. multinationals. you had for years companies complaining after every earnings season that the strong dollar was waiting on earning. now you've had companies including coca-cola out already kind of worrying that actually you may see better outlook for the rest of the year now that the dollar is gotten so weak. >> obviously helping with earnings. reducing the dollar with oil prices, stock races to your point. you can enjoy the news of the day. >> thanks for having me. you and i brought in the close last night.
6:00 am
we sought records for the dow and s&p 500. what could be a record-setting day. >> good morning, cheryl. good morning, lauren. we are getting ready for you guys. i am sandra smith in for maria bartiromo. tuesday, august 8th. top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the gender gap controversy as google heating up. an engineer reportedly fired over boston the company's diversity and now threatening legal action. market coming off another record-setting day, both dow and s&p 500 futures right now looking for direction unchanged as we work our way through the opening bell. let's get a look over in europe the next action. the ftse in london down while the cac courant slightly


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