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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 11, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank you for being here. thanks for being with us. west virginia governor jim justice and jack keane among our guests tomorrow. cheryl: breaking news this morning, president trump saying that maybe fire and fury didn't go far enough in dealing with the threat of north korea. also new this morning, china warns the u.s. not to strike first. we have our experts that analyze the escalating crisis. lauren: tensions with north korea, 205 selloff from the the dow yesterday, does the selling continue this morning, dow futures down 27 points, nasdaq down 20. cheryl: the story is continuing in europe as well. european stocks following, could be the worse of the year for the markets, live report from london
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with pan reaction of north korea. lauren: if you thought that selloff was bad, check out asia. in south korea, kospi down 2%. stock trading in japan, close for holiday. cheryl: at the last minute, google canceling a town hall meeting on diversity fearing for the safety of employees, this is days after firing an engineer who posted a memo who sparked nationwide debate. fbn:am starts right now. lauren: good morning and happy friday, 5:01 a.m. in new york. august 11th, good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone, i can't wait to talk about the google story, this is when they needed to have a town hall. lauren: talk about how women can't cut it in the tech world. cheryl: we are here to anchor the fact despite that we are women. lauren: i can handle the news in
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case you wanted to know. cheryl: a lot of breaking news obviously to get to this morning from the markets and more. president trump saying that his fire and fury warning to north korea did not go far enough. >> the people that were questioning that statement, was it too tough, maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for many years, it's about time that somebody nubbing up for the people of the country and for the people of other countries. so if anything, maybe that statement wasn't tough enough, if north korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack of anybody that we love or we represent our our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous. i will tell you why, and they should be very nervous because things will happen to them like they never thought possible. cheryl: well, after the string of warnings, defense secretary mattis used entire tone of
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military conflict with north korea. >> the tragedy of war is well enough known it doesn't need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. lauren: former national security adviser susan rice wrote op-ed for "the new york times", the united states should tolerate a iran nuclear agreement arm's north korea and called president trump's rhetoric reckless. >> we need to be very measured, planned in our rhetoric, i hope that we will see more measure out of the administration and the president as he approaches this very real challenge. lauren: rice also told cn, in the u.s. can't act to every statement or verbal provocation to north korea. cheryl: obviously a world reaction to what is happening between the u.s. and north korea, a chinese-state run newspaper has said this this morning, if kim jong un launches attack on the u.s., beijing should stay neutral but the
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paper says that the u.s. attacks first, china should stop washington, now, the global times also said, quote, it needs to be clear it stands to all sides and when their action jeopardize's china's interest, china will respond in firm hand. lauren: president trump lashed out once again as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling him to get back to work, mitch, on infrastructure bill and on health care. >> i have been hearing repeal and replace for seven years but i've only been doing this for two years and i've really only been doing this for six months but i've been running, so now it's almost two years and all i hear repeal and replace and then i get there and i said, where is the bill, i want to sign it, first day and they don't have it. lauren: trump refusing to answer questions from reporters about whether mcconnell should step down if he can't get obamacare
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repealed and replaced. cheryl: the president also that he has not thought about firing special counsel robert mueller who is investigating russian interfeern in 2016 election and possible collusion with the trump campaign. >> i haven't given it to any thought. i have been reading it from you people, no, i'm not dismissing anybody. i want them to get on with the task, but i also want the senate and the house to come out with their findings. cheryl: mueller has convened a grand jury in washington, to subpoena witnesses and documents as a sign that the investigation is heating up and moving into a new phase. but we have been told over and over by guests on the show that this is kind of the way that a grand jury works. we should be -- shouldn't have been reading too much into this. lauren: google, this is what we were talking earlier, they planned a meeting to address the controversial memo from the fired software engineer but
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canceled plans at the very last minute. cheryl: tracee carrasco all over this one this morning. hey, tracee. tracee: canceled it abruptly just before it was about to begin citing safety concerns after right-wing commentators published names of certain employees. reportedly said in e-mail to staff that googled decide today cancel after they might be outed publicly for asking a question in the town hall. cheryl: seems like an overreaction to me. tracee: the fired software employee, spoke and stemmed backlash.
