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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 9, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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at a time, including draining the damn swamp. charlie hurt, great to be with you. mike gallagher, same to you. great to be on the show with you. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. train to breaking news this morning. fire and fury. president trump lashing out at north korea as kim jong un threatens a missile strike on guam. confirming the country is now officially a nuclear power. lauren: after snapping a nine-game record winning streak for the dow jones industrial average. features lower across the board. dow futures down 21, not back down 28. cheryl: stocks under pressure in the korea.
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six soldiers were injured by a vehicle and calling the attack deliberate. chewing through the sea of red in japan. the nikkei 1.3% as investors piled into the safe haven over 1% in south korea as well. on trade to the entertainment giant announced it will go head-to-head with netflix starting its own entertainment dreaming surveys. "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ churning 35:01 a.m. in new york. when day, august 9th. and lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl personae. -- cheryl casone. we are following all of the
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rattling which has reached ahead. president trump in north korea treating such drugs of fire hours apart. north korea seriously considering a plan to launch a missile strike on a u.s. territory of guam. that is on two nuclear-capable bombers at andersen air force base. the governor guam says the island is prepared for any eventuality. lauren: more and president trump's comments and reactions to them from adam shapiro. reporter: good morning, cheryl, good morning, lauren. the crisis management in the crisis is north korea appeared he tweeted yesterday after many years of failure, countries come together to address the dangers posed by north korea. we must be tough and decisive. the "washington post" indicated north korea is a small nuclear device capable of putting on an intercontinental ballistic missile. this is how the president
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responded to that thread. >> north korea must not make any were threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening, beyond a normal state. as i said, and they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> democrats criticizing the president. senator dianne feinstein issued a statement saying isolating the north koreans have not held their pursuit of nuclear weapons and president trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic comments. they would prefer a negotiated settlement with the north korean, but the president is taking a hard stand against them. back to you.
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cheryl: the director of defense for national interest, harry cozzi honest and contributor to the hill and author of government gone wild, kristin hake. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: you wrote a lengthy piece on how we got here, but the big question, if they strike guam, what is the appropriate reaction from the united states? >> out bitterly that makes my head shake. if north korea actually decided to have the guys to strike on and let's assume that was a nuclear strike, president trump would have no choice to fire back and that is nuclear deterrence. we have seen in the passages stated u.s. policy that if another power strike in the u.s. policy would retaliate with nuclear weapons and that would mean the end of the north korean
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regime. keep in mind, kim jong un would be creating its own death warrant here. this is more bluster for north koreans. i don't think they're going to do it. lauren: where exactly is the red line? the president truman yesterday no more threat from north korea. an hour later we get thread they are prepared to strike long. is that a new redline? >> i think right now all options are on the table in trump is doing everything he can. obviously he took a position of strength telling north korea they will face fire in fuel. at the same time, you have wrecks tillerson telling north korea that the door that the georgia dialog is open in washington d.c. is willing to engage in conversation with the nation if they are willing to stop their missile. right now, all options are a possibility, but the bottom line is simply needs to be done. of course the key is going to be
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china. they start pressuring north korea to stop its nuclear weapons development. >> they agreed to sanctions. john bolton -- ambassador john bolton on the sean hannity last night. he agreed with you and what he thinks the problem here is. let's play that soundbite. >> we can blame barack obama for the fix we are in today. he guided the administration plan for missile defense and we are very much at risk because of obama's policies. i don't think we have the time. we've got much to decide whether we will allow north korea to have the capability to put nuclear warheads essentially anywhere they want inside the united states. cheryl: is he right? >> i think he's spot on. president rabbani had the policy. we can't give it to the most important part of the world when you got the military, you have a
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sequestration which there's so much damage to the military power. we would need a possible situation with north korea. you can project power and strength to deter somebody like kim jong un if your military is suffering. i agree with the ambassador 100%. lauren: what can we do to protect ourselves? if we pull up a map, they can strike major cities including new york city and washington d.c. in enacted states. we do have antimissile defense systems, but they only have a 50% track record of success. this is a pressing issue for the american people as well. what do we do to protect ourselves? >> absolutely a terrifying situation. we had this crazy, unpredictable leader who could throw the world and toward any time. it was a great step in the right
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direction. a $1 billion a year lost to north korea. it's unclear if the sanctions of the effect to the nearest of evidence to suggest that china may not implement the sanctions. we don't know if they will be held accountable for that. i think china is going to be the key here. north korea gets 85% from china. trump has tried to work with china, fostering relationship with chinese president to pressure them to get north korea to stop the nonsense. but china will not cooperate. it's going to be up to us. i think trump has shown he's willing to do that in the military action is still on the table right now. cheryl: we also talked to secretary of state tillerson is said we are willing to talk with north korea. they are being very clear that the talks need to happen, will they happen. that's up to north korea at this
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point in china as well. thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, cheryl and boring. lauren: new development in the controversial memo slamming google for lack of diversity. cheryl: tracee carrasco joins us with more on that story which is the story that keeps on giving. reporter: good morning, guys. that story is not going away. the google engineer who wrote the 10 page anti-diversity manifesto has a national labor relations board against google over his firing. could also initiate a separate receiving with the california department of fair employment and housing for the federal equal employment opportunity commission. a potential claim in court for alleged retaliation or discrimination under state or federal discrimination laws. all these court proceedings could of course take a while. the story will likely continue.
