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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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was a response to the jobs report. we will watch that in many other things for including the continued response to harvey in texas. thank you for joining us this evening on making money. i'm connell mcshane. lou dobbs starts right now here on the fox business network. >> good evening everybody. i'm cheryl casone in for lou dobbs. he's on vacation. floodwaters finally starting to proceed in many neighborhoods. it's now a tropical depression harvey moves through northeastern louisiana and mississippi. rescuers have now begun a block by block search for anyone dead or alive who may have been left behind in harvey's catastrophic flooding. according to the white house 100,000 homes were damaged by that storm and accuweather is predicting the costs could soar to $190 billion, making this the most expensive natural disaster ever. president trump planning to
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return to texas on saturday and until then the white house says the president will be donating $1 million of his personal money to storm relief effort. "fox news" correspondent steve harrigan is in hard-hit beaumont texas with our report tonight. >> rescue after rescue continues in texas even as harvey has now been downgraded to a tropical depression. rising waters still nearly impossible to escape. agencies throughout local state and federal government are in hand to help put agents with the u.s. border patrol wearing a body cam after this rescue in houston. others who are just beginning to face the brunt of the aftermath relying on volunteers with boats from out of state. soon more help will arrive. today two navy ships are speeding on their way to the gulf coast with around 700
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marines aboard while on the ground door-to-door searches begin in houston. >> we are finding out to see how much damage there is, if there's any civilians that have been left behind. >> latest numbers for graham. the death toll has risen to more than 30 all while over 37,000 people have heavily damaged homes. according to the texas department of public safety. those figures bringing promises and vice president jeptoo rock toward the coastal area where harvey first came ashore. >> usher the full resources of the national government are brought to bear consistently. it admits more expected damage. the city of over 1000 about 100 miles east of houston beaumont is facing a crisis of too much and too little water. >> we got a call around 1:00 a.m. this morning. an indefinite problem forcing
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baptist beaumont hospital to airlift nearly 200 patients out with other communities also getting calls in the middle of the night. some residents across texas 30 miles northeast of houston are forced to evacuate after explosions at a nearby chemical plant. more explosions expected to come after refrigerator storage chemical lost power. the environmental protection agency said there are no toxins being released. backing up an official for the plant. >> what we have going on is not a chemical release that's happening and i want to be clear about that. >> for residents of toxins right now the least of their worries. eight oil refineries have shut down along with a major pipeline closed at least until sunday these moves affecting gasoline prices. steve harrigan "fox news." cheryl: when the floodwaters
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receded in many areas residents must figure out how to pay for all that damage. about 80% of those affected by the storm do not have flood insurance. if you do have insurance you aren't in the clear because the national flood insurance program is nearly broke. "fox news" chief correspondent mike emanuel has our report. >> this is never flooded in my entire life. initially would have answered about it. the grim realities many of hurricane harvey storm victims did not have flood insurance. >> i wish i would have had it but as you can tell my whole house is destroyed. >> they must decide if they will rebuild here or if it's time to go elsewhere. >> it's up in the air, you know. it's pretty heartbreaking to come home and see all of this and not have insurance. fema is trying to point all these families in the rejection of icing those with insurance activate their national flood
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insurance policies. for those without the small business administration offers loans to homeowners with a 1.75% interest rate more affordable than tanks or credit cards. for many that would be on top of the mortgage which may be difficult for many residents to juggle. for those with insurance people who dealt with rebuilding after superstorm sandy in new york and new jersey warned it's been a very frustrating process. >> it's a nightmare and it's one of the worst programs in america the national flood insurance program. >> the flood insurance program is $25 billion in debt after hurricane katrina in 2005 and 10 in 2012. it's less than $2 million cash on hand with only $6 billion in barring capacity as it prepares for hurricane harvey recovery. congress must authorize it by october 1 so lawmakers are saying it's time to explain insurance by creating a reserve fund for these kinds of
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disasters. >> we have properties that will flood multiple times and when your property fled to get mold in her house for the selfless people get the psalms into a different house is actually safe and secure for them. republican national leaders are considering putting some harvey relief government funding in the debt ceiling all into one package. texas this week president trump expressed a sense of urgency. >> there has never been anything so historic in terms of damage and in terms of -- with what wave goodness of harvey. they are only 12 legislative days that the house and senate are both to be in discussion discussions so that would suggest they make a bill is likely plus the harvey components will make it much more difficult for lawmakers to vote no. cheryl: mike emanuel thank you. president trump today working to develop campaign promise to crackdown on illegal immigration the administration expects to announce the end of daca the
