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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 2, 2017 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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at i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] i'm connell mcshane and it's time to turn over coverage to "lou dobbs tonight" which starts now on "fox news". david: good evening i am david asman in for lou dobbs is on vacation. we get begin with breaking news coming out of texas a fire breaking out at arkema chemical plant in crosby, texas. he seen it before and unfortunately we are seeing it again but were told we'd see it again. flames and black smoke billowing out after harpies floodwaters not have equipment used to keep the plants volatile chemicals cool. authorities had warned to expect more fires. there were two last night, at one now. it will follow the story and bring you any breaking developments. it's now one week since harvey
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first began battering southeast texas. tonight residence or from the beginning the hard work of recovery and effort they texas governor greg abbott says will take years with the numbers are staggering. texas officials say at least 47 deaths are related to the storm so far. more than 42,000 people are housed in hundreds of shelters all over the state and of beaumont, texas nearly 120,000 people are still without drinking water. "fox news" correspondent peter doocy spent much of the day touring the devastation in texas and has our report. >> reporter arthur muqtedar refinery still submerged high water there is a part of the reason gas prices are higher across the country but texas governor greg abbott doesn't want harvey victims wearing about long lines at the pump or shortage. >> the bottom line is the state of texas will have plenty of gasoline at gasoline stations across texas so don't worry we
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will not run out. >> the pentagon said today since harvey hit the military coast guard combined for 16,000 rescues and there's more help on the way. more navy ship will be of the texas coast by wednesday as law enforcement helicopters begin a new phase of harvey recovery. >> the u.s. customs and border protection helicopters by air and marine operations are no longer just doing aerial water rescues or dropping off food in areas that can't be reached. they are helping law enforcement monitor areas -- the aerial tour of a blackhawk helicopter took us over beaumont a place where harpies high waters cut off the pump station to the ground level some residents lined up at a nearby walmart for bottled water others took inventory of the way their there lies a change for the worse in the last week.
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>> we lost everything. our house is definitely gone. we don't know what we are going to do this thank god for the dash tomorrow president trump will return to the impact zone with planned stops in texas and louisiana. today he pledged long-term support. >> together we will help them recover from this tragedy and renew our hope and community and will renew our hope in the bill those homes and businesses and schools and places of worship with a strength and vigor that comes from the love within our souls. >> in houston where conditions are improving that maher is pleading with residents who didn't evacuate before the water came to evacuate before the mold comes. >> you can remain in your homes for the next 10 or 15 days is simply not in your best interest. >> in that timeframe there's danger for parts of texas. by harpies. by harvey so far. >> there may be some people who
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live near the richmond texas area who have not yet been impacted by flooding waters. you need to understand about the possibility that you could be impacted by flooding waters in the coming days. >> this is what it looks like and just about every neighborhood we have seen where the water is low enough for residents to return to the next step is a painful process of discarding the whole house full of memories. david: peter doocy thank you. we'll have to wait until tuesday to find out what president trump is going to be doing about young illegal immigrants who are staying in this country. the president has reportedly been wrestling with the daca decision. fox's chief white house correspondent john roberts tells us where they stand right now. >> good evening. time and time again on the campaign 12 president trump pledged he would resent daca
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deferred action childhood rivals program which he said was unconstitutional. very soon we will learn if the president will make good on that campaign pledge. >> sometime today or over the weekend we will have a decision. maybe this afternoon. we will be releasing on daca sometime over the weekend and probably sunday, saturday. the latest of the money. >> the timing is fluid but as reported by "fox news" yesterday president trump confirmed the announcement on what to do about the so-called dreamers covered by the daca plan is coming. by the time the daily briefing rolls around -- could have been dealt to. >> will make the announcement on tuesday of next week in the president's priorities on immigration are going to create a system that encourages legal immigration and benefits our economy and workers. press secretary sarah sandra said the decision is weighing heavily on president trump. >> he loves people and wants to
