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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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liz: gotcha. we do have, tell our viewers, closing bell coming up in 15 seconds. oliver, thank you. charlie gasparino, ralph peters. [closing bell rings] there is the biggest drop of the dow and s&p 500 as closing bell hits right you no. david and melissa for "after the bell." david: going into the close, the dow ending the day. this is biggest decline since may after a van plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in barcelona, spain. there is problems with what the fed had said yesterday. but again it was terror attack that really dragged the markets down. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis.
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this is "after the bell." we have fox team coverage of the terrorist attack in barcelona. the president's estate at bedminster, new jersey. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. ashley, start with you. >> yeah, melissa, this was mid to late afternoon in barcelona, at very popular tourist hot spot a shopping district, an area where people can come and go, huge, if you like, pedestrian mall, full of restaurants and bars. as the video can show you, carnage after a van jumped on the pedestrian mall, drove estimated 50 miles per hour. never slowing down. witnesses say the driver zigzaging to hit as many people as possible. now at last report 13 people have been called dead. 50 or up to 80 injured. we also believe of those 80, at least 50 are very seriously injured. children are involved as well.
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we do see isis claimed responsibility for the attack through its media arm, saying it was a call to the soldiers of the islamic state who carried out this attack. we do now know two people have been arrested. one in his 20s, of moroccan descent. one, we do not have an idea who the second suspect was, who was arrested. however we do know theres with a shootout with police not far from this scene later on or early evening barcelona time, where a white vehicle ran down two police officers who managed to chase and eventually get into a shootout with that individual and kill him. it is still unclear whether that event is linked to the van attack this afternoon. the bomb squad we understand very latest, is now on the scene of that shootout with police. the second van, may be involved with the van attack has been found about 40 miles outside of barcelona. that's according to local authorities. and we do know the center of
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barcelona, now getting into late evening in barcelona, the center of that city, very popular with tourists and europeans is in complete shut down as police continue to search for more potential suspects. guys, back to you. melissa: ashley, thank you for that. david: just a little update since ashley was, got the news. we do have information that that so-called moroccan named drills drills -- driss oukabar, there was another person arrested with driss oukabar. the moroccan identify him seven, this may be a stolen i.d. we don't know if this was the person that was arrested. the person arrested had a stolen i.d. he may not be moroccan after all. we'll sort all the details out as we get them here. let's go to blake burman. president trump sent out a couple tweets, one getting a lot
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of attention by the press. reporter: yes. that was a tweet, david, about a widely-debunked theory or story i should say that he, he talked about on the campaign trail in 2016 involving the dipping of bullets in pig's blood, how he said that stopped terrorists. the problem is, it is a story from over 100 years old that has been widely debunked by historians who have studied it. why the president decided to weigh in on this day in the middle of barcelona, who knows, but he did go there. and now, in president's tweet he said issue should be studied. the problem historians studied it. he said there is no truth to it. as for the tweet on barcelona, the president is here in new jersey, bedminster, new jersey, just down the road. hears been briefed on barcelona following this we are told. he was briefed by the chief of staff john kelly alongside him. the president sent out this
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tweet earlier today, he said, i quote the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever necessary to help. be tough and strong. we love you, said the president. vice president mike pence commenting on twitter. stickened by horrific attack in barcelona. u.s. will work with allies to find those responsible. bring to justice. praying for the victims. the vice president happens to be in panama that right now. he gave a scheduled speech there. he said the united states will do whatever is necessary to help those in barcelona and spanish authorities. david, back to you. david: just one word about that story, about general pershing, he did write an autobiography republished in 2012 in which in his autobiography he said that muslim insurgent were buried with pigs. the question is, whether or not that was the reason that we were successful in battling that muslim insurgent. that is point which a lot of historians take issue with the president, but pershing himself said it happened.
