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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 15, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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thanks for joining us. tony shaffer and eboni williams are among our guests tomorrow. kennedy: president trump condemns the people who committed violence in charlottesville, virginia. but will this silence his critics. grab a shovel, it's time to dig in. the tragedy in charlottesville has held the country hostage as we fixate on the hateful actions of some sick neo-nazis, one of whom is charged with murder. just like the nut job who shot steve scalise.
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the unstable freak who rammed his car into a group of people he didn't like, killing an innocent woman, is a terrorist. there are common these with all of them. mental illness, murderous rage, and the willingness to end people's lives. senator sanders took to the senate floor and condemned the actions of the scalise shooter. but he got it right today when he forcefully came out and named the enemy. >> racism is evil, and those who commit violence their names are criminals and thugs including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other shade
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groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. kennedy: there are hordes of foes who secretly delight in the chaos because the president's enemies would love to paint his supporters with a broad brush of racism. perhaps the white house stumble stems from not having a communications director. when the president doesn't get ahead of a story, when end up talking about the wrong thing for way too long. extremists on both sides want a race war. i want you to want me. i'm kennedy.
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the suspect in the deadly car ramming in charlottesville be is facing murder charges and there have been calls for domestic terrorism charges as well. and the feds are looking into whether the suspect had any help. judge andrew napolitano is here with the answers. welcome back, judge. what are we look at as far as the charges and how deeply this young man might have been entrenched in his movement? judge napolitano: we are looking at a complex area of the law where hate speech is free speech. the police have an obligation to protect all the speakers. whether they had it the message or didn't have resources, who knows. a federal investigation is looking at a couple of things.
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was there a plan or thought hacked in ohio and perpetrated in virginia to kill somebody on the basis of their race. civil rights laws protect race, the. it if the plot is based on race or place of origin or national identity, aspects of humanity protected by the federal civil rights laws, then the feds have a case. the language domestic terrorism does not describe a crime or a class of statutes. that's a political reference. the president can call it domestic terrorism and that doesn't change the law. the definition after terrorist act under the federal statutes are two or more separate acts of violence intended to change the policy of the government.
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so this probably does not fit under that federal statute. having said all that. the virginia authorities are very aggressive in prosecuting acts of lie lens. of -- of violence. he's facing a lifetime in jail, he's not facing the death penalty as far as we know. right now he's facing a lifetime in jail. so the federal investigation is searching to see if others were involved. it would be silly to prosecute him a second time after he's already facing a life sentence. kennedy: when you have a group of white supremacists that are going to march at a specific time and specific place and they have advertised that, you know you are going to attract the other side. so what went wrong here that it went from two groups of people voice their various discontent into something that's not only
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violent but then became murderous. judge napolitano: it appears for about an hour the police were gone. they were not doing their job. could the police have stopped this car? who knows. kennedy: or set up the perimeter wheezperimeter -- we saw at the republican and democratic convention. >> the statute represents -- the statue represents part of our history, let's not change history, or the statue reminds us we never want to go through this again, talking about the statue of general robert e. leave. but the guy who organized this is a white supremacist who spews hateful language which is protected speech and the police can't refuse to protect it because they don't like it.
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they also have to protect the innocents who are there to observe or resist this guy. one of them lost her life. the police dropped the ball. they didn't protect speech and they didn't protect life. they may have a rational explanation to that. they will be making that explanation to the fbi agents who are probably interrogating them as we speak. kennedy: any time we have events like this, that's when law enforcement learns so much. there will be so much to gather from what went wrong here to inform future cities so they don't squash free speech. you may not like it. but they can do it. they have the right to do that. judge napolitano: the first amendment is to protect the speech we've hate and fear. the speech we love doesn't need protection. kennedy: thanks so much for
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enlightening these issues. as i mentioned, the white house got a lot of flack over the weekend for the way the president responded to the violence in charlottesville. today the president tried to silence those critics. >> to anyone who acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence. you will be held fully accountable. justice will be delivered. as i said saturday, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. it has no place in america. kennedy: some of the president's opponents will still claim those words didn't go far enough to condemn what happened. nancy pelosi said it shouldn't take the president of the united states two days to sum ma -- ton the basic decency to condemn
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nazis and white supremacists. with us is charles hurt, and katherine mangu-ward. so let's discuss the important distinction between speech and violence. there are a lot of people of on the left who assume if you are saying free speech is protected, these people have a right to say what they want to say, that you are condoning the violence that follows from some of these things. >> that's right. i put up a post saying there is a distinction between hate speech and assault. and i got emails in my inbox this morning from the left saying i'm a nazi and nazis saying i'm a lefty.
