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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 15, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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personal feeling get in the way i think is very disturbing. >> nick adams, mark simone, thank you very much. gentlemen. thank you so much for joining us. business. >> good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs who is on vacation, president trump fighting back against criticism from the establishment over his sphon response to sky lens i violence in charlottesville, virnvirginia over the weekend. defending his initial condemnation. >> i want to make sure unlike most politicians, that what i said, was correct. not make a quick statement, the statement i made saturday, that first statement, was a fine statement.
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>> if the press were not fake, and if it was honest, press would have said what i said was very nice, unlike you and unlike -- >> excuse me, unlike and you unlike media, before i make a statement, i like to know the facts. >> president also saying there is blame on both sides, for the violence over weekend, swipes at inaccuracies reporting. >> you had a group on one side and you had a group on the other, they came at each other with clubs, it was vicious and horrible, it was a horrible thing to watch, you look at both sides, i think there is blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it,. >> if you report accurately you would see it. >> for more on president trump's news conference we turn to fox correspondent kevin corke. >> it started as a statement about his infrastructure, but instead of pivoting toward his agenda and away from controversy surrounding violence in charlottesville,
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the president turned back into firestorm with a full on news confront, covering his response to violence in virginia, the confederate statues, the status of steve bannon and infrastructure. >> how did a couple of infrastructure questions. >> the majority of questions were about charlottesville, and president saying his initial comments reflected the information he had at that time. >> i like the facts, this just happened, a lot did not happen yet, this even just happened. and before i make a statement, i need the facts. so i don't want to rush into a statement. reporter: president criticize media for mischaracterizing who was there, and why. >> not all of those people were neo-nazis, believe me, not all those people were white supremacists by any stretch. those people were there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue
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robert eally, ther e. lee. >> later mr. trump questioned wisdom of removing statues and monuments that pay homage to leaders of history. >> it is george washington next week and thomasjefferson the week after, you have to ask yourself, where does it stop. >> president trump today said by comparison his executive order would make it easier to get moving on infrastructure projects. >> no longer will we allow infrastructure of our magnificent country to crumble and decay. while protecting the environment we will build new roads, bridges, railways, waterways, tunnels and highways. reporter: even as president hopes to direct the focus on his agenda his administration is facing new questions about
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the fate of chief straggest steve ban an. bannon who is becg isolated in west wing. >> he is a good person, he gets a very unfair press in that regard, we'll see what happens when mr. bannon. >> were bannon to leave trump administration he would join a long, growing list of officials to leave of their own accord or be fired since president took office. >> acrimony in white house was fall of a great main people, my suspicion that bannon is parts of that. his identification with alt-right is unhelpful particularly in aftermath of charlottesville. >> to be sure, david, there are concerns in white house that if bannon were to leave the staff and be ushered out, he would be a more destructive force outside of west wing, which is why despite this riff with president there is still a feeling in white house that he will not be leaving the
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team any time soon, that is something we'll be keeping a very close watch of. david. >> kevin cork thank you. >> joining me now to discuss president's come comments media, reaction and more charlie hurt. first let's deal with facts we're journalists we heard what president said, he is what governor mcauliffe said about what the president said, he said neo-nazis, klansmen and white supremacist came to charlottesville heavily armed, spewing hatred and looking for a fight, this is not both sides, but listen to who police chief tomas said yesterday. the crowd side became increas increasin increasingly --
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with violent with mutually engaged combatants tha sounds like both sides. >> absolutely. mcauliffe is trying to shade this whole thing to his political advantage. i find disgusting. i think it is interesting that donald trump is only politician, quote, unquote involved here, who stepped back said i was not there i'm going to find out what happened before i comment on this and as we talked about earlier in the afternoon, donald trump's predecessor barack obama numerous times was faced with situations like this, racially charged, he did not wait to get out there he went right out there -- -- >> that is right before the facts, sometimes he did not apologize but he did have to pullback and remember that
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case in boston. >> in many cases he made it worse, and heightened tensions, which is what president should not be doing. >> well, the president was ticked off, he was mad at some point you could hear his voice cracking, parts of reason is because of the leap that politicians and media make to actually put him in some way being responsible for what happened, if not him, at least people in his administration, the democrats, democratic leadership today sene letter, we discussed earlier, i will read in wake of deadly hated crimes and violence committed by white supremacist in charlottesville, we write too request immediate removal of steve bannon, steve miller, and going t going to work going t-- this letter does not have the guts to say, that it is pure guilt by
