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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ cheryl: breaking news this morning. a frantic search under his tenure as soldiers are missing five introductory the guided missile collided with a taker in singapore. the second mr. accident in just over two months. lauren: president trump prepares to address the nation tonight with a new strategy in afghanistan while treasury secretary stephen mnuchin prepares to address tax or former senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. train to a week last week as they -- the dow down almost 1%. u.s. stock market futures looking slightly lower.
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trade rumors with the picture is not much brighter. tac down half of 1% ahead of the european central bank later this week. want south in south korea in south korea the cost to slightly lower as the u.s. and south korea begin joint military exercises today. lauren: tatar eclipse glasses ready if you can find them. the nation prepares for a total eclipse the sun on the ground along the path of totality. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: is 5:01 a.m. in new york trade monday, august 21st. good morning, everybody. cheryl casone. solar eclipse day. lauren: welcome back. i come everybody.
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thank you for joining. train children to be connected up for classes. i was out of luck. you're saving the day today. we are starting with some rough news. we are getting this morning off the coast of singapore. there's been another accident at sea. the u.s. navy confirming this morning 10 american sailors are missing after the u.s. john mccain missile destroyer collided with the pictures we are getting them for you. five sailors heard, for evacuated by helicopter for non-life-threatening injuries. a massive search and rescue operation is underway right now. the uss mccain is named after john mccain's father, grandfather. the senator treating cindy and i are keeping american sailors aboard the uss container in your prayers tonight.
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the second crash involving u.s. in just the last two months. seven sailors started with uss gerald off the coast of japan. >> u.s. and south korea despite the ongoing tensions with north korea over post-missile tests. the mainly computer simulated war games. north korea warning the united states will be ready to add fuel to fire just by holding. defense secretary james madison discussed with reporters on their trip to jordan. >> this right now is an exercise to defend south korea and our allies over there. because of the specific circumstance, we want to have a command post. lauren: the joint exercises are purely defensive in nature and antagonistic.
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cheryl: will be watching that today is they've certainly affected our market. tonight, big news. president trump will address the nation tonight to announce a path forward for america's involvement as the war in afghanistan. the president will discuss his new war strategy during the address to troops at fort myer in arlington, virginia. trump said over the weekend he and his top generals have agreed on a plan for the longest after meeting friday at camp david. senator ben cardin says he doesn't think putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> our objective needs to be that we have a regime in afghanistan they can maintain some semblance of security so we don't see growing terrorist organizations again within afghanistan. that is our objective. should we use private contract troops? absolutely not. cheryl: fox business will have live coverage on afghanistan
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tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern time with a special edition of cavuto coast to coast. lauren: prime time speech. larry corey joins us from the center for american progress and for my sacred and defense. thank you for joining us this morning. we will hear from essentially his first speech on the matter post steve bannon. what do you expect the president to say? >> the fact he's going to instead of the oval office is he will be adding a small number of troops. right now have 3500. maybe another 4000 to 5000 troops. i senator cardin put it, the question is what is your strategy? how long do you want to do it? what pressure are you going to put on the afghan government to be more inclusive of the people
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because they will achieve your news. lauren: with these troops be there to train the afghan forces? we've had troops for 16 years in afghanistan since 9/11 as we work to topple the taliban. the strategy is not really working. >> it isn't. the question is what would be the ground rules for the troops? they are there primarily to train the afghan forces. will they be able to take on offensive missions themselves? don't forget we have another several thousand troops from our nato nations. would they be willing to send more troops? that is a big question because right now the afghan troops do not seem to be able to take on these missions by themselves. >> he thinks the president will put pressure on afghanistan and if we put too much pressure on
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pakistan, do you feel they might align themselves with china or russia for instance? >> the key thing you need to bring in for the negotiation, assuming this works then stops the violence does come you've got to start negotiating with the taliban because they will have some control over part of the area and eventually he'll need all the countries in the region, china, russia, for example, pakistan and there. none of them want to see a completely unstable afghanistan, including iran, which is also there. you have to come up with some sort of agreement. our main goal is to prevent it from becoming a haven for groups like al qaeda and now i says. cheryl: will say. i eastern. thank you. the methods for having me. take care. cheryl: of course more political news this morning. and the majority leader mitch
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mcconnell and steve mnuchin will be talking tax reform and say the first time in weeks mcconnell has made a speech. lawmakers returning from their august recess in the way to see if they can push comprehensive tax reform through even senator orrin hatch of senate finance committee would like to see obviously 20%, 25% corporate tax. lauren: in the meantime, cheryl. today has finally arrived at millions of americans have waited for the total clips of the sun in nearly a century today. cheryl: tracee carrasco live outside of new york museum of natural history with a look at a look another coast-to-coast event could affect businesses large and small. good morning. reporter: good morning, ladies. we are outside the museum of naturally as the outside manhattan were a huge doing
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better is for the solar eclipse. if you can't have this item will be stuck at work when the eclipse will start here in manhattan around 1:23 this afternoon, american businesses are set to lose a lot of money during that time. estimates show american businesses will lose $694 million as employee step outside for about 20 minutes or so to take in the eclipse. beverley palace in comparison when you look at basic march madness, cybermonday after super bowl sunday. if you can't have outside because maybe your boss won't let you come you can still celebrate all day long with special deals we've found for you. at dairy queen starting today through september 3rd, you can get a buy one get one free blizzard for 99 cents. they are just pancakes in the shape of the moon. all you can eat for $4.