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benchmark capital has sued travis in an effort to remove him from the board. lawsuit alleges kalincik defrauded directors into giving him more control in the board by hiding inappropriate and unethical directics. effectively giving him control over the designation of those additional seats. benchmark which has a seat on the board, it never would have authorized the move had it known about the gross mismanagement and other misconduct, at uber we are talking about all of the scandals. kalanick spokesman says the lawsuit is without merit. lauren: google keeps on giving. tracee: yes. lauren: amazon changed the retail environment and they got into food delivery and now ticket sales, when is this going to end? they are taking over.
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tracee: is there an industry they can't conquer? lauren: apparently not. tracee: to sell event tickets according to reuters, exclusive seller for many top venues in the u.s., this could be a win-win for consumers who hate those ticket fees and venue owners force teams and leagues looking for more distributors, amazon has been successfully selling tickets in britain since 2016. cheryl: i'm still excited about the whole foods deal. that's the big one. lauren: ticketmaster owned by live nation. that's a stock to watch out today. tracee: with a ticket thing, it's a seemless transaction, you buy a ticket and merchandise for -- lauren: exactly. tracee: smart move. cheryl: you can't call amazon dumb, that's for sure. we will see you little bit later on.
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lauren: no snap for snap stocks sinking 17% after a quarterly loss. as tensions rise, whose side is china on? a state-run newspaper warning that u.s. and donald trump should not strike first and we will see what happens if they do. plus, isis is using ebay to sent cast to terrorist right here in the u.s. you will have that story right here. you're watching fbn:am restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications.
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lauren: hi, everybody, good morning, happy friday, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. fbi surveillance operation hasn't covered operation that uses ebay. the man pretend today sell computer printers on ebay to get isis payments through paypal. taylor swift on the witness stand for over an hour in federal court in denver, colorado, yesterday, she testified there was no question she was intentionally groped back in 2013 by radio dj who is suing her. swift said it was a quote, long grab. she said she falsely accused him and cost him his career. unwall street snap second quarter as public company did nothing to ease investor worries about the future of snapchat,
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snap missed wall street expectations as stock dive to go all-time low. this is a company that ipo ' d at $17 a share. right now 11.79, down 14%. cheryl, that's what's happening now. cheryl: one word, lauren, instagram. lauren: instra -- instagram. cheryl: susan rice says we should. whose side is china really on on all of this with latest on the threat, let's bring former military offer and former adviser to george w. bush brad blakeman. we have to start with the comments from susan rice saying that we should tolerate a nuclear north korea, should we? >> we should not and keep in mind that at after 40 years after failed diplomacy, 40 years
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of failed sanctions president trump did what he had to do to get china engaged and it worked. those messages oh coming out of china a clear message to north korea, don't launch the missiles. the president kept the word with his team in the country, america first, he's looking after our national security and doing exactly what he had to do, i have to tell you, a very strategic move on his part he knows as well as everyone in the intelligence community that no one wants a war here and in the end of the day, the president is preventing a war. cheryl: brad, you to wonder what china wants in all of this and the people's daily this morning and, of course, that's the chinese-state run payable of the global times, excuse me. they were very clear in saying that china should also make hear and this is have them that if north korea launches missiles that threaten u.s. soil first and u.s. retaliates, china will stay neutral. they are saying they will stay neutral and they go out to say
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if they carry out strikes and overthrow korean regime, china will prevent them from doing so. brad, what is china -- what is their role in all of this? where are they trying to come in their opinion? >> they are trying to play both sides against the middle. it's got to stop. our president should make very clear to china that any attack by north korea will be seen as an attack by china, china has enabled north korea and more. it's unsustainable without china. north korea could not last a week without the support of china, and by the way, how do you think they were able to build nuclear arsenal, it was because of china. they've used it as a when and now getting out of control, we should drop this at their doorstep. china could stop this in a minute if they wanted. to this editorial, if anything, shows china's true color. we must put all of our pressure on china. cheryl: we should say the migrant labor, the supply of
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migrant labor it's a big part of the chinese economy, another piece to this, steve, at the end of the day, this is president trump coming out and saying that he maybe wasn't strong enough in words with north korea. is his audience north korea, steve, or is it chinese? >> the audience is chinese and we all well know that the chinese they want to be the big boy on the block, they want to be the regional controller there. and i have to tell you north korea is not only sticking their finger at the united states but also china and china knows that and they are not going to allow this to continue. as i said before, i think the president used a very strategic way in positioning china to now engage. they did this morning and that message coming out of beijing is more for the sake of north korea. don't launch those missiles, we are not going to be helping you. cheryl: okay, that's very interesting. brad, i think the big question for a lot of americans this morning, do you think the north koreans will carry through on their threat and strike guam, what do you think? >> no, i don't think so.
