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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  August 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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"saturday night live." melissa: you don't read garbage magazines, that would be so funny. david: we'll have to wait for fall. melissa: here is "risk & reward." >> i hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what i said. and what i said is what i mean. if he utters one threat in the form of a overt threat, he has been uttering for years, and his family has been uttering for years, or if he does anything with respect to guam or any place e else that is an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it and regret it fast. liz: president meeting with u.s. ambassador to united nations, nikki haley, rex
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tillerson at that meeting over escalating tensions with north korea. the president's new warning comes in the last hour, and said military plan are lock and loaded some north korea fire any missiles at guam. we're monitoring the president's meeting, we'll bring you the latest. this as multiple pentagon officials tell fox news that u.s. military stands ready to fight tonight on the korean pen know sewell anno peninsula. now chain saichina said it would remain neutral if north korea fires first, but if united states fires first, china said it will step in. here is president trump tweeting, military solutions are fully in place, hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. and secretary of defense james mattis with his first on camera remarks yesterday about
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north korea's threat to attack guam. saying he still wants a diplomatic solution because war will be quote, catastrophic. >> right now secretary tillerson, ambassador haley, you can see the american effort is diploma diplomatically lead it is gaining diplomatic results and i want to stay right there right now, the tragedy of war is well enough known, it does not need another characterization beyond the fact it would be catastrophic. liz: we will check your money could we're going to weekend with outside possibility of arm conflict, the markets are closed, dow ending up 14. we go to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange, big money on the line, they are all supply chains for global companies,
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the markets don't like it when they are closed. close. reporter: we saw nervousness in the market this morning, they took off cue over in asia, i woke up, checking out what was going on in asia and europe, you saw selling across the board if something were to happen, that markets are close or supply chain disruption that is never a good thing, during our financial crisis we lost trillions of dollars globally, we all somehow intertwined. that said, stocks finished higher today, the dow official higher by 14, but for this week, after 3 days of selling, where the dow lost 275 it was not as bad as some thought it might have been. dow finish down 1%, nasdaq down 1.5%, and s&p 500, down almost 1.5%. not the biggest sell-off of year any more. for the year, we're still well
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in on to the green, with dow, nasdaq and s&p holding to to stellar gains, this morning we were less than 2% away for do you to hit all-time record highs. as far as market this year, year-to-date charts there. and then, where were people parking their money today? i did see a pop in technology at one point. the trend continues, people are investing in safe havens, like gold and treasury bonds. lowest levels ever. vix had a big week, a 54 -- up 54% this week. a forward looking fear gauge. there was nervousness on wall street, you can see that big pop, today it was down 3%. everyone took a bit of a pause, i think. liz: a. melissa: that is the word i heard. liz: thank you, nicole. >> back to president trump, meeting with u.s. ambassador, to the united nations, nikk
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nikki haley, and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson right now in bedminster, new jersey, we're monitoring that meeting for you, and we'll bring you the latest we bring in former u.n. -- u.s. ambassador to united nations, john bolton. thank you for joining us, what do you think is happening in that meeting? >> well, it could this is coconfer with president on what made happen under various condingenceys dealing with north korea if there were the use of military force, whether north korea attacked us or whether we went afte after a perspective missile launch, we would see north korea bring it to security counsel council we might want to take it on the security council first. liz: china said it would stay
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neutral if north korea launches first and u.s. retaliates, but china saying that, they would step in if they try to change the peninsula. >> this is interesting, this is not an official statement from the government but this newspaper is owned by the government, interesting, thing is if north korea attacked and weary i retaliated, china would stand back, this is a big deal, that is a message to kim jong-un he better wake up, and that we would intervene, if we attack first is a standard position, this a signal inside china there is some distances from north korea. i would try to take advantage of that, get to someone beijing immediately to talk about possible reunification or under line to china how strongly we feel about this nuclear capability. >> there is debate going on this is political theater, in
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a deal, canceling join military exercises. is there anyway there could be maybe another way assets get oil cut off to north korea? do sanctions really work? this is the 6th time that sanctions have been figh tightened since 2006. is there a way out? >> well, actually there have been a total of 9 security council sanction regulars t resolution back to july 4, 2006, all of them have been 15-0, even in the obama administration, your point is key, sanction resolutions are passed. each has been smith -- broader, i think that china
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has been two timing us for last 25 years, they say they don't want north korea to have a nuclear weapons capability but they don't take the action to cut off the economy. economy. i think they fear that we jeem iregime is weaker than most people on outside think, they are worried there might be a diplomatic collapse. i understand this is a hard argument, there is zero chance in my view that north korea will agree to anything regarding its weapons, and stick to the deal, they have not done that in the past 25 years, there is no reason to think they will start now. liz: ambassador, tell me if i am wrong, cutting off north korea oil is that any chance of a possibility there? that could really hurt north korea hard. >> well, i think if we had an agreement with china for controlled collapse that is what china would do. they supply over 90% of the
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oil. it would bring north korea military to a grinding halt in a short period of time. and i think that is what china worries about. really, applying pressure they can, is that if the government in north korea collapsed uncontrol abily they worry they would get millions of refugees across the border across the river and that american and south korea forces would enter north korea quickly t secure the known nuclear and ballistic missile sites, that points too one last effort of diplomacy with china to avoid. military force. liz: all right. thank you ambassador. >> thank you. liz: military expert in media questioning whether president is correctly handling the north korea threat. we have former speaker of the house newt gingrich on with maria bartiromo today. he is taking exception to what they are saying. >> well, i think overall the president has handled north korea very effectively.
