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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. lou: good evening new warnings that north korea is closer than ever to becoming a full fledged nuclear power. u.s. officials concluded that moore, oklahomnorth korea. president trump today reacting to north kore north korean thre. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and
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fury like the world has never seen, fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. lou: north koreans reacting to the president's remarks with threats again to launch a missile strike against u.s. pacific territory of guam according to south korean media, this is latest in what is the series of troubling revelations about kim jong-un's regime and its military capabilities. on july 4, north korea launched two-stage icbm that experts say could reach alaska. on july 25, u.s. officials warn north korea could develop a nuclear capable icbm next year, then on july 28, north korea tested a second icbm that could reach our west coast and
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midwestern parts of the country. last friday, defense department officials warning that north korea could develop a hydrogen bomb, 6 to 18 months out. and now we're looking at threat of miniaturized warheads ready to be delivered to the continental u.s. by north korea. turning to another global hot spot, a iranian drone nearly collided with a u.s. navy jet in central persian gulf, buzzing within 100 feet to a u.s. navy super harne hornet as it preparo land on a carrier, the super hornet had to reaction swiftly. all this within uss nimitz.
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pentagon said this 13th so-called dangerous interaction between u.s. and iranian forces this year. no explanation offered to why that drone was not shot down instantly. for more on provocations from iran and north korea, we're joined by retired 4 star general jack keane, fox news military analyst, former vice chief of u.s. army, great to have you with us. >> glad to be here. lou: let's start if we may with this incidents with the drone. an iranian drone 100 feet of a u.s. navy fight jet, what in the world 1/navy putting up with. >> we had a number of aggressive moves by the iranians since we agreed to have a nuclear agreement with them in july of
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2015. they hav two drones in southeast corner of syria. they ran a 12 person -- vehicle convoy down there all those we had to destroy. iranian aggressiveness is clearly on display. likely we have an incident here, we'll have to go in and take down the base from which those drones are coming from. take down that capability. we cannot tolerate this nonsense of endangering our pilots to this degree. lou: and endangering all of thousands of our sailors' lives aboard the aircraft carrier, these games, i can't understand why u.s. navy thinks it should tolerate this, what the benefit is, and why there should not be an abjec lesson for the iranians once they would begin to think about threatening u.s. naval power. >> yeah, i mean, i agree with
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your conclusion. i think if i was the pacific cam command oer i would look back to push back, something they understand. and get permission to do something like that when an incident arises. we've had those opportunities with their patrol boats approaching our ships and this provocation for now the 13th time, it would be horrific if we have wait f fatalities. >> and president dealing with north korea, taking about fire and feuery is north korea -- fury if north korea continues to issue these threats. >> i think that president's message of deterrents and stern messaging is welcome. i think that choice of words could have been better, i like
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more measured and cleared messages. he seemed too be responding to north korea verbal threats, we're not starting a nuclear war over verbal threats. we want to back a statement up, i would give him a do-over on the statement, but in terms of sternness and warning to north korea, this is what i would get out of it military option he said on the table in january is still very much on the table. that is the message that we want north korea to get, because, the military -- option on the juice that is catalyst for these economic sanctions to get china involved, get the other countries, to pursue these economic sanctions in a way they have never in the past, i might add. if military option is real this administration as opposed to not real with previous one, this should be most vagu mote motivan
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with this. and the clock is ticking against us. lou: news over course of the past just month, that icbm capabilities are no longer 6,000 kilometers but 10,000, and they have a capacity to strike the continental united states when we thought there were months to go. just the beginning of this year. now discussion of do they have a hydrogen bomb, for crying out loud. when a miniaturize warhead now ready to be put atop one of those icbm's, at what point can the president ro nopresident rp. >> longer be patience with this bellicose regime. nuclear capable and ready to
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deliver on icbm's. >> that is why you know, you talk about actual capability here, it is interesting. the reality is that is why focus has to be on china. i find it strange, a couple of years ago north koreans were firing liquid, soviet era missiles, getting them off about 50% of the time, but now firing solid fuel, that have a mobile capability, that is sophisticated, they look like the chinese. i am convinced that the chinese is complicit in north korea having nuclear weapons and helping them accelerate this icbm program, there is not such intellectual renaissance taking