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the touchy about this a few weeks ago they've got the special doughnut, the glazed donut dipped in chocolate. sprinkles cupcakes, a limited edition solar eclipse blackout black velvet cupcakes. the postal service has a special limited edition stand today. they found a few more deals. frigidaire has a 30% off blackout scale. 99% with nikki on their. i've got my solar eclipse out here. i will be first in line to get inside. we will send it back to you guys. cheryl: we've got our viewers ready to go. lauren: you just put it over your eyes. his just black. when you look at the light you
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can kind of see it looks cool. i've been looking at the lights in the studio. i can't see. >> my a completely black, too. i feel safe. cheryl: thank you people see you in a bit. lauren: $9.5 billion bidding war for encore energy. we will tell you who won that war. and remembering jerry lewis, dead at the age of 91. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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lauren: good morning. welcome back. police across europe now hunting for the driver of the van that plowed into a crowd of people on barcelona's promenade last week. searching along the french border, the moroccan born suspected driver of the van that killed 13 people and injured 120 others is believed to be the only member of the 12 person terrorists out of me across crossed the border into france. semper energy reaching a deal to buy encore electric, warren buffett workshare happily agrees $9.5 billion for encore they last month berkshire had a deal to buy it for about 9 billion but that it would not raise its offer despite opposition. the winner at the box office over the weekend, but if
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vanguard topped expectations of $2,126,000,000. and about creation came in second with a 10.5 million. 66% drop in its second week. in third place, looking like third place camillo been lucky he was just $19 million. we do want to bring you this sad news today. for many generations of fans laugh, but unfortunately jerry lewis died yesterday at the age of 91. he announced in 2011 he was retired and you might almost oust the muscular gesture fee labor day telethon which he began hosting a 1966 today gained fame as part of a comedy chain with dean martin in 1946. lewis went on to be an international star. his manager said he died peacefully at home. cheryl: he raced to $.6 billion for muscular dystrophy research. lauren: really took it on. cheryl: it's incredible what he did in his life. a lot of news to cover this
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morning in politics that news over the weekend to bring you. white house chief strategist steve bannon left on friday, but treasury secretary steve mnuchin talking about tax reform today in kentucky. a lot of things to go through in the trump economic agenda. lloyd matheson of cincinnati to the trump transition team. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: that first-ever policy. steve bannon at the white house. in particular tax reform. some of speculated over the weekend he was more of a hindrance than help when it came to the taxi firm agenda for the tax administration. then i ask a good thing for tax reform because it's all about focus. but general kelly is doing is getting all the distractions out of the way to recognize in the
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grade for campaigns. steve bannon was more in the corporate tax side, more of a populist component to that. it will create more focus for the president and administration and i hope they really put some pressure on mitch mcconnell starting today in kentucky and moved that into the house and speaker ryan as well. this is a tall order to do in september. they've got to get after it included. >> there's a report to obviously make sense that behind the scenes steve mnuchin and gary cohn. they have been working the phones. 200 senators that have got to get on board. this has to be bipartisan. is that possible? >> i think it's possible. republicans have to be prepared to do it alone. there are two things they have
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to do. they have to cut the tax rate, but the corporate tax rate and bring relief to middle-class families and workers. i think that they will get that done because in the final analysis, infrastructure reform and tax reform and tax cutting is something that i'm not sure that democrats want the republicans to own the lock stock and barrel. if they do, we'll take it. cheryl: that is the question, though. are democrats going to take a page of the republican playbook and just play obstructionist? >> i would be foolish. i will leave that up to them. they sustain economic growth of 4%.
