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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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david: erik prince thank you. >> thank you. melissa: that was jam-packed from the president, doubling down on north korea. david: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> maybe it wasn't tough enough, they have been doing this to our country for many years, it's about time someone stuck up for the people of this country, north korea better get their act together, or they will be in trouble like a few nations ever have been in trouble in this world. liz: president trump finishing remarks about situation in north korea, dow dropping 205, continuing the plunge after hours, nasdaq down 2% as north korea said it is days away from the plan to fire 4 missiles into the waters near the u.s. pacific territory of guam. president trump intensifying his warnings as military threats between dc and pyongyang heats
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up, u.s. confirming a plan of attack using b-1 bombers and north korea has detailed a plan to lob missiles within miles of guam by mid august, i am liz mack donald, president receiving a top security briefing after reports say that north korea is considering firing 4 missiles at guam, home of 6,000 u.s. servicemember, reports are that they could end up near waters near guam. rex tillerson is returning to washington from his trip to asia after a stop off in guam yesterday. august is historically month that u.s. and south korea engage in major joint military exercises that usually sets north korea on edge. august and september historically are a rocky period for the stock markets, guam governor saidin saiding he wanta strong u.s. president. >> for our administration and
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people of guam, there is concern, and worry, there is no panic. as far as i am concerned as an american citizen, i want a president that says, that if any nation such as north korea, attacks guam, attacks honolulu, attacks the west coast, that they will be met with hell and fury. liz: first let's check out what happen wod triple digit decline on the dow today, get to nicole on the floor of new york stock exchange. reporter: there is nervousness on the market, we saw a 70 point loss in last two days, today 204 on the dow jones average, 1% loss. sell-off we saw for the dow, nasdaq and s&p was most since may 17, and we saw everyone
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flocking to save haven of gold. gold jumped 1280 today that is a new high for highest in two months, after gaining more than 16 dollars yesterday. so those were safe havens, we got earnings about after the bell, news corp parent of "new york post" and "wall street journal" coming in with bc bettr than expected earnings, revenue just a slight miss. liz: thank you, nicole, on north korea, calling president trump's threat to meet belligerents with fire and fury, a load of nonsense, president doubling down, saying his fury threat quote was not tough enough. and saying force is only way to deal with u.s. this as u.s. defense secretary james mattis warning north
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korea, that reinforcing the president's strong words saying that democratic people's republic of korea should cease any considering of act that would lead too end of its regime and the destruction of its people. joining us retired four-star general jack keane. the threats are escalating. do you think that north koreans will fire off missiles in waters near guam. >> it does not make sense to me they would take that provocation. clearly the united states will respond militarily. you know what the north korean -- their calculation is sound. this is what i mean. they believe that only way to stop the united states from taking down the regime in north korea is not just to have nuclear weapon pointing at the south. it is hold american people at risk. that is their calculation, they
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believe we would accept that, as we have nuclear weapons in north korea. so if you believe that, that is their calculation, di i do belie that, they are trying to prevent is the end of their regime, that means they are not going to fire weapons at guam. which would require an incredible response by united states, tbawm i guam is an allye military basis and hundreds of thousands of american citizens. we'll not tolerate that, i don't think they would do it, i think it is sabre rattling and face saving within their north korea elite, they understand what is happening. liz: if they did shoot missiles near guam, what would u.s. response be? >> i think that united states, i'm not convinced they would let them shoot the missiles to begin with. that is another calculation that our military has capability too
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deal with, they may take the missiles out before they are launched, why would we permit them on launch them, and endanger the lives of people there. option two, once launched we would shoot them down, and there would be a military response. the scale of which is president's decision. >> general, you know north korea is threatening the region, japan, china, south korea and he is brutalized his own people, trump is getting criticized for his rhetoric, feinstein, and schumer they don't like it saying this is reckless rhetoric. >> i don't think i would have chosen quite those words myself, but he is the president, he chose them, here is what i think the words are about he wants china, and north korean leadership to clearly understand that the policy of appeasement
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and accommodation his breadth ses -- breadt predecessor exer d with north korea, is over, we will not tolerate the dangerous path they are on. that why strong language exists. that is the message he wants to get, it is reinforced by secretary of state tillerson, and secretary of defense mattis. i clearly, we're on the same page here in united states, on national security team from commander in chief down, we're not -- we're not going to tolerate military provocation die nortbynorth korea against af united states interests. >> john f kennedy's real fear was an accidental nuclear war because of miscommunication, here is the president commenting on past presidents. >> they have been negotiating
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for 25 years, look at clinton, he folded on negotiations, we was weak and ineffective, you look at bush and obama, obama didn't even want to talk about it. i talk. it is about time somebody has to do it. liz: your thoughts here? >> i think he is absolutely right. we have had 25 years of coddling the north koreans, because of their bellicose language, and because of their intensity. and now we have a president that is not going to tolerate circumstance he is trying to comm -- tolerate it, he is trying to documen cute communicd get in their head i am serious. liz: is there a chance of miscommunication? >> always that possibility, but you go back to premise of north koreans and why do they want nuclear weapons and why do they
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want icbm's to preserve "the regime yesterdaregime," would t? i doubt it. because, while language coming out of north korea is bombastic and bellicose and et cetera, their strategy is rational from their national interest perspective. >> president also responding to a question about a possible preemptive strike on north korea. >> mr. president, consider a preemptive strike? >> wo we don't talk about that,i never do. i am not like the there was administration that said we're going to mosul in 4 months, we'll see what happens. liz: to your point, is north korea nuclear weapon program a negotiating tool a way to inflate its own importance. what do they want? more diplomatic recognition?