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this guy is typical schoolyard bully and when you call him on it, he completely backs off. what i think is possible, though, by the 15th, he will honor his pledge to do more testing, perhaps not in the range of guam but i think that he is going to poke his finger in the eye of the united states as much as he can get away with and, you know, china really needs to be brought to bear, maybe we need to bring sanctions upon china, but if china was serious, they would send foreign minister to pyongyang and have a sit-down and they should be the ones who calm the situation down, not the united states. we didn't start this fight, china and north korea did. cheryl: steve, same question to you. >> brad is right. look, china might be doing that as we are speaking and we've got to keep in mind that president trump inherited this problem, he didn't escalate this, this has been an escalation of a 40-year period, right now the president of the united states, donald trump is going to put an end to
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this but it has to have china engaged. the president knows that, china doesn't want a war, the united states doesn't want a star, no one wants a war. at the end of the day, we will find that the president's involvement in this will prevent a war. cheryl: president trump is getting a lot of criticism at home. probably not a shocker to anybody anymore. seven months, seven months in presidency, do you think that the president maybe does need to dial it back a little bit, there are still those in the republican party who are saying, let's try diplomacy here, what are you saying? are no, we tried diplomacy for decades. susan rice allowed north korea to obtain nuclear weapons and now she says we have to live wit, no. we are not going to live with it, by the way, we have a president now who is telling it like it is and explaining to the american people and telling the chinese and north koreans that unacceptable and forget what other presidents have said, there's a new sheriff in town. cheryl: also, steve, think about the stance that we have taken with iran. you want to talk about a country
5:19 am
who shouldn't have nuclear weapons, what does that say to iranians if we back down from north korea in. >> well, you're absolutely right. iran and other countries are watching us and seeing what our reaction is going to be, and they know now as brad said, there's a new sheriff in town and the world will be put on notice that america is going to be protected. cheryl: cheryl steve, brad, thank you for your perspective, thanks guys. lauren: coming up, don't want to rain on weekend ra paid but there could be rain in the northeast and southwest. fox meteorologist janice dean stopping by with the forecast that you don't want to miss and what happens when a nice day at the beach gets interrupted by this? well, a duck devil, you're going to see more of that crazy video coming up. investors looking to recover yesterday's steep losses but we might se see more selling, s&p down 31 points and s&p down 5.
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parking garage in the last year. one more time. it's just incredible to watch. anyway, i just watched that twice. lauren: on a much lighter note, a quiet day at the beach not so much in france, beach goers getting a shock when a duck devil wreak havoc, the toys, towels, some of it blew miles on the beach, nobody was hurt. dust devils form on hot dry days, if you're planning on going to the beach this weekend, you might want to be careful where your stuff is. cheryl: make sure your hat is on securely. don't make beach plans just yet, there could be rain for the weekend. lauren: fox meteorologist janice dean with the forecast. rran january eastern third of the country, we could see potential with showers and thunderstorms, not only today but saturday as well.
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cooler than average temperatures and then along this boundary. cheryl: hey, janice, your mic went out, janice, i know you can hear me because i talk to you all of the time. janice, your mic is not working. lauren: unfortunately. cheryl: janice said it was going to rain so now we know get ready for this weekend. first, though, get ready to pay for snail mail, you know, regular mail? lauren: i still use stamps, believe it or not. cheryl: do i too. lauren: if you ever need stamps, i have them in my wallet, they're going up, i think. cheryl: u.s. postal is raising prices. we will talk about it. uber and mcdonalds have once
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lauren: breaking news this morning, the president trump ratchets up and china with the warning to the u.s., don't strike first.