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place with the north korean engineers, the chinese are involved in protecting north korea, wanting to push united states out of south korea, wantinwanting to unify the peni. those are their strategic goals, we're on a collision course with the chinese over there i am convinced that this administration understands, that they are giving them a little bit of rope, to see what they do with the sanctions, but believe me a lot more than those sanctions has to be done. lou: as you warn this collision course with china, have you been warning about it for months this appears to be a horizon coming too much closer by each passing week. let's turn just putting context as we wrap up here. about your thinking, mutual assured destruction, now we have a rogue regime that as you say straight forward, i think, that
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has been north korea that has been nurtured by chinese technology, military, scientific advances and the icbm's and warheads is it time for u.s. to make i it clear and certain strategy of destruction of any chinese targets that we choose should the north koreans make the mistake of attacking or attempting to deliver a nuclear warhead against the united states, or any of our allies? >> that is not something i would state publicly. realistically it has to be discussed with the chinese and show them evidence we believe that we have in terms of their comcomecome placety -- com comp. if we have not done that, that
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would be a mistake, kim jong-un is banking o banking on, he bele with -- he believes that united states will accept that. reality just as we accepted nuclear weapons on the north korean peninsula and chinese icbamerica's after they had atomic weapons, we, they are banking on the fact that we're going to acquiesce. that is where they are coming from. >> general jack keane. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you, we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> president trump and other world leaders working together to stop north korea nuclear ambitions. >> saturday was a huge win for the united states, a huge win for the united nations, not a good day for north korea, and what yo you saw of all country e
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together and say this has to stop. >> will the sanctions be enough to stop north korea? the dean ed rollins joining us next. >> and trump administration battling to end opioid epidemic sweeping across america. >> i am confident by working with health care and law enforce am expert we'll fight this deadly epidemic and the u.s. will win. lou: we take up the crisis and much more ahead, stay with us,s, liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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let's meet at a sleep number store. lou: senate leader mitch mcconnell refusing to take responsibility for his failures to deliver legislative victories, instead, shamelessly, mcconnell trying to shift blame to president trump. listen to him at an event in a kentucky rot rotary club. >> our new president has not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. and so part of the reason i think that people feel we're
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under performing is because too many artificial deadlines, unrelated to reality of complexity of legislating may not have been fully understood . lou: can you believe what he said? when you heard? he is blaming the president of united states for expecting the united states senate and congress to pass a budget tax reform. to repeal obamacare, which they promised for 7 years now. and he calls those unrealistic expectations? that is what we got in the swamp, folks. joining me to talk about all of that and much more is the deedean himself, certaining in three presidential administrations, chief political adviser to house republican leadership, ed rollins, can you believe that son of a gun. >> i thought it was outrageous. standards set there, his
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standards, bottom line, every year congress is supposed to pass a fiscal budget, that is due october 1, they are nowhere near that. they have to raise a debt ceiling every year, they are nowhere near that, we have talked about tax reform for a period of time, they are nowhere near that. and obamacare is a promise he and his fellow members made for 7 years, and so, at the end of the day not like, you know president trump walked in said, here is my agenda. i think this is outrageous, he better look in the mirror, and name his own -- he is a good defensive person, stopping things, he is not good on the offense. lou: he is not worth a dog gone at anything, that i can see. and to say what she said is pure nonsense. the slogan of the evening
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here, put this up, ditch mitch. what do you think. >> it is time for a change this is a good as one as any. there are other members of the 52 that could step forward much i think he is tired, and his leadership is tired. >> he is tired, and absolutely dill ag dill delusional, he has sold out for so long. this is the persona that most voters had in their heads when they walked in to voting book and elected trump, anti-status quo, anti-establishment. >> president trump did not run on a brand-new agenda, he ran on the agenda these guys talked about. we're going to fix health
10:20 pm
care, and taxes on restructuring, and the wall, they have been talking about for a long time, not like he came in with a whole brand-new agenda. one thing keeping them from their agenda was probe, h president obama, he was not there any more, send me the stuff i'll sign it. lou: there is no question that it should be pro forma, to create a budget, they have not had one for 20 years, that is how gutless the political members of both parties are, and they call themselves legislatures. >> tha their responsibility, first and foremost. of 12 bills they passed 4, they have 8 more to go, i don't think they will, i think
10:21 pm