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>> well, step number one is he wants to have real military capability to preserve his regime, and separate united states and south korea. china plays at this as well. so that the u.s. troops go home from south korea. and number three, north korea and china bowl would like to unite that peninsula, not under the rule of south korea but under the rule of north korea, that is a stretch to be sure. but nonetheless, those of their goals. liz: to isis, "wall street journal" reporting that isis can now airmail bomb parts to terror cells in world, and lone wolves can get plastic explosives and components for bomb and on internet bomb instruction, here is what happened in australia. authorities there stop an isis plan to blow up a commercial jet out of sydney last month, with bomb ingredient shipped by ain't ai-- byan air flight to from tuo
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australia. >> the fact that it was shipped from turkey to australia is a new chapter. but the radical islamists have been playing around with plastic explosives for some time now. remember the bomber the airplane? and he had a problem with it. they have been trying to work this thing because, plastic explosives, they likely is not going to be detected unless it is kind of shaped like a gun or something. it would not be. so, that is the reality of this thing. they are trying to beat our security profile we have at airports, they have never given up on the strategic value of bringing dunan airliner ever since osama bin laden had the kind of tactical success he had on 9/11. they have been preoccupied with that as a major event that would
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galvanize support for them, you know throughout the world, if they are able to pull something like that off, that is why they or this, isis is on it. remember in ye yemen, that entie al qaeda, afilliated group, they have been on this for years, they have wanted to put it in people's stomach, they are not giving up on this technology. liz: general jack keane, thank you for coming on, we appreciate and you your service. >> good talking to you, liz. liz: dow dipping over 200, many defense stocks hitting all tilee high, including lockheed-martin, and raytheon, and northrop grumman, it hit a record high intraday but ended low, l3 closed in the green, next up, president trump not happy about comments made by senator mitch
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mcconnell, tweeting out that republican senate majority leader ought to get back to work. can the two and can the president and administration continue to work together with congress? karl rove is here, he will weigh in, do not touch that dial, stay right there, karl rove is next. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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dc this afternoon president trump said this in respond to a reporter who asked if senator mcconnell should be fired. >> if he doesn't get repeal and replace done, and if he does not get taxes done, meaning cuts and reform, and if he does not get infrastructure, he does not get that done, you can ask me that question then. >> today president trump blasted senator mcconnell in tweets could saying mitch, get back to work. put repeal and place -- tax reform, cuts and a great infrastructure bill on my desk for signing, you can do it. former speaker of house newt gingrich disagrees with president trump. >> a collective failure, both troubltrump administration and republican senate failed. but to get involved shooting at each other with 16 democrats voting no for every single republican voting no is goofy.
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>> liz: joining me now is karl rove. you shouldn't shoot at each other under the same teng tent. who do you agree with? >> i agree with speaker newt gingrich's o observation. i think that mitch mcconnell -- he said we'll get a fact cut tal and replacement of obamacare, he said a big infrastructure bill. we're 200 days into administration, this week. president trump is appointing his infrastructure committee, there is no bill, no outline, no piece of legislation that administration has proposed. this is a cur of i a -- that she expanded. he should have maybe called mcconnell, say i did not
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appreciate that. mcconnell was giving him sound advice, since then has turned into a food fight, that serves nobody purpose except for schumer and pelosi. liz: now they are going back to their hometown, talk to their constituents, voters do not like the dcswamp, and trump voter does not like fact that republicans have nothing to show 7 months in. can they work together? what is going with tax cuts? >> there is no doubt that they can and should work together. mcconnell has been around town a long time, he has seen people come and go out of the white house, he needs to have president working with him, not against him, president taking pot shots at members of senate does not help. and similarly it does o not help for president to take pot shot at republicans in the congress.