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i think he has all of his military advisers lined up, they are bringing pressure to bear, nikki haley did pull off an extra ordary achievement last week to get china and russia to vote for a tougher regular. they have to get to north korea to back down, they will bring more and more pressure to bear this a serious moment. we should be aware of this is a very, very dangerous time. liz: bringing in town editor, katie pavlich with me now. how do you think that president has been handling this situation. >> just fine. i know there is a lot of criticism over his so-called rhetoric of fire and fury. and his tripling down on that, as he was supposed to pullback and show weakness in the face of a very serious nuclear threat. he has been out in front with this story, he has beenishin
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issuing a number of statements publicly to reporters from new jersey proving he is paying attention, he is on par with people like secretary of state james mattis, and rex tillerson, and nikki haley, they have handled it fine, i think he is willing to show and said it time that someone stood up for america, we're not putting up with this. liz: to your point, kim jong-un has no moral compass, he executes his own people with anti-aircraft guns and kill his own family members, the president moments ago when asked about his own rhetoric. >> my critics are only saying that because it is me, if someone else uttered the same words they would say what a great statement, i tell you, we have tens of millions of people in this country that are so happy with what i am
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saying, they are saying finally we have a president that is sticking up for our nation, and sticking up for our friends and allies. >> later on the show we'll show how bill and hillary clinton used same rhetoric. you know, it seems that every time kim jong-un hits the -- asseact accelerate or, what are your thoughts? >> this is -- you know the kim jong-un and his family through out last 3 decade have pressed that accelerator button when the president of united states says something in response to their threats of nuclear anil arkansaa-- annihilation, in amazing considering the threat that have been made by the north korean president against our own civilians, and the president words as he
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mentioned in that sound clip, are very similar to bill clinton, similar to george w. bush. not similar to barack obama, he practiced strategic patience. but you know there is nothing wrong with him saying if you are going to go after us, and threaten us if you dare launch an attack on guam, be sure that we'll destroy you, and we can. and north korea probably knows that. and i think that they are probably responding in these ways, they feel like they have, to but i'm not sure we're to the that point that we need to panic. liz: katie, to your point there is likely no other country in world nike nort nok like north korea the scale how they brutalize their own people, you say, you would like to see that balance in reporting out there. >> yes, we're not seeing the viciousness or acknowledgment of the severity of the threats from north korea. we're only -- if you look at pool reporting from white house today we're asking questions of the president if
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he is concerned about the critics of hi rhetoric, is that really the concern when we have someone with nuclear weapons, threatening to kill civilian in guam, and has allegedly been able to min miniaturize a nuclear weapon, why is question about how trump feels about critics who are upset about his rhetoric, rather than why is north korea behaving this way, and why have we put up with this for so long. liz: good to see you, katie. >> thank you. liz: third day of strong warnings from president trump, today telling north korea that u.s. will act and that north korea will quickly regret any action against the united states let's look at how defense stocks did following president's comments. shares of raytheon, lockheed-martin and l 3 ending
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in the green, up next, media has been critical of president trump's warn for north korea. the president said he is not concerned. >> my critics are only saying that because it's me. if someone else uttered the same words, that's would say what a great statement. liz: this story for you, senate majority leader mitch we have geraldo rivera, he will weigh in next. >> new president has, of course, not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen. ♪
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mitch, but if he gets these bills passed, i'll be very happy with him, but honestly, rare rar repeal and replace of obamacare should have taken place, on my disk the first week, first day they was there. i have been hearing about this for 7 years. liz: president trump puts pressure on mitch mcconnell, he wants his growth agenda launched, it now 8 months on, voters are getting reckless, republicans hanging on it thin reed of 52 vote majority. take note, republicans only won popular vote in presidential elections once in 29 years, that was in 2004. voters are watching, senate news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. you want
5:20 pm
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missiles unarmed, were to send four intercontinental ballistic missile toward guam, that would be trigger for some i am not -- that i can't tell you what military response power, now for him to blame president trump for his failure, mitch mcconnell's failure, to pass held care, i think that is shameful. liz: the republicans got campaign donations for 8 years, the thing is, he is attacking his quarterback in the senate who got him the gorsuch nomination.