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obama air program which granted amnesty to illegal children right into the country. john roberts has that report. >> good evening. nearly 800,000 people in this country illegally were brought here as children by their parents. in 2012 president obama suspended immigration actions against the executive order. now president trump appears poised to roll back that order. sources tell "fox news" president trump is expected to announce as early as tomorrow he is sending the obama air deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as daca. rather than cut it off the present would allow the program to lapse meaning the so-called chambers could stay until their work permits expire for which first stomach said he is lungs to use the president trump is facing a september 5 deadline of daca. that's when texas and nine other states plan to sue the
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demonstrations if the president doesn't move to end it. the group federation for american immigration reform which oppose daca applaud the idea of letting the program lapse. >> donald trump's to make an effort to end these programs. it's a very good opportunity for the democrats to turn around say hey do we really care about these folks? republicans strategist who has been a leading critic of ending daca believes letting it lapse is the wrong thing to do. >> you will have negative economic consequences and negative consequences for a lot of employers and a lot of people who benefit from the economy between taxpayers and consumers. >> an election campaign candidate trump railed against carving out an exception for immigration law was unconstitutional. >> we will immediately terminate president obama is too illegal executive amnesties in which he defies federal law and the
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constitution. >> as president sources say he came to deeper and a standing situation surrounding children who had no say in effect they were brought into this country illegally by their parents. >> daca is a very difficult subject for me i will tell you. to me as one of the most difficult subjects you have big as you have these incredible kids. i have kids and grandkids and i find it very hard doing what the law says exactly to do. >> the one point the president told dreamers day with the least of his priorities when it came to addressing illegal immigration. >> they shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big car. we are going to take every everybody. the political pressure in the present was inevitably moving them him toward ending the program. president trump could try to push back that tuesday deadline at and maybe reach a compromise with congress but even supporters of daca say the president really doesn't have much choice here and rather than
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criticism at the white house for resending daca supporters of the program should train their firearm congress to do something legislatively to protect it. cheryl: john roberts at the white house. a show of force today against north korea. the u.s. military -- over south korea to take part in bombing drills aimed at sending a message to kim jong-un. "fox news" national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that report. >> the u.s. military flew f-35 stealth fighter jets and b-1 supersonic bombers for the first time in joint drills was south korea simulating precision strikes against what the pentagon called north korea's court facility. the b-1 jets were flown from andersen air force base in guam which kim jong-un threatened to strike through the f-35's came from a u.s. base in japan produce a live fire show of force two days after the north koreans launched a ballistic
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missile over japanese territory. >> we absolute cannot tolerate north korea's development of a nuclear missile and we have decided to pursue a further role in china matter. president trump did yesterday talking to north korea is not the answer. defense secretary jim mattis chastised news reports suggesting he and the president were not on the same page. >> we are not talking to north korea right now. there is no contradiction at all there. >> the pentagon carried out a successful missile defense test on wednesday. mattis said they tracked the north korean missile as well. a new state department travel ban to north korea goes into effect friday. some u.s. citizens forced to
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leave said they wanted to stay. today's bombing trial came at the end of annual military exercises involving thousands of u.s. soldiers. north korea called the wargames a rehearsal for an invasion. cheryl: jennifer griffin out of washington. the trump administration today retaliating against russia. announcing that's ordering the closing of three russian diplomatic facilities. conference san francisco into annexes in washington and new york. this comes one day before the russian government's deadline for 755 american diplomatic personnel to leave russia. we are coming right back with a lot more. stay with us. mike pence during the harvey devastation and meeting with storm victims. >> we will be here every day until this city and this state and this region rebuild that are
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the never before. cheryl: will discuss the trump administration's handling of the disaster with ed rollins. in los angeles voting to wipe columbus day off the calendar. has it gone too far? >> take that up and much more next. it's time to rethink what's possible. rethink the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪ you know win control? be
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chair * shocking new claims about former fbi director james comey. newly reviewed transcripts show comey cleared clinton of criminal charges before he had the chance to interview her or her top aide. joining me now to discuss that comey bombshell, ed rollins who served in three presidential administrations. the dean. good to see you. so much to talk about. let's start with today we just had vice president pence down in texas. i think he did a fabulous job. he was pick up trees. he said a prayer. he was hugging folks.