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this is a serious confusion in this debate. the idea that saying horrific hateful thing is the same thing as violence is increasingly taking hold in the academy. it's what people believe in the streets of charlottesville. and it's not true. you can say whatever awful thing wants, fan the minute you hit someone with your car you committed a crime, but not until that time. kennedy: when you swing a baton at someone and hit someone. that's different than screaming into a megaphone. people are equating words as deeds and it creates the dangerous climate. charlie: what does it say about our education system today? there was a time when you
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couldn't get out of grade school without understanding the free republic, that you were guaranteed the freedom of speech, but it does not include beating up your neighbor. all the way through high school. then they go to college and they still don't have any concept of that. it's staggering. >> they have defended the kkk's right to march in the street. there is a thought that once one group creates violence, the whole group is guilty. kennedy: i think there were people on the right who did a good job defending bernie sanders after the steve scalise
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shooting. this guy was unstable. bernie sanders did not cause that guy to go out to the baseball field and stake out congressmen. now to say the president created an environment so there are crazy racists wanting to kill people. if you know you are going to have both sides there and they are both incredibly magnetic for the other, what should you do differently that you didn't do? >> having a stronger police force and telling them not to stand down is obviously mistake number one. but what i'm most of worried about is the tendency of the extremists on both sides to say this is why we need to continue. they are trying -- trying to pit the majority of americans against one another. the reason why we are seeing a growing attraction is because we
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have forgotten our values and what makes us americans. i went to what was supposed to be a candle light vigil last night in washington, d.c. and it turned into a black lives matter. we got to a statue of a confederate general and they demanded it be torn down. using this person's death as a means to tear down more things. >> people were wielding signs saying no free speech for fascists. the logic is so incredible. donald trump is in charge of the federal government. you think someone should be in charge of who gets free speech and who doesn't? kennedy: the president or the attorney general. he's going to shut up the wrong guys by your lights.
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charlie: all of this was discussed at our founding. you are right, you have to be careful to going back to the golden ages. but it's not hard to learn. if you do learn it, you shouldn't be getting out of college having not understood it. kennedy: everyone who participated in this show tonight went to the college of knowledge and came out with ph.ds. katherine, charles, bre. thank you for being here. very necessary discussions tonight. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says the military is ready to strike just in case kim jong-un decides to strike on his threats.
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kennedy: the u.s. military is ready to use quote its full range of military capability to taken to north korea according to choaf joe dunford. general dunford made the comments today in south korea.
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but also stressed the need for economic and diplomatic pressure against north korea. secretaries mattis and tillerson also stressed diplomacy. joining me now is former cia officer and president of diligence llc, mike baker. welcome back. no one wants nuclear war, but is there a way of denuclearizing north korea without military action? >> people who want war least are those who understand it best and have experience tonight. the military generals, despite what some folks might think, are the last people to want to engage in combat and war because they have an understanding of how horrific it is.