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insinuation. >> no question they are accusing him of being a racist and having racists on his staff, and god bless him, he is not going to take it lying down it offended him as it should, it would offense me, my favorite question, is was a question asked by donald trump who look add press, tell me what is alt-right, what is this made upward you made up, alt-right, if you are talking about racists, let's talk them racists, if you call them something else, let's find out what alt-right means. >> it means a creation of media, to put an umbrella over everyone which would include racists, with the people in the white house. this is a a mechanism by which they are able to call people who are not white supremacists
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or racists that, this say short word for racism. >> absolutely and designed so they can get away is with smearings president with being a racist, when he is not a racist, and steve bannon is not a racists, but they can use that little word and sneak around and get the stink on them it is despicable and it is destructive to this country, it sets back race relations in the country, decade. >> it sets country back, we're beyond mc-- the president did mention mother of woman who was killed saturday, the mother sent, thank you president trump, for those words of comfort, and for denouncing those who promote violent and hatred. she spoke of when he said yesterday, something that was condemned by the democrats and the media, as being incentive, the mother of the woman killed
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thought it was very sensitive. >> yeah, and that citizen saddest part of this, is that you know, there is good people, on the you know side of opposing you know what' to stake statue -- take the statue down, but maybe there was good people there trying to stand up for that statue, goodness knows there are millions of americaning who support keeping these sat true -- statues who are very good people and nowhere near racist, sad thing a good person who was not part of bad mayhem got killed, i can not imagine anyone pointing to anyone from the weekend, that would suggest it was work -- that worth her life. >> her mother knows depth of sadness of losing a daughter more than anybody in the world. and for her to thank the president for what he said is enough for me. i just to have da say one
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comment i think this country has advanced so far beyond the race baiting we're seeing in the president erase baiting -- race baiting from democrats in congress, just before family in american has some connection with in their family, people marrying average americans or asian and letted -- latin americans from all race, crieds color we have moved as a nation as individuals as family, so far beyond the people who turn this to politics this makes me sick to see them try to drag us back in to where we were, everyone was based by their color or creed. >> thank you for saying, that i could not agree more, we have moved a million miles down the road, only people who are still trying to jazz this up,er are politicians, they are doing it because -- serves their purpose to divide people, and as long as they
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can goose this thing they can color coordinate their voters and appeal to certain voters that is the most displace de ldespicable things it is worse than racism it is racist to begin with bu but beyond that it used to their own mittapolitical advantage. >> thank you. >> trump administration today scoring a victory with kim jong-un, backing down from a threat to strike guam. following strong words from president, greg palkot has our report. reporter: back fro brink for a moment. state media reported that kim jong-un decided to hold fire and watch a little more of the foolish and stupid conduct of the yankees, some say threats
11:13 pm
of military action by president trump made the difference. >> threat of military force, and that may have an impact on the leader of north korea. >> that message backed up by chairman of joint chiefs of staff dunford in beijing and defense secretary mattis. >> here part of sentinel for our nation. reporter: beyond tough military talk many think that diplomatic and economic measures by administration and others, including china swayed the regime, tillerson is open to negotiation with kim jong-un. >> we continue to be interested in finding a way to dialogue, that is up to him. reporter: south korea marked anniversary of victory over japan in world war ii, its president talked of heading off a new nuclear war. >> government will do all it can to prevent a war from breaking out, no matter.
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the north korea nuclear problem must be addressed in a peaceful manner. reporter: relieved by peace, people and official on potentially targeted island of guam. >> we're happy that rhetoric is calming down perhaps, from kim jong-un. not at least pursuing at the moment, his threat to fire missiles the guam. reporter: the regime was still talking about victory over the u.s. threat eninthreatening to have jiv revive the guam attack plans if the u.s. was reckless. military exercises have been criticize by north korea regime, a new nuclear trigger point could loom again. david. >> greg palkot thank you. >> we're coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. >> president trump's strong rhetoric against north korea's kim jong-un. delivering a victory to administration as north korea
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backs away from threat to guam. >> i believe that president trump has restored credibility of american power. >> we take it up with lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. >> voters headed to the polls in alabama, latest on effort got you outnumbered.