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make sure this decision is done correctly. >> already the prospect of the present and in daca has provoked strong reaction. early doing congress. house speaker paul ryan singh today it's the wrong thing to do. >> i ask who don't think he should do that and i believe this is something that congress passed a fix. >> other lawmakers agreed congress bunnies to extend protections to dreamers republican senator jeff lake of arizona to this day quote congress needs to take immediate action to protect daca kids. north carolina senator thom tillis is worth leading a republican push for conservative dream at this spokesman telling "fox news" tell us is -- legislation that will address the long-term uncertainty facing undocumented minors with poor legal status that requires individuals 18 roberts peter employed, pursue post-secondary education or served in the armed forces. while the president will spend part of the week and finalizing his plans for daca he will
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travel to houston, lake charles louisiana to witness the destruction there and meet with people whose lives have been turned upside down. >> what we are one american family brought together in times of tragedy by via breakable bonds of love and loyalty we have for one another. the oval office of a president trump signed a proclamation declaring sunday as a national day of prayer for victims of the storm. >> we invite all americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who've lost family members and friends and for those who are suffering from this great prices. >> that's and at the white house is finalizing an initial infusion of money for hurricane harvey relief to the white house is looking for $5.5 billion from fema and additional $450 million for the small business administration disaster relief fund. white house officials denied our describing that money is just a down payment on portal also lit lit -- ultimately be needed which will eventually be in the
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tens of billions of dollars more. david: president trump today slamming former at the eye director james comey for what he called the rigged investigation of the clinton e-mail pro. the president's criticism coming after new revelations that call me clear clinton months before the investigation was complete and tonight more leaks concerning special counsel robert mueller's russian investigation. "the news york times" reporting that mueller now has an early draft of a letter detailing president trump's rationale for firing calm -- comey prechewed intelligence correspondent catherine harwich has a report. >> is close to the president to the present city of several good good reasons to fire fbi director james comey in may and they played down reports of special counsel robert mueller has an early draft of the letter which may have focused on russia. >> you will be fully test this investigation and frankly i don't have anything to add. >> comey's congressional testimony about clinton's e-mail
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exchange is facing fresh scrutiny. >> i think the fbi director has created legal problems himself. >> will comey recommended against prosecution three days later. comey's testimony about the timeline appears to have been dashed newly-released government records exonerating clinton in late april or early may, two months before clinton met with agents. >> did you make a decision not to recommend criminal charges related to classified information before or after hillary clinton was interviewed on july the second? >> after. >> in a tweet the president said it's evidence of a quote will rigged system. an exchange of clinton aide cheryl mills sitting in. >> only way the interview takes place with the two central witnesses and the subject of the investigation is that the
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decision has been made that all three people in the room are not going to be charged. >> colleagues of ours belief i'm lying. please urge them to contact me privately so we can have a conversation. there may be broader bookcases for comey in a special counsel. >> he is not a credible witness at this point given the fact that we are now unearthing documents that may prove the director was less than candid with congress. a source familiar with the russian investigation told "fox news" it is wide-ranging. one ankle is money-laundering through special counsel team has access to irs investigators who specialize in financial. david: catherine herridge thank you. we are coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. texas governor greg abbott says houston trick every from harvey flooding will take years but he is grateful for the support from all over america and the world. >> we perceive prayers from people across the entire world and this has been a and it has
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galvanized the best of america. governor abbott proving to be a real partner for the president. we'll take a piston president trump strong leadership with ed rollins. president trump blasting derrig system after claims that james comey exonerated hillary clinton comey exonerated hillary clinton before even interview.
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david: the house speaker paul ryan is once again undermining president trump. the white house says the president will announce a decision to stand with it to and daca and obama era policy that protects children from illegal immigrants but in a radio interview today ryan curse the president to keep the program saying it's something congress should fix. more in the future of doc and other issues regarding the white house right now we are joined by ed rollins who served in prepresidential restrictions to chief political adviser to the house republican leadership, 15, ed rollins. what is the paul ryan? this is an obama era program that republican governors don't like and are going to take the federal government to court over judges have declared or program similar to what was illegal.