5:20 pm
mitch mcconnell came within won'onevote of getting done what president wanted, the focus should be how can we get that one vote more. i feel better about tax reform, there have been regular meetings between chairman of house ways and means committee, and senate finance committee chairman and administration and mcconnell and ryan, and then secretary of treasure mnuchin. and gare cohen that is very important to have them knit up. we had no similar sets of ongoing cooperation conseeings conversations between the healthcare and it shows. liz: according to his team he has a fraught relationship with g.o.p. lawmakers it is like they are joined in a shotgun
5:21 pm
marriage. we keep congressmen saying this is not personal, we're for the american people, you know voter out there is is not believing that, they feel like, personal, there is a grudge match going on, what do you think? >> you know, there is in some instances, when you question the patriotism of john mccain, mccain maybe as not fully gotten over that, i don't know. but i do know that trump came into office with not normal strengths that republican presidential candidate would come in, he his nat bee not beea republican for a long time. he didn't do a fundraiser for so and so running for u.s. senate. and show when he came in he shod have recognize to have that unity and support, that he needed to go out of his way to cultivate and encourage it. you get more with honey than vinivinegar.
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he has tremendous skills. he needs to make certainly has strong good personal relationship with as many of the leaders as possible, you don't get that by tweeting about them, and blowing it up. president has to be adult in the room, if he wants to get his agenda done, look, 2018 it will be republican house members and republican senators that suffer, but in 2020 it will be the president if he runs for reelection, he is the leader if he can't lead and get his party to get the agenda done, he can't shoveeshovel that blame to othe. liz: karl rove thank you. >> thank you. liz: you know that disappearing message app, snapchat, trump earned worse than expected earnings a few moments ago after the ipo, this stock, shot to 29,
5:23 pm
snap down 44% since the ipo, down to 11 bucks and announced 7 million new users down from 8 million new users last quarter, stoke did tick slightly up it is currently down 14% in after-hours trading. >> next up a gym opener in atlanta georgia refusing to let police and members of military join, one police officer is fighting back, he will join us. liz: a blow against a crackdown on sanctuary cities in texas, a federal judge trying to stop texas governor crackdown on sanctuary cities, will trump administration be able to keep its promise to stop what is going on with sanctuary cities that story coming up, don't go away.
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liz: trump administration invited 20 democrat house members to white house it discuss tax cuts, can they work together.
5:27 pm
we take it to the power panel, jesjessica should republicans gt tax cuts done, getting the economy going out of the rut, and if the economy grows voters would not have to listen to carping from big government socialists. >> well, i don't want to listen to bernie sanders any more. >> news flash for you. >> and i do think they should get tax cuts done, a plan that has been laid out, i don't think they will find a lot of compromise with with democrats. i think it since rifting that they are doing -- it is interesting they are doing this, white house has been reaching out since june, which is not reported. where we can negotiate is maybe corporate rate and personal rate, if you know democrats are willing to lower corporate rate, they know if we bring back billions of dollars -- trillions that are overseas, to the u.s., that will be good for the economy. and maybe we can relax a little on individual rate. liz: a cheaper form of stimulus.
5:28 pm
bree is a booming economyopoly waonly economy theonly way. >> there is always question of how those programs will be paid for, and also it makes sense for democrat to accept this olive branch from white house and meet with them, and hammer out a tax reform. bannon has been in support of increasing income taxes for we'llies wealthiest of american. so i think it will makes sense for those interests, on this particular issue to come together and hammer that out. you know whether or not that best is different, but it makes sense for democrat to work with this administration and this white house. liz: this should be a no-brainer for democrats in both house and senate. you mentioned maybe a wall of
5:29 pm
reresistance in sean in senate. this number between now and summer 2019. house and -- are up, they have to get it done. >> they do. and bree reminded my, i wanted to mention infrastructure, that is an area of compromise that trumpresident trump today with s press avail. in bedminster, there is no doubt, there is a new organization that just got launched by centric bes democrao deal with problem of number of seats lost it has to do with going out in talking to people, about what happened in 2016, and over obama's tenure on do better in 2018. liz: talking to country,
5:30 pm
switching gears, lawmakers are holding fewer town halls during their summer recess, only 80 member of house, and 13 senators announced they will have town halls over august recess, 175 members of congress have yet to hold one, in 2017, bree, it looks like they are being thought of as at picnics are they afraid to face their constituents over what is going on in the swamp? >> if you look at numbers, mostly republicans who have not done a town hall this year, and i think that makes sense,a safety question, utah republican party released a statement telling its congressmen to hold off because democrats were becoming violent. at one jason o jace -- jason ja.