5:30 am
so whose side are they on? cheryl: tensions with north korea sparked the selloff on watt street yesterday, the dow sinking over 200 points. disappointing earnings amid retailers, taking a look at futures right now. we are seeing more selling pressure. dow pointing lower by 28, s&p lower as well. lauren: in europe, stocks following wall street's lead, sharp losses here. the cac in paris is down, we will get a life report on global markets, worst day of the year from london. cheryl: look at asia, losses even worst, kospi down down almost 2%. stocks closed in japan for holiday. lauren: ready, set, hike, price of snail mail could be going up, we will tell you about their new request for flexible pricing. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪
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cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york, it's friday august 11th, good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: hi, i'm lauren simonetti. i guess stamp prices still going up. do people still mail letters like us? cheryl: yeah, i did last week. i wrote an actual letter, so -- lauren: you keep hiking the price, no one is going to mail letters, president trump saying fire and fury warning to north korea didn't go far enough. >> the people that were questioning that the statement was too tough, maybe i wasn't tough enough. they've been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years and it's about time that somebody stuck up to the people of this country and for the people of other countries so if anything maybe that statement wasn't tough enough. if north korea does anything in terms of even thinking about attack of anybody that we love
5:32 am
or we represent or our allies or us, they can be very, very nervous, i will tell you why and they should be very nervous because things will happen to them like they've never thought possible. lauren: after that string of warnings defense secretary mattis used a dire tone about the potential consequences of military conflict with north korea. >> the tragedy of war is well enough known, i doesn't need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. cheryl: well, former national security adviser susan rice, we should said, wrote an op-ed in "the new york times" and she says the united states should, quote, tolerate a nuclear armed north korea. then she called president trump's rhetoric reckless and said that he needs to end it. >> we need to be very measured, very careful, very planned in our rhetoric. i hope that we will see more measure out of the administration and out of the president as he approaches this
5:33 am
very real challenge. cheryl: she went to the interview that the u.s. can't react to every statement or verbal provocation from north korea. a lot of different views on what the u.s. should do next. lauren: you also have this, high cheese state-run newspaper says if kim jong un launches an attack against the united states, beijing should stay neutral, but the paper says if the u.s. attacks first, china should stop washington. the global times also says, quote, it needs to make clear it stands to all sides and make them understand that when their actions jeopardize china's interests, china will respond with a firm hand. lauren: well, in other news coming out of washington, president trump lashing out at senate majority leader mitch mcconnell again telling him to get back to work on tax reform and infrastructure bill and health care. >> i've been hearing repeal and replace now for seven years but i've only been doing this for two years and i've really only been doing this for six months,
5:34 am
but i've listen running so it's almost two years and all i hear is repeal and replace and then i get there, i say where is the bill, i want to sign it, first day and they don't have it. cheryl: okay, well trump also refusing to answer a question from reporters about whether mcconnell should step down if he can't get obamacare repealed and replaced. lauren: he's clearly frustrated. he hasn't thought about fire robert mueller and possibly collusion with the trump campaign. >> i haven't given any thought. i have been reading about it from you people, i am going to dismiss him. i'm not dismissing anybody. i want them to get on with the task but i also want the senate and the house to come out with their findings. lauren: mueller convened a grand jury in washington to subpoena witnesses as well as documents, that's a sign this investigation isn't going anywhere, it's heating up and, in fact, moving into a new phase.
5:35 am
cheryl: with the raid on paul manafort's home. this is an interesting story, sending mail could soon get more expensive. u.s. postal service is looking for ways to cover big losses. lauren: tracee carrasco is joining with more on that. do you send letters? tracee: i do send bills. do i write checks. lauren: i knew i liked you. tracee: very old school. you may want to stock up on those forever stamps which are 49 cents because regulars will likely accept the postal service requests for more flexibility to raise the price of mailing letters beyond the rate of inflation, the postal service is looking for ways to stay afloat, net losses for the last three months totaled $2.14 billion. lauren: retail ice age also affecting restaurants that are near shopping malls such as applebee's and ihop.