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why is paul ryan going against the president on something like this? >> i think the president is making a tough decision. he knows it needs to be changed by the congress will and what ryan should be saying is i plan on taking this up and let's get it done. the meantime i think what needs to happen is it needs to go to the supreme court. david: lets just spell it out because there are 10 republican governors who dislikes this thing so much that they are going to take the federal government to court on tuesday announced. that's what the president will make his decision on tuesday about daca because that's the day the 10 governors will take it to court. why not ed, leave it to the republican governors and the courts to decide because you now have corsets on the supreme court. >> you will be a 5-4 decision i
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believe and that's what they should do. the law is today the end the president made -- president obama make an exception for the needs to be clarified and only the court can do that so they should move quickly. david: beyond dotco we need entire revision of our immigration system which is a complete mess and the president has outlined it. he said he wants to go to merit a system where people would be judged according to their abilities to perform in the u.s. economy, to add to the u.s. economy and not subtract from it. >> i'm totally supportive of that. who we have been for a long time trying to fix this thing and we need to fix fix it quickly and e bipartisan support on this. david: meanwhile the president is still dealing with the effects of harvey. he's going to texas on saturday. what should he say? how should a stone be? >> i think his tone has been great all week long. who he offers a million dollars and no president has offered a million dollars and they are
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like is he really going to give a million dollars? david: it seems like a small point me what this indicates, this is something that the people in the northeast, the northeast liberals from boston to new york to washington, it bothered them who i think far more than it odd that anybody in texas, don't you agree? >> absolutely. the people of texas has seen the president come down and brought most of his cabinet and the vice president has gone down a second time. he's promising everything you can do with the federal government to fix the system and get to congress next week and get additional funds. it's a tragedy and i think he he is treating it as a tragedy. there are king about that but he's not a pathetic enough but he's done everything he can do. david: you think of george w. bush and a lot of that was pinned on him even though there were democrats in louisiana
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including a mayor who eventually went to jail over some of the stuff to poor are much more responsibility for the failures that happened. i don't think despite all of their efforts the media has been able to pin the storm state of claymont president trump. >> the president will have leadership from here on out. this is going to be a massive undertaking to fix the city. we let -- the city of new orleans drowned that it took a long time to get that fix. the vast majority of people don't have any insurance and it's going to cost billions of dollars. david: they are texans and they have great more than i've seen any other group of people. ed rollins thank you and have a good weekend. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. you believe republicans should hold the speaker paul ryan accountable for his subversion of prisoners jump in his agenda? cast your vote on twitter lou dobbs and a reminder like this
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show on facebook and instagram @lou dobbs tonight per wall street stocks moving higher now up dirty nine points. the s&p up five and the nasdaq up seven points. that was closing at a new record high for nasdaq or the volume on the big port, 2.7 billion shares stocks moving higher after disappointing jobs report to the economy adding 10086000 jobs in august with the unemployment rate taking up a point higher to 4.4%. mind by the way the list of loose reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. coming up next new calls for the justice department to reopen its investigation into hillary clinton after that revelation that former it the i director james comey cleared clinton before he actually interviewed her. we will take that up with chris farrell of judicial watch. that's next. a lot more straight ahead.
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david: president trump attorney jacek a low announcing the f. the eyes closed investigation into hillary clinton females as a fraud. speaking on hannity last night sekulow hammered former head he i director james comey for clearing clinton of any wrongdoing months before clinton herself was interviewed. >> the whole investigation evidently was just a fraud on the american people a full investigation. you have james comey with e-mails going back and forth praise drafting three months before they interview 60 witnesses including the supposed that target of the investigation exoneration will basically the explanation letter before they interview the witnesses. you have to ask yourself what's going on here. david: for more on comey and the estate of robert mueller's russia prothair joined by chris farrell director of investigations and research for judicial watch. chris, comey said under oath
1:26 am
when asked that he did not make his decision until after his interview with hillary clinton. did he perjured himself? >> yes. he parsed out exactly when he made his decision but the facts are months in advance he is telegraphing the investigation is a done deal and is going through the motions yet he gets in front of congress and pretends or at least makes these representations that he hadn't made his mind up when it's clear this document showing that he has so he's in trouble. he said grave legal jeopardy. david: this leads me very quickly to the russia investigation because of course mulder is france if not at least acquaintances with jim comey. he's got a lot of respect for the guy and you wonder whether mueller's investigation is turning into the same thing for a conclusion has been reached before the evidence has been heard.