5:22 pm
>> hey goo a good point, and a valid indication that mitch mcconnell is a very valued politician. he kept that seat opamonths into trump administration have very little to show on the legislative side. liz: half of foreclosures are due to medical cost, the middle class is getting slammed. we had karl rove yesterday defending mitch mcconnell, listen, i would like your reaction. >> this is a that should not be expanded, president powered gasoline on it, if he was upset about what mitch
5:23 pm
mcconnell said, he should have called him, said i did not appreciate that, mcconnell was giving him sound advice, since then it has turned into a food fight that serves nobody purpose but that of schumer and nancy pelosi, that is only purpose that serves. liz: geraldo, to karl rove's 59 this really is a shotgun marriage between republicans and trump. trump has never really been a stabe am republican. >established republican, right. i thought trump was going to run as a democrat when he first indicated high wa indicate he was running for president to me that late 1990s. but the reason that makes that is relevant right now is that
5:24 pm
because he has not been a party guy, maybe now trump can reach out, if not to schumer, bypass the radical democratic leadership g to the core. a parl -- >> polls show, they don't even like the democrats, they are not standing for anything except obstructing trump. >> lose the fringe on both sides, make a deal from the center, most americans are center. we can get help done. liz: good for you, geraldo, good to see you, we love having you. >> thank you. liz: it looks like a group led
5:25 pm
by former star of yankees derrick jeter and bruce sherman won midding to 53 miambuy the miami marlins, major league baseball to receive the written agreement today,. >> next up nfl has suspended dallas cowboy star running back ezekial e elliott for 6 games after a ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violent, prosecutors had declined to pursue domestic violence charges again elliott last year, citing conflicting information, now cowboy's owner jones said ha really mad, and furious about the decision. >> yesterday in atlanta, a police officer that willed challenged a gym owner to a
5:26 pm
boxing match, because that gym opener will not allow cops or military in their gym. next. >> we never heard this kind of bluster from an american president to another world leader. inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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visit appointments available now. >> president trump sounds more like a north korea leader than an american leader. >> we used to look at north koreans, and say those are the nuts with nukes, now it looks like we have our own nut with nukes. >> the first time that dangerous statements of north korean regime have been met by dangerous statements by the president of united states. >> we have never heard this kind of bluster from an american president to an world leader. >> media slamming president trump warnings on north korea, here is democrat senator richard blumenthal.
5:30 pm
>> not since harry truman, has this kind of rein of ruin, after the hiroshima attack to pressure japanese into surrendering a threat another nuclear attack, has any president used this kind of rhetoric. liz: that turns out to be not true, and wrong, media research center, rebutted that claim. >> to point that we never heard that kind of bluster from an american president, how is this, we will be o be oobliterated japan, a rain of ruins likes of which world has never seen before, truman. >> quickly and overwhelmingly retaliate and end that country has they know it. bill clinton talking about north korea.
5:31 pm
1993. the terminology that donald trump has been using. it you recall anyone ever criticizing bill clinton for that, in last 3 days national news media has given more attention, criticizing the commander in chief of the united states, than criticizing the man who is saying he going to drop an atomic bomb on american territory. >> joining me now, "wall street journal" deputy editorial page editor, dan, do you remember in '93, when left got angry with bill clinton for saying, using same rhetoric as trump. i don't remember it. -- hillary used that same rhetoric about american enemies, but does rhetoric used by trump and bill clinton equate, is it more about the mess emessenger. >> clearly much more the
5:32 pm
messenger. american media and donald trump are in a historic smackdown, there has never been a battle between the president and media like there is right now, i think they kind of enjoy it a little bit, but they have gone off in the corner and fighting among themselve, the burden is on the press, especially in instance with what is going on right now with north korea, are they lit their ant pathy of what is going on with donald trump get in the way of objective tie of a very serious problem. liz: comparing donald trump with general douglas mccarther, threatened to end north korea with nukes, and relieved of his command by truman, but you cannot compare 1951 to 2017. north korea has been emboldened by 30 years of strategic patience. >> we say north korea, wore w -- or talk about he'll doin
5:33 pm
dealing with russia or china or the iranians, they are a different system of government than what have you in north korea. and those country you have a leader, advisers, people around who talk about these issues, north korea one person, kim jong-un. this one crazy young guy, who has gotten his scientist developed these missiles and develop nuclear capability, when trump starts talking the way he is, not has if he is addressing north korea elite, someone to sit at table it is jump kim jong-un, and possibly this is only way you can get through to this one crazy guy. liz: good to see you dan, we love having you on. >> thank you. liz: next up federal investigator uncover a global financial network, funneling cash to lone wolf terror attacker through ebay and paypal, retails for you, a global network. >> and owner of gym in atlanta that is banning police and military from joining.