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the fact that general dunn forward, the joint chiefs of staff is in south korea and is going to sit down with japan. the things hing saying today are now now, they were true a year ago and five years ago. the military is always in a state of potential readiness. but on top of that, they always prefer a peaceful diplomatic solution. so he's right in saying we are working side by side with wreks tillerson and everyone else in the diplomatic community to try to resolve this. kennedy: hr mcmaster said we aren't closer to war than we were a week ago but we are closer than we were a decade ago. >> that's north korea's own
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doing. they continued this march over several administrations. so that's what he's referring to. all this time we kicked the can down the road through various administrations. and the past 8 years of what they call strategic patience. that aloud us to get to this point where yes there is morris can at this stage than there was 10 years ago? of course. they are pursuing their ambitions and nuclear weapons. kennedy: when kim jong-un came to power and his father passed, was there a belief he would be a more rational strategic partner between the rest and north korea or did everyone know he would be more difficult and blustery and use even tougher language and a greater show of force than his dad? >> i don't think anybody ever
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put kim jong-un and rational in the same sentence. and they didn't do it when there was a transition in power from his father to him. it was fairly opaque. there was not a lot of understanding as to his nature, character, plans, motivations nor as to the state of loyalty between the military leadership there in north korea and the new leader. there were a lot of unknowns. there continue to be some unknowns. that raise an important point. as we are at this inflection point with these tensions rising, the question has to be asked, to what degree is kim jong-un aware of what goes on. to what degree is he aware of the realities he faces. his military visors may not be telling him. we are nowhere near the top of the food chain here.
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kennedy: i have a feeling his ipad, they have whichify in the palace. what does make such specific threats to guam get them. if they are say where and when they are going to strike, guam is closer to them than us. it's easier for them to hit guam than hawaii other u.s. mainland. why are they being so specific? what does that get them? >> it's within their capability as we understand it. it's a u.s. territory, so that may have something to do with it. what they are doing kiss consistent with what they have been doing for a long time which is rattling the cage. typically they get something where it or china gets something from it. but this effort has got to involve china and it has to involve a much more aggressive approach for them. one thing that may be important here.
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china is always looking for what's in it for them. they purely act in their ownself-interest. kennedy: when they voted unanimously with the rest of the security council, they got something from us. i say we just don't invite them to the party and make us feel bad. >> we don't want to shut that opportunity off with china. if china views the trade imbalance as something they have to worry about right now. if they believe president trump is going to be pushing that button and exploiting the trade imbalance. if they think we'll back off in exchange for hem committing to the sangs. in the past there has been a lot of back sliding and they circumvented sanctions. if they are hard nosed about the sanctions north korea will feel it quickly. they may be looking at what's tonight for them.
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if they feel that might be an opportunity we may have a way to get them fully on board and pressuring north korea. there is an element of hope and that's usually not a happy thing when you are talking about potential for nuclear conflict. but we have to look at all the options. kennedy: coming up, chuck schumer and his fellow democrats on the hill love to talk when it comes to raising wages for the american worker. the party panel returns to i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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kennedy: president trump has struggled to advance his legislative agenda in congress. it could benefit your bank account. according to report the administration is reviewing a rule that limits bank's trading and would restrict banker bonuses and requiring bankers to act in the best interests of their clients. how can that even be determined. will this unleash the industry for both or lead to another financial crisis. welcome back to the program,
12:30 am
scott. let us destroy the weekend and all of this memory that pollutes us. scott, what are some of the better aspects we are hearing from the deregulation gossip? >> let's take a little history lesson here. after 2008 the obama administration, a lot of people in congress said the banks caused this problem, they are the red herring and they are the ones that need to be fixed. things got a little bit out of whack with respect to regulations and controls on the banks. now we are starting to see somebody in the white house who understands business and the regulatory van and the comment we have heard from folks like jamie dimon. so some of these things will start coming off. kennedy: did they pick the right ones? >> i'm not sure.
12:31 am
one of the beauties of the wages is over -- of the banks is over the years they have gotten better at getting around the regulations. things that happened in 2007 and it's obvious they needed a break because the regulations got out of control. kennedy: a lot of people have taken a long look at dodd-frank and some of the implications. i'm wondering, the local rule, explain what that is and what the end result will be if that is unraveling. >> it's in response to the banks running around doing whatever they wanted like the wide wild west. you had bangs investing in hedge funds and real estate and securities being sold to their customers or things they were betting against that they were selling to you.