1:27 am
>> no one can name what the crime is that mueller is investigating. david: we know what the crime is. the crisis trump is guilty. that's the crime. it's like you have to find somewhere out in the universe some evidence to reach that conclusion. it seems to be that put comey was doing the other way as much as evidence to conclude that hillary clinton was guilty. he came to the conclusion that put the evidence came in exactly the reverse of mueller and trot. >> this is like the chevette reasoning to the soviets are getting together and they are going to round up the usual suspects and then find the crimes they have committed. this is madness and the thoughtful -- also unlawful. mueller has no business being the special counsel because he is pals with comey and the statute or the authority for establishing a special counsel specifically prohibits the
1:28 am
people in that sort of a relationship, a friendship from being in this case mueller from being a special counsel. he is already disqualified and he has allegedly the star witness at goes around that's going to do it government documents and comey goes round up bonding with public documents and selectively leaking them. what's even more upsetting is you have senators thanking him after his sworn testimony from congress. he should have left the room in chains. david: of course we didn't have all the evidence that we now have. >> hold on we did have a substantial amount of evidence. under oath he admitted he leaked to "the news york times" for his friend sitting in front of the senators and they all sat there and thanked him and told him what a hero he was. this is insane. david: been while we are getting more and more evidence that
1:29 am
points in the other direction and that is if russia had an influence in our election or at least with one particular campaign. it was against all favor hillary against all favorite hillary clinton. they can effusion gps, the more information we find out about what they were doing in trying to use operatives in russia were being used by those operatives, the more it seems to be exactly the worst. the top name on donald trump in russia. >> the connection between the podesta brothers and various russian interests whether it's the largest bank in russia an organization called jewel which podesta had 75,000 shares in the american branch of that entity, $75 million in russian money was pumped into it and it all disappeared. i wonder where that went. david: isn't that part of what mueller supposed to be investigating? >> i would hope so.
1:30 am
all the russia hysteria he needs to turn around take a look at what the clinton operation was up to. frankly mueller to go after the clinton foundation and investigate something and find some criminality. that reeks of being a criminal enterprise. david: instead what we are hearing or rumors that molars try to go after donald trump's tax records so he seems to be focused on proving that the criminal is guilty. >> again it's a old chevette gore style in this technique, finding people and investigating them until you find a crime. david: you can't make this stuff up. chris farrell thank you very much. appreciate you being here. we are coming back with much more. stay with us. president trump's confident congress will pass the funding needed to help erskine harvey victims. >> data we have the money necessary for texas and louisiana if we need but the real number which will be many billions of dollars will go through congress.
1:31 am
i think it will happen very quickly and it will go very fast. david: will congress deliver after returning from its its recess? we take apart the funding efforts with congressman blake farenthold of texas and president trump declaring sunday as a national day of prayer for harvey victims. >> we invite all americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members and friends and for those who are suffering from this great prices. david: pastor robert jeffries who o o o o ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms... again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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david: i'm david asman in for lou dobbs who is on vacation. president trump said he will soon make an initial request to congress for harvey relief funding. he plans to meet with survivors tomorrow in houston. reporter: 12 years after hurricane katrina struck the gulf coast, new orleans has never fully recovered. its population is 80% of what it was before the storm. does the same fate await houston? >> it will recover. it will absorb this shock. how long it will take depends on how big the shock is. reporter: former louisiana congressman often said of his
1:36 am
state, half of louisiana is under water and the other half is under indictment. after katrina one louisiana senate seat flipped republican. mayor nagen was sent to prison. >> the political leadership in houston is far more effective and the political culture in texas is far more pro market, pro economic growth and pro business than louisiana. reporter: for hundreds of thousands of texas homeowners and small businesses facing an uncertain future. there is a silver lining. one-third of the u.s. gasoline supplies refined there. pipelines fell nate from the texas gulf coast. >> the port in houston is a very, very big deal.