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david: iran said it is ready to restart its nuclear program, quote within hours, if the u.s. imposed more sanctions, president trump last month signed new sanction into law targeting iran's missile program and human right abuses, saying that iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal brokered by president obama. we're joined by retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, now a senior fellow with london center for policy, let me go back to what iran got from the united states when president obama brokered that deal, release of billions in oil revenue overtime.
11:20 pm
that was the big kahuna, that gave him a standing in world power, beyond what they should have. and cash payoffs from president obama, a lot of people say -- >> airplanes full of cash. david: they got -- this is extr extraordinary, we u.s. are subsidizing iran's nuclear operations, by purchasing water. >> those are big pieces, and most i think in addition we should add with all returned revenue, they are plussing up their defense budget by 800 million dollars, most important thing to overall narrative is they are helping fund the north koreans continued research in miniaturization of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology. they -- this is why i think that president trump saying not living up to the spirit, they are outsources their
11:21 pm
research to north korean, people have speculated, why has north korea been able to move more rapidly forward with their programs over past year. it is because of infusion of money from the iranians. >> and the technology, and let me add one thing, i think it important to for historical purposes to remember what happened. this is a deal, as you outlined it looks like we're empowering iran. >> right. >> also in their nuclear development, there was a theory in obama administration by president obama and a lot of people who worked for him, that we had to empower iran, that only way we would get them to modernize, became a nuclear power they would be more open to our philosophical ideas. >> it goes back to the carter
11:22 pm
administration, that basic flawed thinking. all it has done is imbold -- embolden them can be more troublesome to our arab allies in the region, they are doing things across road is hezbollah, and irgc to put forward a shia view of the world, they are funding the north korean issue, helping them develop thins that we now concerned about, by the fact you have north korea directly threateningu territory in the form of guam. this is no small issue, and we helped fund this. we're funding our own enemies. >> north korea we must assume is sharing their nuclear technology with iran. >>, of course,. david: i am wondering if that could get in hands of terrorist, you mentioned that iranian government is helping to sponsor. >> that is a big concern with
11:23 pm
the min yeah miniaturization, comes the ability to not just put it on a ballistic missile, but put it in a small coptain i-- container, send. this is no small issue. this is why we're very concerned not only about technical aspects of miniaturization. but willing ness to do something, i do not believe that north korean are crazy, they are sane, just they are problematic, they want to do things to damage us, they have been told, you can't do it directly, they may find a different methodology and partnering with the iranians is an option for them. david: is north korea going to play nice now that china called them, and told them to cut off the threats against the united states. >> most unreported well the of
11:24 pm
whole korean situation was china saying, north korea, you attack the u.s., you are on your own, that is huge, that opens door for us to do a number of things, i don't think they will play nice but i don't think they will attack either. david: all right lieutenant colonel tony shaffer thank you very much. >> thank you. david: vote, is left wing media exploiting the charlottesville tragedy in an effort to discredit president trump? cast your vote. and follow lou on twitter, like the show on facebook and instagram. on wall street stocks closed mixed, dow up 5, s&p off 1. and nasdaq down 7. volume on the big board 2.8 billion shares, shares of home depot falling 3% despite solid earnings, investor hear it is no longer amazon-proof, retail sales recording biggest increase this year, household
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debt with record 12.8 trillion dollars driven by rising mortgage debt. >> listen to lou's reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, president trump hitting former president obama for failing to stop the russian interference in our political spear, as new details, merge about what the obama administration knew about russia's plans 3 years ago, we will have a full report, coming up next.
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david: president trump ripping his predecessor over reports thatted administration knew of russia's plans to interfere in our elections long before trump announced his candidacy. reporter: after politico reported the obama administration was warned by national security officials as early as 2015 that russia was acquiring tools to disrupt the 2016 elections. trump tweeted out, obama knew about russian interference three years ago but didn't want to anger russia. after russia's annexation of
11:31 pm
crimea and its efforts to influence the election two months later. these warnings were dismissed according to the chairman of the committee, were dismissed because the administration wanted. >> the obama administration was committed to the notion against all evidence that we could reset relations with putin. and routinely ignored our warning. reporter: edward price countered, the obama administration was nothing but proactive. the measures we spoke to publicly did not constitute the sum total of our retaliation in the face of moscow's aggression.