5:36 am
what's going on there? >> applebee's and i hon plan to close 160 restaurants, both chains having increased trouble attracting customers as more people are eating out at quick service restaurants, but parent company dine equity said the two chains will open 125 restaurants globally between them in new locations. >> chipotle model -- tracee: panera. cheryl: as long as the pancakes are hot. throw them at me. lauren: we are not picky. cheryl: speaking of sugar, free ice cream friday. tracee: uber riders choose uber ice cream in the app and tap request and uber ice cream truck will deliver ice cream to you and up to four friends. will give reusable silicon ice cream cones that be refilled with participating mcdonalds lock occasion every friday through september 22nd, special
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promotion from uber is able in atlanta, boston, dallas, la, miami, new york city, san francisco, seattle, toronto and washington, d.c. now, another announcement from uber, i don't know why it took so long. they are rolling out an in-app message to be able to communicate with each ' re and keep their cell phone numbers private. great idea, right? cheryl: one of the greatest ideas, that and the ice cream truck. we have got on so lazy. lauren: i know. tracee:ly --ly -- i will order some ice cream for us. lauren: investment anxiety, we will ask chief investment officer what to do with your stock portfolio if north korea has you worried. taking a lock at shares of snapchat, parent snap sinking another 17% after losses
5:38 am
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cheryl: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. at least 36 people were killed in china when a passenger bus crashed into the wall of a tunnel. 13 people also injured. the accident happened in expressway tunnel as busy bus excuse me was on its way to a city in central china. well, venezuelan president nicolás maduro wants to meet face to face with president trump but the -- in the un assembly next month. trump imposed sanctions, no comments from the white house on maduro meeting. the search for benghazi emails not over. federal judge has ordered the state department to search the and that would include huma abedin. lauren, that's what's happening now. lauren: all right, after
5:42 am
yesterday's 204-point selloff, can calm return to the markets? joining us with his take on what to do with your investment at a time like this, rob morgan chief investment officer at sandi spring trust, good morning, rob. >> good morning, lauren. lauren: is this the dip that some investors have been waiting for? >> i think so. the market is on a three-day losing strict. the vices have been going up. put fear back into the market. we are getting this wall of worry back and i do think that this is a case where -- three-day pause has been over concerns of north korea and infighting in our own government but none of that is really going to impact earnings growth and we are in the middle of a great earning season and we are projected to have a few reporters, buying on the dips. lauren: what exactly are you buying right now. are you recommending utilities and telecom and statements or is
5:43 am
-- staples or is this a chance to get stock more than 2% this week. >> even though tech disappointed recently, it's been one of the better performing sectors of the year. i like tech, i like consumer discretionary which we will talk about in a minute and i also like financials as well. lauren: i'm pretty sure you're not on snapchat. i could be wrong? [laughter] >> i am not. i must confess. lauren: only 173 million people are on a daily basis. snap is having a very difficult time competing with facebook's instagram. this is a company that ipo'd at 1$7. >> you mentioned in the show they had a disappointing earnings loss, revenues also disappoint, 181 million versus 186 million expected and it was
5:44 am
mainly due to disappointing user growth and really this has been the trend since the ipo, so when i talk, i like talk, i tend to like the bigger more established names, pay and grow dividends, snap is not in that category, i'm not sure that i would be jumping on the snap bandwagon. >> we did better than expected on both and top bottom lines but the stocks just caved. >> i know, yeah. lauren: there's a decline in the same store sales and that's the issue as everybody tries to compete with amazon these days, jc penny coming out later and, of course, wal-mart, target, how do you feel about retail? >> well, you know, i think we are getting closer to the bottom. this whole -- this whole -- the term mallmagegon i think is a
5:45 am
little bit overblown. retailers are struggling to find the new paradigm but i think we are pretty close to a point -- lauren: any retailers you like quickly, rob? >> i still think it's too early to pick individual names but jc penny could end up being great value, stocks to all-time low and they -- no matter what they report today they are expected to report 5% loss, it could be great value in the near. lauren: thanks, rob, have a beautiful weekend. cheryl: a young fan gives tim tim tebow the magic touch and pga championship, jared max has highlights in sports. remember that run away cat that streaked wednesday night, the kitty is missing and the cardinals want to find it, we are on the cat caper, coming up.
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janice: thanks for having me back. i appreciate it. let's start off where we left off with the radar, okay, so we have the central u.s. showers and thunderstorms here, also monsoon season across the four corners, looking at the potential for heavy rain and maybe flash flooding there. watching disturbance off the at lant ache, off the coast of florida and little unstable for the eastern third of the country
5:50 am
as you can see in forecast. temperatures are cooler than average in the upper midwest and great lakes as well as the northeast. you can see scattered showers and thunderstorms as well as the across the southwest, a little cooler but still fire danger. area of low pressure out there but, you know what, we think that most of the models showing the curving out to sea so even if it develops, we don't think it'll affect the u.s. and the weather off the coast of florida, we don't think that's going to develop either but, of course, we will keep an eye on it. a quick look at the northwest where we are still dealing with hot temperatures. all right, ladies, it's friday. lauren: have a good weekend. cheryl: janice. lauren: busy friday and weather, busy friday at sports desk, second round of pga championship tees off today plus nfl games tim tebow. cheryl: jared max is here. jared: good morning, ladies.
