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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 18, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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van driven by five terrorists, four shot dead by spanish police. one has been seriously injured. that does it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. ambassador john bolton ambassador robert jeffries join us tomorrow. kennedy: breaking news on this light edition of "kennedy." a massive manhunt under way. and developing in the last hour. police say they killed four suspected terrorists and wounded another in a shootout in a town 0 miles south of the city. they are said to have been wearing suicide belts it all began this afternoon when a fanatic in a rented van drove into las ramblas promenade killing at least 13 people and
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injuring more than 100. this video from moments after the attack. this video is difficult to watch. we are told the driver jumped the curb and swerved from side to side, plowing into anyone who didn't have time to jump out of the way. the pavement soaked in blood. victims screaming or unconscious or crippled from broken bones. witnesses describing a scene of chaos, confusion and suffering. >> they were screaming and everybody started to run. they run forward and. >> when didn't know. we just saw a massive amount of people trying to recover from something.
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we weren't sure if it was shots or some type of thing. but we didn't know at the moment. they advised us -- we didn't know if it was a bomb or what. kennedy: police locking down the city as they search for the suspect or suspects. two men reportedly under arrest and cops say neither was the driver. investigators across europe are searching for whomever was behind the wheel. isis claiming responsibility but it's unclear if that is true. vice president mike pence says the u.s. is ready to help in any way. >> whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. on this dark day, our prayers and the prayers of all the american people are with the
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victims, their families, and the good people of spain. kennedy: so much happening in so many different parts of spain. where will the investigation go now? joining me is catherine herridge. how credible is the claim of responsibility from the islamic state? catherine: it appears quite credible on its face. within an hour or 90 minutes of the attack in barcelona we started getting isis social media accounts of them celebrating the violence. they are not leadership accounts, but they can be indicators of a forthcoming claim of responsibility. and that's what we got about an hour later from the official mouth piece agency for isis. what's not clear tonight is which one of the three options this barcelona attack seems to fit into. the individuals were inspired by
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isis so they were consumers of their ideology online or whether it was something more sophisticated. that isis helped develop the plot and directed the individuals to act or a third option, isis is looking to be opportunistic and capitalize on the violence in barcelona. what we are seeing tonight in our reporting. there were multiple pieces of moving plots to this. kennedy: were there warnings from u.s. intelligence agencies? catherine: spanish media is reporting there was a specific warning from the cia that isis wanted to target this section of cars lona which is -- barcelona which is like times square in new york city or the champs-elysees in paris it's a
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big economic area, a lot of tourists go. if you strike, it would be highly symbolic. this information is interesting to us based on reporting we received this afternoon. early in july an isis affiliated telegram account started broadcasting posts about barcelona. that was considers significant. this is flagged to the fbi and other agencies at that time. kennedy: we have the house explosion. we have the members of another terror cell who were killed and reportedly one more wounded, are these things connected in any way to what happened in barcelona today? catherine: the spanish authorities confirmed o on the record there is a direct connection between the van attack in barcelona and this explosion late last night in the city of alkanar about 100 miles
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southwest of barcelona. if you look at the aftermath of the explosion. you can see the building was completely leveled. authorities initially thought alcanar was a gas is please. but they had found propane and but taken and they stumbled across what appears to be a bomb-making factory. we have confirmation about the explosion and the van attack in barcelona. one of my contacts offered this analysis. this is not confirmed information but it's their analysis. with the explosion in alcanar, this exposed the plot that was meant to be much more than the van in barcelona. it may have been designed to be
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vehicle bombs that were manufactured at a site 100 miles away. once the bomb-making potential had been exposed. it set the wheels into motion. the timetable was moved forward in a way they had not anticipated. based on my experience, once a plot is ex posed or element is ex posed or people are arrested, this causes the others to move quickly and this may help us understand why we had another event unfold in cambrils this evening almost the same exact pattern of what we saw in barcelona. kennedy: the evolution of terror, explosions and advance layering on what we have already seen. thank you for your reporting. form cia officer and host of
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buck sexton joins me tonight. buck, let's talk about some of the dots these investigators are having to connect. you have various terror cells in spain and you have bomb makers which seems to be a separate and new element than some of these car attacks we have seen in places like nice and belgium and london. what do you think it is? >> the immediate reactions are from law enforcement and security personnel to track down as much as they can based on the digital footprint and electronic activity of all these individuals. every major european country has a solid counter terrorism service and the ability to look at those issues very quickly. and of course the u.s., we can provide assistance. the fbi can provide assistance. so they will be looking at the network of these individuals to see if there are any other cells. right now there is a sense of relief.