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ed: having been a governor he understands what people need in these kind of trang does. he has been excellent throughout the term. but today people saw what he's all about. he's a behind the scenes guy. cheryl: i had a guest on who knows mike pence and said that was the real mike pence. a family man. ed: he was a respected governor and congressman. cheryl: the administration has a long-haul ahead of it. we are talking billions of dollars. that's a congress issue. could this be his moment to shine? ed: he's not going to put his why it i can to rest.
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but he's done everything he can possibly do to show the people of texas that we care deeply about it and the government will be there. the battle is the enormous cost. the biggest disaster in the history of the country when we have a big battle ahead with tack reform and building the wall. cheryl: you brought up tack reform. our senators and congressmen and women are finally coming back to work next week. steven mnuchin said we'll get a plan out in the next few week. are you optimistic about getting tax reform passed? ed: i'm not optimistic. there should have been a bill out months oh go. brady is the chairman of ways and means committee.
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i think there is a battle there and i don't think he got all the republicans on board and certainly doesn't have the democrats on board at this point. cheryl: there was so much criticism levied against president trump when he fired copy, but now he might have had good reason if it's true that comey was already writing up a letter of pardon dismissal, nothing to see here with hillary clinton without talking to her or her top aide. ed: what came out of the hearing today is absurd. if he didn't think there was a need to continue the investigation he should have cut it off a long time ago. but the fbi's responsibility is not making a recommendation of prosecution it's making a recommendation of what the violation of law was and turn it over to department of justice. and he never should have reopened it in the mind of the hillary clinton people.
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i think it was terrible management. cheryl: you have to wonder if it's time to put the mueller probe to bed, it's such a distraction. ed rollins, the dean of course. you want to be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe former fbi director james comey was con reply sit in the hillary clinton email scandal cover-up? well, on wall street stocks closing higher. the s & p up 14. the nasdaq up 50 point to close at a record high. take a look at gas futures. surging 14% due to harvey.
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the wells fargo fake account scandal is growing. the bank says 1.4 million unauthorized accounts were opened by employees. that's 70% more than previously reported. listen to lou's report three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. "charlie hebdo" under fire for mocking harvey victims as neonazis. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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and low platelet counts... ...infections, tiredness, nausea, sore mouth, abnormalities in liver blood tests, diarrhea, hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. julie calls it her "new" normal. because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance, the number-one-prescribed, fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. cheryl: christopher columbus is no longer welcome in the city of angels. in the latest act of political correctness the los angeles city
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council voted to change columbus day to indigenous people's day. >> we'll no longer stand for revisionist thinking celebrating someone who is known for the greatest genocide in u.s. history. cheryl: let's start with this. no her columbus day in los angeles. it was nearly unanimous by the city council. they say he was evil. he was abusive. >> with all the problems l.a. has from traffic to crime to the largest homeless population to a pension crisis getting ready to
7:28 pm
explode, to taxes that are prohibited, particularly to small businesses and minority and other entrepreneurs, the issue the brave city council decides to tackle is the problem of columbus day. that's governing the right way, i suppose. cheryl: there is also the controversy happening overseas. and i find this offensive considering i'm from texas. look at this "charlie hebdo" cover it's just showing basically saying neo-nazis are drowning in texas. how rude is this? i find this disgusting. >> i'm not a texan, but i love texas. as an america i'm offended. they are smacking texans who
7:29 pm
should be personally offended. but it's the so-called fly-over territory it's particularly tragic and ironic baits' the very same americans in so-called fly-over territory that saved these sewer even elitives' butts in world war i, world war ii and during the cold war against the soviet union. those elitists who like to look down their noses at americans in so-called fly-over territory, and this magazine cover is disgusting, particularly come from "charlie hebdo" which so many americans had em:think for after they were mass curled by islamists.
7:30 pm
cheryl: and president trump was just in paris with a show support for our allies. how do you feel the president has been doing in handling the situation down in texas? >> i think the president, the first lady, vice president pence has been outstanding. the level of cooperation between the president, the federal government, governor abbott, and the two senators, core anyone and cruz, i think is unprecedented. he's handling it magnificently. it's a great example of interagency cooperation between the federal government and the government texas which is in dire need. cheryl: it was great the see a new yorker holding up as texas flag. he's going back and saturday. niger, it was great to see you. we are coming right back.