5:34 pm
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liz: the terror group isis using ebai using ebay and paypal to send cash to suspected terrorists in united states, it involves more lone wolves and terrorists. here how is it works. accuse lone wolf terrorist and
5:38 pm
maryland was making fake sales of computer printers on ebay, he would get cash with paypal from isis in syria. to launch a terror attack here. this is a global network according to fbi. it roochs froreaches from the uk to bangladesh. ebay ending the day in the green. with me now, dr. zhudi jasser. what do you make of this paypal story with isis? and ebay? >> it goes to show you regardless how much they will be on run in raqqa or mosul that is their state, but the what makes them operate and what makes them successful as a terror organization is getting individuals to complete their acts this guy, swore allegiance to isis, this is a year ago, we're hearing about this because fbi arrested him, his original financier in syria, is now
5:39 pm
believed to be dead. so, hats off bureau to the fbi, department of homeland security forgettin for -- getting this network, but really not only a needle in a haystack, but you cut off one there are so many more. we have them on the run in mosul and raqqa, but at the end of the day like a whack-a-mole, we get one, we find out they are using other networks, the net in is their modus o operandi they are using ebay. >> what do you make of u.s. authorities believing it a global network that stretches from uk to bangladesh are you surprise snd. >surprised? >> no, it stands to reason when you look at plots out of australia, out of turkey, their handbook out of turkey said they were how to do lone wolf operation, 60 pages, be
5:40 pm
it vehicular jihad or financial jihad out of internet, and how to become operational and commit an act, every successful, that makes their brand continue to live is the bottom line, anything they can do thrunet net they will continue, it is global we have to continue to expose ideology, our homeland security can only continue to unroot the networks, so long until one of them continues to get through. liz: they have been pretty adept on internet, social media, you know tagging to major evens like say soccer using hash tags to recruit, james comey former director of fbi warned, year ago, there would be a terrorist out of mosul and raqqa? >> that is a really good point. woo you know there is a lot of complacency, since we final have a president, who is allowing our department of defense to do work they need
5:41 pm
to en the threat as a state in syria of isis, and northern iraq. that will shift the clock back to 2000-2010 when al qaeda was growing there were different operatives and various caves, there are so many havens for terrorists, they just need one operative to stimulate it through the internet, finances are flowing, they are using paypal and other technical means of transers funds with fake operations, it is not going to go away until we muslim begin to eradicate core precursor idead o ideology. they are going to be always a year or two ahead of us when counterterrorism. liz: dr. zhudi jasser we love having you to the show. >> thank you.
5:42 pm
liz: more trouble for google, they canceled a diversity town meeting. why? fears for worker safety. to talk about that memo what was writ thea written that suggested that men and women are different when it comes to particular jobs due to their biological differences, google said they will reschedule, we'll bring you latest on this, and author of this note, that banned police and military members from joining a gym, that story next at well, don't go away. take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. juswho own them,ople
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liz: google canceling a up to hall over fears for town hall over fears for worker safety.
5:46 pm
they were going to talk about recent memo by software engineer james demore, who was fired for a memo, arguing about biologgal differences between men and women. joining me now, economic strategist robin. and nan, with this message. >> i want you to know there is a place for you in this industry. there is a place for you at google. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. >> memo hit a nerve, silicon valley. confesses to be liberal, studies show 80% are men, there is a glass ceiling. >> well, certainly it sounds like there are a lot of liit l legitimate questions.
5:47 pm
google has every right to hire, and fire. create their corporate culture as they see fit. this is a great message. but it is interest to all of us, as a society, how do they handle diverse diversity. also of thought, and of opinion. liz: you know, robin, how is this for an idea. have a town hall with james demore there, suspend google policy about you know talk, smothering blanket of authoritarianism, and have an open debate where people can go at jame bemore, say, you are -- demore, and say you are wrong, how a real debate? >> i agree. and that is what they were proposing. but the issue was -- >> he was not invited, jame demore was not invited.