they will do what they always do. shove it through if they can. american public is done with this leadership. lou: one person in washington dcright now delivering on his promises that man is president trump. and the rest they are phony bologna. i mean, ditch mitch. let's start with ditch mitch. and ryan don't get the idea that means you are off the hook either. we have plans for you too. ed, thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: ed rollins, vote in our poll, question, do you believe senator mitch mcconnell has excessive expectations as he pit it, for his own future as majority leader? cast your vote on twitter, at lo lou dobbs, follow he on twittering like me on facebook and instagram, and on wall street, stocks closing lower but still just off record highs, dow fell 33,' volume
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big board 3.3 billion shares, disney shares falling 2% in after-hours trading, following a miss on revenue, disney announcing they will put all their movies from netflix to create its own streaming service. by 2019. job openings hitting a 16 year high on july. how about that. and a tightening labor market and wages are sure to move higher as a result. a reminder to listen to my reports 3 time a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, president trump vows to win th fight against the nation's deadliest opiate crisis that he campaigned about alone. we'll have a full report to trudg trump administration to end the epidemic here next. stay with us. ♪
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lou: president trump today
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taking on country opioid crisis holding a briefing in bedminster, new jersey where the president pledged stepped up law enforcement to fight the epidemic. kevin cork with our report. >> they look at this scurge, they let it go by, we're not, strong law enforcement is vital to having a drug-free society. reporter: president trump's working vacation, continuing with a major briefing, about opioid fight in the u.s. to waive federal lo rule that restricts number of people who could receive stream under medicaid.
10:28 pm
the problem is ma -- it yawd rubled the-- >> quadrupled since 1999, this epidemic is devastating american live, families, and communities in. in 1999 new mexico had nation's worse drug overdose rate, 15 deaths per 100,000 people, but by 2015, west virginia topped list with front pe41 per 100,000 people, a common thread that saw numerous states from massachusetts to utah. worse for 12 month ending in september of 2016, nearly 60,000 americans died from overdoses, largest annual jump ever recorded. >> if we win, we'll stop that crap from coming in to our country. stop it. >> president trump talked about opioid battle on the campaign trail, white house
10:29 pm
officials say that president's initial federal budget would increase for treatment program and security while slowing medicaid. it could help a lot of people who need it. >> have you capacity of yankee stadium or dodger stadium, dying every single year in this nation, that is a crisis that has to be given incredible attention, and president is giving it that attention. reporter: a side note, president's briefing today comes on the very same day that state of new hampshire is suing the maker of drug oxycontin, a company, perdue farm a. they say that are drugmaker engaged in what they believe is deceptive marketing practices they believe that is part of the problem that has led to such an incredible addiction outbreak in that state. lou.
10:30 pm
lou: kevin thank you. we're coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. >> trump administration fighting against sanctuary cities, nationwide. >> american cities should be sanctuaries for law abide, americans. the people that look up to the law. not the criminals and gang members that we want the hell out of our country. >> more and more obstructionist dems are fighting to defend sanctuary cities, fox's greg jarrett joining us next. >> this wing suter takes to skies for a death defies stunt. we'll show you the video and much more coming up here nexexex copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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lou: this is a development that not everyone saw coming, president trump exchanged personal messages with special counsel bob mueller through his attorney. president's chief counsel telling "usa today" that president wanted t send -- wanted to send greetings. and notion of president firing mueller has never been on the table. new york city mayor bill de blasio prepared to follow in
10:35 pm
footsteps of rahm emanuel, chicago's mayor, saying he will take legal action if justice department withholding money from their sanctuary city's status. or because of it. 8 cities and counties have filed federal lawsuit challenging the president's sanctuary city policy. joining me now to discuss this lawless sanctuary cities. president's messages to mueller and much more greg jarrett, fox news contributor. >> good to be here. lou: let's start with these messages between president and bob mueller. >> you know, it is is not unusual, as long as president is not communicating directly with mueller. this is routine, i would communicate all of the time on behalf of clients and prosecutors, you try to bend their arms a little bit. lou: pleasantries. >> do you remember, president
10:36 pm
tweeted that mueller had a disqualifying conflict of interest, the president is right, he does. this was softening it a little bit. you know nothing really. lou: nothing to see here, moving on. >> nothing. lou: to sanctuary cities and de blasio, and rahm emanuel, and others. they are going to fight for their illegal immigrants, and the hell with public safety of chicagoans. >> good luck with that. in 1996, congress passed a law. that made is illegal to be a sanctuary city. you have to cooperate with immigration officials, federal, because they have primacy under the se the supremeacey laws, it was obama's justice department that ruled under this law, you with hold federal funds, obama didn't do it.