5:19 am
i ran the numbers for two organizations. the club for growth and family research council and i think those are two representatives of the broad coalition across this country that is ready for economic growth, tax reform and putting people back to work so we live the labor participation rate. that's so very important. we have to stay focused on our agenda. train to the agenda is very important. steve mnuchin in mitch mcconnell speaking in kentucky. there is going to be more cooperation between the senate and the white house when it comes to tax reform. republicans need to win here. let's be honest. >> republicans definitely need a win. i developed a meeting in kentucky is indicative of more cooperation or more heat to mitch mcconnell. mcconnell is not delivered the white house. mr. mnuchin going to kentucky is a dual thing.
5:20 am
let's make this happen. but also looking over your shoulder and we expect some results for the american people. this is critical to the trump administration. they have to deliver. >> will quit before we let you go, we expect president trump to head out to phoenix tomorrow. it's expect he would get a chilling reception in phoenix. a lot of protests. is it a good idea to head to phoenix tomorrow? >> i think he should go and stand right there in the world and make his case for safe borders. but look, the message has to be this across the spectrum of our broad coalition. ben franklin said we either hang together where we hang separately. that's her choice. cheryl: boyd, ken, jonah cannot thank you for being here. we appreciate your day. >> thanks, cheryl. good to be with you.
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lauren: coming up, the nation gets with you. ♪ nothing i can say, total eclipse of the heart ♪ total eclipse of the heart lauren: fox meteorologist janice dean is in south carolina. she will tell us what to expect, plus the weather forecast to see how well you can truly see the eclipse today. stay with us. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪
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is awesome. introducing xfinity xfi. amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. cheryl: all right, millions of americans making final preparations to the first total solar eclipse to suit the entire
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united states and 99 years. lauren: janice dean live in greenville, south carolina with we'll just call it the eclipse forecast. good to see you. you are totally -- what does your t-shirt say? totality awesome? reporter: in its totality or bust here in greenville, south carolina. you cannot look at the eclipse across the usb don't have the certified classes. that's the main safety point. the whole u.s. will experience partial totality, but here in greenville, complete totality. let's look at the map because the one thing that might eclipse your view as the clouds. parts of the central southern plains, even the southeast where we could have the cloud cover that could cure your view. here in greenville, south carolina, i've got to say one of the best forecast for viewing
5:26 am
here we will see a few little cloud, but i do believe when it comes at 2:38 p.m., total darkness in the afternoon. i want to quickly make mention because i'm a shameless self promoter. the book also comes out the same day as the eclipse. i know it's crazy. listen, want to make sure everyone is safe. you have to have the certified sunglasses. this is the first time we are singing a coast-to-coast total eclipse since 1918. the next time that will arise as 2024. keep your sunglasses, ladies. you know these will be worth a lot of money. cheryl: back in the 70s, the eclipse back then. i saw that one as a kid. it's really incredible. >> yes, i was living in canada. i was eight years old and all i could remember was don't look at this time.