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cheryl: that face is so young. so much to say. let's talk about the big news for disney, obviously the report was pretty rough. reporter: walt disney did make a big digital movie yesterday, and announcing a director streaming service to compete with netflix. the service is expected to launch in 20 nay demand will be the exclusion for a new animated and theatrical disney pixar film. netflix will continue to have access to disney films through the end of 2019. netflix began in 2016, a multiyear deal for disney film. the deal will end. shares took an immediate head after the disney needs dropping about 4%. lauren: disney and netflix both down this morning. we hear david letterman is making a come back with a brand-new show. reporter: and netflix announcement has picked up a new show by david letterman.
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former host of cbs's late show. six episodes each in our log and will feature an interview with lettermen and a guest as well as a segment in which he asked or is the world. letterman says he's only in the planes page right now. no release date has been set for his new show. trinity is probably regretting retiring one of the most jaw-dropping news cycles we've ever had in our nation's history. lauren: although, just enjoy life. he's got all that money. he's going to be able to keep it. that was his deal with netflix. i don't know if you're supposed to take people like david letterman seriously. lauren: is a great interviewer. we have got a lot more coming up. of course, following all the news that north korea. kris jenkins with the latest on the threat and the tensions between the u.s. north korea. a live report from washington
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drapery welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. a suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of a police officer arrested last night. he and mccarthy in a run for nearly two days before the shooting of officer gary michael after a traffic stop sunday night. he's been charged with first-degree murder. overseas, six soldiers mow down by a car in paris. the manhunt in testifying. the car was waiting for the soldier to go on patrol just outside the barracks northwest suburb of the city. facebook founder mark zuckerberg acting more and more like presidential candidate. he's been posting pictures of himself on face the posing with residents in early voting states, raising speculation about his possible political
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future. two more years before he can legally be sworn in. train to jfk coming young president. breaking news we follow for you. overnight, president trump threatening fire and fury. the warning comes as the rogue nations threatens to strike while come home to thousands of u.s. service members live and washington d.c. we've got the latest. >> good morning, cheryl ann warren. the governor bomb is trying to calm residents after aggressive plans for an attack bowing the tiny island of wood the defendant. he says any threat or attack on guam is an attack on the united states. the first time they have threatened guam comes on the heels that the regime has a warhead capable of fitting inside an icbm missile. president trump issuing stern warning for kim jong occurring.
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>> north korea must not make any threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury but the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond the normal state. as i said, they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> wanted some to andersen air force base in thousands of u.s. troops setting some two dozen miles southeast of north korea and is armed with the u.s. high-tech missile defense system. former commander of the atlantic fleet, admiral robert matter told this is not a trailer. >> i can tell your headquarters in hawaii, headquarters on the peninsula, operating forces in
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the area have looked very closely at specifics of having to attack. this is not a drill. this is very serious in china has to step up and help us put pressure on north korea. they make democrats blasting the president's comments. chuck schumer saying we need to be firm and deliberate with north korea, the reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep america safe. dianne feinstein same president trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic comment. we have seen all week long b-1 bombers flying round guam over the korean peninsula and to show the strength to our allies. cheryl, i would add this comment is certainly time now for china to step up. we should see them at daybreak. cheryl: arkestra seen that exact thing in the day. good to have you on the show. >> thank you. lauren: after rain and flooding from a clear day in the
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northeast finally. also keeping an eye on this. tropical storm franklin has made landfall again in mexico. janice dean will have your forecast coming out. the world today mourning the loss of a country pop music legend. we'll have reaction to the death of clan campbell. -- glenn campbell. ♪ today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart?