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it feels like this is over. but we don't know that. kennedy: then you hear about the guys with suicide belts that were killed? between. and that's a totally different terror group. >> there could be just a series of different terrorist factions or cells within spain trying to capitalize on the momentum of terror which is something that happens with jihadists. also they have had any interfacts past and law enforcement may uncover that, they may decide at the time. spain has been featured in a lot of jihadist propaganda. bin laden referenced an anduluc.
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they will talk about the declaration and how an it was lt to spain it's stillst considered to be lost islamic territory. spain also pulled back here and there because spain was once islamic they skirt to be necessary for the restoration of a caliphate. so hitting spain has propaganda for terrorists around the world. kennedy: barcelona one of the most of popular tourist destinations in the world. in the middle of august, it's safe to say there were many americans there today. rex tillerson urged them to stay safe and let their friends and family know they are okay. >> we stands ready to assist law enforcement, national security authorities in spain.
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our consulates in barcelona and our entire mission spain team are currently assisting americans in spain who are affected by these events. we ask u.s. citizens in the area to let your loved ones know you are safe. terrorists should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. kennedy: are terrorist attacks like this scaring innocent people away from living, traveling, and enjoying life. joining me on my party panel, kat timpf, and steve hilton and lawrence jones. steve, you are from london and there have been a number of terror attacks. now we see the heart of spain attacked.
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the most of tour it-packed street in one of the busiest cities in spain, barcelona. what do you make of today's terror attacks. steve: it looked sadly familiar and predictable. what makes me angry when we think about the attacks we have seen, the ones you have mentioned. in every single case there is a phrase that pops out after a few hours or a few days, and that's that the attackers are known to the authorities. kennedy: we saw that in london after the london bridge attack. steve: every single one of them. the reason i brir this up -- the reason i bring this up. we are not going to turn our city centers into war zones. we'll continue living our lives. so people say what can we possibly do about these unsophisticated attacks. kennedy: everyone has got a
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weapon essentially. steve: the real answer is our governments all over the world are getting more and more power, more and more information. they want to snoop on everyone, yet every single time they know who these people are. so my question is why can't we do a better job if they are on the radar of tracking them. kennedy: i think we are going after too many people. we are spying on too many people, taking so much information that the worst people who commit these acts of murder should be dealt with swiftly. kat: we keep hearing that over and over again. we are talking about having to have surveillance on everybody completely destroying our civil liberties to the point there are enough threats in our own government to our freedom, we don't need to come from overseas at that point. we need to make sure they don't
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win without having to do anything in terms of destroying our liberties. kennedy: we don't want to compromise our freedom and freedom to travel and enjoy various cultures. but how do you stop stuff like that. lawrence: i think there is a competition in the intelligence community. he saw 9/11 they created the director of national intelligence and homeland security to bring everybody together. by the don't seem like there is a lot of sharing of information. they say they were on watchlists. obviously you weren't watching them hard enough because they then commit attacks. you are not sharing enough information among departments. see when over and over again where one branch has part of the puzzle. steve: that's what happened in the boston bombing. the russians told the government
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and it wasn't passed on. cat rsh kennedy: that's somethie learned since 9/11. >> there is still a lot of tension amongst the agencies. there needs to be shared information,. kennedy: it am not a baking competition. if someone loans someone else their powdered sugar, they are going to lose the contest. this is to protect life and freedom. catalon authorities say they believe all three events, the van attack in barcelona, the house explosion in alcanar and the terrorists shot and killed in cambrils, all three those are connected. that's brand-new information and we'll bring you much more of that.