5:27 am
that's a good take away if you don't have classes, especially kid can i make sure they are indoors and not looking at the sun. when it's dark outside, we are more apt to look up combat the damage is still there with uv light. we want to make sure everyone is safe, okay? got to wear shades. cheryl: thank you so much. like i said, 2:44 p.m. a lot more coming ipad the eclipse obviously. guess what, there is no winner in the powerball lottery drawing over the weekend. the jackpot up to $650 billion. the odds of winning a little difficult. we will bring you those numbers. former ge ceo is reported to the front to become the next ceo of bloomberg. we'll talk about that. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: breaking news this morning. a frantic search underway for tenure sailors are missing and five injured after the guided missile destroyer uss john s. mccain collides with the tanker is the singapore. the latest on the situation. cheryl: back at home, president trump preparing to address the nation at the new strategy in afghanistan. today, stephen mnuchin preparing to address tax reform with mitch mcconnell happening in kentucky. lauren: a rough week for u.s. investors. the dow jones 2%. future's lawyer down 22. nasdaq down 12. cheryl: europe opening under pressure by the head of the european central bank later this week. the tone is certainly negative. lauren: stocks in japan close lower calling .4%. south korea, the kospi edging lower as the u.s. and south
5:32 am
korea began joint military exercise. treating judicature eclipse glasses out if you can get them prepaid for an historic total eclipse of the sun happening today. live reports from around the country. "fbn:am" starts right now. happy monday. 532 in new york. august 31st print and lauren simonetti. cheryl: airboat tearing totality. lauren: we've got our classes. 244 new york is when you can see it. the u.s. navy says 10 american sailors are missing is the uss john mccain guided missile destroyer collided with a tanker he said singapore had sustained heavy damage. five sailors hurt, for them evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in singapore for
5:33 am
treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. a massive search and rescue operation now underway. uss mccain named after john mccain's father and grandfather. this is what the senator treated. see me and in america's inner prayers tonight. appreciate the work of search and rescue crews. this is the second crash involving. they had the merchant ship in june off of japan. >> following details overseas. back at home, the president speaking to the nation tonight on a path forward for america's involvement for the war in afghanistan. the president will discuss his strategy during address to troops at fort meyers in arlington, virginia. trim painted over the weekend that he and his top generals agree on a plan for the longest war after meeting friday at camp david. senator ben cardin said he does
5:34 am
not think putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> or objective needs to be that we have a regime in afghanistan that can maintain some semblance of security so we don't see growing terrorist organizations again within afghanistan. that is our objective. should we use private contact troops? absolutely not. cheryl: fox business was live coverage of the president's speech on afghanistan at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. a special edition of cavuto coast to coast at their very end of their very own that neil cavuto leading coverage tonight. lauren: opening talks to remake the north american free trade agreement nafta wrapped up yesterday. the tops revealed issues that are dividing the u.s. from mexico and canada and include the job administration to require a substantial portion of vehicles produced under the agreement will be made in the country and the u.s. the renegotiation of the trade
5:35 am
deal is one of president trump's main campaign promises. cheryl: we are promising a lot of fun for you today. festivals and parties all over the country in honor of the first solar eclipse over the united states since the 1979. lauren: the eclipse will last the longest in carbondale, illinois and of course our very own jeff flock is bright and early this morning. good to see you. are you ready? >> yeah, i guess i'm awake. this place is lit up already. if we were in the dark could be like with eclipse is going to look like. suzuki stadium, southern illinois coming university. as you point out, we put safe accepting what we are looking at. totality at 1:20 central, 2:20 eastern. it'll last for two minutes and 35 seconds which is an eternity it was a see a shadow moving across an 1800 miles an hour as this moon lucinda place.
5:36 am
i would tell you, the shadow of commerce, you've got everything. bring those cookies in here. they made eclipse cookies they are selling. we've got ozzy osbourne eclipse mind, what she's doing a performance today. >> rate during the eclipse at 1:00 p.m. in carterville, illinois. >> this has been a tremendous burst of economic activity. >> to return on has been huge. suppose to be about 725 million in the carbondale market. magnified in southern illinois, about a 16 to $18 million impact from the expenditure alone here in southern illinois. reporter: everybody's got the glasses. i don't mean to put design, but the fact is you need glasses you can see through right now. >> you will want those classes about 1:00. >> are there any lakes in of economic impact?
5:37 am
they pass right through the same area. the mixing path in 2020 for small business owners. hotels are doing well. on the small business owners that rely on the tourism industry for continued success and growth have been embracing this in planning this for two years now. trained to appreciate you getting up early. we are going to take an eclipse cookies. maybe we will send you one, guys. hubby still buy the tickets there. lauren: jeff, i'm going to even the pie today. get it? i'm sure they are taking advantage. cheryl: thank you, jeff. jeff will be out there all day long for fox business. let's bring in devon for our come assistant professor of physics at belmont, university. good morning to you. so many questions from the science side of this could waste the clip so important getting so much attention?