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♪ transferred the world mourn the loss of countries are going campbell after battle with alzheimer's. he became a staple in country music history setting the years to defend dunfermline crewmember have been outpouring of messages that this is what his longtime friend dolly parton treated good campbell is one of the greatest voices of all time. i will always love you, glenn. tim mcgraw said this. songs, songs, songs a world of good stuff is as great. and a lot of great stuff, has a special and of course his daughter, ashley. heartbroken, i owe him everything i am and everything i will be. he will be november so well. so much love with a picture of them holding hands. glenn kimball died in nashville yesterday.
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he put out an album in june called audios. he was 81 years old. cheryl: but it's got a major tropical storm now threatening mexico. for more on that and a look at the forecast fox senior meteorologist janice dean is standing by in the weather center. good morning. >> good morning. tropical storm franklin will be her first hurricane of the atlantic season. let's look at the u.s. they will not affect us in the mainland here. the showers and thunderstorms along the frontal boundary, southeast also looking at potential for strong to maybe severe storms for the upper midwest and the great lakes also looking at scattered under stones at the northern plains. they share forecast was showers and thunderstorms. great lakes, upper midwest. copies looking good in new york city.
5:25 am
sunshine and mid 80s. tropical storm franklin strengthening 55 miles per hour. 15 win as it moves into the warm areas that the day will become a hurricane. second landfall across mexico. the main threat is obviously going to be not only the wind, but heavy rainfall. over a foot of rain could be catastrophic for this region. wednesday and thursday eventually making his second landfall on thursday and again the legacy is going to be the heavy rain and we will feel some of the moisture working its way into his in texas, louisiana, mississippi, even though we have direct impact, we will feel moisture from franklin. we are watching something start to develop in the atlantic. if you live anywhere across the atlantic, gulf of mexico, vulnerable areas or you can be hit by hurricanes coming in to have preparation now.
5:26 am
trade to janus, we are looking at a rougher hurricane season. a lot of people are raising their eyebrows over that, correct? >> we are headed terms of named storms. nothing has affected us in the u.s. and its been over a decade since we've had a major hurricane hit the u.s. coastline. a lot of people are complacent, though we are watching waves off the coast of africa. people need to be vigilant to make sure you have your hurricane preparation plant. in some cases these things develop quickly and close to land. we'll keep you posted. >> may be a busy season for you as well. lauren: coming up, more on the north korean nuclear threat. more than 100 cases of salmonella linked to mexican papaya is. we will have the latest on that story. general motors going head-to-head with uber as well as left with the ridesharing top of its own. stock market futures reacting to
5:27 am
the new catalyst which is north korea dow 30. down for the first time in 11 days. s&p futures down nine kevin nasdaq's thinking may 31 or half of 1%. we will be right back. ♪ years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime.