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i just want to throw that out there. blake, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: go back to markets. nicole, what was the reaction down at the new york stock exchange? i mean closing right at the lows of the session. >> that's right. so we closed down 274 points. that is a loss of 1.2%. that is our biggest selloff for the dow since may 17th. it was selling across the board. there were really a couple of reasons that we saw the selling that we did. first of all, you have worries and controversy surrounding all things washington from trump to charlottesville, gary cohn. those are some of the things. things with earnings being disappointing. with barcelona, the final spark sent things down throughout the afternoon as we sold off. you saw stocks selling off. gold moved higher. treasurys moved higher, the dollar was up as well. these are the safe haven trades, big picture. here is one-week chart looking at dow, s&p and nasdaq. biggest losses for dow and s&p
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since may. biggest loss for the nasdaq in a week but it was interesting, this would be the first week that was higher for the nasdaq in four but it already lost its gains, that's for sure. and we also saw tech stocks, all the sectors were lower, technology, financials, industrials. look at some of the tech stocks. names such as cisco systems. that was earnings disappointment, down 4%. western digital down 2%. everything to the downside. interesting stern ruger, smith & wesson, the gun brand, they were up about 1%. the big picture here traders would say you have greed or fear. you have to take it with a grain of salt. this was more of a day of fear where they basically take all the risk off the table. back to you guys. melissa: nicole, thank you. david: here now to react to the deadly barcelona attack, fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor, scott martin, kingsview asset management, both
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fox news contributors, dan bongino, former secret service agent and former nypd officer. dan, spain has a history of dealing with terrorism. they know how to track these things. they dealt with the basque terrorists in the '70s. they haven't dealt with it recently. isis in particular targeted other nations. they targeted the united states, great britain, belgium, france, germany, this is i believe the first time they have bonn after spain. why now? >> well, because the eurozone makes it very easy to travel. that is one obvious reason. you just want to attack any country where you can get publicity for your deranged cause. the eurozone travel, makes it very easy to do so, and also, david, these are really easy logistics attacks to plan. all they require the ability to operate a vehicle. this obviously a 9/11-style attack that required half a
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million dollars in money and extensive flight training. wherever they get attention to the deranged cause because they lose at home f in europe part of that travel zone you should be on high alert right now. david: scott the market ended down 274 point. it was digesting this information. it was down at the beginning even before the market opened it was down, but it really started to accelerate its losses towards the end of the day. why? >> well because the market, david, i believe is in a mood as it has been the last couple weeks where it shoots first and asks questions later. tell you what is funny, right, this would be a rough tape today to begin with. s&ps were down almost a percent at the lows before the attack, because i believe dismantling the manufacturing council, to be honest, david. the market had overnight to digest implications of things falling apart with respect to that organization. david: excuse me for interrupting, scott? why the late-day selloff? to me that was direct result of what we saw in spain but not to
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you? >> i agree david, but the market intraday, couple hours the market that can do a lot of things that won't portend tomorrow what happens in couple days. if you're a weak hand, 5% or upset at we've seen in s&p, those are weak hands getting out as a result of terrorist attacks. david: fred, we had three tweets by the president. two were consoling and were are with you, we love you, then we had the general pershing comment. do you think there is any relation to the general pershing comment is not totally dismissible, according to his autobiography, general perking did indeed bury muslim insurgents with pigs to try to stem the revolt but wasn't entire reason for the revolt was stemmed. do you think that had any effect. do you think traders saying, oh, my gosh, he is off again? >> i wouldn't doubt it. trouble at the white house and with aides fighting each other
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in public, you know. particularly with steve bannon publicly denouncing gary cohn, the economic advisor at the white house. i mean, i think they're forcing a decision on the president. the president's decision-making authority hasn't looked very good recently. people are really worried about the white house. when the trump, when trump is tweeting something about general pershing 100 years ago, it makes people wonder. it makes me wonder. melissa: yeah. dan, i mean, let's talk more about what is going on and what we're watching on the screen here. what do you think is the reaction to all of this tomorrow? >> oh, gosh, i know from a law enforcement front my sources within local, state, federal law enforcement, they have been the alert for these vehicular type attacks for a long time. this is not the first and not the last.