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don't even move because we have a lot more. stay with us. the trump administration ramping up the pressure on congress over funding for harvey victims. >> let's make sure people know we are all there for them and put politics aside. cheryl: we take up the politics of the storm with charlie hurt and tammy bruce. top republicans say the former fbi director comey exonerated clinton before interviewing her and her aides. ♪ it's a highly contagious disease that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member,
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show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new cheryl: i'm cheryl casone in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. catastrophic flooding isn't the only danger in the wake of hurricane harvey. the flooding has caused exploding on fire at a chemical plant. reporter: we have a new update about this plant. one of the tanks that were burning overnight. the spark that hit at 2:00 a.m. this morning finished burning at noon. it took 10 hours for that tank to fully burn out. this is the perimeter, the 1.5
7:36 pm
mile radius. no one can go in and no one can go out of this area for safety purposes. latest update we have is the chemicals are stable, but the company says they are not sending anyone in until the 6 feet of water sitting in the plant has receded. that could take weeks. the police and fire department are not working to put out any fires that may occur on the plant's property. they say what happens on the property is the company's responsibility. they are here to install this perimeter. we got scene update from the epa that told us the fumes that finished burning at noon today are not toxic. 15 deputies were put in the hospital after they did inhale some of those fumes. they have since been released but now they are okay.
7:37 pm
but the residents at a loss of what to do. outside of the perimeter at this drilling company, they are not open for operation. a woman we spoke to said she doesn't know when she is going to go back to work. it could be weeks. it's a waiting game because the chemicals inside the waiting 8 tanks are volatile, they could pop and figure night and it would take several hours to burn out. the fire department will not be putting out those fires. a lot of it comes down to trusting the company, the plant to handle this on their own. cheryl: hillary vaughn, great reporting. thank you. joining me to discuss the trump administration's handling of harvey and a lot more. we have radio talk show host
7:38 pm
tammy bruce and "washington times" contributor charlie hurt. how do you think vice president pence did today? charlie: the president made it clear it was on his radar and was monitoring things. his visit there was a smart thing. of course the left and these crazy never trump people, they are going to turn it into politics and they do. indianapolis what politicians do. they can't help themselves. i honestly think they only sort of do themselves a huge disservice. they only make themselves look ridiculous when they do it. worrying about what kinds of shoes the first lady was wearing
7:39 pm
was absurd ridiculous stuff that reminds me of the election when donald trump kept talk about real issues and the press and the left kept talking about nonsense. >> we found out today donald trump was going to give a million dollars of his own money to help with hurricane harvey relief. i'll bet nobody is talking about it but us. tammy: it's a great idea. it's appropriate. but he also should challenge the multi million airs in congress. dianne feinstein is worth $62 million. darrell issa is worth $254 million. he should have done it as a challenge. there is so much money in congress and they are pointing fingers at the empathy of donald trump.
7:40 pm
in the meantime you have got the issue of congress as you mentioned coming in after taking a month off. now suddenly he wants to give everything, an emergency coming up to decisions about the budget, continuing resolutions, children's healthcare, et cetera. there is a reason why the congress' approval rating are under 15%. cheryl: they will hit that budget deadline, whether they will raise the debt ceiling. what do you say? charlie: the reason there is a lot of pressure on them to meet that budget deadline, i think they will get into enormous amounts of trouble back home if they don't do something. the idea of spending 30, 0, $90 billion which is what people are
7:41 pm
talking about with the harvey relief bill, that tend to bring democrat and republicans together. i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come together on something before the deadline. >> why is it the president has to put pressure on them in particular with tax reform. he was calling out congress when he gave that speech yesterday in missouri. why does he have to do that? he has a republican senate now. tammy: many people call the individual in the senate and the house a uni party. it's one entity with one singular interest in mind. there is no partisan difference in many ways. and their interest is in maintaining the monster. they have been in there for decade, they want their pet projects to be finded. problems with superstorm sandy.