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>> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. lauren: breaking news. president trump lashing out at north korea as it threatens a missile missile strike on the u.s. territory of guam. u.s. intelligence says the country is now officially a nuclear power. cheryl: tensions with north korea wayne on global stock investors. as you can see after snapping a 90 winning streak, all in the
5:31 am
reds this morning could the dow lower by 34. s&p nasdaq as well. lauren: news that takes french soldiers were hit and injured by a vehicle in a suburb of paris not helping. the cac in paris on 1.5%. cheryl: following that breaking news. stocks in asia following as well. the dip in japan commit the nikkei up 1.3%. stocks down 1% in south korea as well. lauren: general motors going head-to-head with uber and lyft but the ridesharing map of its own for autonomous vehicles. "fbn:am" starts right now. ♪ cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york in wednesday, august 9th. good morning, cheryl casone. lauren: i and lauren simonetti. i'm the gm is coming taking
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workers to work in self driving cars. i would love to get picked up in an autonomous vehicle once or twice. still scary to me. president trump in north korea treating threats of fire hours apart according to north korea considering it planned to launch a missile strike on the u.s. territory of om come home two nuclear-capable bombers at andersen air force base. the governor says the island is prepared for a quote any eventuality. trade to more and president trump's comments and reactions to them from adam shapiro. reporter: good morning, cheryl. good morning, lauren. the president's working vacation is turning into crisis management and the crisis is north korea. he tweeted yesterday, after many years of failure, countries are coming together to address the dangers posed by north korea. we must be tough and decisive. the "washington post" published
5:33 am
a story indicating north korea has a small nuclear device that it is capable of putting on an intercontinental ballistic missile. this is how the president responded to the threat. >> north korea must not make any more threats to the united states. they will be mad with fire and fury that the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement. and as i said come and they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. reporter: democrats criticizing the president. senator dianne feinstein, democrat of california says isolating the north koreans has not been the pursuit of nuclear weapons and president trump is not helping the situation with his bombastic comment. feinstein and other democrats
5:34 am
would prefer a negotiated settlement with the north koreans, but the president is taking a hard stand against them. back to you. lauren: president trump stayed in touch with russia council robert mueller, telling "usa today" that the president has sent messages through his lawyer expressing appreciation and greetings to former fbi director. sources say mueller convened a grand jury in the investigation into russian interference in collusion with the term campaign in the 2016 election. despite cooperation trump has publicly criticized mueller: this inquiry which found. cheryl: also in washington, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sharing frustration about congress being criticized for not getting anything done. speaking at a gathering in kentucky yesterday and he says part of the reason behind the storyline is president trump and others have set early timelines to get things done by a certain
5:35 am
point. >> or new president of course has not been in this line of work before. and i think that excessive x dictations about how quickly things happened. in the democratic process. trey jinnah, i think congress should a judge with a complete its two-year assessment. lou dobbs last night on fox business is very critical of comments from mitch mcconnell and said this is why president trump would select it. they need to get to work. lauren: they want is done faster. not business as usual our politics as usual. the crisis in venezuela. regional governments not to recognize the powerful new assembly. four ministers from 17 nations including brazil and mexico saée condemning the venezuela government in their gathering in paris yesterday. the assembly was installed after an election widely considered fraudulent.
5:36 am
venezuela president nicolas maduro reportedly planning to rewrite the constitution through the assembly. trade your president trump fulfilling his promise to make america work again. job numbers hitting a record high. lauren: tracee carrasco joining us with nissan not in other headlines making news this morning. reporter: a few numbers from the u.s. department of labor showed job openings jump a record high in june. stash of the number of job openings have increased since 2014 and on the last day in june, there were 6.2 million jobs available. this could be an indication companies are having trouble finding qualified workers. the industry with the most jobs available with social assistance along with construction. >> no surprise there the housing market doing well. this is a health alert for people this morning. many cases of salmonella being linked to papaya. reporter: that's right.
5:37 am
109 people in 16 states have gotten sick with salmonella after eating papaya from mexico. 35 people had to be hospitalized than one person in new york city has died. the papaya has been traced to a farm in southern mexico. the cdc recommends consumers not to eat cover restaurants not surveyed retailers not sell these papaya's from mexico. cheryl: this happened fast. it was originally just new york, connecticut and new jersey. all right, general motors developing the ridesharing map. but there is a twist i'm hearing. reporter: this is interesting. a gm self driving division has its own right having which could be assigned gm is looking to develop a network of robo taxis. acquired by gm last year's testing up a service for roughly 150 employees to be shuttled around silicon valley in self driving cars. also a partnership with the lyft
5:38 am
to create self driving vehicles. silicon valley and detroit are enemies. they need to work together, doing things they don't want to. train to are you guys ready to get into self driving vehicles? lauren: i think it is commercial first baby of a couple years. cheryl: i'm not ready, but i'm a chicken. lauren: she's not a chicken. i'm more scared of the drivers. thank you, good to have you. coming up, investors rattled by threats over north korea's nuclear missiles. find out how to protect your investment from geopolitical risk. an iranian drone comes dangerously close to a u.s. fighter jet. we are on that story. you are watching "fbn:am". ♪ it's all right, it's all right,
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up in what's happening now. a dangerously close call between an iranian drone in the u.s. fighter jet. u.s. officials said the unarmed aircraft are within 100 feet of a plane trying to land on an aircraft carrier in the persian
5:42 am
gulf. the drone ignoring radio warning before backing down. this is the first time an iranian drone has been aggressive with u.s. forces through this comes as the pentagon has authorized military action to destroy or track any drone seen as a threat to the united states. strong earthquake in southwest china has killed at least 19 people. almost 250 others have been injured with seven frontier of magnitude greater knocked out power and phone networks complicating search efforts. finally, cheetahs fans are going to be and have been for three days next week. a cheetahs theme restaurant will open here in new york city from august 15th until the 17th. the menu for the cheetahs pop-up restaurant was designed by and morale of the food network. she does tacos, fried pickles and yes, cheetahs cheesecake right by us in times square. lauren: cheetahs fried pickles are calling my name. let's go monday.