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there isn't much you can do stop it, you need preoperative intelligence, i mean terrorist operations. you need to shake the trees in niece neighborhoods and develop sources. think about this, the difference between this and 9/11-style attack outside planning interaction with terrorists outside of their own community. in order to do flight training you will meet someone out of your local area. to learn how to drive a car with a bunch of people in a sick action like this doesn't really require much. melissa: fred, what were you saying? >> i think there is something you can do, cities, places where people congregate by many thousands it will have to be done, that is to ban vehicular traffic. i mean it has been done around times square on new year's eve. >> on the road. melissa: scott, go ahead. >> they're on the side of the road. i get the point you want to ban vehicular traffic, maybe vans. look at attack on london bridge, people are watching on side of the roads. i don't think how you keep
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vehicles away from people in modern-day life. >> it will be very hard if you don't ban them. a vehicle with somebody driving it looks perfectly innocent. melissa: dan, i mean i would just think they will come up with something different. >> with all due respect to fred that is totally impractical. they will start driving vehicles into the front of supermarkets. i get the point. there are ways to do this keep people on the sidewalk. put aesthetically plower pots for vehicle obstructions. >> those are good ideas you mentioned, in short run you do something about vehicle traffic. i've been there in barcelona. i could have been one of those people walking around there. it's a wonderful city but very vulnerable. melissa: absolutely. thank you, guys. david: we have information coming out from rex tillerson, secretary of state. i'm not sure whether this is a tweet or a message directly from the state department but he says terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to
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find you and bring you to justice. very specific comement from rex tillerson, our secretary of state. chaos as you can see on the streets of barcelona. [sirens] melissa: the world on edge as a van rams into dozens of pedestrians in the middle of a popular tourist area. new details on the ongoing investigation an what we know about the possible suspects. fox news's catherine herridge joins us next with the latest. david: coming up, a little later in this hour we're going to be speaking to walid phares, fox news national kurt analyst, danny colson, former february by deputy director and republican darrell issa. m going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel,
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david: more information rapidly unfolding on the deadly terror attack in barcelona. fox news catherine herridge gathering new details surrounding the horrific incident. catherine, first of all, the people who have been arrested, it appears there might be identity theft involved with one of them, correct? reporter: local media reporting in spain that the original suspect who was identified by authorities there, saw his photo on it. v, and then notified local mayor, hey, that is not me. i've been here all day. i have not been in barcelona. he is now alleging that his papers were stolen and it may have been in fact his younger brother who is a suspect who drove the vehicle along that boulevard in barcelona killing 13 and injuring scores of others. meantime back here in washington, a government source is confirming to fox news that the intelligence agencies are
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reviewing their holdings, including the terror watch list and databases to see if the suspects identify by the spanish were known to homeland security, the national counterterrorism center, the fbi and others and if they were known they were blocked from entering the u.s. as you know, david, spain is a visa waiver country, that you don't need a visa to travel into the united states. the authorities are trying to work out whether this person or persons were known to us and we could have stopped them from entering the u.s. or another situation where they were radicalized and totally under the radar. also within the last hour we heard from the vice president who is traveling in panama. >> the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stand ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. reporter: the acting secretary of homeland security, elaine duke, is fully briefed and
4:20 pm