10:37 pm
if he had kate steinl kate stainly would likely be alive today, he could do something more there is a different law that says, it is a felony to shield or harbor a illegal immigrant. and it is punishable by 5 years behind bars. lou: why isn't the trump justice department -- >> they should, i hav written columns encouraging them to use that law to begin prosecutor people like the officials in strants that le san francisco that let the illegal ilillegal immigrant free. lou: there is nothing more ridiculous b than watching mayor rahm emanuel talking about how he will stand up for sanctuary city status. >> it is a diversion. lou: for what he is out of his mind. >> it all politics in chicago.
10:38 pm
you have 4 hun peopl 400 people dead this year in homicide. lou: not too small to get attention of augusta mayor. >> he is hoping to divert attention. not so clever subdefuge. lou: quickly, loretta lynch and the aliases along with everything else she did at attorney general. always was the bad guys who used aliases, heretofore. >> still bad guys using them, the bad guy may be loretta lynch and eric holder before here and others. i have a file they used them to hide documents from foya requests, he is the law on this a crime for a government official to willfully conceal a public document, a
10:39 pm
government document. is that what lynch did? she needs to answer that question in front of congress and under oath. lou: how about a grand jury. >> how about a special counsel. lou: that would have been 8 grea great column for you. >> he is joking, he knows i did write that column. lou: a great columnist. >> thank you. lou: thank you so much greg jarrett. roll video, a stunt man taking a wing suit flight through the magestic mountains of norway. now, watch, a waterfall, right through it. speeding topping 200 miles an hour, he barely got wet. what a trip. up next, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell failing
10:40 pm
to take responsibility. what does he do? he blames the president. my gosh. he had high expectations the president did, too high. we'll take it up with presidential historian doug wead, this is ditch mitch movement, i sense it is beginning strength.
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lou: president trump today calling out national left wing media, tweeted -- e-mail show that amazon washington post and failing "new york times" were relunctant to cover the clinton-lynch secret meeting in plane. they must be deeply hurt that national -- because they don didn't cover it. author, doug wead, former special assistance to push george h.w. bush. not covering the loretta lynch
10:45 pm
former president bill clinton meeting, it worth, loretta lynch has been documented by fired fbi director james comey by loretta lynch to have -- she ordered him, to obstruct justice, and to work with a campaign rather than investigate the that head of that campaign. the candidate herself hillary clinton. you have one mess after another and she is using aliases. when the hell did we decide, that it not bad guys using ale yeahaliases or e-- appointed, like loretta lynch and eric holder. >> what about lois lerner, she had a different name on her e-mail, toby miles.
10:46 pm
they would run into roadblocks. i mean, it is kind of an amateur way to hide. lou: amateurish, gain the law and punishable to 5 years in prison. >> if you have a sympathetic media, you don't have to have too many dodges to cooperate. it is frustrating. i will tell you history will catch up with them, you remember mulligan papers, kindly burn this letter, he said at bottom of that paper. goes to history books, every kid has a quiz in his history class, has to write what mulligan letters are, some day they will be writing about 33,000 e-mails. lou: i hope because the
10:47 pm
justice department starts prosecuting and moving forward, there is no excuse. when you go beyond that, we have a right now a government that is caught on a horns of a special counsel, a mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader saying that president's expectations are too high to have a budget and a tax reform, and for senate to actually pass a legislation it has promised it would for last 7 years, the swamp is ra ran. >> i think a lot of people suspected that drain the swamp was just a campaign slogan. now they are beginning to understand that donald trump is taking on not just democratic congress, he is taking on a republican congress, on forces that are
10:48 pm
entrenched here, all about money, they make tre tremendous amounts of money, they don't want to disturbed or interrupted. lou: it is money, and power that is as straight forward as it can be put. right now this president has disturbed there whose who had their clutches around both for so long, they will surely mean to destroy him. what is the next step do you think for the president? how can he best defend himself and arm himself against this extraordinary attack from all quarters? >> i think that go on offense, we have talked about this before, a question that you quiz many of your guests for almost 3 months, that is a conclusion they came to, it is what understan andrew jackson did, when he was cornered by
10:49 pm
leaders in the swamp, he went on offense and organized jackson paper it took a while to get started they fought back, i found it rather odd that they are attacking trump for having videos, videos they are evil can only be used by cnn, and everyone uses videos, so president has a perfect right under freedom of speech. he does not have to use printed material. lou: president trump's great transgression having a hundred million follow ors o followers on social media. they don't like that. doug wead thank you. >> thank you. lou: we have a great book to recommend, my new thriller i "putin's gambit."