5:43 am
west end should investors take to protect their portfolios against global risk giving the latest developments that we've seen. deputy director of private wealth management joining us now. hey, chris. we have been hearing stocks at record highs. one thing that could really jolt intake on the market was escalation from north korea and that the environment we are in this morning. what he do? >> absolutely. thanks for having me, lauren. everyone is concentrated with regards to north korea. unfortunately, the timing is engraved. finishing up second-quarter earnings. not a lot of financial data between now and labor day. typically, august and september are the worst month for the equity market. investors should be cautious, not get too emotional. obviously, focusing on asset allocation further plan.
5:44 am
there's a reason why they've got cash and gold and typically in their portfolios. look at the markets right now. i produce by selling off in asia. gold is rallying and so the market is responding. i don't think we want to overreact. good news with regard to the u.n. it looks like the world is united in making sure that north korean aggression doesn't stand out and we think that we will make it through this. lauren: japan and south korea are down 1%. here in the u.s., we are not seeing the major selloff, but what i just heard you say is earnings season is winding down. a new catalyst being geopolitical up against some of the roughest months of the year's, september the cover. witness the time for investors to take money out of the market? >> not necessarily. you want to think not necessarily emotionally about what going on right now, but
5:45 am
longer-term. that is why you want to be diversified, have cash, fixed income and equities. what i would say if it does make sense to be cautious. equity markets up about 30% from february 16th blow to about 12% year-to-date. and earnings have been very good. i agree with you. i think it is a time to be cautious, but i don't necessarily think it's a time to make a drastic change. transfer finally saw the cix index yesterday. we've had a stretch of very small in your list to the market. the s&p not living 1% in either direction since the middle of may. had he played to an environment like that and what does it say to you? >> it says something about normalization of markets moved away from this monetary policy affect in the markets in seeing more normalization. economic policy becoming a lot more stable and markets are
5:46 am
responding to that. in addition, entering pretty quiet. for the markets. i don't think people are doing anything drastic in making any big moves. i think that will continue. in the intermediate term, the volatility is going to change, pick up that investors need to be prepared for it. truth or volatility not always a bad thing for the stock market. the federal reserve watching all of this then the next rate hike comes in december. christopher commit thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. it doesn't happen very often, the facebook senior umpire got himself suspended. what he did or actually what he said. film director spike lee wants help former nfl quarterback: kaepernick get a job. plus, global market reaction to the tension between the u.s. and north korea. a live report from london.