monitoring the situation in barcelona. her old boss, john kelly, who is chief of staff at the white house, is keeping president trump up-to-date about the attack that increasingly appears to be coordinated and the work of a small cell. the attack began about four hours ago with a white rental van jumping the curb and mowing down pedestrians on a mile-long boulevard, one of the crown jewels of downtown barcelona. spanish media reports that the van was rented 15 miles outside of city. a second rental plan may have been part of the plot and aborted was found 40 miles outside of the city. within a couple hours, a white ford focus charged one of the police checkpoints near the scene of the first attack and that the car then fleed and later found with the driver dead inside of with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the other major development that i want to share with you, the news agency, the official mouthpiece of the isis terrorist
4:21 pm
group claimed responsibility but we're not clear how much of a role they played, whether they inspired these these individuals or directed the plot itself. david: great briefing, catherine melissa. melissa: let's bring in walid phares, former trump campaign foreign policy advisor. what sticks out at you from what we just heard? what jumps out at you? >> well, first of all we will know, authorities in spain and international european authorities will know a lot more in the next few hours and days, they will know the i.d., where did they rent, more technical issues, but the major problem i can see here, those jihadists, assuming isis helped them, are discovering a weak point in towns and public places. looking at pattern to berlin and other places, keeping same weapon, several cars, then go
4:22 pm
into a rampage against civilians. how can we, the big question is going to be, how can we as governments around the world protect civilian populations? this is not airplanes anymore. this is on the ground. melissa: right. what is your response to that? how do you protect? we had one guest in our first block talking about the idea maybe we need to stop car traffic near some of these bigger locations where people are gathering. is that realistic? is that a solution? what do you think? >> look, law enforcement in each country, in each city, in each neighborhood are going to have to decide on their own measures because they're going to have to have the information from intelligence services telling them, do we expect more. this individual, is he part of a cell, multiple cells. do we see down the line more of the same? but on the big, in the big picture we need to have different strategies. we need to make sure to know who is radicalized. that is the question. that means vetting. this is the taboo question we've
4:23 pm
been facing since last year here in the united states and of course in europe. how do you know that the person is radicalizing before they strike is the biggest question of the decade. melissa: i mean we have technology to better monitor people. you know obviously people are concerned about their privacy as we allow government officials to try and monitor more closely who might be radicalized. then they always say you can't arrest someone for what they might do. if we tried to follow around everyone who went and looked at various website and chatter online, there aren't enough people to do that so how do you tackle those issues? >> they are very important questions and they are real questions. so we don't want the government to follow everybody to know what ideas are traveling from one mind to another. that is not the way to do it but there are other ways, including social media, social workers, ngos, there a whole net outside of the government. we need to fund them, need to
4:24 pm
train them, need to act as they are soes workers once you have radicalization. once you have radicalization doesn't mean they are always terrorists. now you know they have a pool. the maximum we can do to determine if they are moving or trying to attack. that is too late. that is what we saw today. melissa: walid, thank you. >> you're welcome. david: vetting doesn't work too well if you don't have any borders if they move from country to country like they can in europe now. it is very difficult. as we investigate the terror at the heart of barcelona right now authorities continuing to hunt for other potential suspects who were involved in the deadly car attack in the las ramblas distribute. we'll talk to representative darrell issa, member of house foreign affairs committee, coming up. cracking down on a knew form of terrorism, how authorities can put an end to the disturbing trend of putting cars into deadly weapons. steve loomis, police patrolman's association here next.