12:32 am
the volcker rule said you can't do that anymore. they are saying you have to separate that business and take it off. but one thing that's interesting when it comes to banks. one of the problems they have is the interest rate picture is so bad. net interest margin which is a total turn-on i'm sure you love talking about. but it's the difference between lending money versus what they get from the federal reserve. they are pinched by government regulation and the interest rates right now. scott martin, everybody. democratic lawmakers have long complained fast food workers don't make enough money. but it could be much worse. you could be interning for a democratic lawmaker.
12:33 am
95% of democrats who support raising the federal minimum wage do not pay their interns at all. the list includes senators chuck schumer, kamala harris, cory booker and 20 co-sponsors of the raise the wage act. maxine waters and other co-sponsors giving their interns the old shutout. the good news is the interns will appreciate a minimum wage job after this. bre, i will begin with you. i was surprised to find out republican lawmakers pay their interns more. >> this is actually the phenomenon that's been going on for years. mult sell studies have looked
12:34 am
into democrats and republicans and they found republicans tend to pay their interns more often than democrats. i'm not surprised minimum wage-type pushers wouldn't pay their interns. kennedy: they don't pay them at all. >> that's reflection of this mentality. they are so separated from the consequences of reality they think they can do something and it doesn't affect them or have real world consequences or implications. kennedy: would you ever let your kids intern in d.c.? charlie: i don't know if i would or not. but i would like them to get paid because they have a lot to pay me back for. kennedy: i always thought preinternships were great. the interns learn a lot in an environment they wouldn't otherwise have access to. >> reason does pay our interns. many of our lefty journalistic
12:35 am
counterparts do not. they say once there is a law we'll do it. of course, people want to work for cory booker for free. he's basically free. of course people want to work for chuck schumer for free. he's hilarious. i am someone who loves having interns at reason. your work is great it's appropriate to give them the work they are worth. if we are worried about only rich kids getting internships. set up scholarships. there are other ways to remedy that. kennedy: you said it costs $6,000 just to outfit an intern for the summer. >> it includes an apartment with a pool in it. kennedy: thank you so as much. katherine, charles and bre.
12:36 am
great to see all of you. coming up. progressive princess elizabeth warren says the democrat party is moving further to the left while marginalizing moderates while marginalizing moderates and pushing pro-lifers away.
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kennedy: there are deep division simmering within the democratic
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party over healthcare and abortion rights. but elizabeth warren says there should be no doubt which wing of the party is in charge as we head to the mid-term election. >> we are not the gate crashers of today's democratic party. we are not a wing of today's democratic party. we are the heart and soul of the democratic party. kennedy: many have interpreted warren's comments at hoik who she believes hurt the party when she seemed to move toward the center. is it right to say democrats should be pushing maximum strength progressivism to remedy their election ills?
12:41 am
hadley, let's discuss senator warren. we have seen this happening for a while. some of the emotional strong terms from her and bernie sanders show that progressives are not giving up. can they do enough to coalesce a majority within the democratic party to make a difference and win more seats? >> democrats are typically good at messaging to americans who are middle of the road politically. but voters should pay more attention to their voting record. she is responsible for creating the consumer protection bureau which is part of the dodd-frank platform. president trump has pursued an agenda of deregulation and freeing our marketplace. she is looking to create a foil to president trump.
12:42 am
she has done that effectively. but voters need to look at the messages as well as the mess even jers themselves. kennedy: president obama said he's going to try and fin influence the party as much as possible. who does the showdown come down to with these two or three if you add bernie sanders to it. >> the democratic party has been look for someone to take president because legacy. candidate clinton wasn't able to do that in 2016. she wasn't able to attract the same voters who voted for president obama. now they are looking for a different face to put on their brands and i think senator warren can do this more effectively. she is good at message together middle while pursuing a policy agenda more to the left.