5:38 am
>> good morning. the eclipse is important because it's going from one of the country to the next. a lot of people in the path to see this once-in-a-lifetime event. eclipse happens about once every 18 months around the world, but the last time it went from coast-to-coast in the u.s. was 99 years ago. cheryl: this one is such a big event because i remember as a kid in the 70s we had one that was 1979. this eclipse today's getting so much more attention because the viewing area across the u.s. seems to be larger. is that correct? >> that is correct. a lot more people able to see this. the eclipse coming in 2024 goes from texas to the great lakes, so it's a much smaller path. this is definitely a bigger event. cheryl: a lot of coverage as well about people that need to be careful. you have to wear these glasses, even though it's a meteorologist
5:39 am
pointed out it's going to be dark. you have to wear the glasses. reports that ers are getting ready for a lot of visits from those that might have for my damage. what would you tell people to make sure they are safe today when they watch the eclipse? >> very careful. we do not have pain receptors on the right. if you're damaging your retina looking at the bright sun, you will not know it until it's too late. definitely make sure you wear your glasses before and after totality. if you're in an area with partial -- an area of a partial eclipse, keep them on the whole time. at the side of maximum eclipse, you can take your glasses off, but you have to be very careful to get them back on before then moves off of the sun. cheryl: very good advice. real quick, where are you going to be for the eclipse today? >> i'll be at belmont watching it with 100 high school students. several dozen belmont students.
5:40 am
cheryl: that's going to be fun. a good excuse to not go to school today. we certainly appreciate the information. a great story. thank you connoisseur. >> thank you. lauren: a rough week for investors. research at global funds. worry about your portfolio. you might try and get it a $650 million boost with the powerball jackpot. when is the next drawing? get your tickets. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a skyscraper whose elevators use iot data and ai to help thousands get to work safely and efficiently. this is not the cloud you know. this is the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for enterprise.
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. expedition funded by billionaire paul allen calls world war ii's biggest mystery. the discovery of rock kitsch from the uss indianapolis out of the sea. the ship sank 72 years ago after being torpedoed by the japanese. only 317 of the almost 2000 on board survived two days in the water. the rest died from dehydration, salt water poisoning and shark attacks. closure for those families certainly. for merger not just a mouse may be in line to be the next ceo of uber. numerous persons that he is the front runner. travis kalanick resigned in june and has been hit with glosses over the last several months.
5:44 am
there was no grand prize winner in the latest powerboat drawing. sitting right now at $650 million. the third-largest jackpot in u.s. history. finally, comedian and social activist gregory died on saturday. gregory one of the first black convenience to find mainstream success with white audiences in the early 1960s. gregory used his fame to push for the costly for civil rights. gregory was 84 years old. >> thank you, cheryl. the dow and s&p each lost 2% in the past two weeks so in the nasdaq down four weeks in a row. this makes the portfolio sees the rebound joining us jay jacobs. good to see you. certainly signs the market is losing momentum. not just major averages. the small caps lower on the year a path of a percent on the year.
5:45 am
are the sanctity of the market is losing momentum since the election? >> we've certainly seen the selloff in august. it's been a great year for the market in general. of over 8% in 2017. we had two great earnings seasons, we've seen really good growth globally and we see a declining dollar which has been great for growth as well. this is a very near-term effect. i would not expect this to continue much longer. maybe a little bit of a rally as well. cheryl: a bad week last week at the white house. that was an understatement. do you expect in a bombshells this week later on we hear from janet yellen, ecb president mario draghi at the annual jackson hole symposium. >> it's possible that some it's possible they've censored a policy symbol. we anticipate a little more volatility with to negotiations and that feeling talks you do not think they will come out and
5:46 am
give any advice to pose the indication. she's trying to balance a lot of confidence in the global financial market while achieving moderate level inflation and growth. i think she was going to try to use the opportunity to get some general statements about the economy, the really not rock the boat. >> summer dovish. stephen mnuchin will speak later today on tax reform. these simply the trip agenda is back on track? >> if you specifically looking of the market is pricing certain things, it's not getting a lot of credit to for the economic agenda. review the tax reform is an outside possibility. not expecting it to happen, but if it does it to be great for stocks, specifically things in a high tax bracket segment of consumer discretionary. the market don't price it in right now is something that will have been.