5:51 am
how about this in we have update on the cardinals rally cat. let's step up to the plate with home run leader. two-run shot gave marlins a 2-0 lead over washington nationals. washington tied the score in the sixth and went ahead 3-2 in the eighth, miami was in position to tie it in the ninth, runner on third, lines one good but watch and drew stevenson, saving catch as the nationals defeat the marlins 3-2. grounds crew member endured scratches and had to go to the hospital. a woman claimed the cat but she said she lost in city garden, a park in st. louis. hit the grand slam right after the cat ran on in the field. they don't know where the cat is and trying to locate it. they hit another grand slam last night so the mittth of the rally
5:52 am
cat lives. 8-5 of the first game cubs. something magical happened, new york mets tim tebow took time out while warming to go in the plate to shake hands with 9-year-old boy seth, he has high-functioning autism and his mother said when seth came back to the seat he was trying and then this happened, tim tebow launches a three-run home run. at a point then she said i started crying too. how does that happen, she said i think god brought seth and tim together. unbelievable. cheryl: his face is so important to him too.
5:53 am
i don't know a bad bone in his body. baseball fans heard the name kaiser on a nightly basis. ken keiser was 72. nfl commissioner back at patriots home game last night. hatchet officially has been buried and the first game since super bowl amazing comeback win. jimmy was great as past quarterback but new england lost to jaguars. corey grant, 79 points and we take a look at last night's nfl score board see how your team did. a win for the dolphins, vikings beat the bills, i'm a minnesota fan, also the packers, some more nfl games coming up tonight. second round pga championship. the greens could not have been faster yesterday, best score was 67 done by american and
5:54 am
denmark's olson, 67 highest score after round here a long birdie on the final hole to get a share of the lead. check this out. hits the green, here on the tee shot and then just take a lock and watch that ball golf roll right to its target. a hole in one. right now tied to lead at four under. two shots of a lead, u.s. open among the drowp that are one behind and three americans, murray, woodland, chris, four americans. dustin johnson, four off the lead and jason, speith, 72 and one name we don't see here seems likely to disappear phil, he's in danger of missing the cut.
5:55 am
>> he has a whole scoring career as one of the most famous golfers. he will be okay. jared: he will go down as one of the best. lauren: you can catch jared siriusxm 115. cheryl: coming up, we will be talking more about your markets. the tensions of north korea are hitting global stocks, europe on pace for the worst day of the year. we will be to london with a live report. we will be right back. too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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cheryl: once again north korea still very much on the minds of global investors today. let's bring riva gold from the wall street journal. riva, good morning. europe is on pace for the worst week of the year. is it pretty much the tensions with north korea and the united states that are hitting investors this morning? good morning, yes, the tensions that kind of hit the dow yesterday and the u.s. and have been weighing on stocks all week have definitely continued today. you have seen a general preference for heaven assets, gold, bond, the yen, things like
5:59 am
stocks, it's pretty surprising for a lot of investors who went to european stocks this year thinking all the risks would be euro zone politics but the weekly decline has come around fears of north korea, that's also taken quite a bit of asian stocks although in historical terms, of course, these moves are still relatively muted. lauren: are investors there, riva, buying certain sectors where they can play defense in times like this, are you seeing consumer staples rice, -- rise, what are you looking at? >> there is a preference for defensive shares and the main kind of trend is that investors are dialing back on some of the most popular bets this year, the mining sector, the tech sector, those stocks that really rallied toward record highs and done well around the world are facing the most pressure. cheryl: is there anything ahead in europe that we need to start
6:00 am
thinking about now as far as data? >> i think everyone is going to continue to keep an eye on inflation. we have to figure this morning from the u.s. that's going to be key. next week continued focus on that as people try and figure out what central banks are going to be doing in the fall. cheryl: riva gold from the wall street journal in london, have a great weekend. >> thanks for having me. lauren: we are going the say good morning and happy friday to maria bartiromo, quite a market day on our hands, maria. maria: thank you so much, i hi, everybody thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday august 11th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east co. not tough enough president trump doubling down on threat with north korea and leader kim jong un. >> he has said things that are horrific and with me he's not getting away with it, he got away with it for a long time between him and his family. it's a whole new ball game. i think first time they've heard


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