11:32 pm
>> when the meddling was reported and then at 4:00 p.m. you have an access hollywood tape that comes out via "the washington post," then you have john podesta emails start to trickle out. >> i happened to be having dinner with a clinton campaign staffer and all he could talk about was the access hollywood tapes. david: we are coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. special counsel robert mueller expanding his russia probe witch hunts. >> there was no collusion. i don't speak to russians. i won because i suppose i was a much better candidate than her. david: a high-flying ride for these daish devils.
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pulled down a statue in durham. our next guest says we can't let people violate laws because they might disagree with them. they are trying to figure out who did this. a couple much arrests have been made, if i'm not mistaken. the bottom line is the police just stood around and watched the statue being taken down. what happened to the rule of law. it may seem wrong, but it's right. police are authorized if they believe their own actions may escalate violence they are allowed to stand down, specifically if it's violence that doesn't harm a specific individual. this was harm to a statue and they can prosecute people. one woman already identified herself. it's a felony in north carolina
11:38 pm
to damage a monument like that. david: as the president reminded us today. our president george washington was a slave owner. at the time of his death he owned 123 slaves. george washington could be next, thomas jefferson could be next. are we going to have police stand around and watch it happen? gregg: robert e. leave because he was a confederate general was an acute i am tbol. but the president's argument was relevant, valid and well made. david: moving on to this report that the obama administration had proof of russian interest
11:39 pm
force in our election. remember that whisper obama had with the russian leader tell vlad i'll have more flexibility after the election. does this put to bed the notion there was collusion between trump and putin on elections? >> i think the best evidence there may have been no collusion is the latest report out today that a member of the trump campaign repeatedly tried to convince officials of the trump campaign to meet with leaders in moscow and vladimir putin and the trump campaign said absolutely not. that should disabuse a lot of the false allegations of collusion. david: mueller is -- was empowered as a special counselor to look into russia's interference in the united states elections.
11:40 pm
because we have this new information about the obama administration in 2014, do you think he will be looking into that? i think he sees himself as being the ja berks rt against president trump. >> i don't think he will look at the obama administration dithering over evidence they had and held secret that russia was meddling in campaigns. they knew russia was good at hacking into american systems. i heard an obama administration official say we knew they were good at hacking and we knew they were trying to meddle but we didn't put the two together. how could you not put the two together? the obama administration could have taken action to stop a lot of this. they could have publicly warned russia to stop during the course of the campaign. they could have put campaigns on notice and taken sanctions,
11:41 pm
severe sanctions against russia a whole lot earlier. if they had done any of that in this whole russian collusion investigation, it might never have taken place. david: please roll the video. thrill seekers no know bounds. this group leaping off a 3,000-foot high peak in norway. a heart-stopping adventure caught on tape. president trump taking aim at executives leading his presidential council. >> i created over a million jobs since i'm president. the country is booming, the stock market is setting records. we have the highest employment numbers we have had in the history our country.
11:42 pm
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david: a contentious news conference taking place today in the lobby of trump tower. rick leventhal was there for it. he joins us now live from trump tower in manhattan. rick? rick: we should point out the president called the media to the lobby of trump tawr to discuss infrastructure and his executive order to streamline the permitting process to get roads and bridges and waterways built. but once he finished his remarks, all the questions were
11:47 pm
about the president's response to the incidents in charlottesville saturday. there has been loud criticism that the president didn't go far enough in his remarks last saturday. among the critics walmart's ceo sent a memo to the employees of walmart criticizing the president saying he missed an opportunity to bring the country together. a wave of ceos have resigned from the president's manufacturing council including merck, under armor and the president of the alliance for american manufacturers. after the president doubles down on his saturday statement, another casualty, richard trunka announced he was leaving the group tweeting i cannot sit on a council for a president who
11:48 pm
tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism. the president calling these resignations political statements. you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was very violent. you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. reporter: the president said you could call the alleged driver of the car who killed a woman a murderer and terrorist and horrible person. he also said this about the protest centered on the removal of that statue of confederate general robert e. lee. >> many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of robert e. lee. this week it's robert e. lee. i notice stonewall jackson is next.