5:31 pm
and when they did not get their way they showed up at his house and started protesting and scared his neighbors. this increasing and ratcheted up rhetoric from the left and activists that are violent toward republicans is what is making them hold off. liz: t bree's point, this is a serious concern. >> yes, i take bree's point. i don't think that republicans are hiding because they are afraid of the threat. liz: they may. >> but she is making a blanket
5:32 pm
statement. >> it is not about the shooting, they want to not face them because they are failing. liz: let her talk. >> we know that this is why they are not showing up, they are holding off up to hall meeting utah republican party, itself said, don't do these because it is not safe to do them. liz: okay. >> i think clear that political climate is more dangerous. liz: all right, bree and jessica you will be back in a bit. we love fire and passion, next up an @atlanta ji gym under fire for banning our nation as finest and city of seattle raising taxes on upper brackets, including entrepreneurs, now seattle being sued arguing in in lawsuit, that state of washington open constitution does not allow it to raise taxes. this is a shot at liberal tax expense policies.
5:33 pm
we'll see if seattle's controversial tax hike willink p controversial tax hike willink p stand that is next, don't go away. inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: blow against crackdown on san we cities in texas, a federal judge dismissed judge paxton's city lawsuit against city of austin. this is called a setback in
5:37 pm
fight against the sanctuary cities. this after chicago mayor rahm emanuel filed a lawsuit against the justice department monday claiming that withholding funds from sanctuary cities, if they don't comply with federal law enforcement is illegal and would hurt chicago effort to lower crime. according to a new homeland security report, nearly a quarter of all federal prisoners are illegal immigrants. they number about 42,000, all but 7 face deportation, meaning majority face deportation. joining me now, former florida congressman, retired through the lute wilcolonel, alan west. >> good to be with you. liz: 42,000 born ou outside of .
5:38 pm
they are here illegally, criminal illegal immigrants in prison system, but those in favor of sanctuary city policies how do they respond to these facts. >> they don't respond to numbers and facts, they are acting upon a ideological agenda and a politicize motive, they are the ones who are putting the american citizens at risk, and they are the ones putting the american citizens and citizens in their neighborhood in a less secure and less safe map or, may are saying, you can come here as an illegal alien criminal, and and find sanctuary, we will not be turning you over. i find it hypocritical, that someone like rahm emanuel saying you are withholding funds from me bases on the fact that i could not with holding the rule of law, yet why does he deal with the murders there in
5:39 pm
chicago. liz: a good point. and we also have sexual predators this -- news coming in i.c.e. officers federal law enforcement officers, arrested 32 convicted, previously convicted sexual prod ter -- prr in knaus nassau county. those arrested are reportedly entered here illegally from places like the dominican republican, ecuador, guatemala, that region of the world, your thoughts on this news? >> that proves point that we're talking about. how can you sit up and say that you are going to be protecting american citizens by having this support of criminal illegal immigrants. and think about those 32 individuals, that were arrested
5:40 pm
there in nassau county, how long have they been there? how long have they been known by local law enforcement and they have been allowed to find that sanctuary, think about the slap in case this is to kate steinle's family, when san francisco comes back saying they will continue to abide by sa sanctuary city policy, that is why their daughter of the killed. >> >> oregon, a woman of the raped by someone who has been 20 times deported, and they come right back in. that is something that has to be punishment and consequences. for these abject decisions they are make. >> time again we had victims family come on, people who lost loved ones or their family members have been assaulted or killed by a criminal illegal
5:41 pm
immigrant. they say routinely, no democrat has ever spoken to them, what are your thoughts about that? >> because that is not part of the littl politicize agenda, te really looking forward to having an electoral patron an, they are showing simply mayor de blasio, and rahm emanuel, and mayor of san francisco and austin texas, they don't care about their citizens, they care about an ideological agenda, that is sad. liz: thank you cool will do nel. >> thank you. liz: next up owner of a gym in georgia does not' police or military to use his gym facility. up next, a police officer is is that willing that owner to a boxing match, next, don't go away. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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liz: welcome back a gym in georgia facing backlash for a sign in its windows saying no cops allowed. they are holding a no military policy as well, the gym's opener, jim chambers say his clients typically belonging to minority groups and feel uncomfortable with law enforcement there. he is challenging the gym, joining me now atlanta police officer tommy la favre go to see you. >> good to be here. liz: why did you decide to challenge the gym owner to a boxing match, what do you hope it will accomplishing. >> the way i see it is, myself and mr. chambers are very different people, i don't think there is much good to having a sit down debate.