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david: terror in barcelona. law enforcement forced to develop new tactics as terrorists continue to use cars and other very low-tech methods to inflict harm. steve loomis, cleveland police patrolmans association president. so, steve, first you have charlottesville, the same week you have barcelona. the same weapon used to kill people. is there anything you can do about it? >> very, very difficult. when we have a planned event here in the united states, when the cities ask for permits, they're not trying to suppress your first amendment right. they want to know what you're planning on doing so they come up with adequate safety plan. very, very difficult for spontaneous groups. soft targets, we call them. it is very, very difficult to control that situation. david: we try to do our best here in new york. >> yes. david: i don't know about
4:29 pm
cleveland but in new york we put up a lot of strategic barriers all over the place. there was one incident someone apparently, wasn't a terrorist, but a estranged boyfriend trying to unleash his rain on pedestrians. but we have pretty much dealt with it it here. or have we? >> well, you know, new york city is, it's a wonderful city. they have a fantastic police department and police force. they take those types of threats very, very seriously. they are a greater target than most of the country would be but here in cleveland, charlottesville, richmond, virginia, places like that it is a little bit different. certainly the barriers, we have beautiful, big potted plant barriers. david: yeah. >> they don't have to be monstrosities. at times when we have planned organized events, they will take city trucks, whether it's a fire truck or a plow truck, close the
4:30 pm
streets off, divert traffic. those are things that we can plan for if we know that there is an event coming up. what we can't plan for is, people walking around downtown in public squares. david: you can't plan for everything. absolutely. of the there are times we saw in charlottesville, some things you can't plan. new york of course is unique because it's a small city. most of the people come in here by public transportation. people don't drive into new york, if anything, they use taxis or buses or the subway, et cetera. but not all cities, particularly those like l.a., which are spread out, can afford to do that. >> yeah. the barriers are a great idea. we see that more and more here. even here in cleveland they have, like i said they have the big flowered potted plant. you know, it will be very difficult for a car to get down euclid avenue on the sidewalk because of that. david: might we have more attempts to divide up cities
4:31 pm
into quadrants where you do have walkable areas where cars are not allowed? >> sure. changing the traffic patterns is absolutely a possibility. and again, you know, diverting traffic, making it all foot traffic, and no cars in some of these higher pedestrian areas. it's a great idea. it should be really thought of. hard, hard, hard to defend against crazy. david: i know, i understand. >> that's what these folks are. david: we're just about to start on a very ambitious infrastructure program. >> yes, sir. david: the president was announcing it this week. possibly some of this will be weaved into that discussion as well. steve loomis, great to see you, detective. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. melissa: give you another look at the markets, the dow selling off into the close, ending the day at session lows, down 274. it marks the dow's biggest loss in three months. david: some people might want to get in, who knows.
4:32 pm
melissa: there you go. david: the state department is closely monitoring the terror attack in barcelona. advising all americans to avoid the area. live update from the state department coming next. melissa: how does the world respond to this attack? former ambassador stuart holiday weighs in. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward.
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terrorism, u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson vowing justice for the victims of the barcelona attack. fox news's rich edson is at the state department with the very latest. hi, rich. reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson commenting on all of this as he met with japanese counterparts he met at state department to talk about another threat, north korea. after their meeting the secretary of state had a press conference and led off with these remarks. >> we offer our condolences to the loss of life and the injuries that have occurred to so many innocent people yet again. we will continue to monitor the situation. we stand ready to work with law enforcement authorities around the world and spain. we're resolved to find you and bring you to justice. reporter: shortly after the state department then sent out an official release saying the united states consulate in barcelona was notifying americans of the attack with a emergency message and
4:37 pm
encouraging all u.s. citizens to contact their family and friends back home to let them know their whereabouts and about their safety. it goes on to say the united states will provide any assistance to spanish authorities they might ask for and assistance to americans who are traveling in that region. it closes by saying that the u.s. stand in solidarity with spain and that crimes like this cowardly attack only reinforce our shared resolve to stop these senseless attacks that target the innocent. this is after, on may 1st, the state department issued a travel warning for europe ahead of the busy travel season. it renewed an old warning where americans should be on lookout for soft target attacks, areas like commonplaces, markets, looking for knife attacks, vehicles as weapons. not the first time this happened there. david: no, unfortunately not. rich edson, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here so react, ambassador stuart holiday, former u.s. ambassador for special political affairs at the united nations.