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in nice will be france, a track rammed through a crowd killing 87 and injuring close to 500 people. three car attacks have taken place in london this year alone including the march attack on the westminster bridge where five people were killed and 50 injured when a terrorist drove into a crowd and stabbed a policeman to death before being shot. could anything be done to stop these kinds of attacks before they start or while they are in progress? joining me now, gillian turner. welcome. we were talking in the last break here that everyone has got a weapon. anyone who drives a car or has access to a vehicle. and that's presumably why al qaeda and isis are telling their followers and those inspired by the terror group to commit mayhem in cities like
12:21 am
this with a lot of international tourists. >> that's absolutely correct. the beauty of using weaponizing something that is accessible to all civilians, virtually all civilians is easy to get across national boundaries. it's easy to rent a vehicle. it's cheap and affordable. but from a law enforcement and intelligence community perspective, is there not a lot you can do to prevent this from happening. you can build physical barricade around important structures. like we have that here in washington, d.c. around the white house and capitol building. you can't put that he where and have cement barricade around every building in every city. it's a problem that's here to stay. i hate to say this, but this is a symptom and it's not the problem. the only answer is fighting the hard fight, fighting the
12:22 am
ideology. kennedy: you point out this create immediate public trauma and gets a lot of global attention. we are at the height of vacation season when people are going overseas in many different directions to try and soak in the last bit of summer. now this is what everyone is talking about for fear that it is difficult to stop. so what can police do? >> i would be remiss if i didn't mention the fact i was in barcelona the week before last for an entire week and i stayed on las ramblas on that street in that neighborhood, so it hits close to home. when you are talking about making decisions about where to travel on vacation. right in the forefront of my mind. one thing that bothered me about this situation is if these reports prove true and credible that the cia did have verifiable intelligence they shared with
12:23 am
the catalonian government, why did the state department not issue an urgent travel warning to americans? there was nothing like that. when i checked the state department's website, i always do that before i travel internationally. there is a continent-wide travel warning for the continent of europe for the next 10 years. but there isn't anything specific to spain or catalonia. it baffles the mind. kennedy: i talked to a people today who said they are scared to go to western cities in europe so they were thinking about going to spain. what did people say when you were overseas before all this happened? >> something that's unfortunate, terrorism has the devastating financial consequences for countries, for cities, tourism
12:24 am
in places like turkey is down over 50% from two years ago. can you manage what that does to a national economy? kennedy: they also have a dictator in place. >> i worry cities like barcelona will pay that price now. it's unfortunate. this creates mass trauma, mass public fear it's incredibly devastating. kennedy: we should advise people, it's still ongoing. the city of barcelona is not on lockdown as we speak, but there is a high terrorism advisory and people are told to pay attention. they say there are 7 more people who have been wounded in that incursion in cambrils where four terror suspects were killed, and
12:25 am
now we know 7 others have been wound and we should let you know that four of those were wearing what police describe as suicide belts. so obviously spain has been harboring these cells just as every other country in western europe has been. so gillian, thank you so as much for being here. we'll keep an eye on everything. i'm glad to see you are back in these united states. >> thank you. kennedy: we just talked about how isis has been encouraging these attackers to use vehicles as weapons. it has been happening for a few years. but guess what wolf blitzer suggested could have been the inspiration for today's barcelona attack. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?"