5:47 am
>> the s&p broad market up 8% this year with tax reform not priced in. should we get it, let say we are surprised we do have tax reform, where does the market go? >> that essentially a tax cut for the company with tax reform and repatriation of money towards the u.s. the very high kind of expensive fact is they're going to see a good rally if we see tax reform. cheryl: maybe investors will comment as they have all year. good to see you. cheryl: coming up, a lot of action over the weekend. pittsburgh pirates st. louis cardinals celebrated the little league classic as some of these cave has an challenge. garrett maxes here at those highlights. central bankers gathering in jackson hole, wyoming while european central bank or mario draghi announced the end to the economic stimulus.
5:48 am
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cheryl: here's a reminder for major league baseball that pathos of the kids game. garrett max series boards. >> i feel that the federal kid trapped in the body. the little league classic to get the major league stadium near the little league world series and pennsylvania. pirates manager called it one of the highlights of my career. happy and humbled to be part of it. after the big leaguers botch little league series, and they
5:52 am
took the first 2600 stadiums at bowman field for a baseball game. ceremonial first pitch. kind of a relay between the little league world series players from center field all the way to the pitcher's mound. big leaguers got to whether little league inspired uniform. first-inning, josh bell with a two-run homer and added the second oldest minor-league stadium in the u.s. another little league tradition came to the big lakes. check out what happens. they line up, good can come in game, good game. he's not coming your mom wears combat boots. pirates went 6-3. check out this big league catcher junior league world series. makes the amazing, flips over the wall. unfortunately, pennsylvania lost the chinese taipei.
5:53 am
wow, check that out. video goes viral. little league style home run in major league baseball. first it seemed, hits the ground, goes sailing into right field. starts racing around the bases. they throw to third in the goes into the field. comes all the way to the score and that score and not as a little league style home run. the difference is that 3-to the jury. the major league home run late in his 45th of the homerun season yesterday. violence got 12 strikeouts as they beat the new york mets by account of 6-4. yesterday afternoon boston's second inning, the red sox ripped a two-run triple. boston goes in front of the new york. bradley comes through again. boston takes two out of three
5:54 am
from new york. the final score 5-1. already the solar eclipse today. it isn't all that excited yesterday. asking about plans for the environmental phenomenon. >> i watched the weather channel every day. they are to say what it's going to look like in every city in america. what's going to be significant. you see what it's going to be like in portland, oregon. >> watch the weather channel. i could look at photos online. i want to experience this thing. >> a major classes in your humor. i could load them for the next five seconds. why would they be adjusted in solar eclipse? tonight they will be out there for part case. you would think some guys -- something you see once in your lifetime. lauren: so these are possible to
5:55 am
get? spin it how do you get them? lauren: i have friends in high places. these are like the only two in the building. >> you can't see anything. see how they would work with the light. >> i can't say nothing. lauren: good to see parity content shared sports reports that the glasses off 24/7 on channel 115. coming up, everybody. mario draghi in the spotlight as the jackson hole federal reserve symposium with a live report on that from london coming up. the smart -- the
5:56 am
fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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lauren: breaking news out of france. police say one person is dead and another injured in marseilles after a car there crashed into to bus shelters in different parts of the city. at 35 good minutes under arrest arrest. no information on motive. the incident comes as the spanish police hunt for the 22-year-old driver who plowed that ban into a crowd in barcelona. dallas last week. we just wanted to bring you that breaking news. that results from the "washington journal" joining us.
5:59 am
good to see you, brief. reporter: good morning, happy eclipse day. trade to your excited today, too. the jackson on medium -- meeting symposium. would you expect him to say? >> as the trillion dollars question in market. the jackson hole symposium three years ago to lay out the groundwork for q. we. some people wondering if he might take this opportunity to lay out the groundwork for an exit of that program. we don't expect him to necessarily say or investors to necessarily say what might happen when the details are quite. the appreciation of the hero, improvements to the eurozone economy and what it might take to bring the program will be very, very closely watched. lauren: they find you attractive so would that change things.
6:00 am
good to see you. have a good day. thank you, everybody for joining us on "fbn:am." good morning now to cheryl casone. the next couple hours of training. "mornings with maria" starts right now. hey, cheryl. traded good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone and for maria bartiromo this morning. monday, august 21st. a devastating accident at sea. the uss john s. mccain collides with an oil tanker near singapore. of these 10 sailors and another five injured. rising tension with her career, the united states and south korea launching military drills amid the threat from kim jong un. >> they have shown north korea and will not be driven from south korea. south korea needs us.


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