7:42 pm
there was all kinds of the things tacked on. i think they have to realize congress is out of touch. that's why he's the president. we wanted somebody with business experience. this is perfect for what people in harvey's wake need. a man with business experience who knows how to make thing work. but he also knows throwing money at something doesn't solve the problem. spending smartly does. and keep the corruption at a low as well. cheryl: that's why he is there. charlie, great to have you both here. we have a lot more coming up. there are growing conflicts for robert mueller's russia pros. with the special counsel working
7:43 pm
with one of trump's biggest adversaries. ♪
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he's coordinating with eric schneiderman in the investigation of paul manafort. schneiderman could pursue state charges against manafort which would not be pardonable by the president. what do you make of this move and this report by politico * of schneiderman? >> it seems it's further confirmation mueller, probe is out of control and on a fishing expedition. he was appointed presumably to investigate issues of collusion between the russians and the trump campaign. i guess related matters. all of a sudden we have the new york state attorney general who is pretty much an enemy of the president getting involved in the investigation? what does he bring to the table in the foreign intelligence-related investigation?
7:48 pm
i don't think much. there is a new report today just breaking that he was also working with the i.r.s. what else are they doing? i think the justice department needs to figure out what exactly in smaller is doing. is he investigating crimes or just throwing anything out there, sending his investigators all over the place in the hopes he find a crime to get donald trump. the way he has been behaving, the people he has been hiring, and these new alliances with the i.r.s. and the attorney general suggests the latter. cheryl: and we are learning james comey basically was drafting a letter of pardon not willing to investigate hillary clinton and he hadn't even talked to her or interviewed any of her aides. he was going to let it all go.
7:49 pm
all of this seems to point to certain people in washington who seem to have it out for donald trump. >> and protecting hillary clinton. in the case of comey he began drafting his statement allegedly exonerating hillary clinton in may and april. that's before 7 witnesses were interviewed and they were handing out immunity agreements like candy. like alice in wonderland, comey had come to his decision and the investigation would follow. cheryl: what do you make of the fbi deciding not to release the hillary clinton emails due to a lack of public interest. >> it's all part of the deep state, the bureaucracies that
7:50 pm
don't like donald trump. they are protecting hillary clinton, and withholding information that would be helpful to him and pursuing him in a way they did not do with hillary clinton. is writing his statement exonerating donald trump? i don't think so. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up. are you look for something to read over the labor day weekend? pick up a copy of lou's new spy thriller "putin's gambit." er viewer whose comment is read on the air will receive an autographed copy from lou himself. coming up, vice president mike pence in texas offering his
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support and a helping hand for the victims of hurricane harvey. >> we are with you today, we'll be with you tomorrow, and we'll be with you every day until this great state and these great community recover and rebuild to be even better and stronger than ever before. it's time to rethink what's possible. rethink the experience. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances
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cheryl: in our online poll last night we asked you do you believe speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell are capable of delivering tax reform this year? 8% said no -- 87% said no, not capable. hillary clinton's passes for her book tour is going for $22,000 a pop. and it will get you a backstage photo with hillary herself. joining me now, leslie marshall and nick adams. it's great to see both of you. you both have books out there. what do you make of hillary
7:56 pm
charging $2,000 and how do you think the book will do? >> i think the book will do well. it's not hillary charging this, it's the publisher charging it. whether she is loved or had it, she has name recognition and there will be people who go out to see her and want to hear what she has to say, even if they don't buy her book. but there are people who are willing to pay that and more which is why the publisher can and will charge that. cheryl: she is still in the news. there is a report the fbi director james comey was already drafting to let go of the investigation of the emails
7:57 pm
without talking to her aides. because she was hillary clinton she got a pass because of who she was. do you think that hurts her with this book? >> i think this book won't be particularly successful. i think it can be summed up. what happened? well, she lost. on a day when we have the president of the united states who was successful in that election giving $1 million of his own money to victims of hurricane harvey, to then juks posjuxtapose that with hillary clinton charging to come to her book reading. the more and more that comes out, it's disgraceful to see what happened.
7:58 pm
he was on the precipice of exonerating hillary clinton without interviewing hillary clinton or anyone close to her. cheryl: i want to move on to tax reform. look at this new fox news poll that just came out with regards to do americans believe congress can pass thanks reform. 71% said no they won't get it done. can we agree congress isn't very well liked? >> i think they are above the single digit popularity they were in the polls last
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
kennedy: new threats of all-out war from north korea. can our missile defense systems protect us? grab your bikini, time to jump in. with the president's well-received response to the harvey crisis. there is an urgency to pass an aid


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