5:47 am
we will update you with the latest out of paris. u.s. stock exchanges are down again over tensions between the u.s., north korea. you are watching "fbn:am." these ♪ whoa that's amazing... hey, i'm the internet! i know a bunch of people who would love that. the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you and publish your site with just a few clicks-even from your... phone. the internet is waiting
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tree and 35:50 a.m. in new york which means sports with jerry max. cheryl: we are going to play a
5:51 am
game i'm told. >> yes, a sport game. it's called the greatest catch it has nothing to do with fishing. let's roll the surreal. who had the greatest catch a major-leaguea saw last night? cincinnati reds centerfielder billy hamilton from father to the wall and makes this grab. we didn't factor in the final score because the reds lost 7-3 to the padres. as billy hamilton of the cincinnati reds. chicago up 6-3. brian mccann smashes deep center. work the angle of the fence. check this out, digs his cleats into the fence to allow him to have a little better footing to climb up the wall. you also stole the wall from the fan. we also have billy hamilton and brand angle. yossi up week of the dodgers. leading by a run perfectly timed
5:52 am
over the wall and they catch in the dodgers suffer a greater loss in the last 52 games. going to the middle one. cheryl: i'm actually going with billy hamilton because of his reaction after that. big huge smile, look so happy. how is my favorite. >> lauren. lauren: plate. no drama necessary. >> you've got the cleats in. popular veteran umpire joe west suspended three games by major league baseball because of what joe west said about texas rangers third baseman adrian bell trained in an interview with "usa today." he said it got to be adrian bell tray. every page you call that is a strike. i had been recently on the pitch was right on the middle. he tells me the ball is outside. i tell him he may be a great ballplayer, but you are the
5:53 am
worst hump in the league. you stink. owning their own airplanes makes sense they would be the jet. after the comeback victory in super bowl 51, new england patriots are part of the purchase to boeing 760 sevens to fight against with one primary and one backup. every seat a first-class seat and never quite all the way. how would you like to buy the tennessee titans? not the whole team, and one third of the team. adam smith is selling her shares in the team worked $660 million. recently valued at 4 billion. august 23rd, 5:00 p.m., new york city. the heart of rush hour. a protest/rally will take place outside of park avenue in honor of: kaepernick. spec lead posted this.
5:54 am
i did not organize and set up this protest, however i still support my brother on the injustices in the u.s.a. another respected member of the sports world we've lost this week. mcpherson died at the age of 86. he took over the orange program in 1981, right through 1990. he's the second winningest coach in syracuse history. the final major event on the series golf calendars tomorrow. in two years it will be in the month of may. the pga championship in long island, new york. instead of august they move things to. kind of a neat concept squeeze between the masters and the u.s. open. cheryl: that's a big totem of the calendar. >> everybody seemed so happy about it to help accommodate for the olympics going on.
5:55 am
lauren: thank you. you can catch sports reports on fox news headlines 20 for seven on a serious xm channel 115. cheryl: coming up, watching global markets. investors around the world react and to heighten tensions with the u.s. and north korea. we will get from london. we'll be right back. these >> these ♪ ot the trend analysis. hey. hi. hi. you guys going to the company picnic this weekend? picnics are delightful. oh, wish we could. but we're stuck here catching up on claims. but we just compared historical claims to coverages. but we have those new audits. my natural language api can help us score those by noon. great. see you guys there.
5:56 am
we would not miss it. watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint. i love to learn.
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5:58 am
cheryl: rising tension between north korea and the u.s. is being felt around the world from an investment standpoint. markets under pressure. riva gold. we are seeing the global reaction by investors to the rhetoric between president trump and the north koreans. >> yeah, definitely. this may not be large relative to nuclear annihilation, but they are certainly really different from the quiet summer we've had. you are seeing a rally in traditional safe haven assets like gold and the japanese yen. a pretty big selloff in
5:59 am, particularly in south korea and japan. lauren: what is interesting is this north korea issue has been an issue for quite some time. yesterday the rhetoric increase. why have investors largely ignored until now? >> markets incredibly resilient. one of the reasons because the reaction in south korea is particularly a stock market was still, over the summer, rally to record highs to be kind of quiet day. they haven't been attributed directly to north korea's leadership. a lot of investors haven't really seen not as something like as something likely to actually materialize and action. very hard to price them. it's a very binary risk and i'm not sure investors know what does the good in the event of an actual escalation of tension they are. the treasury's really help you if you're actually facing the prospect of a nuclear threat it becomes a lot less clear is a lot harder to pray send.
6:00 am
cheryl: very good point. we should also point out a lot of pressure right now in paris. he got the attack on the policeman. >> one and three quarters%. that's handed over. we've got a lot of situations globally and geopolitically on our hands. maria bartiromo. be my guess, we sure do. happy wednesday. thanks for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. wednesday, august 9th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. an attack near paris, six soldiers injured after a vehicle thought into them. a massive manhunt under way right now for the driver of the vehicle. north korea's constructing the united states after putting the country on notice. >> we must not make any more threats to the united states.


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