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kennedy: we are back and we are live in new york. we will bring you updates from spain soon as we get them. there've been a few throughout the show but as horrific as the barcelona attack has been it didn't take long for "cnn" to politicize it with wolf blitzer wondering whether the terrorists were inspired by last week's tragic event in charlottesville. >> there'll be questions about copycats and there'll be questions about what happened and barcelona if it was at all a copycat version of what happened in charlottesville, virginia
12:30 am
even though there are different political ambitions. they use the same killing device, a vehicle going at a high-speed into a large group of pedestrians. kennedy: never let the facts get in the way of a good story, wolf. many have taken his comments and his attempts to link the attacks directly to president trump's the word charlottesville has become synonymous with the president's poor handling of the aftermath that even a foil for wasn't to weaponized these senseless deaths it's impossible to ignore the sheer stupidity of his comments. as i mentioned earlier cars have been used in seven attacks in europe this year alone. in fact will fail to mention that when he brought up charlottesville so was wolf blitzer being intentionally dishonest or just a really incompetent? let me bring back my party panel lawrence i will start with you.
12:31 am
what is your reaction to wolf blitzer's astounding comments? >> he intentionally did that. come on they wanted president trump's misstep this week to continue in the new cycle so they connected it to that. yeah this is part of president trump's rhetoric. he covers breaking news. he knows it. >> we are talking about march of this year. >> it's a new weapon. kennedy: pedestrians were mowed down on westminster bridge in april. in sweden and attack in a truck killing five people. there's event after event like this that have been happening for years now and wolf blitzer is that much of a dolt that he tried to tie it to charlottesville? >> i'm not going to deal with the word that all deal with an abbreviation.
12:32 am
like twitter users ffs. you know that term jaw-dropping? it's unbelievable and i think clearly it's actually stupid. clearly therefore he was trying to politicize it. kennedy: i was watching shepherd smith masterfully laying out the events and asking pointed questions and getting real information and narrating as things were unfolding and that's exactly how you do it. we don't need this form of extrapolation. the president will do enough damage to himself without wolf blitzer throwing in his party. >> i took it as a direct insult to all the viewers because he knows that was not the case. he has been reporting on these attacks. he may have thought to himself because maybe he assumed all the viewers haven't been listening to him all the time he has been reporting on these attacks. the first one being in charlottesville, charlottesville
12:33 am
being an inspiration i don't know a 9-year-old that would buy that. >> isis and al qaeda have recipe books essentially. they want the credit. it's a bizarre thing. this was not a neo-nazi. >> people are on edge and people are crying insensitive. this was the perfect moment if he wanted to be political. he to slide that in their and attack people's emotions and they will believe it. kennedy: i think there are other ways of tying the political narrative without making stuff up. you can see that there are sites sites -- psychological references and similarities here that are not correlated with the president or what he might have loosely inspired if that is the case at all.
12:34 am
>> the president policies and inspiring a murder, to his response to it. kennedy: i think they're evil on the left that would like to title together. i think his response was unwarranted. i think it was clumsy, thankless and insult them on some level it's really really stupid. having said that there is no basis for saying that this is a copycat crime. >> it's so ridiculous. >> when that starts forming in your head before comes out of your mouth you say nevermind inside of your head. >> i would disagree with you steve. there are some people on the left that believe the president conspired what happened in charleston. kennedy: charlottesville. >> charlottesville. you can disagree with the president's response and not say he is responsible, his rhetoric
12:35 am
on the campaign is responsible. kennedy: and then the final step needs to be impeached. we can call it when we see it and when the president does something wrong it makes pointed observations. president trump's quick to react to today's terror attack in barcelona tweeting the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona spain and will do whatever it takes to keep spain strong. the political come fallout continues for some of its closest allies unable to defend what he said. earlier today senator bob corker who is a strong supporter of the president, he was considered to be a favorite to become secretary of state before rex tillerson questioning faith presidents leaving the country. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate his
12:36 am