4:38 pm
thank you for joining us. what is your reaction. >> first a terrible tragedy. i have been to las ramblas, a big crowded walkway with tourists enjoying themselves and vulnerable target. as isis gets eroded in the middle east as they demonstrate they have viability, they will inspire young unemployed men, predominantly to take these kind of actions t requires very close coordination with our allies, intelligence-sharing and a broad strategy. >> i mean what is your sense? are we doing that? >> i think we are. as your previous guests have pointed out these kind of low-tech attacks with cars and vehicles, they're very, very difficult to prevent but when you look at this case you look at population centers, iconic tourist sites. there are places that probably need to be hardened, given this will be a slog. we'll be probably at this, it will not be months. it will be years. melissa: yeah. although there is a sense that
4:39 pm
if you do that, and you're trying to harden the targets they will develop another way? >> yeah, but that still doesn't mean you shouldn't try to stay ahead of what the threat is and i think in this case it is not only hardening the targets of course, but going after and identifieding the potential radicals or radicals themselves. we have to get a much better handle who these people are. many of them have been there for second generation, disaffected, not integrated into societies. again not just a military conflict. it is outreach, engaging people to try to turn in their relatives, frankly, and associates who they may think might be susceptible to this. melissa: is that really our only hope on an international basis right now? it seems like you can't monitor everybody, and it is going to have to come down to people within the communities saying something? >> absolutely. that's the kind of, you know, commune-based approach on the
4:40 pm
ground be, very, very hand-on, which law enforcement and intelligence community have to have those relationships with the mosques with the muslim centers, with the schools. again, keep, very, very granular information about these people and their habit. melissa: yeah. ambassador, thank you. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. melissa: ambassador stuart holiday. david: new details continuing to come out of barcelona. we're following the story very closely. we'll bring you any developments as soon as we get them. former fbi deputy assistant director danny coulson weighing in with us after the break. stay with us. new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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4:44 pm
developments. david: back to terror attack in barcelona, joining me on the phone, danny coulson, former fbi assistant director and fbi hostage team commander. good to talk to you again. >> thank you. david: it might have appeared there was a hostage situation where one of the terrorists went into a bar or restaurant in the area. thankfully, i don't know if they talked their way out or forced by gunpoint or some kind of a shootout, but that. is a scary situation follows on the terror attacks, is it not? >> it is frightening not as much as the actual event where they used a vehicle to commit murder. the ones of teams we worked in spain, they have good hostage rescue capability. if i had to choose between the missions i would choose the hostage situation over fact some
4:45 pm
unknown individual would be driving down the street killing people without mercy. that to me is much more frightening. in my business we deal with that, in public events. that is one of the concerns we have is the results. david: what do you tell city officials to do? >> first of all they need to step up intelligence. only way to step up active shooting or active killing event is intelligence. like i am going to stop a lightning bolt but you're not. you can put cover and lightning roads and that sort of thing but you can't stop it. you have to have some source electronicwise to inform on people. that is bad news, but frankly that is the reality of the world we live in. david: danny, we have breaking news, i want to cut in for a second. we'll get right back to you. >> sure. david: put back up, cat loanian president providing update on the barcelona attack.
4:46 pm
we don't have the audio. we were caught short because they speak katalonian, not spanish. our translators are spanish. they don't know what they are saying. talk about how city officials can prevent drive terror attacks. >> several ways, the first way you have a controlled venue, like a state fair or public fair, you can actually control access by the use of jersey type barricades and police checks, things that prevent vehicles getting close to the place. you know, if a vehicle can get in proximity to walking crowds, nothing you can do about that. so you have to do that, basically, i started to talk to you about this a couple minutes ago, it is intelligence that saves you here. one of your guests before me said that you have to have information. that information has to come from the community that spawns these people. david: danny, hate to bring politics into it but i must really.
4:47 pm
we have shake-up from the fbi. a new fbi director confirmed a couple weeks ago. do the shake-ups affect a general trend, collecting of string going on for years in terrorism with the fbi? >> not at all. i was a deputy assistant director when a former director was moved. i met with him every day. i had the entire tourism program for the fbi. the day he went away because he was fired by the president, didn't affect as you bit. i don't mean to sound disrespectful to the director, the fbi needs the director to represent them on big screen, they don't tell us how to do cases. they don't work cases. we do that. david: danny, sorry to rush but we have to go. we have now three generals essentially in the cabinet of the presidency. at least two of them are marines. must be comforting to the people at fbi to know that the president is being advised not by academics but by people who have been on the "firing line"?