12:43 am
kennedy: let's talk about one of the issues that is driving a wedge within the democratic party. howard dean and others said if there are going to be congressional candidates to get funding from the democratic national committee, that they have to be pro-choice candidates. others have said you can't give us a litmus test because we live in parts of the country where we want to appeal to pro-life voters with a more progressive message. can democrats figure out a way to have pro-life candidates? >> this recommend any sent of the women's march on washington where some pro-life groups were excludes. they make the social issues untouchable. a lot of americans see the abortion debate morally as black
12:44 am
or white which makes it difficult for compromise. but democrats should be willing to break with the party lines. we have political parties who are strict about candidates towing the line. >> kennedy: they live in more conservative districts and those happen to be their beliefs. they would be compromising their beliefs in they toe that democratic party line. people are no longer clinging to party platforms. they are taking it issue by issue, candidate by candidate. a lot of candidates don't want to be dictated to. it will be interesting to see who ends up with more seats in 2018. what is your prediction? >> it's unfortunate we have such a binary choice in the state.
12:45 am
other countries in europe have coalitions of parties and we see compromise on the abortion issue. so it's a real gridlock situation in the united states when people feel they have to choose one way other other. kennedy: i see people leaving their parties and creating coalitions on different issues that are more in line with their beliefs and their voters and hopefully more of them have the courage to do that. hadley, thank you. i appreciate it. elizabeth warren is make so much elizabeth warren is make so much money selling merchandise. why should over two hundred years of citi history elizabeth warren is make so much money selling merchandise. matter to you?
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kennedy: i would like to wish a happy birthday to the lovely and talented haley barry. she turns 51 today. i hope i look half as good at 31 as she does at 51. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. if you are a cop outside of
12:50 am
seattle you'll eventually see everything except the mariners winning the world series. but hang in there, guys. if the cubs can go all the way, there is room for everybody. over the weekend cops saw a black bear take home the biggest prize of his life after he stumbled across three garbage cans on the side of the road full of snacked. he carried the bag into the woods for good measure. of course no bear would be take out this much if we hadn't banned bullying. back in the day a bully bear would have called this guy fat and would have told him to stop eating after one garbage can. now, you can't call anyone fat anymore.
12:51 am
you can't even see their bear boobies. way to go, america. topic number 2. the founders of the international church of cannabis say attendance is going through the roof of their joking whatten bus since they opened in april. churchgoers can't get enough of the main sacrament. and they love the sermons about how the illumanati killed jesus. i'm going to stop it right there. so i will share this video of one attendee who got munchees after yesterday's mass. bears like reefer perfume.
12:52 am
whether you pray to the cannabis god or some other religious deity. we all can say a prayer for tiny tom cruise. he got into a small accident while filming a stunt for "mission impossible." he was trying to get something off the top shelf when things went horribly wrong. thomas, get down from there. get down from there. oh, no. he hobbled. son of a gun der son. this isn't the most of embarrassing jumping video of tom's life. the next mission impossible comes out in september of 2018. here is a feel good story out of
12:53 am
the animal kingdom. an adorable tiger cub has found a home after getting rejected by his mother at the philadelphia zoo. zoo coopers say like most of philadephians, mom was your was after the eagles lost their opener. luckily the cub has been taken in by the oklahoma city zoo who set up the tiger cam so people can watch him live living his lonely life plotting all the ways he can kill you when you go to visit. 2 million people have watched this adorable cub. but the most of popular tiger cam still belongs to the florida police. i love lax. what happened to my car. topic number 5. the distributors of elizabeth
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oversaturated with hysteria they can't get aroused enough to plunk down $50 on date night for a factually challenged movie of beta male emotionalism. it earned $2 million in the first 10 days which is not enough to pay this power bills. the film might as well be called, "yep, we are still going to die." al gore can't change the weather, nor the sad reality that people no longer trust his advice on anything from the climate to clementine soda. god rest his soul. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. email
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