ability nor some of the confidence that he needs to demonstrate if we are to be successful and we need our nation to be successful. doesn't matter whether you are republican or democrat. the world needs her president to be successful. kennedy: bet is not just someone who ran against the president for the job in 2016. that is bob corker. like i said one of his supporters now one of the latest on the growing list of republicans who have become critical of the president. will as well as increasing isolation from his party continue and will the ref allow him to accomplish anything on his agenda? earlier today before the barcelona attacks we saw the president going after jeff flake and lindsey graham on twitter. he went after senator mccain in his tuesday press conference. he has a narrow thin margin in the senate and now seems he has
12:37 am
lost the support of all corker. when does it take a measurable toll and windows letting trump the trump become a feeling plan? >> what i don't understand is no matter what president trump says his most loyal base wouldn't care and they would support him anyway. what he said, the way he handled charlottesville was a mass and lots of people have said that and have been attacked for it but it wasn't very sensitive. he waited a long time to call the doubt which is much different than the way he handled the other terror. he said there were a lot of good people in the nationalist party. it's hard to see some people who have been on team trump all the way to say hey you know what that's not cool. it's called integrity. kennedy: when does the republican party reach some sort of critical mass because here's an ally of chairman of the
12:38 am
foreign relations committee. what is a statement from bob corker say to you? >> i was very surprised. the real truth here is that they are supposed to be aligned around the agenda. people like bob corker i would imagine are going to be supportive of whatever plan the president has on tax reform and so on. to a certain extent they are saying what they feel the need to say but the quicker they get back to talking about the real reason the president trump was elected, there's going to be much more unity around that and things will be easier. and they can actually go do something practical. >> they have got to get something done. when it comes to health care and tax reform in all of these issues, even before this took place now with political pressure there a lot of pollutions that are going to cave now i'm not support the president's agenda now. kennedy: now they are supporting each other.
12:39 am
you have to mitch mcconnell coming out acting like captain america's shield for jeff flake. >> they sabotage the trump agenda even if they agree with it. >> i don't think it will sabotage it but i think the president's misstep provides him with political cover now. kennedy: and those defections are critical. we will see if the president can get his party back in line and get himself back on track and get the agenda moving in the right direction to get the economy going. thank you guys so much for being here. alive thursday show. coming up today is barcelona attack with a warning sign should americans traveling be concerned about additional ♪
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researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. kennedy: welcome back. we are live in times square in new york city on the chaos and panic that ensued when terrorists plow down barcelona's las ramblas district earlier today. the fan horrifically swerving back and forth obviously trying to hit as many people as possible. the spanish prime minister called it a barbaric act of terror.
12:44 am
over 100 were wounded with a dozen still in serious condition last night a bomb exploding in the house about 120 miles away from barcelona killing one person and injuring several others. the police originally thought the explosion was due to a gas leak and then now say the bomb was related to the terrorist attack today. should americans traveling abroad be concerned and if we are traveling how can we stay safe quick for me bring in former cia officer and president of diligent might baker is here. welcome to the show. i want to ask you a couple of questions. i want to get to the explosion in cambrils in a little bit but first off i want to talk about the house explosion and that happened in alcanar and that police are saying it's related to the barcelona terror attack today. is this a new evolution that we are seeing where it people are
12:45 am
obviously part of a cell inspired by isis and now using bombs, rudimentary bombs and these vehicle attacks. >> well the answer is you have got a variety of things that can happen. you can have a lone wolf and this isn't necessarily a new way of doing things. they have operated whether it's isis or al qaeda for whomever they have operated in various means and methodologies for a long time. a cell operation can be operating in just part and parcel of what they do and depending on their resources and depending on this fourth support they have got in their ability to move and communicate they would much prefer to operate with people working on communications and people working on acquiring fear and folks gathering in safe houses. a terrorist cell is not a new
12:46 am
structure. it's been around as long as terrorism has been around. kennedy: yes which important listening -- unfortunately it's been around for a long time. let's talk about the controlled explosion that we heard about. what do you see unfolding there and is this law enforcement or some sort of a counterterrorism effort and is there some link between the city's? >> these things are all linked. the explosion initially was investigated as a household accident and explosion of gas so there was no connection to be drawn. they didn't have an operational lead that they could have acted on immediately and from then much happened in las ramblas with the pedestrian killings with the van or the incident that is taken place in cambrils shooting dead terrorists came