10:50 pm
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lou: in our online poll we
10:54 pm
asked, do you believe it's time to repeal and replace ryan and mcconnell and all the rinos in congress? 97% of you said absolutely. joining me, charlie hurt, and mike gallagher. great to have you both here. let's start with mitch mcconnell and high expectations. charlie? this is the president's fault. he actually expects congress and the senate to do something and to do so efficiently and productively and with some respect for the taxpayer, the citizen and time itself. charlie: last week there was something extraordinary that happened in the united states senate. that was a bill -- a bipartisan bill to basically block president trump from doing
10:55 pm
anything to stop the bob mueller investigation. what we have is more bipartisan support from republicans investigating donald trump than we have to keeping their promise to repeal and replace obamacare. that's an extraordinary thing to realize. they have not learned anything from donald trump. they are where they were when he entered the scene and they are going to pay a price for it. lou: thom tillis himself comes out as a republican sponsor of this legislation. i have got to say, i am going tonld as kind as i can. he's not particularly bright here. mike: i spend a great deal of time in the carolinas. i hear on my radio show from north carolina residents who are so livid at him. the word is rage. they can't believe it. his voters, his constituents.
10:56 pm
north carolinaians say it's intended just for president trump. he said on the sunday morning shows saying we'll have this around for long time. this is directed at president trump. voters will have long memories over these acts. lou: tillis is shocking. he's obviously a sellout and not being very bright here. and i just can't even imagine how dumb the republican party leadership is until i start looking at some of the rank and file like tillis. what in the world? and of course -- charlie: maybe there is some good principle here and some sort of principled stance here. i don't know. but the idea that this is what they are going to prioritize
10:57 pm
their efforts is stunning to knee when they can't do the simple thing which is fulfill their promise to remove obamacare. mike: it makes you worry at a time like this when we have a crazed dictator with a nuke headed in our direction. how is congress going to show leadership at a time -- today the president putting the world on notice. putting north korea on notice. this is the time when americans ought to be thinking about being united rather than all this garbage and all this back and forth. we need to be together as americans and realize we face a real threat. lou: mitch mcconnell, i want a ditch mitch slogan which sums. you my thoughts for his career trajectory. the idea that mcconnell would blame the president of the united states for lofty expectations.
10:58 pm
remember ask not what your country can do for you? this was not an aspirational speech he gave to the rotary club by any stretch of the imagination. what do we make of a justice department who won't take on people running around in official office using aliases like loretta lynch, like eric holder. instead giving what appears at this point to be a free pass to an attorney general who obstructed justice and resorted to unlawful behavior, that is using an alias to avoid foia. charlie: there is enough evidence to open an investigation into that and the unmasking of trump officials during the campaign. that was the president of the united states allegedly -- not allegedly. we have real smoking gun evidence to suggest the president was using the most of powerful intelligence apparatus
10:59 pm
on the planet to spy on his political opponents in the united states of america, then they unmasked those people and leaked that information to damage them and hurt those people and punish their enemies. there should be an investigation into both of these things. and they should go as far as it goes to the top and she should prosecute. >> i respect both of you so much. i'm of a minds seth there is so much on the president's plate and america's threat. we have so much to struggle with. both of you are absolutely right. but we are facing something that's perilous. we need strong leadership, clarity and consistency it's a good time to have that muscular presidency many say is what trump is good at. lou: he's great eight. but he also has a great big government capable of doing more than one or two or three things
11:00 pm
at a time, including draining the damn swamp. charlie hurt, great to be with you. mike gallagher, same to you. great to be on the show with you. lou: good evening new warnings that north korea is closer than ever to becoming a full fledged nuclear power. u.s. officials concluded that moore, oklahomnorth korea. president trump today reacting to north kore north korean thre. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be


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