1:37 am
it accounts for a billion dollars plustles economic activity every year. >> i do not expect that president trump is going to continue talking about a potential shutdown. a lot of republicans will be eager to provide help alongside with democrats. reporter: but congress's new reality of emergency spending has another reality. a country with $20 trillion in debt is not in a position to bail out people from other disasters not yet to come. david: we have been monitoring a major chemical fire at the arkema chemical flannel in crosby, texas. 7,000 people have signed a
1:38 am
petition asking for a clear list of chemicals that are going up in flames in the explosion. so far the plant has not answered. joining me to discuss his tour of hurricane harvey's damage are vice president pence, congress's long to-do list, blake farenthold of texas. he's on the house oversight and judiciary committees. congressman, i'm looking behind you. it doesn't look too bad right now. but i remember that was in the brunt of the storm a week ago. >> if you had been look out that window after the storm you would have seen a lot of brush down. i have a pile of brush the size of an suv out along the curb right now. you get over to places like port
1:39 am
aransas, aransas pass and rockport to the north of here that took the eye of the hurricane. it's a whole lot worse. i was in port aransas in aransas pass. i was in rockport. i can't believe it was yesterday. it seems like it was a week ago. our heart is broken at every turn. david: time seems to lengthen in times like this. i don't know if you heard carolina rove in doug mcelway's report. when you compare what happened here with harvey say with what happened with katrina, it's different the way the two citizenries are reacting. texans are much more accustomed to dealing with private sector.
1:40 am
>> tough more volunteers than i know what to do with right now. you have people from all over the state that turned up to help people clean up. we are getting piles and piles of debris. now we have to figure out what to do with it. david: fema is trying to organize a lot of the rescue efforts. god bless them. they are good people in fema. but we remember how they did those trailers. 145,000 trailers at a cost of $3 billion that were basically rendered useless because of a lot of the chemicalled they had inside. when the fed take hold of a crisis situation, it's wonderful to have the help, but sometimes it comes with strings attached. >> it's going to require some federal help. it will bankrupt most of of our
1:41 am
municipalities. those companies are already on the scene. but not he town has it, and this is just such an unprecedented disaster, the federal government is going to have to help some of these cities pay the bills for it. they just don't have the budget. david: there has been a lot of criticism of the national flood insurance program. folk were thinking it gave people incentives to relocate in flood zones. but houston, i don't know about corpus christi, but houston itself was not known as a flood zone, was it? >> the houston floods some. down on the coastline we are relatively flat. the water doesn't necessarily have a place to move down hill rapidly like it does in some other spots. so rain is usually measured in inches and we are talking feet. david: tomorrow the president
1:42 am
arrives. are you going to be with the president when he's in texas? >> he will be up in houston. corpus christi and the district i represent is south of that. the farthest north i go is wharton. and they are unwater, too. david: sunday is the national prayer day for the victims of harvey. we'll be thinking about you and praying for you. thank you for being here. >> please do keep us in your prayers because it helps. david: the trump administration says all options are still on the table for north korea. former up s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton takes up the
1:43 am
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1:47 am
we are joined by former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. there was a phrase from the cold war called moral equivalency. critics claimed there was a moral equivalency between what we were doing and what the soviets were doing. john: this is also the chinese script that it's a problem between the chinese and the united states. we wouldn't be in the fix we are in today with respect to north korea if it weren't for extensive russian and chinese assistance in the field of missiles and nuclear from both of these countries. i'm not terribly sympathetic to
1:48 am
putin's concern about what may come next. >> i think i know what your answer will be. but the question is whose side is putin on? >> i think he's on russia's side more than anything else. he would like to see japan, south korea and the united states weighed down by this continuing north korean threat. but if he thought about it for a little while he would see it should be in russia's interest as well as china's interest to eliminate this piece of baggage in north korea, eliminate the threat to peace and security in northeast asia and unite the korean peninsula. he has a difficult position when he looks south to see china with no mineral resources. david: there is a very strange
1:49 am
game transpiring in the desert of eastern syria. a convoy of 17 buses of isis fighters along with their families is sort of stuck between various positions of u.s. military. and the u.s. military is giving them food and water so they don't die in the desert. what's going on there? >> it's a complete breakdown of our ability to pursue a strategic objective. we are supposed to be trying to destroy isis. i would take these people prisoner and give them to the kurd or iraqis or one of the arab states. i don't think they are our responsibility. i think it's important people understand where this convoy came from. hezbollah, one of the world's leading terrorist organizations and isis which may be the terrorist organization cut a deal so these isis fighters and
1:50 am
their families could go back to the caliphate and fight against us again. we need a more strategic view of this concept. the notion that we are feeding isis fighters because they use their families as human shield is mind-boggling. david: for decades they have been doing this since the plo was in power. the bottom line is they have no qualms about using women and children as human shields to protect themselves. how do you deal with that? >> i would put them in pow camps. one alternative would be to send the women and children back to hezbollah and put the isis fighters in prisoner camps.