11:49 pm
is it george washington next week and after that tom as -- thomas jefferson? where does it stop? reporter: they asked the president for his thoughts on race relations and here is what he said. >> do you think things have gotten worse or better since he took office? >> i think they have gotten better. look, they have been frayed for a long time. you can ask president trump about that. the fact that i brought in millions of jobs, you see where companies are moving back into our country. i think that will have a tremendous positive impact on race relations. reporter: the security remains very, very tight on fifth avenue, though it is now open to traffic. there are barricades, sanitation trucks filled with sand. protesters have been pushed further away.
11:50 pm
they are now three blocks south of trump tower behind barricades. a heavy police presence. that will remain until the president leaves trump tower sometime tomorrow. that will be welcome news for many new yorkers who have been severely inconvenienced due to increased security around this building. david: the q and a part of today's press conference or presentation by the president seemed to be ad hoc. were you given advanced guidance that there would be a question and answer period? reporter: we were told he would speak for five minutes on infrastructure and we were told there likely would not be a q and a section to his remarks. they could talk to cabinet
11:51 pm
members, but not him. david: he had a lot to say and he wanted to say it, and he did. thank you so much. rick leventhal in manhattan. we have a great recommendation for your summer reading list. "putin's gambit." viewers of the show are loving it. every viewer whose comment is read on the show will receive an autographed copy. polls about to close in a critical alabama primary. nick adams and mark simone about to discuss whether the race is liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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david: in our online poll we asked if you think governor mcauliffe and other government leaders should be held responsible for the charlottesville violence response and 95% of you said yes. incumbent senator luther strange and two others are vying for the seat vacated by attorney general jeff sessions. the two top vote getters will face a runoff if nobody gets
11:56 pm
over 50%. joining me the author of "retaking america, crushing political correctness." let's talk about the reaction the president is getting from members of this manufacturing council. richard trum ka says i cannot sit on a council for a president that tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism. >> it's idiotic. everyone has gone hysterical the last few days. i understand this long primal scream after they lost the election. they have two weeks to take out donald trump.
11:57 pm
they are going nuts over everything. david: charlottesville deserved a serious discussion. there was a person killed and people beaten up. but we seem to have figured that out now we are stuck with race baiting. he has denounced david duke and the kkk several times the last few years. i would like to hear terry mcauliffe denounce the alt-left rioters too. david: donald trump, jr. said for every ceo who drops the out of the manufacturing council i have many to take their place. a grandstand should not have gone on. jobs. it's all about jobs. i'm wondering. what about the stockholders. are stockholders of these companies, are they served by ceos who leave a negotiating
11:58 pm
table at the white house? >> don't worry about stock holders? they are not important. the only thing that's important is the conscience. that's the position ceos have taken and i think it's disgraceful. they do have a responsibility to their stockholders, they have a responsibility to the employees of their company. they have multiple responsibilities. for them to kind of want to decide to subscribe to political correctness and grandstand as the president point out is nothing short of disgraceful. david: the executive office of our government, the president's office, is the one that does most of of the regulations through most of of the agencies whether it's the epa, the labor department or whatever. these ceos provided their stockholders with an inside view of that process.
11:59 pm
they could lobby the president of the united states who will be deciding on regulation. they have pulled themselves out of that extraordinary seat they had in the white house. >> it's damaging to the company. i would like to know what other decisions they are making. if i was a shareholder i would like to look into that. david: do you think there may be feedback for these guys after what they have done? >> they should be. i don't think that's the right way for a ceo to behave. i think to take to twitter to tell the world they don't agree with what the president is doing and the president is an awful person. and they won't stand by as bigotry happens. i have never heard so much nonsense in my life. they represent the company, they are there to represent their employees. they are there to represent the stockholders. for them to let their own
12:00 am
personal feeling get in the way i think is very disturbing. >> nick adams, mark simone, thank you very much. gentlemen. thank you so much for joining us. gordon chang and chris farrell are among our guests tomorrow. we'll see you then. judge napolitano: the rallies and violence in charlottesville. did north korean dictator kim jong-un bling first in his nuclear standoff with president trump. and what does it mean for the prospect of war. is the nsa still spying on us despite the court orders to knock it off? all that and more tonight on "kennedy." the purpose of the first amendment is to even courage open, wide, and rebust debate about the purpose of the government and the people who run it.


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