12:47 am
out of intelligence gathering as a result of what happened in the pedestrian killings today. that's how these investigations develop. he grabbed one operational identity in a band that it could be a credit card that was used to rent the van. whatever might the it takes you to somewhere else and the counterterrorism police whether spain or the u.s. art experience in doing this and moving quickly. we have seen this in the past. the controlled explosions, you remember in june in london the vehicle that was driven down london bridge and the perpetrators terrorists got out and there was concern immediately that they were wearing bomb belts and they turned out to be fake. but that was the same situation here. the concern was they were wearing bomb belts to inflict maximum damage. kennedy: mike vick or we
12:48 am
certainly keep our eyes on this story this live edition of kennedy. thanks for making time for us tonight. coming up the attacks and violence in spain but first up white house senior adviser steve bannon now claims where are ready in a trade war with china and if the u.s. loses we may never be able to recover. i will ask brian brenberg if dan is right and if the trade war is
12:49 am
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kennedy: china is fighting an economic war with the u.s. and we are going to lose if we don't fight back. that is according to steve bannon and a freewheeling phonecall to robert kuttner at the american prospect. bannon said polk we are at economic war with china. it's another literature. they're not shy about saying what they are doing. one of us is going to be a hegemon and 25 or 30 years but it's going to be them if we go down this path. the chinese responded by saying quote there is no winner in a trade war so should be really be looking at this as an economic battle to the death or perhaps free trade? joining me now back in business
12:53 am
brian brenberg an associate professor of economics at the king's college in new york city. welcome back. >> good to be here. kennedy: great to have you. let's discuss because we all know that free trade is great that you think bannon has it right when it comes to intellectual property? >> the problem with china is it's not totally free trade. china is one of the biggest ip abusers in the world and they've been at it for a long time. that's an attack on property rights. free trade is great but if property rights aren't defended free trade doesn't work and it can exist. kennedy: copyrights are a natural right and a cornerstone of a free society. >> its physical property rights that its intellectual property rights. we make great ideas and that's what we asked for and if china does that we can trade with china and our companies are at risk. they've been at risk for very long time. the u.s. government one of the
12:54 am
legitimate roles of government is to address property rights. i'm actually heartened by the trump administration talking about doing that. you can't be for the purpose of protectionism. it's to protect property rights. kennedy: it almost seems like that's the road that bannon is going down when he talks about it's a necessity of the trade war. is there way of standing up for american intellectual property but at the same time expanding trade so everyone makes it? >> is going after process, not outcome. you hear the trump administration abandoned talk about trade deficits and we import too much from china. that's not the issue. the u.s. is the wealthiest one we import from china. the problem is process. it seems like forcing companies to give up their technology. kennedy: that's what the chinese government does. >> they do a blatantly.
12:55 am
they prop up their enterprises which makes it impossible for companies to make it legitimate. china wants to be recognized as a free-trade partner they have to change some things and it's legitimate for the u.s. to put pressure on them. kennedy: we will see if that happens. steve van in is a lightning rod for criticism this week. he said the conversation he had was supposed to be off the record and clearly it wasn't. >> how many times will they make that mistake? kennedy: we have lots to discuss in the coming weeks and months because we have a debt ceiling, we have a budget in a budget and we have tax reform. we have canned kicking and i have no idea. i know you will shepherd us through it all. it's great to have you back. great to see you. i will be back with more potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right?
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♪and i will always love you ♪i will always love you, i ♪i will always, i will always ♪love you kennedy: a quick recap another live look at barcelona. 13 people are dead and more than 100 wounded and a dozen in critical condition after a terror attack in the streets early manhunt underway for the driver still. meantime in the city south of barcelona for suspected terrorists are dead and one wounded after a shootout there. they link the attack directly in
1:00 am
barcelona and another city also said to be involved. keep it here on fox business network brought the latest developments to thank you so much for watching the show video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (narrator) he was a true patriot. (bob hope) this has been a great trip.


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