5:48 pm
>> right, i assume he is in negotiation it write a lucrative book deal right now. he is just today alone he gained over 40 thousand twitter followers. but google had to take abundance of caution to protect the safety for their employees. i understand that, there a problem within the culture. google was being investigate by department of u.s.' labor because women were making about 40% less there at google, there was a problem that needed to be addressed. i would say, i don't mean this in a despairing term, i call them the nerd culture, they call themselves, that they would argue that salary is based on merit, and they don't want to see the differences outlined. but in wake of i pending set ofgatio investigation by u.s.
5:49 pm
department of labor. liz: by way it is pathetic to threaten anyone over internet. james demore failed to note that women software programmers took the world to the moon, and to outer space, they worked at nasa in 50s. it was considered a woman's job. i just think you know have an open debate. >> really.. liz: have james demore in. >> i read it, as a woman with a science background. i was not offended. i did not feel he took an inflammatory approach, i would agree with some of his asession serrings but -- assersions. liz: a heck of a u town hall. >> it would be a great idea to help come there to get this conversation started that would be fantastic.
5:50 pm
probably healing that google itself as company needs. liz: news flash, silicon valley, big glass seal for women, rob up and nan thank you. >> thank you. liz: president trump is meeting with ambassador to u.n. nikki haley and secretary of state rex tillerson, he will be coming out afterward, we'll bring you any information news as it happens. >> a police officer ready to box the owner of a gym, that bans police and military from his gym, he is here to respond, next. nique mistpro tecy and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪
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>> i'm trying to weave a positive out of a negative, trying to prove it doesn't matter when he believes or i believe, he owes this might on the stay of atlanta and the kids. liz: atlanta police officer challenging a gym opener in
5:54 pm
atlanta to a charity boxing match over the gym's no cop, no police officer policy. saying time to find ways t to bring the gap, with me now the opener, jim chambers by phone. why the no cop no military policy? >> hello liz. i am speaking for myself, there are groups that feel similar to me, we believe that -- i believe that policing in country began with slave patrols and union busting in the north, the best way to foster that end to create spaces where police are not welcome. we understand that certain
5:55 pm
groups are under greater risk, in presence of law enforcement. and you know some of those folks are in our gym, and most of the people in our gym don't feel comfortable. liz: you realize, that there are a lot of minority police officers, they step in they put themselves on line to protect people like you from crime, right? >> yeah, you know everyone had this argument before. liz: it is a fact. what is the problem with that? >> but, not an issue of identity. the issue of -- policing in america. and i am not coming at this from race angle, i don't have a stake in that. i come from angle of police serving interest of big capital in america. ain't capitalists, we're anticapitalists. liz: but jim, there is a crime at your yim yo gym you call a cop. >> no.
5:56 pm
liz: you do allow ex-cops and military, how it that different. >> it depends on where they are. >> what about ain' anticops in the gym. >> we don't have any. liz: we hear you frommi ex-cops and veteran. >> no. there is a lot of chatter. as far as you know, if we need to call police, we don't need to call police be we have resourcing that can fill their shoes and we have legal guns. liz: are you going to take up the boxing match challenge for charity. >> no, i am not. liz: sorry the connection was bad thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. liz: president trump in meeting with ambassador to u.n., nikki haley and secretary of state rex tillerson amid north korea te tension, coming out soon, we'll bring you any information as we get it,o. coming up, don't go away. this""
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>> we have been working hard with china and other countries. >> what do you do to reassure south korea? >> they probably feel as much as they can feel. certainly they feel more reassured with me than they did with other parts in the past because no one has don't job they were supposed to be doing and that's why we are at this horrible situation now. it's a bad situation, a dangerous situation, and it will not continue, i can tell you. south korea is happy and you don't mention japan. i think japan is happy with the job we are doing. >> were you being a as
6:00 pm
particular when you thanked vladimir putin for expelling diplomats from russia? >> to reduce our payroll, yes. i was just speaking to the secretary, and we are talking about coming up with an answer by september 1. but we have reduced payroll substantially. >> a lot of americans are on edge with this back and forth between the united states and north korea. >> hopefully it will all work out. nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump. that i can tell you. but this has been going on for many years. it would have been easier to solve this years ago before they are in the position they are in. but we'll see what happens. we think lots of good things can happen. we this


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