4:48 pm
>> no, i could not agree with you more. you know what? remember this, the people that hate and fear war the most are warriors. we have to remember that. david: danny coulson. >> thanks, bye-bye. melissa: devastation in the streets of barcelona. isis claiming responsibility for the deadly van attack that killed at least 12 people. republican congressman darrell issa, member of the house committee on foreign affairs is next. ♪ s
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
>> we did get a partial briefing as you know likelihood there is isis connection but no confirmmation yet. the obvious thing is this is tactic for the quick and dirty murder, and it is going to continue. that vehicles are clearly going to be used regularly. sadly we saw it in america with domestic terrorism and isis now has settled on this as an effective tool of one or two-man team. melissa: what does that mean to you? >> it means it will be much harder to defend. we're going to have to be much more aggressive and proactive in getting to these cells, individuals, ahead of time. that means for europe, of course, that the fighters that have come home, they have to monitor the them more closely. and, interdict them before they make an attack like this. melissa: yeah. what does it mean to you in terms of sharing information, of trying to keep track of people?
4:53 pm
of trying to see who has been radicalized? i mean it is an overwhelming task? >> it really is. spain, sadly because of their earlier metro attack, they pulled out to a certain extent of the war on terror. it hasn't given them any benefits. they're still a target. basically western nations will be a target of isis whether they're in gauged in the fight or not. one thing that is clear, allowing fighters to go to the fight and then come home and not be incarcerated is a question that europe is going to have to answer. as you know if an american goes and fights on foreign soil, so to speak as any number of things, including mercenaries and isis fighters they have already committed a crime under u.s. law. that is not always true in europe and that is a problem they can't be proactive on these individual that have been radicalized. melissa: that implies you think
4:54 pm
we have a good grasp of that on our own citizens here. are you sure we're toring ourselves close enough to come back or even our border security? that is hot button issue lately obviously? >> it is an area we have to do better, no question at all. for all of us what we realize is, eliminating training ground, whether passive training ground, no active fighting, or syria iraq situation where tens of thousands of westerners including americans have both gone to be radicalized and combater-hardened that continues to be a problem. good news we're cleaning up what much is left in iraq and we're dealing with syria. after 16 years of the long war we're in, we have to begin diplomatic means to begin the
4:55 pm
healing process to keep it from happening again. those radicalized in iraq were ad callized we won one battle, gave away the victory to allow shia sunni conflict to foment and create yet another fertile ground for terrorism. melissa: yeah. is there one thing that you would think about doing differently, in response to this? or do you feel like we're already doing everything we can. >> well i think, when he look, for example, how we stablized south korea after the war there, and stayed even until today in order to push a democratic state that respects its own people and that, respects rule of law, that is, that is sadly the long run of nation-building that we learned after world war ii and after korea that we seem to have forgotten, and i think that's the most important lesson for all of us on foreign affairs is, that our military, general
4:56 pm
mattis, now secretary mattis, they can win every battle but we have to secure a lasting peace, which means we've got to change ideology. this is something that is beginning to happen in the gulf states, that have marginalized qatar in their effort to tell themselves and the region that they have to stop fomenting the radical ideals that have led to isis and hamas and so on. melissa: that is a long and expensive battle. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> it is. melissa: we appreciate it. david: we'll take a short break. we'll be right back with more details about the terror attacks in spain. stay with us. ♪ flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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80 to the hospital. police have arrested two men in connection to the attacks, which authorities are calling terror. david: we'll see you tomorrow. that does it for us. risk and reward starts right now. [sirens] liz: europe and the world on edge. a massive terror attack in barcelona. isis has claimed responsibility. a terrorist in a van plowed through a crowd of tourists in spain's second largest city. now we have an update for you. breaking news. 13 killed. more than 100 wounded. that's according to local authorities. the fear is that those numbers may rise. and now this. local police in barcelona have shot and killed a man who was in a car that hit two police officers. welcome to risk and reward. i'm elizabeth macdonald.


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