5:46 pm
refer to us as the henchmen of the empire and occupying force. he is free to have those opinions, my thing is a very pro provocative story, i am trying to weave a positive out of a negative here. i compete every year. and we raise money for inner-city kids, we put shirts on their backs for athletic evens and put shoes on their feet, we bring them on all keeps of trips, giving them opportunities they would not have otherwise. and being that myself, and mr. chambers are never going to auction andrewauctiowalk away fg eye to eye-to-eye.
5:47 pm
i want to prove that we come together, punch each other in the face a couple of times, at the end, i can hug the guy, and he can go back and children of atlanta will be better off. liz: you are making good out of this by turning this to a charity boxing event. have you heard back from the gym owner? >> i am not really sure who -- i don't want to speak for jim, i am not sure who is on his side of this is get their voice out there, i have been accused of is being a bully, and being told that you know, i am trying to advocate violent, boxing is a sport, boxing is a sport, i am not a professional boxer, every berperson that i have boxed in charity, you will see us hug
5:48 pm
afterward, do you think i care ha his politics are no, do you think he cares what my politics are or what i do for a living, no. as a community activist. not only do i think at-this-point, given the scope of this story, i think jim chambers is not only -- he owes this fight to the se city of atlanta and the kids. >> officer la favre thank you,. >> thank you. liz: another city trying to raise taxes on upper bracket, including entrepreneurs of small businesses, seattle. but freedom foundation is firing back and suing saying you are violating your own state a violating your own state a constitution, we have detailsth, next.
5:49 pm
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>> disrespected our country greatly, said things that are horrific. and with me, he is not getting away with it. he got away with it for a long time, between him and his family, a whole new ball game. liz: president trump speaking again against threat from north korea, back with us. bree and jessica. what do you think of escalating threats and rhetoric. >> yeah. i think it clear that kind of policy that we had in place toward north korea under obama administration. strategic patience and iran-like nuclear deals in place in previous administrations during george w. bush presidency. the senior bush. as well as bill clinton, those
5:53 pm
did not work. we had a nuclear like, ran iran similar with north korea, they did not adhere to it, they stopped letting us inspect their nuclear facilities. that kind of diplomacy does not work. liz: usually it is who gets victory, it appears, that north korea could pull a bluff, they will shoot missiles 25 miles off guam. we'll shoot missiles 25 miles. we hear that missiles they are thinking of using were successful once. they could say we'll do that. we get a victory against trump rhetoric. >> i think you are dealing with a instable person.
5:54 pm
i am reading from experts they don't think anything will happen, we'll see today of middle of the month. i think that here we should have confidence in our military professionals and their intelligence and analysis. i think that president rhetoric is distraction and disturbing. today it is i is -- if they stre us, that is a big modification. liz: i get it. bree. august is month where you know the united states and south korea do joint military exer siteses. we saw in cuban missile crisis a freak episode that was a fire of the part of jfk that something could go awry.
5:55 pm
we know that kim jong-un he is threatening. is in a way out of this, to tone down rhetoric. >> i think jessica had a good point, a lot of thins that presidenthings thatpresident art clear, or he modifies them after, that is problematic, if you have a hard-line stance, you should communicate that clearly, and not a question in minds of us or north korea. they should know where the line in sand is, if they cross it, what is going to happen. so i think these vague threats are not necessarily the most productive. liz: general jack keane was on, said north korea wants a unified peninsula under communist rule. they often have wanted economic concessions in exchange for sabre rattling. >> they want the sanctions to go
5:56 pm
away. to think that on sunday, i was on maria bartiromo's show, and panel, bipartisan support for those sanctions, what nikki haley accomplished such a big win, the 15-0 vote, and a few days later, this rhetoric from president. sat back and said we had a major victory, they are up in arms they are going to be cut off economy like more than before. see what happens, but we have moved forward with this talk, which only lights up the north korean leader, he loves this kind of thing. liz: we have to leave it there, liz: we have to leave it there, thank you, bree and jes jessica, we'll be right back, don't go e away. rip instantly opens your ne rip instup to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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blue apron costs rows 86%. thank you so much for having us in your home. trish regan is here with "making money." trish: the north korea showdown today and the dow is tumbling 200 points. president trump ramping up his rhetoric against north korea. watch. >> he disrespect our country greatly. he said things that are horrific. fan with me he's not getting away with it. he got away with it for a long time between him and his family.


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