1:51 am
lou's new spy thriller. betty tweeted out great weekend. every viewer whose comment is read on air will receive an autographed copy of the book. prayers from the oval office for victims of hurricane harvey. >> i thank you that we have a president who believes in the power of prayer. we thank you that the president had the wisdom to call our nation right now. this is what we need. >> the voice we are hearing is >> the voice we are hearing is pastor robert jeffress.
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>> we asked you do you believe former sphieb direct year james comey was complicit in the email scandal cover-up and 91% said yes, he was. my next guest was at the white house for the event. he led a group prayer with the president. joining me now is pastor robert jeffress, the pastor at first baptist church in dallas, texas. did you have anything to do with
1:56 am
the idea of making sunday a day of prayer for harvey victims? >> this was completely the president's idea. it was such an honor for me to stand next to him when he issues this proclamation to lead in prayer. as i said, i'm grateful we have a president who believes in the power of prayer. even though he's the most powerful man in the world, he's not too proud to bow his head in the oval office and ask for divine help. david: george w. bush had a strong faith and relied on it, used it, talked about it. president trump, a lot of people wonder what brought him to this feeling of faith to the belief in prayer. do you know the answer to that? >> i have known the president for two years. i think people would be surprised just because of the liberal media about the president's emphasis on prayer.
1:57 am
i have been in so many situations with him when he's the one who took the initiative. i remember one time leaving a meeting for him and he interrupted me. he said i think we ought to start with prayer. david: the understanding of abortion and when life begins. there was a change in his mindset. i'm wondering what brought that about and whether belief in prayer was a part of it. >> he will say on his change in the sanctity of life. it had to do with the experience of a friend of his. he evolved on that position just like ronald reagan evolved. i respect president trump for
1:58 am
change and he's supportive of the sanctity of life. david: you are a proud texan. you are with the texans going through the trials and tribulations. there has been a certain grit we have seen. part of it is the people who refuse to consider themselves victims and get back into rebuilding what they have without waiting for assistance from the government to the volunteers coming from all walks of life. not waiting for fema or the red cross. going in themselves to do that. describe that grit. i'm sure sit must be a source of pride for you. >> in dallas we have a lot of rivalries in sports. but houston is our sister city and we are doing everything we oak send money and volunteers and supplies. it's not only those who are
1:59 am
texans it's those outside of our state who are coming into our state. i also see christians banding together and expressing the love for jesus christ. this is time to show the love of christ. >> god answers your prayers but never as you think's going to answer your prayers. so what do you think the power of that sunday is going to do. you only have 15 seconds. >> i believe prayer moves the hand of god. god tells us to pray at all times. if we'll do that this sunday we'll see more and more miracles. david: thank you so much for joining us tonight. i appreciate it. that does it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. lou dobbs you will be happy to
2:00 am
know is back on tuesday. can't wait for that. please join melissa francis and me on "after the bell" on fox busin >> a great president from humble roots... >> "abe lincoln, the rail-splitter" made him sound like a man of the people. >> is this the kind of thing that lincoln used as a young man? >> he would use mauls and mallets splitting fence rails, working around the farm. >> but did young abe swing this? >> it was just a relic that was around our house. we didn't really give a lot of thought to it. >> it's their strange inheritance, but it's never been put to the test. >> even though, in our minds, it was 100% real, just because we think so doesn't make it true. >> anybody could have carved their initials "a-l." how do you know it's really lincoln's? [ applause ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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